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The Mist 5/6 
1st-Apr-2010 08:54 am
Chlayne---Chloe/Wayne Jessup
Title: The Mist
AU Sequel To: The Cave
Characters/Pairings: Some Chloe/Private Wayne Jessup, Lois, The Mist Cast
Fandoms: Smallville/The Mist (brief mentions of The cave)
Rating: T-M (for violence)
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: After Jack's death, in an effort to get her cousin to start to live again, Lois and Chloe go on a vacation. Of COURSE their vacation spot would suddenly get targeted by some unnatural evil. At least there's a cute guy.
This is an AU sequel to the story "The Cave". The OFFICIAL sequel, "The Pyramid" is already posted and can be found HERE. This two different sequels take place in two different universes that branch off in different directions after the events of The Cave.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 103: Berserker.
Berserk/Berserker: To be seized by a trance-like, uncontrollable rage characterized by incredible strength and a frightening lust for carnage. The term is derived from the Old Norse word for a common type of mercenary warrior among the Vikings

“Where do you think you’re going?” Mrs. Carmody asked them as they readied themselves for what must be done. “Are you trying to kill yourselves? Have the deaths not been enough for you?”

“Listen up.” Chloe ignored the woman, turning to the people who were already gathering around them. “We’re going to the pharmacy. We’re going to bring back some supplies.”

“Also, there may be people over there who are trapped and need help.” Wayne added.

The onlookers broke out in loud talking.

“Listen people!” Ollie threw his hands up in the air. “We’re not going to take any chances. If there’s any trouble we’ll come straight back here to the supermarket.”

“And bring the fiends of hell down on our heads, thank you!” Mrs. Carmody exploded angrily.

“She’s right.” One of her followers announced, coming to her side. “You’ll make them notice us. You’ll make them come. Why can’t you just leave well enough alone?!?”

“Lady.” Dan snorted, grabbing the handle he’d taken off of a rake and sharpened an end. “This is what you call ‘well enough’?”

“You want to stop us?” Wayne asked. “You better go into the locker room and tell Bobby why we’re not bringing pain killers and medicine for his brother.”


The brother’s name was Bobby.

“You’ll die out there.” Mrs. Carmody announced as if prophesying once more. “You’ll walk out that door and be torn to shreds, and then your hellbound pride will have them come and get the rest of us! Just like this good lady said! Do you want that to happen, people?!?”

“No! No!” The onlookers cried out.

“No! No! No!” Mrs. Carmody agreed, encouraged by the large support she was receiving. “It’s this kind of hubris that brought the wrath of god in the first place! This kind of pride and defiance----!”

Onlookers gasped as a can of green peas went flying through the air and hit the woman on her head.

“Shut up you miserable buzzard!” Irene Reppler growled from where she stood.

Damn.” Lois grinned brightly. “I love this woman!”

“You old bitch!” Mrs. Carmody sneered, before racing towards the elderly woman.

People hurried in front of Irene protectively, but Chloe intercepted Mrs. Carmody instead, wrapping her arm around the charging woman’s waist and slamming her back against the piles of dog food and fertilizer, keeping Carmody pinned there with her forearm pressed threatening against the woman’s throat. The blow both caused the glass to tremble, and surprised the crap out of Mrs. Carmody, visibly disorienting her.

“If you were half the prophetess you think you are,” Chloe hissed down in her ear. “You would’ve seen those peas coming.”

Mrs. Carmody’s eyes widened as she looked up at Chloe.

Chloe had a feeling her eyes had flashed golden if only for a second.

Honestly, it was as if this woman brought out the devil in her.

“Stoning people who piss you off is perfectly okay.” Irene was telling Lois. “Ask the bitch! They do it in the Bible! And I got lots of peas!”

Mrs. Carmody’s eyes glazed in fury but she didn’t try to fight Chloe’s hold or get at Irene.

“How about it Army?” Dan asked, holding his pointed stick as if it were his only support to life. “Any support from the armed forces?”

Wayne’s friends looked at him pleadingly before shaking their heads and leaving to go to the back of the onlookers.

Wayne shook his head, but didn’t look too surprised at their behavior.

