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Art Imitating Life 1/1 
13th-Oct-2010 06:52 am
schlean jealousy over clark

Title: Art Imitating Life
Sequel to: Paranormal and Supernatural Diaries
Pairings: Dean/Chloe/Sam, Lois/John
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe has finally been convinced to guest star in "Paranormal" along with an eager Lois Lane, but will this be a much needed step forwards concerning Chloe's relationship with Sam and Dean...or a million steps backwards?

"What the fuck is happening to us?" Dean whispered, eyelids lowering as he cupped her neck, trailing entranced kisses up her jawline.

Chloe's breath was shaky as her eyes fluttered close, a sound she'd feel very horrified about escaping her lips when Sam, behind her, bit down on her shoulder while reaching around her from behind and tearing the front of her shirt.

"We-incubus-must stop." Sam groaned into her skin, hands moving up the skin of her stomach exposed by her torn shirt.

His hands were hard, sending electric shocks through her body as he moved to cup her breasts the same time Dean reached down and finished ripping her shirt off, baring her black bra and pale skin.

Dean's lips met hers with dirty seductiveness, nipping, sucking, claiming her mouth until all her head was-was a meaningless buzz.

She whimpered when he pulled away, her eyes still closed, and he chuckled in approval before kissing her chin, trailing down the front of her chest before going further downward, kneeling in front of her and teasing her belly button with his tongue.

Suddenly the door opened, and Lois and John bursted into the room.

Chloe wanted to be able to say that she'd been jerked out of the trance at this, but she hadn't, biting down on her bottom lip to try and choke the little noise urging Sam and Dean on.

"Maybe we should just let this play itself out." Lois turned to John.

He eyed her in silence before shaking his head and turning to the others, raising a modified gun.

"Or not." Lois mumbled, leaning against the doorframe as John shot the three of them with the darts filled with antidote.

The trio hissed, digging at the darts, and then they stopped, eyes widening as they looked at each other now that they weren't under the effects of the incubus pheromone.

Shrieking, Chloe pushed away from them. "Let go you perverts!"

"Says the woman who was pushing my head lower two seconds ago!" Dean grumbled as he stood.

Sam didn't bother trying to stand, his erection too obvious and too painful.

Chloe tried to cover herself with her hands before hurrying out of the room.

Lois sighed and hurried after her.

John watched the girls go before turning to the boys, eyebrow raised. "Just when I think you two are adults, I have to come and save your asses."

Dean's jaw clenched.

"Maybe we didn't want you to save us." Sam growled, getting up and storming out of the room despite his...predicament. "Chloe!"

Dean shared a quiet look with his father before he shook his head and stormed out after his brother.

John looked after them, a flash of emotion crossing his face, before he sighed and looked down.

"CUT!" The order was called. "That was perfect!" The man sitting on the large director's chair grinned. "Take five and then we'll start on the bar scene."

From where she'd slipped into a housecoat, and was drinking a sip of water, Chloe shook her head.

She should have known not to give in and guest star in a Paranormal episode.

But somehow she'd let Sam, Dean, and Lois convince her that this could only be a fun, educational experience.

It hadn't been fun at all.

She was in an all-out war with the writers, refusing to do half of the crap that they'd wanted her to do, and refusing to spout the wrong information about the monsters they came up against in the Monster Casino, and she hadn't seen why that scene between her and the brothers was even necessary for the plot!


Of course, she was playing Chloe a character who'd had a relationship with both brothers separately, one with Sam while he was in Stanford before she dropped out to hunt after Lois' sister was killed, and then she'd met Dean on a hunt and had a long affaire with him as well. And then, now on this episode, she met up with them both and found out for the first time that they'd been brothers.

And the brothers realized that they'd both slept with her.

A lot.

To say there was a lot of sexual tension (and normal tension) in this episode was an understatement.

So, in a sense, she could see the writers wanting to exploit that tension considering that there was an Incubus amongst the monsters and the knew that sensuality was a big attraction for viewers.


She'd had her shirt torn off of her!

She took a longer gulp of water.

"Hey." Dean grinned, leaning up against the wall in front of her, a lecherous expression on his face. "So...that shoot...remind you of anything?"

