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The Pyramid 6/7 
18th-Nov-2009 08:31 pm
Title: The Pyramid
Sequel to: The Cave
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, AVP Cast, Brief John Winchester, Top Buchannan, and metion of Jack McAlister
Fandoms: Smallville/AVP
Ratings: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Summary: When Weyland wants to meet with Chloe, she has no interest until she realizes that they might know something about Jack, who disappeared months ago. She and Lois find more than they were looking for while in the pyramid...as always.
Note: Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the story # 89: Shrine (or temple).

“Okay, so we’re in a conundrum.” Chloe announced turning her back to the peepholes and facing her cousin, who’d gone to sit in the middle of their little cell. “One, we’re in the middle of some sort of alien hunt and we’ve taken the weapons from the hunters and made them just as hunted as we are.”

“Hey, let’s not forget that they are the reasons we’re down here.” Lois frowned, looking up at her with determination. “I had to watch those innocent people die as things burst out of their chests. ThesePredators aren’t the victims here.”

No, but they already have enough serpents---more than they can handle without the weapons they need to kill. Lois, this is a hunt, and we’re not the main targets. We just got in the way and took their guns. We have to help them kill as many of those things or they might make it to the surface and kill everything and everyone up there.” Chloe picked up her backpack and showed the weapon inside to Lois. “To make sure that doesn’t happen, we need to give the gun back to that thing out there.”

“It will kill us.” Lois stood fluidly, with more grace than she had ever managed before, eyes flashing. “It would have killed us if that wall hadn’t come up between us.”

“Not true.” Chloe responded, putting back on the backpack. “He’s been trailing me for a while, maybe before I even noticed the blur behind me, and he hasn’t attacked. He’s been watching me, curious, and he wants the gun, that’s for sure.”

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Lois sighed, leaning against the wall. “So, now that we’ve decided on mass suicide, what was the second conundrum?”

“You really have to ask?” Chloe pointed towards Lois’ ruby red eyes.

“Oh, right.” Lois brought a hand to her face, sighing with distress. “How do I look? Is red my color?”

Chloe bit back a grin. “You’re impossible.”

What?” Lois pouted. “You look freakily good with the golden cat eyes. I just think that until I can get a mirror to look into and examine every single aspect of this myself I should---are they catlike?”

“No…” Chloe went a little closer, eyes flashing purest gold as the whole room lit up like ice reflecting sunshine. “They’re just bigger, your whole eye, and the pupil isn’t black its dark red, while around it is a ruby hue.”

“Does it clash with my hair?”

Chloe chuckled, pulling back. “No. Just makes your hair look darker.”

“Oh, ok.” Lois played with her hair a little. “I can live with that.”

Chloe shook her head at her. “Aren’t you even a little worried about this? I mean, we don’t know how it happened or what exactly happened…or what the consequences of it might be.”

“I know exactly what happened.” Lois looked up. “I died, you brought me back to life, and I came back enhanced.”

“This isn’t time for jokes---.”

“I’m not joking.” Lois narrowed her eyes, hands on her hips. “Chloe, I don’t know what happened step by step, but the moment I opened my eyes I knew something was different in me, and from the first time I saw you it was like this connection was made and strengthened. It was like---it was like what they say happens with the first living thing the baby birds see. Like in that movie with that Paquin girl where the little girl was the first thing the baby geese saw and they thought she was their mother.”

“Filial Imprinting?” Chloe asked, eyes narrowed.

“Yeah, that.” Lois waved off the scientific term as unimportant. “Don’t you feel it? I mean, you and I have always been close, but don’t you feel it?”

Chloe paused, trying to get what Lois was saying. “Feel what exactly?”

“The bond.” Lois announced. “Chloe—what if this is what Lex was talking about when he said that due to your not being human, you wouldn’t be able to have a child with another human being…or at least notlike a normal human being?”
Chloe’s eyes widened, finally understanding completely what Lois was trying to tell her. “You’re saying you’re my daughter.”

“Precisely.” Lois announced brightly. “Thus the modifications to my body.” She pointed to her eyes. “You must have really wanted me to be alive,”

“Of course I did!” Chloe gasped.

“Because since your healing powers couldn’t work without my brain intact, then your other mutation finally decided to become useful and brought me back like a different being.” Lois announced, completely sure of her hypothesis. “So ‘Mama’, here I am. Your species is slowly growing.”

Chloe blinked, shocked.

Lois grinned.

In the distance a sound like rolling thunder could be heard.

“The pyramid’s shifting again.” Chloe whispered, turning towards the wall that separated them from the Predator.

Lois sighed, going to stand next to Chloe and hold her ground. “Time to meet our ‘friend’.”

The alarm on Sebastian’s watch went off and almost immediately they could hear the sound of stone sliding on stone as the pyramid began to reconfigure once again.

A new door opened.

Miller and Sebastian took in deep breathes before nodding to each other and walking into the dark tunnel, nervous, scared, knowing that either Predator or Alien could be hiding in the darkness and yet they’d never know until it was too late.

They made it out of the long corridor without any encounters and paused at a junction where three tunnels lay open and inviting all around them.

Sensing movement, Sebastian turned to the left tunnel, seeing a serpent-like figure moving in the darkness towards him, his eyes widening in horror. “Uh, Miller?”

