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Seeds Sown 5/6 
4th-Dec-2009 08:56 am

Title: Seeds Sown
Sequel to: Diary of Jane
Characters/Pairings: Chloe/Alec, Jane, Aro, Cullens, Jacob Black
Rating: T
Fandoms: Smallville/Twilight
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Summary:After a vision of future destruction, Chloe goes to Forks to ruin any chances of it coming true...and maybe plant the seeds for a future alliance with the vegetarians and skinwalkers... If a jealous Alec will LET her, that is...
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the Day # 42: Skinwalker
A/N: I’m basing Vampire!Chloe’s personality off of Madelyn!Chloe, from the Smallville Episode “Spell”.
Warning: This story is not Bella-friendly.

Considering that Alec didn’t know the particulars of her mission, Chloe didn’t have to caution him about his thoughts around Edward Cullen. That in itself was a relief, as Chloe also let her mind have a little freedom now that she’d told Alice some of the details of her reason for coming, and Edward could easily glean them from her head.

“Alec, Chloe.” Carlisle had returned from the emergency in the hospital that’d kept him from welcoming Chloe earlier, smiling politely at them. “It is a pleasure to finally have the honor of meeting you both.”

Alex inclined his head in acknowledgement of the cordial welcome. “We thank you for welcoming us into your home, Carlisle. Aro’s assurance of your generosity wasn’t without reason.”

Carlisle nodded before turning to Chloe.

Chloe inclined her head as well, standing at Alec’s side. “It is an honor to finally meet the one whom Aro speaks so fondly of. I’m sorry for imposing on you and your family, and on such short notice.”

His smile was a little more genuine. “My wife and daughters seem to have had more fun today than they have since coming to Forks. I thank you for this, and extend an open welcome for both you and Alec to stay with us for as long as you both wish.”

“Thank you.” Chloe kept herself poised, pristine, remembering the many lessons in etiquette and manners Sulpicia and Jane had given her after her siring.

Carlisle was a dear old friend of Aro’s, and she had to behave differently while around him, for her behavior reflected on the Volturi and upon Aro…and she would not bring shame upon either…but especially not upon Aro.

“That is very gracious of you, Carlisle.” Alec was once more his emotionless, proper self, the persona he showed everyone but Chloe. “But we will not be here long. I would have preferred for us to have left for Volterra already…it’s not safe for Chloe to be so far from our coven…but she seems to have her heart set on accompanying you and your family on your hunt tomorrow, and I was unable to deny her.”

Jasper looked at Aro in surprise.

Edward blinked, head tilted, looking amused and yet shocked at whatever it was he was hearing in Alec’s head.

Chloe wondered what it was that amused him.

He’s probably complaining about me being a big brat and him always having to cater to my every little wish.

Edward snorted out an amused chuckle, obviously having ‘heard’ that, before looking at her and giving a discreet nod.

Chloe only barely managed to keep from stomping on Alec’s foot…again.

It was only because Alec was in deep conversation with Carlisle Cullen that she remained still, hands clasped in front of her, eyes slightly glazed and yet trying to appear attentive to what they were saying.

They soon took the conversation inside, and Alice must have been working hard on thinking of other things, because Edward hadn’t reacted oddly the whole time, so he obviously didn’t know what his sister did.

Alec and Chloe shared a love seat, the blonde glad to let Alec dominate the conversation. She’d talked more to those three females while shopping in one day than she talked with Sulpicia in weeks, and she was a little tired. It unnerved her how different these vampires were to the countless others she’d met. They seemed to have retained so much more of their humanity than the others, and she couldn’t help but wonder if it was because of their diet.

“There’s nothing that we hunt, that could hurt her, even if she’s never hunted before.” Emmett reassured Alec.

Chloe wanted to glare at Alec, realizing that he was overprotecting again, but she kept her proper, blank expression and decided to take off her shoe and hit him with it when they were alone later.

Her gaze went down to the pretty, and dangerous shoes.

She was growing quite fond of them.

Alec spoke in polite yet detached, and many times apathetic tones, eyes sharp and attentive not only on the conversation and those speaking…but on all around them.

He was constantly on guard.

The Volturi Guard leaned back in the loveseat, arm resting over the back of it, his hand going nearly subconsciously to her neck. His eyes never left Carlisle, as his thumb caressed Chloe’s neck softly.

She shivered slightly, eyes glazing over for an all-together different reason, before she forced herself to focus, to concentrate.

If she’d had a heartbeat, it would be beating furiously now at his touch.

“The matter has yet to be resolved.” Alec responded, rubbing his thumb against the skin of her neck where her pulse would have been if she’d had one. “When I had left Volterra for Washington, they’d broken Council, yet didn’t have an answer to the dilemma.”

Obviously Aro and Caius were disagreeing on what should be done about the empty throne.

This is why they preferred having three rulers, this way there would always be a tie-breaker, a majority-wins kinda situation.

With only two rulers, Caius and Aro were starting to constantly be at each other’s throats without a mediator (no matter how apathetically Marcus had once performed his role) to intercede between them.

Chloe’s phone rang, and when she saw the number she was surprised, and wary.

Athenodora rarely talked to Chloe in person, so if she was calling her, it couldn’t be good news.

Excusing herself, Chloe stood and walked out of the room, out of the house, seeking the privacy she knew she’d need for this conversation.

Alec appeared before her a second later, eyes narrowed in worry.

