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Resident Evil 1/7 
16th-Dec-2009 05:46 pm

Title: Resident Evil
Characters/Pairing: Chloe/Sam, Rain, Kappa, J.D., One, Jennifer, Ruby, Lois
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/Resident Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own ANYTHING
Summary: Chloe was trying to smuggle out the virus to out Lex Luthor's real work, Sam just didn't care anymore and listened to Ruby. Now they are both in the Hive, and must battle the undead if they're to reach the surface.
Period: Resident Evil 1, AU Smallville, Post Season 3 Pre Season 4 Supernatural.
Written for my Livejournal Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 145: Writer’s Choice – The Undead.

Chloe was used to going undercover for her work, but she’d never found a unit as hard to infiltrate as this one, and to be truthful, she’d only been able to because of the help she’d gotten from Lana.

When the lovely brunette realized the things Umbrella Corp, her husband’s corporation, was doing, she’d told Chloe everything. She’d been in shock as she relayed the information of the viral and genetic (to name a few) experiments that were being conducted in the underground facility under Raccoon City. She’d known that Lex Luthor had his dark side, but she hadn’t wanted to believe that it could go this deep.

Chloe, who had had the unfortunate experience of having been kidnapped and experimented on thanks to him, could, and was only too happy to take the risk of infiltrating the corporation if it meant bringing him down.

Lex Luthor was dangerous.

It was thanks to his experiments with meteor infected that he’d left them a near extinct population. He’d used meteor infected against meteor infected, and when his side had won he’d had them killed as well.

He was the reason the League was dead.

Chloe closed her eyes against the memory.

Not even Clark had been safe.

Chloe still had nightmares of him dying in a hysterical Lois’ arms.

She was the only meteor infected that she knew of who was still alive…and that was because Lex had realized that he just couldn’t kill her.


He could kill her.

But she wasn’t remaining dead.

And one could only die a number of times before it got boring…for both parties.

That being said, there was a grudging respect and animosity between Chloe and Lex, and it’d been a bitch to infiltrate the Hive, but she’d been successful.

The Hive was sleek, extremely hi-tech, and also, its own way, extremely mundane.

In the office section of it at least.

Typists typed. Assistants assisted.

They were all perfect little worker bee drones.

Chloe kept looking down at her clipboard as if consumed with what she was reading, wearing the lab coat, and thick black-framed glasses. Her hair was up in a messy, careless bun, and she ignored the people crossing her easily. She’d learnt that if one dressed as those around her, and acted calm and as if one should be there, then no one really doubted it.

And she didn’t only have to worry about the workers, but about the various security cameras.

Not only was the thought of the guard in the security room a danger---the Doberman guard dogs made her gulp---but Lana had said that the main Computer, called the Red Queen, had an intelligence of her own, and thus made her (in Lois’ words) a dangerous little bitch.

Lois…she’d wanted to come along as well, but Chloe had told her that it would be easier to infiltrate the place if there was only one person, and so Lois had reluctantly agreed to stay behind on this mission.

Ever since Lex Luthor had killed her fiancé, and she’d realized that the Daily Planet were too afraid of him to publish the truth, Lois had quit and started to work with Chloe, who’d inherited Oliver’s money when the Green Arrow too had fallen to Lex Luthor and his many minions.

This should be it.

Stopping, looking at the door that the map Lana had given her said should house the virus and antivirus that they’d been working on, Chloe entered the thankfully empty room and hurried towards the large medical refrigerator.

She opened the door and froze when she saw the vial containers completely empty.

The sound of a gun cocking rang out throughout the silent room.

“Turn around, slowly.”

Chloe did as told, coming face to face with a slightly older woman, brunette, with dark eyes and long hair.

The other woman was sneering at her, with a gun pointed in one hand, and a large portable container, whose strap was around her shoulder.

A container no doubt housing the many missing vials filled with the virus and antivirus.

Chloe groaned.

Only she would choose to steal a virus the day it was being stolen by someone else!

“We’re in a predicament, aren’t we?” The woman announced, edging towards the door. “I don’t want to shoot you---but I will if you don’t stay quiet.”

