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A Thing Of Radiance 8/? 
4th-Mar-2010 05:38 pm
winchullivan---sexy looks
A Thing of Radiance
Title: A Thing of Radiance
Characters: Chloe, Bobby, Sam, Dean
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Dont own
Summary: When Chloe found out about the ugly truth of her past, she went to find her father, Bobby Singer. Now hunting and living with him, Chloe must keep her meteor abilities hidden from other hunters or they might try to hunt her. According to Bobby she should especially keep it secret from a hunter named John Winchester, who only saw black or white...good and evil...and then Sam and Dean arrive.
Written for my LiveJournal Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 11: Radiant Boy
A/N: There is a slight crossover with Dragonriders of Pern due to the firelizard, and I say "slight" because I basically know nothing of the series and only want to use the firelizard.

Standing back, Chloe rubbed the back of her sleeve across her forehead and smiled as she surveyed the day's work. With every day she spent on the garden it seemed to grow more and more beautiful. The flowers were in full blossom, filling the air with succulent scents, flowering vines crept up the rowan tree that stood proudly in the center of the garden...and the pathway made of the stones she'd collected from the river was just being started, but promised to be beautiful once she'd finished. The fairies had made the rowan tree their home, and it was showing. The tree had this unearthly flowers blooming, and there was a small empire built upon the branches. The fairies had been busy building their new home in the rowan, but they'd also taken the time to help Chloe with the gardening, which they quite enjoyed, and they'd given her something even more important. Their trust. Secrets of the fairy realm were whispered in her ear, which had been showed last night, on the full moon, as Chloe had used an ancient, tightly guarded fairy secret to create the magic, ground dust to create a fairy circle, the ultimate protection against supernatural evil. The magic mushrooms (the name still made her giggle) had popped out of the ground in the large circle she'd created around the house and the garden the moment she'd trailed it on the ground, and now she and those within were protected from anything supernatural that tried to hurt them.

It was the human they were going to have to keep an eye on.

Ben played hopscotch on the ground, enjoying being out in the sunlight, his laughter echoing in the air.

Dante had gone to patrol the whole land, something he did regularly ever since the Gordon Walker incident.

Gordon Walker.

Chloe sighed.

She'd done a lot of discreet investigation on the hunter.

He was very...dedicated.

And apparently, he specialized in hunting vampires...which made her staking him during their encounter so deliciously ironic.

Nothing really pegged him down as prominent threat to her, and so Chloe tried to push him out of her mind, although she still kept an eye on the different 'murders by beheading' that seemed to have his signature all over them.

Bobby was out, gone to mail the letters she'd written to Clark, Pete and Lana; he also wanted to go and get some things to patch up a leak they'd developed in the study room, and get some other things as well.

The boys were out on their hunt, which had taken them longer than they thought, since this creature had left the family and turned to another, and the brothers had followed after it.

They still couldn't figure out what it was, either.

It was getting to the point where Chloe and Bobby were getting really worried, and Chloe knew that if it dragged on another day Bobby was going to crack and go help the boys on the hunt.

"This is lovely." Bluebell, one of the Golden Morning fairies, flittered up to Chloe's head.

"It is, isn't it?" Chloe agreed, giggling as she watched a couple of the Golden Morning fairies dancing on top of the water of the small pond.

The Water Nymphs, (tiny aquatic fairies that had arrived shortly after Buttercup's clan), swam under the water among the koi fish, which had become their best friends apparently.

A crash in the kitchen made her wince and turn.

There was a second of silence and then the window was pushed open, and a small pointy face peered out.

Chloe raised her eyebrow. "What were you doing this time?"

The small firelizard gave a little innocent chirp that did nothing to hide its guilty expression.

"Don't give me that look, Dax." Chloe laughed. "I heard something fall. You're up to mischief again."

In a second the golden firelizard was in front of her, giving her its best repentant face.

