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The Mist 4/6 
31st-Mar-2010 06:55 pm
Chlayne---Chloe/Wayne Jessup
Title: The Mist
AU Sequel To: The Cave
Characters/Pairings: Some Chloe/Private Wayne Jessup, Lois, The Mist Cast
Fandoms: Smallville/The Mist (brief mentions of The cave)
Rating: T-M (for violence)
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: After Jack's death, in an effort to get her cousin to start to live again, Lois and Chloe go on a vacation. Of COURSE their vacation spot would suddenly get targeted by some unnatural evil. At least there's a cute guy.
This is an AU sequel to the story "The Cave". The OFFICIAL sequel, "The Pyramid" is already posted and can be found HERE. This two different sequels take place in two different universes that branch off in different directions after the events of The Cave.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 103: Berserker.
Berserk/Berserker: To be seized by a trance-like, uncontrollable rage characterized by incredible strength and a frightening lust for carnage. The term is derived from the Old Norse word for a common type of mercenary warrior among the Vikings

"About half an hour of daylight left." Ollie sighed as Chloe passed him.

"We'll be okay." She smiled down encouragingly at him before reaching Jim and Myron, who were busy working on a piece of equipment. "Guys, how's it going with these work lights?"

"We're gettin' 'em rigged up all right." Myron announced, toying with part of it. "Check it out." He flashed the lights on and off.

"All right, all right." Jim announced warningly from where he sat. "Save it, save it." He turned to Chloe. "These batteries ain't topped up. You turn the lights on, it's gonna drain 'em quick."

"How quick?" Chloe asked, folding her arms over her chest.

"Five minutes, maybe ten." Jim shrugged.

"Yeah, if that." Myron sighed.

"Okay, emergencies only then." Chloe nodded after a second's thought. "If something gets in the store."

She walked passed them, going to check on others and their progress, before slipping into the EMPLOYEES ONLY locker room and leaning against the wall, sliding down slowly. She was tired. Her green gaze went to the sole candle lighting the room, and then closed her eyes, so tired, especially emotionally.

The door opened.

She looked up.

Wayne entered the room, clearing his throat as he allowed the door to swing closed behind him. "You're going to start thinking that I'm stalking you."

She managed a smile for him, amused. "I've had worse stalkers than you." The blonde patted the ground next to her, remembering the creatures in the cave and their unhealthy interest in her. "I'm tired."

"I noticed, that's why I came here actually, to see how you were holding up." He slid down next to her, his body warmth and scent surprisingly soothing. "You---you're a tiny yet intimidating woman, do you realize that?"

"Hmmm?" She mumbled, closing her eyes and leaning her head against his shoulder.

He cleared his throat, sounding slightly nervous. "I mean, you do realize that you have everyone outside there working at the snap of your cute fingers?"

"You think my fingers are cute?" She asked, yawning. "I always thought they were kinda short and fat."

"No, definitely cute."

She smiled, feeling herself begin to drift slightly into sleep, trying to fight it and yet knowing that it was better to sleep a bit now than to sleep at night, when something might happen.

"How are your hands?"

"They're fine." Her hands were completely heeled from the peeling they'd gotten with the rope.

"Mind if I take a look at them? You wouldn't let me tend to them and bandage them earlier, and I've been worrying about them."

"I told you, don't waste those things on me." She let him lift her hand and inspect it by the dim light of the candle. "Other people need it more than I do."

"You're...wow. You're healed."

She realized that she should be hiding this a little more from him, but she was just too tired, both mentally and physically, to be on the alert. "I told you, I heal quickly."

There was silence.

He lowered her hand and yet didn't let go.

Her monster purred.

It was a little discomforting, how much the predator seemed to like the man.

She took in a deep breath, yawning. "You know, for military men, your friends have been kinda useless."

He snorted. "I was thinking the same thing, actually."

She snuggled up a little closer, deciding that he was an adequate pillow, especially when (after a nervous clearing of his throat) he moved so that his arm was around her shoulder and she was resting against his body.

"I'm...worried about my parents." He admitted softly. "They live up on Shorm Road. That's less than five miles from here."