“Hello, Athenodora.” Chloe spoke respectfully to Caius’ mate.

“Get back to Volterra at once.” Athenodora’s voice was low and displeased.

Alec’s eyes flashed crimson at the completely demeaning tone of voice.

Chloe raised a hand to silence him. “I was given permission by Aro to remain where I am, Athenodora, and I will until I finish the mission I am on.”

“Aro isn’t the only leader of the Volturi, it would be good for him to remember that!” Athenodora hissed, very displeased with Chloe’s disobedience. “Now listen to me you fledgling, in the name of Caius I command you come to Volterra at once, and you better show proper repentance for addressing me so disrespectfully!”

“Athenodora, I meant no disrespect.” Chloe knew that Caius’ wife was as difficult as him, and she knew that due to her high position she’d have to be as respectful to her as she would to him, but with Athenodora it was just so hard. “I will try my best to be on the jet tomorrow evening.”

“I said you were to come now!” Athenodora’s voice was like a furious creature’s. “If you continue with this insubordination I will have you whipped! Not even Aro will be able to save you!”

Alec, able to hear this conversation due to his enhanced vampiric hearing, growled and made a leap for the phone, but Chloe danced easily out of his reach.

“I will be on the jet tomorrow evening.” Chloe’s words were final.

“Aro needs you here as well! They need your Sight!” Athenodora was shrieking. “They need you to See how to deal with the empty throne. So get here immediately and when you’re done I might spare your life if I like your answer to the dilemma!”

Chloe danced out of Alec’s reach once more. “Forgive me, Athenodora, but you think too highly of yourself and of your power or position in our coven.” She spoke, voice icy and hard. “You may be the mate of Caius, but you yourself hold no value to the coven. You may freeze his bed and his passions, but otherwise you are useless. I, on the other hand, hold the power both Aro and Caius covet greatly, and they have both gone to great lengths to secure my service and loyalty to the Volturi.”

There was sputtering of disbelief and indignation on the other end.

Chloe didn’t let her talk. “Neither will tolerate anything done to me that would make me question my desire to continue serving them, and would lift the whip up against anyone who dared so much as touch me. Even if it be you in all your silken glory.”

Alec stopped trying to take the phone away from her, eyes still savagely fierce, and yet lips turning up in a proud sneer.

Encouraged by this support, Chloe pressed on. “I will be on the jet by tomorrow evening, as I said I would. I will not go any sooner because you want me so.”

“How dare---?!?”

“And Athenodora.” Chloe’s voice mimicked Jane’s right before she tortured someone, and Athenodora must have recognized the tone, because she quieted immediately. “Don’t make me forget to warn anyone of your demise if I should see it in the future. It would be a pity for your unlife to just end so abruptly when it could have easily been avoided if my memory weren’t so fickle.”

There was utter silence on the other end.

And then there was only a dial tone.

The sound of applause caused Chloe to turn to Alec, surprised to see him clapping, smirking proudly at her.

“I think I may have overdone it a little at the end.” She admitted, sliding the phone into her pocket.

“I think you terrified her.” Alec chuckled darkly, reaching forwards and cupping the back of her head, bringing her forwards to place a kiss on her forehead. “You handled the situation with the precision of a queen. I am proud, Aro would feel the same if he were here to have witnessed it…or Jane.”

“She’d deny it though.” Chloe smiled, bringing her hands up to rest against Alec’s chest.

“Vehemently.” He agreed.

She giggled, pressing her forehead against his cold lips, closing her eyes and just enjoying the feel of his arms around her, his lips on her skin, his chest beneath her hands.

The sound of the wind whistling through the branches of a nearby tree reminded Chloe of her surroundings, and she sighed as she pulled away from her protector, mentor, friend and secret love. “We have to go meet him. It’s almost time.”

“Meet who?” Alec raised an eyebrow.

She frowned. “You’re not going to like it.”

“Do I ever?” The vampire wanted to know.

She thought it over. “No.”

He motioned for her to continue, and to lead the way, as they began to walk away from the Cullen home. “Who are we to meet and why are we meeting him?”

“We’re going to meet Jacob Black.” Chloe responded. “And he’s a human…for now.”

“For now.” Alec raised the eyebrow higher. “Why for now?”

She winced. “You’re really not going to like it.”

“Chloe…” Alec warned.

“Ok, ok.” The blonde sighed, taking in a deep, unnecessary breath. “He’s a skinwalker whose abilities have yet to activate and manifest, and I need his loyalty if we’re to have a better chance for the future.”

“A skinwalker.” Alec glared at her. “And what sort of animal does this skinwalker take the form of?”

She winced. “A wolf.”

Eyes flashed deeper crimson. “CHLOE!”

She winced harder.

She’d known he wouldn’t like it!
4th-Dec-2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
This is going to sound strange but these last 4 chapters have actually made the Volturi Vampires more human to me. Great work :)
4th-Dec-2009 02:30 pm (UTC)
That's a GOOD thing! *grins* Thanks :D
(Deleted comment)
4th-Dec-2009 02:48 pm (UTC)
I KNOW!!!!!!! WHY do the bad guys *or guys on Smallville in gerenal* forcus on LANA OF ALL PEOPLE? In REAL LIFE they wouldn't have gone after "THE LANG"!
4th-Dec-2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
amazing chapter! Loving Alec! ♥
5th-Dec-2009 02:49 pm (UTC)
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