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SuperSlayerVille: Season Two 1/? 
2nd-Feb-2010 10:10 pm
SuperSlayerVille Season One
Title: SuperSlayerVille: Season Two
Sequel to: SuperSlayerVille: InterSeason
Pairings: Chloe/Angel(us), some Dean/Cordelia, slight Buffy/Giles, Chloe/Spike, hinted Chloe/Sam
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Supernatural
Overall Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don't own the series mentioned
Summary: Chloe is back in Sunnydale, and so are the baddies...especially the remaining members of Angelus' family, Dru and Spike...with whom Chloe has a connection she doesn't even know of. Living on a Hellmouth isn't easy.
Written for my Paranormal25 150: Prompt Table. #146: Hellmouth.

“Not too bad old man.” Chloe grinned, leaning against the nearest crypt, the wind still heavy with the ashes of the slain vampires. “You just got a little lost in the carnage, though, sloppy, didn’t even sense me.” She pouted playfully. “I think I’m jealous.”

Turning towards the sound of her voice, the vampire looked at her in silence, before he grinned, fangs showing. “You’re back.”

Pushing away from the crypt, Chloe laughed as she threw herself into Angel’s arms and he held her tight, spinning her around before stopping, leaving her with her feet still not on the ground, just looking up at her.

“I missed you.” Angel growled softly in the back of his throat as he looked up at her.

“And I missed you.” She whispered, reaching down for his face, fingers tracing the ridges of his demon’s features. Once upon a time ago this face might have filled her with fear, but too much had happened, and all she felt when she saw Angel, be it with his demon’s face or human disguise, was love…and desire.

Chloe understood something everyone, even Angel, didn’t.

The demon and the soul were the same person, just different aspects of that person, and she loved Angel, which meant that she loved the soul which looked at her adoringly and would lay down his life for her---but she also loved the demon who would push her up against the wall possessively as they made love, and would slaughter anything that dared threaten her.

Cupping his face, Chloe brought her lips to his bottom one and teased it softly with her blunt teeth. She felt Angel’s hold on her tighten and nearly purred as she was slammed back against a tree, breath leaving her lungs in a violent whoosh before his lips took control of the kiss. A whimper of pleasure resounded in her throat, as Angel pressed his body up against hers, one hand curved under her ass, keeping her suspended easily.

Superior strength was just one of the many perks of having a vampire boyfriend.

Wrapped her legs around his waist, Chloe tightened her hold on him and brought him closer, groaning hungrily into the kiss as he hissed and pressed against her, hardening rapidly with every flick of here tongue, every little noise she made.

Angel’s free hand reached between them towards her zipper when the sound of laughter caused them to both growl in irritation and pull away. The cemetery was close to the road, and many people walking home from the Bronze tended to pass through here.

Sighing in annoyance, Chloe felt Angel’s forehead press against hers, his hands going to her hips, his body still pinning hers to the tree. “How was your summer?”

Angel chuckled darkly, tightening his hold on her. “How was yours? Got tired of Smallville yet?”

She smiled, amused. “You’re still annoyed that I went all summer, aren’t you?”

His only answer was a slightly petulant snarl that did nothing to strike fear in her heart.

Chloe reached for the front of his shirt and clenched her fist in the material, thinking back to her summer in Smallville with a frown of concern.

Vampires had suddenly decided that Smallville was the place to be, and it’d led to many innocent people being killed. Lana Lang would have joined their ranks if Chloe hadn’t been patrolling the cemetery that night.

The only good thing that’d come out of this whole situation was that Chloe and Clark had been able to come out to each other about the many secrets they’d been keeping, making their friendship stronger than it’d ever been.

“It was…it was nice to see everyone again. I keep on forgetting just how much I miss Clark and Pete until I see them again.” She moved slightly to nuzzle his neck with her face when he made a little annoyed sound at that. “But I missed you terribly.”

Angel’s grip on her loosened slightly as he whiffed her hair, eyes closed, relaxing now that the initial desperateness of their reunion had melted.

Chloe smiled against his skin, not wanting to ever let go.

It’d taken her a lot of fighting with Angel’s sweet yet annoying need to protect her (even from himself) to get them this far. It was only after her nearly dying in a boiler room that had finally triggered their first kiss, and even after that Angel had held back whenever they touched or kissed, treating her like a beloved, crystal figurine.

It’d been cute at first.

And then it’d gotten annoying.

She wasn’t fragile.

Not since dying.

She’d wanted him to be roughing, surer, needed him to be, and yet all of her pleas had fallen onto stubborn ears.

Angel had wanted to protect her from his true nature, from his deeper, darker desires, had wanted to keep her pure and untainted.

He hadn’t realized that she hadn’t been pure and untainted for a while now.

Ever since coming to Sunnydale something had started changing in Chloe, and ever since her death at the hands of the Master on the night that he opened the Hellmouth the blonde had lost all innocence.

There was something dark and hungry and angry in her that’d wanted more than Angel was giving her, and it’d started to annoy her by the time she’d come back from Spring Break. She’d pushed and provoked and angered Angel on purpose, admittedly saying things she didn’t think, anything, just to get a reaction from him.

He’d been patient throughout it all, respecting her, putting up with her when she was acting like an all-out brat.

When all she wanted was for him to just stop it already and move their relationship to the next level.

Angel hadn’t wanted to.

Well, he had ‘wanted’ to, but he’d been too scared. What if he hurt her, what if he used too much of his strength and broke something, what if he vamped out and ate her?

She’d pointed out that two of his ancestors had already tried that and failed, and if they had been unable to finish the job she doubted he would.

Of course, that reminder hadn’t endeared him to her cause, only reminding Angel of what his own bloodline had done to her.

In the end, it’d taken a week of pure fighting, a threat to find a way to ‘un-invite’ him to her house, another week of silent treatment on her half, a couple of dancing episodes in the Bronze with random males intended to evilly punish Angel, and then finally Chloe breaking up with him…for Angel to just snap and throw her up against the alley wall behind the Bronze.

It hadn’t been soft or sweet or romantic.

But she’d loved it.

The feeling of Angel inside of her, not only manhood but his fangs, had been the most heady, incredible and addictive feeling ever.

For once that something within her had stilled, not restless and anxious and pacing and waiting.

After that night, Chloe had been unable to walk straight for a couple of days, but she’d grinned foolishly for weeks to come and had been in such a good mood that no one dared question her about it for fear of bringing back the snappish, angry Chloe she’d been lately.

But Sam had avoided her for a couple of days anyway.

She probably deserved it.

Chloe had had to admit that during that intense, horny, unsatisfied time in her life before Angel finally lost it and gave into her, she’d been kinda mean and bitchy and (as Dean put it later) somewhat scary.

