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Demon Killer 1/4 
11th-Mar-2010 06:02 pm
winchullivan---dark trio

Title: Demon Killer
Pairings: Sam/Chloe/Dean
Sequel to: Hell
Series: Hellspawn
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe and Dean finally escape hell, having 'fun' with the humans of a small village close to where the hells gate opened. But their fun and games end when the Demon Killer arrives, and they find out that Lucifer is very much real.
Written for my LiveJournal Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day #23: Psychokinesis.
A/N: Should Be a two-or-three-shot.

It'd taken then two more hundred years for another fool to open a hell gate, and when it happened they'd forced their way through the gate into the human world and fled as far away as they could. Chloe hadn't been able to make it far, after a couple of miles she'd plummeted to the ground, the black mass that'd been her body convulsing, exploding with light, and when it was gone, she was laying on the ground with her own body. She was shocked and confused and the fact that this wasn't supposed to be able to happen made her wary. Dean wasn't bursting into light, his old body appearing. No. He was still the formless black mass, and he'd had to possess the first acceptable male body they could find. Interestingly enough Chloe still saw him as Dean, although everyone else saw him as his meatsuit.

Together they'd ventured to a small town north of the gate, and made it their home.

And Chloe finally got to have her fun.

Two men threw themselves on the table as they fought, the wood breaking under their weight as they continued to hit and kick the other, even scratching the other.

Others ignored them, busy at their poker games, wary and thin from having played three days without stop.

In the next corner frenzied cries of passion could be heard...and the acts viewed.

And there were, of course, those who hadn't stopped drinking until they'd passed out or suffered alcohol poisoning.

Violence, money, alcohol and sex were the new drugs, and the town hadn't been able to stop committing their most precious sin.

And sometimes they mixed two or more drugs together.

Chloe grinned in amusement, side-stepping the two on the floor fighting to go towards one of the men drinking by the table. She hovered over his back, hand on his shoulder, smile quite evil to behold as she leaned down and whispered into his ear. "Do you see that man in front of you? The handsome one, drinking the vodka?"

The man didn't even look at her, not reacting.

"Don't you think your wife wouldn't have fucked around on you if you'd looked more like him?" She giggled throatily, her breath against his ear. "If it wasn't for men like him she'd have been stisfied with you, wouldn't she?"

Fury entered those eyes, and the drunkard stood, stumbling towards the other man before attacking him by bashing his glass into the other's head.

Thus another furious fight began.

Chloe stood where she'd been seconds ago, grinning like a mischievous child having the time of her life.

This was so much fun.

Hearing the sound of something thudding violently across the room, Chloe frowned when she saw Dean trying to pick himself up.

Her gaze followed his, and narrowed as his widened, eyeing two brunets.

Dean looked shocked out of his wits.

Chloe had been out long enough to be able to see a hunter when she spotted one, hell, a couple of them had come to try and fight her and Dean and were now part of the group enjoying themselves to death.

The hunter held out his hand towards Dean, and his eyes went demon black as Dean suddenly fell to his knees, gasping for breath.

The blonde's whole body froze as she realized whose presence she was in.

The Demon Killer.

But why were his eyes demonic? He wasn't a demon, she would have sensed it the moment he shifted! He had---he had something demonic, but that was due to dark magics and rituals, that wasn't because he was one of them.

"Let go of him!" She screamed, eyes going demonic white as her demonic power pushed the hunter's partner against the wall.

The Demon Killer didn't let go of his invisible hold on Dean, turning towards her, hand facing her as well.

And then he froze in horror.

"If you don't let go of your hold on him, Demon Killer, I'll make what I did to these humans look like paradise compared to what I do to your little friend." Chloe hissed, knowing that she didn't have control over the powers she'd started manifesting aboveground, as did all demons, but knew that she'd give it her best to rid the underworld of the killer of their kind. "I'll make her beg for death as little strips of her skin are torn off one by one, and you'll watch without being to help."

The female gasped, trying to struggle.

Chloe tightened her hold.

The female's eyes went pitch black.

