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Of Brothers & Lovers 3/? 
6th-Nov-2010 05:14 pm
dean cas gabriel sam
Title: Of Brothers & Lovers
Pairings: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, Adam/Ruby & Others
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Summary: When his brother Adam's girlfriend ends up being sister to the man Dean basically stalks, Dean knows this must be a sign. Now that he has an excuse to be near Castiel things could be perfect if not for Gabriel & Sam, who just won't go away.
Warning: SLASH. Don't like? DON'T READ.

Dean looked down at the DVD in his hands.

It was the last of the four movies that'd been made out of Cas' first four books.

'Paradise of the Fallen Saga: From The Shadows' it declared proudly, showing a picture of the actor who played Michael in a white robe, and the actress pressed against him, her naked back towards the audience, who could see the tattoo of black wings on her body. Both of the actors were shrouded in shadows, half of their faces darkened, and the words were white, standing out.

Under the title, in smaller font, it boasted the fact that it was a part of the best selling series by 'Jimmy Milton'.


Dean's gaze then went to the other three DVD cases, which he'd already finished in a marathon-like watching spree.

He'd never liked sci fi or fantasy, he couldn't say that enough, but he could see why Cas' stories had impacted the lives of people. Everyone always said that movies were never as good as the books they came from, and the movies were damned emotional. Michael's struggles to adapt to humanity, to live in a world where sin was so prevalent and people basically hated each other...to learn to live amongst the sin and not be corrupted, instead to help bring light to those amongst him...

Dean cleared his throat.

He'd been spending the last week with Sam over at Gabriel's lair, as he liked to call the shop, and he'd gotten tired of being the only one who didn't know squat about the books. And he was so glad that he was watching them now because he had a feel for Cas' story and maybe could be some help to him.

Or at least be able to tell him how much he'd enjoyed the stories Cas had created.

Hearing the phone ring, he put down the DVD he had yet to watch and yanked the receiver off of the handle, bringing it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hello Dean." Cas' voice teased his ears.

Dean shot ramrod straight in the sofa, eyes widening. "Cas?"

Why was Castiel calling him?

Not that he was complaining!

"I'm sorry to call you at such an ungodly hour," Castiel begun.

"No! I-no worries." Dean cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure. "I was awake."

"Oh, I'm glad that I didn't wake you then, it is somewhat late." Cas replied. "I'm calling because Michael is having a get together and we're inviting your family over. Amelia and Claire want to meet you all, and Michael wants to continue having that conversation wit your father about the marathon he was telling him about. Michael would have called himself, but he's been very busy at work lately and hasn't had the time."

Dean blinked, surprised at the invitation and yet grinning.

This was great!

He'd be able to spend time with Cas in which Samantha wasn't taking up most of his time!

This was perfect!

"I can understand if this is short notice, since it's next Sunday, but we were hoping that we'd see you all." Cas continued, sounding a little embarrassed.

"I'll tell the others, but I'm almost certain that we'll be able to make it." Dean got up and went to his fridge.

"That's good." Cas sounded odd.

Dean grinned, trying to come up with an expression for that tone of voice as he searched his fridge for something to nibble on. "So...what are you doing up at this hour?"

"Finishing up the fifth chapter." Cas' voice rumbled easily. "This last week has given me surprising inspiration for my story, but its far from the original idea that I had had mapped in my mind."

"Is that good or bad?" Dean wanted to know, grabbing an apple and biting into it, chewing as he closed the fridge door.

"Both." Castiel admitted with a tired laugh. "Good because I can finally write again. Bad because, well, I'm not exactly sure how the readers are going to react to it."

"That sounds intriguing." Dean admitted with a chuckle, collapsing down on his sofa and then groaning when he realized that he had forgotten to put the dvd in the player. "Great."

"Something wrong?"

"No." Dean sighed, glaring at the dvd that mocked him from the coffee table his mother had insisted his apartment needed. "Its just that I got up and forgot to put the DVD in the player and now I'm too lazy to get up again."

There was a moment's pause and then Castiel chuckled. "I understand the feeling." Some of his tiredness seemed to have vanished. "What are you watching? Or, well, going to watch?"

Dean gulped, suddenly a little embarrassed.

"I, uh, I actually finished watching the first three movies made from your books, and I'm about to watch the fourth."

There was silence on the other end.

Dean ran his hand over his face.

