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Primeval Season One 4/6 
30th-May-2010 10:37 pm
Chlecker---Chloe/Becker Primeval
Title: Primeval Season One
Characters: Chloe, Nick, Stephen, Abby, Connor, Claudia, Capt. Ryan, Lester, Ben Becker & others.
Fandoms: Smallville/Primeval (bbc)
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe was in love with the man of her dreams, and then she let her curiosity get the better of her and walked through an anomaly...waking up in England two years later, in the custody of James Lester and the Home Office. Now, with mysterious circumstances surrounding her before her rescue, and with everyone she loved thinking her dead, Chloe is forced to join the Anomaly Reaseach team or stay the Home Office's 'guest' indefinitely. She must make a new life, learn to create a new family with her team members, and all of this while not realizing that she and the leader of her new team, Nick Cutter, might share more than just an interest in the unexplainable.

CHLOE. Please. I saw you. I KNOW you're alive. That you're in London. Please. I need-why did you run when you saw me? This has been inactive since you...disappeared...but its my only...I can't think of any other way of getting in contact with you.

Chloe looked at the wall post on her Facebook account, eyes wide.

It was from Ben.

Chloe leaned back against the wall, cradling the laptop on her lap, as she looked away from the screen to the empty near empty flat she'd been given close to the Home Office. It was large and empty and silent. She hated it.

Maybe she should get a dog or something just to give it a little life.

Her mobile rung and she blinked when she saw Abby's name on the caller I.D. "Hello?"

"Save me."

If it wasn't for the fact that Abby sounded so ridiculously flustered Chloe would have been worried.

"From what?" Chloe asked, chuckling slightly.

"Connor." The pixie-ish girl bemoaned. "His flatmate kicked him out of their flat, and I-the fool-told him he could stay with me until he found another place."

Chloe hadn't really begun connecting with Abby as she had the male members of the team (of course, that was probably because Chloe was always more comfortable being 'one of the boys' rather than 'one of the girls') so she was unsure of how to handle this. She didn't want to mess things up with Abby, especially since the other girl had made the effort to take the first step. "He can't be that bad."

"He complains about the temperature I have the thermostat at, kicks his shoes off and leaves them haphazzardly on my floor, and he asks me to put on the kettle so he can have some tea." Abby replied flatly. "He just asked me why I don't think of learning how to cook because we both need 'healthy homemade food' to keep us in 'top condition'."

Chloe winced. "How long have you two been married again?"

"I hate you." Abby groaned. "Shoot me. Or him. Preferably him."

The american giggled, somehow perversely enjoying this. "How about a day out?"

"Hmm?" Abby seemed to be perking.

"It's nothing big, or even remotely interesting." Chloe hurried to explain. "It's just that the Home Office gave me a certain amount I can use to buy furniture and things for my flat and-."

"Shopping. You want to go shopping. On Lester's tab." Abby seemed like she could hardly keep herself together. "Where do we meet and at what time?"

Chloe smiled, relieved that Abby seemed excited. This could be the bonding experience they needed. "Uhm, how about we meet outside the Home Office Saturday? It's close to where we all live so its convenient."

"Around eleven-ish?" Abby asked.


"Great." The smile was evident in her voice. "See you then, Chlo."

And with that she hung up.

Chloe smiled.


They were off to a good start.


In the Maximum Security wing, two soldiers escorted Helen Cutter down a corridor and into a room, where she was sat down forcibly at a table that was obviously being monitored from another room.

Helen leaned back in the seat, not looking overly concerned about being kept prisoner, as she gazed up at James Lester. "Presumably there are still laws against kidnapping?"

"Hmmm." Lester hummed as he nodded his answer. "Though, officially, you're dead. We can't have kidnapped someone who doesn't actually exist, can we?" He leaned down on the table between them, looking her straight in the eyes. "The only way you can get out of here is by telling us everything you know about the anomalies."

"I'll tell you one thing," Helen sneered. "You're the spitting image of a utahraptor I once met in the Jurassic."

Someone entered and handed Claudia a note.

Helen watched this with slight curiosity.

"I'll take that as a refusal to co-operate, shall I?" Lester decided.

Claudia turned to her boss. "We've got another anomaly. In a block of flats in the city centre."

Lester shook his head, giving Helen a near accusatory glance. "Happy now?"

Helen just leaned back against the seat and smiled serenely at him.


