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Imprinted 10/14 
28th-Nov-2009 09:00 pm
chlacob----possessive much?
Title: Imprinted
Pairings: Chloe/Jacob, Lois/Paul, Lana/Embry
Fandoms: Smallville/Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville/Twilight
Summary: Chloe, Lois and Lana head to Forks to get away from exes and their life in Smallville--to be normal for once as they celebrate graduating from high school. They don't know three things though. One is that they're wearing different colored kryptonite necklaces...two is that they've been imprinted on...and THREE is that Forks is the LAST place to go to if you're looking for safety and normalcy.
Written from paranormal25 prompt # 67: charm

She could see the vampire in front and behind of her, and there was at least one other in the darkness, but Chloe couldn’t be too sure if they were the only three with her. There could be a motherfucking army hidden in the darkness around her and she wouldn’t know.

Cursing, knowing she so was out of her league, Chloe narrowed her eyes, determined not to be taken out without a fight. Granted, the fact that she could only heal left her with a huge disadvantage, and she knew that even if Lois and Lana and Bart woke up they wouldn’t be able to figure out what was happening and find her in time…

The vampire behind her charged loudly, his battle call loud enough to tell her where exactly he was and twirl out of the way, causing him to ram into the vampire who’d been in front of her, both colliding violently into the wall.

She turned, trying to leave, when another vampire appeared. It was a female, with long blood red curls and a smirk as she backhanded Chloe, throwing her backwards into a dumpster and blocking the way back to the store.

Chloe groaned as she got to her feet, wiping at the trail of blood that dribbled down the side of her mouth.

The vampires all turned to her at the scent, eyes flashing a deeper red, going into bloodlust immediately.

“Parasites.” She hissed despite the agony in her body from the jolt of having been thrown so horribly hard against the large dumpster. “One little scent of blood and you’re all pathetic mosquitoes.”

They hissed at her, obviously not appreciating the truth in those words.

One rushed towards her, grabbing her easily and throwing her to the ground before straddling her pained yet struggling body.

“LET GO OF ME!” Her heart was racing.

The vampire with the dreadlocks sneered into her face as he taunted her with his power over her, flaunting her inability to get away from him or whatever he did to her.

“STOP!” Her breathing was rapid and ragged as she fought in vain against him and his superior strength.

It was quite ridiculous that despite this whole situation, what was bothering Chloe the most was the fact that the charm Lois had bought her was beginning to burn against the hollow of her neck.

“GET OFF OF ME!” She hated him, hated them all.

The vampires around her began to laugh in amusement, the redheaded leaning against the wall, sending a look to the person hidden in the darkness, the one who’d ordered Chloe’s death for his apparent amusement.

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!” She hated herself for the tears that were beginning to prick her eyes as she realized just how useless fighting against him was.

The dark and yet pale-skinned vampire above her grabbed onto her shirt and tore the front off, exposing her bra to the jeering of those around her.


The burn in her throat was becoming unbearable.

The vampire reached for her skirt and pushed it up her hips to the loud cheering of those watching.

“NOOOO!!!!” And that was when something in Chloe just snapped.

The blonde shifted slightly and brought up her knee violently between his thighs.

The vampire above her screamed in pain.

Taking the advantage of the situation, Chloe growled as she rolled them over so that she was straddling the vampire, her hands at his neck, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to choke him, and yet screaming at him in a wordless sound as she continued to squeeze, horrified and angry and hurt and charm burning. “YOU DON’T GET TO TOUCH ME! YOU WON’T TOUCH ME! YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME! NO! NO!”

A vampire headed towards her to pull her off of his fallen comrade, when a blur of red collided into him at lightning speed, sending the vampire flying into the wall, broken brick and dirt flying everywhere.

There, standing with a dark look she just couldn’t recognize, was Bart Allen.

Out of the wall of the building Lana Lang materialized, swinging a bat Chloe had bought to help protect the store against thieves with, at the head of the vampire closest to her using her ability to make the bat a stronger, unbreakable material.

