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Aggressive 1/1 
3rd-Apr-2010 03:12 am

Title: Aggressive
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Faith Lehane
Fandom: Smallville/Buffy
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Faith is hardwired to be aggressive...except when she's with Chloe.
Written for my Chloe-Femslash Prompt Table. Prompt #4: Aggressive

"What is your problem?" Chloe snapped, slamming the door shut and glaring at the brunette.

"Problem?" Faith asked, playing with her favorite knife, feeling the sharp tip against her finger. "I don't got a problem. Everything's five-by-five."

"No." Chloe leaned down against the table, palms flat against the surface as she glared down at the other woman. "Everything is not five-by-five!"

Finally looking away from the knife, Faith smirked as she let her gaze linger a little too long on Chloe's cleavage, and followed the angry flush residing there up her neck to her face. "Damn, babe, you're always so hot when you're angry."

Chloe was not amused.

And she was sure it showed.

Faith leered at her girlfriend for a couple of seconds longer before rolling her eyes and banging her knife, blade down, into the table. There was no threat in the movement, just pure aggrievance, as she leaned back in her chair and reluctantly gave the blonde her attention. "What's got your panties in a bunch now? You've been pissy all week." She raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Is it someone's time of the month?"

Chloe narrowed her eyes, voice even. "I'm about this close to breaking up with you."

Faith's smirk erased from her face immediately, her own eyes narrowing as she realized just how serious the blonde was.

Silence stretched between the two women as they glared at the other.

Suddenly Faith's narrowed further, and it was the only warning Chloe got before the brunette reached out with her lightening reflexes and grabbed hold of the blonde's hips, jerking her closer towards Faith and then down, so that she was straddling her on the seat.

"Let go!" Chloe struggled, snarling.

Faith just gripped tighter onto those jean-clad hips, clearly abusing her Slayer powers. "Calm down, stop hissing and clawing, and tell me what the fuck happened?"

Chloe struggled harder, but after a couple of minutes she finally gave up and just glared at Faith. "You promised you'd never use the Slayer abilities against me."

"You promised you'd never break up with me." Faith glared back, tightening her grip on Chloe's hips till it was a little painful, just out of spite. "So I think we're just about even right now, baby."

"That promise isn't valid." Chloe's cheeks began to tint rosy. "I made it under duress!"

A lurid smile curved those plump lips. "Just because I refused to let you cum until you'd promised me that doesn't mean it was promised under duress."

That bush grew darker. "Actually, that's exactly what it means."

"Smartass." Faith grinned.

The dangerous atmosphere from before was gone now, though there was some tension in the air.

Chloe sighed and leaned forwards, pressing her forehead against Faith's as she closed her eyes. "You're going to get yourself killed, Faith. And I'll hate you when you do."

The Slayer, suddenly understanding what in the world had set the blonde off, sighed. Her grip on those hips loosened as her hands trailed up Chloe's waist before embracing her, pulling her tighter to her. One arm around her waist and the other slipped up under the back of Chloe's shirt, calloused fingers scraping against warm, soft skin. "I'm a Slayer, babe, an untimely death is kinda part of the deal."

"Doesn't mean you have to try and rush it," Chloe whispered back.

The blonde tightened her closed eyes and remembered her fear when she'd been told that Faith had gone up against the Vampire Master in town without even telling anyone else what her plans were. This was the same Vampire Master who had nearly killed Faith so many times in the past. It was only thanks to Chloe's healing abilities that the Slayer had survived many of their past encounters, and so to hear about what had happened only after it was finished and Faith had returned victorious...well...her fear and terror and anger had mixed into this unholy fury and she'd been ready to kill the Slayer.

But now that she was here, in Faith's arms...

Finally convinced that her girlfriend was alive and well, she just let go and wrapped her arms around Faith's neck, hiding her face in the brunette's neck, taking in a deep breath.

She was shaking.


"You're so stupid." And yet Faith's voice was tender.

