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The Pyramid 7/7 
22nd-Nov-2009 06:14 pm
Title: The Pyramid
Sequel to: The Cave
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, AVP Cast, Brief John Winchester, Top Buchannan, and metion of Jack McAlister
Fandoms: Smallville/AVP
Ratings: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Summary: When Weyland wants to meet with Chloe, she has no interest until she realizes that they might know something about Jack, who disappeared months ago. She and Lois find more than they were looking for while in the pyramid...as always.
Note: Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the story # 89: Shrine (or temple).

Chloe hadn’t really known what to expect when she’d been led into the Predator spacecraft, but a set of clothes hadn’t really factored in her thoughts.

Not that she wasn’t totally grateful though, since she was almost naked except for her boots, and the clothes were light and yet extremely warm. It was a one piece black bodysuit with two pieces of material connected around her hips resembling a skirt.

A very skimpy skirt.

Interestingly enough, the suit had been huge on her before, but when she’d put it on it’d adapted to her body perfectly in a matter of minutes, warming her in seconds.

Stepping out of the changing room, shucking on some new boots (wondering where her old ones were), Chloe gave a little half bow to the Head Elder. “Thank you.”

Nodding, the Elder motioned for her to follow him, which she did with some wariness, entering what looked like a Memorial Hall of some sort. Obviously great care was taken in the maintaining of the various weapons or armor or relics in this room. There were plaques with Predator writing on them, obviously stating something about each piece.

Not knowing Predator proved an irritation for the curious blonde, as she wondered what had happened or who had used said items for them to be placed in this position of reverence.

All around them holographic images began to appear.

Chloe stopped.

The images were of her.

She turned to look at the Elder with shock as images, which had obviously been recorded on a hidden camera located in Scar’s visor, documented most of her activity after she and the Predator had first met, weapons trained at each other. She saw herself fighting, healing…
…her eyes widened as the moment her mind had blanked out---the moment she’d massacred the Alien that’d killed Lois---with her bare hands--- was there for her to see.

It was brutal and animalistic, her movements fluid and deadly, no humanity seemed left in her as she scratched and clawed and broke bones and bit the Alien---who was trying desperately to get away.

And then she’d broken its neck.

With her own hands.

Chloe felt sick at her stomach, suddenly understanding for the first time the fear Jack felt at his mutation taking over.

That creature on the screen wasn’t her…and yet it was.

Chloe continued to watch as she recreated Lois, the old body melting away with the venom that’d dripped off of Chloe, before reappearing in a blast of light similar to Chloe’s healing light.
Standing together, the two watched the rest of the footage, up to the moment of the death of the Queen, before the Elder motioned to something to something behind the holographic images.

There, on a pedestal, were Chloe’s boots.

She let out a little surprised laugh and walked towards the stand, where a blank plaque was waiting to be engraved. The blonde was shocked and honored as she suddenly understood what this room was.
It was for those few warriors who’d outshone the others during a hunt, a battle, a war…this was the Hall of Warriors.

It humbled her into near shock that her worn, battered boots stood in the same room with the weapons and the armor.

Chloe turned to the Elder. “I don’t know what to say.”

He motioned to something off to the side.

The blonde followed his gaze and noticed a large boulder in the far back of the room. It looked liked it’d once been a part of a mountain, and yet had been cut off with some fancy laser beam and brought onto the ship.

Curious, she made her way towards it and noticed something shining slightly in a crevice. It reminded her eerily of the Kryptonian crystal inside of the cave in Romania. She turned to the Elder, wondering why he was showing it to her, and her eyes narrowed when he motioned for her to continue.

Continue what exactly?

Clearing her throat, Chloe turned back to the chunk of mountain and went closer to the hole, peering inside, wondering what was causing the slight glowing from inside.

Taking in a deep breath, she looked at the Elder again, and when he motioned her to continue once more, she turned back to the chunk of mountain and squared her shoulders, sticking her hand inside and trying to feel for it.

Hand all the way inside to the shoulder, Chloe leaned her head against it and felt around with her hand, confused, since it’d seemed to be so much closer. And yet she was stretching her arm and not coming into contact with anything but humid rock.

Then, all of a sudden, she felt her mutation shifting on, and she stilled, feeling movement in the crevice. She turned her feline eyes on the Elder and shifted her hand violently when something lunged at it. She then closed her hands tightly around the thing that’d attacked her and cried out in piercing pain, pulling her hand out from the crevice, eyes widening when they fell upon what she had in her hand.

It was a caltrop.