He shouldn't have said that.

He should have lied.

Obviously Castiel thought it weird and maybe even stalkerish (not that he knew just HOW stalkerish Dean could be) and things would be uncomfortable between them and-.

"I haven't seen that one yet, actually." Castiel finally answered. "I got the invite to the premiere, of course, but I was sick with the measles, and let me tell you, adult measles is terrible." He paused. "And after that I guess I kinda forgot about it."

Dean cleared his throat, gazing down at the DVD cover once more. "Do you wanna come over?"

His eyes widened as he realized what he'd said.

"Sure." Cas responded smoothly. "If you really won't mind the company so late at night."

"No. Not at all." Dean was trying his best to keep the stupid grin on his face out of his voice. He did not need Castiel realizing that he was acting like a teenaged girl. "I'd love it."

He winced.

Oh god that'd been stupid!

Cas chuckled though, and Dean could imagine his slow smile. "What's your address?"

Dean hurriedly told him.

"Okay, I actually know that neighborhood." Cas replied. "See you soon."

Dean gulped. "Sure."

And then Cas hung up.

Dean bit down on his bottom lip and grinned brightly, before jolted up and rushed to the bathroom to bathe again.


"You're a disgrace to men worldwide." Gabriel informed the giant whose body Gabe's arm was currently around, trying to help support his weight as they made their way through the club towards the exit. "I've seen high school girls drink more than that and become only slightly tipsy!"

"S'not true." Sam slurred drunkenly, steps unsteady, leaning heavily onto the shorter man.

"Oh buddy, its so true its sad." Gabe couldn't keep the laughter from his tone, shaking his head. "Though I'll admit, you're an amusing drunk. Would have been uncomfortable if you were a crying drunk."

"Not drunk." Sam continued to deny, staggering a couple of steps.

"Woah!" Gabriel, not prepared for the stagger or the added weight on him, stumbled slightly. "Dude. We almost fell on our asses back there." He looked behind them. "That was fun."

Sam snorted in laughter. "You're just like Trickster."

It took Gabriel a moment to realize that Sam was referring to the character of his brother's book series. "Well, makes sense, Trickster is based off of me."

"He's my favorite character." Sam reached forwards and ran his finger down Gabe's nose. "I really like him."

Gabe's eyes crossed slightly as they followed the path of Sam's finger.

He'd wondered, this last week, with Sam's discreet little glances.

When Sam's finger slowly slid down his top lip, Gabriel went off on a limb, curious, opening his lips and sucking that finger in before it could continue its journey downwards, trapping it softly between his teeth and giving the tip a little lick.

"Oh fuck." Sam's voice was hoarse, his eyes even more glazed than before.

Gabriel let the digit slip out of his mouth, grinning.

He so still had it!

"Get a room you fags!" Someone yelled.

Sam went pale.

Gabe turned his head and glared at the guy who'd yelled at them. "Shut your cakehole! I know where you sleep and your ass is mine if I hear another word."

The man, half drunk, and now a mixture of confusion, fear, and disbelief, looked away and quickly drank his drink.

He was obviously wondering if, by chance, Gabe did know where he slept.

"As if I'd want his ass." Gabriel chuckled under his breath, amused, as he tightened his hold on Sam. "Come on, we're taking you home."

Sam watched him curiously before letting himself be dragged out of the club and towards Gabriel's car.


Cradling a cooled beer, Cas shook his head, laughing as Dean shared embarrassing childhood stories of his brothers, but especially of Adam.

Cas was learning so much about Dean and his family tonight it was amazing.

Apparently Dean had once been the Director of Sales and Marketing at Sandover Corporation, but had quit six months ago. While Dean had admitted that the pay was amazing and the view from his office something of legends, he'd admitted to feeling as if something was missing in his life so he'd quit last month. He had a good amount in the bank as savings, and was living off of it comfortably in his small one bedroom apartment while trying to figure out where to go to from here.

It was tidbits of information like that that made Castiel more and more fascinated with Adam's oldest brother.

At first glance Cas hadn't known what to expect from Dean Winchester, but this wasn't it.

He'd learnt that Dean had gone to Stanford, that he tried to eat healthy but was unable to say no to a cheeseburger or any sort of pie. Cas had learnt that Dean adored his mother, worshiped his father, and was overly protective of his younger brothers although he preferred to mask that by being an utter dick to them most of the time.