Unable to even pretend to be angry with her newest and most 'petlike' friend, Chloe rubbed Dax' forehead.

The firelizard chirped happily at her apparent forgiveness and settled itself around her neck like a loose scarf, resting its chin against her shoulder, scaly skin surprisingly warm and soft, the sounds let out endearingly close to purrs.

So much had happened since the Winch Bros had been here.

She missed them terribly, surprisingly so considering everything, but it'd been best that they'd been away.

There had been many new arrivals since the boys had left on their hunt, and not having to hide everything had helped Chloe deal with this new life of hers. She'd also had Pamela over, deciding she liked the medium, who was teaching her and helping her better cope and more importantly understand what it is that she did now. She was a supernatural beacon of light that only other supernatural beings could see, and if they needed a place to rest, to call their home, or to tarry for a while, they would find her and find solace with her. Most of her charges would eventually 'cross over' after a certain given time, giving room to new arrivals, or so Pamela had informed her. Some would cross over in the more known form, like Ben would, whenever he was ready to go into the light. But others, like the fairies, would cross over in a different way.

Apparently there were fairy realms, but for reasons no human really knew, many of the fairies had left this realm to live on earth.

But now, with the destruction of their homes and with humans no longer able to see them due to their disbelief, the fairies would have to cross over to their realms when they were ready. Chloe didn't exactly understand how or when the fairy would be ready, but she had been told that when it was time the 'knowledge' of how and why would come to the fairies, and they'd go to their true homes.

Most of Chloe's charges would eventually 'cross over' when it was time.

Dante, Pamela wasn't sure of.

She wasn't sure about Dax either.

Then again, she wasn't exactly sure what Dax was or where he'd come from.

Chloe only knew that she'd awoken, seen the small four-legged, golden lizard flapping its two wings, just eyeing her as it wagged its tail like a dog.

It had then licked her nose with its cute little forked tongue.

And something had just clicked.

She'd bonded with Dax incredibly easy, and he was almost always now around her neck, a possessive little tyke.

An annoyed grumble made her look up in time to see Dante return from his patrol, rolling his eyes at Dax.

The firelizard ignored the Hellhound, continuing to make that oddly purr-like sound in contentment, eyes closed.

"How was patrol?" Chloe asked, going to kneel in front of Dante and run her fingers through his majestic fur, making sure her fingernails scraped against the skin, as she realized the canine enjoyed. "Catch any baddies?"

Dante's look told her that she was ridiculous and that he was a saint for having to put up with her...and also to not stop scratching there.

The hellhound sat on its hind legs, closing it eyes in ecstasy as he was scratched.

Chloe giggled. "I'm spoiling you all."

The hellhound snorted, obviously believing he was being neglected.

Considering that he'd gone from sleeping at the foot of her bed to next to her feet on the bed, Chloe thought he was ridiculous.

Dante, Ben and now Dax were the only ones she allowed to sleep in her room with her, on her bed, and she knew that the whole 'kingdom' knew they were her favorites, her specially loved ones. Chloe felt a little bad about that, but she had to put her foot down some place. She couldn't have the many fairies and such sleeping with her as well! At least the others didn't seem to mind the fact that she loved Ben, Dax and Dante a little differently, since she'd genuinely grown to love all of her friends dearly.

"What do you think of the garden?" Chloe asked, turning to look at said work in progress.

Dante made a little grumble.

The blonde laughed. "You didn't even open your eyes! You're such a male!"

Obviously offended by that, Dante opened his eyes with aggravation and bucked his head purposely into her hand, obviously telling her off for questioning his actions. He then sighed and turned slowly, as if the burdens of the world had been placed on his furry shoulders, and looked long and hard at the garden.

He didn't voice any sort of reaction.

She tugged on his ear.

Dante gave her a look that clearly said that if it wasn't for the fact that her feet were nice and cold at night when he was always burning up with heat, he would have eaten her for that disrespect.

Chloe, completely oblivious to that look, began to rub said ear between her fingers.

