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Sam & Priestly --- What Makes You Different 
5th-Feb-2010 11:10 pm
Disclaimer: Don't own Supernatural or Ten Inch Hero or the song What Makes You Different by Backstreet Boys.

WARNING: SLASH. Boy x Boy. Don't like? Don't watch---you won't like what you see.

SUMMARY: Sam met Priestly while studying in Stanford, and they became best friends, and somewhere along the line he fell in love with the mohawk wearing guy. Sam just loves everything that's different about Priestly, and he wants to tell him that, and let Priestly know his real feelings for him, but every time he tries to tell Priestly something happens or he chickens out or he gets jealous of Priestly's friendship with a female worker. In the end he finally tells Priestly how he feels, and realizes that Priestly feels the same.

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