"When we get to our car, we'll drive to your parents house." She promised sleepily.

"Will we?" He asked, sounding both amused and touched.

"Yeah, 'course." She nodded, burrowing closer to him, rubbing her cheek against the material of his shirt and breathing in his scent. Her monster purred louder in contentment, seeming so much like a happy kitten that it was somewhat amusing. "You always smell good."

He gave a half chuckle. "Uh. Thank you."

"I'm going to sleep now." She yawned.

"I'll get some shut-eye too." He decided. "That way we'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for later."

She couldn't help but laugh at him before yawning, and then falling asleep wrapped in his arms and scent.


It was the screaming outside that woke them up later.


Chloe and Wayne, although just awoken, shook off the sleep and hurried out the door towards the plate glass, where people were gathered around the glass.

"What's going on?" Chloe asked, the crowd making way for her and Wayne, and the blonde's eyes widened when she saw what had attracted all of the attention.

There was a bug perched on the glass.

A big ass bug.

It looked like a two-foot long mosquito.

"My God." David whispered, holding his wife and son to him tightly.

Chloe frowned, eyeing the insect as it crawled curiously up the glass.

First tentacles and now giant insects?

Just what in the world was happening outside?

Another landed on the glass.

Lois lifted the battery operated lantern higher so they could get a better look at the specimens.

Another bug landed.

And another.

More and more began to land on the glass.

"Are those...bugs?" Bud asked, in awe.

"Not like any I've ever seen." Lois whispered back.

"They came out of the smoke." Mrs. Carmody whispered. "Locusts upon the earth, and unto them was given power even as the scorpions of the earth have power. Wow." She leaned towards the glass. "Look at those stingers. Dear God."

People aimed their flashlights at the critters as more and more arrived.

David grabbed one of the larger lights, turning it on.

Bud grabbed another.

More and more bugs arrived.

Chloe frowned, backing away from the glass. "Turn off the lights."

"What?" David turned to her, frowning.

"You're not scaring them away, you're attracting them!" She turned to the people. "Turn off the goddamned lights!"

"Holy shit!" Ollie yelled, causing everyone to turn and look as a much larger creature came swooping towards them from the sky.

It looked almost like a pterodactyl and yet not.

The monster shrieked and grabbed onto one of the bugs while the people inside screamed, aiming their lights at it.

"Turn the lights off!" Chloe jerked the light out of David's hand and turned it off.

Wayne did the same with Bud.

Another flew into the glass while after one of the bugs, causing it to crack loudly.

More screams, more aimed lights.

"You freaking idiots!" Lois snapped, snatching lights and trying to turn them off for the dumbstruck people inside.

Myron and Jim must have had selective hearing, that was the only excuse Chloe could come up for those two idiots hurrying to the back of the room and turning on the bright lights.

The people hurried to the back of the shop, hiding in the aisle-ways, screaming and whimpering as the glass began to crack with the weight of the creatures throwing themselves at it.

Monsters shrieked outside as the larger winged creatures threw themselves at the glass to get at the large insects. Each blow to the glass made it more and more fragile.

"Ollie!" Wayne, one of the few men still up front, pressing against the glass, trying to give it extra support, turned to the man next to him. "The glass is gonna give!"

Lois and Chloe pushed from where they were standing as well, wincing every time one of the creatures dove into the glass and used it to push away.

Suddenly once dove nose-first for an insect and broke the glass, head sticking inside, the insect squirming in its mouth, before flying away.

People continued screaming.

Chloe started to hate them.

All they did was scream. It never crossed their minds to try and help.

Another creature dove on the same broken window frame and broke it completely.

"Shit!" Lois cursed as the glass in that one section came tumbling down.

"They turned on all the lights!" Chloe snapped, turning and rushing to the back of the store and grabbed one of the mops that'd been soaking in the fuel. "Fire! Lighter!"

"Dammit Myron! Jim! Douse the lights!" Lois screamed as she grabbed a garden rake.

The insects began to fly inside of the store through the opening.