“There!” Miller, unaware of what his companion had seen, eyes on the right tunnel, where off in the distance, the faint glow of the small strobe lights Jerry had dropped earlier, marking their path to the surface, could be seen dimly.

This was not the way they’d come in, but it was another way out.

Miller!” Sebastian, who hadn’t taken his terrified eyes off of the oncoming serpent, tugged on the man’s shirt.

What?” Miller turned, following Sebastian’s gaze, eyes widening. “Jesus, Mary and Joseph…” He grabbed Sebastian’s arm. “What are you waiting on? This way!”

The two men turned and headed down the right tunnel, towards the faint light ahead and the hope it offered them. They could hear the Great Serpent (as the hieroglyphics on the walls had called them) hurrying after them, but adrenaline and fear was on their side, giving them added speed.

A deep chasm ahead, spanning the corridor, appeared in their way to freedom. It was over fifteen feet wide, and though any sane man would have stopped running, the two shared looks and nodded, pushing themselves on faster, harder, preferring to miss the other side and fall to their deaths than any option staying behind with this creature gave them.

The men grunted as they pushed off from the edge, attempting the impossible jump side by side, their bodies flying over the grand abyss, Sebastian’s slightly taller body a little ahead of Miller’s, causing him to land first on the other side violently. The edge of the ledge he landed on began to give way from the weight of the impact.

Miller landed a second later, but because of the weakened ledge, the edge he landed on gave way. He almost made it on. Almost. Miller hit the wall on the far side of the chasm, the impact smashing his ribs yet thankfully only bruising them and not breaking him.

He grimaced in pain and managed to hold onto the ledge above him. “A little help De Rosa!”

“Hang on!” Sebastian reached down and grabbed Miller with his right hand, stopping him from falling. Grunting as he shouldered the other man’s weight with one hand, Sebastian reached for him with the other, and slowly began to pull him up.

Miller’s chest and stomach was scratched by the jagged ledge as he was pulled up to safety, and he chose not to complain as he finally landed on solid rock, even deigning to kiss the ground in thanks.

Sebastian, panting from the exertion of having to pull Miller, lay on the ground, chuckling slightly at the other man’s actions. “You’re welcome.”

“Thanks.” Miller turned to look back at the other side of the chasm, trembling slightly to see the large creature hissing at them before turning and running back into the darkness of the tunnel it’d come from. “We need to get out of here.”

“Well said.” Sebastian agreed, forcing himself to his feet and helping Miller up as well, before turning to see the strobe lights at the edge of this tunnel, leading the way to the surface. “Shall we follow the breadcrumbs, Gretel?”

Oy.” Miller made a face as they took off in the direction of the small lights. “If anyone here’s Gretel it’s you mate. I got two boys with my surname to prove my manliness.

Sebastian managed a laugh as they exited the corridor and stood by the strobes, before sharing a grin and following them as fast as their legs could take them towards the entrance chamber.

They stopped with an abrupt halt once they reached there, eyes wide in horror as they discovered Quinn’s body frozen solid at the foot of the ice tunnel.

Sebastian gulped, looking up the impossibly long tunnel. “Makes you wonder exactly what happened up there.”

“Can’t be any worse than what’s happened down here.” Miller announced, going to the automatic winch and pulley system, which had one of the large equipment cases still fastened to it.

The thin man ripped the top of the case off and flung it away, the empty case converting into a sled. “Come on. Lets get outta here.” He got in and grabbed the control box for the automated winch, waiting for Sebastian to hurry inside the box before pressing the up button.

The case gave a jerk and then they were going up at a moderate speed towards the surface.

“What if there are some of those things up there?” Sebastian asked, knees hugged to his chest as they sat in the case.

Miller snorted. “Then the joke would really be on us, wouldn’t it?”

They traveled in silent trepidation, the trip seeming to take hours, before reaching the mouth of the hole and stepping out in shaky nervous feet…to find nothing but silence and snow all around them, the storm having died down, leaving a thin fog.

The recent snow around them showed no footprints of any kind.

Sebastian hurried towards one of the Haaglunds parked quite a distance away.

Miller stayed and pressed the down button on the control box, placing the control in the case and watching it start its slow pace back down.

Sebastian, hearing the sound, turned back and frowned. “Why are you sending it back? Those things---.”

“Have you see the claws on the Serpents? They don’t need it to come to the surface.” Miller turned to him. “Neither do the Hunters, they’re too advanced for that. But if anyone else is alive down there, they’ll need it if they want to make it out alive.”

Sebastian backed down at this reasoning, nodding, shouldering the backpack with the Hunter’s weapon that he’d taken to ease Weyland’s burdens. “Come on, let’s get into one these things and get the hell out of here.”

Miller gave the mouth of the hole one last look before turning and following the archeologist.

Chloe took in a deep, calming breath as the wall between the Predator and them slid away, and another corridor opened to their right as well, but she didn’t pay it any mind, eyes narrowed and on the visor of the Predator’s face armor, which had been put back on sometime during his stay, and now wore the mark of a Hunter proudly.

The Predator held a short metal tube in one hand.

A short metal tube she recognized.

Suddenly both ends of the tube telescoped out to the ridiculously large Predator Spear, very similar to her smaller, altered one.

He probably knew how to handle his a lot better than she did hers.

Even so, Chloe pulled out her own tube and it extended as well, metal sliding against metal.

“Are we sure about this?” Lois asked one more time, refusing to take her gaze off of the large humanoid in front of them.

