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SuperSlayerVille: Season Two 5/11 
10th-Feb-2010 07:58 pm
SuperSlayerVille Season One
Title: SuperSlayerVille: Season Two
Sequel to: SuperSlayerVille: InterSeason
Pairings: Chloe/Angel(us), some Dean/Cordelia, slight Buffy/Giles, Chloe/Spike, Chloe/Sam
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Supernatural
Overall Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don't own the series mentioned
Summary: Chloe is back in Sunnydale, and so are the baddies...especially the remaining members of Angelus' family, Dru and Spike...with whom Chloe has a connection she doesn't even know of. Living on a Hellmouth isn't easy.
Written for my Paranormal25 150: Prompt Table. #146: Hellmouth.
Chapter Warning: Kinky Lemon.

"I thought I asked you not to come around for a while." Chloe whispered, hugging her knees to her chest as she sat on her bed in the total darkness, not needing to look in the direction of her balcony to know that he was there.

Angel hesitated at the door before entering. "Chloe, I---I know that I made a huge mistake but---but Chloe, I know there's nothing I can say but---."

"Angel." She whispered, closing her eyes. "I'm not mad at you. I need you to believe that. I---I know that you didn't have control over what you did. That you didn't remember me. That you didn't remember us." The blonde finally turned to look at him, looking into his face for the first time since Halloween, four nights ago. "I'm not angry at you. You gotta believe me."

"You should be." Angel entered the room, anger at himself in his every move as he went to kneel in front of her. "I---I betrayed you, Chloe. I betrayed us! I wasn't strong enough to overcome a spell!"

"I wasn't either." Chloe whispered harshly, looking away from him. "Angel!" She brought her clenched hands to her face, hating the fact that she was so close to tears. "Angel! Why do you think that when we saw each other again I wasn't in costume? Why do you think I've been unable to look you in the eyes since Halloween? It isn't because of what you did! It's because of what I did!"

He went still. "What...what are you saying?"

Chloe wiped at her eyes, forcing herself to look down at him. "Angel, the reason why I never told you what costume I was going to wear was because I wanted to surprise you."

"I know."

"No, you don't get it. I was a vampire, Angel." She looked down into his brown eyes. "And when Ethan Rayne did that spell, I became a vampire."

Angel went still. "Did you kill---?"

"No, but I drank from him." She admitted. "He was a monster at the time but...but...but that's not even the worst part."

Angel reached up and placed a hand on Chloe's trembling one. "C'mon baby. You can tell me."

She looked at him pleadingly, tears welling up in her eyes. "Angel, I didn't remember you, I didn't remember us. All I knew was that my name was Chloe, I was a vampire, and the scent of fear in the air was intoxicating." She wiped at a tear. "I'd just fed, and I---I---I met another vampire."

Angel went stone-still.

"And I slept with him." Chloe forced the words out. "Most of the time I was under that spell, I was with him."

Angel took in a deep, unnecessary breath and stood up before sitting down next to her. "Oh."

She bit her bottom lip, nervous. "Angel, I love you."

"I love you too." He whispered, placing his hand over hers, holding it a little harder than was necessary but she didn't care. "Had you ever seen him before that night?"

She took in a deep breath. "It was Spike."

Angel turned to look at her, face shifted, eyes gold. "What?" He then got up, furious. "That little brat! He knew! He! He did it to piss me off!"

Chloe watched him growl and pace her floor. "Angel?"

"I hope Dru tore his balls off!"


Chloe narrowed her eyes. "What are talking about? Who is Dru?"

Angel stopped pacing, turning to look at her with a wince. "I didn't want to tell you about this."

"Who is Dru?" Chloe tried once more, standing. "Talk to me Angel. If this has taught is anything its that it hurts us to keep secrets from each other. Please. Tell me about Spike, about this Dru character. How do you know them? What are they to you?"

Angel sighed. "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do." She whispered, going towards him and holding his hand in both of hers. "I love you so much it hurts."

"You know...you know that I did a lot of unconscionable things when I became a vampire." He began, unable to look her in the eyes. "Drusilla was the worst. She was...an obsession of mine. She was pure and sweet and chaste..."

"And you made her a vampire." Chloe guessed.

He nodded. "First I made her insane." He finally looked at her. "Killed everybody she loved, visited every mental torture on her I could device. She eventually fled to a convent, and on the day she took her holy orders, I turned her into a demon."

"And Spike is her new boyfriend?" Chloe asked. "I don't----I don't understand."

