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When Visions Come 2/? 
23rd-Dec-2009 11:17 am

Title: When Visions Come
Sequel to: Diary of Jane, Seeds Sown and Step In The Right Direction
Fandoms: Smallville/Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Dont own
Summary: With a year down on his training to Ascend, Alec is trying to fight his jealousy over Chloe and Edward's close friendship, and trying to tell her, finally, that they are engaged. And then the vision came.
Written for my Paranoram25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the Day # 96: Bigfoot (or Skoocoom).

“Are you sure about this?” Edward asked, looking up at Chloe as the girl paced his room back and forth back and forth, restlessly.

“Yes I’m sure.” She twirled on heel, black dress dancing in the wind and nipping at her ankles as she turned to face him. “It’s the place I’ve been Seeing, the path, and where it leads.”

The golden-eyed vampire leaned forwards. “Where does it lead?”

“Some sort of city, hidden deep in the Amazonian rainforest.” Chloe responded, collapsing to the ground in one fluid movement, sitting Indian-style before him. “We’re supposed to go there. I don’t know why, but you and I need to be there.”

“There’s a catch.” Edward commented knowingly.

“Yep.” Chloe nodded. “There’s a huge, ape-like creature that tries to tear our heads off and have us for dinner.”

Edward narrowed his eyes. “What? Like bigfoot?”

“Actually, I’m thinking of Ameranthropoides loysi.” Chloe corrected, leaning towards Edward. “It’s one of the many different variants of the bigfoot legends, and this one is around the Amazon forest, and was said to be vicious and a meat eater.”

“Ameranthro-what?” Edward frowned. “I’ve never heard of this.”

“Well, Francis de Loys was universally condemned for perpetrating a hoax in 1920 when he shot two creatures in South America and photographed the corpse of the female.” Chloe explained. “His party of 20 bravos had been in the ‘green hell’ of the Amazon for three years and had been culled down by half. By the Rio Catatumbo they came across two 5 to 6 foot tall ‘apes’ that advanced on their hind legs, brandished branches, and shrieked at them. Thing is that no one believed de Loys. It was later termed as Ameranthropoides loysi after de Loys—meaning ‘Mr. Loys’ Ape-like American.’”

Edward leaned back. “And this was the creature you saw in your vision?”

Chloe nodded. “Bigfoot, Skoocoom, Ameranthropoides loysi…whatever you want to call it. I saw it. And it’s nasty.”

“Skoocoom.” Edward chewed over the word. “It’s not as ridiculous sounding as Bigfoot, nor such a mouthful as the other. Let’s stick with that.”

“We have to go there, Edward.” Chloe leaned forwards and placed her hand on his. “I’ve been seeing this trail for months now. We have to go there.”

“You’re not going to get an argument from me.” Edward replied, standing. “I was going to go visit the others in Forks for the week, but this is more important.”

Chloe paused, hesitating. “Edward I forgot! I’m so sorry! You were looking forwards to seeing them again!”

He smiled as he ruffled her hair affectionately. “Don’t worry, I’ll see them when I get back.”

“Ed-ward!” Chloe cried out, grumbling as she tried to fix her hair. “You’re so annoying.”

He laughed. “You’re just like my little sister…when I was alive.”

Chloe stopped fussing over her messed up hair and looked at Edward in surprise.

He’d never spoken about a sister.

Only that he and his mother had died around the same time.

“Sometimes, with you, it’s like Maggie’s still alive.” He gave her a fond, brotherly look.

“Margaret Masen.” Chloe tried out the name. “Whatever happened to her?”

“She survived, but by the time I was able to be around people without wanting to rip their intestines out she was gone. I never found her again.” He sighed, looking away. “I always wonder what happened to her.”

“I’m sure she lived a long, happy life.” Chloe decided.

Edward smiled. “I hope so too.” Clearing his throat he looked at her. “Okay then, I’m going to go tell the staff that we need a plane ready to take us to Columbia. That river where those people got attacked seems like the best place to start.”

“Go ahead partner.” Chloe saluted him.

He hesitated at the door. “Has he told you yet?”

Chloe paused, frowning in confusion. “Has who told me what?”

Edward then snorted in amusement and shook his head. “So scared.” And with that, he walked out of the door, leaving Chloe alone in the room and utterly confused.


“You really should tell her, you know.”

Alec turned around from where he’d left Council with Aro and Caius, to see Edward Cullen leaning against the wall, watching him with a smirk that was so much like Chloe’s Alec wanted to punch him. “Tell who what?”

