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Freeing Jake Gray 1/? 
10th-Jan-2010 10:22 pm
chlake---chloe/jake grey tatoo
Title: Freeing Jake Gray
Characters: Chloe, Ava, Lois, Jake, Dr. Warren, Sheriff Whitman, Varden
Sequel to:When Tara Met Jason
Universe: Tara Paranormal Investigations
Fandoms: Smallville/Devour/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't Own
Summary: Thanks to a vision of Ava's, Chloe and the psychic are now cross country, trying to find a way to free Jake Gray. Then Chloe discovers that someone from her past is in the thick of this, and he holds the keys to Jake's freedom...literally.
Written for my Paranoraml25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day #120: Vision
Should be a two-or-threeshot

Chloe looked around the yard of the old wooden cabin, standing underneath the huge tree where she got such horrible vibes from. "Is this the tree?"

"Yeah, it is." Ava nodded, standing next to her and rubbing her arms, not from the cold, but remembering the images that'd made Chloe uproot the psychic receptionist and take her all the way out here across country while leaving Lana to man the phones since Jo, Lois, and Clay were all out on assignments. "This is where she strung up their bodies, so that their blood could flow into this goblet here. Then, when he chose humanity over the demon princehood she was giving him, and he tried to kill her, she forced him to drink the blood, something freaky happened, and he blanked out. She framed him for the murders, every single one that she'd made while looking for him, and he was taken away. The court found him insane and sentenced him to a life sentence in a high-security crazy bin."

Chloe took in a deep breath, looking around her at the place where all that horror had happened. "And you said the research you did said it'd happened a year ago?"

"Yeah." Ava nodded.

"I just don't get it. Why are you getting visions of things that happened in the past?" Chloe wanted to know, beginning to walk around the place and look around, tried to feel it out. "You've always only dreamt of or had visions of future events. Why is this one different?"

"I don't know." Ava turned to her. "All I know is that were supposed to help him, to get him out." She paused. "What if---what if it has something to do with the fact that he is like Ally?"

Chloe flinched and yet nodded. "I---I've wondered that. If this isn't somehow connected to it."

When they'd discovered that Chloe's attacker that night had been a demon, the blonde had nearly had a nervous breakdown, but she'd had the support and love of all of her friends, and she'd gotten over the shock. Her daughter had been half demon. "It fits the same MO." She gulped. "Maybe that's why he did it. He wanted her to accept her demonhood and she wouldn't so he killed her and everyone in the house with her Except this demon was a mother, and it's harder to kill something that's shared your heartbeat...so she punished him instead."

Ava nodded, showing that she too had come to this conclusion.

"Okay." Chloe nodded, looking around her once more. "I'm going to leave you here for a little, trying to sense out anything that might help us with this case. I'm going to go to visit Mister Gray and see if his meds let him have a little conversation with me."

Ava nodded. "Okay."

"Call me if anything happens." Chloe ordered as she walked back towards the Ford Explorer she'd rented as soon as their plane had landed, and drove away from Jake Gray's uncle's cabin, where all the horror had culminated. Her mind was a whirlwind as she finally got to the main road and drove in the direction of town. She tried not to think of Alice or her horrible death, but this situation was just bringing up the memory over and over and she wiped at her eyes before clearing her throat and reaching for her cellular when it rang. "Chloe Sullivan speaking."

"Chloe, where the hell are you?" Lois asked, the frown in her voice. "Clay and I made it back around the same time to find Lana nearly pulling her hair out while trying to man the phones, and then she tells us that you bought tickets to some destination none of us know about, and took Ava with you? What's up?"

"There's a case I need her on." Chloe hedged. "Do you have a pen and paper at hand?"

"Should be somewhere in the drawers, give me a sec." Lois advised. "Okay. Got 'em."

"I want you to do a nationwide search through the Main Computer in my office, starting from a year back, about murder/suicide cases that had to deal with self mutilation. Especially of the eyes and ears and tongue/mouth."

"How...utterly...eww." Lois commented as she wrote this down. "And this has something to do with the case you have Ava on?"

Chloe nodded, and then remembered that Lois couldn't see her. "Yeah. I need every single one in chronological and geographical order. This is important, Lois. This thing is still out there and I doubt that it stopped here, so I need proof that its out there and still doing its dirt."

"What exactly is this thing?"

Chloe sighed and looked away. "A woman named Anne Kilton. She sold her soul and sacrified other people, to become a lower level devil. Of the horned kind."

Lois hissed. "I hate cases like this where the bad guys is really human."

"Well, she used to be." Chloe agreed.