“I’m going to let you go now.” Chloe told Mrs. Carmody. “Nice and easy.” She then did as told, turning her back on the woman. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

Armed with knives, crowbars, and tire irons and anything they could use to defend themselves, the small group, led by Ollie and Chloe, exited the supermarket and entered the mist outside.

“Stay together.” Wayne whispered from the back of the group.

They walked silently, stealthily, on the small ledge of the concrete the large building that the pharmacy and supermarket had been built on. They couldn’t see anything in the mist, nothing out into the parking lot but the vague shapes of cars...or what they hoped were cars, and a little bit in front of them.

Chloe ducked her head, their flashlights trying to pierce the mist, and let her eyes shift, not sensing anything around them right now, but that didn’t mean something wasn’t hiding and watching.

“Save the batteries.” Lois ordered, and everyone reluctantly turned off their lights.

Chloe, brandishing the ax she’d used to chop of the creature’s tentacles, followed closely behind Ollie, who knew the way to the pharmacy, narrowing her eyes as odd inhuman sounds began to filter in.

Thankfully they soon arrived at the glass doors of the pharmacy and pause when they found the doors wide open.

That wasn’t a good sign.

Sharing a look, the group crept inside, turning on their lights at the darkened, mist-filled building.

“Do you think something got in?” Ollie whispered.

“Let’s just get what we need then get the hell outta here.” Wayne ordered softly, nodding to Irene Reppler, who nodded back and began to lead the way towards the medicines.

“Yeah, lets do that.” Lois agreed.

“The meds are over at the end there.” Irene pointed in the direction she was talking about. “In the cubicle.”

They slowly made their way, lights ready, all alert.

Chloe let herself fall behind, eyes shifting to gold as she looked around her, able to see the place a little better, and yet not much.

But at least she knew something for sure.

They weren’t alone in the pharmacy.

Her monster snarled at her, telling her to merge, that she’d be so much safer if she just became one with it.

As always she ignored its advice.

Taking in a deep breath she jumped when Ollie walked into something, causing it to fall down with a large crash. “I’m sorry!”

Chloe narrowed her eyes.

If whatever it was that was in here hadn’t realized they were there---it knew it now.

Wayne lifted himself onto the counter of the cubical and shone the light of his flashlight on the darkness below, making sure there wasn’t any creature hiding there, before lowering himself and beginning to look through the different medicines at hand. Lois and Irene shone their lights at him, giving him some help, with Irene directing him to where the Silvadene was usually kept.

Ollie and Dan grabbed other supplies they might need, especially for their escape plan.

Chloe---Chloe kept herself apart, feeling the atmosphere, shushing the people when their voices grew too loud.

Whatever was in here already knew they were here, no use in letting other creatures outside figure that out as well!

She froze when a soft scurrying sound reached her ears. “Guys.” She waited for a second, listening, hearing the sound again. “Hurry it up. I hear something.”

She doubted they could hear it considering it was her mutation that allowed her to, but the men reacted, throwing the things into the bags quicker, more desperate.

Giving the ax a twirl, she tightened her grip on the handle, going slowly towards the sound.

The lights were suddenly being pointed to her back, and the sound of collecting was done. Footsteps came towards her and Wayne appeared by her side, the bag of medicine’s in one hand and his crowbar in the other. “What is it?”

“Feet.” She whispered, tilting her head to try and figure out the direction of the sound. “Lots of tiny little feet.”

“Tiny feet?” Ollie asked.

Sensing something, Chloe looked straight up, and her golden eyes widened. “Oh my god.”

The lights followed her gaze.



“Oh my fucking god!”

People’s limbs were sticking out of giant, spider-like webs all above them.

“Get out.” Chloe whispered. “Get out now!”

Ollie, Dan and Irene turned and immediately headed towards the doors.

“Lois! Protect them!” Chloe ordered.

The brunette hesitated only a second before hurrying after the elderly trio.

Chloe then turned to Wayne, eyes narrowed. “What are you still doing here?”

He looked down at her, eyes wide. “Your eyes.”

She flinched, looking away, realizing that someone else had seen them. “Go back to the supermarket, Wayne.”

“No.” He stood firm.

“You have the medicines!” Chloe snapped. “Get your ass out of here!”

He stood firm.