Dante closed his eyes with a half-grumble of happiness.

This human was secretly a high level devil, he was more and more sure of it with every day he passed by her side as guardian and companion.

She knew all of his weak spots, and her instinct was to use them against him in a utterly demonic way, making sure he submitted to her.

And yet while she showed her true colors, she still was able to look all pure and sweet.

She was good.

She was really good.

His foot began to thump slightly when her fingers found that spot behind his ear.

His Achilles Heel.

Forget a high level devil.

This girl was Lucifer!

Ben giggled from where he was playing hopscotch with the muscaliets, which, unbelievably enough, had the body of a hare (though smaller), legs and tail like a squirrel, ears like a weasel, a muzzle like a mole, hair like a pig, and teeth like a boar. They were the oddest creatures to look at, but they were harmless, and enjoyed playing with Ben, Chloe and the Golden Morning fairies, seeming to ignore the Water Nymphs all together, and the aquatic fairies paid them the same favor, enjoying their time with the koi instead.

In fact, a couple of the Golden Morning fairies rode upon the muscaliets' backs as they played the game with Ben, everyone giggling and having a good time.

Dante shook his head at them.

Chloe rubbed said head and leaned in to press a kiss to the hellhound's temple. "Stop being such a miserable old man."

Dax complained about being brought so close to the hellhound, his chirp quite petulant.

Chloe laughed, pulling away enough to sit down as she looked at her garden. "I think its coming along well."

Dante sighed and laid down, resting his chin on her thigh, looking at the garden with little interest, and yet humoring her.

She continued to use her devilry on him, fingers through his fur, until his eyes closed shut and sleep descended.


"I still think that this is too much for her." Bobby grumbled to Pamela with fatherly worry as he walked down the supermarket's aisle, holding onto his cellular tightly. "She's so young, and she's still new to this, and already she has so many charges under her care."

"It means she's strong, Bobby. And if she's strong enough to attract them, she's strong enough to do her duties." Pamela replied, sounding a little distracted. She'd been reading her cards when he'd first called, and apparently hadn't stopped for their conversation. "I know you lost her, twice, and that makes you nervous and worried and overprotective, but Bobby, that girl's special. She's got power. I don't even understand it. But she has a hellhound, and a creature no one had ever heard of existing ever before.That says a lot about her and her powers."

"She needs support." Bobby grumbled. "More than I can give her on my own."

"Oh, she's going to be getting it." Pamela announced, flipping a card. "Very soon."

Bobby stopped, one hand on the cellular, another on a pack of pads Chloe had been evil enough to put on the list she'd given him of things to buy. "What do you mean?"

"Just that she's going to be getting some unexpected, but welcomed support." Pamela replied, obviously smiling.

There was a gasp, and then sudden silence.

Bobby frowned. "Pamela?"


"Pamela?" He stressed, a little worried.

"Oh, uhm," she sounded like she was trying not to laugh. "Bobby, you know how I've been commending you for your open mind with all of this?"

"Yes..." He said slowly, a little wary because of the amusement so strong in her voice.

"Well, buddy, you're gonna have to be a little more open. And when I say 'a little more', I mean 'helluva lot more'. Just a forewarning." And then she hung up on him, but not before her heard peals of laughter.

Bobby frowned, calling her back.

She'd turned her cellular off.

He grumbled to himself about annoying mediums, and put his cellular away, wondering what in the world Pamela had seen in her cards.


The Light was bright, so much brighter than any of the few previous ones it had ever had the honor of seeing. Not only did the Lighthouse shine, but everything she touched seemed to glow a little as well, just proving that those under her care were happy and content, enjoying their stay in her sanctuary and feeling safe in their new home.

The hellhound, and the firelizard, the two odd creatures were apparently terribly possessive of her, or so the ones they'd had watching her since she'd Ascended had said. That said a lot about the Lighthouse.