An illegal, unknown research facility so wasn’t the place Chloe wanted to demonstrate her resurrection powers, so she was forced to do as told, watching as the brunette edged closer and closer to the door, toeing it open before reaching into the container and pulling out a vial with blue liquid in it.

The virus.

Chloe’s eyes widened. “What are you doing?”

“Ciao.” And with that, the woman threw the vial and had closed and locked the door, safely behind it, before it collided and smashed against the floor, filling the room with the virus Lana had said could end humanity as they knew it.

Chloe brought her lab coat to her nose to try and minimized and filter the air being breathed into her lungs, but it was a small, closed in room, and while there was an air vent above, there was no way she was getting out of this without two lungs filled to the brim with deadly bio warfare.

Today so wasn’t her day.

The blonde hurried to the door, trying to open it, but it wasn’t working.

The brunette must have locked it from the other side.

Coughing into the material against her nose and mouth, Chloe looked around her, frantic, before beginning to pound on the thick metal door, calling for help, but any noise she made was instantly drowned out by the sound of a shrill alarm ringing ominously.

Either they’d noticed that the brunette wasn’t a part of the hive and knew there was a breech in the compound’s security…or the air filters had picked up the virus entering through the air vents and being conducted throughout the rest of the hive.

Neither were particularly good for Chloe right now.

Through the vents she could hear the faint sound of guard dogs barking and snarling in a frenzy, obviously sensing the danger that the humans in the hive were unable to.

The lights went out.

Feeling faint, Chloe tried to continue pounding but even she couldn’t hear the noise anymore.

Not over the screams outside.

Without warning the Halon system went off. Pillars of gas flooded into the room, sucking the oxygen out of the air, making it impossible for a fire to breathe.

A fire…

Or people.

Chloe brought her hands to her throat as she began to choke, her lungs burning her as she tried gasping in frantically for air, not caring anymore if the air she was breathing in was saturated with the virus in its purest form…unlike the weaker strands that were being carried to the others through the air vents.

She didn’t care what she was breathing in.

She just wanted to breathe.

People were still screaming.

And that was the last thing Chloe heard as she died.



Looking around the mansion, Samuel Winchester frowned, gun cocked and loaded. He didn’t trust Ruby, didn’t trust that this wasn’t a trap, but he didn’t care anymore. Every one he’d ever loved had died, and it had all been somehow his fault.

His mother had died because she’d interrupted the visit of the demon coming to see him.

His father had died saving the life of his brother---who had been injured because of the demon who wanted Sam.

And his brother…Dean…had gone to hell to save Sam after he’d died…he’d gone to hell to bring Sam back to life.

So Sam really didn’t care anymore.

Hell, maybe that lying bitch had done him a favor and sent him into a trap.

He didn’t care.

There wasn’t anything to live for anyway.

Descending the sweeping staircase, he entered the luxurious hallway. Tapestries and paintings of what must be old relatives of the owners of this mansion adorned the walls. But this wasn’t a quaint old house.

There was something in the air.

Something intangible.

Something evil.

Resident evil. Sam thought with a mirthless snort. Story of my life.

He entered the dining room, gun trained.

Like the rest of the place it was empty.

And despite no sign of life in the place the table was set for dinner.


Sam continued on with his search, finding his way into the dark, oak lined study.

The only sound was the ticking of a grandfather clock.

A sudden shadow fell across the desk, causing Sam to narrow his eyes and trained his gun towards the direction the shadow had come from.

The garden outside the study.

Something was moving out there.

Emerging from the study, Sam paused as he looked at the huge marble statue in front of him. It was of a series of bizarre gothic creatures dancing around a maypole. There was a walrus wearing a waistcoat, a rabbit carrying a pocket watch, and a bald beaded knight in armor.

The statue was both beautiful and also strangely unsettling.

Very much like the whole place in general.

In the distance, he saw a movement at the entrance to an ornate hedge maze.

“Who is there?” He called out, wary, the breeze causing his hair to dance slightly.