“You stubborn ass!” She hissed. “Joe will die if you don’t get those medicines to him!”

At that Wayne flinched, stepping down.

“Guys! Come on!” Lois hissed from the front door.

“Go.” Chloe gave Wayne a push in the right direction, waiting to hear his and the others’ footsteps fade in the distance, before letting the monster out of the cage, her pupils going catlike, her every sense heightening.

A snarl escaped her lips, completely inhuman, the scent of dried blood on her ax, blood of an even larger predator combining with her own aura to keep the creatures back if only out of caution. They didn’t know what she was, but they knew that she had managed to at least hurt a much larger predator, and that was enough for them to stay back...at least for now.

“If anyone’s alive, move something.”

No one above her moved.

She took in a deep breath, taking a step backwards, about to follow the others.

Someone moved.

She turned towards the body plastered to the wall and hurried towards him, recognizing him as the MP who’d told Wayne and his group that their leave was cancelled.

That scurrying sound was stronger than before.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He reached out his hand towards her in supplication. “Help me!”

Chloe surged forwards and tried pulling him away from the wall, but the web was like glue, keeping him stuck tightly.

“It’s our fault!” The man raved, his whole body jerking. “It’s all our fault!” Suddenly his jerking got inhumanly violent. “God, I can feel them!”

Chloe stopped trying to free him and began to slowly back away.

One of the boils in his cheek bursted, and a spider crawled out.

Sensing something, she twirled out of the way as a web was hurtled out at her.

The web fell to the floor and began to sizzle.

Chloe looked up to see a two-foot long, spiked spider snarling down at her.

Hisses and snarls all around her proved that more and more of those uglies were making their way towards her.

Turning she raced towards the entrance, dodging spiderwebs and spiders that jumped out at her. The blonde tripped and fell, a spider jumping onto her chest. She snarled and curled in her fingers, slashing at the creature, her nails piercing its hide and dragging down, opening its skin.

Later on she’d wonder why her first instinct was to scratch the creature instead of using the ax in her other hand.

The spider gave a shriek and threw itself off of her.

That caused the other spiders to halt in their attack, confused and wary once more as to the creature they had in front of them.

Chloe got to her feet slowly, before tightening her hold on her ax and swinging it at the spider closest to her. The monster inside was furious at the nerve of the lower creatures thinking they could pose a threat to her, and she kept swinging and swinging. Threads of web shot out at her, the acid-thread burning her and yet her powers healing her up in seconds as she kept swinging and swinging.

And then suddenly...suddenly the spiders were in a retreat.

Chloe stood in the middle of a large lake of blood, snarling and growling and breathing heavily.

Where were they going?

The cowards!

She wasn’t finished!

The monster had been itching for some violence and it was pissed that its fun had ended so abruptly.


Turning at the unexpected sound, Chloe raised her ax and barely kept herself from flinging it at the newcomers.

Lois and Wayne stood behind her, eyes wide at the numerous large, massacred spiders.

Belatedly, Chloe wondered just how long they’d been there, standing, watching.

She breathed in and out heavily, monster still in control of her body, making her somewhat unpredictable.

Lois made to take a step towards her.

Chloe snarled.

Lois stopped before putting her tire iron in the waistband of her pants and putting her hands up. “It’s okay Chlo, it’s me, Lois. Your cousin. Your pack.”

Wayne just watched curiously.

Lois inched her way towards her softly growling cousin. “You’re okay now. You’re safe. You did good. You showed them who was the alpha predator.”

The monster stopped growling, a little smug.

She had shown them, hadn’t she?

Lois smiled and lifted a hand slowly, carefully, to Chloe's face, leaving it in front of Chloe's mouth and nose. “Come on, I know you recognize me now. Let go of it, let Chloe back in control. You did good, real good, but its time to give the reigns back to her. You know that.”

The monster grumbled since Chloe herself hadn’t instructed it to stand down, but given that this was a tried and trusted pack member asking nicely, it complied.

Chloe gasped in a deep breath and looked up at Lois with wide eyes. “What are you doing here?”

Lois grinned. “Saving your ass, as always.” She then turned to Wayne, eyes narrowed. “You tell anyone about what you just saw and I will personally skin you alive!”

“I wasn’t---I wouldn’t---.” He shook his head. “What just happened?”