Chloe nodded.

Mumbling softly to herself, Lois slowly raised her hands to show she wasn’t going to do anything rash, and slowly went behind Chloe, opening her backpack and pulling out the gun. “The enemy of my enemy better be my friend.” Holding it in her hands for him to see it, Lois walked around Chloe, lowered to her knees and slid the gun across the floor to the silent Predator.

The Hunter picked up the gun as movement flashed in the darkness behind him.

Sensing the movement, the Predator (who hadn’t had enough time to mount his gun) turned to see a fully adult Alien curling out from the darkness, mouth salivating, just about to strike.

He tried bringing up his spear to defend himself although they all knew he’d be too late as the Alien opened its mouth to snap off the Predator’s head---there was a flash of silver and a screech of inhuman agony as the Alien collapsed on its back, Chloe’s spear sticking out of its mouth through the back of its skull, pinning it to the ground.

Lois blinked and grinned, turning to Chloe. “Good shot.”

The Predator looked down at the dead Alien as he finished mounting his gun on his shoulder, before turning to look at Chloe.

The blonde smirked at him. “You so owe me.”

He snorted at her.

Chloe walked passed the Predator and marched onto the Alien’s body, stepping on its head and throat, the spear between. Careful not to step on any of the acid blood, she took in a deep breath and yanked the spear clear through to freedom, watching as the corroding metal once more began to glow and return to its sharp tip, looking even sharper, and this time even barbed.

She turned to the Predator and jumped off of the body. “This is a really cool weapon. Kudos to your civilization.”

The Predator seemed to be looking at the spear in awe.

She wondered why.

The Predator then raised his gaze to her face and kept it there.

Chloe met that shielded gaze, refusing to back down, though the intensity in his stare was kinda unnerving.

“Um, guys?” Lois’ voice interrupted. “Not to break up this little moment you two got going on or anything, I mean, who am I to talk against Xenophilia or whatever…but how about we wait until after that flood of Aliens crawling towards us is destroyed before we share the love?”

Chloe and the Predator turned their gazes in the direction of the side tunnel Lois was pointing in, the blonde admittedly slightly mesmerized by the Aliens. They seemed to flow over the ceiling, the walls, the floor, like a continuous flow of water, or maybe even a brigade of ants.

Snarling, the Predator shot at an Alien, vaporizing it. He continued on, shooting, vaporizing one after the other after the other easily now that he had his true weapon in his hands, or, er, shoulder.

Chloe and Lois shared grins.

Realizing that their numbers were rapidly diminishing, the Aliens scattered, retreating for now, leaving the tunnel completely empty and freeing the way for passage if the humans and Predator so desired to go down that way.

Suddenly a loud piercing shriek echoed throughout the Pyramid, as if from below, stronger than anything Chloe had heard.

“What was that?” Lois asked softly, a little tremor in her voice.

Chloe couldn’t blame her.

The sound terrified her as well.

She turned to the Predator as it turned towards her. “Look, we need to team up.”

He snorted.

She narrowed her eyes at it. “You have no more reason to hunt, you already blooded yourself, you’re already wearing pieces of your previous kills as trophies---you have enough to prove that you’ve come up against a Serpent and won. So, congratulations, you’re a man.”

Adult.” Lois corrected.

“Thanks.” Chloe smiled at her cousin before narrowing her eyes at the Predator, defiant despite her terrifying knowledge that they wouldn’t be able to make it out there without him, not with those endless waves of aliens, and that he could easily kill her and her cousin if he wanted to. “Now, listen here. We’re all on the same team. We all want to get to the surface.”

He gave her a look as if asking her why he should help them get up to the surface when he could make it there easily himself.

“I saved your life back there, bub!” Chloe poked his armored chest with her finger, hurting her finger, and yet refusing to show this, continuing to poke him. “You owe me! And as a warrior I know you believe in things like honor, so you’re not going to turn your back on someone who saved your life, and you’re going to honor this and take me and Lois to the surface with you!”

He grabbed her finger, pressing it hard.

Her bone snapped loudly, breaking.

Chloe screamed, jerking her finger from his grip. She held her broken finger to her chest, feeling the warmth and seeing the glow as it began to heal almost immediately.

“Chloe!” Lois cried out.

“Stay back!” Chloe ordered. “He’s testing us!”

Lois stayed where she was, though her whole body shook with the desire to go see how her cousin was.

As soon as her finger was completely healed, Chloe grit her teeth and slammed her boot-covered foot into the Predator’s shin, yelping when the armor only made her hurt herself more. “Goddammit!”

The Predator let out a noise that was irritatingly similar to a chuckle.

Reaching out, it grabbed her hand and jerked her forwards from where she’d been jumping on one foot, the other throbbing in pain from where she’d kicked him, raising her easily into the air as if she weighed nothing.

Chloe’s arm felt like it was being ripped from its socket as her feet dangled off the ground, and she grunted, using her other hand to gain purchase on the chest armor, relieving some of the pressure from her arm.

The Hunter ignored the rest of her, holding her up with one hand, and examining her now perfect finger with the other. He was completely enthralled, playing with the finger, moving it back and forwards, unable to believe it was completely healed.

“If you even think of breaking another I will make this whole ordeal you had to go through pointless.” She threatened with a hiss, pressing her leg against his (unprotected by the armor) crotch.

