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The Mist 2/6 
30th-Mar-2010 08:26 am
Chlayne---Chloe/Wayne Jessup
Title: The Mist
AU Sequel To: The Cave
Characters/Pairings: Some Chloe/Private Wayne Jessup, Lois, The Mist Cast
Fandoms: Smallville/The Mist (brief mentions of The cave)
Rating: T-M (for violence)
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: After Jack's death, in an effort to get her cousin to start to live again, Lois and Chloe go on a vacation. Of COURSE their vacation spot would suddenly get targeted by some unnatural evil. At least there's a cute guy.
This is an AU sequel to the story "The Cave". The OFFICIAL sequel, "The Pyramid" is already posted and can be found HERE. This two different sequels take place in two different universes that branch off in different directions after the events of The Cave.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 103: Berserker.
Berserk/Berserker: To be seized by a trance-like, uncontrollable rage characterized by incredible strength and a frightening lust for carnage. The term is derived from the Old Norse word for a common type of mercenary warrior among the Vikings.

An hour or so had passed since they'd been trapped. Lois had managed to strike up a conversation with almost everyone and thanks to that Chloe had learnt the names of a good amount of people in the store.

There was Hattie: The Realtor, Irene Reppler: the teacher, David, Stacy and Billy Drayton…Ollie (the kind-faced guy with glasses who was a cashier as well), and Wayne' friends Manuel and Vincent. There was also Dan, the old man who'd run into the shop with the bleeding nose and Ambrose Cornell, the old man with the mustache who still swore this was all happening because of some mills.

Oh, and of course, there was Mrs. Carmody---the woman who'd called the mist death.

There were others who'd introduced themselves, but Chloe was already forgetting their names.

"How's Dan?" Lois asked Ollie, watching the old man as he stood by the glass, looking out into the mist with a pained, frightened expression.

"Well," the short man leaned on the broom he'd been using to sweep. "His nose stopped bleedin', as you can see. He's calmer now. Somebody gave him a Valium." A frown marred his face. "Can't believe the way he ran in here. I've never seen him like that."

Chloe looked up and watched as Wayne smiled at a little girl whose head he was tending to. Apparently he worked in the medical department of the army and was studying to be a paramedic.

The blonde couldn't help but smile slightly as she watched Wayne coax a grin from the frightened and hurt child.

"Hey Ollie?" She tore her gaze from Wayne and turned to look at the shorter man next to her.

"Yeah?" Ollie asked, pausing sweeping once more.

"There are a lot of kids here and it's getting kinda cold. Do you have any blankets of some kind for them to cover up with?"

"Good idea." Ollie nodded, thinking. "Furniture pads. Loadin' dock."

"I'm going to go get some." Chloe announced.

"Need any help?" Lois asked.

"No, but could do with the company." Chloe smiled and waved her cousin over as they made their way towards the loading dock.

"Soon as it blows away we can walk out of here safe and free." They heard Mr. Norton speaking to a group of people in whispers as they crossed them to get to the loading dock. "But we have to be smart about it. First thing we need to do is keep our wits about us and find out what's happened."

"Well, how we gonna do that, my man?" One of his listeners wanted to know. "We got no phone signal. Got not radio."

"I'm sure they're working on those problems as we speak." Norton reassured. "It stands to reason that restoring communications would be their priority. It's obvious that we're—we're in some kind of natural disaster here."

"Ain't nothin' obvious about this sonuvabitch from where I sit." Another of his listeners snorted.

"There ain't nothin' natural about it either." Cornell announced, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"That's right." Another spoke.

"God, do all lawyers like hearing their own voice as much as that guy?" Lois wanted to know about Norton as they pushed passed the doors of the loading dock and entered the darker section of the building, where products were stocked, machinery hummed, and there was an odd smell in the air.

"What is that?" Chloe waved in front of her face, trying to get rid of the scent.

"Smells like the generator backing up." Lois made a face as they headed towards the sound of the backup generator the store management had kept on to keep the perishables from, well, perishing.

Lois coughed. "Jeez." Grabbing a towel left on a box, she pressed it to her nose and headed towards the smoking generator.

"Do you even know how to operate a generator?" Chloe asked, making a face at the stench, still waving her hand in front of her nose.