“It’s…it’s been…quiet…lately.” Angel finally spoke, his demon’s face shifting to his human disguise as he finally pulled away, holding her hands in his. “Tonight was actually the only night I’ve had much activity.”

Is it because of me? Chloe tried to keep those questions out of her mind.

She couldn’t let it drive her insane.

Angel suddenly chuckled, shaking his head. “The Master would be rolling in his grave if he knew what we almost did above it.”

That comment caused Chloe to tense, looking downwards and realizing just what tree Angel had pushed her up against.

After the Hellmouth opened, Giles had supervised the ceremony of burying the Master. They’d buried the bones by the biggest tree in the middle of the cemetery, Giles and lying the bones deep into the earth and the girls pouring holy water onto each layer of dirt they’d shoveled onto the remains.

They’d even gotten to wear robes.

It’d been a solemn, quiet event, and no one really felt all that secure. Well, Chloe didn’t feel all that secure, even if it was only his bones.

“Walk me home?” Chloe asked, pushing away from the tree and pulling Angel along with her.

She hadn’t been able to wait to see Angel, and the moment she’d heard her father going out to bed, happy to have her back home ‘safe and sound’ (poor, wonderful, deluded man) she’d snuck out of her room through her balcony to search for her boyfriend in the one place she knew he would be.

Of course, she’d had to drop down her balcony, on the second floor, so she’d need Angel’s help if she wanted to get back up.

“Have you talked to any of your friends since you came back?” Angel asked, tightening his hold on her hand as they began to walk away from the tree that stood as marker for the Master’s grave. “They have been somewhat different since you left.”

“What do you mean?” Chloe asked, curiously, wondering what it said about her life that she was in a cemetery at night, knowing that bloodthirsty vampires roamed the night seeking prey, and it didn’t scare her as much as it should.

“Tense.” Angel replied slowly after a moment’s thought. “The Winchesters have been on edge lately, I think they’re father has something to do about it.” He paused. “I don’t like him.”

“I don’t like him either.” Chloe growled, remembering the bruise on Sam’s face.

“The Slayer, though, has been quite content.” Angel replied with an amused snort. “Every time I ran into her patrolling or I had to see Rupert for some reason or the other they were always together, and her scent radiates happiness.”

Chloe turned her gaze on him, curious. “Do you think they---?”

“No.” He shook his head. “I don’t think Rupert really understands the bond he has with his Slayer as yet, and just how strong that bond truly is.”

The vampire rubbed his thumb against the skin of her hand as they exited the cemetery, reaching the road and turning towards the direction that would lead them to her house.

“So, how was Smallville?”

Chloe hesitated, before looking up at him. “Active. Hellmouthy active.”

He frowned immediately. “What?”

The blonde sighed. “It had happened over the Spring Break too, but there’d only been like three vampires, so I really hadn’t thought it mentionable. I thought it was a fluke, I mean, I’ve dealt with humans infected with the meteor vampire virus, but never real vampires. Not in Smallville. Not until Spring Break.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He growled, grip on her tightening.

“I told you, I thought it wasn’t important, and anyway, I’d managed to stake the vampires easily enough.” Chloe brought his hand to her mouth and kissed it in apology. “But this time when I got to Smallville more vampires appeared. And they were more vicious.”

“How many?” Came the growl.

Chloe hesitated.


She breathed in. “Twenty.”

“Twenty.” Angel’s face was emotionless as he stopped walking and turned towards her, making her look up at him. “Twenty.”

She winced. “Angel--.”

Twenty vampires, and you didn’t even think about calling and telling me?” He growled, eyes flickering gold. “At least calling the Slayer?!?”

“I’m sorry.” She’d known she shouldn’t have told him! He was maniacally overprotective when it came to her! “But both you and Buffy were here guarding the Hellmouth, and I thought that was more important!”

“Chloe! Nothing is more important to me! Not even the goddamned Hellmouth!” Angel snapped at her, eyes going pure molten gold in his fury, demon face appearing instantly. His hands went to her shoulders and shook her. “You could have been killed! Do you think I’ll care about what happens to this world if you’re not in it?!?”

Chloe’s eyes widened in utter shock at those words. “B-b-but you’ve been p-protecting it long before I--!”

“Yes, before you.” Angel sighed, losing all anger and just seeming tired. “Chloe, before you a lot of things were different and I had no real reason for doing what I did other than to try and selfishly make myself feel better for all the things I did in my life as Liam, and as Angelus. But when you came along I finally had a valid reason for doing what I did. I was doing it to protect you.”

Chloe looked up at him, unable to believe she’d managed to snag such an amazing guy, smile beginning to curve her lips. “Angel…”

“Don’t. I can’t stay angry with you when you say my name like that.” He grumbled, looking away.

Chuckling softly, Chloe moved forwards and hugged him, pressing her cheek against his chest, inhaling his scent and sighing contentedly. “I love you.”

He resisted for a good two seconds before his arms went around her and he kissed the top of her head. “And I love you.”

She knew.

And that confidence made her happier than anything else.

She knew that whatever would happen, they’d love each other. “Let’s go sleep.”

Angel chuckled and nodded, picking her up easily in his arms before hurrying back to her home with his vampire speed. He vaulted up easily and soundlessly onto her balcony, before pulling across her sliding door and entering the home he secretly spent most of his time in since they’d started officially going out.

If only Gabe Sullivan knew that his daughter hardly ever slept alone on her bed…

Thankfully he never did though, as Angel usually left and was in the sewers by the time the sun was starting to poke its way out of the darkness of the night.

Kicking off their shoes and pants, Chloe and Angel got into her bed and she yawned, tired, smiling as he pulled her back against him, arm around her waist possessively.

“Sleep, Little One.” He pressed a kiss to the back of her neck.

“Night, my Angel.” Chloe whispered, falling asleep, and resting better than she had all summer.



Chloe staggered and nearly fell over with the unexpected force as she found herself with an armful of Slayer the next morning after getting out of her father’s car and heading up the stairs toward the school campus. “Hey Buffy.” She laughed, hugging her friend. “Missed me?”

Buffy gave her a squeeze, pulling away. “Don’t ever go away again! Please! I spent all summer with just pure men! I was about to go insane!”

“Really.” Chloe snorted as they began to walk to the school. “Angel said you radiated happiness every single time he saw you.”

Buffy grumbled something about nosy vampires before looking up at her friend. “It’s been cool hanging out with Giles without having to balance school and mom, you know? And I’ve been having to run interference between him and Ms. Calendar. Can you believe she’s still interested in him?” She snorted. “You’d think she’d take a hint and leave him alone. He is so not interested in that Technopagan!”

Chloe grinned, always finding the jealousy Buffy had concerning her computer science teacher amusing. “How about the Winchesters? How are they doing?”