She turned her back on him and began walking away, cheeks burning red.

Of course, it didn't help that she'd really had a threesome with the two scrumptious Winchester brothers. It'd been after they'd worked their first case together. They'd been injured, and had all collapsed injured on the same bed, and afterwards, well, they'd had dinner and there'd been a lot of wine and...things had progressed from there.

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip, remembering the taste of Sam's flesh on her tongue, and the feel of Dean's hands on her body.

Oh god.

She covered her hand with her face, wondering if she had time to rush to her trailer and...deal...with the frustration filming that scene over and over again had left her with.

"Bright Eyes!"

Freezing, Chloe tore her hand from her face and turned towards the voice, unable to believe it. "Jimmy?"

Her ex, and colleague, grinned as he came towards her, camera in hand. "How's the Daily Planet's own movie star?"

"You dork!" She laughed, hugging him tightly as he reached her. "What are you doing here?"

"Part of your contract was that we got to do an interview with you." A new voice announced.

Chloe turned from Jimmy and her face lit up. "Clark!" She rushed to the tall, muscular man with the thick black glasses and threw herself at him. "I've missed you so much!"

Clark held her tighter, her feet not even touching the ground. "I've missed you too, Chlo."

Chloe closed her eyes and grinned, so happy, hugging him tightly to her.

Clark Kent was her best friend, the one man she knew would always be there for her.

She'd missed him when she'd left her desk job to travel around the States searching for cases to write in her Chloe & The Dead People articles.

So deep in her thoughts, in his embrace, she didn't notice Sam and Dean freezing when they saw her with Clark, or the dark expressions that crossed their faces.

But the producers and writers saw this, exchanging evil smiles.

"So, where's Lois?" Jimmy asked. "Cat was so jealous before, when she found out about the Supernatural Diaries, and now that Lois is guest starring in Paranormal as well, well, Cat's claws are way sharpened."

Chloe turned and smiled at the way the man joked about his wife.

"Is it true she's seeing John Winchester?" Jimmy asked, nosy behavior betraying the fact that he'd married the Daily Planet's gossip columnist.

"Why don't you get Cat to ask me that herself?" Lois wanted to know, coming up from behind Jimmy and hugging him before going to hug Clark as well. "You two are getting fat."

Chloe rolled her eyes since neither were even close to it.

"So what's up?" Lois asked, looking between the boys. "What are you two doing here?"

"Interview." Clark responded.

"Did I hear the words interview?" Dean announced, butting his way into the conversation with his winning smile.

"You must be friends of Chloe and Lois." Sam was by his side, smiling at Clark. "I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean."

Clark nodded, shaking his head. "Nice to meet you two, Chloe's told me a lot about you."

"That's curious since she hasn't mention you at all." Dean replied.

Chloe elbowed him, hard, still smiling at Clark. "Why don't we go somewhere private to have the interview? Like my trailer?"

Clark grinned and nodded, following her.

Jimmy hurried after them.

Sam and Dean watched them, eyes narrowed.

Lois rolled her eyes and slapped them both up the back of their heads. "Idiots."

And with that she sauntered away.


They were filming again.

John Wesson-Smith sat down where his sons were at the bar, nursing cold drinks and eyeing Chloe, who was laughing with Lois on the dance floor. He sighed, eyeing his boys, and not exactly sure what to say to them. He'd taught them how to defend themselves, how to kill the bad guys, but this hadn't been a lesson he'd been prepared to give them.

"Lois tells me Chloe's seeing someone." John informed them gruffly after ordering his own drink.

"I know." Dean sneered into his drink. "Probably some pathetic kid who doesn't know what a poltergeist really is."

"He might be a hunter." Sam murmured sullenly. "I don't see her being with someone who doesn't know a thing about the supernatural."

"If he does know then why the hell would he let her hunt with just her cousin?" Dean snapped. "If she was mine..."

He let it hang at that.

A muscle in Sam's cheek jumped and he threw his head back, finishing the drink in one gulp.

There was still obvious tension between the brothers.

Both had had her, both lost her, and both obviously hadn't been able to let go of her completely, still seeing her as theirs.