Edward rolled his eyes and leaned harder back against the wall. “You know who and you know what. You’re only going to make things worse for yourself if you don’t tell her.”

Alec sighed, running his hand over his hair. “She’s rather---difficult, to deal with.”

“Look,” Edward pushed away from the wall and laid a hand on the surprised Volturi Guard’s shoulder. “Any sane person would be scared of her, no one thinks less of you for it. Just---think of her anger if you keep waiting longer. Or if someone else lets it slip.”

Alec couldn’t keep himself from flinching at the last one.

The vegetarian nodded his agreement to that flinch. “I came to look for you because she and I are going to be off on a mission, and I don’t know how long its going to take us, but it’s dangerous and you want to tell her, before she goes.”

Alec frowned. “Dangerous? Why? Are the vegetarian covens having some sort of rebellion?”

“No.” Edward snorted at the thought. “She’s been Seeing something for months now, and it’s taking us to the Amazons.”

Alec’s eyes narrowed. “The vision she just had…?”

“One of many of the very same place.” Edward finished for him. “She doesn’t want me saying much, probably wouldn’t even tell you until she’s halfway there, but it seems dangerous. There’s this Skoocoom thing that…well…tell her before she leaves okay?”

“Why---why are you trying to help me?” Alec asked, curious.

Edward smiled. “Cause she’s like the little sister I once had, and I want her happy. And you would make her happy. And, well, I’m a mind reader, I hear how sappy you think when you’re around her.”

If Alec could blush he would have. “I don’t think sappily when around her.”

Edward snorted. “Do you really want me paraphrasing your thoughts about your ‘little princess’?”

Alec frowned. “No. I really don’t.”

“Good.” Edward chuckled, pushing away from the wall. “Just a warning. If you don’t tell her soon, you’re going to regret it.”

“Why?” Alec’s eyes narrowed murderously. “You’re thinking of making a play for her if I don’t?”

Edward snorted. “For Chloe? I love her, I really do, but she’s somewhat scary, way too manipulative, and somewhat of a bitch when she wants to be.” He smiled tenderly as he spoke. “To be truthful, I don’t think I could handle her. She’d tear out my spine and use it for a bridge over a puddle or something and I’d end up thanking her for it.”

Alec raised an eyebrow. “She probably would.”

Edward nodded and turned to leave.

“Wait, why is going to the Amazon dangerous?” Alec suddenly remembered their previous conversation.

Edward turned back towards him. “Bigfoot.”

“Big—foot?” Alec blinked, not quite sure he’d heard that one right.

“Well, Skoocoom or Am---something.” Edward shrugged. “In a recap it’s tall, hairy, and get this—can actually hurt us.”

Alec’s eyes narrowed. “And she wasn’t planning on calling me until she reached the Amazon?”

“Probably right before we lost cellular signal in the rainforest.” Edward nodded. “You know her. She knows you. She knows you won’t want her to go, will make a scene, and she’ll have to hurt you.”

“As if the brat could hurt me.” Alec scoffed, arms folded over his chest.

Edward just smirked and turned away, walking back down the hall.

Alec sneered at him and shook his head.

That vegetarian was spending way too much time with Chloe.

He was getting as annoying as she was.

But he had made some very good points.

Sighing, Alec turned and headed back to where Aro and Caius were.

He needed to have a serious conversation with them.
23rd-Dec-2009 04:43 pm (UTC)
The Edward/Chloe sibling bond is adorable and I love that he wants Chloe's happiness with Alec. And Alec just needs to get his backbone back, and tell Chloe how he feels.

And how funny is the "think sappy thoughts"?
23rd-Dec-2009 04:56 pm (UTC)
*grins* Although Alec is denying them profusely!
Glad you're enjoying.
23rd-Dec-2009 05:02 pm (UTC) - Love!
Love this series... Never thought I'd like twilight till you crossed it with Chloe! xD
Mawr! <3
23rd-Dec-2009 05:20 pm (UTC) - Re: Love!
I find Twilight nice without Bella....laughs.
23rd-Dec-2009 09:07 pm (UTC)
love the banter between chloe and edward . i bet that chloe is a part of edward's family thought his sister am i right? loved how edward went to alec and told him what was up. PPMS
23rd-Dec-2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
Edward has to take care of Chloe---plus, if she got bitchy because of the Alec situation, then HE would be the one suffering, so he's really looking out for himself! lol
23rd-Dec-2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
yay for Edward/Chloe bonding ♥

Loved the chapter!!
23rd-Dec-2009 10:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you :D
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