A feline-like snarl could be heard as Lois roundhouse-kicked a vampire out of the darkness and into the dumpster Chloe had been hurtled into moments before.

War erupted around her as mutants faced vampires, but Chloe didn’t really notice, her arms shaking with the force of her grip on the vampire’s throat.

Her eyes narrowed as tears fell down angrily.

Her hands trembled as her fingers dug in harder, fingernails drawing blood.

Chloe realized, somewhere deep down inside, that the vampire should be moving more, struggling, laughing at her feeble attempts, but he was board-stiff, the only thing moving his blood-red eyes---which were wide in horror.

It was as if---as if he was unable to move.

“You can’t touch me.” She hissed to him, fingers digging in deeper, feeling her eyes itching, her charm glowing, and yet she refused to let go, to look away from that face---the face that had belonged to---who would have---who----. “YOU DON’T GET TO TOUCH ME!”

The vampire’s body began to move now, but he wasn’t doing the moving. It was spasming, jerking violently, blood beginning to pour out of his every orifice, eyes, ears, mouth, nose…and yet others as well.

The vampire let out desperate, choked/garbled sounds.

Some green poison began to spew out along with the blood, draining out of the vampire, forming a lake of blood and poison around him, and around Chloe, who continue to straddle him, fingers dug deep in his throat, long after all unlife had drained out of his body and he was a cold corpse on the ground.


She couldn’t even look up at that voice, just staring unseeingly at the dead creature under her.

There were grunts and cries from those fighting around her.

She just sat there, looking at the face, shivering in the ragged remains of her shirt, staring down the vampire who---who---who hadn’t had the decency to just try and kill her.


He’d tried to---he would have killed her afterwards with that horrible shame as the last feeling she’d ever experience.

And she---she---she couldn’t have---she couldn’t…

Her whole body began to shake as she went into shock.

She didn’t even notice the person circling her before he knelt down next to her, hesitating as one would while around a wounded animal, before reaching to her and pulling some of her hair out of her face.

“Just as we were told.” The young male announced. “Neither human nor vampire nor wolf, and yet you hold the power to drain the unlife out of one of ours…What are you?”


Fighting in the woods, Jacob snarled at the twenty plus vampires that had seemed to be waiting on them to arrive. From the first moment they’d stepped into the woods something hadn’t seemed right, and as they fought the large russet wolf had tried to tell Sam that through their mind link, but Sam nor the others were listening, too involved in the vicious fight.

Tearing apart one vampire in time to counter attack another as the undead charged him, Jacob snarled, barring his teeth.

Something wasn’t right.

Vampires were smarter than this.

They knew of the wolves of this area.

They knew what would happen if they were as inconspicuous as they’d been with their last killings.

They knew the wolves, bound by honor to protect human life, would come out to the woods to exterminate them.

And vampires knew that the only thing out there that could kill a vampire was a werewolf shifter.

Also…something was bugging him, making him grow more and more anxious and desperate…more and more violent.

Something just wasn’t right.


He tore the vampire in half and froze, looking around at the sound of his name.


Was that…Chloe?

He looked around, barely noticing Paul and Embry stopping as well as Leah, all looking around them as well.


Jacob’s eyes widened.

Without even thinking of the rest of his pack, he turned around and started racing back towards the town.

He’d been right all along.

Something was wrong.


“Get away from her!” Lois grabbed the top of one of the garbage cans and flung it at the vampire currently kneeling down next to her apparently catatonic cousin. The lid bounced off of his head, causing him to hiss in pain and turn his furious red eyes on her.

But Lois didn’t have time to worry about his anger, as more vampires kept arriving. It was like there was an unending wave of them, and they were only coming after them.

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” Bart’s hiss caused Lois to look where he was in time to see the young looking vampire pick up an apparently unconscious Chloe in his arms before nodding, a group of vampires around him, escorting him as he began to walk away.