Captain Ryan and his men arrived at the flats in the back of a van. Jumping out they ran into the building, and the kids who'd been playing football stood and watched them with their hands raised in the 'surrender' pose. Chloe, in the back of Nick's 4x4 bursted into laughter when she saw this, amused by their reaction. Connor and Abby, who were chuckling next to her, were obviously amused as well as everyone descended from the 4x4 and entered the building. Stephen paused to kick the football the children had resumed playing with.

He managed to hit a sign that read 'No Ball Games'.

Chloe and Abby exchanged impressed looks.

"Fluke." Connor scoffed, noticing the looks.

"Jealous." Stephen teased with a grin as they continued on inside.

In front of them, Ryan and his men arrived at the flat, pointing their guns at it and looking ready to kick the door down.

"Knock first!" Chloe called as she ascended the stairs.

Ryan looked exasperated at her, as if she was purposely trying to steal his thunder, before nodding to one of his men, who knocked on the door.

The owner answered, blinking in shock to see the uniformed men with guns. "I didn't expect the SAS."

"The town council takes pest control very seriously, Mrs. Davis." Nick replied with a serious expression on his face.

Chloe reached Ryan's side and grinned at him. "See? That is one less door the government is going to have to replace now in this time of financial crisis." She paused. "You can praise me later."

He looked like he was fighting to keep the smirk off of his face as he shook his head at her and led him men inside, towards the bathroom, where the owner had said the creature was in. Everyone followed, and Nick for some reason was at the forefront, getting ready to open the bathroom door, Ryan and a few other soldiers with their guns aimed and ready.

Mrs. Davis stood behind them, next to a curious Connor.

Chloe and Abby and Stephen stayed back, due to the smallness of the flat.

Nick turned to Ryan. "Are you ready?"

Ryan nodded.

The door was opened and Ryan and one of his men entered the room, closely followed by Nick and Stephen.

Connor and Mrs. Davis moved into the doorway.

From the back Chloe and Abby couldn't see anything.

"Relax, everyone." Nick could finally be heard saying. "It's only a python."

Suddenly Mrs. Davis screamed in terror, probably when Nick revealed the thing in her toilet. "Only a python? What the hell were you expecting?" She raced away at the sight of the creature.

Connor brought his hands to his ears. "Ow."

Abby sent a viciously happy smile to Chloe, obviously enjoying Connor's suffering.

Chloe chuckled, shaking her head.

They were so married.

Ryan and his men exchanged amused expressions before filing out, deciding to leave the 'big bad snake' to Nick and his team.

Chloe glared at the blonde captain to let him know just how she felt about that.

He smirked at her this time, giving the blonde a mock salute before leaving.

Refusing to have anything to do with a snake that had no business being so large, Chloe turned to her colleagues, grinning innocently. "I saw a coffee shop and bakery close by. How about I swing by them and get us all something to snack on and make this whole thing more bearable?"

Abby narrowed her eyes at Chloe. "Are you trying to bribe us into excusing you from snake handling?"

"Is it working?" Chloe asked the pixie-ish girl.

At first there was no change from the narrowed eyes, and then Abby grinned. "Add a scone to the proposal and you have yourself a deal."

Chloe grinned. "One scone coming right up!" With that she turned and left before Connor or Stephen could protest.


In the same room as before, Lester and Claudia were still interrogating Helen. Or, well, better put, Lester and Helen were having a staring match across the table and Claudia was finishing up a phone conversation with Captain Ryan.

"Well, it turns out it was an illegally imported pet." Claudia announced, ending the call. "Escaped from the upstairs flat and its been living in the drains."

Helen smirked.

Lester narrowed his eyes at the brunette. "Did you know it was a false alarm? You told your husband you knew how to find the anomalies."

"Whatever I said to Nick is between me and him." The prisoner replied easily.

"Prior knowledge of anomaly locations would be priceless." Lester announced as he straightened and fixed the lapels of his suit. "If you can give us that information, it's your absolute duty as a citizen to do so."

"But as you pointed out, I don't even exist, so how can I be a citizen?" Helen's smile was pure amusement.

Lester was far from amused. "You know, I have the power to make your life extremely unpleasant."

Unimpressed by the threat, Helen turned to Claudia. "How can you bear to work with this man?"

"At the end of the day this is about something very simple. Saving lives." Claudia replied, all business. "Now, you can do that. So if you know anything at all, just tell us."

"Bring Nick to me and I'll tell you everything I know." Helen suddenly smirked as she leaned back in her seat. "Or you could do something even better."

"And what would that be?" Lester asked, narrowing his eyes, obviously wary of her. "What could possibly be better than getting you your husband?"