Hellhounds never left hell or their hell lords to go to a sanctuary, towards Light.

But Dante, Head Hellhound, had broken ranks and gone to her almost as soon as her Light was strong enough to be felt by those not in close distance.

The creature wondered how the other hell hounds, or those hell lords, had taken that.

They were either pissed, very confused, or intrigued.

And, the other creature, the firelizard. It was from a different reality. It'd somehow sensed the presence of its Impressed and had teleported strong the veil of reality to get to her.

This also hadn't been known to happen before.

And yet, and yet the power was stronger in this one than it had in the few predecessors she had had, and the creature knew that that made it very dangerous for her once the first crossing happened.

It was glad that she had taken the precaution to place the fairy circle around her home and garden sanctuary, but with the news it was bringing her she'd need a much larger, much stronger protection than just a fair circle. This protection needed to be placed around the whole of the Father of the Lighthouse's realm. And it was a good thing it was a large realm for this day and age. Because they were going to need every available space.

Flapping large, majestic wings, the creature watched as the hellhound stiffened, waking up as it sensed its presence. Dull eyes went fiery red as the hellhound's wolfish features turned into its true, terrifying appearance, going blood red, seeming to be made of solid flames, as it jumped in front of the Lighthouse, growling and snarling and warning it away from her.

How...how intriguing.

Not heeding the warning, the gryphon landed before the Lighthouse and her protector.

I do not mean to hurt your mistress.

The hound still snarled, its body growing larger and larger until it was larger than the Lighthouse, completely covering her corporeal form from the gryphon, although the hellhound could do nothing to hide the bright light shining from behind him.

Stand down. I have a message for her.

"Dante." The Lighthouse placed her hand on the flames of the hellhound's fur before either could warn her away, but instead of her hand being incinerated immediately, she just rested her hand on him and petted him in a soothing way.

The gryphon's eyes widened in shock.

So did the hellhound's, the shock causing the red and the flames to fade, its body growing smaller, eyes dulling from its infernal fury, until the hellhound appeared once more like a wolf.

The Lighthouse didn't understand what she'd done, or that it was something the whole supernatural realm would be talking about forever, the blonde instead rubbing the hellhound's head lovingly before going towards the gryphon.

The firelizard wrapped around her throat hissed at the gryphon.

Obviously the tiny gold thing was warning the newcomer to behave or it would breathe fire.

The gryphon tilted its head, intrigued.

This Lighthouse seemed to have a certain close affinity with creatures of flame.

"A gryphon." The Lighthouse's voice was soft with surprise as she stood in front of it. "I can't believe it."

There was awe in that voice.

The gryphon ruffled its feathers somewhat proudly.

She smiled, the Light around her glowing a little brighter, a little more inviting.

The gryphon blinked, before pulling himself away from the Call and extending its neck to pass her the scroll in his beak, the one he'd been entrusted to give her now that she was growing stronger...and they couldn't wait any longer.

"Uh, thank you." She hesitated a second before taking the scroll from him, eyeing the intricate wax seal keeping it shut. "Hmmm." Breaking the seal with curiosity, she opened the scroll and read the contents slowly, carefully. She blinked and then looked at the additional scrolls and what was written on them before looking up at the gryphon. "Are they...serious?" She asked. "This isn't some hazing like 'Prank The New Lighthouse', is it?"

The gryphon tilted it head at her, confused, not exactly sure what hazing was.

"Oh, boy." She blinked, cheeks going blood red.

Was she...


"How am I going to explain this one to Bobby?" The Lighthouse shook her head.

The firelizard read the scrolls and blinked, looking at the gryphon in shock and a little suspicion.

The small golden creature had Impressed on the Lighthouse while in a different reality, so it just wet to show that their connection was so strong it was unheard of. They were very similar of character in many aspects due to the empathetic bond the two shared, and it obviously was thinking that the gryphon was doing this 'hazing'...whatever it was.