There was no reply.

Sam cocked his head to the side, eyes narrowed, catching a faint yet insistent sound.

The breeze intensified and for a moment the night sky was blocked out.

Above him a dark void appeared, twin rotors chopping silently through the night air. It was a Darkwing helicopter on stealth mode.

It disappeared over the roof of the mansion, losing altitude, coming in for a landing.

Sam’s eyes widened, and he turned to the house, trying to seek refuge. He didn’t know who those people were or why they were there, but he knew that they had some sort of military training, and the last thing he needed was problems with the military.

Suddenly the doors were almost blown off their hinges, a dozen commandos streaming in.

They were a tight, disciplined group, dressed in black and armed to the teeth. They didn’t ask Sam to get to the ground, they just knocked him down, and in seconds he was relieved of his gun and his fake badge.

One of the commandos slid an ancient oak panel in the wall to the side, revealing a computer jack point. He flipped up the screen on his sleek wrist computer and jacked in. “The mansion’s primary defense was activated…and other than us I can find no other life.”

“What happened to the operatives stationed here?” One of the others asked.

“Maybe he can answer.” Another responded, pointing her gun at Sam.

The one holding Sam against the ground tightened his hold, causing the young man to wince in pain.

The obvious leader of the team stood above Sam, granite jaw, gravel voice, a stereotype Alpha Dog. He looked at Sam’s badge before tossing it to the commando who’d jacked into the system. “Kappa. What about the cop?”

The commando entered Sam’s badge number into his computer. A holographic image beamed up from the computer, an image of the names and badge numbers of all the local police.

Sam winced.

Kappa shook his head. “I’m not getting verification.”

The leader turned to Sam. “Who are you?”

“I’m a cop!” Sam snapped, from where he was being pressed against the ground, hands restrained painfully behind him by some brute. “A local cop!”

“No sir.” Kappa countered, eyes still on the names and badge numbers.

The leader took out his sidearm, and pointed it straight at Sam.

“I just transferred!” Sam thought rapidly, trying to seem more annoyed and frustrated than worried. “It’s my first day here! They probably don’t even have me on file yet.”

The leader turned to Kappa. “Well?”

Kappa thought it over and shrugged. “The locals are inefficient. It’s possible.”

The leader turned to Sam and seemed to stare at him through his mask.

Sam didn’t back down.

Didn’t look away.

The leader suddenly lowered his gun and pulled off his mask, to reveal a man of Afro-Caribbean roots, with faded scars on his face that betrayed that this was far from his first mission. “What are you doing here, Officer…?”

“Dean.” Sam thought quickly, jerking out of the brutal hold the one above him had subjected him to, and getting up to his feet. “Officer Samuel Dean.”

“Officer Dean.” The leader nodded. “I’ll repeat the question and this time I want a quick an honest answer. What are you doing here?”

“My partner got an anonymous tip that something was going down here today, and we came to investigate.” Sam rubbed his wrists. “We got separated and then you arrived.” He glared at them. “Who are you people? What’s going on here?”

The leader turned his back on Sam and turned to Kappa as the others removed their masks.

“I am Jennifer, the medic.” One of the women stepped forwards. “The brute who was manhandling you is J.D., One is our leader, Kappa is our tech expert, and this is Rain.”

The Latina smirked. “Parents were hippies…my revenge was to enlist.”

Sam frowned. “You people are the military?”

Rain snorted. “Not quite.”

The hunter was getting more and more uneasy. “Then who are you?”

“Lose your eyesight or something, officer?” J.D. asked, pointing to the badge on his flak jacket.


“We clean up the mess that that others leave behind.”

“You got something to do with what’s going on here?” One turned to Sam, eyes narrowed.

Sam met that stare unflinchingly. “I already told you why I’m here.”

“Then where are the operatives placed here?” One pressed.

“Where’s my partner?” Sam pressed.

Both were at a standstill, neither backing down.

One then nodded, backing down gracefully from the confrontation, obviously believing Sam’s story.

Relief didn’t even begin to sum up what the hunter felt at the moment.