Helen smirked. "Bring me my daughter."

Claudia's eyes widened. "Daughter?"

Helen's smirk grew. "Bring me Chloe Sullivan."

"The Yankee?" Lester straightened his bright red tie. "Well. I didn't see that one coming."


"Where do you think you are going?" Nick called as he watched Chloe begin to walk away.

She stopped and looked up at him, smiling. "I just bribed my way out of snake duty."

He smirked, amused. "How much did it cost you?"

"Some coffee, sandwiches, and scones. I'm going to go get them right now." She raised her hand to shield her gaze from the glare as she looked up at where he was on the stairs of the apartment block. "Want some?"

"Ate already, but thanks." He grinned down at her.

His daughter was beautiful.

And sweet.

And smart.

And cunning.

And apparently not above bribery.

She was very much like her mother.

He sighed.

"You okay, Nick?" Her smile was gone, replaced by a worried frown.

"Yeah, I'm fine luv." He nodded.

How was he going to approach the subject with her?

It wasn't as if he could just go up to her and say "Hi, I'm your father even though you were born before I even met your mother."

"You need anything?" Chloe wasn't budging from down below. "A drink? Some cigarettes? A hug?"

He chuckled, the smile now more believable. "I'm fine for right now. But If I need any of the above, I'll let you know."

Her grin was back as well. "Okay, good."

They continued to look at each other.

Chloe's smile suddenly melted from her face and she began to fidget. "Nick. About your wife..."

Nick's phone began to ring.

He desperately wanted to ignore the call and hear what she wanted to say about Helen, but he knew the number. "It's Claudia."

"You mean after all these days she's finally getting into contact with you?" Chloe shook her head. "Tell her hi...I hope she has good news concerning Helen."

"Me too." Nick announced, watching as Chloe walked away. He sighed and answered the phone. "Do you have any idea how many times I've tried calling you in the last couple of days?"

"I've been busy." Claudia replied. "And actually you should be thanking me that you're still involved at all."

"You can't get rid of me. You need me."

"Well, the truth is we need each other." Claudia sighed. "Believe me, more now than ever."

"I hope she's driving Lester crazy." Just because if anyone deserved Helen's brand of torment, it was Lester.

"She refuses to speak to anyone but two people of her choosing." Claudia paused. "One is you. The other. Nick. Did you know?"

His stomach went sick.


Helen wouldn't have-.

"Did you know Chloe was your daughter?"

Nick closed his eyes.

He hadn't wanted them to know.

Hadn't wanted Lester to know about Chloe's being a Time Child, as he had decided to call it.

What if they wanted to run experiments on her?

What if-?


"Yes." He sighed. "Helen-she told me when I went to the past." He ran a shaky hand over his hair. "She was apparently pregnant when she disappeared, and she gave birth to Chloe 14 years in the past and left her there, because she wanted to travel through the anomalies once more and motherhood wouldn't have agreed with that lifestyle and the dangers it presented." He sighed. "Or so I understood."

"Oh Nick." There was a pause. "Does Chloe know?"

"No. I don't even think she knows she was adopted." Nick was quick to say. "I want to find a way to tell her myself when the time is right and we've bonded more."

"Well you're going to have to do it quicker than you had planned." Claudia replied. "Helen wants to see her, talk to her. And Lester is thinking of just dumping the bombshell on the girl pointblank so he can use her as a bargaining tool with her mother."

"You can't let him do that, Claudia." Nick felt a little desperate. "She's a human being, not a tool. She shouldn't be used like that. She doesn't deserve it, especially not after what she's been through."

"Then you better get over here now." Claudia announced with a sigh. "And find a way to get Helen to talk."


Connor sat on the toilet seat with his laptop while Stephen stood in the middle of the bathroom holding the snake, trying to put it in a sack, and Abby was in front of him, grinning at the unease the manly man wasn't able to completely hide.

"Don't worry." Connor didn't look up from the screen of his computer. "This one's just a baby. Fully grown they can be up to 20 feet long."

"That makes me feel so much better." Stephen announced, sarcasm oozing from every word.

"Are you okay?" Abby announced, laughter obvious in her voice.

"Yeah, yeah." Stephen nodded stiffly. "Yeah, I love snakes." The snake hissed and Stephen swiftly passed it to Abby. "We're going to need a bigger sack." He then left the room.

Abby was still trying to process how she'd ended up holding the snake. "Stephen!"

He returned moments later with a bigger sack, and held the sack for Abby to lower the snake into.

