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SuperSlayerVille: Season Two 10/11 
18th-Feb-2010 07:41 pm
SuperSlayerVille Season One
Title: SuperSlayerVille: Season Two
Sequel to: SuperSlayerVille: InterSeason
Pairings: Chloe/Angel(us), some Dean/Cordelia, slight Buffy/Giles, Chloe/Spike, Chloe/Sam
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Supernatural
Overall Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don't own the series mentioned
Summary: Chloe is back in Sunnydale, and so are the baddies...especially the remaining members of Angelus' family, Dru and Spike...with whom Chloe has a connection she doesn't even know of. Living on a Hellmouth isn't easy.
Written for my Paranormal25 150: Prompt Table. #146: Hellmouth.

In Spike's warehouse, the Judge knelt in a corner facing a bunch of storage racks.

Spike wheeled up and stopped about twenty feet from him. Pushing himself a few feet closer he turned around. "I'm not happy, pet. Angel and the Slayer are still alive. They know where we are, they know about the Judge. We should be vacating."

Drusilla walked up to him. "Puddlewaddle." She took his hand. "The stars have shown them how the Judge will stretch forth his hand and make them all shiny and bright."

Spike snorted and glanced over his shoulder. "What's Big Blue up to, anyway? He just sits there."

"I am preparing." The Judge announced, obviously having listened to their conversation.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Yeah." He turned and wheeled over to him. "It's interesting to me that 'preparing' looks a great bit like sitting on your ass." He faced him. "When do we destroy the world already?"

"My strength grows, and with every life I take it will increase further."

"So lets take some." Spike pouted. "I'm bored."

Drusilla started moaning.

Spike looked back at her. "Dru?"

She suddenly collapsed to the floor and began to cry. "Angel..."

"Dru?" Spike turned and rolled towards her. "What is it?" He stopped by her. "Dru!"

She whimpered.

"Darling....do you see something?" Spike asked.

Her crying gave way to cruel, evil laughter.


Outside the alley the rain began to let up, Angel fell to the pavement and propped himself up on his hands.

"Chloe..." He couldn't hold himself up and collapsed to the ground. "Oh, no."

A hooker standing in a doorway saw him and slowly walked over to him. "Hey. You okay?" She bent down to look at him. "You want me to call 911?"

Angel suddenly stood up. "No. The pain is gone."

"You sure?" She asked, standing as well.

"Yeah." He spun around, game face on, and grabbed her, violently biting her on the neck, not because he needed to feed, but because it'd been so long since he'd been able to have a kill.

Dropping her dead body, he tilted his head up and blew out the smoke he'd just inhaled through her neck from her lungs.

Angelus smirked. "I feel just fine."


Drusilla was laid out on her back on a big table, looking up at the ceiling blissfully.

Spike wheeled himself around to her. "Are we feeling better then?" He smiled, leaning on the table.

"I'm naming all the stars." Drusilla sighed.

"You can't see the stars, love." Spike tried to tell her. "That's the ceiling. Also, it's day."

"I can see them. But I've named them all the same name." She tilted her head towards him. "And there's terrible confusion."

"Did you see any further?" Spike asked her, curious. "Do you know what happens to Angel?"

"Well," Angel announced, appearing at a side door and clearing his throat. "He moves to New York and tries to fulfill that Broadway dream. It's tough sledding, but one day he's working in the chorus when the big star twists her ankle."

Spike glared at him. "You don't give up, do you?"

Angel slowly came over. "As long as there's injustice in the world, as long as scum like you is walking..." he noticed the wheelchair. "Well, rolling the streets...I'll be around." He stopped a few feet away. "Look over your shoulder. I'll be there."

"Uh, yeah." Spike nodded, nonplussed. "Angel, um...look over your shoulder."

Angel turned around and the Judge placed his hand on his chest.

Spike sneered. "Hurts, doesn't it?"

Angel looked back at him. "Well, you know, it kinda itches a little."

Spike frowned, turning to the Judge. "Don't just stand there. Burn him already!"

"Gee." Angel chuckled. "Maybe he's broken."

Spike turned to Drusilla. "What the hell is going on?"

Her face took on a look of realization.

"This one..." The Judge removed his hand. "Cannot be burnt. He is clean."

