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A Thing of Radiance 5/? 
17th-Jan-2010 02:22 pm
winchullivan---sexy looks
A Thing of Radiance
Title: A Thing of Radiance
Characters: Chloe, Bobby, Sam, Dean
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Dont own
Summary: When Chloe found out about the ugly truth of her past, she went to find her father, Bobby Singer. Now hunting and living with him, Chloe must keep her meteor abilities hidden from other hunters or they might try to hunt her. According to Bobby she should especially keep it secret from a hunter named John Winchester, who only saw black or white...good and evil...and then Sam and Dean arrive.
Written for my LiveJournal Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 11: Radiant Boys

Chloe decided that she'd been suffering a moment of insanity when she'd proclaimed all eagerly that being a Lighthouse would be fun.

It wasn't fun.

It wasn't fun at all.

Well, at least it wasn't while the Winchesters were still there because she had to keep trying to maintain peace between the creatures, keep the Winchesters oblivious to what was going on, help research hunts...and keep the house in order.

She was going to scream.

Or kick Sam and Dean out of the house so she wouldn't have to be so jumpy and nervous all the time.

Sure, they'd gotten used to Ben, her boy ghost, but she didn't think they'd be as tolerant of the Hellhound that'd arrived afterwards.

And Chloe was beginning to like Dante, and the Hellhound was finally warming up to her too.

"Listen to this, boys." Bobby leaned forwards in his Lazy Boy, newspaper in hand. "A man two cities away died of mysterious and unexplained circumstances in his attic. No one can explain the cause of death nor the fact that the paranoia that overtook him weeks before his death has now seemed to transfer to his family."

Dean looked up from where he was skimming another set of obits. "Sounds like a haunting."

"And Mister Ghost isn't just happy offing the man." Sam agreed, eyes still glued to his laptop's screen. "It's going after the rest of the family as well."

"We should go check this out." Bobby decided.

Chloe watched him with a curious expression.

Despite his firm belief that they shouldn't tell the boys anything, Bobby seemed reluctant to see them leave.

From what Sam and Dean had told her, Bobby had half raised them, and while they never actually came out and said it, it was obvious that they loved him like a father----and that he loved them like sons.

Chloe wondered, if even if they found out, if they wouldn't look the other way at least for Bobby's sake.

"What about Chloe?" Sam asked, looking up from his laptop. "All of our other gigs have been close by...but this is two cities away. What if...?"

"How many times do I have to tell you all that I'm fine?" Chloe snapped from where she'd been pretending to read a book, and yet had been keeping an eye on Ben and Dante, especially Dante, who was sleeping (and snoring) in front of the unlit fireplace.

For a fearsome Hellhound, he sure liked to sleep a lot.

"Chloe..." Dean began, reluctant, obviously agreeing with his brother. "No offense or anything, but all alone here you wouldn't..."

"I could always run to the panic room." She grumbled, the words sour. "I'm fine. Believe me, you'd all be doing me a favor scramming for some hours. The overload of testosterone is dizzying."

"It's decided then." Bobby announced, smiling. "Let's get ready."

Chloe stood, going towards the kitchen and out through the backyard into the enclosed, small grass-covered yard that had once been home to the most breathtaking garden ever made...or so Bobby's old pictures revealed. Apparently her...her mother...had spent most of her time out in the backyard, planting and taking care of the flowers and such, but after her death the closed-in backyard garden was never tended to again. Hell, Bobby didn't even come back here anymore. It was like the memories this place had for him were suffocating and he just couldn't go near it. When she'd arrived she hadn't even known it was back there because Bobby would always keep the kitchen blinds firmly shut, blocking out even the view of the place.

But Chloe had found it, and while planting had never been her thing, she'd heard that it was supposed to soothe and calm you...and with all the things that happened in her life she needed some calming, so she'd taken it over. She'd dug up all the dried dead grass and plants, and had reinforced the fence, which had been rotting. It'd given her something to do during the time Bobby wouldn't let her hunt, and she'd found she'd enjoyed seeing her day's labor com to fruition. The blonde hadn't made it a secret what she was doing, she knew it was a touchy subject for Bobby so she'd told him straight out that she was taking over the garden and if he had a problem with that he was going to have to deal with it. He'd muttered something inaudible and stormed away, and the blonde had considered the matter closed. She'd bought white rose bushes and planted them around the fence as she kept buying, making a thorny yet beautiful hedge by the time she was finished.

She'd felt Bobby's gaze on her sometimes from the windows in the kitchen, but every time she'd turn he'd be gone, blinds firmly in place once more.