Which always moved Chloe, because with everything else Faith was aggressive. In her job, in her life, in her mannerism, in her training, patrolling, slaying...language...Faith was aggressive. It was just how she was hardwired. But with Chloe, Faith was gentler. Then again, they could have some nights where they broke the bed...but mostly everything was soft and sweet and loving...and Chloe had never felt like she did with the Slayer.

She was just so terrified of losing her.

"You know, this is why I told Giles not to tell you," Faith was saying. "I knew you'd flip when you found out. You're such a worrier."

"Shut up," Chloe mumbled into her neck.

When she'd met the Slayer three years ago, she and Lois had been saved from vampires. Faith, along with the Watcher Giles, had had to fill them in on the reason why there were so many baddies in Smallville.

It was a Hellmouth: a mystical convergence that had been altered and intensified by a meteor shower, and made it a center of both supernatural and meteor-infected evil.

It had made a lot of sense, actually.

With Clark and the Justice League taking care of the meteor freaks full-time, Chloe and Lois had joined the Slayer and Watcher, helping them with the meteor incidents. They'd grown into a strong team, and Chloe couldn't help but feel selfishly happy that the Sunnydale Hellmouth had been destroyed, that the Slayer Buffy wasn't on speaking terms with Giles anymore because of a dead vampire named Spike---and so relieved that Giles and Faith had decided to team up and go to Smallville to take care of the Hellmouth there.

If not, not only wouldn't Chloe or her cousin be alive right now...but she'd never have known what it would feel like to be loved by the feral creature that was Faith Lehane.

"Why do you do stupid things like that?" Chloe asked her. "You knew he could have killed you. Why would you go to his lair by himself?"

There was silence.

Chloe sighed.

"He hurt you, Chlo," Faith finally answered, voice soft. "You nearly died yesterday - would have died if it wasn't for your ability. I couldn't forgive him. Not for that."

She went still, shocked.

Faith had confronted the fearsome Master Vampire...for her.

The door opened. "Oh god. Giles, they're having sex in your back room again."

Chloe groaned into Faith's neck, the moment broken.

Lois was never going to let them live that one time down.

"Lane, go bang Giles or something." Faith removed her hand from around Chloe's waist, using it to make shooing notions. "Can't you see we're having a moment here?"

"L-L-Lois, I think we s-s-should leave them to their c-c-c-onversation." Giles was stuttering, the poor man. "Faith just did come back from facing Mason."

"Alright." Lois sounded put upon. "But I'm working the store today Lehane, so you keep your activities with my cousin PG-13, you hear me? I ain't sugar coating it for any customer who starts hearing racket coming from here!"

The door closed loudly.

There was silence in the room.

Faith reached down and squeezed Chloe's ass.

Green eyes flew wide in shock as she pushed away enough to look into the Slayer's eyes. "You've got to be joking!"

Faith smirked. "You know how fighting make me horny."

And it was the only warning the blonde got before they moved and she was pinned on top of the desk.


Chloe watched in horror as Faith straddled the last vampire, whaling on it with terrifying ferocity.

The brunette brought her fist down on the vampire's face over and over again until both her fist and the vampire's face were bloody, the vampire near unconscious.

"Enough already!" Lois tore Faith off of the vampire and brought her own stake down on the vampire's heart, ending its torture.

Faith hurried towards Chloe and fell to her knees, hesitating before reaching towards her. "Babe? Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot? Lemme look at it."

Chloe winced through the pain, looking at the utterly transformed brunette.

"Fucker broke your arm in three places!" Faith snapped upon further examination.

"She heals, Lehane," Lois sighed as she stood next to them, folding her arms over her chest, though the expression in her eyes betrayed the fact that she wasn't as annoyed as she was trying to look. "Stop going ballistic every single time she gets hurt."

Faith flipped Lois off.

"That's real mature," Lois scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"I'm fine," Chloe hissed as her arm burnt, her powers trying to heal it as rapidly as possible, which meant the healing process was very painful.

