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Reunion At A Hunt 3/8 
14th-Jun-2010 10:57 pm
winchullivanlane---family business

Title: Reunion At A Hunt
Sequel to: Hope At A Funeral
Characters: slight Chloe/Sam, Lois, Dean
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Fourteen year old Chloe has learnt to use her ability and has taken up the family business, and her sixteen year old cousin, Lois, as her hunting partner. At a hunt they run into more trouble than expected...and the Winchesters
Written for my Paranormal25 Prompt Table. #36: Other Haunted Location

Groaning, Lois slowly sat up and reached for the flashlight on the floor by her. The brunette placed a hand on her bleeding, throbbing forehead, and shone the light around her, trying to figure out where she was. The last thing she remembered was the ground turning into water, all the floors she fell through becoming liquid, and then darkness until she'd woken up. She reached for her HK 40 from where it'd fallen next to the broken video camera, and the brunette groaned in pain as she forced herself to her feet, looking around the room. She wasn't going to be caught on her ass by whatever it was that'd brought her here.

Seeing something white in the corner of her eyes, Lois trained her gun and light in its direction, seeing something floating through a door.

Making a face she quickly looked around, and found a stairs leading up to another door above.

That would probably lead her up to the first floor. To the others.

And yet...

Turning back to the other door, Lois cursed her own curiosity as she made her way towards it cautiously, eyeing the handle as if it were the devil itself. She waited a second before reaching for the handle and trying it, the door creaking open in a way that would befit a horror movie. It was a ridiculously pronounced sound that echoed throughout what she guessed was the basement, and as she shone her light down into the darkness, she gulped as the light was consumed by the blackness.

What would someone have below the basement?

Never anything good.

And Dean had her bag of supplies and weapons and such.

Lois' eyes narrowed.

He's obviously trying to get me killed.

Deciding to kick his ass when she survived this, Lois, inspired, started slowly down the stairs, careful since the wood of the steps could be dry rotten, and she refused to have another spectacular fall. A little voice inside of her head screamed that it wasn't the smartest thing to do, to go down into the darkness by herself where she knew something ghostly had just entered. But Lois never really listened to that voice, and instead trudged on bullheadedly, finally making it to the bottom of the stairs and onto the stone floor. Her light and gun trained all around her, Lois found herself alone.

Which, of course, was relieving.

It was a small room, five feet by five feet.

The brunette made a face.

What the fuck was this place?

And that was when the beam of her flashlight fell upon the trap door on the ground.

Again that voice told her to go back and find her cousin and those two Winchesters.

The sixteen year old bent down and gave the handle of the trapdoor a jerk.

It was rusted and stuck from years of not being opened.

Making a face, Lois placed the flashlight between her thighs and gave the handle another tug, and another, and another.

Finally, with a loud creak and with dust flying, the lid fly open, banging against the floor as Lois dropped the handle to wave at the dust around her, coughing.

When the dust finally settled, Lois shone her flashlight down into the darkness below.

There was a ladder reaching down into the darkness, far below where her light couldn't penetrate.

That voice (which Chloe liked to call Lois' self-preservation) yelled at the brunette to get the hell outta Dodge.

The sixteen year old placed her gun back in her waist band and slowly began to climb down through the trap door.


Trying the doors as she raced by, Chloe gave a frustrated scream when they all refused her entrance, locked. The blonde could see the end of the hallway coming up, and could feel the hissing breaths of the thing behind her that was impervious to both rock salt and bullets. She reached the end of the hallway and turned, backing into the wall, looking around her, trying to find another way out. There was none.

The creature slowly made its way towards her, knowing she was trapped.

Unwilling to go this easily and give Dean a reason to say "I told you so", the blonde concentrated, trying to remember in detail the horror she'd Seen through the survivor's eyes.

What had that boy done right that'd helped him escape with his life that the others hadn't?

Think think think!

She looked up as the creature jumped at her.


Dropping and rolling, Chloe looked up to see the creature as it jumped over her.

In seconds she'd pushed up and was running in the opposite direction, heading towards the gate. If she could get passed the gate and close it before the creature caught her, she'd have a second in which she could regroup and figure a way of getting back inside, killing the fucker, and getting her friends out of there.

Fangs sunk in her calf.

With a cry of agony she fell to the ground, digging her fingernails into the floor as the creature tightened its grip on her and tried to drag her back.

Twisting around, the blonde bent her other knee before stomping hard on the creature's head.

The leg went through the creature's body without any effect.

Chloe's eyes widened in horror, before she screamed as was dragged down under its bulk. Its breath was putrid and cold against her face.

Its paw pinned down her left hand, and her right hand's glove was caught on a nail on the floor, effectively keeping her pinned to the ground.

How could it be that weapons and her own foot phased through this thing, but it could keep her pinned down?

"No No No NO!" Chloe cried, trying to free her hands.

Drool trickled down into her face.

"NO!" Chloe gave a violent pull on her hand and freed it from the glove, reacting on instinct as she swung her fist at the face.

Her fist connected with the creature's jaw.

It gave a yowl of pain as it was set off-balanced by the hit.

Chloe's eyes widened in shock, but she didn't give it time to shake off its disorientation.

Bringing up the hand with the light silver scar across her palm, she grabbed the thing by its throat and then kicked up with her good foot.

This time her foot connected with a solid mass, sending the creature flying into the wall with a loud bang.

Chloe's eyes widened as she looked down at her hands.

What the fuck?

There was a snarl.

She looked up, breathing accelerating, the blonde watched as the creature straightened itself, stumbling slightly, obviously still disoriented.