"Spike is her childe." Angel sighed, sitting down on the bed and pulling Chloe into his lap, curling himself around her. "He was a really soft-spoken, gentle, poetic nobleman who wore glasses and used to have all of his poems laughed at. They used to call him William the Bloody Awful Poet."

"A---poet." She blinked, unable to reconcile those two images together.

"To be truthful, I kinda liked his poems." Angel admitted before continuing. "Thing is that Dru took a liking to him, and she sired him. But Dru---Dru's insane. She's got the Sight--one of the reasons why I became obsessed with her---but its all tangled up in her head and...well..point is she sired William but he needed a Sire...someone to teach him the way of the vampire, and Dru couldn't be that vampire."

"So you did it." Chloe realized. "You became his Sire in every sense but the siring."

He nodded, shame filling his face. "Everything that Spike is today, I made him."

Chloe's eyes widened. "Wow. I---I never would have guessed it."

Angel was silent.

"You know, from a vampire point of view, you did a great job."

Angel choked on his saliva. "I can't believe you just said that!"

She laughed softly, turning in his hold so that she was nestled with her face against his chest. She'd been so scared that they'd never be like this, so scared that one night had ruined everything for them, and while her body still trembled slightly from nerves she held onto his shirt tightly, refusing to let go of the material quite like she refused to let go of her vampiric lover. "Angel, why didn't you tell me all this before? I'm never going to look at you differently, no matter what you tell me. Especially if its because of something that Angelus did hundreds of years before I was born."

"It wasn't hundreds of years." Angel murmured, holding her tighter and bringing his mouth to the crown of her head, kissing her. "God I missed the feel of you, Chloe. I---these last couple of days have been hell. I was so angry at myself, so scared---I thought I'd lost you."

"Fat chance of that ever happening." She whispered against his shirt, closing her eyes. She loved him. God she loved him. She didn't think it would be easy, the thought of him with Amy made her both sick and angry, but she could understand, and she could accept, and she could forgive---just like he had apparently done with her and Spike. "I love you so much I'm willing to do things I never thought myself capable of."

"Where's Gabe?" Angel suddenly asked, voice going deeper.

"Out." She whispered, trembling slightly at how easily she was able to read him, at how eagerly her body responded to his need throbbing against her. "He's been cooped up in the house for days, so I asked...I asked Jenny to take him out."

Angel's hands went to her waist and picked her up easily, turning her so that she was straddling him on the bed. "A date?" He murmured, one hand on her hip, pressing her down against him, the other moving all her hair to one side and beginning to nibble at the flesh of her neck with his blunt, human teeth.

"If you call going to see monster trucks a date, then yes, they are." Chloe whimpered, eyes closing as she tilted her neck to the side, offering easier access for her vampire lover. "Ohhhh."

He chuckled at the sound.

"Bastard." She complained with a groan, pressing down against him, both hissing at the contact that was both sweet and yet not enough for either of them.

"Nothing says romance quite like nitro-burning funny cars." Angel told her with mock seriousness as he nibbled a little harder on her.

"Really?" She whispered breathless as she pushed up a little on her knees, giving her enough space to slide her hand between them and slowly, expertly undo his button and zipper, freeing his long, hard, throbbing member. "I think I can come up with something that might be able to rival it." She reached for her underwear and pulled it aside before slowly lowering herself down, impaling herself, inch by inch, on his quivering member.

Twin moans of ecstasy escaped their lips as they threw their heads back.

Finally, when they were joined at the hilt, did their eyes open, searching the other...and then they were kissing, hard and urgent, trying to devour the other alive as they moved together just as desperately.

Just as she felt she would explode he slowed down, purposely forcing her still, keeping her from what she desired most.

"Angel..." She begged, giving a gasp as suddenly everything shifted and in seconds she was under him on the bed, with him trapping her beneath his weight, not moving. "Angel!"

He looked down at her, face still human, though eyes with a tint of gold in them. "Did you cum?"

"You know I didn't...you bastard. You're the one who stopped me just as I was going to..." She whimpered, trying to force her hips into a buck, but his weight kept them stationary on the bed. "Angel! Stop it! I wanna cum!"

"So vocal..." He purred giving one deep push, hitting her right where it made her see stars, and yet not enough to send her over the cliff, stilling once more.

"Angel..." Her voice broke with desperation. "Why---?"

"Did you cum?" He asked once more, gazing down at her with dark, sensual intent. "What did he do to you? How much did you enjoy it?"

Her eyes widened as she suddenly realized what he was asking. "Angel..."