Again the Predator let out that sound, but it sounded a lot more like laughter as it jerked her up and down by her arm like a ragdoll before finally dropping her.

Chloe dropped to her knees before standing and glaring at him.

He was clearly amused with her.

Lois sighed, shaking her head. “I see it’s normal for teenage males of any species to mess with the female it likes.”

Chloe glared at Lois.

The Predator continued looking at Chloe before looking down at its wrist computer and motioning with his head to a tunnel behind her before beginning to walk away.

Lois and Chloe exchanged looks before Chloe picked up her spear from where it’d dropped when the Predator had broken her finger, and the two hurried after him. Since the warrior had his spear and plasma gun, and Chloe had her spear, Lois was in the middle of them, the safest she could be while weaponless.

“They’re close.” Lois whispered, as if almost able to sense the Aliens.

The Predator turned and looked back at them, nodding, before returning his attention back in front of him and beginning to run, the two females following in his footsteps, trying to keep up with him.

As they followed the Predator to the surface, which should be close if Chloe’s calculations were right, the blonde suddenly slowed and halted, noticing something on the ground.

It was Miller’s camera.

Kneeling to pick it up, the blonde held it in her hands, slowly wiping the slimy substance off of it.

“Miller?” She stood, looking around her. “Miller!”

No answer.

Narrowing her eyes, piercing the darkness, Chloe noticed an entrance to the side and entered, eyes widening at the sight that welcomed her.

It was the Sacrificial Chamber, and yet it was completely different, bodies cocoons all over the room, aliens eggs everywhere. Her friends were all there, dead, what was left of their rib cages already bent outward, the Chest Bursters long gone.

Connors and Verheiden’s faces, the bodies closest to her, were all frozen in grotesque rictus.

Even though she hadn’t known them well, Chloe lowered her head and gave them the moment’s silence they deserved.

There was movement at the entrance of the room, and she turned to see that the Predator and Lois had returned for her, Lois looking pained and yet not surprised at what she saw, the Predator entering the Sacrificial Chamber as well and looking around at the countless eggs in the chamber, coming alive at the presence of fresh hosts.

That same shriek, powerful and terrifying, shook and echoed throughout every chamber and corridor in the Pyramid.

The Predator froze at the sound.

Chloe turned to him. “What is that?” And that was when she realized it---he was scared.

That was no normal alien making that sound.

If there was something in here that scared this warrior, it terrified Chloe.

“We have to get out of here.” The blonde said, passing Lois the camera to put in the pocket of her parka.

“Wait.” Lois spoke up. “We—we can’t let these things get out of here.”

The Predator pressed several buttons on his wrist computer, causing several loud beeps, and suddenly a cluster of unrecognizable symbols appeared on the wrist computer.

He showed it to Chloe.

The blonde looked up from the computer to him in confusion. “I don’t understand.”

He pointed to the wrist computer before making a tight fist with the hand that the wrist computer was on. Then he used the opposite hand to point to the wrist computer. His gaze rose to Chloe’s as he slowly unfurled his fist.

“An explosion?” Chloe tried to understand, and then her eyes widened. “It’s a bomb.”

The Predator looked at her and unfurled his hand again.

She grinned and nodded, understanding his plan completely.

The warrior looked at his wrist computer and activated the countdown, removing the wrist computer, now a bomb, from his wrist, holding it in his hand.

Lois sneered at the eggs, which were beginning to open. “I hope it kills every fucking one of them.”

The hunter threw the bomb deep into the chamber before turning and leading the females out, leaving the wrist computer behind as it began to count down.

Chloe and Lois followed rapidly behind the predator as they raced through the darkened maze, the pace brutal. The females were doing their best to keep up, especially Lois, who still didn’t have much control over herself, her body worn from its rebirth.

The Predator stopped at an intersection, seeming uncertain for a moment, before heading to the right.

Lois, in the middle, halted at the intersection. “No! It’s this way!” She hurried left, taking the lead, stepping over one of the strobe lights Jerry had left earlier, indicating the path back to the surface.

Chloe hurried behind her, and after a moment, the predator did so as well.

They ran together, following the strobe lights out of the entrance of the pyramid, Lois and Chloe exchanging grins when they broke through of the pyramid just as it began to reconfigure again.

The three companions hurried down the steps of the pyramid, Chloe looking back, heading towards where the ice tunnel would take them back to the surface.

There were no signs of the Aliens behind them.

For now they were safe.

She turned back around and barely managed to keep from running into Quinn’s frozen body, a shriek of surprise escaping her lips.

Shaking off her surprise, Chloe turned to where Lois was already at the automated winch and pulley system, where a large equipment case was still fastened, its top having been pulled off and flung away.

It hadn’t been that way when they’d come down.

Chloe looked up at the ice tunnel, chest filling with hope that someone else had survived this hellhole and was waiting for them above on the surface.

Lois entered the case and grabbed the control box for the automated winch, but it was covered in Alien slime.

Chloe frowned as she continued gaze up the tunnel. Far above something was moving…headed for the surface.

She turned to the Predator. “Get in!”

As the warrior turned, an Alien claw appeared out of nowhere and cut into his shoulder, smashing his plasma gun.

The Alien was hunched over the Predator’s back, a blur of teeth and claws.

Lois saw a piton gun in the sled.

Diving for it she aimed it at the Alien’s head as the Alien bit deep into the Predator’s shoulder, causing the warrior to roar in agony. “Hey ugly!”