Lois, twirling the rake in her hand, gave a battle cry before charging, swinging the rake at the bugs and downing them, crushing them beneath her boots once they'd hit the ground.

Screams grew louder as insects found victims and latched onto them in places like their necks, biting deep and consuming, stabbing them with their tail stingers, seeming to inject them with some sort of paralyzing toxin that just rendered the victim immobile.

Wayne tried to concentrate on those, tearing the creatures off of their victims and pounding them to smooshed corpses with a dough roller.

"It won't light!" The man trying to light Chloe's mop was visibly panicking, before turning to the glass and screaming, dropping the lighter and turning to run away.

Chloe followed his gaze before her eyes widened, seeing one of the pterodactyl-like creatures entering through the opening, shrieking threatening at everyone inside. "Oh God." She grabbed at the person rushing passed her and forced him to a halt. "You, get this lit and force these things out!"

He opened his mouth and closed it and opened it.

The creature took off in the air after one of the insects.

"Now!" She hissed.

He nodded.

Chloe turned and cursed the bright lights because she couldn't shift as she chased after the creature throughout the supermarket. Another shriek from the front betrayed the fact that another of the larger creatures had gotten inside, but Chloe ignored the sound, following this one as the people ducked and threw themselves at the ground, making themselves such easy targets it was disgusting.

The scent of blood was filling the air, as well as agonized screams.

"Get it off of him! It's eating him!" Ollie could be heard from the front.

"Winged bastard!" Lois snarled.

Grabbing a knife someone had discarded in their attempt to get away, Chloe smirked when the creature in front of her blasted through the swinging doors that led to the loading dock.

As soon as she entered her eyes shifted and the world was bright.

The creature, munching on the insect it had finally caught, turned to look at her, shrieking as it unfurled all of its fleshing wing-like limbs all around it.

Eyes glowing gold, Chloe tightened her hold on the knife, letting her monster free from its cage.

The predator within roared with joy at being let out, and surged within her, immediately her senses heightened tenfold, making the room brighter, the noises sharper, the scent stronger.

"This is my territory." She whispered in the darkness, a rumble of displeasure in her throat. "Get out."

The creature rose on its hind legs like a bear might do, roaring, understanding her challenge and issuing one of its own.

Chloe twirled the knife in her hand, smirking. "I was hoping you'd say that." Grabbing the knife by its blade she flung it towards the creature and it impaled itself in its forehead.

The creature didn't react for a moment, looking confused, before crumbling to the ground.

Admittedly a little disappointed because of how easy that had been, Chloe went to the creature and pulled out the knife, her predator purring as she ran her finger over the side of the blade and brought the odd, green blood to her lips curiously.

The taste was another sort of divine, and her finger returned to the blade, wiping off another bit to taste.

While she usually was able to control her bloodlust, her monster was in more control at the moment, and it wanted to taste the blood that smelt unlike anything it'd scented before. And to be truthful, Chloe was curious as to the taste as well. She knew that as time went by, she was going to have to merge with the monster and become one with it as it wanted, but she was still to scared of losing her own identity. It didn't mean that though it mostly grossed her, that aspects of the monster and its desires didn't intrigue her somewhat.

Thats enough now. She told her predator. You've had your taste.

Purring in contentment, it let her take control once more without any trouble, going to its cage happily and lying down, quite happy as it licked its lips, still savoring the foreign taste.

Shaking her head at the way she was able to visualize this, Chloe turned and shifted her eyes back to green orbs as she left the loading dock and entered the main store, dead, bloated bodies all around her. Someone was crying out in agony, and others were killing the remaining bugs inside while the rest put up a large piece of wood over the panel that had been broken, keeping anything else from coming inside.

Chloe stood over one of the bodies, eyeing the way it was bloated and the way boils appeared.

The bugs were definitely venomous.

"It hurts so bad! Please!" A man begged.

Chloe sniffed the scent of burnt flesh and followed it to the poor man. Apparently he had somehow gotten the fuel on him and had been lit alive. She recognized him as the one who'd been trying to light her mop in the first place that had run off.

The monster in her snorted, quite apathetic when it came to the people or things it called cowards.