"Tell me!" He hissed, eyes more gold, ridges faint on his skin. "What did he do? What did he touch?" He smirked. "How did he start?"

Chloe was confused, but way too turned on to really care.

Angel didn't seem angry.

Not much at least.

He seemed more...more...turned on.

Her eyes widened at the realization.



God he was kinky.

"He---he didn't do much at first." She stammered. "We were kissing and he pushed me against a tree."

Angel smiled down at her, a lazy, sexy smile that was somewhat predatory. "What else? What did he do after that?"

"He---he---." She was blushing. She knew she was blushing. "Angel..."

"What else did he do?" Angel pressed, giving her a punishing thrust that really made her more horny and desperate than anything else.

"He unzipped my suit to the naval and p-p-p-peeled off the top of it." She stammered once more, face and neck burning with embarrassment and arousal.

"Like this?" His voice was dark seduction as he lifted his weightily slightly off her, transferring it to his hand, as he used his free one to hook a finger in her overgrown t-shirt, beginning to slowly raise it, revealing more and more creamy skin to his view, stopping only right under her breasts. "What bra where you wearing?"

"None." She whispered, feeling his throbbing harder inside of her at those words.

Angel tore the shirt in half, ripping it open and baring her breasts to him. "Did he touch you here?" He whispered. "Did he kiss you? Put his lips here?"

"Yes!" Her voice was a near cry, her body humming.

Angel gave her a long, hungry look before his gaze lowered to her breasts, his gaze caressing each pink nipple, before he lowered himself over her once more and cupped her breasts with his hands, kneading them. "Like this?"

"Yes..." She whimpered, arching up to him as best she could with his weight on her, electric jolts racing down her body to her now soaking core every time he pinched and teased her nipples. "Like that!" She gave a cry that sounded pitiful when he let go of one of the nipples only to replace his hands with his mouth and tongue, teasing her torturously, slowly, throbbing deep inside of her with his obvious need to move and yet refusing to do so.

At least...not yet.

"And then he...he...he kissed down my body, slowly..." Chloe gasped as Angel stopped suckling her breast with a loud, wet pop and made a slow descent down her body, mouth worshipping every inch of her, nibbling, licking, breathing on her wet skin. He concentrated on the skin right below her naval, teasing and nibbling, knowing right below what ached for him the most, what was pleading for his mouth, and yet refusing to move.

Waiting on her.

"And he...he..." Chloe closed her eyes tightly, frustration and horniness battling inside of her. "He licked me there, he fucked me with his tongue and he made me scream."

And then Angel was there, and Chloe's back arched, her eyes closing tighter as her hands clutched themselves in the sheets. She whimpered and cried and begged and pleaded as his tongue invaded her, fucking her mercilessly, playing with her clit and sucking it hard, bringing her to the brink over and over again only to move away or stop when she was right about to...when she was just seconds away. The torture seemed unending, with Chloe resorting to pathetic pleading begging, please let her cum. Please. It got to the point where she was screaming her pleas to him, and only then did he stop, pulling away, a self-satified look on his face.

"What did he do then?"

Chloe wanted to tell him to fuck what Spike did...to just fucking fuck her already...but she knew that the game by now, knew that he was going to do what Spike had, torturous as it may be, and he would figure out if she skipped some details to hurry things along, so she just whimpered, realizing just how much at his mercy her body was.

"He bit me." She gave in, feeling so close to tears with her need to cum, the sensation tight and desperate inside of her. "On the inside of my thigh."

"Right or left?" Angel asked, and when she shook one he gave it all of his attention, lathering it with his tongue before beginning to suck on the delicate skin in there, bringing the blood to the surface, the pain adding to her pleasure as his fangs pierced through her skin. A groan of utter pleasure filled him as he drank from her, tongue lapping at the blood that threatened to overfill his mouth.

"Angel..." She groaned, feeling like she would die if he wasn't in her again.

"Tell me he fucked you." Angel's voice was gruff with need. "Please tell me he fucked you soon."

He needed her as much as she needed him.

"He turned me over so that I was on my hands and knees." She squealed as in a second he'd done so as well. "And then he was behind me, like a dog, his cock piercing me the same time his fangs did my shoulder."

Barely did she have time to finish that sentence when he was in her to the hilt, fangs buried deep into the tattoo on her right shoulder blade, and he was fucking her, fucking her hard and fast and desperate.

"He--he--he," Chloe cried out. "Fingers...my...clit--AH!" She screamed as his fingers found her and were relentless, stroking her like one would a fire, building her stronger and stronger as he pounded into her. "ANGEL!"