Chloe took in a deep breath. “Not here. We need to get back to the supermarket.”

Thankfully, Wayne agreed, and they made it to the others without any further complications.


“He’s not going to make it.” Wayne whispered to Chloe after having finished tending to Joe. The moment they’d returned safely to the supermarket he’d gone to check up on his patient, and this was the first time he’d had free time. “He won’t last till nightfall.”

“Chloe.” Lois whispered.

“No.” She shook her head. “I already did more than enough. If I do this---.”

“You’ll save his life!” Lois whispered back.

“I can’t hide the fact that he mysteriously healed completely!” Chloe hissed at her, eyes narrowed.

“Wait, can you do that?” Wayne asked, placing his hand on Chloe’s shoulder. “You can heal him?”

It surprised her how he found it so easy to touch her, even after what he’d seen in the pharmacy.

“She has been healing him, a little, its probably why he’s still alive.” Lois announced, apparently not seeing any reason to keep Wayne in the dark for now.

“But if I did this he’ll be completely healed, Lois. How do we explain that?” Chloe shook her head. “We can’t. Which is why I can’t do it.”

“We’re leaving anyway.” Wayne reminded her. “Chloe. If you can save that boy’s life, you have to. You can’t just let him die in agony when you have the means to do something about it. I don’t know why you're different---we have all the road trip to discuss it---but for right now if you can save his life---I know your conscience will tell you that its the only right thing to do.”

Chloe looked from one to the other before glaring. “If I do this, I’m going to fall unconscious. Maybe a couple of hours---maybe a day.”

Lois nodded. “We’ll wait till you wake up to make the escape.”

Chloe felt nervous.

Nervous as hell.

“No one is to know that he’s healed because of me, get it?” They nodded.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe headed towards the Employee’s Only locker room.


“...expiation, because we have seen that the earth is scourged with whips and scorpions. We have seen how the earth has vomited forth from her lips obscenities and profanities of such nightmare proportions. And for these evil, lurking spirits, and for these evil people...”

“Shut up already.” Chloe groaned, opening her heavy eyelids, blinking in surprise she she looked up into Wayne’s face. Apparently the lap her head was rested on, and the hand that was softly caressing her hair...was his.

He grinned down at her. “You’re all sorts of amazing, have you realized that?”

She didn’t know what to say to that, instead sitting up quick as a whip, bringing her hand to her head as the room spun a little before settling. “How long have I been out?”

“Most of the day.” Lois spoke from her other side. “After healing Joe you just collapsed. We told everyone that you were bone tired from everything, and no one’s doubted us.”

“Not that they would have any reason to.” Wayne declared.

“And Joe?” Chloe asked.

“Completely healed.” Lois smiled. “He and Bobby kinda love you now, and agreed to continue pretending that Joe’s ill, and to stay in the locker room, so no one knows what’s happened. Only you, me, Wayne and them know the truth.”

Relief filled her soul and Chloe smiled, ducking her head. “Thank god.”

“HOW WILL IT END?” Mrs. Carmody asked her followers where she preached to them.

“EXPIATION!” They called as one.

Irene, Ollie and Mr. Cornell came towards them and sat down once they noticed Chloe awake.

“How are you feeling, dear?” Irene asked with motherly worry.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Chloe smiled at her and at the others who’d come to see how she was doing.

“I told you this would come!” Carmody preached.

Ollie took of his glasses and shook his head. “She’s getting people whipped up.”

“She’s got ‘em believing she’s a psychic.” Irene snorted in disgust. “That she has a direct line with God.”

“Why wouldn’t they? The woman never shuts up.” Mr. Cornell grumbled through his mustache. “Like those speeches Castro used to make.”

Despite the situation, Chloe had to giggle, ducking her head.

The people around her shared a smile as well.

“Ollie says you’re thinking of leaving.” Irene announced, surprising Chloe. “I’m in.”

“So are Bobby and Joe.” Lois chimed.

“It will be dangerous.” Chloe warned the elderly woman.

Irene snorted. “So is staying in here with that madwoman.”

“What will end it?!?
” Mrs. Carmody preached.

“EXPIATION!” Her congregation called back.

“You don’t sound like you mean it!”

