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Connor 3/? 
8th-Nov-2008 11:35 pm

Title: Connor - Part One
Series: 3rd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: chlonnor, mentioned chlangelus, some fred/gunn, implied chlark
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:When Connor returns, now grown up, things become even more chaotic in Chloe's life. As if Wolfram and Hart weren't bad enough. NOW she has to deal with an attraction for her sire's son?


Chloe woke up feeling more rested than she had in a long time. She remembered last night vaguely, but knew enough to know what’d gone on. It was disconcerting to realize that there was something inside of her that she didn’t understand, something powerful enough to hurt Angelus and hopefully help Connor---and yet her thoughts really weren’t on herself.

She’d gone downstairs and had been embraced by a relieved Cordelia—whose hug had nearly squeezed the life out of the young blonde. Gunn, Lorne and Fred had hurriedly hugged her as well and then it was Angel’s arms around her, his voice low and worried and he asked her how she was feeling, asking her what’s happened—what she’d done the night before.

“If I may,” Lorne cleared his throat from where he was standing. “I think this girl gave the not-so-nipper a complete detox.” The green demon made up his nose. “When that kid came in here last night he was toxic---emphasis on the ‘ick’.”

Cordelia nodded rapidly from where she was standing next to Gunn. “I know, I felt it. It was that place, Quor’toth, it had poisoned him with its anger and fear and pain. It’d crept deep inside of him, gotten a good grip, and was refusing to let go. He was in such inner pain.” She bit her bottom lip in sadness. “And then after Chloe touched him and that white light came out of her---he was different.”

“What was that light, sweetiecake?” Lorne asked Chloe in curiosity. “And while we’re on that subject---why didn’t you tell us that you had that little ability?”

“Because I didn’t even know I had it.” Chloe admitted, sharing a look with Angel. “The only other time something like happened was when Angelus sired me. I thought it was a fluke or something.”

Sensing everyone looking at him, Angel nodded in confirmation. “I remember that the moment her heart stopped this bright light exploded inside of her, she was glowing, and it covered Angelus and burnt him like the sun—without the whole going up in dust part.”

Fred blinked. “So you mean Chloe had demon in her before you sired her?”

“What?” Angel made a face.

“I did not!” Chloe gasped, denying that although she remembered wondering the same thing before fainting in the lobby the night before.

Fred raised an eyebrow at them. “But Chloe---Cordelia bursts into white light and purifies the hotel of the slug thingies and the next night you burst into white light and ‘purify’ Connor?” The skinny brunette made a face. “That’s not a coincidence—plus, Cordelia can only do those stuff because of the deal she made to have some demon in her so she could live with the visions----but you had the same thing happen to you before you were sired. So that can only mean you had demon in you before you were killed, right?”

Angel and Chloe shared a look.

“Never a boring day in our little world.” Gunn sighed, folding his arms over his chest.

“That’s why I love my life.” Chloe smiled brightly, pushing away all the doubts and questions for another time. “So, talking about our little world, what happened to Connor after I fainted last night?”

That’s when she was told about Holtz being back, about Angel going to confront him, and how the Hunter had surprisingly enough graciously stepped down. He’d given Angel a letter to give to ‘Steven’, and then had left right afterwards.

“So Connor’s staying with us now.” Angel grinned happily. “He spent the night here in the room in the south wing and everything.”

“Cool.” Chloe couldn’t help but feel so happy for her sire as she saw him so excited about the prospect of being with his son again. “So, Angel, how about you and me do some training? Those demons showed me that I’ve gotten a little rusty.”

“Sure.” Angel nodded.

“Ooh! What don’t you guys practice up here?” Fred asked. “I love watching you guys practice together.” She grinned dreamily. “It’s so beautiful.”

Gunn and Cordelia shared a look at that.

Angel grinned at Fred. “Okay then. We’ll practice up here, just let me change into something a bit more comfortable.” He jogged up the stairs.

Chloe looked up after him and smiled before heading upstairs as well, her feet taking her to the south wing until she found the only room there that was habitable, and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Hesitating for a second, the blonde opened the door and peeked in, noticing Connor sitting on the side of the bed, concentrating on the letter in his hands---the letter Angel had told her Holtz had given him for Connor.

“Hey.” She whispered, slipping into the room and closing the door behind her, missing the way his head jerked up at the sound of her voice. “How are you doing?”