Bending down next to him, Chloe felt a tug of sympathy. She couldn't heal him completely, as to not drain her of her energy and because it would raise questions she couldn't answer, but the blonde could help him with his pain.

Placing her hand on his forehead, she was glad when instead of arguing with her the monster just sniffed and turned its head, letting her do whatever she wanted. Apparently it was pleased with having been let out of the cage for a little and having sampled some blood, and it was going to behave for now.

Of that she was grateful.

The man's screams softened until he was suddenly asleep.

When he woke up again he'd be in pain, but it would be considerably less, and hopefully he'd be able to hold on until help came.

"She was right." A woman announced, turning to look at Mrs. Carmody. "She said that it would happen like this. She said that they would come at night. She told us that someone would die." The woman took in a deep breath. "I saw one of the bugs land on her, but it didn't attack her. It flew away!"

Mrs. Carmody smiled softly and looked away.

Chloe frowned at the woman before continuing on her journey to find her cousin, discovering that Lois was in charge of the panel placement. Wayne was next to her, sighing and standing as yet another of the bugs' victims died. He looked up when he saw movement and gave Chloe a tired smile.

"You made it."

"So did you." She nodded, relieved. "There's a guy back there, I think his name is Joe. He got very badly injured. I think he's unconscious."

Wayne's eyes narrowed. "Take me to him."

She nodded, and did as told.


Already having had their sentry duty by the front of the store, Chloe, Lois and Wayne were in the back, the only light they had were candles, trying to sleep and yet unable to after everything that had happened. Others snored around them, thankfully able to sleep, and yet Chloe kinda resented them for being trusting enough to do so while she couldn't.

"I wonder how Lex is." Lois whispered from where she was laying down, using a bag of baby diapers as a pillow.

"Me too." Chloe whispered back, running a hand over her hair. "I've been thinking about him since this whole thing began. I hope he's okay."

Lois nodded her agreement.

Wayne looked at them in curiosity. "So you two and Mr. Luthor are very close."

"Yeah, not only is he our boss, but he's like a brother too." Lois replied, turning on her side so she could better look at them where they sat leaning with their backs against the wall. "He's also very sick, so we worry about him."

"It's why I didn't want to take this vacation." Chloe sighed, leaning her head against Wayne's shoulder.

"Only you would go on a vacation and something like this would happen." Lois chuckled.

Chloe glared at her because it was so true.

Wayne looked between them curiously. "What exactly do you do in LexCorp?"

"Chloe is Lex's right hand man, and I'm Chloe's assistant. And cousin."

"Right, I remember Chloe telling me you were her cousin during the Trojan conversation." Wayne nodded.

"Trojan conver---?" And suddenly Lois' eyes lit up with unholy glee. "Oh! Right! That conversation!"

"Do me a favor you two." Chloe groaned turning her head with a groan to hide her face in his shoulder. "Never become 'bestest buddies'."

Wayne chuckled in amusement.

Lois' expression made no promises.

Movement in the shadows caused them to look up in time to see Ollie crouching down next to them, face sombre. "Chloe, Wayne, its Joe. He's not doing well."

Once again, as she looked up at Ollie's face, Chloe wondered what she'd done to be voted the unofficial leader of the ragtag team of survivors. She truly didn't want the position, but as she looked into the older, kind face, she could only sigh and turn from Wayne, giving Ollie her full attention.

Wayne, who'd only just taken a break from having tended to the terribly burnt man, stood. "I was afraid of this." He reached down a hand to both Chloe and Lois, the women grabbing hold and accepting his help standing.

As one the four of them made it to the back of the store, to the Employee's Only locker, where a small makeshift clinic had been set up, and Joe had been laid.

Joe's brother sat down, it was his watch.

"Joe." Wayne sighed, bending down to the poor man's side. "How'ya holding up, partner?"

"Wayne..." Joe's voice was labored, his eyelids melted shut. "Is that you?"

"Yeah pal." Wayne gave an encouraging smile as he began to check some of the wounds, the smile on his face contrasting with the serious, worried expression in his dark eyes.

"It's bad." Joe's brother sniffed, running his sleeve over his eyes. "He's bad."