He snarled into her shoulder, thrusts faster and faster until sudenly Chloe exploded, spasming around him, and he quickly followed, thrusts desperate until he finally buried himself deep inside of her and held on tight as he came long and hard, groaning her name into her flesh as he tasted her blood.

And then...and then he collapsed on top of her in the bed, extracting his fangs from her and licking lesurely at the blood, throbbing inside of her. "You're fuckin' mine." He growled possessively against her skin. "Mine."

Chloe gasped for breath, never having...never having had such a...


She took in a deep breath, panting, before an evil smile touched her lips. "Tell me when you're ready for me to tell you what he did to me the second time."

Angel laughed darkly against her skin before shoving himself deep within her again and starting all over.

They reclaimed each other over and over again throughout the night, possessively, punishingly, knowing that their issues were far from being resolved, but they were on the road towards resolving them.

And for now that was enough.


In Spike's warehouse, Drusilla stood, attention fully on a birdcage as she spoke. "You sing the sweetest little song. Won't you sing for me, hmmm? Don't you love me anymore?"

Spike leaned against the wall, watching her, his gaze going to the dead bird lying at the bottom of the cage, and then up at his Dark Princess. "Dru. I heard a funny thing just now. Lucius told me that you went out on a hunt the other night."

"My tummy was growly and you were out." Dru replied before returning her attention to the bird. "Come on." She whistled. "I'll pout if you don't sing."

Spike narrowed his eyes, knowing when Drusilla was hiding something from him. "You, um, meet anyone?"

He knew she wasn't angry with him, she'd actually talked about his and Chloe's...encounter...as if it were a natural thing. She'd then began talking about Angel, about families, how families shared, and how she wanted to be a family again.

"I'm not alone in the world." Dru nodded, not offering any more information, eyes on her bird. "I'll give you a seed if you sing."

"The bird's dead, Dru." Spike felt his patience leaving him rapidly. "You left it in a cage, and you didn't feed it, and now its all dead, just like the last one."

Drusilla cowered and whined at the revelation.

Spike sighed, feeling horrible. "I'm sorry baby. I'm a bad, rude man. I just don't like you going out, that's all. You're weak." He took her hand. "Would you like a new bird? One that's not dead?"

"I want my family. Not a bird." Drusilla told him, pouting, pulling away from him. "The stars and I conspire and speak and yet you do nothing!"

Spike frowned. "That's not fair, sweet. I've been---."

"The stars sing of one opportunity, ONE!" Dru twirled on him, furious, face her true one. "And yet you do not kill the Slayer, you do not dance to the music and speak with the wind!"

The first part Spike had gotten, it was the second two that had him confused. "Say that again, Pet?"

"One Spike, one." Dru held up a finger in his face. "If not the wind blows all the pieces away and never more to be one. Pain and suffering and not the good kind that makes princess happy!"

Spike frowned. "You're saying we only have one shot at something. At what? Killing the Slayer?"

Dru just turned around and stormed away.

Spike watched her go with a frown, wondering what it was that he wasn't understanding.


"You took him back." Sam's voice was incredulous. "He slept with Amy and you took him back?!?"

Chloe sighed as she fried the hamburgers on the Winchester's stove. Since her father was almost always out till late because of his job, and Angel was usually busy meeting his contacts and such, she spent a couple of nights a week usually at the Winchester's cooking for them. It helped her feel useful, especially since her search on their father had turned up inconclusive, and it helped them have something other than delivery.

Dean looked up from where he'd been getting the plates.

"Sam, I know that he slept with Amy, and that you had thought that maybe you and her might have a future---but they were both under a spell, it didn't mean anything." Chloe tried to explain to him, wondering why Sam looked like he wanted to throttle her. "You shouldn't hold this against either of them, because it just happened." Still, she didn't know how she was going to face Amy without wanting to tear her face off. "It didn't mean anything except for the fact that they don't find each other repulsive. They couldn't remember me or you. It isn't their fault so stop trying to hold them to it." She flipped over the burger. "Anyway, I had never left him. I was just, shaken up, and I needed some time alone to sort through my thoughts, but I had enough time to myself and Angel and I talked early this evening before he had to go out patrolling with Buffy, and we cleared everything up."

"I can't believe you bought that crap!" Sam exclaimed, looking angry for the first time since she'd known him. "He slept with Amy!"

"And I slept with Spike!"

There was silence.

Dean's mouth was open to a ridiculous degree.