“CHLOE!” Lana screamed.

And yet the three mutants were barely able to keep themselves alive.

Lana screamed as she was dragged down by two vampires, another grabbing her arm and jerking it up, readying to bite a chunk of flesh off of it, when suddenly there was a growl and the vampire turned in time for a huge gray wolf with dark spots on his back to pounce on him, tearing his head off with one vicious bite.


Lois looked up at this, seeing a smaller, gray wolf entered the fight, recognizing Leah easily.

Twirling and slamming her elbow into the face of the vampire closest to her, Lois became distracted, worried.

Please, don’t let the idiot have come!

Paul---he wouldn’t have come.

He---he knew he couldn’t shift around her…he would be just like any other human…he would be powerless. As a human even she was stronger than Paul…and while she usually loved that vulnerability of his, and using it to goad him into fits of indignant anger…she didn’t want him to be in a situation like that now.

Distracted, Lois didn’t notice the vampire behind her until it’d grabbed her by the hair and thrown her to the ground.

“Don’t touch her!” Paul, naked and human, had grabbed Lana’s discarded bat and smashed it in the back of the vampire’s head.

Lois’ eyes widened. “Paul.”

More pissed than hurt, the vampire turned to Paul, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up, sneering.


She could see the way his skin rippled with his desire to shift, and for the first time ever Lois hated the fact that she kept him from shifting.

Despite the fact that he was terribly overpowered by the vampire, Paul struggled and fought against that hand tightening around his neck, cutting off his respiration.

Another vampire grabbed Lois as she tried to get up to help him, the vampire holding her down, laughing as she struggled to get loose so she could help. “PAUL!”

His gaze found hers.

She froze.

He knew that in his human form it was impossible for him to defeat a vampire…so he was making sure that the last thing he saw before he went was…her…


She…she didn’t want this!

She didn’t want him to get hurt!

Not because of her!

She didn’t need him to be weaker than her to trust him!

She knew Paul now!

She knew that even if he were stronger than her he’d never hurt her! He’d use that strength to protect her---he---.

She didn’t want this!

Her charm began to shake.

The brunette began to cry in frustration as the vampire kept her down, and another vampire came behind Paul, readying to bite him and tear out his throat.


She didn’t want to protect herself from him anymore…she…she wanted them to protect each other… “SHIFT!” She ordered him, voice desperate. “PAUL! SHIFT DAMMIT! SHIFT!

She screamed as the charm around her neck exploded on the last word.

And suddenly, suddenly Paul’s skin was rippling and a snarl escaped his throat as he shifted in a violent explosion, flinging both vampires back.

There, instead of the handsome Native American, stood a tall silver wolf.

Lois’ eyes widened, seeing Paul for the first time in wolf form.

He was…beautiful.

And deadly.

In seconds the large silver wolf had dispatched the two vampires that’d had him at death’s door, before attacking the one that’d kept Lois pinned to the ground.

It then nudged her softly, questioningly, large brown eyes on her.

Lois stood, amazed by those eyes, not even noticing the fighting going on around them, reaching up with her hand to touch the fur between his eyes in slight fascination.

“You’re…kinda beautiful.”

The wolf snorted, knocking against her hand in amusement.

“WILL YOU TWO STOP BONDING AND REMEMBER WE’RE FIGHTING?!” Lana screamed, breaking them apart.

Lois and Paul smirked to each other before breaking apart and returning to the fight.


Jacob tried fighting, tried getting to Chloe.

He’d followed her scent, even though it was faint and something was wrong with it. It’d led him away from where the others were heading, and he’d encountered a large group of vampires (acting like some sort of guard) surrounding a young looking male vampire…and in that vampire’s arms was a lifeless looking Chloe.

Jacob had snapped, attacking, and yet there were too many of them.

The one with Chloe watched as Jacob fought with the multiple vampires, a jaguar stopping next to him and another vampire exited, opening the door for him. He slid Chloe in, and smirked at Jacob, giving him a mock salute.