“EXPIATION!” They called out louder.


“Welcome to Sesame Street.” Dan announced as he arrived with Bud, David, and David's family. “Today’s word is ‘expiation’.”

“I’m not spending the rest of my life here, I’ll tell you that.” Mr. Cornell shook his head, turning to Chloe and Lois. “We can all hurry to your vehicle, squeeze in, and you can drive me and some others to my truck and watch our backs with your gun until we can get into my truck. We’ll drive together, like a caravan.”

“Safety in numbers.” David agreed as Stacy nodded her agreement and Billy just hid his face in his father’s shirt.

“I can quietly gather up some bags of groceries and hide them up at one of the check stands by the door.” Ollie offered.

Mrs. Carmody’s followers began to clap for her.

Jim and Myron, surprisingly enough her newest converts, clapped the hardest.

Then again, they were never quite stable, ever since the Norm incident, so Chloe wasn't sure why she was surprised that despite seeming ready to do violence against the woman before, they seemed to now worship her, especially Jim.

Then again, they were cowards, had shown that enough throughout this whole situation, and Mrs. Carmody was being called untouchable, the vessel of God or something like that. People in the store were acting as if they truly believed what came out of her mouth were predictions, prophecies---when they were nothing more then well-thought-out considerations, especially about the hunting patterns so far. Almost everyone seemed to believe that if they followed her, and did as 'God' told them to, they'd survive this horror.

Chloe shook her head at them, disgusted. “I want to know what we’re up against---what this mist is.” She then turned to Wayne and narrowed her eyes. “Where are your friends?”

They searched for Morales and Donaldson all over the store, but couldn’t find them. Wayne kept refusing to look in Chloe’s direction and she grew more and more certain that he had an idea of what was going on outside and wasn’t saying anything. It irritated her a little since he knew almost all of her secrets, but she kept silent until they checked in the loading dock...and found the two soldiers hanging.

They’d committed suicide.

“I---I didn’t think they’d do it.” Wayne whispered, horrified, as he trained his light on them. “They said they would do it but I just----.”

“It’s the Arrowhead Project, isn’t it?” Chloe asked, turning to him, finally voicing the suspicion she’d had ever since hearing the MP’s words in the pharmacy. “The mist---it’s all some sort of military screw up, isn’t it?”

He turned to look at her and then nodded.

“We got you now you son of a bitch!” Jim snarled, he, Myron and two other men emerging from the darkness and grabbing Wayne, tearing him away from the others and keeping them from him as Jim and Myron pulled Wayne out of the loading dock to the store. “Get in there! It was them! It was them that done it to us! It was them that brung down the final wrath upon us!”

They forced Wayne to the ground viciously.

“No! Stop it!” Chloe pushed passed them men trying to hold them back, only to have four more grab onto her and keep her still.

Others formed around her group, outnumbering them as they rushed out, trying to help.

Chloe struggled desperately against the hold on her.

“Those two peckers who were with him they hung themselves in the back because they knew! They knew it all along!” Jim screamed.

Mrs. Carmody came forwards, the crowd parting for her as if for royalty or a god.

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Wayne grunted.

“Shut up you heathen!” Jim bashed him in the back of the head.

“STOP IT!” Chloe screamed, furious at how she was being held back.

‘Merge with me.’ Her monster whispered, growling, walking the length of its cage. ‘Don’t just let me out. Merge with me like you should have long ago! Become one!’

“They heard it too!” Myron pointed to them. “All about the Arrowhead Project and all that secret shit going on in the mountains! That’s what brung it down on us! That’s what brung down the wrath of God!”

“Private Jessup.” Mrs. Carmody knelt down and pushed his head back with her open palm.

“It wasn’t me.” He whispered, looking up at her before turning his head, as if trying to look behind him.

As if...

Chloe gulped from where she stood behind him.

“I’m just stationed up there.” Wayne spoke. “I’m not responsible---.”

“Bullshit.” Jim snapped.

“Hell! I’m a local!” Wayne snapped right back. “Most of you people know me.”

“Stop your chicken shit whining!” Mrs. Carmody surged forwards and grabbed him by the throat. “Or I will cut your puling tongue out!”

Wayne choked on the grip she had, unable to defend himself because of the men holding him tightly.

