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Ties That Bind 3/? 
22nd-Mar-2010 08:45 am
Title: Ties That Bind
Fandom: Merlin (bbc)
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Summary: When Merlin saves a young boy from would-be-kidnappers, he unknowingly starts the course of events that lead him to meet the boy's father, Arthur, who has played a painful part in changing Merlin's familiy's life in the past.

"Oh my god!" Morgana's whisper was the only warning Merlin had before she was kneeling by his side, turning his head and pressing her lips to his.

"What's going on?" Arthur could be heard saying.

"Just---just watch." Gwen stuttered by his side.

Pulling her mouth from his, eyes golden from the magic he'd allowed her to siphon out of him, Morgana, the one who knew better about curses, turned to Gwen. "Get the oils!"

Gwen nodded before hurrying away.

Morgana then turned to Mordred and grabbed him by his throat, golden eyes looking deep inside of those terrified yet vacant blue orbs.

And suddenly the scream escaping the child's mouth was agonized as he thrashed and started to glow a dark black.

"Stop it!" Arthur yelled. "You're hurting him!"

Before they could stop him, he'd rushed forwards and pushed Morgana aside, reaching for the boy.

Mordred's eyes trained on his father and at the touch all the black shot out of him into Arthur.

"No!" Merlin turned in time to see Arthur's eyes roll back in his head as he collapsed to the ground, body shaking violently in spasms.

Mordred fell limp in Merlin's arms.

Gwen hurried into the room with Morgana's case of oils and such, eyes wide in horror. "Oh no."

"Gwen!" Morgana called, hurriedly going to Mordred and taking him from Merlin's arms. "I'll take care of him. You leech it out of Arthur! He'll die in minutes if you don't!"

Merlin, who'd already known this, hurried towards Arthur and straddled his spasming body, using his magic to pin the top of Arthur's body down.

"I usually wait till at least the third date for this." He mumbled in embarrassed discomfort before reaching down and cupping the back of that blonde head and raising Arthur's head slightly to bring their lips together. He closed his golden eyes and concentrated on siphoning the dark magic out of its victim, forcing it into his own body, feeling his body burn within as it attack the malicious curse instantly. He deepened the kiss, pulling out more, feeling his whole body thrum with magic. His fingertips prickled slightly, and his lips and body were getting warmer and warmer, but he persisted, tongue swiping into that mouth to scoop out more. His fingers tightened their hold on Arthur's hair and shirt, and he felt lightheaded...yet not in an entirely bad way.

Only when he was sure he'd siphoned out all of the dark magic attacking Arthur, did Merlin let go, collapsing on the ground beside the man, thus missing the dark blush on Arthur's face.

Merlin breathed in and out, in and out, heart racing incredibly fast.

"Gwen, call for Edwin." Morgana ordered, finishing the mixture of Eucalyptus, St. John's Wort and Sandalwood oils. She dabbed her finger into the mixture and used it to mark a pentacle on a sleeping Mordred's forehead before hurrying over to Arthur and doing the same, and then she repeated the process on Merlin. "You okay?"

He nodded only after she'd finished with the design.

"The three of you, don't move." She ordered, standing up and hurrying out of the room.

There was silence.

"Mordred?" Arthur's voice was hoarse and worried.

"He's fine now, just sleeping." Merlin groaned, fighting to keep his eyes open. "He wasn't the one the curse was aimed at."

There was a moment's silence. "You're saying it was for me?"

Merlin nodded, yawning. "Whoever those men who were trying to kidnap Mordred for must have been watching from a safe distance when it happened and when it didn't work he or she cursed him." He growled. "It makes sense now...how he was so out of it. He was under shock of being cursed. I was right there and I didn't even feel the magic working. Do you know how powerful that sorcerer has to be for that to happen?"

"Magic..." Arthur wheezed, still laying on his back. "It...exists? How?"

Merlin felt so sleepy. "Surprised Morgause never told you."

"Morgause?" Arthur was frowning, that was obvious. "I...why am I so...sleepy?"

"That spell was meant for you. They used Mordred as a carrier of the curse, and once the sorcerer activated it the moment you went to help him, as would any father, the curse would be transferred to you and you would have died in five minutes if I hadn't siphoned it out of you."

Gwen rushed into the room. "Edwin's on his way."

Morgana was right behind her, hurrying into the room and wrapping a necklace of torquise around both Mordred and Arthur's throats.

That was the last thing Merlin saw before he lost the battle and fell asleep.


Waking up, Merlin took in a deep breath, smiling up at the man leaning down over him, hand to his forehead.

"What have I told you about taking in strays?" Edwin smiled down friendly at his friend. "And what about minding your own business?"

"Aren't you supposed to be nice to your patients?" Merlin chuckled, sitting up in bed and them pausing when he realized that that Arthur and Mordred were also sleeping on the same bed.