Buffy paused, frowning and looking all around as if thinking they might have an eavesdropper, before lowering her voice and leaning closer towards Chloe. “Not good, Chlo. They’re not doing good at all.”

She frowned, worried. “Angel said they’d been tense. What happened?”

The Slayer sighed. “Their dad went missing at the beginning of summer and they didn’t know what exactly to do. What if he’d just up and left them? What about Child Services and all that?”

“I can’t believe no one told me about this!” Chloe cried out. “Are they okay? Did their father come back?”

“Yeah, in the end he did.” Buffy looked violent. “But he was injured, and in a pissy mood, and I think he’s been riding up on their cases harder than usual. The---the other day they both had bruises.” Her hands went to her hips. “They wouldn’t talk to me or Giles about it, but now that you’re here maybe you can get them to talk. You know they trust you.”

“They trust you and Giles as well.” Chloe looped her arm around Buffy’s.

“But they don’t feel the same comfortableness around us as they do you.” Buffy explained. “I don’t think you realize it, Chloe, no matter how many times we tell you it, but you’re different. You make us feel comfortable and accepted in our own skins and we can’t help but come to you with our problems.”

Chloe blushed, ducking her gaze. “We’re always helping each other. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” Buffy agreed wryly, shaking her head. “And talking about the remaining members of our Scooby Gang.”

Chloe looked up as Jenny, Giles, Sam and Dean turned to corner, talking.

Buffy pouted, noticing Jenny. “That woman’s like a leech!”

But Chloe didn’t have time to say anything because they’d noticed her, and she didn’t even manage to blink before squealing as Sam reached her, swinging her around and hugging her, and then Dean pushed him out of the way and hugged her as well.

“Hey boys.” She laughed, looking up at them when they’d finally put her down. “Missed me any?”

“Not at all.” The Winchesters grinned.

Laughing, she hugged them tightly. “Well, I missed you two a lot.” Letting go she turned to Giles and Jenny Calendar, grinning. “And you guys as well.”

Giles smiled and nodded in her direction, Jenny grinning and holding out her arms to be hugged.

They all huddled into their growing group of friends, listening to Chloe as she told them about Smallville…told them the truth, as Angel had made her promise she would. They were all a little bothered by the fact that the vampires had only appeared in Smallville when Chloe did, and that their numbers had increased during the length of her stay.

But, she hadn’t told them about the Master yet.

She hadn’t---she hadn’t told them what he’d said to her before killing her that night.

She hadn’t even told Angel.

The only person she’d been able to tell was Clark, but that was because he was removed form the situation and could give her an unbiased opinion.

Chloe knew she should tell her friends and boyfriend about the possibility---even if it was supposed impossible---but she just couldn’t. It wasn’t because she didn’t trust them, but if she told them then it would make it more real somehow, and she didn’t want it to.

Thankfully, the bell rung and they had to go to their classes, cutting the talk shorter, and then after school Buffy and the others trained with Giles, Chloe now able to join in with them although she usually trained with Angel, thus her fighting style was completely different than theirs and she found it a little awkward doing Giles’ grills.

But she didn’t say anything, just tried to do it the way the others were, feeling kinda clumsy and out of her element, and knowing it was showing.

Collapsing on the sofa at home much later, Chloe sighed and closed her eyes, tuning out the sound of the program her father watched faithfully every night he managed to come home early.

“Hard day?” Gabe asked sympathetically, tearing his gaze from the screen.

“Just a little.” Chloe smiled, opened her eyes as she looked at him. “And you?”

“It’s okay.” He grinned. “Being the manager of this branch is hard but fun at the same time. Only problem is that there are going to be some meetings in Metropolis that I’m going to have to attend, and I don’t like the thought of leaving you here by yourself.” He frowned. “Do you think Buffy’s mother would mind you spending the time at her place?”

“Dad, I’m a big girl.” Chloe made a face at him. “I’ve stayed home alone for weeks in Smallville when Lionel had you managing that plant. I think I can protect myself from the evils of a place named Sunnydale.”

He eyed her thoughtfully before suddenly his face shifted into that of a demon. “But can you protect Sunnydale from yourself?”

Chloe’s eyes widened in horror and she shot up from her seat. “No.” She whispered in horror, shaking her head. “NO! Dad!”

“Daddy’s right here, sweetie pea.” Gabe sneered, fangs showing, as he came towards her slowly.

Tears began to form in Chloe’s eyes as she shook her head in denial, seeing her father’s demon face. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered, collapsing to her knees. “I should have been here! I should have protected you! I---I’m so sorry!”

How could she have gone and spent 3 months in Smallville when she knew her father was living alone and clueless on a Hellmouth? How could she have been so selfish? How---?

Insane giggles caused Chloe to look up, remembering the nightmare in Smallville, wiping the tears from her horrified eyes as the same female vampiress with long dark hair and flowing gown entered the living room, clasping her doll to her heart.

“Hello my precious.” She giggled, beautiful human eyes on Chloe as she walked passed Gabe and knelt down on the ground before the blonde. “Do you want to play?”

“Did you do this to him?” Chloe battled anger and fear.

She’d dusted vampires on her own, but there was something about this female that scared her unlike anything she’d ever felt before in her whole life.

“I don’t play with Pawns when I could play with a Queen.” She giggled, leaning forwards and taking a sniff. “Where’s your King? Your Knights? Your Bishop and Tower?”

Chloe vaguely got the reference to chess, despite her referring to the Rook as the Tower.

“Why do they leave you so defenseless all alone on the board?” The vampiress pouted, sitting down comfortably, reaching forwards to run her fingers through Chloe’s hair, shivering in delight. “All alone, all defenseless, walls crumbling down and armies invading. Helpless. Readying to be striped and captured, readying for your flag to be taken down, and ours to be replaced, flying high in the crimson sky as heaven comes crashing down.”

“You’re insane.” Chloe whispered, shivering, pressing back against the bottom of her seat to try and get as far away from the vampiress, from the touch, as possible.

“Mean mean mean…” The brunette pouted, scooting closer. “Miss Edith doesn’t like mean girls.”

Chloe gulped, trying to get herself to do something, to push the vampiress away and search for a weapon, to dust her ass, but she couldn’t move, unable to look away from those eyes. “What do you want?”

The brunette suddenly smiled brightly, looking innocent and harmless. “What do we all want, Silly? To be close to home, to hell.” She giggled, scooting closer before shocking the terrified blonde by resting against her, hugging the doll to her chest and closing her eyes with a purr as she rested her head against Chloe’s frantically beating heart. “We want our own living hell.”

Gasping awake, Chloe struggled at the hold on her desperately, terrified.

“Chloe!” Angel’s voice broke through her nightmarish haze. “Calm down, Little One, it was only a dream. You’re safe.”