Shooting him a dirty look, Abby did so, and then tied a knot at the top. "Right."

The three of them looked at the bag, seeing the snake squirm violently inside.

Stephen cleared his throat. "Chloe's been gone for a while. She probably can't carry everything back by herself. I'm going to, uh, help her. You two can handle the snake while I'm gone." And with that he left the room.

Abby couldn't believe it.

She turned to look at Connor.

Connor's gaze fell from her to the snake and then back up, snorting. "I'm not touching it."

She glared at him.


Chloe was trying to figure out how she was going to juggle everything, and her injured hand was burning under the weight of the bag. She'd gone overboard and bought more than necessary, but that was out of guilt for slacking off on the job more than miscalculation. The blonde turned slowly, trying to keep everything balanced, but the bakery bag somehow slipped and would have fallen to the ground...if it hadn't been caught by a hand, a hand whose wrist was decorated by a leather cuff she knew oh so well.

Chloe gulped as her gaze rose up that arm to that shoulder, the neck and then... "Ben."

"It was you." He whispered, just looking at her. "The other day, at the coffee shop. And today, I was visiting a friend who lives in the neighborhood and I saw you and..." He took in a slow, deep breath, looking away before looking back at her, eyes narrowed. "I thought I was hallucinating you. That I was going insane."

What could she say to that?

"You're alive." He noted, so many expressions warring on his face, though hurt was gaining the lead. "How could you do that to us, Chlo? We all-everyone thinks you're dead. We mourned you. Was this some sort of sick, cruel joke?"

"No." She shook her head rapidly. "Ben you don't understand!"

"What don't I understand?" He glared at her. "Chloe. They thought I'd killed you!"

Her eyes widened in horror. "What?"

"I was the last person to see you alive." Ben snapped, anger beginning to seep into his tone. "There wasn't any signs of a struggle. You'd just disappeared. I was their main suspect."

"Oh my god." She whispered, unable to believe it, going stone cold. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"What happened?" The hurt once more overcoming his anger.

"I-" Couldn't tell him.

She'd signed the Official Secrets Act.

And millions of other papers that said this was classified and they could shoot her if she spoke about it.

The blonde closed her eyes tightly, trying to keep back the tears and the sobs.


This was so unfair!

"Chloe?" Ben whispered, worry creeping into his voice.

She took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself as she opened her eyes. "I'm sorry, Ben. I-I can't tell you what happened or why it happened, but it did. And I know its unfair to you and I'm so sorry you and everyone had to go through what you did. You'll never be able to understand just how sorry I am. But it was out of everyone's hands. Even mine. It still is. And I'm sorry."

He narrowed his eyes, suspicion in those hazel orbs. "What happened to you, Chlo?"

I can't tell you. She wanted to cry, but couldn't. There were just so many things she couldn't do right now. She didn't have the right to.

"I'm sorry for everything." She whispered, sniffling and taking in a deep breath, trying to regain her composure. "But it'll be best for the both of us if we forget this ever happened. We both have lives to get back to and-."

"You don't get to-!"

"Is there a problem, Chlo?" Stephen's voice was like a bail of cold water being thrown over her head as he arrived on the scene, going to stand next to her and glaring at Ben. "Is this man bothering you?"

Her eyes widened as she looked between them.


Suddenly they both looked dangerous.

"No. No he's not." Chloe shook her head rapidly. "I almost dropped my bag from the bakery and he caught it for me."

Stephen raised an eyebrow, obviously not buying the story, but playing along anyway. "Thanks mate." He took the bag from Ben.

"I'm not your mate." Ben narrowed his eyes at Stephen.

Chloe's eyes widened further.

Ben had always been so sweet and puppy dog-like, but now, now he looked like a panther ready to strike.

He then turned his hazel eyes on Chloe. "Is he the reason you left?"

Stephen's eyes widened as he suddenly realized what was going on.

Chloe closed her eyes, wincing. "No."

She hadn't wanted anyone from the Home Office knowing that someone from her past knew she was alive. She hadn't wanted them giving Ben trouble. Ben didn't deserve it. He hadn't deserved anything that'd happened to him since he'd met her.

"Ben." She whispered, opening her eyes and knowing he could see the pain there. "Let it go."

His expression turned tortured.

She turned to Stephen. "Come on."

Stephen nodded, following after her in silence as she left, before wrapping an arm around her shoulder when he realized she was crying.


Helen sat at the same table as before, the only difference now was that the only other person in the room was Nick.

