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Seventh Year 3/? 
6th-Feb-2009 01:26 pm
Title: Seventh Year
Fandom:  Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius x Remus, others
Rating: T-M
Warning: AU, SLASH
Note: Sequel to oneshots James Noticed/Peter Saw.
Summary: Seventh year is filled with chaos, adventure, humor, jealousy, possessives and romance as Sirius and Remus start taking those steps to acknowledging what their friends had known all along.

The wolf howled in the dark of the woods, head tilted back, the moonlight falling upon its pelt in an oddly warm way. Golden eyes opened and surveyed his territory, sharp ears picking up the yelps and grunts of the other wolves the woods housed, all in their own little parts, not daring to enter his.

Slowly making rounds of his territory, paws against the damp ground, golden eyes kept vigilant, ready to defend his piece of woods against any male intruder. Moments like these loneliness sometimes set in, leaving him slightly distracted as he considered a pack of his own.

While werewolves in themselves were usually alone due to the fact that they knew few others like themselves they were wolves in essence, and the greatest desire of a wolf was to mate and form a pack of its own.

How many of them never got to have their desire sated?

Huffing slightly, annoyed and frustrated, the wolf shook his head as he continued its rounds, making sure that his scent was still strong on his boundaries.

Now was not the time to be distracted.

A low growl caught his attention, and the wolf froze, turning towards the sound, not able to see the one who’d emitted that sound. Scent drafted towards him on the ongoing breeze. It was canine, definitely.

A growl reverberated through his body as he stood ready as glowing eyes of blue suddenly shone in the shadows in front of him.

Gasping, Remus’s eyes flew open and he took in a deep breath of air. A trickle of sweat dribbled down the side of his face, and the young werewolf tried to breathe in slowly to slow down his rapidly beating heart. Ever since that summer he’d been having these dreams, as well as the attacks of whatever it was, and it was slowly driving him insane.

Still, it was the first time that he’d come across another creature in his dreams.

He was so distracted that it took the golden-blonde a couple of minutes to realize that he was not in bed, nor was he alone. For a split-second panic jolted through his body as he realized that he was half-laying on top of another body, the stranger’s arm around him his waist possessively.

And then the scent of the one below him reached his nostrils, and the Moony within calmed immediately, recognizing the scent of Padfoot.

A dark blush covered Remus’ cheeks as he realized that sometime during the night they must have fallen asleep while on the roof. Both were lying on the roof, Remus with his cheek against Sirius’ soothing heartbeat, arm wrapped around the taller boy’s chest. Sirius had one arm behind his head like a pillow and the other was around Remus, tight and protective even in sleep.

Sometime during the night the older boy must have transfigured his broom into a blanket, because their transport had vanished and they were wrapped in the warmest, softest blanket Remus had ever felt.

He’s always looking after me, isn’t he?

Pulling away slightly from his best mate, Remus looked up at the sky—realized that dawn was right upon them—and then returned his attention to Sirius. When asleep the other boy looked so peaceful, so innocent, so handsome.

Remus wanted to look away, wanted to feel guilty for the feelings he was having for his best mate, but lately it’d been harder and harder to look away from Sirius, to pull his hand from his, to try and keep his feelings completelyfriendly when it came to him.

There was no way that Remus would risk their friendship by even considering having romantic feelings for him, and yet lately he just couldn’t keep them in check as easily as he had for so long, and that worried him.

It wasn’t only he who was attracted to Sirius, Moony was submissive with Padfoot, giving the other unknowing caninedominance. The large dog obviously didn’t understand what it’d meant for the wolf to let himself be pinned to the ground and bar his neck.

Padfoot didn’t realize what that surrender meant, what it meant for a wolf to submit to another male so easily, so passively, so eagerly.

Remus hung his head in shame, knowing that a blush was darkening his skin. He honestly didn’t understand howSirius or Padfoot didn’t see it considering how much of a hussy Moony was acting during the full moons. How could the dog be so oblivious as to not get why the wolf was more physical, why he allowed himself to be pinned under him time and time during their games without fight?

Then again, it was probably better that Sirius was oblivious to the way the wolf behaved. That way Remus could continue keeping his romantic interest in his mate as far in the back of his mind as possible.

Not that you’re making it easy for me, Pad.

Sighing, Remus allowed his gaze to wander over his best mate’s face.