Chloe turned to look at her boyfriend, who was still dressed and wearing combat boots and his demon face, obviously having just arrived from patrolling late into the night. “Nightmare?”

“Aye.” He nodded, his Irish accent slipping into his voice slightly as he sat down on the bed and looked at her, worried, hand cupping the side of her face. “What did you dream about?” His face shifted to its human disguise. “I could feel your terror from outside. I---I thought you were being attacked.”

“I---.” Chloe brought her hand to her rapidly beating heart, concentrating, trying to remember what she’d dreamt, but she couldn’t. It was like an illusive fairy, dancing and giggling out of reach playfully. “I can’t remember.”

Angel watched her, worried. “This isn’t good.”

She looked up at him. “What do you mean?”

“The last time your nightmares were this violent the Apocalypse was about to happen.” Angel reminded her.

Chloe raised an eyebrow. “How did you know that I had nightmares before the Hellmouth was opened?”

Angel’s eyes suddenly widened and he looked away. If he had been human he would be blushing right about now. “I---I might have watched over you while you slept…”

Her eyes widened and she snorted in laughter. “You stalker!”

“I was protecting you!” He defended, embarrassed.

Shaking her head, giggling, Chloe reached for him and pulled him so that he was sitting next to her. The blonde leaned her head against his shoulder. “How was patrol? You stayed out later than usual.”

Angel sighed, moving his arm so that it was around her shoulder and he pulled her close against him. “It’s the Anointed One. He’s been gathering forces somewhere in town for a while now, and I’m not sure why.”

“Do Buffy and Giles know about this?” Chloe asked, pushing away from Angel and slipping out of bed, going to his feet to begin to undo the strings to his boots, restless and wanting him in bed, knowing that she wouldn’t sleep otherwise.

Angel nodded silently, eyes intense on her as she knelt before him, tugging off one boot and turning to work on the other. “They are confident that now that they’ve killed the Master and have been training nonstop all summer that they are capable of handling whatever comes their way.”

“They are an amazing duo.” Chloe tugged off the other boot and slapped his legs in a silent command for him to get under the sheets as she circled to her side of the bed and did the same. The blonde curled up against Angel, his arm around her back, hers over his chest. “And anyway, we’re an amazing team. Together there’s nothing we can’t stop.”

“Don’t underestimate the Anointed One just because he looks like a child.” Angel chided softly, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “He has power over the rest of them. They’ll do anything for him.”

Chloe sighed. “Scary thought.”

“Nothing we can do about it tonight though.” Angel agreed, pulling her a little closer. “Now sleep. I’ll be here if there’s another nightmare.”

“I know.” And with a small smile Chloe snuggled closer and fell into a peaceful sleep.


“So he spends his nights at your place.” Sam announced slowly, oddly, looking down at his notebook as they congregated in the library after school the next day. “Don’t you think that’s kinda, I don’t know, disrespectful to your dad…? Or something?”

Chloe snorted, raising an eyebrow at him. “Sam, I’m telling everyone that the Anointed One is gathering vampire forces somewhere, obviously looking for an army to do some really not-nice stuff to the denial-loving people of Sunnydale…and this is the part of my story that you’re picking up on?”

He blushed, still not looking up from his notebook. “I’m just saying, Chlo, I mean, I--,” he took in a deep breath before continuing. “I know you’re in a relationship with Angel, but maybe you’re going a little too fast with this? I mean…you should be more careful. You could---uhm---get a vampire STD or something.”

Buffy looked away, the fight to keep from laughing plain on her face.

Dean kinda looked amused and yet sympathetic at his brother at the same time.

Giles cleared his throat and looked away.

When he’d realized before the summer that Chloe and Angel’s relationship had become intimate he’d taken her aside and talked to her in an embarrassed yet utterly father way. He’d told her not to do anything that she felt forced to do, but if she was old enough to face Apocalypses and fight in the war against good and evil she was old enough to choose what to do with her sex life.

He just hadn’t wanted her to feel pressured into doing anything before she was ready because of Angel, stating that vampires were ‘known for being extremely sexual creatures’.

Chloe had loved Giles for the embarrassing talk, and even more when Angel confessed to her a couple of nights later that the Watcher had threatened to ‘pin him down in a pool of holy water, and shove a crucifix up an unmentionable orifice before staking his sorry arse’, if he ever hurt her. And the Watcher had apparently said this all with a smile on his face.

“Again, I say, so not the reason I brought up this topic.” Chloe sent Sam a look, wondering why he refused to look at her, before shaking her head and turning to Giles. “I know you and Buffy and the Winch Bros have been training hard all summer, and I know that we’re a strong group----I mean, hello, we did stop the Hellmouth from opening.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“But let’s not forget that the Master saw the Anointed as some sort of prodigy. He was Anointed to do something, and I doubt it was only to lead Buffy to the Master.” Chloe pressed onwards. “Plus, I don’t know, I’ve had this hinky feeling since I came back.”

Giles’ raised an eyebrow and pulled off his glasses. “Hinky?”

“Kinda like nervous or suspicious.” Buffy translated.

“Thank you.” Giles responded before returning his attention to Chloe. “The Hellmouth seems…hinky…to you? Since you’ve come back?”

“Well…no.” Chloe admitted, shaking her head. “Actually, I really don’t feel the hellmouth much anymore since it was completely closed without any masters caught in the middle of it and earth thus keeping it kinda cracked open. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can still pick up on the mystical energies that will always be around here as long as there’s a Hellmouth---as will the vampires and demons out there, thus still making this Demonlandia---but it’s not the same magnitude anymore.”

Everyone looked at her curiously, and kinda confused.

“Anyway, I just have this hinky feeling on my own, and I’ve been having nightmares I can’t remember again.” She made a face. “Who knows though, maybe it’s my body getting readjusted to being in direct contact with the energies again for the first time in three months, but I’m just saying that we shouldn’t take it for granted.”

“Chloe’s right.” Dean finally spoke up. “It’s like the Condom Theory.”

Giles blinked, eyes wide. “Condom theory?”

“Yeah, English, the Condon Theory!” Dean exclaimed, looking horrified. “What kinda man do you call yourself if you don’t know something as simple and elemental and basic as the Condom Theory?”

Giles raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

Dean sighed. “Condom Theory. You know…better have a condom in your wallet and not need it than to need it and not have it in your wallet?”

Sam turned to Chloe, eyes wide. “You do use protection…right?”

“Samuel Winchester!” Cheeks flushing scarlet, Chloe turned her back on him and refused to look in his direction while Buffy couldn’t keep it in any longer and burst out in laughter.