"Are they looking after you properly?" He finally asked, sitting down.

"If you cared about that you wouldn't have set me up in the first place." She replied candidly.

"I didn't set you up." Nick frowned before sighing and leaning back in the seat. "You know what? Believe what you like."

She looked around the room, unimpressed. "They're listening to every word, aren't they?"

"I don't know." The blonde looked around as well with less interest. "Most probably."

"Why isn't our daughter here?" Helen asked, though her smile showed she really wasn't asking out of curiosity. "You haven't told her yet, have you, Nick? That she's ours? That she's a Cutter?"

"I'm trying to find a way of telling her that her mother preferred to leave her stranded in time with strangers than to bring her back to her right time-to her father." Nick just couldn't forgive Helen that, no matter how much he might still care for her.

"Always harping on about that one little detail, Nick, no matter how many times I tell you why I did it." Helen sighed, looking at her nails. "I want my daughter here. I want to talk to her. To tell her everything I told you."

Nick straightened. "Maybe. In time. But not right now."

"I'm her mother." Helen glared.

"You gave that right up when you gave her up." Nick snapped.

Realizing she wasn't getting anywhere with those tactics, Helen leaned back in her seat. "I need you to get me out of here, Nick."

"Well, then, tell me what you know." He replied, calming. "Tell me where the anomalies are. Tell me why they're happening. Then maybe I can help you."

She snorted, shaking her head. "Right now, 'why' is the least of your worries."

His eyes narrowed. "You see, what does that mean?"

"You want me to help?" Helen asked, leaning forwards on the table. "Alright, I'll help." Her eyes stared deep into his. "Unless you act within the next few hours a pride of sabre-toothed killers will be rampaging through central London." She leaned back with a smirk. "How's that for help?"


They'd ended up at the park, just sitting on the swings, the bags and cooling coffee at their feet.

"Wanna talk about it?" Stephen finally asked.

"Not really." She wiped at a tear. "Yeah."

He smiled at her. "Which one?"

"Both." She sniffled, looking up at him with her teary eyes. "He was the love of my life. Still is, actually. Which makes this suck so much."

Stephen placed his hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "I'm sorry."

"Me too." Her lips quivered. "He-he told me they thought he killed me."

Stephen flinched at the revelation.

"I know. I love him so much but all I've done is cause him grief!"

"You didn't do this, Chloe. The anomaly did."

"I made the choice to go through the anomaly, Stephen." She whispered, voice breaking. "I did this to him."

Stephen sighed, just rubbing her back soothingly.

"And not only this has me all pathetic..." Chloe wiped at her eyes fiercely. "But I need to talk to Cutter about Helen and I'm chickening out every single time!"

Stephen stiffened. "Yes...I meant to ask you more about what you said that day, but everything was so hectic and..."

Chloe took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself. "I know Helen."

"How?" Stephen asked. "I can't figure out how you could know her."

"She-she used to come and visit my family, at my birthdays." Chloe responded. "Sometimes even christmas."

"What?" Stephen asked, eyes wide.

"Mom and dad told me she was some distantly related aunt or something. I didn't care, I always loved her visits, they were fun, and she always had the most interesting stories to tell, and presents." Chloe wiped at her eyes. "She's the one who got me interested in investigating the weird and unexplained."

Stephen was silent, obviously deep in thought.

"But the thing is, that she looked identical to how she does now. With the clothes...and everything." Chloe licked her lips. "But that should be impossible, right? I mean. I..."

"When was the last time you saw her?" Stephen wanted to know.

"Hmmm, my twelfth birthday?" Chloe shrugged. "She said I'd see her again later, when the time was right, and that we were going to have a serious conversation. She never came back. My parents didn't know what happened to her."

"Chloe." Stephen frowned at her. "What if Helen's visit had something to do with the anomaly that opened up in your apartment?"

"What?" Chloe frowned. "You mean like she knew the future me or something and knew I'd go through so she went to the past me or something?" The blonde was confused. "That's impossible, Stephen. It would mean she had some way of controlling the anomalies, and I don't think that's possible. It makes more sense that she just ages really good, or that living in the past somehow slowed down her aging, and she visited me before she disappeared without telling Nick."

"I know. You're right." Stephen sighed. "It's just that this makes no sense." He paused. "You need to talk to Cutter about this."

"I know." She whispered. "It's just that everything's so confusing right now."

Stephen sighed and stood, pulling her out of the swing and into his arms and he hugged her.

Chloe clung to him and began to cry.