"And this needs to be done by tomorrow night...because of the moon cycle and all of that?" The Lighthouse asked, verifying.

The gryphon nodded.

"Well, how am I supposed to find all of these ingredients by tomorrow night?!?" She wanted to know, glaring. "I don't even think that half of them are found here on---."

The gryphon motioned with its head to the pouch around its neck.

"Oh." The Lighthouse was stunned, before bowing her head with a sigh and then going towards it carefully, removing the pouch and holding it, with the scrolls to her heart. "Tell Them that it will be done, and that everything will be ready for when the new charges arrive."

The gryphon nodded and bowed, wings flapping out, ready to take flight.

"Wait!" The Lighthouse's voice stopped it. "What's your name?"

It blinked. Confused.

Gryphons weren't given names.

They were numbered.

Since there were very few gryphons left the numbering system still worked.

It raised its head and showed her the tattoo on the underside of its beak.


She blinked. "That's your name?"

It nodded.

"Mind if I think up something else to call you?"

It blinked once more.


It looked at the hellhound.

Your mistress. She is...odd.

The creature gave it a snort, as if telling the gryphon that it didn't even know the half of it.

That amused the gryphon and it turned to the Lighthouse giving a nod of consent.

She smiled, and once again the Light was more inviting, the Call strong and hard to resist.

That was the last thing the gryphon noticed as it forced itself up into the air and back to where it had come from.


"Same dream?" Dean asked as they ate in the motel. His gaze was on the greasy food he'd once loved so much, but Chloe's cooking had apparently spoiled him, because he found himself missing those home cooked meals more and more as they were apart.

"No, different this time." Sam announced slowly, looking at their hunting equipment, all packed up and ready to leave early tomorrow to go back home now that the hunt was over. "First time it hasn't been the pregnancy dream."

The older Winchester brother looked up from his cheeseburger. "What happened in this one?"

"There were..." Sam paused. "Fairies."

Dean blinked. "Fairies."

Sam growled, looking away. "I knew you'd look at me like that!"

"I ain't looking at you any odd way." Dean snorted. "But, really Sammy, fairies?" He frowned. "Were they attacking her?"

"No, that's---." Sam sighed. "They were dancing. And so were we."

"Dancing." Dean couldn't help but echo. "You and me were dancing...with fairies. Sam. Did you take some pills or drink something or...?"

The younger Winchester brother glared. "No, Dean, I didn't. And we weren't dancing with the fairies, we were dancing with Chloe."

"As in...the both of us?" Dean went still.

"Yeah." Sam looked down at his barely touched burger.

"And there were fairies." Dean needed to clarify.

"Yes, Dean." Sam nodded dutifully. "There were fairies."

Dean shook his head. "What sort of whacked up future is that?"

Sam didn't answer, just continued looking at his burger.


"I can't believe i have to do this." Chloe announced, looking at the ingredients in the pouch and then at the instructions on one of the additional scrolls sent. "Bobby's not going to like this. At all."

Dante, paws on the table and hind legs on the ground, looked down at the scrolls on said table and then snorted, looking up at Chloe.

"Shut up." She pouted, resting a hand on his head while she used the other to lightly scratch under Dax's chin. "This is traumatic enough without you making fun of me."

The hellhound just couldn't keep the amusement out of his eyes.

"I mean, I know we're surrounded by woods and all that...but still!" The blonde was hyperventilating.

Dante sighed and bucked up against her hand, telling her to both relax, and get to the petting.

Looking down at him, Chloe gave her hellhound a shake of her head before beginning to massage her fingers into his skull. "You're unbelievable. You know that?"

He ignored her, resting his chin on his paws contentedly, wagging his tail.

She laughed. "Oh well. At least it's only dad here. The boys are still gone. That should make this. Uh. Easier."

The doorbell rung.

Chloe looked towards it, raising an eyebrow. "Bobby forgot the keys again? How did he survive when I wasn't here?"