And yet it was made of a material she’d never seen before…it was piecing right through the skin of her hand…her wounds bleeding gold…and the caltrop…the wicked, barbed caltrop was melting…entering into those wounds.

Horrified, Chloe reached to try and drag it out, not sure what it was doing, when with an explosion of bright gold light the barbed caltrop journeyed into her through the wounds that closed up immediately afterwards.
Her arm began to burn worse than when Scar had poured the Alien blood into her cuts.

Chloe grabbed her arm, biting down a scream as her veins bulged and turned bright gold. She fell to her knees and ducked her head, her whole arm trembling violently.

Images flashed through her mind in rapid concession of a tall, proud female alien warrior, battling different creatures, the weapon in her hand shifting and transforming with every single segment, and yet it seemed the same, and it seemed to be one with her.

Chloe then saw the death of this warrior, as she took her own life, unable to live with the fact that she’d been unable to save her lover. But before her death she’d cut off her own hand and hidden it in this crevice, the bone and flesh rotting away to reveal the weapon within.

Centuries had creatures tried to take out the weapon, and yet all those who tried had died, their arms melting from their bodies, the rest of their body following the procedure.

And then the image was of the gold in her body, unifying, merging, each side accepting the other and bonding.

The pain and heat were just too much, and before the darkness took over, Chloe looked up, the last thing she saw was the Elder bowing his head to her.

Lois looked up when the Head Elder returned, carrying Chloe’s unconscious body.

The brunette’s eyes widened in horror as she hurried towards them. “What happened? What did you do to her?!?” She snapped, pulling her cousin’s body out of the Elder’s arms and holding her in her own, kinda shocked that she was strong enough to do this.

Apparently she was a lot stronger than she’d been before.

She looked up at the Elder, expecting some answer, when he just nodded in respect.

As one, the Predators filed back onto the spacecraft, Scar hanging back and placing a hand on Lois’ shoulder in both a goodbye, and as a comforting gesture.

She realized he was telling her that Chloe was okay. “Thanks.”

The Predator nodded, lowering his hand to Chloe’s head, obviously curious as well about what had happened.

Shaking his head, he gave them both a bow of his head, before turning back to the ship.

As he turned, the main thrusters of the Predator Craft started to fire up, causing a snowstorm beneath the ship.

Covered in blood and bruises, Warrior Spear tucked between the waistband of her pants, holding Chloe’s unconscious body, Lois watched as the spacecraft rose into the heavens, becoming lost in the storm.

When it was over, Lois looked down at Chloe’s body, and then around them at the endless snow and destroyed whaling station.

“How are we going to get out of here?” She asked. “The Haaglunds all went down with the station…and the Piper Maru is a long walk away from here.”

Understandably, Chloe wasn’t answering.

Lois sighed, getting a better grip on her cousin and turned towards the direction she was almost sure they’d come in, beginning to trudge through the knee-deep snow.

She didn’t know how long she carried Chloe, but when the earth began to tremble, an odd rumble echo throughout the air, Lois stopped, eyes narrowed at the hill of snow she was trying to climb.

All of a sudden bright lights broke through the ever twilight sky and a Hagglund crested over the hill, stopping in front of her.

Lois paused, shocked.

The door of the Haaglund flew open, and Miller stuck his head out. “I can’t bloody believe it.”

The other door was thrown open and Sebastian stumbled out of the vehicle, hurrying towards her. “Are you two okay?” He asked, coming towards them, eyes wide. “What happened to your eyes?”

Lois blinked, surprised, remembering her red orbs. “It’s complicated.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Sebastian announced, pulling Chloe’s body from Lois’ arms. “Come, we must go inside. Its’ freezing out here.”

They hurried back into the Hagglund, Sebastian in the front with Miller, Lois and a laid out Chloe in the back.
“Where did she get the change of clothes from?” Miller asked, turning the Haaglund around and beginning to drive once more towards the Piper Maru.

“It’s complicated.” Lois replied once more.

The men exchanged a look.

The brunette sighed. “Did anyone else make it out? Or is it just you two? And why did you come back?”

“Other than us, you two are the only ones we’ve seen.” Sebastian answered with a sigh, running his hands over his hair. “We were halfway towards the Piper Maru when we saw the explosion and we decided to double back just in case someone survived.”

“Thank bloody god we did.” Miller announced as they went over a bump.

Lois nodded, remembering something and pulling out the camera Chloe had found deep in the pyramid, from out of her jacket’s pocket. “Here. Chloe found this.” She passed it to them.

Miller was shocked when he saw the camera. “My pictures of the boys!”

Lois smiled.