He held her close, and then stiffened as he realized that, at the very far end of the park, hand clasped tightly on the fence as he watched them, was the man from the bakery.

Oh boy.

Stephen looked down with a wince.

This Ben guy might have just gotten the wrong impression about him and Chloe.


Nick stood in the observation room above the one where Helen was being held, tapping her fingers impatiently against the table.

He sighed. "Smilodon. Its literal meaning is "knife-tooth". They're up to 3 metres long. They have sabre teeth. They hunt in packs. They're ruthless predators." He paused, sighing. "Now, according to Helen, a large pride has established itself near an anomaly and it's only a matter of time before they find their way through."

"London's a big place." Claudia frowned. "Where exactly is this going to happen?"

"Well, that's your problem." Nick replied, putting his hands up in a 'don't look at me' way. "She won't tell us. She wants to take us there herself."

"It's a trick." Lester decided.

"I agree." Claudia looked down through the plate glass at Helen, who was tapping her feet against the ground, as if to music only she could hear.

"That's possible." Nick had to admit. "But maybe she wants to prove to you that she's not as callous as you imagine."

"Well, she could do that without moving a muscle." Lester grumbled.

"Look, she might well be selfish, but she's not evil." Nick was quick getting annoyed and frustrated with the situation. "I know her."

"You mean you used to know her." Claudia pressed.

"I think I trust her about as far as I can throw a stegosaurus." Lester commented, looking down at the prisoner through the plate glass.

"Okay, then the consequences of doing nothing could be a massacre." Nick announced, throwing his hands in the air with frustration. "I don't know how you explain that to the Tourist Board."

Claudia winced at the prospect since she would be the one doing the explaining.

"Okay fine, we'll play her little game. But Ryan will be charged with making sure she doesn't try to use this as a chance to escape." Lester glared at Nick, as if this was all somehow his fault. "And if this is all a hoax. It's no more Mr. Nice Guy."

Nick raised an eyebrow before turning to Claudia. "I'm going to call the team, let them know what's going down."

She nodded, watching him as he turned to leave.

"Oh, and Cutter." Lester called to him.

Nick stopped and took a loud breath before turning back towards Lester.

"I'm having a DNA test done on the Yankee using the samples we have in the lab." Lester informed him, clasping his hands behind his back. "I refuse to go on the word of your wife on this subject."

Nick paused, and then nodded. "The results will come in handy when I need to talk to Chloe." And with that he walked out.

Lester turned to Claudia. "He's convinced the Yankee's his spawn."

"Yeah. He is." Claudia agreed, eyes on the closed door.

Lester snorted. "Well, she's annoying enough to be his." He turned and gave his attention to Helen Cutter, as she paced the room downstairs. "If that was so. She would have experienced the anomaly's magnetic frequency during the entire pregnancy until birth...and then she grew up in a time not her own. A child displaced in time." He paused. "I wonder how that would affect a human being."

Claudia turned to look at him, frowning.


At the football stadium, while several jeeps pulled up outside, inside Helen walked onto the pitch, followed closely by Captain Ryan, and two of his men, and Nick and Claudia. They glanced around.

"Here?" Claudia made a face.

"Do exactly as I say and this doesn't have to be a disaster." Helen commanded, her gaze going to where Chloe, Stephen, Abby and Connor had just arrived.

Chloe didn't know how to react, seeing the woman she'd known as 'Aunt Helen' after so long, and under these circumstances. Her gaze went to Nick, and then to Helen, conflicted. What should she do? Obviously she couldn't go up to Nick now and tell him, he didn't need to be distracted now that an anomaly was going to open up and allow a pack of hungry carnivores into modern day London. But what if Helen told him first? Would he think she'd deliberately been keeping it from him? Would it make him lose his trust in her? He was an integral part of the team Chloe was slowly turning into her new family, and she didn't want the father figure to distrust and detest her.

This team was all she had left.

She refused to lose it too.

As Helen marched on, the others closely following her, Chloe went to Nick and grabbed his arm, holding him back.

He looked in the direction the others were going before looking down at Chloe. "Something wrong?"

"I know this is the wrong time to be doing this." She took in a deep breath, unable to look him in the face, concentrating on her hand on his arm. "But I need to tell you before she does."

She missed the worried, narrowed eyes on her.