John drunk.

He wasn't prepared for this.

"While we're working together on this case you two will behave." He ordered in his gruff way. "We're all adults, and what you two had with her happened a long time ago. Let go."

"Like you let go of mom?" Sam snapped, before looking down, sighing. "Sorry."

John looked at his youngest and sighed.

Dean just continued to drink.

John put his drink down. "We Wesson-Smiths might have a little bit of obsessive tendencies when it comes to the special women in our lives."

Dean snorted in dark amusement. "You can say that again."

Chloe's gaze went to Clark, who was offscreen, and she grinned brightly.

The audience didn't realize that this was the reason why the brother's faces darkened at the same time as they gazed at her.


"Why don't I ask Clark to do it?" Chloe asked, tilting her head to the right.

Calvin-she didn't remember what exactly he did on the show-put on an impossibly innocent expression on his face. "Do you think he would? That wouldn't be a bother to him?"

When she'd been walking to the snack table, she'd overheard the conversation.

Apparently the writers had changed the end of the episode on a moment's notice, and it now involved Chloe's off-screen, unnamed boyfriend appearing to take her at the end of the hunt towards another that he needed her help in. And now, because things were so last minute, they didn't have time to cast anyone.

So Chloe had butted into the conversation and offered her suggestion.

Clark-who'd been allowed to stay behind and watch the filming (after being sworn not to reveal what the episode was about), was very handsome...and due to years of hiding his powers he'd become a helluvan actor.

He could do this.

"Great!" Lila grinned. "Take him to the changing room! Things are ready for him!"

Chloe blinked.

Ready for him?

She narrowed her eyes, suspicious as to the reason things had been changed in the script at last moment, but she let it slide as she went to find Clark and let him know that he'd just become an actor.


Lois screamed as she was thrown over the side of the railing, but the fall was short-lived as John Wesson-Smith rushed out and caught her before she hit the ground.

The brunette, arms around his neck, smiled up at him. "What took you so long?"

"Sorry." He grinned at her before letting her down to her feet. "Where's the boys and Chloe?"

"Over there." Lois pointed to a closed door.

Suddenly, the mummy who'd thrown her over the railing jumped down in front of them.

John pulled his shotgun out from its strap and pumped it. "Go! I can handle this."

Lois looked between them before leaning up and pressing a kiss to his whiskered mouth. "Come find me later." She flirted before rushing off, leaving John with the mummy.

But she didn't make it far, a vampire barreling into her before she could even reach the door.

On the other side of the door, the trio weren't having that much luck either.

Dean hung from the ceiling from a sticky web, and the more he tried to move, the more entangled he got.

Sam was forced against the wall by invisible means, the demon with the yellow eyes, the one who'd killed their mother, holding him there with just a look.

"I want you to feel the pain your father felt." Azazel sneered, gazing towards the large hour glass in the middle of the room, in which Chloe was trapped. "The pain of seeing the woman you love, your soulmate, being killed right before your eyes and your not being able to do anything!"

"Let me out of here!" Chloe's scream were almost muted as she pounded her fists against the glass, sand pouring down onto her from above.

She couldn't hear what was being said, and they could barely hear her.

"Let go of her!" Dean ordered, fighting harder and harder, yet tangling himself more and more. "Don't you fucking touch her!"

"Please!" Agony was obvious on Sam's face as he was still immobile against the wall. "I'll do anything! But please! Don't hurt her! Please!"

The sand was getting higher and higher, reaching Chloe's waist.

Desperation shone through her eyes as she continued to scream and pound the glass.

"It's a thing of beauty." Azazel commented curiously, eyes on her. "Watching the life draining out of a person. I can see the breath of life escape their lips to join the heavens." He smirked. "Soon, now."

The sand was by her breasts.

"Chloe." Dean whispered in horror as the sand crawled up to her neck.

"No..." Sam's eyes were widening in tears.

Chloe stopped struggling, tears falling down her cheeks as she looked between them just as the sand covered her completely.

"NO!" Sam screamed, trying to fight, but unable to.

Dean watched, frozen in horror.

