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The Pyramid 4/7 
18th-Nov-2009 09:33 am
Title: The Pyramid
Sequel to: The Cave
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, AVP Cast, Brief John Winchester, Top Buchannan, and metion of Jack McAlister
Fandoms: Smallville/AVP
Ratings: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Summary: When Weyland wants to meet with Chloe, she has no interest until she realizes that they might know something about Jack, who disappeared months ago. She and Lois find more than they were looking for while in the pyramid...as always.
Note: Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the story # 89: Shrine (or temple).

Sebastian and Stafford stood over the sarcophagus, staring at the futuristic guns…a little freaked.

“Any idea what those are?” Miller asked.

“Nope.” Sebastian shook his head. “You?”

Stafford snorted. “Good thing we bright in the experts.

Chloe narrowed her eyes, beginning to see why Lois disliked him so much. The guy could be kinda annoying when he wanted to be.

Miller turned to him. “Hey. We just found the equivalent of a DVD player in Moses’ living room. Why don’t you give us a second to figure it out?”

Stafford raised an unimpressed eyebrow. “Well to me it looks like sophisticated weaponry. And I didn’t need a fancy degree to figure that out all on my very own.”

Chloe turned to Weyland, frowning when she realized he was having a hard time breathing. The older man pulled out his hand-held portable oxygen bottle and took a shot into his lungs.

Sebastian noticed this, narrowing his eyes in worry. “Is he okay?”

Stafford nodded. “Just Asthma.”

Miller sighed, eyes still on the guns. “Let me see if I can get a base reading off of the metal.” He stepped up and started a basic spectral analysis of the metal, careful not to disturb the guns. His hand-held computer started processing the information. “There are two chemicals here. Tilanium and Cadmium.”

“Never heard of them.” Sebastian admitted.

Chloe had.

Her stomach went queasy immediately. “They’re found in meteorites.”

“Meteorites?” Sebastian turned to her.

Miller nodded. “Whatever these are, they weren’t made here.”

Sebastian’s eyes widened. “When you say here, you mean…?”

“He means earth.” Chloe answered, leaning against the wall with a sigh. “Why does this always happen to me?”

Sebastian sent a curious look in Chloe’s direction.

Verheiden, and everyone else, looked nervous and uncomfortable.

Stafford, looking at Weyland, realized that the older man really wasn’t doing well, and sighed. “This is enough for today. We’ll set base camp tonight at the whaling station and we’ll get back at it first thing tomorrow.”

Jerry nodded, looking at his digital compass.

Stafford turned to his boss. “What should we do about the guns, Mr. Weyland?”

He thought about it for a second. “Take them. We can run further tests on the surface.”

Chloe snatched her hands from her face in horror at those words. “No! Don’t touch them!”

And yet it was too late.

Connors reached into the sarcophagus and grabbed the first two guns, Stafford reaching in and grabbing the final one. When the weight of Stafford’s gun was removed from its place inside the chamber, a hidden trigger underneath it was activated with a deafening click.

The sound echoed around the chamber.

Everyone shared concerned looks.

Except for Chloe.

She was incensed.

“I told you idiots not to touch them!”

For a moment there was nothing, and then it happened.

The walls of the chamber began to move, sealing up the old entrances and revealing brand new passageways into and out of the chamber.

“Watch out!” Sebastian cried. “The doors! Look out!”

Past the others Weyland stood before what used to be a solid wall, and yet now it was open to a long, dark corridor.

“Sebastian.” Miller gulped, looking around him in fear. “This happens in all pyramids, right?”

“No.” Sebastian whispered, just as confused and frightened as Miller.

A large block of stone quickly started to slide down and seal the entrance before anyone could get out.

Despite the fear she felt for herself, Chloe could only look up at the gate between them and the sacrificial chamber, wishing to hell that she’d never left Lois behind.

If something happened to her cousin she’d never forgive herself.

In the sacrificial chamber, Rousseau, Thomas, Lois and four other scientists braced themselves as the walls began to move. The entrances to the chamber began to be sealed up by huge blocks of stone that slid down form the ceiling.

Lois was the first to get out of her shocked state. “Get something under there!” She pointed to the main exit.

Rousseau, Thomas, and two scientists pushed a large metal case under the door but it was hopelessly crushed.