“You’re awake.” Connor announced, standing up from the bed and folding the letter, placing it in his back pocket.

“Yep.” Chloe nodded from where she was leaning back against the door. “Angel told me about Holtz leaving. I’m sorry.”

“Why would you be?” Connor asked darkly, shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. “Isn’t it what you all wanted? Him gone?”

“Yeah, it is what I wanted. I’m glad that he’s gone—hopefully for good.” Chloe once again nodded, noticing the surprise in his eyes when she agreed so quickly and openly. “I might hate Holtz personally for what he did to Angel, but you love him, Connor, and he raised you as if you were his son. He was the only father you can remember---so I’m sorry for you that he left---even though I’m glad he’s gone and I think you’ll one day be glad he left too.”

Connor was silent his blue eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at her as if in awe. “You’re the first person to talk to me so truthfully in this place.”

“You’ll find that I prefer getting in trouble for saying the truth than for lying.” Chloe admitted sheepishly. “Plus, I’ve been told repeatedly that I suck at lying, so why even try?”

He looked at her as if she was the first of a new species that he’d ever encountered. “I appreciate being told the truth.”

“So do I. We’ll get along well then.” She grinned before turning and grabbing the handle.

“What did you do to me last night?” His voice stopped her.

Looking at the handle, Chloe made a face. “I don’t know.” She looked over her shoulder at him. “The only other time I did that was when Angelus killed me. I didn’t control it then, I didn’t control it last night either.”

Chloe?” Angel could be heard calling from below.

Coming!” She cried as she threw open the door. The blonde paused and turned to look at Connor. “Why don’t you come downstairs? Angel and I are going to practice and I know he’d like for you to be there. The only reason he isn’t here now is because he doesn’t want you to feel pressured to spend time with him even though you’re living under his roof.”

“He told you this?” Connor asked as he joined her out of his room, both making their way down the stairs to where Angel and the others were waiting.

“No.” She whispered to Connor as they descended. “But I know your father like the back of my hand.”

For some reason that made Connor stiffen.

Angel’s face registered his largest grin to date when he looked up and saw his son coming down with Chloe. “Con—Steven.”

Connor looked up when they made their way towards him. “Angel.”

The smile slid a little before it was back at full force. “How was your first night here at the Hyperion?”

“It was good.” Connor nodded.

“Gunn and Cordelia went to get everyone breakfast from Burger King, and Lorne’s out visiting some friends of his.” Fred explained why she was the only one in the lobby with Angel waiting on Chloe.

“Egg and Cheese Croissants.” Chloe sighed with happiness before turning to Angel. “Let’s work up an appetite.”

He grinned before he attacked her. Chloe anticipated the move---honestly, Angel always started their sparring the same way, so it was easy to dodge his attempts and kick him away from her. The blonde mocked Angel and laughed when he mocked her right back, all the while they continued to punch, jab, kick and spin.

“It’s like a dance only they know the steps to.” Fred whispered in a dreamy sigh to Connor.

When Angel kicked her feet from under her and went to pin her to the ground, Chloe twisted in his hold and slid out from under him like a worm, laughing when he tried to twist and reach for her yet ended up losing his balance and collapsing in a mess of hands and legs.

“They’ve already started.” Gunn could be heard telling Cordelia as they entered the Hyperion with the bags of mouth-watering food.

“Morning Steven.” Cordelia smiled at the young man who’d tried to kill her the night before as if the situation had never happened. “I hope you like croissants and hash browns.”

“I do not know what they are.” He responded truthfully.

Chloe motioned for time-out as the smell of food was too much to handle, her stomach growling loudly. “Angel—can’t fight—need food.”

The vampire grinned at her. “What happens if you’re hungry and fighting something evil during a banquet?”

The blonde flashed her sire a cheeky grin as she reached for her food and began to unwrap it. “I’ll just pass whatever baddie over to you and start to eat.” She took a bite out of her croissant, chewed, and swallowed. “I don’t have to worry, Angel. You’re the best fighter I have ever seen, and you’re always going to be there to protect me.”

Angel grinned before turning to Connor. “She’s just stroking my ego so that I’ll let her eat.”

“Damn straight.” Sticking her tongue out at Angel, Chloe took a big bite out of her food.