“The Volturi thank you for taking care of her for us.” He smirked, before sliding in, the purple jaguar speeding away rapidly out of sight.

Desperation filled Jacob as he wanted to go after them, but seven vampires surrounded him…all out for his blood.


He grew more desperate, finding his humanity slipping in his wolf form for the first time since the fever had descended on him and he’d turned into a shifter.


The wolf was taking over, Jacob going numb, the animal in complete control, lashing out at all threatening to keep him from his mate.



By the end, when Jacob’s mind was back in control, he was standing in the middle of multiple dead bodies…police coming out towards him with their guns aimed at him…and Chloe’s scent lost on the wind.

Throwing his head back, the wolf let out a desperate howl.
29th-Nov-2009 02:20 am (UTC)
omg the voltai have chloe omg. i also loved how paul was able to shift because lois caused her necklace to blow up. and how bart ,lana and lois worked hard to save chloe. PPMS . this has made my day better since my right leg to my knee is killing me . again PPMS
29th-Nov-2009 02:43 am (UTC)
Yep, I didn't bring in the Cullens...but I decided to bring in the Volturi instead :D
29th-Nov-2009 03:22 am (UTC)
You are made of total win with this chapter. OMG I knew there was something more to them. Oh please say there is more like real soon.
29th-Nov-2009 04:57 am (UTC)
Thank you. Thank you very much :D
29th-Nov-2009 05:45 am (UTC)
Jacob had better be okay! And I am guessing it was Aro who took Chloe. Because of Chloe's mutation I am hoping she can't be turned. At the most adopting a few of their abilities but not turning. Are you going to bring the Justice League into the rescue so the Volturi can see just who they are messing with? At least having Clark break bad on them would be amusing. I loved this chapter! The drama and the build up just flow so gracefully to the end. Leaving us all sitting here waiting impatiently for more!!
29th-Nov-2009 05:48 am (UTC)
Well....I can only answer one of those questions....
It wasn't Aro.
29th-Nov-2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
Freaking Volturi. They ruin everything.
29th-Nov-2009 05:23 pm (UTC)
Don't they just?
29th-Nov-2009 06:39 pm (UTC) - theshortemberlight
I don't know why, but I've always liked the Volturi. I mean there not exactly 'evil'.

"The Volturi aren't supposed to be the villains, the way they seem to you. They are the foundation of our peace and civilization."
―Edward Cullen to Bella Cullen and Jacob Black

Now the vampires at the begining were James, Victoria, and Laurent, right? And theonly young members I can think of in the Volturi are Jane and Alec. So, the young vamp that took Chloe is Alec, yea?
29th-Nov-2009 06:50 pm (UTC) - Re: theshortemberlight
I've always enjoyed the Volturi as well...which was why I decided instead of bringing in the Cullens, I'd bring them in instead.

You.....you are AMAZING Jedi master!
30th-Nov-2009 01:58 am (UTC) - Re: theshortemberlight
why thank you~! Also, check my youtube page. I'll be putting up some new vids soon.
30th-Nov-2009 12:32 am (UTC)
Yet another fabulous chapter, I loved that Lois freaked out and admitted things to herself and broke her necklace, Paul had a lucky escape there. Poor Jacob he knew something was wrong and now not getting to Chloe in time he is sure to blame himself. I have not read the books yet so I only know of the Volturi from the movie.

I really hope you post again soon, I am dying to read more and find out how Jacob is going to get his mate back.
30th-Nov-2009 01:07 pm (UTC)
I would have posted yesterday, but my internet was out, so I'm posting a new chapter now! Hope you enjoy it.

Well, to be truthful, I've only read up to Eclipse, and I got a better idea of the Volturi from the movie so far than from the books.
6th-Mar-2010 04:58 am (UTC)
Oh this won't end well, especially when the heroes are made aware.
6th-Mar-2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
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