"Clean?" Spike's eyes widened. "You mean, he's..."

"There's no humanity in him." The Judge turned and walked away, looking a little disappointed.

Angelus faced Spike. "I couldn't have said it better myself."

"Angelus." Dru whispered, sitting up.

"Yeah, baby." He smirked. "I'm back.

"Is...is it really true?" Spike whispered, unable to believe it.

"It's really true." Angelus laughed and walked around the table.

Drusilla followed him with her eyes. "You've come home."

"No more of this 'I've got a soul' crap?" Spike followed him in the wheelchair.

"What can I say, hmm?" He struck a match on the table. "I was going through a phase." He lit a cigarette.

"This is great!" Spike grinned broadly, finally letting himself believe it. "This is so great!"

Dru walked on the table, waving her arms. "Everything in my head is singing!"

Angelus laughed.

"We're a family again." Drusilla turned to Angelus and giggled as he helped her off of the table. "Hell burnt the icky soul out of you, just like I asked her to!" Dru then pouted, looking around. "Where is she hiding?" She looked inside one of Angel's pockets.

Spike and Angelus exchanged confused looks.

"Luv?" Spike tried. "What are you---?"

Drusilla looked under the table. "Here Hell. Hell. Hell. Hell."

"What do you mean Hell burnt the soul out of Angelus?" Spike followed her with the wheelchair as she began to look beneath a chair. "You're talking about Chloe. Right? Why would she---? How could she----?"

Drusilla turned to him, looking disappointed. "She is the choice of Angelus, the one to take grandmother's place. Only she could take the icky soul and burn it out from within. I told you as the stars danced above that the awakening was happening, that she would burn away the icky wrongness."

Spike's eyes widened as he suddenly remember that night, and the ritual Dru had performed using his blood. "What did you do that night?"

"What night?" Angelus frowned, confused.

Drusilla smiled. "I asked the stars to help the sulphur and magic and darkness to churn into black medicine to corrupt."

"Her blood." Spike whispered, understanding, a smile erupting on her face. "You used my blood to poison her blood and call to the darkness in the one who drank it!" He turned to Angelus. "Even with a soul you were feeding from her? You naughty, naughty boy."

Angelus paused, eyes wide. "The infusion of the pure Hellmouth energy in her blood must have been a bolt of mega strength to the dark qualities you had already placed there. So when I fed..."

"Pure Hellmouth energy?" Spike blinked, obviously confused. "What the bleedin' hell are you talking about?"

Drusilla giggled, twirling around. "You'll feed. Grrr." She turned to Spike. "And you'll grow strong again."

"Her blood." Spike understood once again, taking his curious gaze off of Angelus and placing it on his Dark Princess. "I don't think she will give it to me of her own free will, pet. And you done told me that anyone who drinks it without her consent will die."

Angelus looked between them, obviously shocked by this announcement. "My lass can do that?"

"She will...come to turns." Drusilla danced her fingers through the air. "The dungeon is very uncomfortable, and she loves that tall one in a special way."

Angelus snarled. "Sam."

Dru nodded. "He can be our guest. I'll give him baguettes with maggots...and she will heal my Dark Knight. And be our family."

Angelus turned and began to walk away.

"Oy!" Spike called after him. "Where the bloody hell are you going?"

Angelus didn't even bother turning around. "To get my woman."


Chloe gave a sigh of happiness as she felt lips against her shoulder, against the tattoo forever decorated with Angelus' fangmarks. "Let me sleep a little longer, you horn dog."

There was a dark chuckle. "Don't wanna. Every time I see you sleeping, so vulnerable, I want to violate you. To tear into you and make you wake up screaming my name as you cum."

She turned towards him, smiling sleepily. "What awful, dirty tactics, trying to verbally seduce me when I'm too sleepy to mount a proper defense." Those green orbs opened and she yawned, smiling at him. "Hey."

"Hey." Angel looked down at her as if she were the most curious thing ever. "How have you made yourself my greatest obsession?"

She stretched, giving him a little smirk. "It's a natural gift. No effort needed."

He moved so that he was straddling her. "The only time I was ever free...was when I was buried inside of you...feeling you warm and wet and clutching me so tightly."