“You okay?” Thomas asked Rousseau.

Perplexed, the blonde doesn’t answer, looking at the walls that had just moved. “We’re trapped.”

Lois looked down at the small gate that separated the sacrificial chamber from the chamber Chloe had gone in.

She closed her eyes and growled in self-hate, slamming her fist sideways into the wall closest to her.

I should have sucked up my fear and gone with her!

If something happened to her cousin she’d never forgive herself.

At the entrance chamber, the Predators stopped for a moment, one checking his wrist computer.

The nature of the homing signal had changed since the last check. The electronic pulse had become more frantic and insistent.

The Predators exchanged concerned looks.

This clearly hadn’t been a part of the plan.

As one, the Predators took off running, sprinting desperately into the Pyramid.

In the sacrificial chamber Lois, Thomas, Rousseau and the four other scientists struggled with the stone blocking the entrance.

Their attempts were in vain, and somewhat pathetic.

“Slab’s gotta weigh two tons.” Rousseau decided as they all pulled back, tired. “We’ll never move it.”

Thomas turned with a sigh and then froze. “What’s that?”

They all turned to see what in the world he was talking about.

At the bottom of the sacrificial slabs, beneath the mummified bodies, large alien-looking Eggs had suddenly appeared out of seemingly no where while they’d had their backs turned, preoccupied with trying to free themselves.

They sat snugly in the bowl shaped indention that Lois had observed earlier. The stone slabs themselves were silently splitting apart, allowing the Eggs to rise up into the indentations from within.

“There.” Lois pointed. “And another.”

“There’s another.” Rousseau whispered, pointing as well.

Now all seven sacrificial slabs had an Egg on them.

There was silence, as the humans within the chamber were too scared to even draw breath.

And then the first Egg began to open.

“This can’t be good.” Lois whispered, pulling out her handgun and training it on the Egg.

One by one the other Eggs began to open.

Rousseau quickly followed Lois’ example, pulling out her own gun, keeping it at her side. “What did they say this room was called again?”

Thomas’s voice was soft and scared. “The Sacrificial Chamber.”

At those words the blonde brought up her handgun but it was too late. The same creature that they’d seen before but fossilized, which Chloe had dubbed a Face Hugger, had jettisoned out of the Egg and was immediately airborne. The other six Face Huggers launched themselves simultaneously.

Lois, who’d already had her gun trained, shot at the creature jumping towards her, killing it, and the force of the shot sending it flying backwards and away from her.

The others weren’t that lucky.

She turned to Roussau to see the Face Hugger flying towards her, her face frozen in terror, before it completed its flight and slammed into the blonde’s face, smothering her mouth, muffling her screams.

The same fate befell those around Lois.

Muffled screams filled the sacrificial chambers as those around her fell.

Lois went to help, but the creatures weren’t letting go, wrapping their tails around their victims’ throats, refusing to let go, peeling the skins off of their victim’s faces when she tried to force them off.

In the end Lois was forced to back off, horrified.

“CHLOE!” She screamed, rushing to the grate on the floor and falling on her knees before it, fingers entwining in the gaps. “CHLOE!

Hearing a sizzling sound, Lois turned to see the Face Hugger she’d shot. It was bleeding green blood…green blood that was slowly eating through the stone ground.


Whatever these fuckers were they had blood made from acid.

Lois turned back to the grate. “CHLOE!

As Jerry prepared to lead the team down the long dark corridor, bursts of bright light filled the room from above as it sliced through the slates of the grate like lasers.

“Jerry!” Miller turned to their guide. “What’s going on?”

Chloe grabbed Stafford’s walkie-talkie from him and spoke into it. “Lois? Lo! Come in Lois! Can you here me?”

Sebastian was using his walkie-talkie to try and get into contact with Thomas, but with the same results.

Fear began to spread around the chamber.

Chloe turned on Weyland. “Is there anything you didn’t tell me about this place?”

He shook his head, honestly as confused and scared as everyone else. “Nothing. I swear I have no idea what this is.”

“Well, whatever it is, were not prepared for it.” Jerry announced. “We’re going to round up the rest of the team and get to the surface. Let’s move.”

Chloe stared down the long dark corridor behind Weyland, trying the walkie-talkie once more. “Lois? Come on Lois. Answer goddamit!”

