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The Mist 1/6 
29th-Mar-2010 10:30 pm
Chlayne---Chloe/Wayne Jessup
Title: The Mist
AU Sequel To: The Cave
Characters/Pairings: Some Chloe/Private Wayne Jessup, Lois, The Mist Cast
Fandoms: Smallville/The Mist (brief mentions of The cave)
Rating: T-M (for violence)
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: After Jack's death, in an effort to get her cousin to start to live again, Lois and Chloe go on a vacation. Of COURSE their vacation spot would suddenly get targeted by some unnatural evil. At least there's a cute guy.
This is an AU sequel to the story "The Cave". The OFFICIAL sequel, "The Pyramid" is already posted and can be found HERE. This two different sequels take place in two different universes that branch off in different directions after the events of The Cave.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 103: Berserker.
Berserk/Berserker: To be seized by a trance-like, uncontrollable rage characterized by incredible strength and a frightening lust for carnage. The term is derived from the Old Norse word for a common type of mercenary warrior among the Vikings.

"Why don't we go for a little midnight skinny dipping?"

Looking up from her magazine, Chloe Sullivan grinned at her cousin, best friend, and assistant as of one year ago, Lois Lane. "Do you want to get us arrested for indecent exposure in public?"

Brown hair up in a ponytail, Lois pouted. "You know, I thought vacations were supposed to be fun."

"Will you stop complaining?" The blonde cousin shook her head in amusement. "This place is nice, and anyway, Lex was right. This year has been really busy for us. Not only have I had to learn to get some sort of semblance of control over my new abilities, but we're still working at the same time. It's been hectic and we needed some nice and quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of Metropolis."

"I know." Sighing, the elder of the cousins pulled back the curtain from the window and looked outside at the darkness of the night, frowning slightly when she saw lightning, heard thunder, and realized that a storm had appeared out of apparently nowhere. "I just miss the hustle and bustle."

Putting down her magazine, Chloe smiled. "I kinda do too, but this place has its redeeming qualities. It's in a small town, we have a gorgeous cabin by a large lake, there's mountains---."

"And cute military hunks who nearly walk into posts when they see you." Lois' grin was large and mischievous as she turned towards Chloe. "You should have gone and introduced yourself you know."

A blush stole across Chloe's face as she ducked her gaze. "I don't think so."

"Why not?" Lois frowned, letting the curtain fall back in place as she turned in the loveseat to look at the younger woman. "This is because of what happened to Jack, isn't it?"

"It's not just that." Sighing, Chloe ran her fingers through her hair and looked down at her feet before raising green orbs to meet Lois' honey-brown ones. "I'm just not the right sort of person for anyone---Lois, I'm not even a person anymore."

Brown eyes narrowed as Lois leaned forwards in her seat. "Don't you say that Chloe Sullivan."

"But it's true Lo." Chloe smiled slightly at the woman who truly loved her despite everything. "I'm not human anymore. My mutations coupled with the parasite from the Kawatche Caves and the one from the Carpathian Cave have changed me. You know that I now have 24 chromosomes when a human has 23…what else do you want me to say? I'm some sort of subhuman who has this creature in her that goes crazy whenever there's blood around."

"I will slap you." Lois was serious, eyes dark as she stood. "Chloe, you're human. You hear me? Things might have happened to you but you're my cousin. You're the best person I know, and you have a lot of people who love you. Sure, things happened to you and you now are an evolved person, but you're still human."

There was a loud clap of thunder and the lights went out.

Chloe sighed, opening her eyes, forcing the shift, seeing the darkness of the room disappear as her eyes went gold, knowing they shone in the dark like a cat's. "Human. Right." Shaking her head she stood and walked towards Lois, grabbing her hand and leading her through what was pitch-blackness for the other woman. "Come on. This storm is getting violent."

"See? If it wasn't for your cat eyes we'd be seriously running into things right now." Lois announced chirpily as they slowly made their way towards the basement.

"That's me, Catwoman."

Chloe never failed to find the ironies in her life amusing. Before she might have felt Hollywood-horror going down an unknown basement in the dark, but with her ability to see in the dark it took away much of the spookiness of normally creepy situations.

"Wait here." The blonde let go of her cousin's hand and turned to go back upstairs. "I'll get the flashlights and our pillows and stuff. The landlord said that there are some cots folded up in the corner in case of these sort of storms."