"I can understand these devils and demons and things hurting others, but I can never understand a human doing it to another." Lois announced.

"Me too." Chloe nodded, a little distracted, nervous. "I also want Jo to investigate everything about Jake Gray." She gave Lois the name of the town. "He's roughly a year or two older than me, probably around Clay's age."

"And he has something to do with this too?" Lois asked, obviously writing this down.

"Yep, he's in the thick of it." Chloe ran her hand up her forehead and down the back of her head. "He's her son. He's half demon."

Lois went silent.

Chloe drove into town, looking at the map open on the front passenger's seat, trying to remember which of the odd back roads led to the facility Jake Gray was being kept at.

"Half demon." Lois whispered.


"Now I'm getting the sudden fervor." Lois sighed. "This is about Alice, isn't it?"

Chloe refused to answer.

"It's not wrong if it is, you know. It's totally understandable, and I want you to know that I would have come if I'd been there at the time."

Chloe nodded. "I know, Lo."

"We'll make this top priority." Her cousin promised. "If you need anything else, just call me right away, okay?"

"Okay." Chloe smiled softly. "Thank you, Lois."

"You're welcome, Baby Cuz." Lois whispered back before hanging up.

Chloe drove the rest of the way in silence, and finally arrived at the mental institution.

The people working there had given her some trouble to see Jake, but Chloe was strong, and persistent, and she had connections, and in the end they just gave up and let her go to his room.

It was white and padded and he was sitting in the corner in a straightjacket, expression blank and clouded, obviously drugged up until he didn't even know who he was anymore.

The wardens had told her to be careful, that he was insane and thought everyone demons or something, and that he would attack if he felt threatened.

"Jake?" She spoke softly, as if to a wounded animal after she'd removed her shoes and everything in her pockets, and entered the room, the door closing behind her. "My name is Chloe Sullivan."

He continued to look straight ahead, gaze unfocused, seemingly not hearing her at all.

"I'm...I'm not going to hurt you." She walked towards him slowly. "I'm here to help you."

Still nothing.

"When I was thirteen I was raped." She didn't even know why she was telling him this, he was so drugged up he probably didn't even know he was awake. "My daughter, Ally, was like you. Half demon."

There was a reaction in those eyes, and Chloe realized he was trying to fight the drugs, trying to become conscious and focused.

Probably trying to talk to her.

"She was killed, slaughtered, by her demon father when she was three. Her babysitter, who was in the house with her, got killed as well." She bent down so that she was looking into his handsome face. "I know you didn't kill them, Jake, and I'm going to help you. I'm going to get you out of here. Okay?"

That battle between focused and unfocused was still going on in his eyes.

But that was enough, she knew he was in there somewhere and she was going to help him.

"I need you to be strong." She hesitated a second before reached towards him and pulling a strand of long, uncut and unruly blonde hair out of his face, behind his ear.

At the contact his eyes went focused, immediately, and he looked up at her.


Chloe felt her heart go out to him, trailing her hand down to his shoulder and giving it a small squeeze. "You're not crazy, Jake. I know what you said happened...really happened. These people, they can't understand it. They can't and they shouldn't have to. But I'm going to help you, and I'm going to get you out of here." She gave his shoulder another squeeze. "I'll be back." With that she stood and left the room, the door closing behind her a sound she felt guilty for as she grabbed her things, put on her shoes and walked out.

She was on her way to her car when she was waylaid by the head of the institute, a Dr. Warren, who gave her a disapproving glare as he reached her.


"Sullivan." She replied, turning towards him, still putting things back into her pockets.

"Miss Sullivan." He tried once again, straightening himself to his full height and pushing his glasses up his nose's bridge. "I was told by one of my orderlies that you forced your way into a visit with Mr. Gray."

"Now how could I have forced my way in?" She wanted to know, patronizingly. "I'm barely 5'3" and your workers are all well over 6 feet tall."

A muscle jumped in his cheek. "Mister Gray is a high risk patient and for everyone's safety..."

"Oh cut the crap." Chloe snorted. "We both know that Jake Gray is so drugged up he doesn't even know when he pisses himself. High Risk my ass."

Another muscle in his face twitched as he rose his hand to fix his glasses more on instinct than because it was necessary.

Chloe's eyes narrowed as she caught sight of a small symbol tattooed into the back of his wrist.



"This is beginning to make more sense now." She looked at the doctor with a smirk. "I'll be back. Tell Varden I said Hi."

Dr. Warren's eyes wide and his mouth gaped open.

Chloe entered the rental car and drove away, dialing Ava as she sped out of the parking lot.