Giles colored slightly at both the apparently famous Condom Theory and the conversation of Chloe’s sex life, taking off his glasses and wiping them despite the fact that they were suspiciously clean. “Well, uhm…yes, well, I have been looking through some journals and books since Angel’s visit, but I haven’t found anything else about the Anointed or what could be happening.”

Chloe smiled, happy to realize that Giles hadn’t taken Angel’s words for granted and had been doing some research on his own.

“I will continue, though. There might be something that I’m missing.” Giles put back on his glasses. “I’ll take the volume home with me.”

Dean turned to Giles. “Does this mean we have the night off?”

The Watcher nodded, getting up to find said volumes.

“Great!” Dean turned to the others. “I heard that Cibo Matto’s gonna be at the Bronze tonight.”

“Cibo Matto?” Buffy’s eyes widened. “Oh! We are so Bronzing tonight!”

“You coming?” Sam asked Chloe.

Still, a little embarrassed by his direct questioning of her and Angel’s sex life, Chloe just nodded, looking at her nails. “Yeah, Angel’ll be patrolling by himself close to where he thinks the Anointed might be gathering the vampires, so I have nothing to do anyway.”

“Great!” Sam grinned, before clearing his throat and dialing his smile down a few notches. “I mean, it’ll be great if he can find out where they are and what they’re doing. He’d probably feel a little out of place amongst us anyway, since it’ll just be the four of us and---.”

“Why don’t we invite Amy?” Chloe suddenly asked, remembering something from today and turning to grin at Sam teasingly. “I don’t know what changed over the summer, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off of you in Art today!” She nudged Sam’s shoulder playfully. “Is there something you’re not sharing with the rest of the class?”

Sam frowned slightly, looking away from her. “You know how Amy’s mom was a witch? Well, she gave me some of her mom’s magical theory books to look over, we’ve been talking about it together since I usually do that with you but you’ve been gone for three months.”

Chloe wondered at the odd tone in his voice before shrugging it off, deciding he was probably too shy to admit to crushing on Amy. “Well, I think we should invite her along, I haven’t really spent any time with her since the thing with her mom.”

“Yeah, sure.” Sam stood, grabbing his stuff. “Come on Dean, we should get home before dad if we want to get the stuff ready and go out tonight.”

“Sure.” Dean nodded, suddenly subdued as well as he stood. “See you girls later.”

Chloe watched them go, worried, before turning to Buffy.

The Slayer just shrugged. “Like I said, things aren’t good at home.”

Chloe bit her bottom lip, worried.

Buffy stood. “I heard Amy being asked by Mrs. Tishler to stay back after school for something, so I’ll go see if she’s still here and invite her to go Bronzing.”

Chloe nodded.

Buffy turned towards Giles’ office. “See you Giles!”

“Tomorrow.” Giles called back, apparently already deep into the volume.

Buffy grinned at him before hurrying out.

Chloe stayed alone at the table. She’d planned on catching the second bus out, but something kept her in her seat, a weird, heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach, her bones seeming kinda warm.

The doors swung open and Cordelia Chase grinned as she sauntered towards the table, dressed like a supermodel. “I was just passed by and saw the rejects leaving and figured you must have stayed behind and it was safe to come up in here.”

Chloe, pulled out of the strange feeling, looked up at Cordelia and smiled, going to hug her hello. “Hey! How was your summer?”

They both sat down by the table once more.

Cordelia Chase, Dean’s true love and greatest source of annoyance and anger, had lost a bit of her edge when it came to Buffy’s group, but she still didn’t want to get caught dead seen with them. Yet she’d taken to Chloe after the blonde had saved her life during the Harvest, and after the secret world of Sunnydale was showed to her when the Hellmouth had been opened, she’d gotten closer to Chloe.

Beneath that self-centered top layer, there was a genuinely nice girl deep deep down inside. She just didn’t like other people realizing that. Or maybe she didn’t even realize it herself.

“It’s was a nightmare,” Cordelia intoned dramatically. “I mean, my parents promised me they’d take me to St. Croix, and then they just decide to go to Tuscany.” She exhaled in horror. “Art and buildings? I was totally beachless for a month and a half. No one has suffered like I have.”

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip. “That does sound horrible.”

“Thank you for seeing my plight!” Cordelia announced, as if surprised that not many others had. “Of course, I think that that kind of adversity builds character. Well, then I thought, I already have a lot of character.” She paused, frowning curiously. “Is it possible to have too much character?”

Chloe thought the question over seriously before shaking her head. “No, I don’t, actually.”

Cordelia smiled. “Me neither.” She leaned against the seat. “So, how was your summer, Chloe? Where did you go again? Was it any fun? Did you see any cute boys?”

And she actually waited to hear.

Cordelia usually didn’t care about anything but herself, and yet she seemed genuinely curious and interested.

“Well, I went back to Smallville like during Spring Break, and I stayed with my friend, and there might have been a vampire or two but it was still fun.” Chloe smiled. “I’m just glad that I’m back here though.”

“Well, if I had a hunk of a boyfriend like Angel I would have too.” Cordelia grinned, before looking away. “So…how’s Dean doing?”

Chloe wondered why those two preferred to be so stubborn and not just get together for crying out loud.

“I don’t know.” The blonde admitted truthfully. “I just got back but from what I’ve been seeing, things don’t look too good.”

Cordelia sighed, leaning forwards against the table. “That’s what I thought when I saw him yesterday and today. He looks like he hasn’t had much sleep and…” she looked up at Chloe. “Okay, I don’t want to be spreading his news anywhere, but you’re different, you’re close to him and maybe you could help.”

Chloe frowned, leaning closer to her. “What do you mean?”

“It’s---it’s their dad.” Cordelia whispered, leaning even closer so that their faces were almost touching. “During the time that I dated Dean the man freaked me out. He’s a total sleaze ball and I know that he used to hit them whenever he got in his moods.”

“I know.” Chloe growled as she remembered the bruise on Sam’s face that time. “But at least they’ve started defending themselves and standing up to him.”

“It’s not just that.” Cordelia looked around her nervously before continuing. “One night I was sneaking to the house and I---I saw him. I mean, he drove home early from one of his ‘business trip’” she ‘air quoted’ for emphasis “and he got out of the car and I saw inside. There were all these guns and knives.”

Chloe’s eyes widened. “What?”

“And they had blood all over them.” Cordelia whimpered at the memory, shivering even, clearly shaken. “He caught me and threw me up against the car, this huge bloody machete against my neck.” Her hands went to her neck and gulped, lost in the memory. “He told me that if I ever told anyone what I’d seen that he knew where I lived, and that if I knew what was best for everyone that I’d stop seeing Dean and not have any contact with him.”

Suddenly everything about Cordelia’s conflicting reactions to Dean were making sense.