"It was easier for me to have all the patients in one room." Edwin replied the unasked question. "Whoever it was that cursed that boy did a nasty job of it. They were intending to use the boy to kill his father."

"We figured that ourselves." Merlin nodded, sighing.

"I don't like that you were exposed to the magic, Merlin." Edwin frowned at him. "You should have known better than to siphon out the magic yourself."

"I tried not to, Ed, Morgana was going to siphon it out using some of my magic, but then Arthur touched Mordred and we had two victims and I really didn't have any choice but to do it on my own." He sighed, laying back down, still very tired. "If it makes you feel any better, I didn't even get an itch of desire to hurt anyone even when the dark magic was inside of me."

Edwin sighed, sitting down on the chair by the bed.

They were silent, not looking at each other.

But they were remembering the same thing.

Remembering how, in Merlin's day, he'd gotten contaminated with dark magic and how he'd gone off in a destructive spree that'd nearly destroyed his soul. It was around that time that he'd met Morgause, and he had to admit that it was his darker self that had always attracted the beautiful blonde. No wonder he'd become so 'boring' for her, if she'd fallen for him when he was with eternally gold eyes and a bad attitude beating up and hurting anyone who so much as looked at him the wrong way.

Merlin sighed and looked at the two men in the large bed. They had on the torquise necklaces, and each also had a small charmbag on a leather band around their necks. "Let me guess: chamomile, cinnamon, bay leaf, garlic, parsley, rosemary, St. John's Wort, and Vervain."

"Exactly." Edwin nodded. "I've also given them some healing tonic when they woke up a little earlier. It will have flushed out everything by the next time they awake. They're be fine, and so will you, thank the spirits."

Merlin nodded before pausing, hesitating. "Did Morgana and Gwen tell you about who they are?"

The doctor looked up and nodded. "Yes. I was shocked. But it explained the fact that there's magic in the boy."

Merlin nodded. "I felt it as well. Morgause would have ben furious if she'd found out she was the only one in her family without the ability to do magic, and yet all of her offspring have at least a hint of it in their blood."

Edwin frowned. "Where is she now?"

"I don't know." Merlin admitted. "I really haven't had the time to ask Arthur. But I don't think she's in the picture anymore. I think she left him."

"She's been known to do that in the past." Edwin agreed, running a hand over his hair. "You should rest some more, let your body recycle and purify the dark magic you ingested."

Merlin nodded, a sound from outside causing him to look at the door. "Are the girls okay?"

"Worried about their father. One of them called Hunith, and Hunith told Gaius, and I believe they were making plans to fly here until Gwen assured them that you were fine and that you just needed some rest." Edwin grinned, remembering his old mentor. "You know Gaius though, he's been calling me on my cellular nonstop to make sure that I'm giving you all the right treatment."

Merlin smiled, thinking about the man he loved like a father. "When I'm a little stronger I'll call him and let him know you haven't given me a bad prescription."

"Oy, I should slap you for that." Edwin laughed, standing and passing Merlin a glass of murky and terrible-looking drink that'd been by the bedside table. "Drink this. It will help your body purify the dark magic still in there."

Merlin, knowing it was going to taste foul like everything Edwin made, gave a long-suffering sigh as he reached for the drink.


The next thing Merlin saw when he woke up was his angels.

"Daddy!" Freya threw herself onto him, hugging him tightly around his throat.

"Don't scare us like that!" Sophia admonished as she did the same.

Smiling, Merlin drew his arms around his daughters and hugged them tightly. "Takes more than that to take your old man down."

The girls showered his face with kisses before pulling away, giving him enough space to look around and realize that Arthur and Mordred both were gone.

"Daddy." Freya was silent, looking at her hands. "Is what Aunt Morgana and that man saying true?"

Merlin frowned. "What were they saying?"

Sophia made a face. "We heard them talking about mother." She looked away, expression troubled. "They were arguing, actually. They didn't know Mordred, Freya and I were listening. We were supposed to be with aunt Gwen but aunt Gwen was showing uncle Edwin out."

"Aunt Morgana said that Mordred is mother's son. That he's our brother." Freya admitted in a soft voice, sending a look in her redheaded sister's direction before looking at Merlin in determination. "Is it true? Did mommy leave us to have Mordred?"

"No." Merlin sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed and resting one daughter on a knee. "Your mother didn't leave you to have Mordred. She left because she wanted to, because her life wasn't meant to be by our side. Then later on she had Mordred, but it isn't his fault that she left. You shouldn't hate him or anything because none of this is his fault. And if what I believe is correct, she left him too."

"We don't hate Mordred." Sophia gave Merlin a look, as if asking if he was still feeling ill and it was leaving him brain-addled. "We just want to make sure we understood the grownups as they were talking."

Freya nodded before grabbing at Merlin's shirt and looking up into his eyes, giving him the expression they knew he couldn't resist. "Can we keep him?"

Merlin blinked, looking down at his daughter. "Keep him?"