"It's hard to pick up, but there's just something weird." Ava spoke instead of saying hello. "I can't quite put my finger on it, and my Sight has gone wacky." She sighed. "How did the visit go?"

"They've pumped him up with so much drugs...it's sad." Chloe sighed, eyes on the road as she took the corner. "I think he heard me though. I hope he did, anyway."

"I'm sure he did." Ava responded. "Where are you headed now? Back here?"

"No, I'm working on a hunch and heading towards the sheriffs office." Chloe admitted, taking another corner.

"Wasn't Jake's uncle the sheriff before he was murdered?" Ava wanted to know, sounding as if she was pressing her hand against her head.

"Yeah, his second in command is the new sheriff, and something just doesn't add up. I need to see something." Chloe parked in front of the station and got out. "I'll call you when I finish, okay?"

"Sure, I'll see if I can work around whatever's got my Sight all whacky." Ava replied. "Take care."

"You too." Closing the door behind her and putting her phone in the pocket of her jacket, Chloe took in a deep breath and squared her shoulders as she walked towards and inside of the police station. It was small and there were only a few cops around, but they all seemed to notice her as she came in.

The blonde was a little freaked out by that, but she ignored it as she went to the receptionist and told her that it was important that she speak to Sheriff Whitman.

While the woman looked wary at the city girl, she phoned the sheriff in his office, and after a moment told Chloe to go in.

Wondering if the whole town was as wary of outsiders as these were, Chloe walked into the small office that the impressively young Sheriff Whitman was within.

"Miss Sullivan." Sheriff Whitman stood, coming towards her and shaking her hand.

"Sheriff Whitman." Chloe shook his as well, gaze lowering for a second to the symbol tattooed on the meaty, curvy section at the base of his thumb.

It was the same symbol that Dr. Warren had had.

"How can I help you?" Sheriff Whitman asked, motioning to the seat as he took his own behind his desk.

"You could start by telling me why Varden has his lackeys drugging up Jake Gray and keeping him locked up for crimes we both know he didn't commit." Chloe responded, getting right to the point as she sat down and lopped her legs casually, noticing how Sheriff Whitman nearly missed his chair when he sat down as she said that. "Is this something personal for him, or did Jake's mother want him to suffer for choosing to not be her little Prince of Darkness and she asked Varden to make sure that that punishment was seen to the end of his days?"

"I d-d-don't know what you're talking about." All of a sudden, all of the Sheriff's air of authority and command was gone.

"Cut the bullshit." Chloe leaned forwards. "You're Varden's lackey, his familiar, just like Dr. Warren is. I know because Varden tried to get me to tattoo his own little symbol too."

Whitman's gaze went down to his tattoo, his mark of ownership. "You're lying."

"Oh, I'm not. Varden is a old acquaintance of mine. We go way back." She leaned back in the seat, unable to believe that their paths were crossing again. "So, you want me to ask you again, or do you want me to ask him personally?"

"You can't talk to him personally." Whitman stood. "He is not to be disturbed!"

"Ouch. How loyal you are." Chloe replied, gaze going to her nails. "So, since you're going to bothersome, I'm guessing he's in a barn somewhere on the outskirts of town. It'll be close to running water since he likes the sound, it reminds him of when he was still mortal. There's be a lot of trees, so that they can provide shade, and I'm guessing the barn will be painted purple. His favorite color." She paused, looking up from her nails to the stricken-lloking sheriff. "How am I doing so far?"

"How---?" Whitman gasped.

"His number, Whitman." She snapped. "Believe me, he wont be happy when I find him, and he realizes you didn't tell me how to find him."

Whitman hesitated.

He hesitated a full second, before reaching for the phone and dialing a number.

He waited, pale, sweaty, like a pig.

Chloe scratched at her eyebrow, looking around the room.

"Hello, Master." Whitman's voice lowered. "I--I--I know. I'm sorry for disturbing your rest. I---there is someone here who would like to speak to you." He gulped. "Yes--yes I know Master, I know what you said, but she said---yes, she." He took in a deep, nervous breath. "Short, curvy, blonde. An attitude the size of Wyoming."

Chloe raised an eyebrow at him.

Whitman's eyes widened. "Yes, yes her name is Sullivan." He cleared his throat. "I haven't passed the phone to her yet because I was telling you---yes---sorry---." He passed the phone to her. "He would like to speak to you."

"Good boy." Chloe patted his head condescendingly before grabbing the phone and bringing it to her ear. "Varden."

"Chloe." His voice was a near purr. "I knew you'd come looking for me eventually."