"Come on." Faith shook her head, arm around Chloe and helping her up. "Just because you heal doesn't make it any better that you get hurt."

"I know. But I'm fine." Chloe tried to reassure the brunette.

Lois followed behind and shook her head, smirking.


Giles was out meeting some old friends of his, who had some Council connections.

Lois and Faith were patrolling/arguing.

Chloe was dressed in shorts and a tank top, her Have A Little Faith hip tattoo peeking out from the shorts' low top. The blonde was in bed, at her and Faith's place, trying to research the omens that had been giving them hell these last couple of days in Smallville, and she was worrying, just like Giles. They were thinking another Apocalypse might be on the way, and she wondered if it was time to give the Big Green a call in for help.

The doorbell rung.

Frowning, Chloe put away her laptop and grabbed the baseball bat by the bed, heading through the living room to the door and peering out the peephole to see a blonde, a redhead, and a brunet with an eyepatch standing outside her door, looking uncomfortable.

Making sure the chain was still on the door, she opened it slightly. "What do you want?"

The three looked surprised.

"Uh, I think we got the wrong house," the male, the brunet, whispered to his friends.

"No. The spell I did specifically sent me to where Faith lived," the redheaded female whispered back.

"Wouldn't be the first time one of your spells has been a dud, Will," the male announced.

The redhead opened her mouth.

Chloe interrupted. "You know Faith?"

The blonde looked up. "So this is the right house?"

"Yeah." Chloe closed the door and undid the chain, opening it again, resting the bat on the back of her shoulders in a relaxed manner. "Who exactly are you three?"

"Who are you?" The man asked, eyeing her with interest.

The redhead elbowed him. "I'm Willow, this is Xander, and she's Buffy---."

"The head honcho Slayer." Chloe nodded, surprised. She'd heard a lot about these people from Faith, most of the things not very complimentary---then again, Faith had been rogue most of the time and the enemy...but that was the past. "What are you all doing here in Smallville?"

"Can we come inside?" Buffy asked, looking uncomfortable and not sure what to do.

Chloe snorted. "I know better than to invite strangers into my house in the middle of the night."

Buffy grinned and walked through the doorway into the house. "At least Faith's taught you that much."

"How did you actually begin living with Faith anyway?" Xander wanted to know as he entered.

"Where is she?" Willow asked, closing the door behind her.

"Patrolling with my cousin." Chloe announced, not letting go of the bat as she turned to the three newcomers. "She'll be back in around half an hour. Come, sit. Do you all want someone to eat or drink?"

"No thanks." Buffy shook her head as she and her friends sat down on the sofa.

Xander looked around the living room. "This...doesn't look like someplace I'd see Faith living in."

"I made sure to be the one to decorate," Chloe admitted, giving the room a quick look. "Faith's not exactly the artsy type, and would have probably left the place with the peeling wall paper and smelly furniture it had when we first moved in."

Willow picked up a picture of Chloe and Faith, the blonde laying on her back and reading a book, and the brunette drawing the words Have A Little Faith on her hipbone with a pen.

It was what had given Chloe the idea to get the tattoo now on her hips.

Willow's gaze went from the picture to Chloe's hipbone and back, putting the frame on the table once more. "Oh."

"What are you all doing here?" Chloe wanted to know, giving them all a look. "Don't get me wrong or anything, but from what I heard, your group, and Faith and Giles, aren't exactly the best of buddies."

"We need Faith's help," Buffy replied. "We'd deal with it ourselves, but apparently this person is someone from Faith's past, and refuses to talk to anyone but her."

"Well, Faith's busy right now." Chloe narrowed her eyes, a little pissed that these people had only come because they needed Faith's help. "We have omens piling up on us and we need to concentrate on this now."

Willow looked genuinely concerned. "Omens? What sort of omens?"

Chloe hesitated a moment, before finally letting go of the bat and telling them.