Her gaze went to her glove, still caught on the nail, and for the first time since she'd been cursed, Chloe forwent the the glove and instead pulled the Ithaca from the sling on her back, using it to push herself up despite the pain in her leg. Using the shotgun as a crutch, she hurried towards the closest door towards her and pulled out her Taurus and shot the lock.

The door creaked open.

Hurrying inside as fast as her pain allowed her, Chloe closed the door and collapsed against it, pressing her back against the door as the creature threw itself at the wood.

She winced but pressed back as hard as she could. The blonde tore off the hem of her shirt and wrapped it around her calf, stopping the bleeding.

The door behind her banged as the creature continued to try to get in.

The blonde closed her eyes.

Think think think think!


Dean looked around him, frowning.

Was he in a classroom?

Sawed off at the ready, adjusting the weight of Lois' duffle bag higher onto his shoulder, he made his way to the door and tried the handle.

It opened and in front of him was an indoor pool.

Not sure exactly why he'd been brought here, Dean stepped out into the room, cautiously heading towards the pool. There was still water in it, but it was dark and murky, covered with years and years of scum and moss. The ceiling had once been a glass skylight, but time and storms had broken most of the glass above, leaving the glass in the pool, along with leaves and twigs and everything else that'd been blown through.

Hazel eyes stared down below, the twenty two year old scanned the murky water.

Hearing the sound of shuffling behind him, Dean turned on his heel, training his gun on the sound...

...only to see a rat scurrying out from under some trash.

Letting out a little breath of relief, he turned to scan the room again and caught the flash of movement right before he was shoved by a shimmery figure.

Dean hit the ground, the side of his head bashing hard against the edge of the pool, before he slid into the murky water, world going black.


Sam went to the window of the office room, looking down at the dark yard of the isolated boarding school. He'd heard children laughing, and now as he gazed down at the moonlit yard, he could see shimmery figures playing in the yard, other orbs, unable to manifest in human form, danced in the air, joining in. His eyes narrowed. Why were there so many children's spirits in the yard? He'd researched this place before he and Dean came on the hunt. He hadn't read anything about children being killed. Not so many children.

Not so young.

The only ones reported dead were the few teenagers who broke in after the boarding school had been closed down.

Sam brought his hand to the glass gazing down at the spirits below.

The school had been closed after a student had killed the headmaster.

Sam turned from the window to look at the large desk.

This was probably the headmaster's office.

Why would whatever had taken him from the corridor bring him here?

What could it want him to find?

Narrowing his eyes, Sam went to the desk and began searching through the items there.

There really wasn't much but papers, yellow with age, and writing so worn it was hardly legible.

Beneath the papers was a worn picture of the students and the faculty.

There, behind them, standing proud was the headmaster.

Sam remembered this picture.

He'd seen it on the internet while researching the boarding school.

But this...there was one aspect different in this picture than in the one on the internet.

Sam's eyes narrowed.

Something bright flickered in front of him.

Looking up, the eighteen year old didn't have time to react before the figure rushed him and entered his body.


Dropping the last couple of steps to the ground, Lois pulled the flashlight from her mouth and her HK 40 from her waistband, training them around her to reveal an underground tunnel.

"This so can't end good." The brunette murmured to herself as she tried to figure out which way to go. "Left or right?"

A shimmery light walked past the right corner, disappearing from sight.

Lois took in a deep breath. "Right it is then."

And with that she followed suit.
15th-Jun-2010 06:52 am (UTC)
oh boy are they all in trouble or what ? lois is an idiot for going down into the tunnel . dean will he be ok ? sam got possesed by something oh boy . will chloe get away from the monster or will she hurt it some more ? will you ever expline how she got her powers ? PPMS
15th-Jun-2010 03:52 pm (UTC)
All in trouble, definitely! Well, the ability to See was the curse she got as a punishment to her father, which was explained in the first one, and this new thing...well...you'll just have to wait and see :)
15th-Jun-2010 10:19 am (UTC)
i come home from work and there are TWO updates? you have made me happy as larry! although i've got to say i've got absolutely no idea what it could be or what's going on... all i know is i am looking forward to the next update :D and i'm a little bit 'gahhh!' over Sam getting possessed. and questioning lois's logic of going down the trapdoor.
15th-Jun-2010 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yep! Cuz I'm awesome like that ;)
Lois....it's "Lois Logic" as Chloe calls it. lol
15th-Jun-2010 11:19 am (UTC)
Oooh, the suspense! Loving the horror-movie feeling of this fic. Excellent job. Also interesting twist with Chloe being able to touch the 'monster' with her hands...

Anyhoo, this was another awesome chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next with the foursome! Thanks so much for updating!!
15th-Jun-2010 03:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm really trying to get that feeling! Hopefully I'll update very soon.
15th-Jun-2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
This was damn interesting but now I have even more questions:

What was different about the picture of the headmaster and the kids?
Who has possessed Sam?
How will Chloe get away from that beast and can she use her special seeing power to stop it?
Is Lois okay following that shimmering light?
And where the heck is Dean?

I know that you probably can't answer half of these questions but I still needed ti get them out :)
15th-Jun-2010 03:58 pm (UTC)
Oh! I can't answer *any* of those questions! Not *yet* at least! It'd all give away major plot! But I'll keep updating!!!
15th-Jun-2010 02:03 pm (UTC)
Oh, Lois. I just . . . Oh, Lois. There's really nothing else to say to that. And you just know she's one of the people who scream at the movies for the person investigating to go catch up with the group and stop wandering into dark rooms alone, too.

As to Sam being possessed, I'm just dying to know who or what's gotten to him. Nice ratcheting up of tension here. I eagerly await your next update, especially if Sammy's been possessed by something particularly amusing.
15th-Jun-2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
I know, I know :) She *knows* it's not the smartest thing to do, but she's going on instinct and...well...to be truthful, her curiosity.
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