"I know, I know. Tornadoes might brew." Lois nodded her head. "Go get me some light."

"Yes ma'am." Chloe laughed as she shook her head and hurried up the stairs. In a couple of minutes she'd gotten what they needed and hurried down to the basement. The women found the cots, unfolded them, and put on some fresh sheets and things, all the while listening to the storm above them as it grew with intensity.

"Do you think it'll turn into a tornado?" Lois asked, sitting on her cot, hugging her knees to her chest.

"I don't know." Chloe admitted softly.

Both women winced when they heard something crashing through the upstairs window.

"They can't charge us for that, right?" Lois wanted to know, looking up at the ceiling, as if itching to see the damage herself. "I mean, it's not our fault that whatever just came through the window came through the window, you know what I mean?"

Chloe nodded her head, looking around the room now faintly lit with some candles. "We should probably sleep."

"Easier said then done." Lois muttered, blowing out the candles. "Where is Smallville when you need him?" With that she sighed and laid down.

Chloe turned and looked at her cousin in silence. It'd been hard on all of them since Clark had left to go and see if any of his race had actually survived, but it'd been harder on Lois. Sure, she'd told him that if he left to forget her having told him she loved him and to stay away, but that had just been her hurt speaking.

And now a whole year had passed without one word from the Intergalactic Traveler, and Chloe knew that Lois was beginning to fear that Clark had taken her words seriously.

"Good night, Chlo." Lois whispered into the darkness.



"A tree. A freakin' TREE."

"Yes, I heard you the first coupla hundred times." Chloe snarked as she leaned against Lois' miraculously unscratched Chevy Tahoe, eyeing the damage to the house Lex had rented for her and Lois's 'carefree vacation time'.

"A freakin tree flew through the window and stabbed the house!" Lois was getting a little too much enjoyment out of this. "And here I was saying that things were boring." The grin on the brunette's face was slightly ridiculous. "What do we do now?"

Both women had awoken early that morning to the sound of silence, and had gone upstairs to find a huge tree embedded halfway inside the house. They'd managed to climb up and around it and get outside to survey the damage from a little distance.

"We should probably head into town." Chloe decided, pushing away from the Chevy Tahoe. "Our cellulars' signals are down so if we want to contact Lex and let him know what's happening we're going to have to try one of the pay phones in town."

"Plus, we should stop by the grocery store before and get some breakfast or something." Lois nodded, zipping up her hoodie and jingling the keys in her pocket. "I say we hit the grocery store first though because with this amount of damage everywhere people will want to stock up, especially on the essentials like water."

"Good point." Chloe agreed as she entered the vehicle. Earlier on they'd brought all of theirs that hadn't been destroyed and loaded it into the car, so they didn't need to go back into the destroyed house for anything. "I just wish that we could have bathed instead of just taking a swim in the lake with our bikinis on. It doesn't seem like bathing to me."

"Well I bet most of the people around here haven't even been able to do that." Lois declared as she got into her beloved car and closed the door behind her, putting the keys in the engine and starting it. "Thank god you're working my handsome lil' hunk."

Rolling her eyes at Lois' love for her car, Chloe giggled and looked out of the window as they turned in the driveway, her gaze on the lake. "Look at that."

Stopping, Lois looked out in the direction her cousin was pointing. "Wow. I've never seen real mist before."

Chloe frowned slightly as she looked at the heavy mist that seemed to be coming from the mountain down into the lake. "And I've never seen mist coming off of a mountain like that before."

Lois nodded, smiling slightly. "The way it hovers over the water? Pretty." Shifting into gear, she drove out of the driveway and down the road, going slower than she usually would because of the fallen debris all around them.

They drove for a while until they hit the highway, the only road towards town, watching as vehicles from the electric computer zoomed passed them.

"Well, CMP's out in force." Lois smiled. "Maybe we'll get our power back soon." She paused. "Not that getting our power back is our main concern."

"Yeah." Chloe nodded, fidgeting with the radio, trying to find at least one station that could be on with some news about the storm they'd gone through. "WZN is off the air, but Portland's still broadcasting." Turning up the volume, she tried to hear the voice of the man speaking through all the static.