“You’re coming with us.” One told him, motioning for J.D. to give Sam his gun back. “Until we can figure out what happened to both our colleagues, we will stick together.”

Sam nodded, relieved to have his gun back in his possession.

One turned to face the team. “Prep for entry to the Hive.”


Its cargo unloaded, the helicopter rose up into the night sky.

The pilot was bathed in the cool green was of the H.U.D.

One’s voice came through with digital clarity. “This is Alpha. Team preparing for entry to the Hive. We’ll be out of contact till we secure a hard wire.”

The pilot nodded, although he knew that One couldn’t see him. “Roger sir.”


Kappa flipped open a tile on the intricate floor mosaic, revealing another jack point.

Sam stood next to One, confused and intrigued.

Where the hell had Ruby sent him?

Kappa watched the scrolling holographic numbers that hovered above his computer. “Entry to the Hive in three…two…one.”

On the pattern on the floor, a giant Art Deco spiral suddenly began to move. The arms of the spiral started to unlock as a huge chunk of the floor began to sink beneath the ground.

Sam watched in amazement as the floor they were standing on slipped gracefully beneath the earth. Ancient wood paneled walls were replaced with polished high tech steel plates.

“What the hell?” He whispered, his shock seeming to put the others at ease for some reason. Sam turned to One. “Sir?”

“What is it, officer?”

“How deep are we going?” The hunter asked, not sure why he felt as if he were dealing with his father at the moment.

“Right to the bottom.” One replied.

Where was the bottom? “And when we get there?”

“We’re going to see the Queen.” One said, as if this should make sense. “And then we’re going to kill her.”


In the cockpit of the Darkwing, the pilot set the clock on the H.U.D. to 03 hours 00 minutes. The numbers began to countdown as he picked up his mic, waiting till the H.U.D. read SECURE before sending a message.

“Darkwing to White Queen...Alpha Team has entered the Hive. All communications down. Awaiting hard wire response.”

“Roger Darkwing.” A young female voice replied. “The clock is running.”


The platform carrying Sam and the Sanitation Team came to rest in a vast underground cavern. It was a natural creation, but the hand of man was everywhere.

As well as the hydraulics for the platform, there was also several temporary structures used for storage.

A set of runway lights were laid out on the stone floor. They led to a pair of thick steel door set in the cavern walls. The doors bore the logo of the Umbrella Corporation.

Sam was shocked.

He hadn’t realized that the mansion above ground had had any connection to Umbrella Corp. All he knew was that Ruby had told him that if he really was so intent on killing himself while doing to ‘good fight’ he might as well go out like a hunter up against the creatures beneath the mansion.

And that had been a challenge he hadn’t been able to pass up.

Now he wished he’d had more information to go on.

One glanced at the digital counter on his left wrist. It read 02:58:24.

Sam noticed that the rest of the team carried identical timepieces.

The seconds were ticking away.

“Move out!” One ordered.

The team did as ordered.


Resurrection was a bitch.


It usually was.

Coming up with a gasp of air, Chloe looked around her, wondering why her body wasn’t in agony, and disoriented, confused, trying to remember how she’d died this time.

And then the memory returned to her like a kick in the gut, and she hurriedly got to her feet, looking down at her body in surprise and confusion.

She wasn’t in pain.

At all.

She should be.

Her muscles should be getting over atrophy from her time dead…but they were as nimble as before…if not more.

Blinking, Chloe moved her hands over her body.

Not one sore muscle.

Not one hurt.

It was suspicious.

Shaking her head, deciding to question this development later, Chloe went to the door and tried the handle.

It was still locked.

She was silent, listening, trying to hear some sign of life.

There was nothing.

The sound of a camera zooming caused her to turn towards the security camera in the room, which was pointed at her.

She blinked.

It was almost as if that camera were peering at her with the most intense of stares, utterly fascinated.

It was creepy.