"You're one of us." Chloe hissed in fury. "You're going against your own kind to assist the Demon Killer?" Feeling that intense gaze on her, Chloe remembered that he was the one she should be concentrating on, and turned her gaze on him. "I said let him go Demon Killer!"

The hold on Dean disappeared and hunched over, taking in desperate gasps of air.

Those black eyes of their enemy bled out into blue/green eyes that stared at her with a deep intensity she couldn't explain.

She couldn't understand the conflicting feelings inside of her either, and it made her more irritated as she let go of the hold she had on the Demon Killer's demon companion. "You disgust me." She told the demon before backing away, eyes narrowing when the Demon Killer made as if to follow her. She raised her hand out at him, palm glowing warningly. "Come closer, Demon Killer, and I will kill you."

"No." Dean placed his hand in the one she offered him, standing up. "Don't."

She frowned. "I can take him on Dean!"

"Dean?" The Demon Killer's voice was choked with emotion.

Dean winced and looked away.

Chloe frowned, looking back from one male to the other. "What's going on here Dean? How do you know the Demon Killer? Is he immortal? Is that why he's alive despite hundreds of years having passed since you went to hell?"

"Hundreds---?" The Demon Killer's voice broke.

"Time passes differently in Hell, Sam." The brunette by his side whispered.

He glared at her in fury. "Why didn't you tell me this?!?!"

Chloe saw a rift and decided to exploit it, laughing. "Because she's a demon, 'Sam'." She wondered why he turned to look at her so longingly at his name on her lips. "We lie."

Dean's hand clasped her upper arm.

She looked down at the hold and then up at him curiously before returning her gaze to the Demon Killer.

His eyes were both horrified and furious.

What a confusing specimen.

And Chloe didn't have time for this.

Hell and earth didn't abide on the same timeline, which meant that while hundreds of years had passed in hell probably only a few had passed here.

She wondered how long it'd been since she'd been taken to hell.

But she would have to wait until they'd dealt with the enemy before finding that out.

"Let's go." Dean ordered.

She glared at him. "This is our town."

"We'll find another." Dean began backing away from them, pulling Chloe with him.

"Where do you think you're going?" The Demon Killer stalked after them.

Chloe's hand glowed brighter. "Don't tempt me!"

"Don't!" Dean reached forwards and pushed her hand down.

"What's wrong with you?" Chloe snapped, pushing Dean away from her. "Why are you protecting him?"

Dean looked at the Demon Killer, at the demon bitch traitor and then at Chloe with a sigh. "He was my little brother, when I was human."

The blonde's eyes widened in horror, remembering Meg saying something about the Demon Killer's brother, and the woman he'd loved, being down in the pits. She just hadn't said that said brother had his own pit over which he'd reigned for hundreds of years as Pit Master.

She never would have guessed that Dean was who Meg had been talking about. The blonde turned her gaze on the Demon Killer once more, unable to believe that he was once Dean's younger brother. But now that she looked at the brunet more, she realized that there were shared features between the two of them, they looked similar in a non-obvious way.

She took in a deep breath. "I won't attack him if he doesn't attack us."

Dean nodded, turning his host's blue eyes on the Demon Killer. "Let us go, Sammy. I don't want to hurt you."

"He's a demon, Sam." The brunette girl turned to the Demon Killer. "They both are. You can't trust them."

"Like I can't trust you?" He snapped at her.

"I would have thought that would be obvious." Chloe couldn't stop herself, snickering. "I would have thought that you would have had someone who loved you enough to warn you not to trust a demon, that there are no good ones."

A look of pure agony crossed those eyes as the Demon Killer turned towards Chloe. He looked like he'd been slapped, like he wanted to cry.

She was taken back by the magnitude of those emotions...and by her own desire to go to him and cup his jaw.

The blonde took a step backwards, confused and a little frightened.

The Demon Killer took a step towards her, as if they were tied by an invisible string.

Dean took a step between them, glaring at his brother. "Back off, Sam! I don't want to hurt you but I will if you don't leave her alone!"

The Demon Killer, Sam, looked up at his brother with narrowed eyes. "Dean, I don't want to hurt you either, but I will if you don't get out of my way."