She laid on her back, looking up at him through her eyelashes. "I don't know what I owe this morning speech to..." her hands went to his thighs, rubbing them with a grin. "But I'm liking it."

He laughed darkly, leaning down and capturing her lips in a savage kiss, face morphing into that of his demon.

She didn't know which one of them was bleeding, but she tasted metallic...and yet didn't pull away, only kissed him harder. "Angel..."

He pulled away, smirking. "Wrong."

For a second she was confused, but then suddenly her eyes widened in horrified realization.

She opened her mouth to scream, but before any sound could come out he'd backhanded her, and everything went dark.


"I have a plan." Dean announced, leaning forwards in the library early the next morning. "I was up thinking last night, and I think I may have a way to deal with this Judge guy."

"What do we do?" Cordelia asked, dressed in her best, looking right off of a runway.

"I'll need you." Dean told her. "And, we will need wheels."

"Well, my car is..." Cordelia began.

"It might have to be bigger." Dean shook his head.

Cordelia frowned. "That's no problem. We have an old van in the garage, to remind dad of his days as a hippie. We can use that."

"Good." Dean nodded.

Giles frowned. "What exactly is the plan?"

"And where's Sam?" Buffy wanted to know.

"I left him home sleeping. He didn't get any sleep at all last night." Dean replied before looking this all over. "Everyone meet me at Cordelia's home in half an hour." He turned to Cordelia. "And wear something trashy."

She blinked.


Groaning, Chloe woke up, feeling disoriented and dizzy.

Opening her eyes, Chloe frowned for two very different reasons.

One was because she couldn't recognize the bare room she was in, lying upon a mattress.

Two was because her left arm was handcuffed to some pipes.


And then she remembered, heart racing in terror as she scrambled up, sitting.

Somehow...somehow Angelus was back in control of Angel's body.

But how?


And why wasn't she dead?

"Fear is an art, when featured on your face."

Chloe gasped and turned towards the voice with a hint of an Irish brogue, seeing Angelus sitting in the darkest corner, not looking up at her, instead drawing on a notepad.

He finally looked up, turning the pad around to show a picture of her as she slept. "What do you think, Lass? Did I capture the utter vulnerability on your face as you slept?"

"What do you want?" She narrowed her eyes at him, refusing to play into his games. "What happened to Angel?"

"Angel's gone. Like he always should have been." Angelus stood, towering over her as he came towards her before bending on his knees. "You've got me now, baby."

"No thank you." She glared at him. "I prefer the soul."

He snarled, hand reaching out rapidly and grabbing her chin fiercely. "You're mine. The soul was only ever an illusion. From the moment I died this is who I truly am. This is who you belong to."

"I don't belong to you." She whimpered when he tightened his grip on her punishingly.

"You belong to me." Angelus snarled at her. "And you're going to be a nice, pleasant, obedient little girl for daddy."

"Me? Obedient?" She snorted. "You'd better kill me before you get disappointed."

"I would if I could." He glared in her face, furious. "But I can't---I can't abide the thought of you not being near me."

She went still, shocked. "Angel?"

His eyes went gold as his face shifted, and he backhanded her roughly, causing her face to swing. "Never say that name ever again!"

Chloe whimpered, head drooping, closing her eyes, stunned from the blow.

She jumped in fear when she felt his face near hers, but instead of hurting her further his tongue darted out to lick away the blood trailing down the side of her lip...almost tenderly.

"Be a good little girl for daddy." Angelus whispered against the side of her lips. "I have a little present I want to show you. Behave. You will be surprised."

She watched warily as he undid the clasp of the handcuff around the pipes, holding onto it tightly and cuffing her other one as well, smirking at her as he offered her his hand.

The blonde placed her hands in his warily, giving a little gasp of shock when he stood rapidly and pulled her up with him, picking her up bridal style and stalking out of the room.

She caught a glimpse of Dru, and of Spike...in a wheelchair?

But Angelus didn't give her time to absorb the vampires around her or her scenery, instead taking her to the cellar of the warehouse...to a cage in the cellar.

Chloe's eyes widened in horror when she saw who lay there, beaten and bloody. "Sam?"

He looked up at the sound of his name. "Chloe!"