She then noticed something on the ground in of the backseat. It was one of the Weyland backpacks…with a Predator Plasma gun sticking out of it.

Her eyes widened.

What were Sebastian and Miller doing with one of the Predator Guns?

The last thing Weyland Industries needed was to have something of this power.

Lois sent a look in front, content that the men were busy talking about the amazing return of the camera, before moving the backpack closer to her with her feet.

She was going to have to find a way to get the Plasma Gun and Chloe off of the Piper Maru and safely back to LexCorp.

Chloe gasped, coming awake.

She was lying on the backseat of something moving, a motor whirling overhead, her body wrapped around a backpack with a Predator Plasma Gun sticking out of it.

“Where are we?” She sat up, blinking in surprise to realize that she as in the backseat of a helicopter, Lois flying solo in the front. “And why do we have a Predator Gun?”

Lois looked back at her in surprise, before grinning. “It’s complicated.”

Chloe nodded, climbing up into the front and sitting down on the navigator’s seat, strapping herself in.
“What happened to you on the ship?” Lois wanted to know.

Chloe’s gaze went down to her arm…which was now completely normal and didn’t hurt at all. “It’s…complicated.”

The girls shared a look.

“Whatever the complication was, you’ve been out like a bulb for a couple of hours now.” Lois announced. “We’re T-minus 20 minutes from landing. I already radioed Lex an hour ago and he’s waiting on us.”

Chloe winced. “He’s not going to ever let me out of his sight ever again, huh?”

“Nope.” Lois grinned.

Chloe turned to look at her cousin curiously, just having noticed something. “Your eyes are still red.”

“I know.” Lois gave Chloe a look. “Yours are back to normal.”

“We’re going to have to have Lex run some tests on you, just to know what to expect.”

Lois sighed, remembering how Chloe and Jack had had to go through the same thing when they’d gotten back from Romania. “Yippie-ki-ay.”

Chloe grinned.

But there weren’t any grins the next day as she stood deep within the Weyland Cryo-Lab, Weyland having apparently signed her entrance approval before going on the trip, knowing that she’d accept his proposition.

She could sense Lex and Lois behind her, wanting to comfort her but knowing that she needed this small amount of privacy as she stared into the cryo-chamber that held Jack Macalister.

Jack.” Taking the last steps towards the glass chamber, pressed her hands on the barrier between her and Jack, who was cryo-frozen in his sleep.

A tear made its way down her cheek.

He was still so handsome, just like she remembered him last…but things had changed since she’d seen him last. He was paler, so horribly pale, and half of his body had already mutated beyond repair to resemble that of the creatures in the cave.

“I’m so sorry.” Chloe whispered brokenly, trailing her hand over the frozen glass. “I’m so sorry.”

“Chloe.” Lex’s hand went down comfortingly on her shoulder from behind, warm and soothing and there.

Chloe turned from the sight and curled into Lex, burying her face in his shirt as his arms went around her, warm and secure.

He pressed a kiss to the crown of her head. “They’ll find a way to save him, Chloe. They will.”

“I know.” She whispered into his shirt. “They’ll fix him. But---but I have to let them---I have to say goodbye. This---this was what he would have wanted.”

Lois watched from behind them, wiping at a tear coming from her ever-ruby eyes.

Both Chloe and Lois had returned changed from their sojourn in the pyramid. One would never have normal colored eyes again, and had a mutation she would have to spend months, maybe years trying to understand and get used to, and the other had an unidentifiable organic material covering her complete skeleton, and no one knew what exactly that material would do to her.

“We should go home now.” Lex whispered into her hair.

“Ok.” She nodded, allowing him to lead her away from the room.

Lois joined them.

Chloe sent one last look behind her at the cryo-chamber and Jack.


And with that she walked away with Lex and Lois, holding their hands, strong as a family, a unit…heading towards the unknown destiny before them.

23rd-Nov-2009 12:56 am (UTC)
Oh, my. So no more Jack and no more Scar and no more Sebastian for Lois. Kinda sad. But lots of hope and the potential for new and exciting stories if you ever feel the urge.
23rd-Nov-2009 02:16 am (UTC)
Well, we all knew Scar had to go...and I'm not sure whether it really IS goodbye when it comes to Sebastian. I'm leaving this as finished for now (the series) but I have planned on adding to it *shhhh! Don't tell anyone!*
23rd-Nov-2009 02:41 am (UTC)
I am so glad that you updated this story! I love the way you finished it up. I really loved the interaction between Chloe and the Elder/Scar. The gold material on Chloe's bones that will become a weapon when needed is really awesome. I look forward to seeing what you do in the next story in the series!!
23rd-Nov-2009 02:54 am (UTC)
Yes, the gold material WILL be interesting in the future :D
23rd-Nov-2009 09:29 am (UTC)
Awesome story! I love Lois' new powers and strength. Poor Jack. I hope he manages to find a way to Chloe.