"Hey Chloe, you think your hunk is in one of those?"

Looking up at that in curiosity, Chloe's eyes widened as she saw army vehicles filled with soldiers heading away from town. She narrowed her eyes slightly, wondering where they were going and why they needed to get there so quickly. "Lex said that the army base is up in the mountain, right?"

"Uh-huh." Lois nodded, eyes on the road once more. "Said they were working on something called the Arrowhead Project. That they'd come to his dad for funding some years ago, which was why he knew about it."

"I wonder what the Arrowhead Project is." Chloe murmured, eyes on the review mirror at the hurriedly departing army vehicles.

"I asked Lex." Lois admitted. "He says that he was told that it was Missile Defense Research but the woman at the Laundromat told me that everyone knows it's a cover up and that the army has a crashed flying saucer up there with frozen alien bodies."

"Yeah, Miss Edna." Chloe smiled, remembering the nice yet somewhat crazy old woman they'd met while going to wash their clothes the other day. "While I usually don't discredit tales of the unknown and bizarre, when it comes from a woman who spent most of our time there telling us all about her love-affaire with Bigfoot, I tend to just smile and let an old woman have her fantasies."

They looked up as another procession of army vehicles zoomed passed them.

"Well, they're in a hurry." Lois announced.

"Yeah." Hugging herself, Chloe wondered why she felt chilled.

They soon made it into town and headed towards the grocery store. Lois parked close to the entrance and went inside while Chloe hurried towards the payphones by the street and tried calling Lex, but when she picked up the receiver she realized they were dead.

"The lines must have gone down during the storm." Sighing, Chloe put down the receiver and turned, heading towards the grocery store and entering, never noticing that she was being watched from across the street.

The blonde walked through the grocery store doors, nearly bumping into a tall, handsome man talking to one of the cashiers asking her if she could babysit his son this Thursday so he and his wife could have a date night. Chloe shook her head and smiled, walking passed them, eyes peeled, looking for her cousin.

She found her in aisle 5, cart already filled with water, chips, some bottles of alcohol and a box of heavy-duty Trojan condoms.

"And we'll be in need of these because…?" Chloe asked, raising an eyebrow as she lifted the box for inspection.

"Oh, we won't need them." Lois announced, a mischievous smile on her face. "I'm only getting them just in case I manage to knock some sense into you and you go introduce yourself to that army hunk of yours."

Dropping the box as if it'd burnt her, Chloe felt her blush return full-force as she picked up the first thing she could find and concentrated on it. Thankfully it was today's discarded newspaper. "Hey, look at this. According to The Castle Rock Times last night's electric storm was the largest on record. It says that thousands are in the dark as 'power outages grip the region'."

"And that has got to be the most unsubtle change of topic. Ever."

Sighing, Chloe turned towards her cousin. "Lois, we went over this already. He's not interested in me, and I'm not interested in him. Even if I was, I'm not someone suitable for someone else. Someone human."

Lois' smile dropped as she reached over and placed her hand on Chloe's shoulder. "That's why you clung to the thought of Jack getting better, isn't it? That's why you could let him go to get 'better' because you felt you had to because he was the only one who wasn't supposedly human, like you?"

Chloe's eyes lowered. "Lois--."

"Jack's body couldn't withstand the mutation, Chloe, yours could. You were strong, he wasn't." Lois' grip on her shoulder tightened. "A year has passed and I need you to move on. Jack wasn't your only hope at a relationship." She suddenly grinned. "And you are so pathetically blind if you think that army hunk wasn't interested in you."

This was yet another thing Chloe loved about her cousin. Lois didn't beat around the bush, she went straight to the point, made her thoughts known, and then did or said something that kept the moment from being oppressive or depressive. "I love you. You know that right?"

"Of course you love me." Lois grinned brightly, squeezing her shoulder before letting go. "Now, I'm going to buy these Trojans for you as a Get-Laid-Already gift. Don't make me have spent my money in vain, okay?"

"Lois." Chloe groaned in exasperation, picking up the condoms once more and reading the back with a raised eyebrow. "Even if I was ready to get laid as you so delicately put it, and even if I was interested in this guy, who says I'll ever see him again?"

"The fact that he and his two not-so-cute buddies have just walked into the store and he's trying to get the courage to come up and talk to you?"