Suddenly a gunshot rung out into the room, and the glass broke, sand pouring out, along with Chloe.

Every head turned to the newcomer in the room, a stranger in shredded jeans and a black leather jacket, aiming a shotgun at Azazel before firing.

The lens filmed in slow motion, focusing on the see-through bullets as they sped out, piercing the host's body.

"Bullets don't affect me." Azazel sneered, and then, he froze, yelling in pain as his injury began to steam.

"These bullets do." The newcomer shouldered his shotgun with a sneer. "Considering they inject holy water into your host."

Azazel snarled before his host threw his head back, screaming as the demon escaped the body in a horrendous black cloud, before disappearing into the ceiling.

The host collapsed, unconscious.

The power over the Wesson-Smiths evaporated, and they collapsed to the ground.

The newcomer ignored them, hurrying to Chloe, who was coughing on the floor. "Are you okay?"

She looked up at him, and then smiled, unknowingly echoing her cousin's question. "What took you so long?"

"I'm a busy guy you know." He huffed before chuckling and kissing her.

Chloe clasped at him and kissed him hard.

As they finally stood, the emotion was raw and harsh on Sam and Dean's faces as they gazed at them.

Off-screen, one of the writers turned to the other and whispered: "I knew it'd be this good."

The other nodded his agreement.


They had to film the last segment before wrapping up the episode, and as Chloe snacked on a chocolate she had to admit that she'd actually enjoyed herself-despite the inaccuracies. She was-almost-sorry to see the day end.

Come on.

Deep down inside she was a woman like any other, and today she'd gotten to make out with Sam, Dean, and Clark...the three handsomest guys she knew!

It was bound to make it a great day in her books!

Chuckling, she looked up when she heard someone approaching, not surprised to see Sam and Dean.

What did surprise her, however, was their expressions.

Gone was the joking, flirty gazes.

They were serious.

And they meant business.

It made her a little wary.

"So, who's he?" Dean asked, folding his arms over his chest. "Why haven't you mentioned your little friend with benefits before?"

"Friend with-?" She blinked, shocked at the topic. "He's not my friend with benefits!"

A muscle jumped in Sam's cheek. "So you're with him."

"No." Chloe looked between them, unable to believe that she was having this conversation with them. "He's a very good friend. That's it."

"Bullshit." Dean snapped. "There's no way that you can kiss someone who's 'just a friend' like that!"

"It's called acting." Chloe snapped back. "I kissed you two earlier on and we're just friends too!"

"We're not friends and you know it." Sam whispered, and it was the fact that he said this with no anger that made Chloe flinch, unable to snap back at him.

She looked away.

"Why is it so goddamned impossible for you to admit that you like us?" Dean wanted to know, frustrated. "That you want us?"

"Because it's not normal! Okay!" She finally snapped, admitting to the attraction everyone had known she'd had. "I-my life is different in every way possible and I-I just wanted one normal thing! I wanted to nice, normal guy-not two sibling actors! Okay? Not only are there two of you instead of just one-but you're brothers!"

"It doesn't bother us." Sam took in a deep breath.

"Now I call your bullshit." She growled. "Don't forget 'Lovers Lane'. This whole-thing-we have going between us is messing up with your chemistry together, both on and off screen. Three people in a relationship is unnatural and it won't work, okay? So for the good of everyone involved, we need to cut this in the nub and move forwards with our respective lives."

She began to storm off.

"When are you going to stop running away, Chloe?" Sam asked from behind her.

She flinched.

"Give us a call when you've stopped feeding yourself bullshit lies." Dean added.

Chloe closed her eyes tightly before opening them and turning the corner.


"You know, if I didn't know that you're not a husband-stealing whore, you and I would be having a serious falling out right about now." Lana Kent answered the phone, amusement in her voice.

Chloe sighed, leaning against her trailer, looking up at the sky.

Lois and John were filming a scene where...well...they were getting close...and Sam and Dean (on their way to their father's room to ask him for advice) walked in on them. Since Chloe wasn't in the scene she had some time to herself.

And so she'd called the only other person she could think of to talk to (since Clark was busy talking to Perry on his phone).


