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Imprinted 11/14 
30th-Nov-2009 08:18 am
chlacob----possessive much?
Title: Imprinted
Pairings: Chloe/Jacob, Lois/Paul, Lana/Embry
Fandoms: Smallville/Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville/Twilight
Summary: Chloe, Lois and Lana head to Forks to get away from exes and their life in Smallville--to be normal for once as they celebrate graduating from high school. They don't know three things though. One is that they're wearing different colored kryptonite necklaces...two is that they've been imprinted on...and THREE is that Forks is the LAST place to go to if you're looking for safety and normalcy.
Written from paranormal25 prompt # 67: charm

The remaining vampires all just left.

It was as if they’d been waiting for something and now that they had it they were gone.

The redheaded female and the blonde male who’d been mostly watching, just grinned as left before the others, and Lois hated them.

She really didn’t know what had happened next, the wolves had gotten up and rushed away. There’d been howling, there’d been gunshots, and then she’d heard four sets of howls as the wolves rushed away into the woods…all of Forks’ police force (a total of three men…two who were over sixty and had a horrible beer gut) trying to race after them yet unable to.

“They must be going after the vampires who took Chloe.” Lana whispered, looking after them.

“What are we going to do with the bodies?” Bart asked, body shaking.

Lois turned to look at him. She could understand how he was so shaken up. He’d just gone through such a horrible ordeal, and now he’d killed for the first time.

The League were known for their NO KILLING policy…

She sighed.

Lana blinked. “Oh my god.”

Lois turned to see what Lana was looking at…in time to see the bodies of the vampires slain melt into nothing. It was like they’d had something installed in their bodies that after their deaths they would melt and leave no traces of themselves behind.

“That’s----.” Lana began.

Disturbing.” Bart finished.

Lois motioned for them to follow her back into the store and up into the apartment. She went to the window, looking down, relieved to see the three police going back to their office, empty-handed. The men looked extremely frustrated…which meant that they hadn’t gotten any of the wolves.

And then they saw the melted liquid on the ground where the bodies used to be…and their horror and confusion was obvious on their faces as they rubbed their heads and pointed.


They had that part under control…nothing to worry about.

Bart hurried to the landline and grabbed it, punching in some numbers and putting the phone to his ear, waiting. “Boss. It’s me, Bart. We need backup. ‘Licious was nabbed by some bloodsuckers and we don’t know where they’ve taken her.”

Lois and Lana both turned to Bart, kinda embarrassed that the thought of calling in the League for help hadn’t crossed their minds.

The door downstairs banged shut.

Lois hurried to the door to the stairs and opened it, watching as Jacob, Leah, Embry and Paul, now human and pulling on clothes, hurried up towards them.

Jacob pushed passed her. “They have Chloe. I couldn’t get to her on time---there were just too many of them.”

“Wait Boss, Jacob looks like he saw her last. I’m passing the phone to him now.” Bart did as said, passing the phone to Jacob and turning to smile sheepishly at Leah, as the female wolf hurried towards him, worried. “I’m fine Leah. It’ not the first fight I’ve been in.”

“They were bloodsuckers, Bart, not mutants. It’s different! We didn’t even know if you were capable of killing one!” Leah snapped at him, slapping his head. “Stop being so self-confident! You could have been hurt!”

Bart shrugged, not very worried about her wrath.

Lana and Embry held each other, making sure, desperately, that the other was safe and sound and in the other’s arms.

Lois looked up at Paul, unable to see him quite in the same way since she’d finally seen his wolf.

Paul raised an eyebrow at her. “What the hell was this about you working for Chief Swan?”

Lois snorted, shaking her head at him.

“Yeah, that’s what I said…he said Volturi…no I don’t know how it’s spelt! Spell it how it sounds!” Jacob snapped at the person on the other end of the phone. “Get Lex on it! He’ll find her!”

Lana and Lois exchanged surprised looks at Jacob’s confidence in Lex’s abilities.

Then again, Jacob knew that Lex loved Chloe too and would do all in his power to find her and keep her safe.

“Hey Lex…yeah…” Jacob went to look out of the window with a sigh. “I---I couldn’t get to her on time---there were just too many…yeah…yeah…I know—but my best just wasn’t enough!” He slammed his fist into the wall, leaving a dent in it. “What sort of wolf am I if I can’t even protect my mate?!?”

Paul and Embry shared knowing looks, obviously understanding this feeling.

Leah sighed and folded her arms over her chest.

“What chips?” Jacob frowned.

Lana and Lois’ eyes widened as they palmed the back of their necks in remembrance.

“You put chips in them?” Jacob turned to look at the two girls in question in shock. “And by activating it you can triangulate Chloe’s location?”