She didn't want a fight to break out amongst the brothers...the intensity of that desire surprised her, and she acted on impulse, using her power to send the brunette female flying violently into the Demon Killer, both crashing into a pillar.

Chloe grabbed Dean's hand and twirled on her feet, beginning to take off towards the back of the bar, for the exit.

Something in her felt sick and scared and she didn't care about dignity, didn't care about losing her town. She and Dean would find another town, make it their own.

Dean tightened his hold on her hand and was soon in front of her, dragging her quickly behind him, towards the bright red EXIT.

They nearly made it too.

Someone emerged from the shadows and trained the Colt at them.

Chloe's eyes widened in fear as Dean pushed her behind him.

"You shouldn't have done that, Bobby." He sneered.

Bobby's eyes widened. "How do you know who--?"

Dean's host's eyes went pitch black and the hunter went flying back into the wall, the Colt flying out of his hands.

Sensing movement behind them, Chloe turned and white shot out of her hand, straight into the Demon Killer.

Nothing happened.

Her pitch-white eyes widened in shock and confusion, sending another bolt of hellish power at him that would have downed any other man, and yet this Sam just stood there as if nothing.

"You can't hurt me." He whispered, as if getting her to understand something. "You wouldn't."

"But this would." Dean's voice, and the sound of a cocking gun, caused them to look in time to see Dean pointing the loaded Colt at his brother.

Sam narrowed his eyes.

Chloe smiled, hurrying towards Dean and taking his hand. "Let's get out of here."

"As you wish, My Lady." Dean surprised her by using her title, something he rarely ever did. "Sorry it had to be this way, Sammy." With that he turned and shot, the bullet piercing the female demon's forehead, causing inside of her body to explode with intense light, before he turned and pulled Chloe out of the exit.


Turning towards the door when it opened, Chloe lowered her glowing palm in relief when Dean's host slipped into the room, locking the door behind him.

"You were gone longer than you said you would be." Chloe scolded before noticing his limp, eyes widening as she hurried towards him and managed to grab hold of him before his legs buckled under him and he grunted in pain. "What happened to you? Was it that Demon Killer? I'm going to kill him!"

"Not...Sammy." Dean hissed in pain as Chloe helped him to the large bed. "Demons."

"Demons?" She snapped, confused and pissed. "No one I sent up would dare---!"

"No, they were out before you came to hell." Dean cried out as he dropped onto the bed. "They're---Lilith's....minions."

"Lilith." Chloe froze when she heard the name of the demon she'd never met, but had heard so much about while in the Pit. "Why would her demons do this to you? Is this because of me? Some I-Should-Be-Ruler-of-Hell-And-Future-Forced-Consort-Of-Some-Mythical-Badguy thing?"

He shook his head, groaning. "This was punishment for killing Ruby. They caught me while I was trying to figure out if Sam and Bobby had left, and they told me that Ruby had been working for Lilith, and that I'd just killed their best inside-person. Lilith obviously wasn't happy with me."

"You're not hers to punish." Chloe growled, unbuttoning Dean's shirt and gazing down at the broken, battered skin. "I will kill her."

"No." He shook his head. "You can't."

"Stop thinking that I don't have the power to do this! I'm power---."

"She's the catalyst to Lucifer's return."

Chloe went still. "What?"

"The demons...they told me that since I'd killed Ruby I had to take over her place and get Sam's trust, that I had to get him to kill Lilith in some church. That Lilith was some sort of seal and that Sam needs to kill her to free Lucifer." His hand reached out and grabbed Chloe's bringing her closer to him, eyes grave. "Lucifer's real."

"I don't believe it." She shook her head, refusing to look at him, instead taking in a deep breath as she leaned forwards and licked a slow, wet trail over an ugly cut, watching as it healed and closed up under her ministrations. "He's not real."

"He is...." Dean whimpered, closing his eyes, body trembling as her tongue began to slowly, thoroughly scrape across each welt, each cut or bruise, healing them and taking away the pain. "I doubt...he'd be...too happy...about this."

"I'm not his." Chloe whispered against the skin right beneath his belly button, giving it a little suck.

Dean groaned, and this time it wasn't a sound of pain.