"We'll take good care of him, daddy." Sophia promised, pulling out a list from her pocket. "I've already gone over the chores of taking care of him, and between Freya and I we split them. I'll get him up in the morning for school, Freya will make sure he dresses adequately, we'll take him out so that he doesn't get bored...and give him snacks if he behaves."

Merlin looked at his daughters in dismay. "Darlings, he's not a puppy."

"I know. I would have added house-training on the list if he were." Sophia pouted up at Merlin as if he was saying silly things. "He's our brother, he's ours, we wanna keep him."

"We'll take good care of him." Freya added. "And I'll help him with his homework since we both know that Sophia's an utter disaster at schoolwork."

"I get bored." The redheaded twin defended herself hotly. "And I will teach him how to...uhm...play poker. And...other useful stuff."

"You could always teach him how to pick pockets." Freya decided.

"Brilliant idea Frey!" Sophia grinned.

Merlin frowned. "Sophia Sidhe Emrys, you pickpocket?!?"

"Daddy, now is not the time to be changing the subject." Sophia quickly sidestepped the issue. "We're talking about Mordred here. You should pay attention to what is important at the moment."

Merlin looked at his daughters, completely at the mercy of their pleading expressions.

"You realize that that is emotional blackmail." A voice announced from the doorway, and as one, three heads turned to see Arthur Pendragon there, leaning against the doorframe, one hand on the shoulder of a surprised yet shy and pleased looking Mordred.

"Yes." Sophia nodded. "We mightn't be proud of the method, but it's effective."

Merlin groaned and brought a hand to his eyes.

Arthur chuckled. "My father would like you."

Merlin tore his hand from his face and looked towards Arthur again, curious, wondering why he and Mordred were here.

"I figured that this was the best time to talk to the kids." Arthur shrugged, as if able to read Merlin's mind, looking slightly uncomfortable as he ushered his son in and closed the door behind him. "Plus, if I had to stay in the same room as Morgana for any longer I'd go insane."

Mordred look amused, and not at all sympathetic.

Arthur took in a deep breath. "So, this has been very eventful, hasn't it?"

"That's an understatement." Sophia snorted.

Freya cleared her throat.

Sophia made a face. "Sorry."

Mordred bit his lip to keep from grinning.

Arthur noticed this, and for a moment he looked awed, before he smiled and looked back up at Merlin.

It was amazing how seeing a smile on his son's face was enough to light up Arthur's.

Merlin couldn't help but like the prat just a little more because of it.

"Aunt Morgana said that you didn't know magic was real." Freya was talking to Mordred. "That must be...kinda nice, sometimes."

Mordred shrugged.

"Everyone other than Auntie Gwen has something." Freya continued, climbing off of her father's knee so she could get a better look at her little brother. "Auntie Morgana and I can See things---its from mom's side of the family. Sophia has the ability to sense the weakness in her opponents, and dad's in the closet."

Merlin choked on his saliva, looking at Arthur in near desperation. "Magic-wise!"

Arthur blinked.

Mordred looked a mixture of amused and concerned, looking at his father, before turning to Freya.

"Auntie Morgana says you have magic in you too." Freya finished. "The curse must have activated it. So we need to find out what magic you have, and then Auntie Morgana or daddy can help you learn to control it."

"We won't force anything." Merlin was quick to reassure Arthur, helping Sophia to her feet before standing as well. "But he has magic in him, its what was holding off the curse for so long. Magic isn't like any other talent, once its activated you have to learn control over it or it will control you."

"And you usually end up bonkers." Sophia nodded.

Mordred pressed back harder against his father, gulping at that.

"Sophia, stop scaring him." Merlin ruffled her hair.

"Da-dee!" She cried out, hands to her hair. "Do you know how long it took aunt Gwen to get my hair looking like this?!?"

Merlin sighed, feeling a little guilty, and his eyes went gold as the hair fixed itself high on her head in an elegant style that was way too mature for her age, but the kid pulled off with surprising ease.

Sophia went still, feeling the hairstyle with her hands, before giggling and turning to Mordred. "Isn't that cool? And he only does something like that when I guilt trip him into it!"

"Sophia Sidhe Emrys!"

Sophia winced. "Oops."

Freya shared amused looks with Mordred.

And Arthur, Arthur was laughing. "This is insane." He shook his head, looking at the girl. "But so many things have happened that I can't---insane!"

Merlin cleared his throat, looking away. "So, lets all sit down, the bed is big enough for us---."

"And if it isn't he can always make it bigger." Freya whispered to Mordred.

"---and we can talk about this." Merlin replied, feeling a little shy for some reason as he sat down on his side of the bed.

Arthur nodded, going to sit on the other, looking at Merlin in utter curiosity and fascination.

The children just smiled at each other.
22nd-Mar-2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
*giggles* I always approve of that as well! (as you already knew) especially when there's tongue action involved!
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