"Let go of me!" Chloe slapped at Angel, nearly falling as she threw herself out of his arms, going to the bars of the cage. "Sam! What did they do to you?"

"I---Angel called me---said that you were in danger and he needed me to meet him. I was ambushed." Sam glared at the smirking vampire behind her before returning his attention to Chloe, noticing the handcuffs on her hands. "Chloe. What's going on? Why is Angel---?"

"That's not Angel." Chloe whispered, closing her eyes tightly, her hands going over his on the bars. "Sam, I don't know what happened. But that's Angelus."

Sam's eyes widened in horror.

"I see my fame precedes me." Angelus smirked, coming up behind Chloe and wrapping his arms around her, pulling her back into him. "See now why you must be a good little obedient girl for daddy?"

Chloe closed her eyes in revulsion before nodding.

"As long as you're a good little girl and don't give me any reason to punish him, he'll live." Angelus promised. "But if you anger me in any way, you'll be strapped to a chair and made to watch as I make him scream and beg for death."

Her whole body began to shake.

"Chloe, don't listen to him!" Sam shook the bars to get her attention, nearly desperate. "Get out of here! Save yourself!"

She opened her eyes, filled with tears, shaking her head at him.

"Chloe..." Sam pleaded, eyes filling with tears as well. "Please."

"I can't..." She whispered, a stray tear making its way down her cheek before she turned into Angelus' hold, looking up into his face. "Promise me no one touches him, that he's properly fed and cared for, and I'll swear to behave."

Angelus smirked down at her, reaching down to raise her chin. "That's my girl."

"Chloe don't do it!" Sam snarled from behind her.

She ignored him, glaring at Angelus. "Swear to me on your demonhood. Swear it to me!"

"I swear it to you, on all the evilness in my heart." Angelus chuckled. "No harm will come to your new pet, as long as you behave. If you don't. I'll have fun with him."

"I'll behave." She shook her head. "You won't have to---I'll behave---I swear I'll behave."

"Chloe..." Sam whispered behind her, broken.

Just like her heart.


At an Army base outside Sunnydale, a group of soldiers stood at attention.

"Right face, hu!" The Sergeant called. "Double-time, hu!" They began to march off. "Left, left, left, left..."

Behind the barbed wire fence, Mr. Chase's hippie van pulled up, the side door opening to reveal Dean and Cordelia.

The former turned to Giles and Buffy, who were sitting in the front seats. "Wait here. When you guys see that window open get out the ladder, come up, and we'll pass you the package, okay?"

"Understood." Giles nodded.

"I still don't understand why I'm not going with you." Buffy turned in her seat, frowning. "You'll need backup if something goes south."

"Believe me, you're pretty Buffy, but it takes a certain something to be able to pull this off convincingly." He replied, before giving Cordelia a once over with a leer. "And when they see that they won't give me any problem."

"That?" Cordelia glared at him. "Since when did I become a thing?"

"Come on darlin'." Dean chuckled, exiting through the side door as she followed him out.

"I'm not your darlin'!" Cordelia hissed, stomping after him in the highest heels she owned.

"Keep trying to tell yourself that." He didn't look behind at her. "One day one of us might believe it. But I doubt that day will come."

She paused for a second before hurrying after him, shocked.

They made their way to the fence and Dean began to cut the links, pushing the fence aside and squeezing through, holding it open for Cordelia as she slipped through after him.

"The security here really is a joke." Dean turned to her as they began walking towards her destination. "I should report it."

"Who am I supposed to be again?" Cordelia wanted to know, refusing to look at him.

"You're supposed to be a girl." He replied, amused. "Think you can handle it?"

She slapped him on the arm, fighting a grin.

They snuck along the side of the building and looked out from behind some crates. The coast looked clear, so they continued past a truck. A group of soldiers could be heard quickly marching by. Dean peeked out from behind the truck and the way still looked clear. He stepped over to the door and was about to reach for the knob when they were discovered by a soldier on guard duty.

"Halt!" The soldier called as Dean shot his arms up. "Identify yourself right the hell now."

"Private Winchester with the, uh, 33rd." Dean responded.

"33rd are on maneuvers." The soldier snapped back.