When Faith returned from patrolling half an hour later she found Chloe sitting next to Buffy, in a heated conversation with the founders of the Scooby Gang about the things that were going on and the trio remembering the various Apocalypses they had had to go through in their lifetimes.

Faith stopped by the door. "What are you people doing in my living room?"

"Hello, Faith," Buffy announced, standing up, as Xander and Willow did the same.

"I asked you a question, B." Faith narrowed her eyes. "What the hell are you doing in my living room?"

"We need your help," Xander piped in. "By the way, love the place. Did you do something with your hair?"

Faith ignored him, fury in her eyes as they stayed on Buffy. "The last time we saw each other we agreed that it was better if it were the last time."

"Situations have changed," Buffy replied calmly.

Faith's fist collided with the wall. "The hell they have!"

"Faith!" Chloe's eyes widened, seeing the hand piercing the wall.

Faith ignored her, still glaring furiously at Buffy.

"Look, we've always rubbed each other the wrong way," Buffy announced. "But we're fighting on the same side, and we need your help apparently as much as you need ours."

"We don't need your help," Faith hissed.

"According to Chloe you do," Willow announced. "You have signs of a possible Apocalypse on your hands. This is serious."

"I can handle it," Faith answered, pulling her fist out of the hole in the wall.

Chloe frowned at the blood that began to pool down that clenched fist and fall to the tiles below.

"Get out of my home," Faith whispered, deadly.

"Faith---." Xander began.

"GET OUT!" She snapped, flinging her stake at Buffy.

The blonde caught it.

They'd both known she would.

It had never been a threat on the blonde Slayer's life, but a warning that this would get ugly if she persisted.

Buffy shook her head. "I knew you hadn't changed."

"Hey!" Chloe snapped, glaring at her. "You don't know anything about Faith! So don't go judging her! You only came here because you needed her, so don't be acting all high and mighty! Faith's been putting her life at risk every single night for this shitty town, having to deal with not only supernatural freaks but metahuman as well, and then work in a thankless job every day. She's run ragged. She never gets a break and yet she doesn't ever complain. She's amazing. So don't you dare look down on her!"

The newcomers looked at the blonde in shock.

Faith, though, was smirking. "That's my girl."

"Oh shut up," Chloe grumbled, feeling embarrassed now that her anger was over.

Xander looked between them before his eye opened wide in realization. "OH!"

"I realized it earlier," Willow confessed to him.

"Now..." Chloe stepped forwards. "I don't know the extent of the bad blood between you guys, but I know that we're on the same side, and if we're going to win we have to rally together. Which means that Faith, you should help them with what they need, and accept the help they can give us."

"Babe..." Faith shook her head.

Chloe raised an eyebrow. "If having another Slayer around makes it harder for the baddie to kill you then I'm sorry, but you're not winning this."

"She's a powder puff!" Faith exclaimed. "We so don't do good working together! And her band of Doo Gooders are annoying!"

"Hey!" Xander pouted. "The Doo Gooder is insulted!"

"You're going to work with the Doo Gooders whether you like it or not, otherwise you're sleeping on the couch. And..." Chloe went to her girlfriend and picked up her hand, covering it as best as she could with her own hands, activating her glowing, healing power. "As soon as you're healed, you're fixing the wall."


They'd averted an Apocalypse, Faith had helped them sway someone to the Light, the rift between the two teams was healing slowly, Buffy and Giles were finally talking again, and Lois and Xander were fornicating everywhere which thus made them too busy to bother Faith and Chloe.

So in total everything could be considered a complete success,

"I'm going to be so happy when they leave. Their constant cheerful optimism and gooeyness is just draining." Faith exhaled as they lay in bed later that night.

"They're going tomorrow." Chloe chuckled, curled up in Faith's arms, eyes closed. "Have some patience."

"You think they'll take Lane with them?" Faith asked, sounding hopeful.

Chloe pinched her.