"Didn't know anything could hurt like this." Joe whispered.

Chloe gulped.

And that was that she'd taken away most of the pain.

"If you guys can't help me..." Joe whimpered. "You--you gotta end it, okay?"

There was silence as everyone shared looks.

"Just make it quick." Joe pleaded. "I can't take this pain for much longer."

Joe's brother covered his face and his body began to shake in silent tears.

Lois sent Chloe a piercing look, one full of meaning, and some pleading.

Chloe looked down, refusing to meet that gaze.

She couldn't show herself for what she really was. The people were panicked enough as they were and would throw her out to the creatures in the mist. Lois had to understand that!

"Please!" Joe continued to plead.

"Shhh. Calm down, pal. It's not even near that time yet, you can make it through this. We're going to work something out." Wayne comforted and soothed the poor man softly. "Can you stay strong for a little longer? Can you do that for me?"

Joe hesitated, before nodding.

"Good." Wayne turned to Joe's brother. "Stay with him, I'll be back."

The man nodded and wiped at the tears in his eyes.

Wayne stood and turned, leaving the Empolyee's Only locker room and heading out, Lois following.

Chloe took in a deep breath, and told herself she had no reason to feel guilty. She was keeping herself safe, and by her being safe she was able to help protect the majority of the people in the supermarket.

It was the sacrifice one save many policy.

And yet his whimpers of agony made her wince, and she dropped to her knees next to hom. "You're going to be alright, Joe." She whispered, placing her hand on the crown of her head, glad for the candles because their glow would help mask the glow of her hand as more of her healing power left her and entered him, leaving her weaker and yet still strong enough to do what must be done. "We're going to do all in our power to help you."

Joe's brother was still wiping his eyes, thus he missed how the burnt scars healed a bit, weren't as infected, and how the boils began to grow smaller.

"You're strong enough, right Joe?"

"Yes." He whispered. "Thank you."

She jerked her hand away, scared that he knew what she'd been doing.

"C'mon Chlo."

Eyes wide, she turned towards the door, belatedly realizing that her cousin, upon realizing that Chloe wasn't following, had peeked her head back in and was smiling warmly at her.

Embarrassed for some reason, Chloe stood and cleared her throat, walking to where her cousin was keeping the door open for her. The moment she came through the door and it closed behind her, Lois wrapped her in a hug, whispering in her ear. "And you don't think you're human."

Chloe pouted, relaxing in the hold and even managing a hug of her own. "The fact that I can heal him at all just proves that I'm not."

Lois just hugged her tighter before letting go. "Come on, we're having a meeting in the loading dock."

The girls made their way to the loading dock, where Wayne, Dan, Bud, Ollie, and David were talking.

"I've been at watch all night, the last of those bugs left at around four." Dan announced, holding one of the lanterns that gave them some light in the dark room.

Wayne nodded, digesting that information. "If we don't get Joe on some serious antibiotics he's going to die of infection."

Chloe and Lois shared a look.

"Plus he needs painkillers in the worst way." Ollie agreed. "All we've got here is liquor and aspirin."

"You thinking about the pharmacy next door?" Bud frowned.

"Irene Reppler says they got Silvadene. You know, the stuff they use in burn wards. She knows where they keep it."

Chloe frowned, trying to come up with a face for an Irene Reppler, and then blinking when she remembered the old woman. She wasn't volunteering to go on this suicide mission, was she?

Lois' face betrayed the fact that she was thinking the same, along with damn.

"Hold on a minute." David frowned. "You can't actually be thinking of doing this."

"Why not think beyond that?" Chloe asked, arms folded over her chest, all the gazes swinging to her. "We have to get out of here. I mean permanently."

"Why?" Bud asked. "We've got plenty to eat!"

"What happens when one of those things decides to break through the glass again? And I'm talking about one of the big ones, like what killed Norm." Chloe countered, zeroing her eyes on the store manager. "We'll be what's to eat."

"She's right." Dan nodded. "And its not like the flaming torch idea worked very well at keeping them out. We almost burned the goddamned store down."