“What are you looking at?” She asked with a huff, turning to the door and trying her best to try and force it to open, but the metal wasn’t moving. “Okay then…Plan B…I need a Plan B…” Her gaze surveyed the room, trying to find an alternate route of escape, before those green orbs fixed on the air vents and she smirked. “Gotcha.”


The Alpha Team had set up a piece of heavy industrial cutting gear and were burning a hole in the locking mechanism of the large steel doors. Sam stood to the side, at a little distance, trying to understand what exactly was going on.

“The building above us, Looking Glass House, is the primary entrance to the Hive.” One spoke up, coming to stand by Sam’s side, hands clasped behind his back. “We had two operative pretending to be spouses placed there to protect that entrance. Then your partner gets an anonymous tip that something is happening, we get called in, and our colleagues and yours have disappeared.”

“So we were attacked?” Sam asked, playing along.

“I’m not sure exactly what has happened to your partner or our operatives…but about the Hive…I’m afraid things are a little more complicated than that.”

The cutting equipment suddenly stopped.

“Sir,” Rain stepped forwards. “We’ve breeched the Hive.”

They turned towards her as the heavy steel doors slid aside to reveal a long corridor. Inside there was an office, seeming normal just like any other, the blinds closed because there were no windows since the whole structure was underground.

Jennifer used a hand held device to sample the air. “Halon content in the air is high. That must be how she killed them.”

“Do we need masks?” One asked.

She shook her head. “No, it’s breathable now.”

Kappa jacked into a computer point by the doors.

“Status.” One turned to him.

“Red Queen is down to basic logic functions.” Kappa replied rapidly.

“Which means?” One gave Kappa an annoyed look.

“She could just about manage a game of Pong.” Kappa grinned. “She’s no threat.”

J.D. and Rain forced open the doors to an elevator shaft. “She musta made the elevators malfunction too. They’re all crashed.”

Rain sighed. “Looks like we’re taking the stairs.”

The group moved as one towards the stairs, descending, Sam as always, falling in besides One.

“Who is the Red Queen?” He asked the question that’d been on his mind since this whole ordeal had begun.

“The super computer that controls the Hive.” One was once more giving out information quite easily. “State of the art A.I. created by the same corporation that built this place.”

“So this is a part of Umbrella Corp and not the military.”

One nodded.

“Umbrella Corp could buy and sell the military.” J.D. exclaimed with a wry smile. “They pay better too.”

“And you’re here to kill the Queen.” Sam recapped, making sure he had all the facts clear.

Kappa nodded. “Put a bolt right through the bitch’s logic box.”

The team exited the stairwell through a door and came upon a lab. They approached a glass wall separating the lab from the corridor. There were seven narrow jets of water, which shot out from the window.

Seven pea-sized holes punched in the glass by some desperate person trying to break the glass and free them from the water accumulating inside.

The lab itself was totally filled with water, from floor to ceiling. The water was murky, visibility zero.

Jennifer peered into the gloom.

Suddenly something bumped against the glass.

It was a body…the face hideously distorted.

Jennifer jumped back in fright.

There were bodies floating in the water, their features bloated, their mouths open in a dying scream.

“What happened here?” Sam whispered, horrified by the death that surrounded them.

“Four hours ago, Red Queen went homicidal.” One answered, eyeing the bodies as well. “She sealed the Hive and tried to kill everyone within it.”

Kappa nodded. “When we realized what was happening, White Queen was brought on line to try and control her sister.”

“White Queen?” Sam asked, wondering why he suddenly felt like Alice in Wonderland.

“An identical computer based at 1~ORAD.” One once again answered. “The two of them fought it out. An electronic Battle Royale. After 2.7 seconds it was over. Red Queen was disabled, and we were dispatched to finish her off.”

“Why did she do it?” Sam turned to Kappa.

“We don’t know.” The tech expert sighed as the team began to move off.

Sam turned and followed behind One.

Kappa took one last look into the flooded lab, into the poor office worker’s green, dead, staring eyes. “Poor bastards.”

With that he turned and hurried after the rest of the team, never noticing that after a moment, the woman floating in the water turned her eyes to follow him.