“Why aren’t you eating, Connor?” Gunn asked, noticing the boy leaning against the wall, arms folded over his chest, just observing everyone.

“My name is Steven.” The hard glint in those baby blue eyes challenged Gunn to say otherwise.

A tense silence followed.

Chloe looked up from her food. “So, uh, Angel says that you kicked some ass at the bar last night.” She smiled when she saw the proud look the young man’s face when she said that. “You know Angel, you should be careful. With a little training he might just take over your place as the head ass-kicker.”

Connor gave Chloe a smile before turning to Angel. “My father might have taught me to fight to the best of his abilities, but you—you fight like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Angel had winced when Connor had called Holtz his father, but his grin was back full force at the compliment. “Yes, well, years of training and innate talent---.”

“Ego-alert.” Cordelia whispered to Chloe.

Angel sent his vision-girl a glare.

Connor smirked before his face suddenly went serious once more. “I wish to learn---to learn all you know. To be, to be more like you.”

Chloe’s smile brightened as she saw the look in Angel’s eye when Connor said that. “Connor, you couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”

“Are you hungry?” Angel asked his son. “If you aren’t we could begin now.”

Connor smiled at his father for the first time. “Let’s.”

Chloe, Gunn, Fred and Cordelia all ate their breakfast in the lobby of the Hyperion to the view of Angel and Connor sparring. The blonde watched father and son and giggled with happiness as she watched all the wariness slowly drain from Connor’s face as he got into the lesson and began to truly enjoy himself.

While Connor didn’t have the technique or years of experience under his belt like his father did, he was faster and had a viciousness, accuracy and determination that Angel did not—and that made for an interesting lesson. Father and son laughed as they fell into comfort as they moved through the dance of battle, receiving and delivering friendly blows.

Somehow that lesson went into another, as Angel began to teach Connor about how to use his vampiric abilities while in battle, and how differentiate vampires from civilians during rapid fighting. Connor picked up amazingly rapidly, although Angel did best him at most of the fights.

Finally they broke apart, exhausted from having sparred most of the morning together. Luckily there had been no clients so father and son could spend the time uninterrupted.

“You guys are great.” Cordelia gushed, clapping her hands enthusiastically.

Fred and Gunn sat together on the sofa, chatting together with silly grins on their faces as they grinned at each other.

Chloe once more sat on the counter of the receptionist’s desk, grinning at Angel and Connor. She was about to tell them that she agreed a hundred percent with Cordelia’s assessment when suddenly the world spun and tilted dangerously, and the next thing she knew she was in Connor’s arms, looking up into his worried blue eyes.

“What---happened?” Chloe whimpered, placing her hand to her throbbing forehead.

“You fainted.” Angel was standing next to Connor, looking at her in worry. “Again.”

“I hadn’t even noticed that you were fainting until Connor rushed towards you and caught you before you could hit the ground.” Cordelia announced, pushing Angel out of the way and ignoring Gunn and Fred, who were hovering over in worry as well. “This is the second time you’ve fainted, Chlo. I think maybe whatever you did to Connor really wore you out. And the sparring with Angel this morning didn’t help any.”

Seeing the accusing glare sent his way, Angel’s eyes went wide. “What? Oh come on Cordy, you can’t really blame me for this!”

“How are you feeling?” Connor asked Chloe, adjusting her weight in his arms but not moving to put her down, or at least rest her on the sofa.

“Weak.” Chloe answered truthfully, closing her eyes. “Angel---I need you.”

Connor’s body went rigid under her.

“What is it Chloe?” Angel asked, resting his hand on her forehead.

“I need to feed.” She whispered, opening her eyes and looking at him.

Angel’s gaze went up to Connor immediately before it returned to Chloe and he nodded. “Of course. You’re weak because of what happened last night so you’re body’s asking for more blood than usual. I should have thought to offer it to you this morning.”

“Yeah, you should have.” Cordelia slapped his arm in reproach.

Angel sent his link to the Power That Be a ‘what do you want from me, woman?’ look before motioning for Connor to put Chloe down on the sofa. The vampire sat down and pulled her up onto his lap.

Chloe closed her eyes, feeling embarrassed, resting her face in the crook of Angel’s neck. She’d fed once or twice in front of the others----although it’d been moments of emergency. But she felt weird doing it now because of Connor. She didn’t understand the slight feeling of guilt as she felt the tingle in her gums as her fangs manifested.