"Obviously." Dean slowly turned towards him, looking annoyed. "I'm on leave, from them."

"You always spend your leave snooping around the armory, pal?" The soldier glared. "And who is she?"

"Hi." Cordelia gave him a flirtatious smile.

The soldier hesitated on her for a second, clearly getting a good look at the gorgeous girl for the first time, before clearing his throat and returning his attention to Dean.

"Look, I...I just wanted to give her the tour." Dean still kept his hands up, but he was smiling a smug smile. "You know what I'm saying."

The soldier raised an eyebrow. "The tour."

"You know the ladies." Dean chuckled, completely confident in his persona. "They like to see the big guns. Gets them all hot and bothered. Can you cut me some slack, gimme a blind eye?"

"And why should I?"

"Well, if you do, I won't tell Colonel Newsome that your boots ain't regulation, your post wasn't covered," and suddenly his hands shot out and grabbed the soldier's M-16, before giving it back to him properly. "And you hold your gun like a sissy girl."

The soldier took the rifle, obviously embarrassed. "You got 20 minutes, nimrod."

Dean smirked. "More like 25. You shouldn't rush these kinda things if you know what I mean." He placed his arm around Cordelia and started for the door, completely smug and at ease.

Inside, the door closed behind them, Cordelia shook loose of his arm and turned to him. "Okay. What was that? And who are you?"

He chuckled, amused by her reaction. "Remember Halloween, when I got turned into a soldier?"

"Yeah." She nodded slowly.

"Well, I still remember all of it." Dean admitted to the first person ever. "I know procedure, ordnance, access codes, everything. I know the whole layout for this base, and I'm pretty sure I can put together an M-16 in 57 seconds."

She tilted her head slightly as she looked at him. "Well, I'm sort of impressed. But let's just find the thing and get out of here."

He grinned at her. "How impressed are we talking about?"

"You, look, me, look pretty." She hopped onto a crate to sit as he shook his head at her with a smile and began looking around. "So, does looking at guns really make girls wanna have sex?" She made a face. "That's scary."

"Yeah, I guess." He shrugged, deep in his search.

"Does looking at guns make you wanna have sex?"

He paused for a second and looked at her. "You offering?"

"Don't make me throw something at you." Cordelia blushed darkly as she glared at him. "Because the things in this room are heavy and so not only might I break government property, but more importantly, I might break a nail."

"Cordy," He smiled happily at her. "Don't ever change."

She froze, the blush darkening. "What's that supposed to mean?"

But Dean never answered, eyes widening as he noticed something stored behind her. "Bingo!"


Spike watched as Angelus came down the metal spiral staircase leading to the room he had his lover in. It was interesting, really. Angelus was taking that girl's word at face value, leaving her unshackled in the room, the unlocked room, and hadn't even ordered anyone keep an eye on it. He had snarled at the minions and told them that if any of them touched her or his little bargaining chip in the cellar he'd play with their inside while they were still undead. The minions, who were terrified of Angelus, refused to go near that spiral staircase, and two were only left stationed by the door leading to the cellar, yet refused to go inside.

The Judge slowly went to Spike, dragging his attention from Angelus. "I am ready."

"About time." Spike snorted.

Dru sat on his lap and kissed him.

The Judge walked off in disgust.

"Have fun." Spike called after him.

Angelus arrived by his side, bending to Spike's ear. "Too bad you can't come with, huh?" He asked mockingly. "I'll be thinkin' of you."

"I won't be in this chair forever." Spike glared at him.

Angelus took Drusilla's hand and they started out after the Judge.

"What if your girlfriend doesn't want to play nice while you're gone?" Spike called after them.

"Now, since when have you ever had problems getting along with her?" Angelus called over his shoulder before looking the Judge up and down. "Don't you look spiffy!"

"Spiffy?" The Judge made a face, confused.

Drusilla smiled up at him as they left.

Spike made a face as he looked up at the separate ramp leading up towards the room, smirking as he rolled himself up on it with little difficulty, waiting outside of the door for a second as he heard the sounds of desperate sobs coming from within. He hesitated, not sure if he wanted to see her crying. This girl had always been strong like anything he'd ever seen, and he didn't know how he'd react to seeing her so human.