Crawling around in tight, dark vents wasn’t the favorite pastime of someone who was claustrophobic, but Chloe tried to keep her mind occupied, and keep herself calm. It wouldn’t do her any good if she snapped and had a panic attack in here.

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts… Chloe sang in her mind to keep herself too busy to freak out. There they are a standing in a row…row…row…row…

She then froze.

What…what had been that sound?

It was like a human.

And yet not.

Taking a right at one of the junctions, following the low, insistent moaning, Chloe crawled on her stomach towards one of the vents and looked down through the slits into the closed office below.

There were three workers in that office…

One around walking on a broken foot as if nothing, another clawing at the glass so hard his hands were bleeding…coagulated blood.

Blood only did that after death.

Chloe gulped.

The third feasted hungrily on the remains of a fourth worker.

Chloe felt her stomach go queasy as she chanced a guess at what that virus did.

She closed her eyes tightly.

SO not her day!


Rain stood by a set of heavy blast doors, which were blocking their progress. The Latina was busy working on the locking mechanism.

“How’s it coming?” One asked.

“Most of these doors are magnetically sealed.” Rain replied. “We’re not going to get them open till we sever the power.”

“Can we cut through?” The alpha wanted to know.

She looked at the door and sighed. “It’ll take time.”

One checked his timepiece. 02: 15: 32. He shook his head. “Find an alternate route.”

“Sir.” Sam, who had been quiet up until this moment, stepped forwards, catching One’s attention.

“What is it, Officer?” One asked.

“Listen.” Sam frowned. “Do you hear it?”

One listened carefully, finally picking up on the sound that had been bothering Sam for a while now. It was barely audible but it was there.

A low groaning sound that seemed almost human.


“What is that?” Rain asked, having listened as well.

“I don’t know.” Sam frowned. “But I’ve been hearing it since we entered this place.” He looked up at the grille that covered one of the air ducts. “Whatever it is, it’s coming from the vents.”

“Air conditioning?” Jennifer ventured, unsure.

He shook his head.

So did J.D.

The men shared a look.

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Sam replied, giving the vent one last look before turning his back on it.

The sound continued to pour in eerily.

The look that passed between the other said they did as well.

They all hurried to their tasks, Kappa finding the alternate route that One had ordered and leading them through it before coming up against a heavy steel door.

With a confident smirk, Kappa punched in an access code and the door slid away to reveal a vast room filled with specimen tanks. The tanks were made of circular plexi and reached from floor to ceiling. There were literally hundreds of them, and with no clear way through the room, they formed a grotesque kind of maze.

Each tank was filled with a viscous liquid and some new exciting monstrosity. Animals spliced together---skeletons that looked barely human.

Others that clearly weren’t.

Bioengineering run amok.

“Now this is some surreal shit right here.” Rain replied in astonishment.

Obviously not even the Sanitation Team knew about this place or what was going on inside. They looked around them in wide-eyed horror, some with morbid fascination.

Sam had to admit, his expression was probably a mixture of both.

“J.D.” One’s voice broke into the silence of the eerie room. “You and Rain secure this exit.” He turned the others. “The rest of you, with me.”

As Sam wandered through the room, behind the others, he could see inside the tanks human bodies stripped of their skin, just the bare musculature on show. Mesmerized by the freak show he didn’t realize that he was slowly being separated from the others. The room does seem to function like a maze, and he was slowly becoming lost.

Stopping in front of one tank, Sam found himself unable to look away. It contained a strange four-legged creature with no eyes and a grotesque long tongue.

Maybe this had been human once, but that was a very long time ago.

The liquid the dead creature was kept in was being constantly circulated, and the movement made the three foot long tongue sway. It shone past the Plexiglas, as though it were licking it.

Up close, the pink fleshy tongue was covered in a thousand tiny barbs.

Kinda like a cat’s…but deadly.

Sam looked away from the tank and shook his head, turning to where the team had been minutes ago, and realizing that they’d disappeared.

He was alone in this grotesque maze, where literally anything could be hiding.

Suddenly he sensed movement and turned to see something refracted through the curved glass of the specimen tank…something horrifying.