With the way he’d been behaving recently Sirius had been unknowingly encouraging both Remus and Moony, and trying to restrain the wolf within and its desires and orders was wearing Remus down.

Sirius’ scent drafted towards Remus once more, causing the werewolf to moan at how delicious it was.

And, of course, there’s his scent.

Sirius had always smelt particularly good for Remus, it was one of the reasons (other than Sirius’ pushy, inquisitive nature) that’d made him somewhat hesitant to accept the friendship offered (and demanded in return), but as the years went by Sirius’ scent only got better. It was male, and canine and just reeked of dominance.

Probably one of the strongest reasons why Moony had accepted Padfoot so easily as his Alpha was because Remushad subconsciously accepted Sirius as his. While James might be the unofficial leader of their human group, Sirius was his leader, had always been his leader, and Remus was beginning to believe Sirius always would be.

Movement at the edge of the Forbidden Forrest caused Remus’ attention to turn to there, and his eyes narrowed when he saw a dark figure standing between the trees. The person was completely covered in a dark cloak, gender unrecognizable---and yet the scent---the scent that Remus could somehow catch from way on top of Hogwarts wasgood, and strangely enough, somewhat recognizable.


Remus narrowed his eyes as he listened to Moony’s grunts as the wolf became surprisingly restless at the scent.


As if he was going to go into the Forbidden Forest by himself to find this mysterious person. What was the person doing in the Forbidden Forest anyway? It wasn’t safe!

Answer call!

No! Remus fought Moony, knowing that the wolf within wouldn’t be happy with him but not caring. That could be that Dark Lord everyone’s talking about for all I know!

A wizard who called himself Voldemort of all things had risen drastically fast, and was making a name of himself as the next Dark Lord. Obviously he thought himself to be the next Gellert Grindelwald, and sadly enough others thought so too rallying to his cause rapidly, wanting to rid the wizarding world of all the muggleborns.

Oddly enough while he seemed to hate all muggleborns, Voldemort had no problem with allying himself with many vampiric clans and the rare werewolf packs that existed. The vampires he offered easy pickings of the traitors once his self-proclaimed cleansing ended, and the werewolves he promised the ability to control themselves while in their wolf forms.

It was obviously a tempting offer, but Remus doubted that there was anything that could help the wolves keep control over their bodies while in their wolf forms, and even if there were such a thing he didn’t think that it was worth all the evil he read Voldemort and his Death Eaters did.

Too late.

Shook out of his thoughts by Moony’s growl, Remus’ gaze returned to the figure only to find it gone.

Rem?” Sirius’ sleepy voice was deeper than usual.

Remus turned to his friend and smiled as Sirius yawned, stretching quite canine-like. “We fell asleep.”

“Correction, you fell asleep.” Smacking his lips, Sirius ran lean fingers through messy dark hair. “I just didn’t want to wake you.” His gaze turned worried. “You haven’t been sleeping well at nights, Rem, and I just didn’t want to wake you up when I realized that it was probably the best night’s sleep you’d had in a while.”

Sighing, the werewolf looked down at lake, watching the way the colors of the dawn played upon the water. “You’re always taking care of me Sirius. What am I going to do when we graduate, huh?”

“I don’t see what the big problem is.” Sirius yawned. “It’s not like just because we’re graduating we’re not going to see each other again. I mean, I’m not letting something like that keep us all apart. We’re family.”

A smile curved Remus’ lips. “Yeah, we are, aren’t we?”

“Of course we are.” Sirius’s voice was at his shoulder, resting his chin on it with a whine. “Are you sure you don’t want to study to be an auror like James and me?”

“I’m sure.” Remus shook his head at the thought. Dumbledore had risked his position as Headmaster by letting in a werewolf into his school (even if no one knew that Remus was a werewolf).

Werewolves were looked down on everyone as animals who didn’t need an education, as monsters, and Fenrir Greyback (the werewolf who’d sired Remus and was now Voldemort’s right hand man) wasn’t doing anything to help change the way people saw them. Remus wasn’t going to put Dumbledore into trouble by risking his secret being found out by Aurors of all people.

“But even Pete’s gonna try for Auror.” Sirius pressed, obviously not getting why Remus wouldn’t take the Auror Entrance exams despite the fact that he was the best of the Marauders when it came to DADA.