So she stopped turning.

At least he was looking in this direction once more.

She counted that as progress.

But it wasn't until after she came back from the dead that Bobby spoke about the garden, about how Clara, her mother, had always wanted to plant a large rowan tree in the middle of it, and she'd been searching for one the days before her possession and death. Bobby explained to Chloe that her mother had been somewhat superstitious, and had believed in the legends where rowan trees were supposed to protect you from evil spirits. After everything that'd happened Chloe decided that they could use all the protection they could get, and while she'd been shocked when Bobby had offhandedly (never looking her in the face) offered to get her one if she wanted, the blonde had accepted his offer immediately with a huge smile, thanking him,

Bobby had just shrugged and mumbled something and continued eating.

But she'd spied the small smile on his face as he gazed down at his plate.

A couple of days later Bobby came back home with a moving truck from a nursery close by, and had instructed Chloe to show the men where she wanted it planted.

Bobby still hadn't stepped out into the garden, or even gone to the door, but when it was planted and Chloe was admiring the beautiful tree, she could feel him watching from the window, and it made her smile.

Now the garden boasted of different flowers and colors and Chloe had planned to add a small pond where she could keep fish. It was going to take some time, and some money that she so didn't have, but she was going to make this place beautiful once more. It would never be as magnificent and elegant as it had been in Clara's days, but Chloe was sure that once she was finished with it she'd somehow get Bobby into the garden.

It was odd how that was one of her greatest goals.

Somehow, she felt that if she could only get the hunter to step into the garden, he'd be able to let go of the ghost of Clara Singer and be able to move on fully with his life.

"Good tidings Lighthouse."

Chloe dropped the book that'd been in her hand, giving a little gasp of shock as a ball of light flew right up to her face.

"You were startled, I apologize." The soft was soft, the faint sound of bells ringing echoed in the air. "I am Buttercup, emissary of the survivors of our clan. We wish to come and dwell within your sanctuary."

Chloe crossed her eyes to try and get a better view of the flying golden ball, but in the end had to look away and rub her sore eyes. "I'm sorry, clan?"

"The Golden Morning faction of course." The ball of golden light replied.

"Of course..." Chloe muttered to herself, as if this should have made perfect sense from the beginning. The blonde took a couple of steps backwards to get a better look at her 'emissary', and from what she could see and the name of the clan, she made an educated guess. "The Golden Morning...fairy clan."

The light seemed to shine brighter in evident glee. "Yes!"

Chloe gave a small, unbelieving smile.



Going blanch, Chloe turned on her heel as Sam walked into the garden, gaze on her.

Those green orbs went quickly to the ball of light and then to Sam, nearly terrified, wondering if he'd believe it if she told her it was an intense firefly. But she suddenly realized that he wasn't paying attention to the light hovering to her right, as if unable to see it, and she began to wonder if most mystical creatures, like Dante, weren't seen or heard by people unless they desired the humans to see them---or unless the mortals had some ability like her.

It would definitely make her life easier if it did.

"Yeah?" Chloe asked, clearing her throat and trying to force herself to appear calm.

"I---I came to apologize in case I offended you inside." Sam stopped in front of her, shucking his hands into his pockets and ducking his gaze, clearing his throat. "I don't mean to imply that you're unable to protect yourself should something happen..."

Chloe tried to keep her attention on Sam, but Buttercup was suddenly flying around his head.

"...and we are staying here to help protect you whenever...and what if it comes while you're all alone and we..."

Buttercup was about to land on his head.

"Stop that!" Chloe cried out the order.

Both Buttercup and Sam froze.

She looked between them, distressed.

How the hell was she going to do this?

"Um, I mean, uhm," Chloe cleared her throat, running hand over her head shakily over her hair. "What I mean was...that I'm okay with it."

"You mean we can stay?" Buttercup's raised it eagerness.

"You're okay with something going after you while you're here all alone?" Sam frowned.

"Yes!" Chloe nodded, then frowned. "No! I mean..."

Both Buttercup and Sam were confused.

Chloe looked away, taking in a deep breath. "What I'm trying to say is...what I'm saying is that I won't be alone, I have company..." her gaze went to Buttercup quickly but determinedly, the light fluttering happily. "...but of course there are going to be ground rules, like the fact that you will report to me..."

The light died away to show the small and pretty Buttercup, who nodded her agreement to Chloe's declaring Alpha-dom, the fairy looking as if this should be obvious.

"I know, to make sure you're okay." He grinned, understanding.