“What’s he talking about?” Paul asked Lois, narrowing his eyes at her.

“I’d forgotten all about it.” Lois admitted, rubbing the back of her neck. “We all have chips inserted underneath our skin that are all connected to Lex’s computer in case something like this happened…he’d be able to track us down easily.”

“Which is why I called them in the first place.” Bart announced, more in charge and looking like his old self than he’d been in a while. “With that chip activated we can easily find ‘Licious and bring her back to Wolf Boy.”

For the first time Leah didn’t growl at the pet name Bart had for Chloe, nodding in agreement. “Those bloodsuckers went after the wrong girl.”

There was a gust of wind, and suddenly in front of them stood Clark Kent and Oliver Queen in civvies.

“Tell us everything that happened.” Oliver announced, getting down to business immediately.

The wolves and mutants nodded before beginning.


Chloe didn’t know what had happened.

One minute she’d been sitting on the body of the dead vampire, and then the next it was as if every single sense of hers had been shut off. She couldn't see, hear, feel anything. She was a limp, lifeless doll trapped in a sea of black.

And then…and then she was alive again, lying upon a bed of Egyptian cotton.

Sitting up in the large, glorious bed, Chloe looked around her, trying to figure out what in the world had happened and where she was.

“You finally woke up.”

She turned towards the sound, seeing a younger girl, blonde…no…those eyes…she was a vampire.

“You know, you’ve had Aro and the others intrigued since we heard word of your existence. You and that of your kind.” The young blonde vampire pushed away from the wall she’d been leaning on, eyebrow raised, expression apathetic. “Everyone wonders what exactly you are, and if you’re dangerous.”

Chloe snorted. “You’re the vampires. I doubt you should be worried about me being the dangerous one here.”

“I believe so too.” The blonde nodded in agreement, ruby eyes on Chloe. “Then again, Alec was much impressed with you, which was why you were the chosen one.”

“Chosen one?” Chloe stood up from the bed slowly, warily.

“Feline agility, speed greater than that of a vampire, and the ability to change molecules in ones body and in something she touches---and yet you were the one chosen.” She tilted her head, looking Chloe up and down. “You are…impressive.”

Chloe snorted. “I’m nothing special.” She kept her eyes narrowed. “Personally…I think you’ve got the wrong girl.”

The vampire shook her head. “I would have thought so too by just looking at you, but the test was filmed for our viewing pleasure upon Alec’s arrival.” She was silent for a moment. “I have never seen someone drain our life force out of us before like you did to the outside help we hired for this test.”

Confused, the metahuman wasn’t exactly sure what the vampire was talking about, before her eyes widened and her memory returned to her. Her hand went to her charm, now cool to the touch and not burning hot as it had been when she’d done that inexplicable thing.

Drain the life-force out of a vampire?


She was a healer…she didn’t drain…

…did she?

“I am Jane.” The vampire announced, leaning against one of the bed’s posts, eyeing Chloe. “My twin, Alec, was the one who brought you to us.”

Chloe really couldn’t remember being brought here. “I’m…Chloe.”

“I know.” Jane nodded. “And you’re awake. You will come with me. The Leaders are waiting for you.”

She wanted to question.

God she wanted to question, but Chloe’s instincts just told her to do as told, so she nodded, walking barefoot against the carpeted floor, following the female vampire out of the room into the long hall.

All around her were glories and grandeur, and Chloe couldn’t help but think she wasn’t in America anymore.

Chloe was silent, observant, and when Jane led her into a large throne room, she grew wary. Three vampires sat on the thrones, one an extremely apathetic looking brunet, another a blonde and with cruel features, and in the middle stood another more kingly male with shoulder-length jet black hair.

“Ah, she has awaken.” The one in the middle stood with a pleasant smile, stepping off of the elevated platform on which the thrones rested and coming towards her. “And doesn’t she look lovely?”

Chloe frowned, looking down at her clothes, realizing that she was wearing a black dress. While she was glad that she wasn’t in the torn clothes she’d been wearing before, the fact that some bloodsucker had changed her while she was unconscious was very unnerving.

“You must have so many questions.” He announced, clasping his hands in front of him as he looked at her. “I am Aro, and these are my brethren, Caius and Marcus. And we are the leaders of the Volturi.”

“I would say ‘nice to meet you’, but since I don’t know why I’m meeting you, I’ll refrain from saying it.” Chloe responded softly, not trusting any of the vampires around her. “Why am I here? Why haven’t you killed me? Why were my friends and I tested?”

Aro looked at her oddly. “When word of a strange new race popping up in the Americas reached our ears, we were wary. Only recently have we been able to extinguish the werewolf race in Europe, and yet here was another race who has come up against us and killed our kind. We were…curious as to what you were.”