Chloe gulped. "I know Helen. Or. I knew her. Or I...I don't know how to say this." She looked up at him finally, to see his eyes wide, his face pale. It only made her more nervous. "I wasn't hiding it from you on purpose, I just couldn't figure out how to tell you! I mean. I was a kid. She was...some sort of aunt or something. They never explained the british accent or why no one else seemed to know who I was talking about when I talked about her." Chloe was rambling, and she hated it. "But, yeah, until I was around twelve Helen would come to my birthday parties and sometimes at christmas and I thought she was just some odd archaeologist aunt, but I liked her and..." She took in another breath. "She'd bring me these really amazingly preserved dinosaur claws or teeth and...tell me stories about how the creatures would have acted if they were alive and...I really wasn't keeping it a secret from you. I was just in shock. I mean, she disappeared and never visited again and my parents didn't have much to say about it and I forgot, but then Ryan and his men pull her out of the anomaly and I find out she's your long lost wife and...and...I'm sorry, I should have told you sooner."

She hung her head, the hand she had holding Nick's arm trembling.

"I don't know what's going on and if she's related to my parents somehow or what." She looked up at Nick, and flinched when she saw the conflicted expression on his face. "Please don't get mad Nick! I mean, you and the team, you're the only family I have left." She looked away, tears filling her eyes. "Please."

Nick opened his mouth, closed it, and repeated that twice before reaching for her and pulling her into a hug. "When this is dealt with, you and I need to have a serious conversation, Chloe. Okay?"

"Okay." She whispered, hugging him back.

Someone cleared his throat nervously.

They turned to see Connor, looking at them uncomfortably.

"Uh, found the anomaly. In the fridge." He announced, scratching the side of his face, looking down and away. "The Smilodon haven't come through yet, though a bunch of the silverware in that kitchen went prehistoric and will leave ruins that archaeologists will one day dig up and never be able to explain scientifically."

Chloe smiled at him and let go of Nick, going to Connor and looping her arm around his. "Lets go."

Connor nodded, looking between her and Nick before leaning in. "Older guys, huh? And here I thought you and Stephen had something going."

Nick slapped Connor up the back of his head as he walked passed them, heading towards the kitchens.

Chloe laughed at Connor, who was pouting. "Big baby."

They followed behind, entering the kitchens in time to hear Helen speaking.

"You have to get rid of the pies! The meat will act like a bait." She tried to rush into the large walk-in fridge, where, to the side of the glowing anomaly, was a shelf filled with meat pies.

Ryan and another soldier grabbed her while Nick went past her into the fridge, followed by Stephen, trying to remove the pies.

Helen turned to Ryan. "Unless you want your meant to be breakfast, I suggest you do something."

Nick passed a box of pies to Stephen, who hurried them out of the way, far from the anomaly.

Ryan shook Helen off and got his men helping with the moving, Abby and Connor joining. "Okay, clear them out."

Chloe failed to notice.

She was entranced by the anomaly, each of its throbs seeming to echo a corresponding one inside of her.

She was dizzy.

She was hot.

And the room seemed brighter.

The blonde clenched her fists.

"You feel it, don't you?"

Chloe jumped, turning to look at Helen, who'd made her way to her side. "What?"

"You feel it throbbing as if it were your own heartbeat." Helen smiled. "Everyone else sees it as this thing, but you and I, we can sense the life in it."

"What do you want with me?" Chloe finally asked the question she'd been dying to ask since Helen had been captured.

Helen's smile was cunning. "For right now?" And with with a quick movement she had Chloe's back pressed against her front, and a long, sharp dagger pressed up against her throat. "I want you to help me escape."

Chloe gave a little scream, causing everyone to turn towards them.

Nick's eyes widened in horror. "Helen!"

Ryan and his men aimed their guns at them.

"Nuh-uh-uh." Helen singsonged. "Put them down and kick them away, now."

Chloe hissed as the blade of the dagger dug into her the skin of her neck.

"Do as she says!" Nick ordered.

Ryan's gaze went to Claudia.

The redhead nodded.

"Do as she says, men." Captain Ryan ordered his men, doing so himself.

"What are you doing?" Stephen snapped at Helen.

Chloe stayed deadly still, terrified to move one little bit and accidentally cut herself.

"Now move away from the anomaly. That's right. Just like that." Helen watched them do as told, before lowering the dagger and grabbing Chloe's arm, dragging her through the anomaly with her.

Chloe cried out at the electric shock as they passed the anomaly and fell through to the other side. The females rolled down a small hill, thunder echoing in the skies above.

When they came to a stop, Chloe looked up towards the anomaly they'd come from.

It was gone.

It'd closed.


She was going to die.

She was-she was...

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Helen asked in awe, standing and brushing herself off.