Stafford and Connors opened an equipment case. From within the started to take an arsenal of heavy weapons. Bass, Stone and Verheiden joined them, picking up their weapons.

“What are you doing?” Jerry asked.

As if it weren’t obvious enough.

“My job.” Stafford explained. “Yours is over.” He slammed a magazine home into his MP-5, performing a lock and load with rapid precision.

Chloe reached down into her boot and pulled out her much smaller, and yet quite powerful, and fully loaded gun.

Miller blinked. “Is everyone packing heat on this expedition but me?” He turned to Sebastian. “Are you going to pull out an Uzzi from your knickers or something?!?!”

Sebastian shook his head. “I also didn’t realize an arsenal would be needed for an archeological expedition.”

“Bugger.” Miller whispered.

“I told you, when I lead a team, I don’t leave my team.” Jerry glared at Stafford. “My job is over when everyone is back on the boat safely and that gun doesn’t change anything.”

“Mister Weyland?” Stafford asked.

Weyland looked between both men before sighing. “He knows the way out. You and your crew back him up.”

Stafford nodded, following orders.

Around the room a series of machine guns were quickly loaded, the sound of the mechanical loading and cocking of the guns echoed throughout the long corridor.

Stafford turned to Jerry. “After you.”

The guide consulted his digital wrist compass. “This bearing should take us back to the entrance. We make it to the surface and we regroup at the Whaling station.”

“What about the others?” Chloe asked, stepping forwards. “I’m not leaving without Lois.”

“We’ll find them on the way out.” Jerry promised before leading them through the long corridor.

Stafford turned to his men. “Stone…Verheiden…Cover our backs!”

Chloe walked, gun in one hand, walkie-talkie on the other. She closed her eyes for a second while taking in a deep breath and talking into the machine. “Lois…if you can hear this…we’re coming there, okay? We’re making our way towards you…just…stay safe until then.”

Lois…if you can hear this…we’re coming there, okay? We’re making our way towards you…just…stay safe until then.”

From where she was hiding, completely covered by the hundreds of skeletons, Lois listened to the voice of her cousin coming from the walkie-talkie in the middle of the room, letting out a breath of relief knowing that Chloe was fine and coming for her.

The brunette had quickly grabbed Rousseau’s gun and made a dive for the skeletons, covering herself completely and hiding when another set of Eggs had begun to appear at the bottom of the sacrificial slabs.

There was no way she was going to let those fuckers give her the tongue!

From her hiding spot, Lois had watched as the Face Huggers had all dropped off of each other victims’ faces, seeming to fall dead next to their still bodies.

She didn’t move.

Suddenly there was a groan, and Rousseau awoke, clutching herself as if in agony.

Even though every fiber in Lois’ body told her to rush out and help the woman, she could hear Chloe’s voice in her head, like an instinct, telling her to remain hidden.

Rousseau clawed at her chest, frantically, and Lois’ eyes widened in horror as she saw it beginning to bulge out. The brunette suddenly remembered what Chloe had said about the cadavers on the sacrificial slabs…

‘Something broke out of this body.’

It was only because she was too numb from terror that Lois couldn’t find a voice to scream when, with a spurt of blood, a creature burst out of Rousseau’s chest.

In the Sarcophagus chamber, now empty, an optical blur entered, and minutes later a Predator materialized, dropping its optical camouflage. The creature stared down into the sarcophagus, hands on the edges, gaze on the empty container.

It stood there in shock for a moment, unable to process what had happened.

The Plasma Guns were missing.

The humans had taken them.

This had never been recorded as happening in any of the many hunts they had had as a civilization!

The Predator intensified the amplitude of his heat vision.

Slowly, boot prints began to appear on the floor, it was the residual heat left by the human thieves. The tell-tale prints led away from the sarcophagus into a long, dark corridor.

The Predator howled in anger before beginning to follow the human footprints, determination in his every stride.

Chloe’s flashlight illuminated a gigantic statue…and then another…and another. The whole corridor was lined with them.

Each statue was a predator-like warrior carved out of stone. Chloe’s green gaze observed the statues intently, realizing that they were the same creature that’d been carved into the walls of the entrance chamber…the ones that’d been battling the serpent-shaped monsters.