"Please. I can fly a jet and drive a tank." Lois's voice was muffled by the towel she had pressed to her face as she looked over the generator. "This little thing is a piece of cake." Leaning forwards she turned a switch and the generator died…as did the lights in the loading dock.

Lois straightened and continued to cough, looking around her at the pitch-blackness. She made a face at the two golden orbs shining in the darkness. "Uh, Chloe?"

Chloe grinned, walking easily towards her cousin and grabbing her hand. "You know, its moments like this that I don't mind being subhuman."

"If I could see your shins I'd so kick them." Lois muttered as she trustingly allowed her cousin to lead her around each unseen obstacle.

Chloe opened her mouth to snark back at her cousin when she suddenly sensed it, her inner predator sensing the presence of another. "Quiet."

Lois, who usually would argue, must have sensed something in her cousin because she miraculously did as told.

And that was when they heard metal rumbling and creaking.

Both turned towards the sound, Chloe the only one able to see the door to the loading dock, one of those metal ones that you pushed up to open.

Something from the outside was trailing something up the creases.

The sound stopped.

Chloe tightened her grip on Lois to communicate silence.

Lois nodded, even stopped breathing.

The sound returned, harder, more furious, the metal bulging under the strain as something tried to burst through the door with its obviously massive weight.

Chloe turned and hurriedly pulled Lois out of the loading dock and through the swinging doors separating the store from the loading dock, only barely managing to shift her eyes to normal before the light hit them. The girls came to an abrupt stop when they came face to face with Ollie and two other men who looked like they might work at the same mechanical garage.

"Hey, whoa!" Ollie threw his hands up, seeing the girls. "Lois, Chloe."

"Did you guys hear that?" Lois asked, eyes wide.

"The generator?" Ollie asked. "We're just gonna go check it out."

"No, no, I turned the generator off." Lois shook her head. "It was backing up."

Chloe kept her head turned towards the loading dock, the predator inside of her snarling, telling her to go back inside and let whatever was out there know that this supermarket was her territory and to back the hell off.

The blonde gulped, closing her eyes, trying to fight the monster within.

"Nobody else heard that sound?" Lois sounded pissed.

"What sound?" The one who's name tag read JIM asked.

Lois turned to Chloe, hesitant, before turning back to them. "Like...something...was pressing up against the door."

"Did you hear it before the lights went out, or after?" Jim wanted to know, giving Myron, his companion, a look.

"After." Lois announced as Norm appeared next to them. "But look, I heard it, okay? And Chloe did too. Tell them, Chlo."

"There's something out there." She replied, opening her eyes and narrowing them, voice sure and not nervous like Lois'.

"Nobody's calling you a liar." Myron announced, looking at Lois.

"That's what it sounds like." Lois narrowed her eyes at them. "It sounds like you all think we're just being jumpy women imaging sounds in the dark!

"No, no, no. No, ladies." Jim shook his head. "Don't take it thattaway. You had a scare no doubt. Why don't we all go check it out." He turned on the flashlight he'd had in his hands when the men had been about to go into the loading dock. "Allow me."

Lois took in a deep breath, and she and Chloe followed the men, plus a curious Norm, back into the loading dock.

Chloe, unable to shift in front of these men, felt claustrophobic and alarmingly vulnerable in the dark. Her monster shared the sentiments, trying to convince her to shift despite the presence of civilians.

"Oooopf!" Jim announced from in front as he chuckled. "Man. It's pretty rank in here. Myron, go check it out."

"All right." Myron nodded, going towards the generator.

"Go on." Jim ordered. "Fire it up."

The generator whirred to life and the lights came on.

Lois and Chloe stepped closer towards each other on instinct, their eyes ready and wary on the door.

Jim laughed as fumes began to come out of the generator. "All right! Shut it off!"

Myron obediently did as told. "Holy crow, don't that stink! Something's got the exhaust vent plugged up from the outside."

"You get it running long enough to raise that door a little," Norm announced. "I'll go out and clear whatever's blocking it."

"No, no, you can't do that." Lois shook her head.

"Why not?" Myron wanted to know. "It's an electric door, right?"

"Well, yeah, but it may not be wise to send him out there." Ollie considered, giving Lois a cautious look.

"Okay, I'll do it." Myron shrugged.

"It's not about who goes out there." Lois was getting pissed, that was obvious.