Sam just blinked, confused. "What?"

Chloe sighed. "I---I didn't want to say this to anyone, but during the spell I was a vampire. But thankfully my vampire self preferred screwing the hell outta Spike rather than decimating the population of Sunnydale."

Dean had yet to close his mouth.

"Spike?" Sam squeaked. "I'm-Gonna-Kill-You-Saturday Spike? Mister Billy Idol Wanna Be Spike?"

"Yeah." Chloe nodded, flipping the burgers once more. "That Spike."

"What is it with you and vampires?!?" Sam snapped. "Is no normal boy good enough for you anymore? A guy has to have no pulse and be dead for a couple of hundreds of years to catch your eye?"

"That's unfair. I was a vampire at the time! Of course I'd be attracted to my own kind!" Chloe cried out.

"And you know what they say, Sammy." Dean finally spoke. "Once you go 'vamp' you don't go back."

Sam glared at him.

Dean shrugged. "Sounded funny in my head."

The sound of the door banging closed caused everyone to look up, surprised.

"I'm home." A deep, male voice said before the man appeared in the doorway, stopping in shock when he looked within. "And we have...a visitor."

Chloe blinked, holding onto the spatula, looking upon John Winchester for the first time ever.

Both Sam and Dean straightened up immediately, shock on their faces.

"Dad." Dean blinked.

"You told us you'd be gone for another week." Sam hurried to say.

Chloe looked from one to the other before returning her attention to the man who Cordelia had told her such horrible things about, and whom Chloe knew for a fact didn't feel guilty about raising his hand against his son. "Mister Winchester." She stepped forwards, surprising them. "I'm sorry for intruding, if I had known that you'd be home from your trip, tired, wanting to rest, I wouldn't have come and bothered."

He looked at her oddly. "I---I'm sorry. Who are you?"

"Chloe." She kept her unease and anger at bay. "Chloe Sullivan. I'm a friend of your sons'."

"Sullivan." John tried the last name before giving her a look. "You wouldn't be related to anyone named Lane, would you?"

Chloe's eyes widened in surprise. "M-my mother was a Lane. Moira Lane."

And suddenly John Winchester's face broke out into a large smile. "I can't believe it. You're Mori's daughter?"

The brothers looked at each other in shock.

Chloe nearly dropped her spatula. "You knew my mother?"

"Knew her? Yeah! From birth practically." He grinned, coming towards her. "Was in love with her throughout most of high school, but Mori, she liked her men older and dangerous."

Sam snorted and mumbled something under his breath that Chloe couldn't quite catch.


"How is she?" John asked.

"She left when I was a kid." Chloe responded, since 'she became power-hungry and went to challenge the vampire king for dominion over the earth' just wasn't something you told anyone...ever.

"Oh, sorry." His smile disappeared, before it returned. "So, are you single or has one of my sons been smart enough to snag you?"

She blinked, so confused. "Uh, no, I'm going out with someone else."

"Older." Dean supplied. "Dangerous."

John blinked before shaking his head and laughing. "Like mother like daughter I guess." He rubbed his hands together. "What's for dinner?"

"Burgers?" Sam asked, looking freaked.

"Haven't had homemade in the longest time. I'll go clean up." And with that John Winchester walked away.

"Okay." Dean said as soon as his bedroom door closed behind him. "Who was that and what did he do with John Winchester?"


"Well, it seems like Louis XVI was just sort of a weak king." Dean announced in class the next day.

"That's fair enough." The teacher announced. "Uh, any other impressions?"

Cordelia, from where she was sitting in front of Buffy, raised her hand. "I just don't see why everyone's always picking on Marie Antoinette. I can so relate to her. She worked really hard to look that good, and people just don't appreciate that kind of effort." She flipped her hair behind her shoulder. "And I know the peasants were all depressed..."

"I think you mean oppressed." Dean corrected.

"Whatever." She snorted. "They were cranky. So they're, like, 'Let's lose some heads'. Uhhh! That's fair. And, and Marie Antoinette cared about them. She as gonna let them have cake!"

Buffy groaned and lowered her forehead to the table.

"Yes, well, that's a very interesting perspective." The teacher blinked a couple of times before looking around her near frantically. "Um, would anyone else like to comment?"

The bell rung.

"Thank god." Buffy groaned, turning in her seat to look at Chloe as the rest of the class got up, happy to have lived through the last class of the day. "Have I told you how amazing it is to know that that woman is getting over her horrendous crush on my Giles?"