The Alien looked up at her.

“Bite this!” She pulled the trigger, blowing the Alien’s head off, the force of the blow sending it flying off of the wounded Predator.

A second Alien appeared and rushed the sled, smashing the piton gun.

The Predator reached for his throwing disc and drove it down into the Alien’s crown, wounding it badly. Acid blood poured from the Alien’s wounds, splashing the warrior and burning through his armor.

His wounds were brutal, but not deadly.

Locked in deadly combat, the Alien clawed at the Predator, blow after pounding blow.

The scent of blood permeated the air.

The Alien licked the air, looking up, completely disoriented by the scent.

“Hey.” Hand bleeding from where she’d sliced it with the blade of her spear, Chloe held said spear like one would a baseball bat, and whacked the Alien in its face, the blow sending it flying off of the injured Predator and into a wall of solid ice.

Chloe bent down and tugged the warrior to his feet. “That’s two more you owe us.” Flinging his arm over her shoulder, Chloe managed to somehow help the Predator to the sled and the both tumbled back into it together as Lois pressed the Up button.

They began to rise at a slow but steady pace, Chloe leaning over the injured, bleeding Predator, rubbing her hands together, seeing them glow as they began to heat up with her healing power. She took in a deep breath and pressed her hands against his chest, his armor having corroded greatly, concentrating.

Before their eyes his tissue regenerated and stitched back together seamlessly, all blood stopping.

It was over sooner than she would have expected, and Chloe sat back on her heels, sighing, a little tired from having been running for so long, giving birth, and healing and self-healing all day long.

The Predator sat up, slowly touching his chest and neck for the wounds that weren’t there anymore, before tilting his head and looking at Chloe strangely.

He made another one of his odd noises.

“Think he wants a kiss?” Lois joked. “This could be that Nightingale Syndrome I’ve heard so much about.”

Chloe elbowed her in the ribs.

Despite being winded and a little in pain, Lois began to laugh.

2,000 feet above, the digital readout on the automated winch suddenly changed to---EMERGENCY RELEASE ACTIVATED. The digital counter read 3…2…1… And then the counterweight was released.

Even with the weight of the two females and the Predator, the sled was still much lighter than when loaded with equipment. The result was that instead of a slow, steady rise to the surface, the sled took off like an Express Elevator out of Hell, literally snatching the threesome out of the clutches of the aliens climbing the tunnel they had had yet to realize were closing in on them.

The speed with which they ascended was incredible, knocking the breath out of them, leaving them unable to even speak.

Finally the sled leapt from the tunnel, smashing into the winch rig with a massive impact, throwing the threesome clear out of it and sending them airborne.

Everyone landed hard in the snow, although Chloe’s landing was kinda softened by landing on the armorless Predator, and she was glad that the impact had knocked Lois unconscious otherwise the brunette would have made some wiseass comment that Chloe would have had to seriously hurt her for.

On the surface, the katabatic storm Quinn had told Stafford about had blown itself out to be replaced by a heavy sea mist, which reduced visibility to no more than a hundred and fifty feet.

The dark building of the whaling station loomed menacingly out of the gloom.

Pushing off of the disoriented Predator with not even a by your leave, Chloe went towards a groaning, waking Lois and helped the groggy brunette to her feet. Chloe looked up, seeing the Predator on his feet as well, motioning for them to hurry, making the bomb movements with his hand once more.

Chloe, eyes widening as she remembered the impending explosion, began running, urging Lois on, following behind the Predator.
Behind them, an Alien appeared at the mouth of the tunnel, the first to reach the surface. It howled in victory, for blood, and was about to leap forwards and give chase to the fleeing three when suddenly the snow around the Alien’s feet began to vibrate as the force of the underground explosion rippled violently throughout the earth.

The Alien turned back to look down the tunnel at the growing fireball reflecting off of its shiny opaque armor-skin. At the sound of the shrieks of its brothers still in the tunnel, the Alien only had a moment to try and turn away before the fireball hit it with full force, blowing it to pieces.

The massive fireball swept across the whaling station, setting buildings alight and throwing a rain of flaming debris into the night sky. The force of the explosion threw the three fleeing to their knees.

A giant shockwave shuddered through the snow…and then the ground began to give way.

The ice cave and the Pyramid beneath Razorback Point began to collapse, taking a huge chunk of the mountain range with it. The mountain peak directly above the pyramid was sucked down into the bowels of the Earth.

The collapse of Razorback Point began spreading outwards, like ripples in a pond. It started consuming the whaling station, building after building being sucked into the abyss.

The drilling rigs, the base camp---all were quickly swallowed from view.

As buildings collapsed all around them, the Predator forced Chloe and Lois from their knees and they began to run once more, the snow and ice at their feet starting to crack and give way. It seemed as if no matter how fast they ran, the cracks were already spreading ahead of them.

The very ground beneath their feet began to give way.

Giving each other a determined look, the three made one last desperate jump as the earth literally disappeared from beneath them.
Chloe must have blacked out for a moment, because the next thing she knew she was lying in the snow, looking up at the sky, Lois shaking her.

Groaning, Chloe sat up, rubbing at her head, noticing the Predator standing with his back to them, gaze intent on something. The blonde followed the direction of his gaze and her eyes widened when she realized that she’d been lying on the very edge of a giant crater.