Everything he found out endeared Dean to Cas more and more.

"Now, you can't tell Ruby any of these stories." Dean warned with a large, shiteater grin on his face, pointing his beer at Cas. "If you do I'll lose half of my blackmail material."

"I don't see why Adam should be so embarrassed." Cas announced innocently, taking a slow swig of his own beer. "Ruby mightn't have peed her bed until she was eight, but she did cause my parents to nearly have nervous breakdowns by deciding that she was a male in a previous life when she was ten."

"Huh?" Dean asked, blinking.

"Yeah, from ages ten to thirteen she lived like a boy. She cut her hair pixie-short with mom's scissors, dressed in drag, peed standing, and usually had something stuffed down the crotch of her pants." Castiel chuckled at the memory. "She also refused to answer to 'Ananchel', instead calling herself 'Reuben' after Jacob's oldest son with Leah."

"Is that where she came up with the name 'Ruby'?" Dean asked, laughing hard.

"She's never confirmed it, but we all assume so." Castiel nodded.

"Damn." Dean laughed. "What made her decide to go girl again?"

"She realized, after extensive study, just how powerful a half naked girl in revealing clothes could be. Plus, Anna had just started dating and Ruby was always competitive with her." Castiel chuckled. "Michael was horrified, of course, when she shed her boy clothes and donned the skimpiest skirts and shirts available." He looked around before leaning closer to Dean. "Between you and me, I think he might have forgotten Ruby was a girl, and it was a shock."

Dean burst out laughing, holding his stomach.

Cas smiled, just watching Dean laugh whole heartedly, whole body shaking from his laughter.

The guy was so beautiful.

Inside and out.

Cas swallowed.

This...this was dangerous ground.

He was already...attracted...to Dean.

That could become infatuation really quickly if he didn't keep everything in check.

"I should go."

The laughter died immediately, and Dean frowned, leaning forwards and placing his hand on Cas' to stop him from rising from the sofa. "Do you have to go?"

Cas' eyes widened, feeling that blush heat his skin as it made its way up his neck, gaze lowering to Dean's hand on his.

Dean's thumb brushed against Cas' erratic pulse.

Throat dry, heartbeat accelerating, Cas' blue gaze rose to meet Dean's hazel.

Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door, causing them to jerk apart.

Cas looked away, eyes wide, unable to believe what had just happened.

Had Dean-had he just made a pass at him?

"Who the hell?" Dean snarled, standing up and storming to the door, peering through the peephole. "Oh you've got to be fucking me."

Cas swallowed at that thought.

Dean unlocked his front door and yanked it open.

"Before you start, I don't know his address, and he could only remember yours." Gabe's voice pulled Cas out of his near trance.

"Gabriel?" Cas asked, standing and going towards the door, blinking when he saw his brother there, arm around a very drunk Sam Winchester. "What did you do?"

"Why do you automatically assume this is my fault?" Gabe wanted to know, pouting, as Dean helped him shoulder some of Sam's weight, walking the giant to the sofa Cas and Dean had just been sitting on, and dropping him there.

Cas closed the door and turned to look at them. "Because its always your fault?"

"Well, surprise surprise, this time it isn't." Gabriel smirked. "Sam called me and asked me if I wanted to go out and have a drink." He turned an amused look in the giant's direction, as Sam curled up on the sofa, hugging a cushion, and snored. Loudly. "He then proceeded to get very drunk, very quickly, and on very few drinks."

"He wanted to go drinking?" Dean asked, confused, eyeing his younger brother with a raised eyebrow. "That's weird. Sammy's not much of a drinker, and whenever he does go out he'll cradle the same drink all night. He only really drinks when he's nervous."

As Gabe and Dean started talking, Cas pulled out the small notebook he always had one him in case inspiration hit, and began to write.


6th-Nov-2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
... You are really getting into this one aren't you, Shadow? First the DVD cover and then the 'notebook.'

/nods Nicely done. Story is really engaging :)

Keep at it :)
6th-Nov-2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm enjoying doing the visuals as well :) How could you tell???? lol

7th-Nov-2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
This was just lovely!

I like that Cas realizes what is going on between Sam and Gabriel and that it's inspired his own novel.

And the Dean/Castiel moments were nice and sexy too :)
7th-Nov-2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I am surprised at just how much I'm enjoying the Sabriel! :)
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