Why should she care if Connor saw this? Sure, she was attracted to him, but she’d already decided that an attraction to her sire’s true child could never end well so she wouldn’t pursue it.

“C’mon Chlo, don’t get stage fright.” Angel soothed, rubbing her back encouragingly as he tilted his neck further, granting her access. “She—uh—blood straight from the jugular is stronger and more powerful.” He was obviously explaining that to Connor, since the others from Team Angel already knew that information.

Closing her eyes tighter, Chloe sank her fangs into the skin of Angel’s neck, piercing the vein and latching on, muttering a little purr of contentment as she drew the blood into her mouth, feeling the power of her sire fill her. Her hand gripped his arm as she began to massage it much like a cat, feeling the hand he had on her lower back do just the same.

Like when she fed, Chloe felt arousal wet the vee of her thighs, and she rubbed them together unknowingly, tightening her hold on Angel, her fingernails biting into the skin of his arm.

Despite the heady, delectable taste of sire’s blood, Chloe always found herself very much in control of her bloodlust, and when she felt strong enough she carefully pulled her fangs from Angel’s neck, eyes still closed, resting her head against his chest.

“How are you feeling, Chlo?” Cordelia asked from her side.

“Better.” She whispered, tearing herself away from Angel’s neck with a yawn. “A little drowsy, but much better.”

“You should probably lay down.” Angel announced carefully beneath her. “Go on upstairs and rest for a while. Tonight we’ll do something fun—like go see a movie.”

“We haven’t been to the movies in forever!” Fred clapped her hands in excitement. “Jumbo popcorn containers and free refills with extra butter here we come!”

Chloe laughed softly at the enthusiasm Fred always had when it came to food. The blonde got up from Angel’s lap and yawned slightly.

The phone on the reception desk rang.

Cordelia rushed towards it and answered in a rush. “Angel Investigations—we help the hopeless…Oh, Lorne, it’s only you.” She pouted and then suddenly grinned. “Sorry, didn’t mean to say it like that. Yep. Sure. I’ll tell Angel.” Hanging up Cordelia turned to their resident vampire. “Angel, Lorne says he needs to talk to you in person. That it’s urgent and you should come alone—he’s at the Mantecas Bar.”

“Know the place.” Angel nodded as Chloe slipped off of his lap and he stood up, grabbing the leather coat Fred had hurried to get him when she’d heard that Lorne wanted to see him. “It has a sewer access.”

“You sure you should go alone?” Gunn asked, making a face.

“Yeah.” Angel nodded, slipping on his jacket. “Anyway, I want you and Fred to do a check up with Mrs. Manderson and make sure that her cat hasn’t been possessed by the spirit of the sabretooth tiger again. She called earlier to say that Fluffy was acting odd again.”

“Not even kitty-cats are safe in this world.” Fred pouted before heading out with her boyfriend to do their job.

Angel turned to Cordelia. “Cordy, I need you to---.”

“Oops, sorry.” The pretty woman gave her boss an innocent smile. “Whatever it is, no can do, boss.”

The vampire raised an eyebrow. “And why not?”

“Because I have got an appointment at one of the best salons in town, and it’s one of those places that you have to pay half of your soul to be able to get in to.” Seeing the worried look her boss gave her, Cordelia made a face at him, resting her hand on her hip. “Not literally your soul.” She snorted. “Really Angel.”

He looked a little sheepish. “Oh, okay then. Well, go on then, you don’t want to be late. As long as your literal soul is not in the mix I have no problem.”

Cordelia snorted again, eyebrow raised. “Thanks for the approval.” Shaking her head once more at the vampire, Cordelia grabbed her bag, waved at Chloe and Connor, and was out of the Hyperion quicker than one could say “mani-pedi”.

Turning to the remaining people in the hotel, Angel spoke. “Do you two think you can man the desk while we’re gone?”

“Oh, Angel, how will we ever survive picking up the phone and dealing with any walk-ins without your presence to guide us?” Chloe snarked, already feeling like herself as she walked passed him and jumped up onto the desk once more, sitting next to the phone.

Connor grinned at her. “This will be an educational experience.”

“Every moment with me is an educational experience, kid.” Chloe replied, grinning when she saw the way he sneered at her for calling him a kid. Well, he’d have to get used to it! She used to call him that only days ago (when he was a kid), and it would help her remember who he was—especially since they were going to be alone in the Hyperion until Angel or someone else got back.