Chloe's eyes widened as she spun around, box of condoms in hand, green gaze connecting with his darker one. She could have sworn that she heard Lois snickering from behind her, but Chloe didn't have the time to whack her over the head because 'army hunk' pulled off his cap and was making his way towards her.

"Hey." He smiled, looking a perfect mixture of embarrassment, eagerness and nervousness. "I was wondering if I would see you again before I left."

"Left?" Chloe asked, hating herself for how breathless she sounded. Honestly, it'd been such a long time since she'd made such a fool of herself in front of a male. Before the cave she hadn't had time for a man, and after it she hadn't seen why she should bother---especially after Jack's death. And yet here she was, holding a ridiculously large box of condoms and talking to a tall, dark, handsome stranger.

"Yeah, we're finally getting our leave." He smiled, dimples deep in his cheeks. "I, uh, my name is Wayne Jessup." He ran his hand over the back of his head of shortly cropped hair in a telling nervous gesture.

"Chloe Sullivan." She outstretched her hand to shake his, but that was when she finally realized that she was still holding the box of condoms. Going beet red she looked up at him in horror before throwing the box over her shoulder and away from her. "Um, that was my cousin's."

"Of course." He looked amused.

Somehow she saw the humor in the situation and managed to smile as well. "So, you're stationed in the mountain, huh?"

"Yeah, have been for about a year now." Wayne nodded. They lapsed into uncomfortable silence before he looked up. "What do you do?"

"I work for Lexcorp." She nodded though she didn't know why.

"Really?" He looked impressed. "What do you do there?"

"I---." She closed her mouth when a dark man wearing a uniform and a helmet with the words MP appeared by their side.

"Excuse me." Wayne smiled apologetically as he allowed the man to take him aside where his other two friends were waiting.

Sighing as she watched him go, Chloe turned and looked for her cousin. After a second's search she found Lois in the long line, leaning against the cart, grinning at her.

Shaking her head, the blonde went towards her. "I hate you."

"Oh c'mon, I think the box of condoms was a great conversation-opener." Lois teased. "Now shh, I'm listening to the gossip."

Grinning, Chloe shook her head and remained silent.

"Hello Ms. Reppler." A little blonde boy announced, holding his mother's hand and standing next to the man Chloe had seen asking the cashier earlier on if she would babysit for him and his wife 'Stacy'.

The elderly woman with glasses who'd been talking to another woman turned and smiled as she looked down at the boy. "Well, hello to you, Billy Drayton." She looked up at his parents. "How'd you hold up in the storm?"

Mr. Drayton exchanged glances with his wife before sighing. "We had a tree come through the picture window last night."

"Apparently that's a common thing around here." Lois whispered to Chloe before continuing to listen into the conversation.

"And the boathouse got all smooshed." Little Billy announced excitedly. "Mr. Norton's tree fell on it."

"Billy." Mrs. Drayton announced, sending a look at a dark man a little to their left whom Chloe assumed was Mr. Norton.

"Ouch." Ms. Reppler intoned. "Sorry to hear that."

"Yeah." Mrs. Drayton sighed.

"So, how did you guys make out?" Mr. Drayton asked, voice tired.

"Oh, we're fine." The woman standing next to Ms. Reppler announced. "It's the listings I'm worried about. At the very least, I'll bet every one of our "For Sale" signs fell over."

"We had damage at the school, wouldn't you know?" Ms. Reppler, obviously a teacher despite her advanced age, shook her head. "That's what we get for not fixing that roof when we should've, but with funds being cut every year…" She sighed. "You'd think educating children would be more of a priority in this country, but you'd be wrong. Government's got better things to spend our money on like corporate handouts and building bombs."

The woman would have probably gone on and on if it hadn't been for the sound of loud passing sirens wailing. Everyone stopped what they were doing as they looked out of the front of the store, which was made out of pure glass, and watched as police cars and a fire truck zoomed pass.

"Daddy, is there a fire?" Billy asked his father.

"David, it's in the direction of the lake." His wife Stacy, announced, eyes worried.

"I'm sure everything's fine." David Drayton replied, eyes never leaving the road.

"Mind what you're doing Sally." The manager told the cashier who'd offered to babysit for the Draytons. "We're still working. Get back to it."