She smirked at how sure he seemed of that. "Tell me the truth. It was the Wyoming comment that tipped you off to who I was, wasn't it?"

"Of course." He replied silkily. "Plus, I couldn't think of any one else, male or female, who could scare one of my most pathetically loyal familiars into disturbing my day rest when I told him that if he ever did that I'd kill him."

"Well, you know me, I have a way with words." She snarked, picking up a picture frame on the desk of Whitman and some brunette.

"Amongst one of your many talents." His voice was deep and dark and promised night of hot, rough passion.

"Well, if we were talking about my talents we'd be here for eternity, and, well, I'd get bored, so lets just cut to the chase." She put down the picture. "I'm calling you about Jake Gray. I want him."

There was silence on the other end.

Chloe sighed, leaning back against the seat. "Let's not make this difficult Varden. I want him. You got him. And you owe me that favor."

There was a growl on the other end of the line.

The blonde rolled her eyes. "Can we not do this now?"

"All these years, and you call me about some man?"

"Oh god. I doubt this will damage your massive ego for long." She replied, looking down at her skirt. "I saved your skin back then, Varden. You gave me your word. Or does your word mean nothing anymore?"

"Don't push your limits." He snarled into her ear. "I won't forgive you of anything."

"Yes, you will." She countered. "Look, V, I want Jake Gray. You do this for me, and you aren't in my debt anymore. It's a win/win situation."

He paused before answering. "Why do you want him?"

"I just do." She replied. "Do I ask you why you do the things you do? No. I turn a blind eye. It's our deal. And you gave me your word. You said that whatever I wanted, you would give me 'even to the half of your kingdom'."

Whitman's eyes widened at that.

"I was drunk." Varden grumbled, obviously not being pleased as she taunted him by quoting him. "Otherwise you never would have gotten the offer of half of my kingdom. You don't deserve it."

"Isn't it good for both of us that I don't want your kingdom?" Chloe asked. "All I want is Jake Gray. And you can give him to me---and keep your kingdom intact."

"We will talk about this in person." He decided, reluctant. "It has been years since I have seen you. You would not deny me this, would you, Chloe Ann Sullivan?"

"I'm a very busy girl, Varden, I don't have time to make house calls." She stood, bending over the desk, palm open and down on the surface. "I need to know whether you're going to honor your word or if I was an idiot to believe that your word actually meant something."

Whitman looked like he was going to faint.

"You...that was a low blow, Chlo." Varden spoke softly, sighing.

She could imagine him running his pale hand over his hair.

The blonde felt a moment's guilt before looking away, refusing to apologize.

"You will come to me tonight, and we will talk."

And with that he hung up.

Chloe growled, hanging up the phone. "I'm busy! I don't have time!" She turned on Whitman, angry, as if all of this was somehow his fault. "Directions to that damned purple barn. Now."
(Deleted comment)
11th-Jan-2010 05:25 am (UTC)
yes, i loved the movie too! suxed at the ending tho. :(
11th-Jan-2010 06:11 am (UTC)
I so want to see coughSamcough Clay and coughDeancough Jake meet and three seconds later look like an old married gay couple of antiquers. Also, I am trying to picture a purple barn and failing.

Although I will say that a purple barn is an improvement in villain lair decor. It's the quality of being unexpected that makes it good. And you know what? I don't care who thought of it, this is a concept that lends awesomeness to whatever it touches. So if you thought of it first, kudos, this is genius, and if you're just using it, kudos on making sure the awesomeness is in the fic.
11th-Jan-2010 06:49 am (UTC)
Actually, the purple barn was all my idea....I don't know where I get weird thoughts like that, but when I thought of Varden's lair a purple barn close to running water and huge trees popped into my head so I was like *shrug* "I'll go with it".
11th-Jan-2010 11:12 am (UTC)
totally love this awesome start! Can't wait to read more.
11th-Jan-2010 12:54 pm (UTC)
thank hon!
12th-Jan-2010 02:11 am (UTC)
Cool. I love this universe! *sits up and begs: More Please?*
12th-Jan-2010 02:20 am (UTC)
I'll try update soon *iz weak wen it comes to begging*
14th-Jan-2010 06:25 pm (UTC)
I'm currently at a loss of which movie Varden is from, but loving the character. The Chloe you're portraying is one I've missed for a while now, seeing as the spineless version keeps popping up in Smallville (damn writers). This is the girl we all know and love, and you can write the hell outta her ;)

Onto the next...
14th-Jan-2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
Varden will be explained in a later story, so stay tuned! lol
And thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying my feisty, spirited Chloe (the only version of her I acknowledge).
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