These were humanoid in shape, though much large than a human being in size. Their heads were larger and they were wearing massive helmets. They were fierce, frightening, and very powerful looking hunters.

“Dear God.” Sebastian whispered.

Many of the statues also showed, what Chloe could only call the perfect Predator, engaged in combat with another species…which Chloe decided could only be alien. Everything that happened to her had something to do with aliens, and considering that the weapons they were now carrying were alien in nature…well…yes.

In her mind they were Predator and Alien.

In the statues that depicted battle, they portrayed the Predators battling the Aliens as if they were George fighting the Dragon.

Stafford stared at another elaborate drawing which showed the Predators carrying distinctive weapons----the very same ones the humans were carrying at the moment.

So not good.” Chloe sighed, shaking her head and going up towards him, looking at the drawings. “Recognize what’s on their shoulders?”

Sebastian examined the walls of the chamber, where there were ancient painted murals depicting humans kneeling in supplication before the Predators.

“We worshipped these things?” Stafford made a face of disgust.

“According to this we did.” Sebastian looked up. “And the artifacts you removed from the sarcophagus seem to be their weapons.”

Chloe sighed. “It makes sense now.”

“What does?” Sebastian asked, turning to her.

“This is their shrine, their temple.” Chloe ran a hand over her head. “We’re their sacrifices.”

Everyone went pale at the thought.

“The heat bloom that your satellite detected makes much more sense now.” Miller finally spoke up.

“What do you mean?” Weyland asked.

“A building this sophisticated would require a major energy source.” Miller explained. “That’s what the satellite detected, the power plant for this Pyramid firing up…preparing.”

“For what?” Weyland wanted to know.

For us. Chloe thought. ‘They gave their lives so the hunt could begin’.

Jerry consulted his digital compass. “Let’s get moving. Just another 200 yards to the entrance.”

They nodded, everyone continuing on.

Stone brought up the rear, MP-5 in hand. A noose suddenly dropped around his neck, pulled tight, and dragged him into the air, killing him silently.

His MP-5 fell from his lifeless hands and clattered to the ground.

Everyone turned at the sound in time for a spear to impale Bass, the force hurling him back with astonishing force, pinning him to the stone wall.

“Get down!” Stafford ordered.

Chloe quickly dropped to the ground, aiming her handgun in the dark around them, not exactly sure where the attack was coming from or what it was coming from.

“What the hell was that?!?” Connors cursed from the ground.

Eyes morphing to better view the room and have a better idea of what they were facing, Chloe gasped as she saw a throwing disc spinning through the air, heading towards an oblivious Sebastian.

“Sebastian!” She screamed. “Get down!”

The scientist couldn’t see what she could, but he dropped down immediately, the flying disc hurtling past him. It struck a Predator statue behind him, cutting through the stone as if it were paper.

The head of the statue crashed to the ground.

Neatly decapitated.

The fate that Sebastian had narrowly avoided.

Max carried an MP-5 in both hands, firing at an optical blur running across the chamber. Verheiden was also firing, filling the chamber with the deafening sound of gunfire.

Chloe’s eyes narrowed on a blurred movement in front of her across the room.

There was something there, and it knew she knew it was there.

Chloe kept her gun trained on it and yet didn’t fire, waiting, almost sensing its curiosity as it gazed at her and her golden, slightly glowing, inhuman eyes.

It didn’t know what was in front of, and that unnerved it and gave Chloe somewhat of an edge.

“The Pyramid!” Weyland cried out as the world began to shake once more. “It’s shifting again!”

“The doors are closing!” Miller called out.

“Let’s get out of here!” Sebastian hurried to his feet.

The Pyramid started to reconfigure once more. Thick stone slabs began to slide out from the wall, sub-dividing the chamber and splitting the human team into four separate groups, each trapped in their own nearly created cell.

Stafford, Weyland, Jerry and Sebastian in one, Verheiden and Miller in another, and Connors by himself in yet another.

Chloe had been separated from the rest of the group, with only Bass’ speared body for company. She closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, and brought her gun to her forehead to try and keep her wits to herself.

She also tried to ignore the tantalizing scent of blood that her mutation always found so appealing, and concentrate on her situation at the moment.

Yes, she was alone, but at least she was safe from the Predators for now.