At the very edge of the crater, huge chunks of ice stuck into the air like shattered teeth, and apart from a handful of burning buildings, the entire whaling station was gone.

All that remained were smashed timbers, the iced-over harbor and the Separator---the giant vat for boiling whale blubber that she and Sebastian had once discussed.

Struggling to her knees, Chloe narrowed her feline’s eyes. Even now it was hard to see the full expanse of the crater through the mist, but she knew it was vast. Far below lay the wrecked timbers of the whaling station.

The snow around them hissed where chunks of Alien carcass had landed.

Lois kicked at a severed head with hellish glee.

Chloe smiled at the sight, turning to look at the Predator, who was leaning down and picking something up.

It was an Alien finger.

Turning towards the females, the Predator waited until he had Lois’ curious attention before raising the Alien finger expectantly.

Chloe was still a little dazed, and it took her a moment to realize what it was that he was doing.

Lois, though, had figured it out before her, eyes widening. “Really?”

He nodded.

She looked at Chloe with a grin, taking everything in stride, before going towards the warrior and outstretching her arm, pulling up her sleeve.

“What?” She asked him at his look. “It might be all the rage in your home planet, but face mutilation isn’t exactly something we do down here.”

The Hunter tilted its head, considering her, before shaking his head with an exasperated sigh. Holding up the Alien finger, acid blood dripping from its point, he burnt the distinctive Predator warrior scar into Lois’ inner wrist, above her pulse.

The brunette tensed in pain, but made no sound, as the warrior began to ‘blood’ her.

When it was finished she jerked her hand back and began to blow at the burn frantically.

Chloe chuckled slightly in amusement at her cousin before turning when the warrior seemed to be waiting for her.

Her smile fell.

“Uh, thanks for the privilege, I know it means a lot, but, uh, it won’t work on me.”

“Why not?” Lois asked, waving her wrist around frantically to try and quench the burn, finally going to her knees and burying her wrist in the snow.

“I kinda became immune.” Chloe admitted.

Lois glared angrily at Chloe as if th un-fairness of that situation were somehow all her fault and not her mutation’s continual evolution.

The Predator continued to wait in front of Chloe.

She sighed, standing and brushing off her Long Johns before presenting her wrist to the warrior, grinning as he sighed and shook his head as she too decided that she preferred not to have a huge scar burnt into her forehead.

Passing her the finger to hold in her free hand (a move that surprised her), the warrior reached into his pocket for his ceremonial knife, and before Chloe could react he’d sliced the Predator warrior symbol into her skin and then dropped the dagger and grabbed the finger from her, tracing the venom over the sliced symbol.

Chloe doubled at the excruciating pain as it entered her bloodstream and began to boil visibly.

The Predator kept a strong hold on her hand.

Somehow she managed to keep silent during it all, before it was finally over and she was able to breath normally, straightening shakily and looking at the burnt, distinctive scar on her wrist, tinted slightly in gold.

She looked up at the pleased, somewhat smug hunter. “You can let go now.”

He was smirking at her from behind his visor for getting his way…she just knew it.

Scar smirked.

The UFO…unidentified female organism…was a spitfire, definitely a warrior, both her and the brunette. They were both capable and entertaining, especially the blonde, who he could break a thousands times and yet she’d just heal right back up.
It was quite a sight.

Made him want to break something else just to see the appendage glow again as it healed…but he didn’t doubt that despite her tiny size, she’d carry out her threat against certain unarmored bits he preferred to remain intact. So he kept his interest to himself.

“Aren’t you cold?” The brunette female asked the blonde. “You’re basically in Eskimo underwear.”

“Yeah, I’m a bit cold.” The blonde admitted, hugging herself slightly.

Scar was glad that his processor was finally able to compute everything they said…even if he couldn’t communicate back to them. The females seemed to understand him well enough without verbalization being needed though, so it wasn’t so bad.
He looked up at the sky, wondering when his people would arrive.

Suddenly the ground beneath them began to tremble, and Scar narrowed his eyes, looking around them, when suddenly behind them the Serpent Queen, the one thing Predators truly feared and only dared to hunt in groups of at least twenty, burst from the ground, showering them with chunks of ice and snow.

“Who Super-Sized that motha?” The brunette asked, taking a couple of hurried steps backwards.

“I think we now know where all the eggs were coming from.” The blonde, Alpha female, took in a deep breath, reaching for the combo spear she had placed in the waistband of her white pants, the small tube telescoping out immediately to its strange, barbed-pointed design.

Scar had never seen a warrior spear do that before---then again, he hadn’t seen a combo spear do half of the things this one did in the Alpha female’s hands.

The Queen gained purchase on the ice, towering over them menacingly.

None of her children had survived the explosion, and yet she lived, throwing her head back in a vicious roar, out for blood.

Scar reacted with lightning speed, cocking his wrist guard and firing two sharp blades into the Queen’s neck. A second later, not giving her any time to recuperate, he flung the last of his throwing discs at her, the disc cutting through her throat, opening a gaping wound.

Catching the disc and throwing it again, Scar felt a jolt of satisfaction as it chopped off a chunk of her crown. He reached out to catch the disc once more, but at the last second the queen’s tail whipped around, smashing into him and sending him flying into the remnant of a wooden building.

His whole body erupted into agony at the impact, and he fell to the ground. Despite this the proud warrior tried to rise, determined that if he was to die here he would do so standing, but a further blow from the Queen’s tail drove him back to the ground.