"For the love of---it wasn't a date!" Chloe laughed. "I asked her to take him!"

"Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a match!" Buffy sung to herself.

Chloe rolled her eyes but didn't comment as her phone began to ring. "Hello?"

"Chloe. " Clark's voice was urgent. "I need your help. Now. I'm outside your school."

"You're what?" Chloe asked, getting up immediately and grabbing her things. "What's wrong?"

"No time Chloe, please."

"Okay." Hanging up her phone, she turned to her friends. "I have to go. Don't ask." And with that she ran out of the classroom as fast as possible, dodging through the crowds of students wanting to go home. She ignored Principal Snyder screaming at her to slow down, her friends calling after her, and despite being in heels she made it to the front of the school and into Clarks arms before her friends could make it outside and see her. "Take me away now."

And in the blink of an eye she was picked up, there was a gust of wind, and then she was put down.

And she wasn't in Sunnydale anymore.

"Wow." She looked around her, impressed. "I'm never going to get used to that." She then turned to look up at Clark. "What happened? What is it? And where are we?"

"Sorry about this, but I couldn't think of anyone better to go to." Clark sighed, running his hand over his hair. "I need to go somewhere and I don't want to go alone, I can't go alone, and Pete and I decided that you were the best person to go to."

"Why?" Chloe asked, eyes narrowed. "Where do you have to go to?"

Clark sighed. "It's this place called the Sunset Club."

"You need me to go with you to a Club." Chloe blinked.

"A demon club." Clark corrected. "Frequented mostly by vampires."

"Okay. I see why I was called." Chloe replied. "But why do you have to go there?"

Clark sighed, looking away from her. "Lana's newest boyfriend ended up being an Incubus who's going to sacrifice her tonight if we don't get her out of there. But they're going to realize something's up with me, I mean, they'll realize I'm not human, but they're going to tell that that is not my scene and that will get them suspicious and I was thinking since you are dating a vampire you would understand their ways better and you did say that you don't give off a human vibe anymore..."

"So you want me to go there with you to give you more credibility." Chloe finished, understanding, frowning as her cellular began to ring. "That will be the others, worried about me." She turned off her cellular and looked at Clark. "Where are your spare clothes?"

"Spare...clothes?" Clark asked, slowly, in a confused way.

"The clothes you were going to go to the Sunset Club in?" Chloe asked.

Clark looked down at his jeans and plaid shirt.

She groaned. "Thank god you called me." The blonde sighed, shaking her head. "We're going to borrow some clothes for this operation."

Of course, Chloe's definition of 'borrowing' was technically stealing, but she'd told Clark that it was either him losing one moral battle or Lana's sacrificial ceremony going without a hitch. So, in the end, Clark had gone along with her plan, going to clothes, shoes and jewelry stores he never would have gone to before with her, tried on certain garments, and then left with Chloe only to superspeed in by himself and take the items they'd decided on afterwards.

"Kent, you clean up good." Chloe grinned as she messed up his hair, trying to give it a wind-tousled look.

Clark Kent looked unlike anything she'd ever seen, dressed in black, with a leather jacket, leather pants, and combat boots.

He also looked hella uncomfortable.

Chloe, on the other side, felt incredibly comfortable in her short, pleated black skirt, high-heeled boots, and off-shoudler shirt that proudly displayed not only her tattoo, but Angel's fangmarks in it, the only fangmarks her body never tried to heal away. The blonde caught Clark looking at it intently and smiled. "It doesn't hurt."

He looked up, blushing. "It's just. Wow. You know?"

She laughed, remembering the night before with Angel. "You ready to go, Intergalactic Traveler?"

He nodded, superspeeding them to the entrance of the demon club, and Chloe knocked on the door, raising an eyebrow as the viewport opened and a doorman looked out. Clark opened his mouth to say something but Chloe just slapped him up the back of his head without taking her bored gaze off of the doorman's. The big guy smirked and opened the door, letting them in, but not before commenting on how Chloe should have kept the leash on 'that one' a little longer.

Once the door was closed behind them and they began to walk down a long, dark passageway, bright lights and music at the far end of the passage, Clark looked behind him to make sure the doorman couldn't hear before leaning towards her and whispering. "What did he mean by that?"

Chloe smirked. "He thinks you're my pet."

Clark tripped, nearly falling. "What?"

"Well, you fit the description, Clark. You're---you're kinda puppyish." Chloe giggled. "Anyway, it got us in, right?"