She needed to remain calm so she could think things through rationally.

The blonde turned to Bass’ body and after kicking at the wall when she realized that his MP-5 was nowhere to be seen, she was shocked to realize that his backpack was still there.

Bass, Stone and Stafford had been the ones carrying the guns---which, now that she thought of it, explained the attack.

The Predators had wanted their weapons back, so they’d gone after the humans to retrieve them.

“I doubt I’ll be able to use it. But it might just come in handy…maybe for trading purposes? They obvious need this.” Chloe reasoned, slicing the straps of the backpack and placing the bag on the ground before transferring the gun into her backpack.

She then turned to Bass’ body once more, and stared at the spear protruding from it, pinning it to the wall.

Hello!” She could hear Connors pounding against the walls faint, screaming at the top of his voice. “Help me! Somebody! Get me out of here!”

Biting on her bottom lip, Chloe knew that she had a gun, but there were only so many bullets that it could fire before running out.

The blonde sighed and walked towards the body once more, wrapping her hands around the strong yet thin material of the spear, placing one foot against the opposite wall and giving it a tug.

It was embedded deep within the wall, refusing to come out.

Well, she refused to give up.

Chloe grit her teeth and continued to yank, reaching further forwards to try and get a better grip on it, and her hand came down on something moist and slippery.

Her whole body went tense immediately as Chloe brought her hand to her nose and breathed in the scent of blood, a part of her sickened by the fact that she could pick up the deliriously addictive scent under the strong metallic that humans could only smell.

Hand trembling from the force she was putting into controlling herself and her mutation’s reaction to the scent of blood not only permeating the air but on herself as well, Chloe closed her eyes tightly, and when they opened they were feline slits of the purest gold, more defined than they’d ever been.

With a growl she returned her hands to the spear, tightened her hold, and gave a powerful yank, pulling it out of the wall and body, Bass falling lifelessly to the ground.

Chloe collapsed to her knees, holding the spear in the hand not covered in Bass’ blood.

She felt a little prick/sting in that hand and hissed, turning her attention to the combo spear, watching as it began to glow slightly, shaking, before transforming to a smaller version of its ridiculously large self.

Now it was much lighter, and way easier to handle.

Wiping Bass’ blood on his shirt, Chloe got up and transferred the spear to the now clean hand, testing its weight and such, grinning.

This was kinda cool.

She gave the combo spear a little shake, and it transformed before her eyes again, going into a small, compact version that could easily fit on her belt hoop.


With another experimental shake, Chloe watched as metal slid and extended, forming the extended spear, which was a perfect size for her while in combat.

Another shake.

It was its compact version.

“This is just too cool!” Chloe giggled, delighted like a child at Christmas despite the situation. She pulled out the walkie-talkie and brought it to her lips. “Lois…I’m coming. And I’ve got a brand new toy!”

Unfortunately, the others trapped in their own cells weren’t having as good a time as she was.

“What are those things?” Verheiden asked from the little cell he shared with Miller. “Did you see what they did to Bass and Stone?” He snapped his fingers. “I hit that son of a bitch. Dead on. He didn’t stop…didn’t slow down. Hell, he didn’t even flinch!”

“Hey!” Miller exclaimed, jarring the man out of his terrified tirade. “Verheiden!”

“What?” Verheiden looked up at him.

“I’m no soldier, but…I think you should calm down.” Miller replied slowly but with determination. “We’re not dead yet.”

Verheiden nodded, sighing, a little calmer at that reminder. “Thanks.”

Miller smiled. “Think nothing of it.”

They stayed in silence, the claustrophobia of the cell finally eating away at Verheiden. He stood and bean pacing the room, making it seem smaller than it already was.

“We’re never going to get out of this place.” Once again Verheiden had sunk into depression and fear.

“Don’t say that.” Miller sighed from where he was sitting on the ground, back leaned against a wall.

“Whatever you believe in, you should start praying to it, doctor.” Verheiden told him as he continued to pace.

“Hey.” Miller called to him. “You have children?”

The soldier paused at the question, turning to look at the spaghetti of a man with the enviable inner calm. “A son.”

“I have two.” Miller admitted with a smile. “You know what that means? We don’t have the luxury of quitting. We’re going to make it out of here. You hear me? We’re going to survive this if I have to drag you the whole way.”