She closed in on him to finish him off, her tail hovering above his prone body, ready for the killer blow.

There was a yell as the Alpha female charged the Queen, her voice causing the creature to turn her attention from Scar in time for the Alpha blonde to drive her spear deep into the Queen’s neck---into the very wound that Scar had opened with his throwing disc.

The Queen screamed in pain as the blonde twisted the blade, opening the wound still further. The creature attempted to crush the blonde, but the Alpha sheltered beneath the Queen’s own body, using her opponent’s body against her.

The blonde pulled out the ceremonial knife Scar had forgotten after the blooding, and drove it up into the Queen’s abdomen, holding onto the handle with both hands and pulling it upwards towards her with all of her might.

An agonized screech came from the creature as blood poured down on the blonde, burning away at her clothes and yet otherwise not doing any damage. The queen somehow managed to get one of her hands under her, flinging the blonde away from her viciously.

The Queen struggled furiously with the spear still embedded in her neck, concentrating on that one despite the fact that the knife was still deep inside her abdomen. Finally she pulled the spear loose, throwing it away from her, but in her frenzy she lost balance, crashing into a still burning building.

She rose from the flames, furious and ready for vengeance, still bleeding from her abdomen, the acid having eaten away at the knife and corroded it to nothing.

Scar tried to find where the blonde had disappeared to, her spear missing as well, but he could see the brunette. She was sheltering behind the giant skeleton of a whale, holding the spear Scar hadn’t even realized he’d dropped.

Around her a striking landscape of bleached whalebones loomed from the thick mist, and Scar knew that from her position she would only be able to hear the Queen, but not see her, hearing the thumps and feeling the ground shake as the Queen moved, hunting.

The brunette’s eyes strained in the gloom as the Queen’s footsteps got closer to where she hid.

She was shaking.

Without warning the Queen lunged from the mist, looming right above the Beta female. The brunette ran, but the Queen was right behind her as they ran the length of the whale’s skeleton, the bones curving around her like a giant cage. The Queen was seconds behind her, crashing the giant bones, sending them flying like toothpicks.

The Queen was right on to of the Beta female, jaws snapping, when the smaller female took a sudden turn to the left.

The creature was just too big, and going too fast, to be as agile as her prey. She attempted to turn, her teeth missing the female by inches, but in an instant she overbalanced and crashed across the ice in a spectacular explosion of snow and whalebones.

Within an instant, however, she was back on her feet, hungry for blood.

Scar forced himself to his feet, despite the pain in his body, and looked around for some sort of a weapon.

Suddenly a spear landed between his legs in the snow.

It was the Alpha’s.

He looked up, following the trajectory, to see the blonde give him a look before bringing her fingers to her lips and letting out a piercing whistle.

The Queen stopped in her tracks, right about to bring her jaws down on the brunette, her giant legs having eaten up the distance between the brunette and herself within a matter of seconds.

Seeing the one who’d injured her, the creature roared and forgot about the prey she’d been pursuing so arduously and gave chase to the blonde, who dove under the only shelter she could find…

…The Separator.

It sat on the edge of the steep cliffs overlooking the harbor, a giant metal vat, a complex web of metal and wood supports held the Separator aloft.

The Queen impacted with the structure, almost ripping it from the ground and causing the Separator to drop three feet instantly, nearly crushing the one sheltering underneath it.

The Separator teetered on the edge of the harbor, threatening to topple any second into the pack ice far below. As if sensing this, the Alien Queen started smashing through the remaining supports using her claws and tail.

The Alpha blonde narrowly avoided the tail smashing in and out of the Separator. The Queen smashed another support beam, weakening the Separator still more.

Now hopelessly overbalanced, the Separator began to tip over, sliding further and further over the cliffs, and the further it slid, the more it exposed the prey to the huntress.

Scar pulled the spear from the ground and took off towards them, silent as the night, as the blonde was left defenseless and without shelter, the Queen rearing up, ready to strike.

Flying through the air in a giant, Predator leap, Scar drove the spear clean through the side of the Queen’s head and landed in the snow besides the blonde with ease, ready for battle.

The Queen howled in pain, and for a moment, she was too distracted to fight any further.

The blonde examined the Queen, eyes narrowing at the realization that the many restraints that had held the Alien Queen prisoner in the central core of the Pyramid until her escape were still attached to her body. The Alpha dragged on of the long chains still attached to the creature and attempted to hook it onto the Separator, which was still teetering on the edge of the cliffs.

Scar smirked as her plan became clear.

The Separator would fall at any moment, dragging the Queen with it into the harbor.

The only problem was that those giant chain links were just to heave for the female to lift on her own.

Hurrying to her side, Scar helped her lift the chain and hook it onto the Separator.

For a glorious moment he and the female worked together, in synch.

Suddenly the Queen Alien screamed once more, and Scar turned to see that she’d been about to punch through his chest with her tail when his spear had joined the blonde’s in the gash in her neck, the brunette female hurrying past the creature and coming to their aid with the chains, sending him a glare.

“Keep an eye on your back next time!”

Scar sighed.

Just how many times had these females saved his life since they’d teamed up?

It was somewhat disgraceful.

Wasn’t he supposed to be the big warrior trained for years to come against the Great Serpents and prove his worth to be accepted as an adult in his society?