"What, don't you think I can do it?" Myron snorted.

"Hey! I want to go!" Norm exclaimed petulantly. "It was my idea."

"Well, wait, just stop." Lois put up her hands. "Is everyone here stupid? This isn't an ordinary mist! You open that door and something gets in here! And it won't be pretty and knowing our luck it'll be hella hungry!"

Chloe could sense the heckles being raised in the males at the snub and she placed a hand on Lois' shoulder to stop her from continuing.

Lois stopped, turning to look at her cousin in the dark, confused. "But Chloe..."

"They don't believe that something's out there." Chloe responded, pulling Lois with her another couple of feet from the door. "They're going to open it."

She realized that she unnerved the men with her attitude, but she didn't care. She knew men enough to know that even if it was to prove their manhood they were going to do this.

Jim turned to Norm. "Kid, I'm gonna start the motor, you raise the door, and you yell out when you get enough room."

"Okay." Norm smiled, excited, as he hurried towards the door.

Chloe took another couple of steps backwards, pulling her cousin with her.

"Ready kid?" Jim asked as Myron went to the generator.

"Let's rock." Norm nodded.

Lois reached up and grabbed hold of Chloe's shirt as the generator whirred to life and the lights came back on.

Norm pressed the button next to the door and it began to raise slowly, revealing the thick coat of mist outside. "Hold up!" Norm ordered, bending down at the entrance and looking out at the blanket of impenetrable white.

"Chloe?" Lois whispered as everyone took a minute to just look at the mist.

Chloe didn't hear her, the predator within silent...waiting.

"So..." Myron grinned. "Any boogeyman?"

Jim laughed by his side. "Pretty scary, ain't it, Norm?"

Norm looked behind him at them and grinned, standing up, giving his back to the door, which was still practically closed, with a little room to squeeze in through at the bottom.

The men burst into laughter.

The predator within snarled, and Chloe crouched to her knees immediately, just barely keeping her eyes from shifting.

She could feel it, was looking for it, and that was why she was the first to see it.

The tentacle.

The laughter died as the men finally noticed what Norm couldn't, since the teenager had his back to it.

"Get away from the door!" Lois screamed.

Norm turned, eyes wide. "What the fuck?" He screamed as the large, thick tentacle wrapped itself around his leg. "Get it off!" Normal tried hurrying backwards, tried shaking it off. "Get this friggin' thing off me!" It gave a yank, causing him to fall harshly on his back. "Get it off! Help me!"

The men just stared on, in terror.

Chloe snarled, racing towards the teenaged boy and grabbing his arms, planting her heels down and holding on tight as the tentacle tried to pull Norm out.

Lois was by her side in seconds, grabbing onto Norm, grunting as she helped Chloe pull him in a little more.

"HELP ME!" Norm screamed in agony as the creature tried to yank him out, and the women tried to keep him inside.

"Oh my god!" Myron whispered, as more and more tentacles began to peek their way through the mist, heading towards the entrance.

"There's more!" Norm gasped in horror. "There's more!"

"Somebody do something!" Chloe snapped, grunting, body trembling from the force she was putting into just keeping the boy where he was.

Myron and Jim had their backs plastered to the walls, eyes wide in horror.

"What the fuck are you waiting for?!?" Lois yelled, beginning to slide, along with Norm and Chloe, towards the door.

The tentacle around Norm's leg revealed large talons, these talons biting into Norm's leg and ripping out part of it, blood flying everywhere.

The scent filled the air, entered Chloe's nostrils, and she snarled, closing her eyes tightly since they'd shifted without her permission.

More and more tentacles, seeming to be attracted by the blood, reached Norm, talons ripping out more and more skin, blood flying everywhere, Norm screaming in agony.

That seemed to snap Ollie out of it as he hurried to the emergency kit on the wall, breaking the glass and pulling out the ax. He hurried towards the women and raised the ax, but then the tentacle holding onto Norm gave a mighty jerk, pulling the boy from out of their grip and towards the door.

He was gone in seconds, but his screams lasted for much longer.

Chloe could feel herself cloaked in blood.

Her creature was insane with bloodlust, scratching and biting and howling and hissing and...her whole body began to shake with the need...

"Chloe snap out of it!" Lois shook her and pulled her away in time for Chloe to feel the brush of the tentacle that would have grabbed onto her if Lois hadn't been there.