"You know, not to change the subject or something." David announced, pointing his flashlight beam at the pterodactyl-like thing Chloe had killed. "But what happened to that guy?"

Chloe suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. "I killed it."

Everyone's lights trained her on in seconds.

"You killed it?" Dan asked in shock.

Ollie snorted. "I'm not surprised. You all didn't see the way she went whacking at that one that killed Norm but I did. This girl is fierce."

Chloe felt more and more uncomfortable.

"How did you kill it?" David wanted to know.

"I stabbed it in the forehead." The blonde replied, looking down at her feet.

"You got that close to it?" Wayne snapped.

"No! I threw the knife!" She snapped back, glaring at him.

Once again everyone looked at her in silence.

"What?" She barked, feeling cornered, her monster starting to grow restless. "I have great aim!"

"This is not important, okay?" Lois stepped forwards in an obviously protective move. "I've got my Chevy Tahoe out there, alright. Not only is it big enough for most of us, and fully fueled, but I have my gun there as well. I also have a third row seating, so it can seat up to ten people in total, and that's not counting the trunk space."

"Which has all of our stuff in it." Chloe reminded.

"Oh, right." Lois nodded. "So, ten people, people. I don't think there will be more than that brave enough to leave here anyway."

"I say we drive south out of this area, hitting any gas stations we find on the way. It'll be dangerous, but not more dangerous than being trapped here with already weakened glass." Chloe declared. "We need to try and make it clear of this mist."

"That's it?" Dan asked. "That's the plan?"

"That's as much of a plan as we got." Chloe replied.

"No, you can't mean it." Bud shook his head, terror written on his every feature. "Not after what happened to Norton and his group."

There was unrest at that memory.

Chloe rolled her eyes, getting exasperated. "Look, if you don't want to go, don't go. Lois and I will leave here without all of you if we have to, but think of this first. Norton and his group? They got over 200 feet from this store. That's how much rope played out. Lois' Chevy is parked half that distance."

"She's right." Lois nodded. "Chloe and I are going to try and make it, and we probably will, and it will be a shame if you all were left here to rot or be eaten because you were cowards."

"It's caution, not cowardice." Dan replied softly. "Who knows how far this mist has spread? It could be the entire eastern seaboard."

"It could be the entire world, for all we know." Wayne, surprisingly enough, spoke up. "It wouldn't make us any less dead."

"We'd have a gun in my car." Lois piped up. "And we could grab Mr. Cornell's from his truck."

They thought about that.

"Sooner or later, something is going to break through the glass and come in, and we're not only going to lose the little protection we have, but our lives." Chloe told them straight out, her monster making her voice a little gruffer. "But you want to know the real reason we should get the hell out of here while we can? Carmody."

The others looked at her in confusion at that.

"She's right." Wayne looked up, folding his arms over his chest. "The flakier people get the better she's going to look."

"No, I don't buy that." Bud shook his head. "It's obvious she's nuts. Look, a few people maybe, but---."

"No, I count four." Chloe interrupted. "She's preaching to them as we speak. I couldn't get a moment's sleep because I had her voice buzzing in the back of my head like a mosquito. By noon she'll have four more. By tomorrow night, when those things come back, and they will come back now that they know there's meat in here, she'll have a congregation." Her eyes leveled on the men. "And then we can start worrying about who she's going to sacrifice to appease this blood debt she keeps talking about. And you all know she'll do it."

"She's right." Dan sounded sad to admit it.

"You don't have much faith in humanity, do you?" Bud scoffed.

"None whatsoever." The elder man replied point blank.

"Do you want me to tell you about humanity?" Chloe laughed, knowing it was a deep and ugly sound. "You want me to tell you of what it's capable of in the worst of times?"

"Chloe." Lois went worried.

"No." Chloe shook her head and she went towards Bud and grabbed the front of his shirt. "I'll tell you about humanity. It's a disguise to hide the monster inside. In the worst of times, a man will leave women alone and defenseless in the presence of something he knows will kill them. In the worst of times, the monster is better than the human."

"Chloe!" Lois snapped, pulling her away from Bud. "You're not in the cave anymore! Snap out of it!"