The final remaining legs of the Separator finally gave way, and the Separator tumbled down the hill, the chains pulling tight and dragging the Alien Queen with it.

The Separator hit the pack ice covering the harbor, cracking the ice, but not breaking through completely. The Alien Queen was dragged to the edge of the cliffs but not into the freezing depths below, as planned.

Spiderweb cracks spread out through the pack ice, weakening, breaking up, but not fast enough.

The Alien Queen made one last lunge for the blonde, like a dog on a chain, obviously having a personal grudge against her. Her jaws came within an inch of the blonde, who was backed up against the torn remnants of a building, with nowhere to run.

The Queen strained at the end of her chain, her inner mouth shooting out, snapping right in front of the blonde’s face, threatening to tear it clean off.

“Hey! Queen Bitch!” The brunette’s voice caught the Alien’s attention, causing her to look at the brunette, who’d picked up a board from one of the destroyed buildings and was holding it high. “No tongue on the first date!” And with that she swung the board into the Queen’s face, the momentum driving the Alien backwards and off of the cliff.

“Thanks.” The Alpha smiled at her Beta.

The Beta beamed, tossing the board behind her. “Think nothing of it.”

As a unit, the three peered over the cliff in time to see the screeching Alien hit the Separator below, her large girth working against her once more as with the sudden impact the pack ice finally cracked and gave way.

The giant metal vat slipped through the ice and was sucked into the water below, dragging the Alien Queen down with it.

Scar stood there by the two females, looking down at the now empty ice, the Queen having disappeared in the darkness of the water.

He couldn’t believe it.

It took his people a large hunting group of at east twenty full-seasoned warrior to fell the beast he and two females had done…without a single fatal injury.

Suddenly above them the sky lit up, and they shielded their faces with their hands, gazing upwards as his people’s spacecraft finally undid their cloaking device.

And then, as one, those around them undid their cloaking devices as well.

They were surrounded by the Elders, who had obviously arrived armed to help take down the Queen…and were in shock and not sure what to do as they stared at the three who’d felled the beast own their own…and without even a Plasma Gun.

Scar turned to the Elders, as did the females.

The Head Elder stepped forwards, respect in his eyes as he stared at the three, and at their respective marks.

He motioned for Scar to come forwards, and he handed him a Warrior Spear, the true spear of a Predator accepted into his society.

Scar received it with pride, bringing it to his forehead before turning to look at the Alpha and Beta females.

The Head Elder motioned for the females to come a little closer.

They shared a cautious look before doing so, the blonde hugging herself and trembling slightly, as her clothes seemed to have mostly melted off of her due to the Queen’s blood covering her.

The Head Elder motioned for the brunette to come forwards and to extend her scarred wrist.

The Beta was a little hesitant and then did so defiantly, blinking when the Head Elder looked into her red eyes curiously before eyeing her mark with a nod and reaching out to another Elder, who passed him another Warrior Spear.

The Head Elder passed the Warrior Spear to the female, who accepted it with a grin and a quick bow to him, which he seemed to be surprised about, but quite pleased with nonetheless.

Scar smirked as the brunette skipped off to the side, playing with her new weapon, completely ignoring everyone else.

The Head Elder motioned the Alpha female forwards, and she followed, shivering violently, holding herself.

He motioned for her hand.

She placed her small hand in his, a little wary and yet deciding to trust when the Head Elder led her towards the opening of the spacecraft.

The brunette stopped playing with her Warrior Spear, frowning and looking up. “Cuz?”

The blonde tried answering, but her teeth were chattering too violently. She let the Head Elder lead her into the spacecraft.

The Beta frowned and made to follow.

Scar extended his hand out in front of her to stop her.

The female glared up at him but trusted him enough to stay put.

To be honest, Scar was curious as well as to why the Head Elder was taking the Alpha female into their spacecraft.

“What’s he doing in there with her?” The female asked Scar with a frown circa ten minutes later. “I don’t like this. If they don’t come out soon I’m going Rambo on everyone’s asses!”

Scar, not exactly sure what that meant, just gave her a look before returning his gaze to the door.

What exactly was happening inside?
19th-Nov-2009 06:04 am (UTC)
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A super huge yay for saving all the people that I wanted to live including Scar. Lois turning into Chloe's kid was an interesting twist and I'm looking forward to finding out what kind of new skills Lois has (and Lex, Miller and Sebastian's reaction to the new her *grins*). I can't wait to find out what Chloe is doing in the Predator spaceship.

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19th-Nov-2009 06:08 am (UTC)
Yes, Lois' eyes and new 'mommy' will be a topic for many! :D I'm so very glad that you've liked this little story of mine (even if it had no romance-----horrendously enough!) hopefully you'll enjoy the last chapter just as much---though it promises to be much shorter.
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Lovely, lovely, lovely~! I absolutely love it! So, I do have a few questions though. First, Scar isn't going to become pregnant, right? Second, on your FF.net profile it said your three favorite movies were The Cave, AVP, and Pitch Black. Can this mean that Pitch Black will be making an appearance in this verse? Also, the Lois/Chloe dynamic? Loving it~!

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Nope, in this verse Scar was never infected by the Face Hugger, so there will be no tummy bursting---*yay*!!!
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Glad you enjoyed----AND that the icon had you wondering :D
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wow great fighting scene and i loved Lois's comments about Chloe and Scar's interaction
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