“I broke up with Dean the next day.” Cordelia whispered, wiping at a stray tear, before leaning back in her seat. “It hurt me so bad because I loved him so much, but I was so scared Chloe, and sometimes I’m so ashamed of myself for having done it but I---.”

Chloe got out of her chair and hugged the girl.

Cordelia stiffened in surprise, obviously not used to people touching her, before she broke down and hugged Chloe tightly, crying all the tears of embarrassment and shame and fear that she’d been holding deep within her for so long.

“Help him.” She begged, hold onto Chloe desperately. “I couldn’t, but its getting worse and I know he’s going to hurt them somehow, I just feel it! I---Please.”

“I’ll do everything in my power.” Chloe promised.

“He’ll kill me.” Cordelia whimpered, scared. “He told me that if I told anyone he’d kill me and now he’s going to kill me but I need you to help Dean! I--.”

And then there was only crying.

Chloe held Cordelia tighter.

Neither girl realizing that when Dean had seen Cordelia heading towards the library he’d followed and hidden outside to be able to hear her without being seen, and now stood frozen in shock and horror outside the library doors.


For some reason the Bronze was kinda weird.

Dean kept looking all around the room, nearly getting up from the table every time he saw a pretty brunette girl enter the building, only to sit back down with disappointment and growing anxiety.

Chloe wondered if he was waiting for Cordelia.

The brunette had told her that she wouldn’t miss Ciba Matto for the world and planned on being there from early, but hadn’t arrived as yet.

Buffy was chatting happily with Amy since Sam, for some odd reason, was kinda ignoring her.

That, coupled with her worry for Angel on his patrol/stealth mission, annoyed Chloe slightly.

What exactly was Sam’s game?

She knew he was super intelligent.

So he should know that he should shower the girl he had a crush on with as much interest as possible as to give her a clue as to what his true feelings for her were. He needed to show Amy that he wasn’t just interested in her as a friend, so he needed to catch her attention and keep it, talk to her, offer to get her something to drink or eat…ask her to dance…

Men are just so USELESS when it comes to romance!

“You wanna dance?” Sam asked.

Chloe turned, glad to see that Sam was taking the initiative, when she realized that Amy was giggling at something Buffy was saying, not even registering what Sam had said. She turned to Sam to sympathize with him when she realized he was looking at her nervously and kinda expectantly. “Me?”

He nodded. “Yeah, you.” He cleared his throat. “You, uh, kinda look a little nervous, so I thought it’d help you, you know, keep your mind off of whatever Angel was doing right about now.”

She smiled. “Why are you always so sweet and considerate?” She shook her head. “You’re such a great friend.”

Sam’s smile dampened slightly before brightening again. “So, is that a yes?”

She sent a look in Amy’s direction, seeing her busy with Buffy, and then nodded. “Sure. Why not?”

Sam led her out to the dance floor and Chloe laughed as they danced to the rapid beat. She’d only really planned on dancing one dance, but then one turned into another and another, until they were slow dancing. Chloe smiled as they swayed slowly side to side.

Like Angel, Sam made her feel safe, one of the reasons she usually gravitated towards him in their little group. His relationship with her reminded her somewhat of her relationship with Clark, except there was no past/present unrequited love in the way to make things awkward and tense between them.

She was about to comment on that when Chloe suddenly felt something curling in her stomach in feral recognition.

Tensing, Chloe’s gaze went to the dancers and she saw a platinum blonde head leaving the Bronze, wearing a long black leather duster. “Um, Sam, I’ll be right back.” Not knowing why she felt the need to follow, Chloe gave Sam a quick smile before hurrying out of the Bronze after the anonymous figure.

In the cool night air, Chloe looked back and forth in the darkness, trying to figure out where the stranger had disappeared to.

A sound to her right caused her to turn and run in that direction, not even stopping to realize that she’d left her bag with her stake on the table.

Chloe was a creature of instinct, had always been, even while in Smallville and still cherishing her dream of working at the Daily Planet, so she didn’t really question this need. She followed the direction she thought the male had disappeared to, not sure why she needed to, and stopped when she smelt cigarette smoke in the air.

Sniffing, she looked towards the cemetery when she heard furious whispering.

Frowning, Chloe looked around her before sneaking into the cemetery, crouching behind some bushes as she inched towards the sounds.

A hand came down on her shoulder and another around her mouth, muffling her scream.


Swearing to kill Sam later for nearly giving her that heart attack, Chloe settled for giving him an angry glare before they both turned their attention to the grand tree at the center of the cemetery.

The marker of the Master’s grave.

There were at least twenty vampires around the grave, shovels stabbing into the dirt as they dug.

A black vampire stood next to the Anointed one, a small boy with black hair.

The black vampire turned to two others who were without shovels, watching. “Don’t just stand there. Dig! We have to hurry!”

The two vampires got on their knees and began to dig using their hands, the ground burning them.

“The ground is consecrated!” One cried out. “It burns!”

The Anointed one sneered down uncaringly. “Dig.”

The two vampires continued digging by hand. The grave was shallow, and they soon unearthed the Master's skull.

Sam tensed as the skull was raised, rejoicing coming from the vampires.

Chloe reached out and grabbed his hand, urging him to stay down, trying to tell him without words that they were out numbered and didn’t stand a chance against those vampires. The only thing they could do was stay hidden and go tell the others what had happened.

“Dig.” The Anointed ordered, holding the skull in the air as a sort of incentive.

The vampires all threw themselves more arduously into their work.

When their attention was on the work at hand, the Anointed turned his head toward the bushes where they hid, and Chloe’s eyes widened as they connected with his.

He knew she was there.

The Anointed smirked at her and returned his attention to the digging, not revealing their presence to the vampires.

Confused, Chloe motioned to Sam that it was time for them to leave, and silently they managed to do so, running back to the Bronze as fast as they could.

They’d hurried to the Bronze, told Buffy and Dean while Amy was in the bathroom, and then Buffy had called Giles as the teenagers hurried back to the cemetery only to find it empty, the Master’s remains gone. The Watcher had told them that there was nothing they could do for now. He’d mentioned never hearing of a successful revivification ritual, but that didn’t help them feel any better.

In fact, Chloe was sure that none of them had slept the whole night if everyone’s restlessness and the dark bags under their eyes the next day had anything to say about it. She barely managed to pay attention in school, and when the bell had rung they’d shown their first sign of life, rushing to the library, where Giles had been waiting on them.

“Did you tell Angel?” The Watcher asked Chloe.

“Yeah, the moment he came over last night.” Chloe nodded. “He said that he’d never heard of a successful revivification either, but that it would make sense. He’ll be here as soon as---.”

“I’m here.” Angel appeared through the back of the library, having made his way in from the sewers through the basement and up through the backroom and the stacks.