There was a pause. "Oh honey. If you like them enough to try and use Clark as a buffer, why are you still holding back?"

Chloe banged her head back softly against the trailer. "You know why."

"Don't come with that 'it's not normal' crap." Lana admonished. "You were once in love with an alien. Call me crazy, but somehow two humans seem like a step towards 'normal'."

Chloe laughed, shocked by that comment. "You can't counsel me on normal, Lana. You married that alien."

"And it was the best decision I ever made." Lana sighed happily. "You do know he called me to tell me what you were asking him to do, right? That he asked for my permission. He's so utterly cute."

Chloe smiled. "I hate you."

"I know you do." Lana giggled. "Oh, and we're having a dinner party next week for Clark's birthday. Why don't you and Lois invite your Winchesters?"

"I don't know..." Chloe sighed, smile gone. "I think I've just had a serious falling out with them."

"I'm so sorry to hear that." Lana sighed. "But you still have enough time between now and next week to make the peace."

"Maybe I don't want to." Chloe closed her eyes.

"Chloe Sullivan, stop being such a coward." Lana scolded.

Chloe bit her bottom lip.

Everyone was calling her out today.

She closed her eyes tightly.

"I'm not ready, Lana."

"Honey," Lana whispered. "When are you going to admit the real reason you won't give them a chance?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh please!" Lana snapped. "Chloe! I knew about it! Okay? So did Lois! The others didn't because they're blind but we did!"

Chloe gulped. "I don't-."

"Ollie and Bruce? The Jolly Green and Bat Boy?" Lana tried. "Honey. We knew."

Chloe felt horror and shame fill her. "You-you knew? You and Lois both?"

"Why do you think Lois hasn't spoken to Ollie in all this time? Or why I can't find a civil word to say to Bruce whenever he's in town?" Lana sighed. "We didn't need you to tell us to know what happened. You were caught between the two. They told you you didn't have to choose. They were okay with it." She sighed. "But they weren't okay with it, were they? That's why you stopped being Watchtower. That's why you threw yourself into hunting and writing instead. That's why you can't stay in one place at the same time because you worry you'll see them. And that is why you're so terrified by the fact that you really like Sam and Dean!"

Chloe slid down the trailer, tears in her eyes.

"Oh Chloe." Lana sighed. "Sam and Dean aren't Bruce and Ollie, okay? For one, they're used to dealing with each other's bullshit, and two-."

That was when Lana heard the sniffle.


Chloe closed her eyes tightly as she stabbed at the tears.

Lana, not knowing what to say to comfort her best friend, just stayed on the phone with her and listened to her tears.


Chloe smiled as she hugged Sam and then Dean, smiling up at Clark, who was by her side, before returning her attention to the brothers. "It was...unreal...meeting you two again and everything."

"Understatement of the year." Dean mumbled, leaning against the Impala, face closed off.

Sam just watched her, longing obvious on his face despite his attempts to hide it.

Chloe saluted John, who nodded back, before she turned to Clark. "Let's go?"

He nodded. "Jimbo's waiting for us in New Jersey...you know its not safe for New Jersey for him to be there without someone keeping an eye on him."

Chloe laughed, nodding, hand on his chest. "Let's go."

Together they turned and began walking towards her car.

Lois hesitated before walking up to John and jumping him...literally.

She jumped onto him, legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, and lips attacking his with hunger.

John, for his part, groaned into the kiss, turning and backing her into his truck.

Sam and Dean watched with obvious horror.

Finally Lois tore herself from John and grinned seductively at him while pushing him away from her. "See you later, cowboy." Walking passed him, hips swaying, she waved distractedly to the boys. "Bye kids."

And then she joined the others in the backseat of the car, and Chloe drove away.

The three Winchesters watched them go.

Dean pushed away from the Impala, gaze dark. "I can't believe I fucking let that motherfucker leave with my soulmate."

"Who said Azazel was talking about you when he said that?" Sam snapped at him.

John looked between his sons and sighed, shaking his head as he went back to his truck.