The blonde growled warningly at her beast, and it stilled, going quiet, submitting.

Opening her now green orbs, Chloe watched as the largest tentacle by far entered within, searching, looking for something to sink its hidden talons into. "Start the generator you useless idiots!"

Jim and Myron could only stay plastered against the wall.

Ollie raced towards the generator and stopped, the large tentacle in his way. The tiny man took in a deep breath, took two steps backwards and then raced forwards, jumping over the tentacles and racing to the generator.

Lois reached for a discarded broom and used it to press the button by the door, causing it to start closing down on the tentacles, and thus forcing the tentacles to retreat.

Chloe's eyes went to the ax Ollie had discarded and she picked it up, walking towards the tentacles despite Ollie's cry for her to get away. The blonde raised the ax, Norm's screams still echoing in her memory, and she brought the ax down on tentacle after tentacle, slicing through them.

The creature outside shrieked in agony, pulling out its remaining tentacles as fast as it possibly could.

Chloe then turned to the larger tentacle, and snarled as she brought down the ax repeatedly on it, the blood of the creature and of Norm mingling on her body and clothes as she screamed and continued chopping, chopping, until that thick tentacle was cut in two.

The door closed shut between them and the thing outside.

The predator within growled in an utterly smug way. It's territory wasn't going to be encroached on by that creature again.

Chloe dropped the ax.

There was silence.

Terrible, awful silence.

Then she turned her gaze on Myron and Jim, knowing that while she was still very much human looking, she was scary.

"Hey, I'm sorry." Jim tried as he finally, shakily, pulled himself from the wall. "I mean, how the---how the hell was I supposed to know what you meant?" He walked towards where Chloe was. "You said something was out there. How was I supposed to know what you meant? You should've said what you meant better."

Chloe shook her head at him, disgusted.

"I don't know, I thought maybe it was a big bird or something." Jim continued on. "You should have---."

Lois' right hook caught him by surprise, the force behind the blow causing him to fall to the ground amidst the chopped tentacles. "You ignorant bastard!" Lois kicked at him, furious. "You killed that kid! You did!"

Chloe grabbed her cousin by the waist and pulled her back as she struggled violently to get at Jim. "Lois, calm down."

"You two inbreds are the ones who killed him!" Lois continued to snarl and fight Chloe as Myron helped a shaking, bleeding Jim up. "You killed him and just watched! You fucking cowards!"

Jim sat down on the ground, looking as if he was going into shock, Myron not looking too well either.

"The blood." Chloe whispered to Lois, tensely, desperately. "I don't need more blood."

Lois went still immediately, understanding.

The mixture of blood in the air would be torturing Chloe, and her cousin was only causing there to be more blood to tempt her.

"Okay." Lois whispered, nodding, head bent. "I---I'm okay."

Chloe let go of her cousin and ran shaking hands over her face.

Lois turned towards Chloe, worried. "Cuz? Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Chloe sighed, shaking her head.

"What...do we do now?" Ollie asked.

No one answered.

Chloe opened her eyes and realized that the small man was asking her. She was shocked. Why in the world would the man turn to her? "Kill the generator."

Ollie nodded, walking mechanically towards said equipment.

"I'm sorry." Jim whispered, pressing his cap to his bleeding lip.

No one answered him.

"I'm---I'm sorry about the kid." Jim tried, more desperate this time.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god." Myron kept whispering.

"We oughtta get out of here." Jim stood shakily before coughing and retching.

"We didn't twist his arm." Myron tried, looking at Lois.

She sneered at him, shaking her head. "He was a kid. He was supposed to be stupid. What's your excuse?"

The men hesitated, looking at the girls.

Chloe looked up at them. "Go back to the market and stay by the door. Don't say anything to anybody. Not yet."

"But they--." Myron started.

"Do you want to start a panic and get someone else killed?" Chloe snarled, causing them to flinch visibly. "Get out!"

And as if sensing the predator, the men hurried away towards the store, nearly fumbling over each other to get out first.

Suddenly so tired, Chloe slumped against the wall, taking in deep, calming breaths.

Ollie cut off the generator and Lois turned on one of the discarded flashlights so that he could make his way back to them in the darkness. The three of them stood together in the loading dock, amongst the remains of the talons.