He nodded, though he still looked kinda uncomfortable, and that only increased a hundredfold when they reached the end of the passageway and they entered the Sunset Club, lights blaring colorfully, showing vampires and demons laughing and chortling, some vampires bathing under the falling blood of a couple of dead people hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Clark hesitated, horror on his face.

Eyes were already being turned to them, and Chloe knew that if they were discovered as intruders they'd be the next ones strung up there.

Giving Clark a pinch to try and tell him to stop looking like he was going to puke, Chloe pushed forwards and trailed a finger down one dead, bloody hand. Bringing the finger back, she brought it to her mouth and sucked at the metallic taste.

"Chloe?" Clark gasped in horror. "How could you---?"

"Silence! Dog!" She backhanded him, mentally asking him to forgive her. "Maybe the doorman was right and I should have kept your leash on longer."

Clark was silent, hand to his cheek, still not used to feeling pain, and his cheek was burning from her blow.

Chloe sneered, relieved as those who'd been watching them snickered to themselves about pets, giving Chloe commiserating looks before returning to their own business as they danced and drunk and enjoyed themselves.

The blonde led Clark to a table and then shot him an apologetic look.

He sighed and nodded.

Schooling her features once more, Chloe looked around the club of demonic, dark pleasures.

She wondered if Angelus had hung out in places like this.

"What will it be?" A waitress asked, coming up towards them, ignoring Clark, whose status as a pet had already been established in the club.

"What's the special in this place?" Chloe asked, since she had no idea what in the world one could order here than some O Pos, and she wasn't exactly going to be able to guzzle down a whole glass of blood. There were limits to what she would do for Lana.

"B Negative, Demonite, Midnight Madness, and Gargon." She replied. "And, well, there's always Dragon's Breath."

Chloe, having no idea what most of those were, kept her bored expression on her face. "Dragon's Breath."

The waitress grinned. "You looked like the gutsy type. Knew I liked you." And with that she left to get the drink.

"She didn't ask me what I wanted." Clark noticed.

"You're a pet. Pet's are treated like that." Chloe offered. "Now how about you stop sulking and use your supervision to find out where they have the Pink Wonder?"

"Right." Clark nodded, trying to ignore the others and looking around the place, using what Chloe referred to as his most perverted super power. "There, back room to the right, close to the men's bathroom. They have her in a cage of some sort, gagged." He looked when the waitress returned with a sizzling lava-looking drink, handing it to Chloe with a wink before leaving.

Chloe watched the demoness go before turning to look at her sizzling drink curiously. "I think I should have ordered the Midnight Madness."

Clark frowned. "I don't think you should drink that."

"Oh, I should. We're being watched." Chloe replied, raising the goblet and taking a slow sip, surprised that despite the fact that the liquid was bubbling, it tasted cool and sweet. The blonde grinned, taking a deeper gulp of the drink and licking her lips. "I don't know what this is...but I love it."

Clark blinked. "Seriously?"

"Seriously." Chloe nodded. "Wanna try it?"

Clark looked like he was thinking it over before shaking his head. "No, I think I'll pass."

"Your loss." Chloe shrugged, leaning back leisurely in her seat, continuing to drink her drink, wondering why the demons around them seemed impressed and confused by this. She shrugged, ordering another one when she was finished, and soon more newcomers arrived, taking the information from the patrons from them, and she turned to Clark, who'd been shaking his leg under the table the whole while nervously. "Why don't you go to the bathroom? I don't want you wetting yourself."

A couple of demons close to her snickered.

Clark though, understood what she was doing, nodded, lowering his head humbly. "Y-yes M-Mistress."

Grinning, realizing he was getting better at this, Chloe relaxed in her seat, watching two female demonesses making out as some sort of entertainment for the patrons. The blonde shook her head and didn't notice the male coming towards her until he sat down where Clark had been moments ago.

"You know, it takes a special person to be able to drink Dragon's Breath." The male announced, giving her what she was sure he considered his charming smile. "And you've nearly finished your second cup." That smile grew as he leaned over the table. "Wanted to come over and...introduce myself."

She could feel something move under the table, up her leg.

It took her a second to realize that it was his tail.

She smiled at him, leaning forwards as well. "If you don't take your appendage away I'm going to make sure you lose it."

He froze for a second before smirking. "Kitty's got claws. I likey." His tail brushed up between her legs.

Chloe gave him a dark smile as she put down her Dragon's Breath and grabbed his tail, squeezing tightly and jerking it towards her, causing him to lose balance and bang his head hard back against the wall.

People were starting to look at her again.

"You bitch!" he snarled, getting up and upturning the table.