“You could have just asked…Sir.” Chloe’s eyes went to the guard circling the room, to the two vampires still on their thrones, and then to Aro once more. “I can heal people if I want to.” She raised her chin high. “Now can I go?”

Aro seemed more amused than insulted with her insolent behavior. “Is that what you did? Did you heal that vampire who would have defiled you?”

Chloe flinched.

She didn’t know what she’d done to that vampire or how.

“I’m a metahuman.” She replied warily. “I heal. So whatever I did to that vampire, it had to be some sort of healing. I heal. That's all.”

“A metahuman? As in…an enhanced human being? How…fascinating.” Aro smiled pleasantly. “There are those amongst us as well who have special abilities. I myself am able to boast of one.” He reached his hand to her as a gentleman to a lady he was asking to a dance. “Shall I show you what it is?”

Chloe gulped, knowing that she couldn’t fight against him alone, much less the multiple vampires here, and that he was going to do whatever he had planned whether she wanted to let him or not.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe placed her hand in his cold one.

A gasp escaped her lips as a jolt arched her body, and her mind was invaded, images flickered through, going back to the fight, as Chloe fought against the vampires pathetically, being thrown back and forth, into the wall, into the dumpster, onto the ground.

And then that vampire was…and she was…and…and she killed him…over and over again. It was as if just as it was played out someone had pressed the rewind and she was where she’d begun, screaming like an animal as she straddled the vampire and forced all the blood and the green poison that had created the vampire in the first place, out of his every orifice, somehow paralyzing the vampire while doing it.

Another gasp was snatched from Chloe as Aro let go of her hand and she was brought back to the present, breathing in and out, heart racing in terror and adrenaline.

“The power…” Aro hissed in pleasure, as if he could taste it. “Magnificent.” He turned to a female. “Chelsea.”

The vampire nodded and turned towards the metahuman.

Chloe looked up at the vampire, eyes narrowed, wary of her. “Stay right there you onion-skinned bitch!”

Chelsea stopped, eyes narrowed and angry at the insult.

Jane’s face was passive, and yet her eyes seemed amused.

Chloe turned to Aro, eyes narrowed. “If you kill me my friends will destroy you.”

Aro smiled ever so pleasantly at her. “My dear child, who ever spoke of killing you?”

She froze, confused. “Then if…if you’re not going to kill me…then why am I here?”

“Think of it…as further enhancement.” The leader of the Volturi purred.

Chloe’s eyes widened in horror as she understood what the vampire was saying. “No. NO!” She shook her head, taking two steps backwards. “I won’t allow you to! I’ll force the venom out! I won’t let you—I won’t--!”

Jacob wouldn’t want her anymore if she was a bloodsucker.


“Yes Aro.” Chelsea nodded.

Chloe gasped, bringing her hand to her heart, feeling the conflicting emotions inside of her go wild. “What?”

“You will enjoy life as a part of the guard.” Aro announced, reaching for her hand and leading her to a separate room, Chelsea following close, concentrating on Chloe.

The metahuman was confused.

She…why was she fighting this again?

There---there’d been a reason why she hadn’t wanted to be a part of this…right?

Aro motioned for her to lay down on the bed, still holding her arm.

Chloe looked up at Aro.

He---he was such a good leader.

It was obvious that just the fact that he wanted her as a part of his guard was the greatest honor she’d have ever received in her life.

Chloe smiled up at Aro.

Chelsea smirked. “It is done.”

Aro nodded, motioning the girl out of the room, before turning to Chloe. “Sweet dreams…”

And with that he bit down on her wrist, and all was agony.


“She’s in Italy?” Jacob exclaimed, unable to believe it, as they all stood around the computers in the Clock Tower. Clark and Bart had both taken everyone from Forks to Metropolis where Lex was trying to work from the League’s Headquarters. “How did they get her to Italy this quickly?”

“My best guess is Private Jet.” Oliver frowned, turning to Lex. “Can you triangulate her location in Italy?”

“I’m trying to, and I nearly had it, but something happened and the chip went haywire.” Lex answered, still typing furiously into the keyboard. “Something’s messing up with the signal being transmitted through the chip.”

“Is there anyway you can reconfigure it and get the triangulation?” Lois wanted to know. “If you can even get us the name of the city Jacob can track her down.”

Jacob nodded his agreement.

“I’m working on it, but this signal is so messed up, it might take a few days.”

“Days?” Lana snapped. “She could be dead by then!”

“Look, if they went to all of that trouble to take her, I doubt it was to just eat her, okay?” Lex snapped back. “They have a reason for wanting Chloe alive, and that’s all we have to go by so just shut up and let me do my job!”

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Embry snapped.