Sally sighed and rolled her eyes, getting back to the bagging of her current customer's groceries.

"Oh, come on! We got 10 days leave." One of Wayne' friends' voice reached Chloe and she turned to see the four of them huddled in the corner, the three younger men looking annoyed and the MP just shrugged.

"Yeah, check our papers." Wayne' other friend reached for his pocket.

The MP raised his hand. "Look, I told you. All leaves are cancelled." He opened his mouth and continued before the three soldiers could complain. "I don't know why." He looked outside. "I gotta go check the pharmacy out. You three men meet me back at the Jeep in five minutes. That's an order."

Chloe sighed. So much for the condoms… NOT that she'd been planning on using them or anything.

The MP turned and left, exiting the grocery store and heading towards the pharmacy that was right besides it.

"Shit, man!" One of Wayne' friends cursed in annoyance. "Another half an hour and we'd have been gone."

Wayne sighed and turned towards Chloe, catching her watching him.

The blush deepened as she quickly ducked her gaze and looked away. Great, now he's gonna think I'm a snoop.

And yet there wasn't much time for her self-recriminations because suddenly a klaxon blared loudly, causing everyone to look up in worry. Silence filled the grocery store as they looked outside, tense, waiting, wondering why the warning was because rung.

The klaxon continued to blare, getting louder and louder, filling Chloe with a deeper dread than the one she'd awoken with.

"What's going on?" Lois whispered.

"I don't know." Chloe whispered back. She felt heat behind her and turned her head enough to see Wayne standing behind her, his dark gaze narrowed, looking through the plate glass.

"Oh, my God!"

Hearing Sally's gasp, Chloe jerked her gaze back to outside and her eyes widened as she saw an old man running desperately towards the store, blood gushing down his nose and staining his shirt. He kept looking behind him and back at the store, as if…as if something was chasing him.

"Something in the mist!" He screamed as he burst through the open door, causing people to cry out. "Something in the mist took John Lee!"

"Dan, catch your breath." A short, balding man with glasses and a kind face reached for the older man, placing his hand on his shoulder.

"Something in the mist took John Lee." Dan cried again, looking at the man. "I could hear him screaming." He turned, terror in his eyes. "Shut the doors! Shut the doors! My God!"

A couple of men surged forwards and closed the front doors to the store.

David swooped up his son Billy with one hand and pulled his wife Stacy to him with the other.

"Daddy, I'm scared." Billy whimpered. "Can we go home?"

The klaxon continued to blare.

"Don't go out there!" Dan cried out as people surged forwards towards the glass, desperate to get a view, of what, they did not know. "There's something in the mist. It took John Lee."

"Screw that!" A man in overalls announced. "I'm gettin' in my car."

Lois and Chloe exchanged looks before returning their gazes to the man as he hurriedly pushed his way passed the onlookers and rushed out of the store towards where he'd parked his pickup.

"Mister! No!" Dan called out as police sirens added to the wail of the klaxon.

Everyone watched with bated breath as the man hurried towards his truck, eyes widening as they finally saw the huge, thick blanket of mist descending towards them.

Chloe pushed passed a couple of bystanders and opened the door, Lois hot on her heels, as they watched the man trying desperately to get his key into the door of his truck as the mist reached him, enveloped him, hid him from their view.

"Chloe, maybe we should get back inside." Lois whispered despite the fact that the people who'd come out with them to get a better look weren't paying attention to them.

The blonde ignored her cousin, eyes on the place where the man and his car had been seconds ago. She waited, still, tense…and then it happened.

The man screamed loud and painful, jump-starting everyone but Chloe and Lois into turning around and rushing back inside in terror.

"Chloe?" Lois asked, nervousness in her voice and yet obviously determined to stay next to her cousin.

"Get back inside." Suddenly Wayne was there, his hand on her upper arm as he pulled Chloe and Lois back into the store and closed the door behind them, locking it shut.

Everyone in the store now hurried backwards, watching as the mist ate up everything, leaving them with no visibility…leaving them trapped.

"Daddy…" Billy whimpered.

"It's okay, it's okay." David held his son near.

"It's---it's a pollution cloud." One old man announced, combing his beard in a nervous gesture. "The mills down in Rumford. Some kind of chemical explosion. Has to be."

Chloe's breathing accelerated. Oh God, I hope so.