"Ouch!" She laughed. "I was just asking!"

"Despite everything, I like them," Chloe whispered, yawning. "They're like a family."

"I know," Faith whispered back. "I always felt so out of place. Like the unwanted niece hoisted onto the family. It made me really lonely."

Heart hurting her slightly, Chloe lifted her head and pressed a kiss to Faith's lips. "Well, you have no reason to feel lonely now. You have your own family."

Faith smiled against her lips. "God, that was Scooby Gang-Like sweet. You've been hanging out with them too long, it's started rubbing off on you."

"I'll have you know I've always been sweet." Chloe laughed, enjoying having her teasing girlfriend acting more like herself and not as sad as she'd sounded moments before. "Not everyone is all aggressive and brutish as you, you know!"

"Oh really?"

And that was all the warning Chloe got before Faith rolled over onto her and proved to her just how sweet and tender she could be.
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3rd-Apr-2010 04:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I enjoyed writing these two more than I thought I would! :D
3rd-Apr-2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
I loved it! I wasn't expecting a chloe/faith fic, but what a wonderful idea! *thumbs up bb!*
3rd-Apr-2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you! I must credit all the ideas I got from my Question Session for the inspiration!
3rd-Apr-2010 03:04 pm (UTC)
I really like the pairing of Faith and Chole. I hope there are more.
3rd-Apr-2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
There might be. I have to see if I get more inspiration for that pairing :D
3rd-Apr-2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
OMG! I can't believe you actually wrote Chloe/Faith! *squeals* So Awesome! I am sooo excited right now!!

Ok, I absolutely loved this! I loved how overprotective and even possessive Faith is about Chloe and that she took on the Master Vampire just because he attacked Chloe. Aw! And I love that Faith feels comfortable enough to let Chloe see her vulnerable and sweet side. *sighs* Wonderful.

Also the twist with Smallville being a Hellmouth is a completely brilliant idea! It makes so much sense...

Incredible fic... I really enjoyed reading it! Is there any chance of you writing more Chloe/Faith in the future? Anyhoo, thanks so much for writing!!
3rd-Apr-2010 04:31 pm (UTC)
Aw, you inspired me bb! lol You gave me just too many possibilities and scenarios that I couldn't NOT do one!

Smallville=Hellmouth. It's the only rational explanation I can have for that town!

If I get inspiration I won't say no to another Chloe/Faith.
3rd-Apr-2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
AMAZING :D this story is so good!!! It's funny but it also tugs at your heart strings! Excellent job! Would you consider a femslash of Chloe and Morganna?
3rd-Apr-2010 05:12 pm (UTC)
I'm glad! I wanted it to be full of contrasting feelings, so I'm glad it came across :D

I am actually seriously considering that pairing!
3rd-Apr-2010 08:01 pm (UTC)

I missed BtVS fic in general, and I love Chloe so much it hurts... this was a great way to get my fix.

I'd love to see more in this verse...
3rd-Apr-2010 08:05 pm (UTC)
If I ever got inspiration I'd write another.

Happy to give you a 'fix' :D
4th-Apr-2010 08:41 am (UTC)
This is my first time reading this pairing, but you have shown me the light. I loved it. Who knew Chloe and Faith, I am intrigued with the possibilities.
4th-Apr-2010 06:40 pm (UTC)
It is I, the Light-Bringer! lol
I'm so glad you enjoyed this and the pairing :D
Thanks for taking time out to comment as well.
6th-Apr-2010 11:01 pm (UTC)
I loved this story. I loved how Faith is only soft with Chloe. It is so cute!

6th-Apr-2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I just could see Faith softening a little with the person she loved if she ever got the chance to have a healthy relationship.
14th-Jun-2015 03:04 pm (UTC)
Well now I need more. You're making a addict out of me. I wasn't expecting to like this but it's good. Thank you!
18th-Jun-2015 12:59 am (UTC)
You say addict like its a BAD word! lol ;)
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