Lois had left earlier with John. After the shooting finished they were headed to John's cabin in the mountains not too far away from here for a weekend of 'communing with nature', which Chloe took to mean 'screwing like bunnies'. She was happy for her cousin, who was starting a positively sex-filed and apparently wonderful relationship, but as she readied her things to go and spend the next couple of days with Martha and Perry in Metropolis, she couldn't help but think about what Lana had told her on the phone.

Lois and Lana had known.

Sliding into her car, Chloe closed the door and looked at the steering wheel.

When Oliver and Bruce had told her they were men of the world, that they'd...shared...before...that she didn't have to choose-she'd had her reservations but she'd just been so relieved.

And it'd been wonderful.

It'd been heaven.

Until the jealousy and possessiveness had started.

They'd managed to share girls before, but apparently they couldn't share her.

It'd gotten to the point where it affected Green Arrow's and Batman's performances as a team, and that was where she'd had to draw the line and end things with both of them.

She'd had to leave the world she'd adored and thrived in behind because her being in it was now putting it in jeopardy.

And now she found herself somewhat in the same position.

And she was scared to death about losing everything again.

She was a coward.

She knew she was.

That was why, as she turned on the ignition and headed out of the parking lot, she decided that once she reached Perry's she'd let him know that she wasn't doing Season Two of Supernatural Diaries.

She couldn't.

Instead she was taking a hiatus-a sabbatical-a vacation.


She needed to be by herself right now.

And with that decision, she drove away.
13th-Oct-2010 12:35 pm (UTC)
I was not expecting the backstory involving Oliver and Bruce--DAMN but Chloe's had an interesting sex life!

And I loved how you portrayed Lana and Lois being so firmly on Chloe's side and hating Ollie and Bruce for hurting their friend.

Now the question remains: will Sam and Dean look for Chloe or wait for her to come back to them?
13th-Oct-2010 12:41 pm (UTC)
I wanted to explain WHY Chloe's fighting something she OBVIOUSLY really wants. hence the backstory :)

VERY good questions! We shall have to see!!!
13th-Oct-2010 04:10 pm (UTC)
Okay, I am LOVING this series. Its rare that you find a Sam/Chloe/Dean that works this well! Actually... its rare that you find that pairing that's actually been or being completed. I found another one once that the author gave up on... it made me sad. BUT focusing on this. Bruce and Ollie... overgrown boys who can't share. But what do you expect from millionaires? They have everything and want it exclusively and when they can't have it fights break out.

Having Chloe have left for the good of the team was a very interesting twist - I haven't watched Smallville in the longest time (I just tuned in last week) and I know that at least that is the story they're using for Alison Mack's absense for most of this season. At any rate, I think this story is AMAZING, but you have to have the boys go after her or have Lois mention something.

Why do I get the feeling that Perry is going to force her to do season 2 anyway? ALSO PLEASE tell me that they writers are going to bring her back for another episode of Paranormal (or try) because the whole thing about the writers is that they DID leave it open for a return appearance if I'm reading it right. ;) HEE at least that would be awsome, and Chloe would probably fight it tooth and nail.

Can't wait for more! Please hurry! I've become addicted :)
13th-Oct-2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
Exactly! Plus, they were used to sharing girls that they really didn't feel anything for---whereas they were in love with Chloe---and that changed everything.

Perry, despite every appearance, actually does care for Chloe and her well being.LoL

Oh--the writers...THE writers! LOL
13th-Oct-2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
You have plans with the writers don't you. Oh you are EVIL EVIL EVIL! The fans are going to eat that episode up and they're going to HAVE to put her in another one. :) Just like Gabriel and Klinger from MASH before her. *singsongs*
13th-Oct-2010 09:49 pm (UTC)
Fine not the writers but STILL! C'mon it'd be EPIC :D
13th-Oct-2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
***picking up jaw from the floor***

WOW! that Ollie and Bruce thing was totally unexpected... but not unwelcomed! haha... So will Sam and Dean meet Ollie and Bruce anytime soon? Add Chloe into that mix and... Okay, my mind is now totally in the gutter, and I blame you!