"We have to tell them." Lois finally broke the silence, holding on tightly to the flashlight. "We have to stop the people in the marketplace from going outside."

"They won't believe us." Chloe predicted, still leaning heavily against the wall.

"They have to." Lois argued. "We'll show them the tentacles."

"I'm not sure I believe it." Ollie whispered. "And I was here." He ran his hand over his face. "What we saw was impossible. You know that, don't you?"

Chloe and Lois shared a look, but remained silent.

"I mean, what---." Ollie took in a deep breath to try and calm himself. "What do we say? How do we convince them that we're just not playing a cruel joke on them? What...What the hell were those tentacles even attached to?"

"I---I need to get out of here...need to get...the blood." Chloe closed her eyes tightly once more.

Now that they weren't in danger her predator was beginning to fixate on the scent once more.

"Oh, right." Ollie seemed to think that she was queasy when it came to blood, because he put an arm around her and helped her quite gentlemanly out of the loading dock, Lois behind them shining the way.

The moment the doors flung open and Chloe was able to get into fresh air she took in a deep, desperate gulp, trying to calm herself.

"Jesus Christ." Wayne cursed softly from somewhere ahead of her. "What happened to you?"

Chloe opened her eyes to see the handsome man hurry towards her from where he'd been looking at one of the magazines in the stall. His dark eyes were narrowed with worry, his skin seeming even paler as he reached her.

"I'm fine." She announced, looking away from him, the last half hour just enough to remind her why getting close to anyone was such a spectacularly bad idea. "This isn't my blood. I'm fine."

"The hell I'll be satisfied with that explanation." Wayne might have snarled at her when he said that. "What happened?"

She turned to look at him, blinking in surprise.

She'd never heard anyone else snarling.

Other than Jack.

She winced and looked away.


He would have known what to do in this situation.

"I'm going to get the medical kit." Wayne announced before turning and leaving.

Chloe sighed.

Myron and Jim hurriedly made their way towards them, both taking long, hopefully calming gulps of beer. They stood there, silently, seeming to be ready to take orders.

And they were looking at her.

Chloe frowned, wondering why everyone was looking to her for leadership. What in the world had made them think that she would want it? Or that she might possibly be good in the role?

"We need to tell people." The blonde finally spoke when it was obvious that no one else would. "No need to say how it went down or anything like that. But the fact that we're all in the shithouse? They need to know."

"What about the out-of-towners?" Myron wanted to know. "We got plenty of them in the story. Where do we even start?"

Chloe wondered if they'd forgotten that she and Lois were out-of-towners.

"Brent Norton?" Ollie asked, eyeing said group of people thoughtfully.

"That windbag?" Jim huffed.

"He's an important attorney in New York." Ollie defended. "That fellow could be on the bench one day. Counts a lot with people of tis town, or--or anywhere."

"Yeah, that's right." Myron agreed.

"And what about David Drayton?" Jim wanted to know. "The people like him too, and he is some hot shot artist with hollywood connections. People admire that. He also lives right next to Norton."

"Right." Ollie nodded.

Chloe looked at the group and then back at her group. "Whoever you're going to use as your mouthpieces, do it quick. We need to discuss how we're going to stop that thing, or something else, from getting in here."

The men froze and turned to look at her in horror.

"W-wait." Myron gulped. "What do you mean getting in?"

"You shut the loading door." Jim agreed.

"Are you all blind?" Lois hissed, pointing to the front of the store. "The entire front of the store is plate glass!"

There was silence as the men all turned to where she was pointing.

"Jesus Christ." Myron whispered.

Jim opened his mouth but then closed it.

Chloe followed his gaze over her shoulder and sighed when she saw a determined Wayne heading towards her with the kit. "You guys get on it, I'll be with hardhead over there."

Wayne heard that and chuckled, shaking his head. "Come on, let's go so I can tend to you."

"I'm telling you I'm fine." Chloe argued as she followed after him.

"I'll give you my opinion when I've given you a thorough check." Wayne replied nonplussed.

They argued the whole way to the bathroom.
30th-Mar-2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
Great update, I'm insanely intrigued by this fic and now really really need to rent The Mist *grins* Can't wait to see what happens next.
30th-Mar-2010 06:05 pm (UTC)
Ah yes, if only to sigh at the handsomeness that is Private Wayne Jessup :D
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