The monster in Chloe snarled, rattling the cage viciously.

The blonde resumed her struggling even more viciously. “Let go of him!”

“Now you tell us!” Carmody yelled, tearing her hand from his throat, her fingernails leaving ugly scratches on the skin as she pulled away. “Tell us.”

He gasped in breath before nodding. “Okay. Okay. I heard stuff.”

“Stuff.” Carmody mocked.

“Yes.” He nodded. “We all heard stuff. Like how they felt that there were other dimensions, other worlds, all around us. And how they wanted to try and make a window so they could look through and see what was on the other side.”

Chloe once again went still, eyes wide.

That made so much sense.

It explained everything!

From the storm to the mist to the creatures!

“Well maybe your window turned out to be a door! Didn’t it?” Mrs. Carmody accused.

“Not my window! Those scientists!” Wayne snapped as Carmody’s follower’s began to act up. “They must have ripped a hole up by accident and this other world came spilling through into ours.”

‘Act now. Something’s going to happen. Merge with me!’

“It aint my fault.” Wayne stressed.

“Aint. His. Fault.” Carmody mocked, hands in the air, still clutching the bible in one hand. “No. No. No. No. Ain’t nothing ever anybody’s fault! But he denies it! He points the finger! This Judas in our midst!”

“Judas”! The people screamed, becoming violent.

“Stay the hell away from him!” Chloe screamed, struggling even more desperately, scratching at the men who held her. “If you touch him I will kill you!”

“You.” Mrs. Carmody turned to Chloe. “Don’t you know by now? Don’t you know the truth?” She turned to the others. “We are being punished, for what? For going against the will of God. For going against His forbidden rules of old! Walking on the moon! Yes! Yes! Or splitting His atoms!”


“Or-or stem cells and abortions!” The woman continued. “And destroying the secrets of life that only God above has any right to!”



People began to clap.

“Yes, I know! It is true!” Carmody continued to raise her voice. “And now! We are being punished! The judgement is being being brought down upon us! The fiends of hell you see are being let loose and star Wormwood blazes! And it is his fault!”

“No! It is not my fault!” Wayne snapped.

“Yes it is your fault!” Carmody hissed, pointing at Wayne as her group began to enter a frenzy. “They did it! They spit in the eye of the Almighty!”

No!” Wayne hissed back.

The mob grabbed at Wayne, overcome by fear and hatred and delusion.

Chloe and her group tried desperately to break free, but were unable to.

“Judas!” The people were screaming, throwing him around and punching and kicking him.

“STOP IT!” Chloe screamed.

“Kill him!” Someone screamed.

“String him up!” Another yelled.

Suddenly the scent of blood filled the air.

Chloe went still, eyes wide, as she realized in horror that they’d pushed him towards a man, the town’s butcher, who’d had a knife in his hand, and used it to stab Wayne in his stomach.

No.” She whispered, her monster going deadly silent and still.

Applause filled the air as the man stabbed Wayne again, and again.

“Expiation!” Jim screamed.

“Stab him again!” Another yelled.

Mrs. Carmody stood on top of a box. “FEED HIM TO THE BEAST!”


“Let the abominations smell his blood!” The woman continued to scream.

Chloe watched in shocked stillness as the mob carried the wounded, agonized man to the door and threw him outside to the pavement, closing the glass door and locking it.

“NO!” Lois screamed.

The butcher smirked at Wayne as he got up and began to pound bloodied fists against the door.

And that was when it happened.

Chloe closed her eyes.

And lost it.

She didn’t really remember anything that happened, all she knew was that there were screams that weren’t just Wayne’s and the scent of blood was much stronger than it had been moments ago, and the sounds of people’s necks breaking or flesh tearing, heart stopping...filled her ears. She wasn’t herself anymore, completely taken over by the fury of a monster whose packmate had been wounded and left to be consumed, and she didn’t try to stop the monster’s work, only surrendered herself to the blinding, inhuman bloodrage.

It was only when she was standing in front of the door, hand holding a knife stuck all the way to her wrist inside of the butcher, that she woke up.

He screamed in agony, coughing up blood on top of her.