Can you tell us how Chloe managed to snag Ollie and Bruce? I'm just asking for research purposes, of course. Just in case I meet two totally hot guys and... :)
13th-Oct-2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
OMG....My mind had never gone in those directions until you said that! Now I need to write a harem!fic with Chloe and a bunch of hot guys! lmfao

Research purposes. Of *course* lol
13th-Oct-2010 06:52 pm (UTC)
I am so loving this series!! Poor Chloe, I can't wait to see what happens the next time she and the Winchesters meet up. I love John and Lois and you even made me like Lana so awesome job *grins*

I loved the back story and I totally think you should write a smutty Ollie/Chloe/Bruce fic but with a happy ending because I need happy endings *grins*
13th-Oct-2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much! I thought Lana was okay when she and Clark were all googly-eyed and dramatic about each other. And I loved her every single time she was evil. lol
14th-Oct-2010 12:43 am (UTC)
Ooooh! Interesting backstory!
14th-Oct-2010 01:34 am (UTC)
Thank you :)
(Deleted comment)
14th-Oct-2010 03:40 am (UTC) - Re: Awesome
I'm actually surprised by how much I enjoy writing this series---its different from anything I've ever done Winchullivan-wise, and I feel out of my league since I don't know how series are filmed and such--but its still fun! So I'm so glad to see how many people are enjoying it!!!!
15th-Oct-2010 02:39 am (UTC)
This series is most definitely the most interesting of all your SPN/SV crossovers if for no other reason then, the show within the show aspect. I really love how the two "realities" of the show and the reality show are overlapping. I swear Chloe at the center of anything always makes for an interesting read, but tack your name onto the piece and it's like I can't stop reading. It's what I love most about your work. You introduce me to knew shippings and pairings I could never have dreamed would work and then proceed to show me exactly how they DO work given the right set of circumstances. A tip of the author-hat to you my friend. I will forever be in awe of your work. Ta for now! Come back with more awesomeness soon.
15th-Oct-2010 02:43 am (UTC)
The writers are DEFINITELY using the show (and the obvious chemistry in the show) as inspiration for the Chloe-centric episode!

Aw! Thank you so very much! That was probably the best compliment I have received!!!!!
15th-Oct-2010 06:03 pm (UTC)
Haha! This is awesome! And I can't believe that she was with Ollie and Bruce at the same time! That's just crazy! lol, oh my this is probably the best update you have written so far! I loved the tension between Chloe, Sam, and Dean and the fact that Dean are sexually threatened by Clark made me laugh! Anyway keep it up!
15th-Oct-2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
Yep, they really do feel threatened by Clark, since they realized Chloe/Clark are extremely important to each other, though they don't get that its in a platonic way.
19th-Oct-2010 01:58 pm (UTC)
That beginning scene was H.O.T ;) I loved you introducing Clark and the guys being jealous of him if only they knew he was happily married lol!
19th-Oct-2010 05:38 pm (UTC)
Somehow, even if they knew Clark was married, I still see those two jealous/possessive!!!!
21st-Oct-2010 12:50 am (UTC)
Oh my, this was another amazing story added to this awesome series!!!

The twist with Chloe's back-history with Ollie and Bruce and their failed relationship was so unexpected but seriously brilliant! I never thought of that pairing before, but damn, now I want to read a story about Chloe with both Bruce and Ollie! So Hot! It also makes a LOT of sense as to why Chloe's so against having a relationship with the brothers. Great job!

Dean and Sam were awesome as always and I loved them being all jealous of Clark. Hehe. And those naughty writers were just making it worse! Fantastic tension between Chloe and the brothers as well. The beginning was *very* hot, too bad it was all for the show though :)

The Lois/John bits were also great... I love that Lois got her man! Yay! LoL.

Anyways, I very much loved this! Thanks for writing!!!
21st-Oct-2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Aw! You can't blame those writers! If you'd seen the mad chemistry between those three hot people you'd have written it too! lol :P
10th-Jan-2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
And I thought Sam and Dean have issues. Yes! John/Lois continues! I love that couple. :) Interesting that it seems that the males in that family are quite possessive. The Ollie/Chloe/Bruce was completely unexpected.
10th-Jan-2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
John/Lois----it competes with Wesley/Lois as my favorite Lois pairing. I just can't choose between them!!!!
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