Lana put her hand on his arm. “Don’t. He’s right.”

“Can’t you trace her heartbeat like you usually do?” Bart turned to Clark.

The alien shook his head. “No. I’ve been trying to, but its messed up somehow and I can’t get a reading on it. I mean, it’s still there, but other than that my hearing will be no good on this mission.”

“Dammit.” Paul growled.

“What have you found out about the Volturi?” Jacob asked Lex.

“Nothing so far, but I’m running extensive searches on all forms of variations of the spelling of that word to see if we get any hits. Maybe that will give us some idea of what in the world Chloe’s gotten herself into this time.”

Jacob closed his eyes, face agonized. “What can I do to help?”

Lex looked up at him and sighed, patting his arm. “Be strong, Jacob. She’s going to need us all strong.”

Jacob nodded, but Lois saw the deep agony in his face, and while she was worried about her Baby Cuz, she began to worry about Pole Boy as well.

“It’s the Imprint.” Paul whispered to her, as if having read her mind. “If she gets hurt---.”

Lois nodded, understanding. “We’ll get her back.” She looked out of the window. “We have to.”
30th-Nov-2009 02:53 pm (UTC)
Woohoo you updated again I got very excited when I saw you had lol! Oh no so the Volturi want to turn her into a vampire surely that won't work if she is a healer her heart is full of kryptonite it won't take? Well at least I am hoping it won't. I loved how her first thought was that Jacob won't want her anymore she obviously cares more for him than she is letting on.

I don't know how you manage to update as fast as you do it's fabulous and don't want to sound cheeky but I hope you do again really soon x
30th-Nov-2009 02:58 pm (UTC)
hahaha---I approve of cheekiness! I'm probably the cheekiest person everyone who knows me--knows!

And I'm actually working on the next chapter and will probably finish it soon, an hour or two?
30th-Nov-2009 03:37 pm (UTC)
Woohoo *does happy dance*
30th-Nov-2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
It will actually be less than that----*smiles stupidly at your icon*
30th-Nov-2009 03:07 pm (UTC)
Wondering if Chloe can even turn into a vampire because of her meta abilities. I'll be interested to see what you do with all the possible twists!
30th-Nov-2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
I'll try updating soon...and hopefully I don't let you down :D I actually am enjoying writing this new chapter...though all the action should be happening in the one after this one I'm writing...oh well..
30th-Nov-2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!! I mean really! You update sooo fast! I mean I usually don't read stories that aren't completed because I don't like to wait for updates. But with you, it's different because you UPDATE SO FAST! IT helps that your stories all rock too, so I would probably still read them even if you only updated like once a month or something, but still! :) :)
ANWAYS.... I can't believe that they are trying to change her! Assholes! Urgh. I hope that something interesting, like her abilities kick in and she can't be changed and the Volturi go all "WTF O_o" cos that would be HILARIOUS. :P
30th-Nov-2009 04:00 pm (UTC)
hahaha! Thanks so much for your review!It made me giggle.
And I'm happy to say that I just updated the next chapter so...yay! lol
30th-Nov-2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
yay another update . omg they turned her into a vampire or they tried to . omg i hope jacob and the wolfs anf the jl get her back safely .PPMS
1st-Dec-2009 12:41 pm (UTC)
You'll just have to wait till the next chapter for those answers :P
2nd-Dec-2009 01:59 am (UTC)
btw, liked the cameo appearance of Victoria and James in the last chapter.

Here is my impression of Lois and Lana in this chapter: "Baaa...welll...we feel sheepish".

Jacob is impressing me by being so cooperative with Lex. That right, Jakey, be the bigger man!

Bart, mi muchacho favorito, wake up and smell the Indian!--no not the East Indian masala wafting from that restaurant on 37th and Pine Lake Blvd--the Native American hottie who is sending out signals like the police commissioner to the Batman. Leah wants you naked and panting beneath her!

2nd-Dec-2009 02:19 pm (UTC)
You noticed! *iz glad*
Jacob is maturing, which is something I wanted to show that. He's not "MINE ! MINE!" he knows that Chloe has others who love her, and doesn't feel immaturely angered at the thought of them 'barging in his territory', knowing its best in Chloe's interest if all those who love her help with the rescue mission. He loves Chloe more than hes jealous/possessive of her.

LMAO @ your comment to Bart!
2nd-Dec-2009 02:04 am (UTC)
Is it just me, or does Aro need to be put down like a psychotic puppy?
2nd-Dec-2009 02:19 pm (UTC)
No. It's NOT just you!
6th-Mar-2010 05:04 am (UTC)
Oh crap, I can imagine this is about to get a whole lot worst.
6th-Mar-2010 03:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, you know me.
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