"What is it?" Someone whispered to their right.

"What's going on?" Another whispered.

Everyone was so terrified they didn't even want to speak normally, each afraid the noise would bring about doomsday.

"It's death." One woman in the front whispered, catching Chloe's attention since it'd been the same thing she'd been thinking seconds ago.

Suddenly the world around them began to shake violently as peopled screamed and cried, losing their balance and falling to the ground. Things crashed and rumbled all around them. Pieces of the ceiling fell down below, as did lights that'd hung from above. The building's girders groaned as if in pain.

"Stay down!" Someone shouted over the chaos.

And just as quickly as it'd started, the shaking stopped, leaving frightened and confused people behind.

Someone to Chloe's right coughed from the dirt that'd lifted, and to her left someone was crying.

"Are you okay?" She turned to Lois, who nodded silently.

Only when they were sure the shaking had stopped did people begin to pull themselves to their feet once more, looking around them, eyes wide in fear.

"That was an earthquake." Someone said.

"I tell you," the older man with the mustache announced. "The goddamn mills blew up!"

And yet somehow Chloe doubted it. Something inside of her was pacing, it was on the alert. This was more than just some harmful chemicals in the air.

"Is everyone okay?" The short, kind-faced man asked, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Is anyone hurt?"

"Everybody just stay put, okay?" The manager of the store, whose nametag read BUD, announced. "Just stay inside the store." He turned to the bagboy, a pimply-faced teen whose nametag read NORM. "Let's start with the cleaning. Get the spilled bottles, broken glass, stuff like that. Aisle three has medical supplies for those that might have gotten hurt."

"Yeah, sure, okay." Norm nodded before heading to do as told, Sally following him.

Chloe turned and noticed David and Stacy taking a crying Billy to the back of the store, trying to calm the terrified child.

With everyone busy trying to clean up the store (obviously they preferred to do some work and keep their minds off of the possible danger outside those glass doors), Chloe walked towards the plate glass and hesitated for a second before pressing her palm against it and closing her eyes.

"What is it?" Lois whispered by her side. "What are you sensing?"

Something pulsated outside of the glass, causing the creature in Chloe to pace restlessly, snarling.

Opening her eyes, she turned to Lois and knew that her normally green orbs had morphed into their golden form. And she knew why. "We're all in danger."
30th-Mar-2010 07:18 am (UTC)
I'm liking this so far though I am going to have to rent the movie now because I haven't seen it. I can't wait to see where this goes.

I'm glad you pointed out that this is AU from The Cave because I was about to have a hissy fit about you killing off Jack *grins* I'm still hoping for another sequel where Chloe kicks some ass, saves Jack and they live happily ever after *shrugs* I'm girly like that.
30th-Mar-2010 12:15 pm (UTC)
Haha! *forms cross with fingers and points them towards you to ward off hissy fit* yep! AU! AU!
Still, I'm not too sure how to save Jack in the Official Sequel...or if it will happen! Just to warn you!
30th-Mar-2010 06:08 pm (UTC)
I understand and promise no hissy fits if you have to officially kill off Jack. Just make sure you replace him with someone equally hot and awesome and please make it have a happy ending, no pressure or anything *grins*

I can only take so much angst before I need me a happy ending, I'm an angst wussy and need my happy endings. That is why I have not yet worked myself up to reading the Demon!Chloe fics that you have posted recently. I need to prepare myself before I dive into all the angst *grins*
30th-Mar-2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
Well, at least there is some yummy sexual tension in the Demon!Chloe ones! I have to admit, I just love writing evil!Chloe! Too much fun!

And yes, if I officially kill off Jack its going to be because I found someone else who (story-wise) will be more compatible than he is with her---or because I feel she will have outgrown him/their relationship. I don't wanna make it like the angel/buffy relationship... So we'll see how it goes in the future since he's still basically alive in the official series!
30th-Mar-2010 08:55 am (UTC)
So as much as this movie annoyed me, well mainly the end, I the start like this version better. Chloe and Lois make everything better. I had to read The Cave and The Pyramid first and those were also good. Anyways I love how you take movies and are able to make them full of Chloe-awesomeness!
30th-Mar-2010 12:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Thank you very much! I'm so glad! And happy you enjoyed the prequel & official sequel :D
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