Taking in a deep breath he knocked on the door, giving her time to get herself together. "I'm comin' in, pet."

There was a rustle of noise inside. "O-okay."

She sounded more in control of herself.

Spike turned the handle and pushed the door, wheeling himself inside, looking around the room with curiosity before his gaze fell on the blonde, who was standing in the middle of it, trying to look brave and strong, although he could tell from the slight shake of her shoulders and the red blotches on her face, that she was just barely holding on.

He frowned when he noticed a small bruise forming on the side of her face. "He hit you?"

"Don't you hit Dru?" She raised her chin.

He grinned brightly, realizing that despite it all, she really was strong. He liked that. "Only when she asks me to."

She blinked in surprise, losing some of the tension that'd made him uncomfortable, before clearing her throat and looking at him. "You really are in a wheelchair. I---I had thought I might of imagined it, and even after Angelus told me what I had to do---I still couldn't believe it."

Spike frowned, looking away. "Yeah. Bloody church organ and roof beams."

"I---I had to use a wheelchair, once." She admitted. "It was only for a couple of days while my foot healed, but I found it annoying. Having known the ability to go any and everywhere and then having that freedom taken away from me, having people treat me different because of it. I wanted to leave them in a wheelchair."

"Rightly said, luv." Spike nodded. "So you'll have compassion on your uncle Spike and come sit down on his lap without giving him any trouble. Aren't cha?"

Chloe nodded. "Right after he does something for me."

"You don't get the fact that you're a prisoner here, do you?" He chuckled.

"Yes, I do, actually. It's painfully obvious despite the lack of shackles." She cleared her throat. "But I want to see Sam. I want clean clothes and bandages and some hot water to clean him up. If someone doesn't tend to his wound he'll get infected and die and if he dies I will not be a good little girl."

Spike shook his head at her. "I'm not a fool, pet."

"Handcuff me to your wheelchair, or to other vampires." She pleaded, taking a step towards him. "I already swore I won't try to escape, but please. I need to do this. Do anything you feel necessary to make yourself feel sure that I won't go. But please. Let me do this." She took in a deep breath before going to kneel in front of his wheelchair, looking up at him pathetically. "Please Spike. I'm begging you."

The vampire had to admit that he'd been having a slight complex since his injury, and her prostrating herself to him did something to his bruised ego. "Fine."

"Thank you." Her voice quivered as she stood and followed him out of the room.

Spike ordered nearby minions to get the things she'd requested and followed her to the minions who were guarding the entrance to the cellar. "Keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't do anything funny."

They nodded, and followed her down below, the other vampires going down with the things she'd needed as they found them.

From the top of the stairs, Spike gazed down inside, watching Chloe as she hurried to the cage, rushing inside to the shackled human when the cage was opened for her. The vampires placed all the things she'd asked for on the floor before hurrying out, locking her inside. He watched as she held the human and he held her tightly, despite his wince of pain.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered, pulling away and tenderly brushing his hair out of his face.

The blonde cleaned the human's every injury, wiping away the dried and caped blood with the warmed water, bandaging his injuries after she'd finished cleaning them.

"Chloe, you have to escape." He whispered to her as he put on his new, clean clothes, hands on her shoulders.

"No, Sam." She shook her head, reaching up to cup his bruised cheek. "If I left they'd kill you."

"I don't care." Sam whispered to her. "You can't stay there with that monster."

Spike watched them with curiosity.

What was this?

"You're only here because of me." She told him. "Because he knew that this was the only way to get me to behave." She paused. "Because he knew I wouldn't let anything ever happen to you."


"I wont leave you, and I wont do anything to give him an excuse to hurt you." Chloe promised. "I'll get you out of here."

"Us." Sam corrected.

"I can't leave." Chloe surprised both Spike and Sam by saying. "In the room he---he told me that this was my fault. That----that it was my blood that got rid of his soul."

Sam went silent.

"I can't let him loose on the world, and then leave him to do what he wants to unchecked."

"Chloe, you can't do anything to stop him." Sam reached for her. "This isn't your fault."

She leaned forwards and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I'll get you out." And with that she stood, picking up the things and taking them out with her, as the vampires opened the cage for her and locked it behind her.