"And, well, if there are any intruders...we'll deal with that when it comes." Chloe declared.

"Still, I'd feel better if we had a backup plan for that situation." Sam frowned, looking away.

"We'll keep an eye on the backyard at least." Buttercup reassured Chloe. "And when the other surviving clans find out they will come as well."

"What?" Chloe gasped. "More?"

"More what?" Sam frowned, confused.

"We're a dying race." Buttercup told her. "The humans are encroaching on our habitats, many of us have been killed without their even realizing. There are so few of us left, this...this is our only hope."

"I'm sorry." Chloe whispered, and really meant it.

Buttercup wiped at her eyes and gave Chloe a small, grateful smile.

Sam stepped forwards and placed a hand on Chloe's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

She looked up at him, a little confused, before blushing, realizing that she had forgotten about him and that he'd seen her apparently talking nonsense to no one. "Um, yeah, I'm fine." She gave a little nervous chuckle. "Sorry about that, I, I know I'm not making much sense right now but I'm just a little tired..."

"And some rest from the three of us would do you some good." Sam nodded, smiling, so understanding like always.

Chloe looked up at him and smiled.

Sam hesitated a second before stepping forwards towards her.

Chloe felt her heart skip a beat.

"Sammy!" Dean's voice was a bit too loud, causing both Chloe and Sam to jerk away from each other and turn to see Dean as he stepped out of the kitchen, down the steps and into her garden. There was something odd about him, slightly tense, as he came towards them and flung an arm around Chloe, giving her a playful squeeze. "You feeling alright now, gorgeous? We can eat your food without worrying about it being poisoned?"

Moment broken, Chloe turned to look at Dean incredulously before bursting out in laughter, slapping at his chest. "I wouldn't poison your food! No matter how annoying you are!"

He grinned down at her. "Wouldn't be able to survive without my handsome face to wake up to every morning, would you?"

"Of course not Dean." The blonde teased right back. "Life has to have some perks."

Dean grinned what Chloe liked to call his 'sex-me' grin.

Sam cleared his throat, face blank with a tinge of annoyance.


Chloe looked towards the voice, eyes widening as she realized who the personalized ringtone was announcing. "Lois." The blonde took off at the speed of lightening, forgetting about the WInchesters and the fairy, hurrying inside and rushing to where Lady GaGa was going 'I like it rough!' and Bobby kept looking at her somewhat scandalized. "Thanks!" Picking up the phone, she answered the call. "Lois?"

"Baby Cuz!" Lois' voice greeted her ears. "I've been calling for hours!"


"Is true." Lois was pouting. "And, you know, just because you found your real father doesn't mean...I mean....Chloe...You're still my Baby Cuz."

Chloe smiled, hugging her phone. "I know that Lo. Blood or no blood, you're still my Big Cuz too."


Chloe went to the living room window, wondering why she could hear the faint sound of Sam and Dean arguing. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but the tension in their voices was brought to her by the wind. "So what's up in your side of the world?"

"Nothing much, just, you know, trying out MetU. I've been here a week and I hate it." Lois complained. "I want to drop out."

"The General would have your hide if you dropped out." Chloe reminded her as she took the stairs and hurried up to her room, where Ben was drawing on one of the drawing pads she'd gotten him, and Dante had decided her bed was more comfortable to lay on rather than the mat by her floor. "And anyway, you were excited about it before." She went to her back window and watched as Sam and Dean stormed out of the garden, seeming completely unaware of the multitude of glowing balls of light flying towards the large rowan tree. "Give it at least a month."

Lois sighed. "Okay."

Chloe smiled.

"So, hows life on a boring little home in the middle of nowhere?"

Surrounded by fairies and hellhounds and ghosts, Chloe couldn't help but giggle. "I'm actually beginning to enjoy it."

"Really?" Lois asked, not trying to hide how shocked or envious she was. "You know, I thought the novelty would have worn off of it by now."

She was pouting.

It was obvious.

"Lo...I know that we haven't seen each other for a very long time...but don't think that this changes anything between us, okay? You will always be my Big Cuz and my best friend, and you're always welcomed to come here."

"Right. To die of boredom with you hunting rabbits in the junkyard." Lois was being resentful again.

Chloe laughed. "As if I'd hunt a rabbit!"

Lois paused. "Yeah, I guess I wouldn't either."