It was only when she was passing one of the windows in the living room that she noticed that the car outside wasn't Bobby's.

She'd never seen it before.

Green eyes narrowed. "Invisible."

Dante grumbled and did as told.

Dax, on the other hand, just teleported away, since he didn't have the ability to go invisible.

Reaching for the baseball bat that always rested by the door, Chloe reached for it and held on tight before going to the door and peeking through the peephole.

She dropped the baseball bat in shock.

Dante's eyes went fiery red at the action, interpreting it as a sign of danger on the other side of Bobby's oak door.

Chloe reached for the locks and undid each and every one as quickly as possible before jerking the door open, unable to do anything but stare at the person on the other side.

"Hey Cuz!" Lois Lane grinned brightly, raising her large shades from her face and resting them on her head. She was wearing jeans, a tight tie-dye shirt that read College Sux A$$, and cowboy boots. And around her were suitcases. Lots of suitcases. "I was thinking and I realized, college isn't for me, and you obviously need someone looking out for you, and you did practically plead for me to drop out and come here so I decided to be an awesome cousin and do so. So, here I am, Lois Lane, reporting for duty."
5th-Mar-2010 12:30 am (UTC)
Yay for Lois showing up!! I was never a huge Lois fan (must be the Chlarker in me *grins*) until I started to read you fics, now I love when she shows up. That right there is the mark of a truly great writer, which you are *grins* Can't wait to see what happens next and what embarrassing thing Chloe has to do.
5th-Mar-2010 12:43 am (UTC)
Oh, yeah. the 'hazing' lol. Poor girl. How's she gonna get to do it with Lois around? And the boys are coming back too! *hurry up Chloe!!!*

*grins* Its so warming to hear that about my lois :D thanks !
5th-Mar-2010 12:49 am (UTC)
ROFL. You are awesome. Loved the whole chapter. Of course Bobby would have to be open for what's coming. Great job on this chapter, amuses me to no end.
5th-Mar-2010 01:11 am (UTC)
Oh, poor Bobby...if only he knew!!!!! *evil grin*
5th-Mar-2010 12:50 am (UTC)
oh wow chloe is very strong . pam was laughing because her cards were telling her about chloe being with both sam and dean right ? oh no lois is there now lol. i want the boys there with her instead . was sam's dream about what chloe has to do soon to protect everyone ? PPMS
5th-Mar-2010 01:13 am (UTC)
Pam...how I loved her! I loved Missouri too...whatever happened to *her* I wonder. Totally should bring her back on.

Nope. Sam's dream wasn't of what Chloe had to do *laughs at the thought of Sams reaction if he HAD dreamt about what Chloe has to do*
5th-Mar-2010 02:22 am (UTC)
I am sending you 1,023 hugs for updating this fic. I've missed it so. Dante thinking Chloe is Lucifer because she knows the spot to scratch in order to make his foot twitch cracked me up. Also, this mysterious ritual Chloe has to do has me snickering. Why do I think she has to dance naked under the moon to enlarge the sanctuary? Get Lois drunk enough, and she'd join in just for fun, I bet. Looking forward to more soon, hopefully!
5th-Mar-2010 02:27 am (UTC)
1,023? wow. I feel LOVED!
*grins....you'll see*
5th-Mar-2010 06:29 am (UTC)
If there had been Sullivan/Winchester smoochies involved you would have gotten more hugs, but, eh! Guess I'll have to save those up for a future installment.
5th-Mar-2010 04:01 am (UTC)
Dante! Dantedantedantedante!

Also, gratuitous Pern reference? Very cool. Also also, Sam and Dean, dancing with fairies, is an awesome messed up future. Finally, I await Bobby's complete mental breakdown on having to deal with Lois with eagerness.

In short, I love this fic, and particularly this chapter.