Chloe nipped at the waistband of his pants.

Dean thrust upwards before grabbing fistfuls of sheet and sitting up, forcing her to back up. "Chloe. We can't let Sam kill Lilith." His demonic black eyes searched deep into hers. "We can't let him free Lucifer." His gaze consumed her like a starving beast. "He can't be let free."

The blonde nodded, knowing that what he said was true.

If Lucifer was free she would be nothing but his consort, his little sex doll.

Neither of them wanted that.

Taking in a deep breath, she straightened and turned towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Dean called from the bed.

"I'm going to find the Demon Killer." She replied at the door, turning to look at the demon as the healing began to make him drowsy. "There has to be something he wants that I can give him in exchange for Lilith's life."

"Chloe, don't---."

She outstretched her hand towards him and a bright white light hit him, her powers forcing him into a deep sleep, so he could heal better.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe opened the door and went to find the Demon Killer.
11th-Mar-2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
What an intense chapter! Will Chloe ever remember her time with Sam or is that completely gone?
11th-Mar-2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
I'm toying with both options right now, not sure.
12th-Mar-2010 12:35 am (UTC)
really good chapter . oh poor sam for seeing chloe and knowing that she does not rember him at all. and about dean . oh man chloe and dean love each other ? what will they do when they realize that sam is to be lucifir's host / meatsuit lol. PPMS
12th-Mar-2010 01:54 am (UTC)
Yep, they would not be happy at all with that revelation.
12th-Mar-2010 02:32 am (UTC)
Oh, I knew it, I knew it! Also, are we going to find out what Dean's borrowed body looks like? Just 'cuz I'm curious what was 'acceptable'.

I mean, is it a young, handsome stud, or just a guy who's not in terrible shape? Also, I want to see Chloe getting a firsthand view of Dean and his nearly irrational love of his baby. No, not Sammy, the one with the black paint and Kansas plates.
12th-Mar-2010 02:38 am (UTC)
"No, not Sammy" <----I burst out laughing at that line.
I will try to describe the host soon for you.
12th-Mar-2010 03:08 pm (UTC) - Loving it ^^
omg I'm in love with the Chloe/Dean connection. They really take care of each other. I don't think Sammy will like of how cozy his girl and his brother are together.

Dean trying to avoid hurting Sam was so him. It seems like no matter what happened he can still feel that pull to protect his brother but is also willing to go against it (like when he thought Sammy was trying to hurt Chloe).

To me it seems Chloe is a luck girl. She got not only one but two overprotective Winchesters wrapped around her little finger.

Sometimes I wish for her to recover her memory and others I don't. I mean, she feels something for Dean and him for her, but if she recovered her memories I think she would feel guilty about it and if she never remember anything she can meet this new Sam and fall for him all over again but without letting Dean. I just love the Sam/Chloe/Dean thing so much I think is unfair for just one of them to get the girl (*blushes and hides face in hands)

I'm in love with all your stories ^^ It's so good to find an author that gives Chloe the heroes she deserves. I had never ever imagined all the parings you work with. Now I have so much more ships on my list ^^

KG Wulf
12th-Mar-2010 03:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Loving it ^^
OH! don't hide your face and blush! I so totally agree with that! I think it should be *obligatory* for Winchullivan stories to end up *schlean* lol. They're hard to write sometimes, but both brothers just mesh so *perfectly* with her that...well...yes.

I'm glad you're enjoying my stories/ships!
12th-Mar-2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
The Chloe/Dean action was hot and the Chloe/Sam interaction- well I'm waiting for the fallout there. Also can't wait for the uncomfortable Dean/Sam talk concerning Chloe.

"Oh... you want to shag her? Well, when she was human I shagged her. And I don't think Lucifer will appreciate us both having shagged her, but what the hell." Threesome demon power!

During this chapter I would have really loved to know Sam's thoughts on seeing Chloe again and his thoughts on her not remembering him. Can’t wait for their interaction next chapter. Update soon!
12th-Mar-2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
*dies laughing at your idea of how the conversation will go!*
Someone I see Dean saying that more than Sam! lol
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