“Siri, please, just let it go.” Remus begged, closing his eyes tightly against the tug in his gut. It was a feeling of disappointment a reminder that while Dumbledore had given him a break he was not like everyone else. He was a monster three nights a month, and he needed to remember that.

He should be grateful for what he’d been given, not resentful for what he wouldn’t.

“Okay, okay.” Sirius sighed. “Since you won’t talk to me about that, you mind telling me what’s been bothering you lately? Why you haven’t been able to sleep well? And don’t tell me not to worry because I do and always will so just get over it.”

How could Sirius make him smile even when he felt so confused and sad?

Ours. The wolf grunted.

Shut up. Remus was getting sick of arguing this point with the animal. Sirius was not theirs nor were they his!




Jumping, Remus felt silly for forgetting Sirius while having his inner argument with Moony. “Uh, sorry, I was thinking.” He watched as the Giant Squid surfaced, greeting the morning rays happily. “It must have been horribly noticeable for you and James to notice it.”

Sirius tensed slightly. “James?” He pulled away and surprised Remus by grabbing his chin and forcing him to turn in a slightly painful way to look him in narrowed eyes. “James knows what’s going on?”

“Yes, James knows.” Remus was confused, not exactly seeing what the problem was. “He said that I should tell you. That’s one of the reasons why I came up to the room last night but you distracted me and I forgot.”

“You told him.” Sirius let got of Remus’ chin and glared at him. “So you told James but it never crossed your mind to tell me until he told you to?”

Suddenly the werewolf saw what the problem was.

I was losing my sleep listening to you toss and turn every soddin’ night and you told James?”

Remus hung his head, trying to fight the grin, trying to fight the laughter bubbling up in his chest at the pout obvious on Sirius’s face. “I didn’t choose him over you, Padfoot, I just had an attack in front of him and he found out that way.”

For a moment Sirius looked appeased, and then worry darkened his eyes. “Attack? What sort of attack?”

So Remus told him about the dreams that’d been keeping him awake and about the episodes of his senses overwhelming him—and of his eyes changing color for no good reason.

“Blimey Rem, you should have told us something before now.” Sirius finally whispered when everything that needed to be said was said.

Shrugging, the blonde tore his golden gaze from Sirius and back towards the Forbidden Forest. “We should be heading back, the others must be worried about us.”

Sirius was silent for a moment before sighing and standing, transfiguring their blanket back into his broom, Remus missing its warmth instantly. “Come on, let’s go.”


James Potter was going mad.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Evans asked Peter, who was nodding and scribbling down information onto the parchment they were sharing between them. Honestly, those two had gotten on together scarily well. James had nearly expected Evans to shout or hit Peter more than once when the boy proved how oblivious and slightly stupid he could be during their all-nighter in the library, but Evans had only smiled at Peter and explained things as many times as needed until he’d understood.

“Who would have thought?” Peter asked, looking freakily interested in the subject that made James somewhat uncomfortable.

Evans grinned. “At least we know have a good idea as to why Remus is like that.” She frowned lsightly. “I just wish that he’d told me before, I’d have found the answer and he wouldn’t have had to worry so long.”

James sighed. Evans was annoying, more annoying than he’d previously thought, and the fact that she was rubbing in constantly that she was the one who’d figured out the problem only served to annoy James further.

Plus Wormy was hanging onto Evans’ every word as if she was Merlin or something! She was obviously using some kind of mind control or something with him!

James nodded to himself, sure that that was the answer.

It was the only thing that explained why Remus and now Peter acted the way they did around the annoying redhead.

“I wonder how Sirius is going to take this when he hears about it.” Peter announced, speaking mostly to himself.

Evans raised an eyebrow. “Black? I wonder how Remus is going to take it! It’s not every day that you get told by your friends that you’re in heat you know. Especially not if you’re a boy!”

James blushed for the fifteenth hundred time since Evans had come upon the answer to Remus’ situation.

This is going to be a long LONG day.


7th-Feb-2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
i luv it!!! (again)
7th-Feb-2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
yay! Glad you do!
11th-Mar-2009 01:33 am (UTC)
this story is LOVE~ ^^ i love your characterisations of remus and sirius! waiting impatiently for the next chapter!!! :P
11th-Mar-2009 03:36 am (UTC)
hopefully I'll be able to get the next chapter out soon and you won't have to wait too long!
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