PS Dante! Yay!
5th-Mar-2010 05:15 am (UTC)
Let me go out on a limb and guess you like Dante :D lol

I feel so *horrible* for putting Lois on Bobby! lololol
5th-Mar-2010 04:41 am (UTC)
I think that after the Cave/ the Pyramid that this story is my favorite! I love how it is all about Chloe and not in a bad way. It is about an ability she has that makes her stand out from everyone else but not in a bad way. Her ability can't be used for evil and she is making Bobby a happier man. I love all of the creatures that keep showing up and love Dante. I wonder where the Gryphon came from and who sent him but I know you will let us in on that soon enough. I love that you brought Lois into this little family too!! Maybe Lois can take one of the Winchesters off Chloe's hands. Maybe the Daddy will come to visit Bobby and get hooked to the Lois Lane Love Train! *HAHAHA* I'm tired ignore my insanity!
5th-Mar-2010 05:17 am (UTC)
WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. *I have to bite my tongue to keep from answering your questions or commenting on your hypothesis!*
5th-Mar-2010 08:59 am (UTC)
Oh No poor Chloe new charges, Lois and the Winchesters. I'm thinking she isn't going to have a easy time.
I'm so jealous of Chloe, I want a lizard, fairy and hellhound, I think I might just come live in your story.
Can't wait for the next update.
5th-Mar-2010 12:09 pm (UTC)
Yep, just when Chloe thought she was going to get a break! lol

I'm sure Chloe and Bobby can find *some* space for you! lol
5th-Mar-2010 10:23 am (UTC)
Amazing! Loved it! Gotta say Lois is probably one of my favorite characters in this story. You should totally bring John in the story and have them get together. I don't know why but the pairing intrigues me. Can't wait for the next chapter. Please update soon:)
5th-Mar-2010 12:10 pm (UTC)
Well.....must.....*closes mouth* Must not give away the plot. *zippers up mouth*
5th-Mar-2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
♥ I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE this chapter, lmao... Hehe, does she have to go dancing naked or something? LOL... Good luck at hiding that from Lois.
5th-Mar-2010 12:11 pm (UTC)
Good luck hiding *anything* from Lois! lol
5th-Mar-2010 03:53 pm (UTC)
When I saw there was an update to this story I squeeled out loud. Now people think I'm weird. Great update! Sam and Dean... dancing with fairies around? Sounds like the start of a bad joke or weird supernatural porno. So excited to see how that scene comes about and what Chloe's doing that she doesn't want anyone to witness. I have a feeling the Winch Bros will be there to witness her humilation. Update soon, my curisoity runs amuck. - SA148
5th-Mar-2010 04:56 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, people live believing I'm weird, so at least you're not alone!!!

And...u never know!!!!!!
5th-Mar-2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
Let me guess...Dancing naked under the moonlight? Cuz the poor boys wouldn't stand a chance if they saw that.

"Well, buddy, you're gonna have to be a little more open. And when I say 'a little more', I mean 'helluva lot more'. Just a forewarning." And then she hung up on him, but not before her heard peals of laughter.
Perfect. I loved that part so much. :)
5th-Mar-2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
Glad you're enjoying the update!
5th-Mar-2010 11:21 pm (UTC) - Yay!
Hooray, a update! You're doing an amazing job of developing this story. I kind of liked the idea of Lois just always being a wacky voice on the phone, but I trust you and I know you'll integrate her into the plot but still have it focused on Chloe, Bobby, and the Winchesters. All I can ask for is MORE MORE MORE. Please update soon!


P.S. Love the new layout!
6th-Mar-2010 03:54 am (UTC) - Re: Yay!
Thanks! I'd been trying *for EVER* to try and figure out how to get a header...and then I *finally* figured it out and went crazy making a header just so I could put it up there! :D
8th-Mar-2010 08:11 pm (UTC)
i love this chapter, can't wait to find out what chloe has to do. please, with a cherry on top, write some more.
8th-Mar-2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
I'm actually trying to write the next chapter, so hopefully it won't take too long to be out.
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