A couple of minions came forwards and took the things for her, freeing her to go to Spike.

She looked back at Sam once before sighing and turning back to Spike as she walked up towards him. "Where should we do this?"

He smirked. "Follow me."


In the safety of Giles' office, Dean and the Watcher lifted a long crate onto his desk. Dean had been trying to call his brother all day but the phone was off, so obviously Sam had been taking his refresher's rest at home seriously, which was a little odd considering the circumstances, but then again Sam had been the one researching most with Giles, not resting when the others had fallen asleep.

He deserved this rest.

"We need to figure out where they'd go." Buffy turned to Giles. "If we go to the factory they probably won't be there, will have moved. They're on the offensive."

Giles lifted the crowbar and broke the clasp. "Agreed." He opened the box.

Buffy looked inside. "This is good."

"And heavy." Cordelia complained.

Everyone ignored her.

Dean turned to Buffy. "Do you want me to show you how to use it?"

"Yes. " She nodded. "I do."

"Still, we need to figure out where they will be going." Giles announced.

Buffy exhaled. "I don't know...uh...somewhere crowded, I guess. I mean, the Judge needs bodies, right?"

"The Bronze?" Cordelia asked.

"It's closed tonight." Dean shook his head.

"There's not a lot of choices in Sunnydale." Cordelia leaned against the table. "It's not like people are gonna line up to get massacred."

"Uh, guys?" Buffy blinked. "If I were gonna line up, I know where I'd go."


Chloe looked around her, hugging herself as she looked at the room, and at Spike, as he lifted himself onto the bed. "So, this is where you and Drusilla are staying."

He nodded, laying on his back, propped up on his elbows, watching her. "We'll be moving soon. Apparently such a place like this isn't good enough for Angelus."

The blonde hesitated by the door.

"C'mere pet." Spike called.

She took in a deep breath before walking towards the bed, hesitating another second before climbing onto it and straddling his prone body, looking down at him in slight nervousness. "Didn't think we'd be in this position again."

He chuckled, smirking up at her. "Thankfully for me, 'Gelus wants me good and whole as soon as possible so I can be up to par."

"I think---I think I understand now why he didn't try to kill you---Angel I mean---when he found out." Chloe trembled slightly above him despite the fact that they weren't going to be doing anything but feeding. "For the longest time I was shocked at how he took it, but then I--I remembered something Drusilla told me when she wanted to sire me."

"What did the old broad say?" Spike asked, curiosity in his voice as he moved one hand to her thigh, caressing it instinctively.

"That vampire families shared."

He chuckled. "We mightn't like it, but we do."

"So, if it had been any other vampire..."

"Soul or not, Angelus would have ripped him to pieces." Spike nodded.

She closed her eyes, surprised at the relief she felt at that.

So it hadn't been that Angel just hadn't cared enough, it was just that his demon, the trigger of his darkside, was used to the concept of sharing...with Spike.

"Okay." She leaned into Spike, tilting her head to the side, and pulling her hair away, baring her neck to his face. "Just do it."

There was a purring kinda growl and then Spike's fangs were deep in her throat, and Chloe's arms went around him, closing her eyes tight.


At the Sunnydale Mall, the doors opened on the upper level and Angelus and Drusilla walked in flanked by their troops, closing the doors behind them. A man who was about to exit came up to them, and the Judge reached out with his hand, an arc of energy emanating from it to the man. The man froze, a look of surprise on his face, before he suddenly began to combust, disappearing in a puff of flame and smoke.

"Lock the exit, boys." Angelus ordered.

The minions hurried out to do Angelus' bidding.

Angelus turned to the Judge. "It's all yours."

The Judge smiled as he walked towards the crowds.

A customer squeezed passed Angelus and headed towards the blocked doors, and a young couple came up to the right.

The Judge extended his arms, and his energy arced out to and through them before arching through everyone in the area, all freezing where they stood.

The Judge smiled widely.

Angelus and Dru grinned, enjoying the show.

Drusilla bounced with glee. "Oh, goody!"

Suddenly a crossbow hit the Judge in the chest and broke his concentration, causing the arcs of energy to disappear, leaving the people dazed and confused.