Chloe turned towards her captor and would have been more afraid if it wasn't for the sight before her.

They were in the middle of what her mind could only think of as the spaghetti junction of anomalies. There were at least seven of them open in the area, all leading to different places and times.

"Wow." She whispered, standing slowly, her body shaking slightly with the combined throbs of the anomalies. "It's...incredible."

For a moment in time, her fear was gone.

She looked around. "There...there isn't one sabre-toothed cat in sight."

"You caught me." Helen chuckled. "Not even a kitten."

"So it was a lie. All a means to escape."

"And to see you." Helen replied, surprising her with the sincerity in her tone. "I wanted to see you, and yet they were keeping you from me. But you're a part of the research team. If I was to tell them of the anomaly, and take them there, you'd be there as well."

Very cunning.

And confusing.

"Why did you want to see me? Who are you really?" Chloe asked, having nothing to lose anymore. "Why did you used to come and see me when I was a child?"

So many questions.

Helen smiled at her, putting away her dagger. "Sorry about threatening you, but I needed them to believe I'd hurt you so we could escape together." She shook her head. "Nick should have known better. Shame on him." She walked towards Chloe before reaching out slowly and touching her face. "As if a mother could hurt her own child."

Chloe looked at her, eyes wide. "What?"

Helen took a couple of steps back, hand outstretched. "Come with me, Chloe. Nick should have told you the truth when he found out." She smiled, wriggling her fingers. "Take my hand, and I'll tell you everything."

Chloe looked back behind her, where the anomaly used to be, before turning back to Helen. "I don't have much of a choice, do I?"

Taking in a deep breath, the blonde took a couple of steps forwards and placed her hand in Helen's.

Helen grinned and clasped her fingers around Chloe's hand. "Smart girl."

And with that she pulled Chloe behind her through yet another anomaly.


"It's gone, Cutter." Ryan announced, confused, like the others, as to why Nick Cutter had seemed to shut down the moment the anomaly had closed up behind Helen and Chloe. They knew that Cutter had been searching for his wife for eight years and that losing her again must have stung, but they couldn't understand why it'd affected him as intensely as for him to fall to his knees in such obvious grief.

"Oh Nick, I'm so sorry." Claudia whispered, tears in her eyes.

"What-what just happened?" Connor stuttered, unable to understand, unable to believe.

"What if she hurts her?" Abby whispered.

"She won't hurt her." Nick whispered from where he sat on the floor where the anomaly had once been.

"I know you think you know her because she's your wife, sir." Ryan narrowed his eyes. "But that woman's clearly dangerous."

"She won't hurt her." Nick brought his hands to his face. "She wouldn't hurt Chloe. Not Chloe."

Stephen narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Why not Chloe, Nick? What makes her so special to Helen?"

Abby, Connor and Tom Ryan turned to look at Stephen in confusion.

Nick pulled his hands from his face, and turned to look at his best friend. "Because she's our daughter."
31st-May-2010 11:42 am (UTC)
First I got all emotional with the message from Ben and then the bumping into each other, how frustrating for Chloe that she is unable to explain anything to him :(

Then poor Nick watching Helen kidnap his daughter and he hadn't even got to tell her yet that he was her father :(

I didn't like the way Lester was talking about Chloe he is nuts if he thinks he will be able to do some tests on her. There is no way Nick will let him or the rest of the team for that matter.

Really, really enjoying this as always and dying to read part 5 :)
31st-May-2010 11:47 am (UTC)
Yep, Chloe can't stand the fact that she hurt Ben so much and can't even explain to him *why* he was hurt so badly. And Nick, Nick's going over the anomaly seperating him from his loved one again...and you're right. Nick would *kill* Lester before he let him touch his daughter!
31st-May-2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
Oh, poor Nick, it must have been horrible to watch his wife take his daughter at knife-point into the anomaly. And too bad Nick didn't get the chance to tell Chloe the truth before Helen did...

Very interesting that Chloe can 'feel' the anomaly. I wonder what that exactly means and why?

Well, that was one hell of a reunion between Chloe and Ben. *sniffles* Too bad it wasn't a happy one and that Chloe couldn't tell Ben the real reason she disappeared. And how awful that everyone thought that Ben 'killed' her... Poor Ben!

Anyhoo, this was a thrilling chapter! Now I'm off to read chapter 5....
31st-May-2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Ben's had to live with that for those two years...and then he discovers she's alive and well and living in *london* of al places...with no excuse as to what happened (le sigh)
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