Images of her and Kathryn being left above with the thing, of it hooking onto her and dragging her underwater---all raced through Chloe's mind as she took in a deep breath and looked away, breathing heavily as her heart raced in remembered terror.

"It's okay cuz, you're not trapped anymore." Lois held her tightly from behind. "These people aren't Briggs, honey. Come back, come on."

Chloe breathed in and breathed out, body trembling, eyes on the floor.

"What---what was she talking about?" David asked shakily.

Wayne just watched Chloe in worry.

"A year ago, before I worked for LexCorp, Chloe was overseeing one of Lex's investments. It was the largest underwater cave system ever to be found, and it had its own ecosystem, unlike anything ever seen before." Lois talked softly, soothingly, still holding Chloe tightly, as if worried that the monster would lash out. "They were trapped under there, and then they realized that they weren't alone."

Chloe closed her eyes tightly, not sure what Lois was doing, but too trapped in her memories, in the nightmares that still made her wake up screaming at night, to protest.

"What do you mean?" Wayne asked softly.

"There was a large carnivorous species living there unlike anything ever recorded. It lived on the land, in the water, and could fly. They weren't safe anywhere." Lois took in a deep breath. "And while they tried to find another way out, they were hunted."

Chloe's body began to tremble.

"One of the creatures grabbed hold of Chloe, and the man who was supposed to be taking care of her just ran and left her to its mercy." Lois' voice was suddenly a hiss, before she took in a deep breath. "My cousin barely made it out of there alive, so excuse us for not believing in the benevolence of human nature."

There was dead silence in the room.

"Look, nobody has to decide anything now." Lois announced. "First thing's first: the pharmacy."

Wayne looked up. "I'm in."

"So am I." David announced.

"No, you have a wife and kid in this store, I don't want you on the team." Chloe finally spoke, looking up at him.

David frowned and then looked away.

Chloe refused to look at Wayne and instead turned her head so that she was looking at Lois. "Thanks."

Lois smiled back. "What else are gorgeous older cousins for?"
1st-Apr-2010 01:20 am (UTC)
Awesome chapter. I had been waiting for the flashback since Chloe has been in a fragile mental state the whole time. It will be interesting to see how you work the pharmacy and Wayne's trial into the next chapter because Chloe is not letting another person she cares for die (and she can no longer deny that she cares for Wayne) and Carmody has seen Chloe shift, that gives Chloe an advantage over David in the movie. Anyway, can't wait for the next installment.
1st-Apr-2010 02:04 am (UTC)
You know me so well! The flashback needed to come!
The next chapter will be interesting..... :D
1st-Apr-2010 01:23 am (UTC)
"What else are gorgeous older cousins for?" That is so Lois! Lol!

A breakdown in front of people might actually do her some good. Can't wait to read the rest!
1st-Apr-2010 02:05 am (UTC)
Hopefully you wont have to wait long.
1st-Apr-2010 04:53 am (UTC)
So I felt like a crack addict earlier checking to see if the story was updated. Then while I was waiting I made a random icon.

Chloe almost seems to be a psychotic with the whole split persona thing of the monster and who she is, which is funny when she just snaps. I think that if I were in her shoes I would get seriously pissed off at the people who just scream too.

And then of course the quiet moment that Chloe and Wayne have is just awwwwwww.

1st-Apr-2010 11:59 am (UTC)
haha. I *love* it! The crack!dealer power!!! Mwahahahahahaha!

Yes! *grins* She *does* seems slightly unbalanced mentally, doesn't she? But since I wanted more of a struggle in this one--it was totally intentional!
1st-Apr-2010 12:18 pm (UTC)
Ooooooh! Just noticed the icon! NIIIIIIIIIICE! The expression on Chloe's face is EXACTLY how it is in my mind! kudos!
1st-Apr-2010 06:32 am (UTC)
Great chapter. The Wayne/Chloe cuddle at the beginning was adorable. Can't wait for the next chapter.
1st-Apr-2010 12:19 pm (UTC)
:D I'm winning you over to the Wayne-side!
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