“Good.” Angel turned to Connor. “Con—Steven, take care of Chloe while I’m gone, alright?”

Connor nodded.

“Not that I need to be taken care of or anything.” Chloe interjected from where she sat.

The males ignored her, Angel leaving and Connor going towards her, slipping up onto the desk and sitting on the other side of the phone.

For a moment there was uncomfortable silence between them as they didn’t know what to say to each other. Chloe looked down at her hands, not knowing what to say and hating the silence. She wasn’t used to silence. When one lived in a world such as hers they thrived off of sound and a teensy bit of chaos.

“What does his blood taste like?”

Jerking in surprise, Chloe blinked as the question registered, and she turned to look at Connor, who was seated close to her, gazing down at his shoes. “Angel’s blood? It—it’s the best blood that I’ve ever had, but then again that’s because it’s my sire’s blood, and sire’s blood will always be sweeter to the childe.”

Connor frowned at that as he finally turned to look at her. “It’s the best blood you’ve tasted? But I thought you said you could only drink his blood or you got ill.”

“Well, not exactly.” Chloe fidgeted. “I only drink Angel’s blood, but his isn’t the only blood I can drink. Don’t get me wrong. I can’t drink human or demon blood. But I can drink the blood of my vampiric family.”

Connor’s eyes widened slightly at this revelation. “Wait, you’re saying that any of Angel’s childer can donate blood to you?”

“Well, yes, and grandchilder as well.” Chloe nodded, remembering how it’d been Spike’s blood that’d kept her alive and sane during Angel’s time in hell. “I guess I need the blood from someone with Angel’s blood flowing through their veins.”

Connor’s eyes were wide. “You mean---you mean I could be your donor?”

Chloe paused as she thought over. “I—I don’t---I’d never thought---maybe. There could be a good chance I guess.” She blinked, sending him a sideways glance, not understanding the look in those baby blues. Was it worry? Did he think that she would try to attack him or something? She felt a little hurt. “It doesn’t matter anyway. I’d never drink your blood.”

“Why not?”

Blinking, Chloe turned to him, wondering if he’d sounded insulted or if that’d been all in her imagination. “Because I don’t need to.” She replied truthfully. “Believe me, having to drink blood from someone isn’t something I enjoy doing and--.”

Connor snorted darkly and looked away. “That’s not what your smell was saying a while back.”

Chloe froze, going pale and blushing red all at the same time. Yes, it was an amazing feat and yet she pulled off paling and blushing all at the same time.

What had he meant about her smell? Could he--? Had he---?

Oh god---how embarrassing.

Why didn’t the phone ever ring when you really needed it to?

“I am going to need more apparel.” Connor finally spoke, fingering the shirt she’d bought for him the day they’d met.

“Yeah, you are.” Chloe nodded, thankful for the change in subject, giving him a once-over. “And while Angel is stingy with a dollar we’re gonna have to take you out to get some new clothes, and some shoes and other things as well. Angel’s going to have to realize that he’s got a kid now and thus he’s just going to have to hand me over his credit card and get over it.”

“I am not a kid.” Connor glared at Chloe. “This is the second time that you call me this but I’m around your age.”

“Technically you’re wrong.” Chloe replied slowly. “I mean, I was sired when I was seventeen, which means that while I’m going to look and be seventeen for the rest of my life, technically I’m going to be older than when I was sired. I should be twenty right now, for example.”

He looked her over.

Feeling a little self-conscious she shifted, looking down at her bare feet. She could feel his gaze on every inch of her, as if examining every detail of her, and she didn’t understand why. She also didn’t understand why she reacted this way to him, why she was so hyperaware of everything he did.

“Sooo…I’m guessing they didn’t have movies in Quor’toth.” She spoke up because the silence had become too intense.

“No.” Connor shook his head. “I don’t even really know what it is to be truthful.”

“Oh, it’s fun.” Chloe grinned, since it was her favorite pastime when they weren’t killing some baddie. “It’s like a big box that shows you a story. It’s entertaining. I love it.” Her eyes grew wide, as did her smile. “Maybe we could go to the drive-in theatre! I love that place! I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Connor just looked at her in silence before smiling.

Neither knew how adventurous their night at the drive-through theatre would prove to be.


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