Chloe pulled her hand out of him, leaving the knife inside, and hurriedly turned to the door, sensing something arriving due to the scent of blood, and unlocked the door with shaky hands, pulling the injured Wayne back inside.

And Lois, curiously covered in blood as well, arrived by her side and sneered as she kicked the butcher outside and closed the door, locking it in his face and sneering at him as he tried to stand, pounding against the door.

The man pounded desperately at the door, begging to be let in, before turning when he finally sensed what had driven Chloe insane to begin with.

He turned in time for the vague outline of a large, three-story high creature to reach out and grab him.

His screams were still audible as he disappeared into the mist.

“You’re going to be okay.” Chloe whispered to Wayne as they sunk to the ground, pressing her hand to his wounds.

Only now did she look up at the others, seeing the twenty dead bodies lying in the ground, men and women alike.

She felt sick.

She really was a monster.

“You want to feed the monster, huh?” Lois sneered at the now very quiet onlookers. “Then you start shoveling out these bodies so the 'abominations' can have a teatime snack! And if any of you give us trouble, I will stick you like a pig and kick your asses out there as well! You hear me!?”

The people took a step back.

At that moment, Lois looked as deadly as Chloe.

Gasps echoed throughout the supermarket.

Chloe ignored them, gaze on Wayne, golden feline eyes meeting dark ones, as the hand she had pressed over the area that’d been stabbed began to glow brightly. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner.”

He chuckled, wincing in agony when he did so. “I really like your cat eyes."

She smiled down at him, tears in said eyes. Those tears glowed brightly as they streaked down her face and fell onto him, bathing him in extra glow until his whole body was lit up like a candle.

Mrs. Carmody pushed passed her followers, eyes wide in fascination as she watched.

A bright light encompassed them, and when it faded away, Wayne stood to his feet to the gasps of the onlookers, and helped a wobbly Chloe to hers.

‘You shoulda merged with me’ The monster was sulking. ‘Coulda done much more damage if we had merged.’

We did enough damage. She whispered back.

The blonde turned her feline gold eyes on the multitude, narrowing those uncanny orbs at them. “If you need anymore blood for your expiation. I’ll be glad to give it to you.”

As one, the people parted fearfully, letting Chloe, Wayne, Lois, and their group pass.

More people gasped as they realized that Bobby and Joe had come out to investigate the noise, and they realized that Joe was healed...and then realized how it must have happened.

Arm around a weak Chloe’s waist, Wayne’s cold dark eyes caused the people to go back even further, and stay away.

Chloe’s eyes closed as she lost consciousness.

So she never felt Mrs. Carmody’s smile on her.

1st-Apr-2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
Crazy lady thinks she's awaken the angel to its true nature. Man, she's crazy! The whole movie I was hoping they would just shot her to stop some of the madness, but she was silenced in the end so yay.

Wayne survived! Love how that act of spilling his blood completely snapped Chloe. She had uncounsciously inducted him into her pack. No messes with Chloe's pack and survives. I have a feeling they will now be trying to keep them there because they don't want to lose the "divine presence" they have.

The next chapter will be so exciting; I can feel it.
1st-Apr-2010 03:16 pm (UTC)
The scariest thing about mrs. carmody is that she truly believed everything she preached and said. she truly thought herself invincible and god's vessel, that everything she did or made people do was gods will.

Honestly, the Wayne-dies scene is what made me wanna do a crossover with Chloe! I kept tearing up at that scene, as he begs them. I was like---that butcher's gotta DIE! so, yeah, I killed him. lol *the power of authordom is obviously getting to my head*

Oh yes, the next (and last) chapter *shall* be exciting...I hope!
1st-Apr-2010 03:43 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to see how crazy lady goes down! And yay for Wayne being all adorable and understanding about Chloe with the whole “I really like your cat eyes."

Can't wait for the last chapter to see how it all plays out.
1st-Apr-2010 03:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, she goes down. hard. lol

Wayne's just adorable. its the dimples. :D
2nd-Apr-2010 01:37 am (UTC)
So I take it that Wayne really dies there in the movie? If so, I'm so not watching because you made me love him. Can't wait to see how it ends.
2nd-Apr-2010 01:51 am (UTC)
Yes, he really dies in the movie, stabbed and then eaten *cries*
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