Verheiden looked at Miller in awe.

When had the nerd become the leader?

In the closed in cell, Sebastian, Jerry, Weyland and Stafford were completely cut off with no exit in sight. They were silent, worrying about their situation and about those they’d been separated from.

Suddenly the alarm on Sebastian’s’ watch went off, loud and proud in the silence of the cell. The sudden sound made everyone jump.

“What is that?” Jerry asked.

Sebastian silenced the alarm. “Just a theory.”

In the distance a sound like rolling thunder could be heard.

As it got closer, the noise refined…it was the sound of stone scraping against stone.

Sebastian stood. “The Aztec calendar was metric based on multiples of ten. I’m guessing that the pyramid reconfigures every ten minutes.”

Weyland and Stafford got to their feet as a stone slab slid into the roof, revealing a brand new exit from the cell.

The labyrinth awaited.

They eye one another, sharing the concern of the unknown that lay ahead, and then they moved one by one, as a team.

From her hiding place, Lois had seen every stage of these alien freaks.

First there were the Face Huggers, then there were the Chest Bursters, and then there were the salivating, horrendous, fully grown aliens that ran out of the room as soon as they could.

She was only lucky that they hadn’t found her yet...a couple had come dangerously close though.

The next set could find her and she didn’t want to think of what would become of her.

So even though Chloe had told her to remain there, Lois took in a deep breath and surged out of the skeletons, sending bones tumbling down all around her. She dove for the walkie-talkie and shot at a couple of Face Huggers that jettisoned out of their eggs at her, before escaping out of the birthing room.

“Chloe!” She screamed into the walkie-talkie as she ran desperately, not knowing where she was going, but knowing that she had to get away from there and find her cousin. “Chloe! Come in Chloe!”

There was static.

Lois?” A relieved voice asked on the other end. “Thank god. Lois! Are you okay? Listen to me. The humanoids are real! They attacked us! And I’m guessing the aliens are real too!”

“Oh, they’re real alright!” Lois announced, taking another corner rapidly. “I’ve seen them with my own eyes! Chloe, everyone else here is dead!”

She then came to an abrupt stop, seeing a shadow shift down the corridor. “Chloe?” She whispered in fear, hearing a growl. “Chloe, where are you?”

She aimed her gun and began firing wildly as the creature charged her.

Lois?” Chloe’s voice was worried.

Suddenly the world shook around Lois, causing her to fall on her butt. Slabs of stone came up behind and in front of her, trapping her inside but also saving her from what had been on the other side.

“I---don’t let the Face Huggers get you.” Lois spoke, voice shaky. “They use humans like breeding animals and then pop out of their chests.”

The holes in the cadavers’ chests.” Chloe whispered.

And, the adult aliens, they’re like snakes, and their blood is like acid. Don’t let them bleed on you.” Lois spoke, leaning against the wall, legs shaky. “Chloe, how are we going to find each other if the pyramid keeps shifting?”

Remember those chips we had inserted under our skin two months ago to help us bypass LexCorp security without having to remember passwords or use retinal scans or fingerprint scans?” Chloe asked.

Lois frowned, hand going to the back of her neck. “Yeah?”

Its connected to the program on our watches. Activate the homing device by pushing in the design on the top. You’ll see where I am, I’m doing the same to you. No matter how this thing shifts, we head towards that red dot.

Lois did as told, seeing the red dot appear and begin to beep. “I see you! You’re not that far from here!”

I told you I was coming.” Chloe declared, before going serious. “Lois, the humanoids are really sophisticated. They have armor and some sort of cloaking system that makes them almost invisible, except you can kinda make them out because they looks like the background, but blurred.”

“Not fair.” Lois pouted.

There was gasp. “Lois---I---I have to go.”

Lois looked at the walkie-talkie, bringing it to her forehead. “Be careful Chlo.”

19th-Nov-2009 05:09 am (UTC)
I go to school to do a crappy ass oral presentation (which I hate as I have a huge fear of public speaking) and am rewarded with 3 updates!! You have totally turned around my crap ass day so thank you. Yay for Lois being quick thinking and not becoming an alien mommy. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
19th-Nov-2009 05:10 am (UTC)
Sorry about your oral presentation, but I'm sure you did great :D
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