23rd-Nov-2009 02:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this segment in the 'verse! :D
23rd-Nov-2009 06:49 pm (UTC)
Aww, it's ended. But just for now, right? :D

Also, I have a willow/chloe vid up if ya want to look at it. It's going to be a busy week and I have a bad head cold, so, it might be awhile till I put another vid up.

But you can choose the next Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Pitch Black, Merlin, Firefly, House, Resident Evil, and/or Prison Break charactar that will be paired up with chloe in the next vid if ya want?
23rd-Nov-2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
omg. chlillow? MUST. SEE!

SCHLEAN! PLEASE! Sam/Chloe/Dean!
21st-Apr-2010 11:26 pm (UTC)
ooh i loved the fact that Lois got a spear and Chloe was honored as a battle hero plus the golden material stuf was epic cool
1st-Oct-2011 05:06 am (UTC)
you know I was rereading this and I thought of an interesting AU crossover to this. Have you ever seen the movie Doom? It's somewhat similar at least in the whole 24 chromosomes/superhuman sense. It would be interesting to see the two worlds meet. Just thought I would suggest it.
1st-Oct-2011 06:07 am (UTC)
Honey...if all things go to plan.....Doom is VERY MUCH a planned future for this verse and you're golden for having picked up on it!
1st-Oct-2011 06:09 am (UTC)
Well then I'll just say that you totally rock!!
16th-Jun-2012 09:14 pm (UTC)
Woohoo!!! I finally had the time to read this sequel and it was FABULOUS!!! I love AVP and I very much loved what you did with it. Chloe and Lois were so ridiculously badass and I was on the edge of my seat throughout – even though I’ve watched AVP a bunch of times, I was still anxious for what would happen next :-) I love you for having Miller and Sebastian make it as well! *squee* I love that they lived! I wonder if they (especially Sebastian) will show up again in the future? Kinda sad about Stafford dying though, I freaking loved his and Lois’ feud. *giggles* Chihuahua is an utterly hilarious nickname! *giggles*

Lois’ death and then rebirth was totally surprising and such a wicked twist! I didn’t see it coming at all, I was honestly shocked by it. I loved Chloe going into complete bloodlust over her cousin’s death, she was awesome against the Aliens! Lois’ new mutation is really interesting as well, I love that she’s like Chloe now and I’m very curious about what she can do. Love the red eyes and how well/nonchalantly she took the whole thing too. Also kinda funny with Lois now being Chloe’s “daughter”. Hehe!

Chloe and Lois’s interactions with the Scar were also really hilarious. I loved all of them! I especially adored how intrigued/curious/fascinated he was by Chloe from the start... it was actually kinda cute in a way =) Lois also saving his life at the end was pretty incredible too! I’m glad that he lived. And Lois getting her own Warrior Spear was absolutely awesome as well...

The whole part with Chloe and the Elders on the Predator Spacecraft was really cool. I love the idea of the golden material and I can’t wait to see just how awesome her new toy is :) I’m also curious about Chloe and Lois will do with the Predator gun they now have?

The end bit with cyrofrozen Jack was so heartbreaking. *sobs* Poor Jack! Poor Chloe! I do like that she could/and did say goodbye though. I also liked the part in the beginning with Top and his surprising cameo... and I’m glad that he didn’t stay and then die too :P

Ooh, I almost forgot to add how much I LOVED the twist with Chloe being friends/partners with John Winchester!!! So awesome!!!

Anyhoo, this story was so completely exciting! I loved all the intense action and surprisingly humor - the whole thing was thrilling from start to finish! Thanks so much for writing!!!

PS:: I am so incredibly excited for the maybe future DOOM crossover! *squeals* OHMYGOD!!! I LOVELOVELOVE that movie!!!
17th-Jun-2012 11:11 am (UTC)
Miller and Sebastian should have made it in the original! Especially Miller! He was somehow very badass and composed when Verhoeven was cracking up like a little baby. I quite loved Miller so I knew that when I wrote an AVP cross he was DEFINITELY going to live!!!

I wanted to do something I knew no one would considering me doing. I was going to kill off Lois. But everyone knows how much I love her teaming up with Chloe, so I had to bring her back!!!

Oh yeah, Scar was like a psycho with a crush. lol

Doooooom *grins* Kaarrrllll Urrrrbbannn *drools*
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