“Oh, Angel, so good to have you here.” Giles announced, turning to him. “I fear I know horrendously little about this.”

“I don’t think I know more than you, Rupert.” Angel sighed, going to stand behind Chloe’s seat. “I do know though, that in the time I’ve been alive, that there’s never been a successful revivification. There have been several attempts, but none that actually worked.”

“But none were done on a Hellmouth, right?” Dean asked.

Angel nodded his agreement.

“Well, everything’s different here.” Sam spoke up, eyes on Giles. “If it’s going to work, it will work here.”

Buffy frowned. “Other than the bones, what’s needed for this reviving thingy?”

Giles ran his hand over his hair. “I’ve found a badly translated copy and I’m looking for the original now, but from what I can make out, to revive the Master they need his bones and, um…the blood…this part was very unclear…the blood of the closest person---uh someone connected to the vampire.”

Chloe went still in horror.

Buffy frowned. “That’d be me.”

“Perhaps.” Giles sighed.

“We were close. We killed each other.” Buffy insisted. “It really promotes togetherness.”

Sam frowned, standing up. “Is there anything on when the ceremony might take…”

A rock came crashing through a window.

Angel twisted around and caught the large rock in his hands, frowning at the note wrapped around it and kept in place with a bracelet. He turned to Chloe. “Are you okay? Did you get any glass on you?”

“I’m fine.” She whispered, before her eyes rested on the bracelet and widened in horror. “That’s Cordelia’s.”

“What?” Dean hissed, standing up rapidly.

“She got in during her last month of summer vacation, she---she showed it to me yesterday.” She reached for the note before Dean could, unfolding the paper and reading it out loud. “Come to the Bronze before it opens, or we make her a meal.”

Dean didn’t hesitate, storming over to the chest where Giles kept the weapons. He went over the weapons, pulling out a stake and putting it in the pocket of his hoodie and grabbed a machete.

Buffy exhaled, going to the trunk as well and pulling out her trusty crossbow.

“I don’t like this.” Angel frowned.

“Nor I!” Giles agreed.

“It’s obviously a trap.” Chloe told Dean and Buffy. “You know you’re playing straight into their hands.”

“Think.” Angel stressed.

“I don’t care.” Dean narrowed his eyes. “They have Cordelia.” His gaze went to Angel. “If they had Chloe you’d do the same.”

The vampire narrowed his eyes at the young mortal before growling a little and turning to Chloe. “You, Sam and Giles stay here and try translate that passage better.”

She nodded, looking up into his face. “Take care of yourself.”

He nodded, before reaching down to claim her lips with his before turning to the others and motioning with his chin for them to leave.

Chloe watched them go before turning to Giles and Sam. “Well, come on then! Let’s get to work!”

They poured over the different manuscripts in the library, trying to find the original, and once they did Sam and Chloe sat down and felt kinda useless as they waited for Giles to translate it…which was taking a while.

Sighing, Chloe went to the bathroom. She washed her face and looked at her reflection in the mirror, unable to believe that this was only the second day back and already they were dealing with a crisis.

Her gaze was on her reflection, wondering how the others were doing, when suddenly there was a force in the back of her head, pushing it forwards violently against the glass, causing the glass to break on impact.

Her head erupted in pain and Chloe was disoriented, gaze fuzzy and ears buzzing. She would have collapsed if cold, strong arms hadn’t caught her, pulling her up into her attacker’s arms.

“Sorry ‘bout that, luv,” a British voice she felt familiar for some reason announced as the smell of cigarette smoke hung to his clothes. “But my princess was adamant that you were not to be touched by those blokes out there, and what my princess wants she gets.”

Wishing that her vision wasn’t swirling and she could see more than platinum blonde hair, white skin, and a black duster, Chloe fought to stay conscious.

He chuckled, as if amused with her struggle. “Got spirit in ya, luv, gotta give you that.” He moved her out of the bathroom, the sounds of snarls and hissing coming from the library, as well as the sound of Giles and Sam…


But she could barely keep her eyes open, the blow to her head…

“Who the hell are you?” A voice snarled behind them.

The one holding her sighed in annoyance before turning towards the voice. “Let it go, mate. You don’t wanna pick a fight with me.”

“The girl’s ours.” The vampire hissed.

Letting out another sound of annoyance, the one holding her put her down gently on the ground, her vision still blurry. The one with the platinum blonde hair stayed there, facing the vampire, and waited as it charged him.

He moved at the last second possible and twirled, slamming his fist into the back of the vampire’s head as he passed by. The rest was a blur of black as Chloe’s eyes slid closed.


Buffy and Angel hurried towards the library, injured and sore, yet not caring as they flung open the doors and stopped short when they saw the place was in shambles.

Hearing a groan from behind the table, which had been tipped over onto its side, Buffy hurried towards it. “Giles!” She knelt down in front of the bloodied Watcher as he slowly sat up, hand to his head. “What happened here?”

“Chloe?” Angel looked around frantically around and under the thrown down bookshelves and stacks.

“Vampires.” Giles responded, wincing as she pulled his hand from his head so she could get a better look at the gash on his forehead. “It was an ambush.”


Buffy looked around. “Where’s Chloe and Sam?”

“They---took Sam.” Giles let the Slayer help him up.

“Did they take Chloe?” Angel asked, coming up to them.

“I—I don’t know.” Giles responded truthfully. “She went to the bathroom before they attacked---.”

Angel was gone in an instance.

Buffy turned to Giles and looked at him seriously. “Not that you won’t find me ecstatic about this, but why did they take Sam and not you?”

“The translation in the copy was wrong.” Giles leaned against the wall. “The ritual doesn’t need someone who was connected to the Master, it needs the people who were physically close to him when he, uh, died.”

“Now it makes sense that they only took Dean from us when they ambushed us at the Bronze.” Buffy announced, running her hand over her hair. “Cordelia, Dean, Sam…they must have Ms. Calendar as well.”

“Her blood’s in the bathroom.” Angel returned, vampire face on in his fury and desperation. “Chloe was taken.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Giles frowned. “She wasn’t there when the Master was killed. She was outside with us. They should have left her alone.”

“Unless they found out about her blood.” Angel growled, reminding everyone of the reason why they’d kept her super healing

“We need to find out where they have everyone.” Buffy frowned, looking around the room, eyes narrowed, before turning to Angel. “Did you ever figure out where they were meeting? The Anointed One’s people?”

He nodded.

She drew in a deep breath. “That’s as good a place as ever. Let’s lock and load people.”

When they’d made it to the warehouse they’d found Sam, Dean, Jenny and Cordelia chained up, hanging upside and unconscious above the Master’s bones---the ritual about to begin as a black vampire held up a Kuhkri to slit their throats and bleed their blood on top of the Master’s remains.