Leaning against the window, Chloe watched as the balls of light danced all around her, heard Ben humming and Dante snoring, and the sound of Bobby, Dean and Sam talking and preparing for the hunt below. She smiled, realizing she did like her life, as she continued to talk to her cousin, wondering what else was going to happen in her life now, and what other creature might be making its way towards her.
17th-Jan-2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
awww about chloe working on her mom's old garden . lol the argument between sam and dean was about chloe right ? loved how the faries came to her , lil ben is a cutie , and dante lol. PPMS
17th-Jan-2010 08:44 pm (UTC)
Yep, the argument was about Chloe. And the fairies won't be the last things to come to her.
17th-Jan-2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
This was just lovely, especially the bit about the faeries coming to stay. I liked learning more about Clara and her garden and good for Chloe for wanting to keep the garden up.

And Sam and Dean are fighting over Chloe--I wonder what Bobby will think when he figures that out :) And which of the brothers does Chloe actually like more? My money's on Sam :):)
17th-Jan-2010 09:39 pm (UTC)
oh! And Bobby won't be happy at all!
17th-Jan-2010 09:28 pm (UTC)
Love the whole story so far.
But there is something i don't understand: Choe is the lighthouse, that means there is some kind of portal in the house and when they feel ready to go to the other side they will? And in the meantime they all stay in the house? Is that the deal?
Loved the fact that Sam and Dean argued about Chloe. You didn't say but i'm pretty sure it's about Chloe!
17th-Jan-2010 09:42 pm (UTC)
It's something like that...but not entirely. But very very close!
17th-Jan-2010 10:36 pm (UTC)
Bad fairies makin Chloe look like a crazy person. I think invisible supernatural critters do that on purpose. They go home to the burrow or whatever at the end of the day and snicker to each other about how crazy they managed to make someone look.

I also officially think Dante is one of the best hellhound names ever. And, forgive my lack of imagination, but I'm having trouble picturing the sound of Lady Gaga and Bobby's place at the same time. Just . . . not even a ringtone, I just can't make it work in my head.

So now you have to keep writing because otherwise I'm going to sit here in despair over the failings of my imagination.
17th-Jan-2010 11:19 pm (UTC)
Yep, though Buttercup didn't do it on purpose...but she made Chloe look slightly insane. Good thing Sam is very understanding and cute like that.
And yeah, Gaga + Bobby don't mix---which was why I put it!
18th-Jan-2010 03:08 am (UTC)
Loving the series so far hun :) Looking forward to more.
18th-Jan-2010 03:11 am (UTC)
Hey! glad u do!
18th-Jan-2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Okay, seriously, when will she realize the boys are fighting over her? They couldn't be more obvious if they had subtitles. Still, it's sort of cute, so I'll forgive her obliviousness. And good to hear that Lois stays in touch--even if her music choices are questionable. And I'm enjoying the fairies--they ought to prove entertaining. Thanks for posting another chapter!

Sigh. I so need to make me a decent Schlean icon. I'm always needing to use one but not having one to use.
18th-Jan-2010 08:24 am (UTC)
Well, things are usually obvious for everyone but the person it is happening to, so I'm using that as an excuse for Chloe. Plus, she's never had anyone fighting for her, always used to everyone fighting over Lana, so it never really crosses her mind as an option.
18th-Jan-2010 04:20 am (UTC)
Fairies? Awesome! Now, she won't ever need a flashlight ever again! Go, Chloe!

I bet Sam and Dean were arguing about her and that they'll just end up sharing, since neither will want to give her up.

Loved the chapter. :)
18th-Jan-2010 08:24 am (UTC)
haha! What unconventional use for the fey!
18th-Jan-2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
this is amazing! I absolutely love Buttercup, Dante and Ben! ♥ I can't wait to see what else will come to her...

And I can't wait for more Chloe/Sam/Dean interaction of course ;D
18th-Jan-2010 10:00 pm (UTC)
Will try not to disappoint you :D
18th-Jan-2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
too many english words...
18th-Jan-2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
19th-Jan-2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
I finally got to finish all the updates to this fic and I love it. I so love all the mystical characters that you are introducing and can't wait to see who arrives at Chloe's door next. Also, you know I love any fic of yours that has the possibility of a Sam/Chloe/Dean pairing *grins* I'm just dirty like that.
19th-Jan-2010 10:31 pm (UTC)
I'm dirty like that too so its nice to have someone else on the same team!
20th-Jan-2010 04:28 am (UTC)
The fairy bit and Lady Gaga made me crack up! I had a good laugh, which is def. something I need at the moment. You are so creative with your fics- I love it. Dante, Ben, Buttercup- fantastic. Can't wait to see more of this fic
20th-Jan-2010 04:42 am (UTC)
thanks! I'm glad I could give you a smile!
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