The Judge grabbed at the bolt and pulled it from his chest. "Who dares?"

Angelus and Drusilla looked over at the refreshment stand. Below, on the open next level their gaze panned from the floor, pasted Dean, Cordelia, Giles, past the opening crate up to Buffy standing on top, holding the crossbow.

She, along with the others, looked up at Angelus in horror. "Angel?

He sneered down at them, reveling in the shock and disbelief coming from them.

Soon they'd see him and fear.

"You fool." The Judge sneered, drawing their attention back to him. "No weapon forged can stop me!"

Buffy lowered her bow and Dean passed her a weapon from the box.

It was an anti-tank launcher.

She raised it to her shoulder and powered it on. "That was then."

Angelus and Drusilla exchanged a look.

Buffy set her sight and opened the trigger guard while the rest of her team took cover behind the snack counter.

Angelus and Drusilla began to run.

Buffy took aim.

Angelus and Drusilla leaped over the stair railing as Buffy readied herself.

"What's that do?" The Judge asked, curiously.

Buffy pulled the trigger, and the rocket flew straight into the Judge's chest as Angelus and Drusilla flew over the railing. The large blue monster disappeared in an explosion of flame and smoke as the people in the mall because to scream and panic, running around terrified.

Angelus and Drusilla hit the floor below, bits of charred Judge raining down all around them

He snarled at them as he got up and ran off, Drusilla freaking out and running in the opposite direction.


Unable to savor the victory, Buffy rushed out passed the screaming crowds, hurrying in the direction she'd seen Angel disappear to. Her heart was sick with worry as she followed after, trying to understand what he was---what he'd been doing. He---he hadn't been fighting the Judge and Drusilla, he'd been standing next to them as if he'd been with them. And then, and then he'd sneered at the Scooby Gang with such hate and revulsion.

It didn't make any sense.

Angel was on their side!

Suddenly she felt something slam into her from behind, and she fell over backward, looking up in shock to see Angel there. "What are you doing?" She snapped, hurrying to her feet.

"Venting my anger out on you." He declared. "I've always found you annoying. But tonight, you exceeded my expectations."


"What are you, slow?" He sneered as they circled each other. "Do I have to draw a picture for you to understand...or perhaps speak with a stuffy British accent and wear glasses and tweed?"

"I don't know what you're doing, or what you're thinking, but Angel, stop." Buffy tried to get through to him. "Think of Chloe. She---."

"Chloe's being much more agreeable than you right now." He replied, eyes flashing gold as his face shifted into that of his demon. "And stop calling me Angel. The name sickens me."

Buffy went still in shock as she realized what he was saying. "Angelus."

"Ding! Ding! We have a winner!" He clapped mockingly. "Really, Slayer, I don't know why everyone says you're all brawn and no brain."

"How?" Buffy whispered, ignoring the insult.

"And ruin the surprise?" He chuckled, beginning to back away, smile taunting. "Wanna give me a message for Chloe?"

Buffy's heart went sick with fear as she remembered that Chloe had been with Angel before...before he turned Angelus. "What did you do to her?!"

"Nothing...as long as she continues to behave. And she will...as long as I keep my new pet." Angelus chuckled.

"Pet?" Buffy whispered, confused.

"How's Sammy doing?" Angelus suddenly asked with mock concern. "Has anyone heard from him today?"

Buffy's eyes widened in horror. "Sam?"

He chuckled and then turned, disappearing into the shadows.

Buffy collapsed to her knees on the ground.

"This...can't be happening."
19th-Feb-2010 01:51 am (UTC)
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19th-Feb-2010 02:09 am (UTC)
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19th-Feb-2010 04:06 am (UTC)
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19th-Feb-2010 03:31 am (UTC)
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19th-Feb-2010 04:09 am (UTC)
I'm not sure. Seeing how things are going, I just don't know if its possible to make a happy season 3. And if I did...I'd bring in SamxChloe as a secondary, stronger, growing pairing...just because I've written a series with both of them in it and I've been dying to do scenes with them and yet haven't been able to...and I'm a total Chlam-shipper by heart! So. Yes. Season Three...if I did it...might very well bring in a threesome. So I'd have to really consider it.
19th-Feb-2010 04:14 am (UTC)
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