Turning, Sam came face to face with One. He only managed to hold in his cry of fright.

“Don’t wander off.” One ordered, his gaze straying to one of the tanks, betraying the fact that they intrigued and horrified him as well.

“Sorry.” Sam cleared his throat, following the man’s gaze. “I don’t suppose you want to tell me what exactly goes on down here?”

“You suppose right.” One returned his gaze to Sam, eyes narrowed. “Now lets go, Officer.”

Sam sighed and followed.


Finally finding a grille over an apparently empty corridor, Chloe worked the switchblade in her pocket on the screws keeping the grille on. Finally unscrewing the last, she pulled it up onto the grille and carefully stuck her head out, looking left and right.

As far as the eye could see, it was empty.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe dropped down through the opening and fell to her feet, pushing up till she was standing. She looked around, eyes narrowed, before pulling out the electronic map in her pocket, the one Lana had smuggled out for her, and tried to figure out exactly where she was and how to get out of there in one piece.

A groan around the corner caused her to freeze and turn towards the sound in time to see one of the few workers who’d been in the hallway when the attack had occurred, turn the corner. It let out a vicious, nearly hungry sound as it came towards her, blood covering its mouth, no soul reflected in its eyes.

Chloe took a step back.

Oh crap.
16th-Dec-2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
ROFL!!! Leave it to you and your crossovers with ANYTHING!!!

However, THIS is a story I will not be reading, Love. I cannot stand horror/gore type movies/books as they just give me too many nightmares and such.

Have fun with it and good luck :)

17th-Dec-2009 01:13 am (UTC)
Really? I LOVE horror! Everyone here call me the Horror Queen!

Ill be sure to have fun :D
16th-Dec-2009 11:49 pm (UTC)
That's . . . really icky. If ever I had plans to see Resident Evil, they have been cancelled. Now I shall wait to see what you do with this threeway crossover, since I know absolutely nothing about the horror flick that makes the third of the trio.

But, I'm glued to the computer screen. Since I love what you write pretty much no matter what.
17th-Dec-2009 01:14 am (UTC)
Oh, I love Resident Evil. I used to be terrified of "zombies" unable to watch anything with them, but after watching that movie I became hooked on them :D
(Deleted comment)
17th-Dec-2009 01:14 am (UTC)
Of course I do! Cause you're great like that ;)
17th-Dec-2009 12:03 am (UTC)
Now this was probably the wrong thing to read before laying down, lol. Nicely done.
17th-Dec-2009 01:14 am (UTC)
Prolly was! :) Thanks
17th-Dec-2009 02:49 am (UTC)
awesome...love this crossover!!! perfect!
17th-Dec-2009 02:53 am (UTC)
thank you so very much!
17th-Dec-2009 03:41 am (UTC)
Scary ending! I'm so glad you're writing this one. I loved Resident Evil. And seeing a couple of our favorite heroes handle what Alice had to is going to be a blast.
17th-Dec-2009 03:46 am (UTC)
Thank you so very much! Just updated the second chapter.
17th-Dec-2009 04:10 am (UTC)
This is so up your alley I'm suprised you hadn't written anything in this 'verse yet!
17th-Dec-2009 04:18 am (UTC)
I KNOW! The RE trilogy is probably my favorite trilogy out there (though, with the new movie their adding, it won't be a trilogy anymore). I was so happy when they were adding Jensen Ackles as Leon Kennedy, and then so let down when they cut the character out! *pouts*
17th-Dec-2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
WOOHOO!!! Totally AWESOME (scary) start!
17th-Dec-2009 07:56 pm (UTC)
haha. Thanks you :D
5th-Dec-2010 08:21 am (UTC)
Yes! I heart Resident Evil :D I love that you crossed it over with characters from Smallville and Supernatural! Great start so far...definitely creepy! Can't wait for more!
5th-Dec-2010 08:24 am (UTC)
Well, this story is finished and can be found HERE and I'm finishing up the sequel, which can be found HERE I hope you enjoy it :)
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