Buffy and Angel had thrown themselves into the fight, furious, while Giles seized the opportunity to climb the ladder to the platform above to get the others off of the conveyer they were chained from.

Angel’s desperation at not knowing where Chloe was, and anger at the memory of the scent of her blood fueled his fighting, and it was vicious and scary. The Watcher and Slayer were relieved that he was fighting on their side, and Buffy shivered slightly at the thought of ever having to go up against him in battle.

Giles managed to get those chained up to safety onto the platform and went about waking them as best as he could, looking for something to break the chains around their ankles.

Between Buffy and Angel they’d managed to slay all the vampires in the warehouse except the Anointed, who’d escaped during the fighting.

When the fighting was done Angel disappeared to search the warehouse for Chloe while Buffy bent down and picked up a sledgehammer one of the vampires had been fighting with. She slowly walked over to the Master’s skeleton and looked at it for a moment before swinging the hammer back behind her and arcing it directly into the Master’s skull, shattering it to pieces.

She kept pounding and pounding at the skeleton over and over again until there was nothing left on the table except crushed bones. Only then did she stop, dropping the sledgehammer to the floor.

Buffy sneered at the crushed bone as the wind blew it away. “Now stay dead!”

Giles and the others, now awake, stepped down from the platform.

Angel reappeared, looking desperate. “She’s not here.”

“Who’s not here?” Sam looked around him, eyes widening. “Where’s Chloe?”


He leaned against the tree, looking down at the unconscious body of the nameless girl Dru had had him rescue and bring to her. He didn’t know who she was, what she was doing, who the men in the school had been or why the other vampires had wanted them, and her, so badly.

All he knew was that Dru was ill, very weak. They’d been attacked in Prague and she’d barely made it out alive. He felt guilty for that. She’d tried to warn him in her own way and he hadn’t understood it, so when she’d told him she’d wanted to come here he had.

When he’d touched that invisible heartbeat in Prague, he had thought for a moment that he truly was feeling the heartbeat of hell, but hell wasn’t a teenaged girl. And she was a girl.

A pretty one, no doubt, and there was something about her that drew him to her, but she wasn’t hell.

He’d scoped her out at the Bronze the night before, just trying to get an idea of what exactly she was, and why whatever it was that radiated from her seemed to block out everyone else around her.

When Dru had started screaming about ‘unworthies’ touching what by right wasn’t theirs he’d gone to find the wench that had his princess in a fit. But while Dru had given him instructions to where to find the girl, he really hadn’t needed them.

As soon as he’d gotten onto the school campus he’d felt her, it was as if she radiated an energy that called to his demon, that whispered dark seductive words in its head and lured it towards her. She’d been easy to sneak up on and knock out (had been quite disappointing actually) and he’d brought her to his classic 1958 Dodge Desoto FireFlite, where Dru was waiting, singing to Miss Edith and the rest of her dollies.

He’d planned on going straight to see the Annoying One---Anointed One---the moment he’d arrived in town, get Dru comfy, but the vampiress had only had the desire to know that her ‘hell’ was really there, and then to rescue her.

So now they rested up on the hill overlooking Sunnydale, the blonde waif sleeping on the grass, bathing in the moonlight, and Dru giggling as she sat next to her, placing flowers in her hair and chattering to Miss Edith about things he couldn’t rightly understand.

“Baby,” he pushed away from the tree. “You made me go in and get her. Please just eat her already.”

Dru looked up at him angrily and horrified.

He was shocked, to say the least.

“Naughty naughty, Spikey.” She wagged her finger angrily at him. “To bite without permission is to die.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “Wot?”

“I spy with my little eye, marks unseen of those who’ve been…naughty.” She chanted eerily, running a pale finger down one side of the girl’s throat. “Grandmother.” Down the other neck. “Master.” She looked up at Spike and pouted. “They didn’t have permission…they didn’t ask…they grew strong…but it didn’t last.”

Walking towards Dru, Spike bent on his knees over the sleeping girl. “You’re telling me that this bird’s blood will kill you if you drink it without permission? That---that it killed Darla and the bloody Master?”

Dru nodded her head. “Slow them down it did, first strong in might, then died in fight. But if left to their own device, they still would have died in seven nights.”

“Dead in a week?” Spike blinked, shocked. “What the bloody hell kinda blood does this bird have?”

“Not blood, my sweet. Sulfer and magic and darkness run through the veins and pump through the heart!” Dru grinned brightly, lying down next to the girl on the grass, snuggling up to her. “She’s so warm, my dark knight. I always knew hell would be warm.” She giggled like a happy child.

Spike watched her curiously.

He’d never seen Dru take to anything like she had this bird.

He looked down at the human, thoughtfully.

Well, she was kinda cute.

Maybe they could keep her.

Dru always had wanted a puppy.

“Blood, Spikey. Blood.” Dru sang.

He looked up and nodded.

She was weak, she needed blood.

The vampire sliced a cut through his wrist and offered it to her over the girl.

“Not me silly sweet. Her.” Dru giggled.

Spike paused. “The bird?”

“She is hell!” Dru insisted, sitting up once more.

“Hell…” He nodded, slowly, curiously. “You want me to feed…hell…my blood? You want me to sire her?”

“No!” Dru was looking annoyed with him. “The awakening is happening on its own, give it strength so the stars can see her better! To help her burn the icky wrongness.”

Not sure what she was talking about, Spike hesitated a second before lowering his bleeding wrist to the girl’s lips and forcing her mouth open, watching as his blood dripped inside until the slice closed up on its own.

Dru leaned over the girl’s face, whispering words in a language he didn’t know.

The girl’s eyes flew open unseeingly, the pupils bleeding midnight black until there was no other color in those orbs. Black began to pump through her veins, showing through her skin, her fingernails changing to black as well as her lips. And then in a blink of the eye she was normal again, all the black bleeding out of her eyes and fading from her veins and nails.

She looked as she had moments ago.

“That was…bloody interesting.”

Dru giggled, clapping her hands together. “We must return her, Spike. She mustn’t know. Until the stars tell her so and she's burnt it all away.”

Spike frowned. “You want to bloody return her to the school?”

She smiled at him.

Spike groaned, unable to go against that smile. “Alright, alright. We’ll take the bloody bi---hell. We’ll take your precious pet back to where I took her from and then we’re going to find a place to hide from the daylight. It’s almost dawn.”

Dru giggled and nodded, accepting his helping hand as they both stood and then he bent and picked up the girl, giving her a sniff, wondering why she didn’t exactly smell human.

Then there was this thing about her killer blood.

And what exactly had his dark princess done to her?

Spike frowned as he walked back to the De Soto and Dru followed, the male wondering what exactly they’d gotten themselves into.
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