Chloe stood up as well, eyes narrowed, body in a defensive position.

He threw himself at her but she side-stepped him, and when he turned towards her she was ready, catching him with the fastest right hook she had on the end of his chin.

For a second he just stood there, and then he collapsed on the ground, knocked out.

Chloe smirked.


Angel had taught her to fight dirty, and in times like these, she enjoyed using all she'd been taught.

"Hey!" Another demon, who looked the same species as this one, stood, angry. "How dare you!"

Turning away from the charging creature, Chloe raced towards the wall and backflipped off of it, landing behind the demon. She easily propelled herself forwards and performed a jumping side kick, and when the kick hit its target she pushed into the demon and gained a little more height. While still in the air she spun off of the side kick and performed a back kick with the other leg, managing to thus mash the demon's face twice into the wall before her feet even touched the ground.

The demon groaned and slid down the wall.

Chloe turned to the others. "Any other challengers?"

There was none.

Clark was watching by the doors, obviously having used the distraction to get Lana out, and having returned and watched the last part of it, eyes wide in shock.

Chloe put down some money on the table and stormed out, grabbing Clark by his jacket and pulling him out behind her as she left the establishment.

It was only when they'd turned the corner that she let go of him. "Where's Lana?"

"I superspeeded her home while you were beating the crap outta that creature. She was unconscious the whole while." Clark replied slowly, looking back at the establishment. "What are we going to do about that place? They're killing people. We just can't stay here and not do anything."

"We're not going to do anything. You're superpowered, but we both know that demons are somewhat immune to your powers." Chloe told him, eyes narrowed, refusing to look at the place. "But I'm going to tell Giles about it, and he'll have the Watchers Council on it like Brits on tea. I'll have to come up with an incredible story about how I know about this place so that I don't reveal your powers...but I'll come up with something, don't worry about that."

"Watchers Council." Clark blinked. "Sounds important."

"All I know about the organization is that Giles seems to be the most intelligent individual to come out of it since every single time we have a crisis and ask for their help they can't do anything or don't know the information we need and he ends up solving everything in the end." Chloe shrugged. "But when they hear about this place they'll do something about it. Places like this are a slap in their faces."

"Okay." Clark nodded before giving her a curious look. "You've improved a lot since I last saw you fight. You took them both out in a couple of seconds."

She smiled, and then frowned, wondering if it was a good thing that fighting and hurting others was beginning to become so easy and fun for her. "Clark?"

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Take me home."
11th-Feb-2010 02:08 am (UTC)
what angel did to chloe in bed that spike did to her was hot because he did it better lol. oh boy can not wait to read what angel ,buffy and the boys are going to think about where chloe went with clark ? what is the whole connection between john and chloe's mom ? PPMS
11th-Feb-2010 03:23 am (UTC)
Oh, Angel and Buffy will have a conversation soon about Chloe...so keep tuned for it!
11th-Feb-2010 02:25 am (UTC)
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11th-Feb-2010 03:24 am (UTC)
*dies laughing...and blushing happily* Really? You liked it that much? yay! I wrote and rewrote that part because it wasn't coming out how I'd wanted it completely.

11th-Feb-2010 06:06 am (UTC)
Oh yes!!! I don't know how many times I have reread the part!!! *grins*
11th-Feb-2010 02:41 am (UTC)
Dragon's Breath sounds familiar... i just can't remember from where though..

Chlangel is very kinky = I like it... I hope there will be more Chloe/Spike scenes though! ;D
11th-Feb-2010 03:24 am (UTC)
There won't be anymore Chloe/Spike sex, I'll let you down from now, but there should be more interaction between them in the future!
11th-Feb-2010 04:00 am (UTC)
This chapter is amazing!!! The Chlangel (and that's a mouthful right there) scenes were awesome and I like with what you did with what happened the last chapter. John's unexpected arrival and his knowing Chloe's mom was very unexpected but I'm very intrigued by it. And I loved the Chlark interaction. He was so cute and Chloe was all badass. Totally awesome! Looking forward to reading the next one!
11th-Feb-2010 04:16 am (UTC)
Despite being the overly powerful alien, Clark always tends to be a puppy for me. lol. I always seem him so sweet and docile, and I think it might have showed a LITTLE too much in this chapter *laughs*
11th-Feb-2010 09:17 am (UTC)
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11th-Feb-2010 12:24 pm (UTC)
I know! I felt that at *least* Chloe got *unconditional friendship* from Clark....and then they went and ruined *that* too.
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