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A Matter Of Emotion 9/10 
1st-Jul-2010 12:58 pm
winchullivanlane---family business

Title: A Matter of Emotion
Sequel to: Reunion At A Hunt
Pairings: growing Chloe/Sam, growing Lois/Dean, established Chloe/Mad
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: I don't own
Summary: When 16 year old Chloe realizes a Gaki is using Metropolis as a hunting ground, she calls Sam for help. Of course she didn't realize that this mightn't be one of the best choices considering...
Written for my Paranormal25 Prompt Table. # 133: Gaki.

Chloe was shivering despite the warmth in the car.

She couldn't hear anything the others were saying.

Couldn't even see them.

She was trapped in the remaining Gaki's mind, watching through its eyes, as it flung Mad into his car, shoved Sam to the ground, and then grabbed Father McKinley by the throat, howling as it showed him its true face.

His screams echoed throughout her ears.


Keeping his eyes closed tightly, Sam didn't know what to do. He picked himself up slowly from the floor slowly, hearing the priest's screams. The young hunter wanted to help, he needed to do something, but that voice in his head, his reasoning, was screaming that he couldn't do anything, that they hadn't even begun to work on the weapon yet...and even if they had the weapon Sam couldn't even look at the thing. He tried thinking of another way out of this, tried to come up with an escape plan.

"No!" Mad yelled. "Let go of me!"

Sam's body froze.

This wasn't just some man he'd just met for a couple of seconds...this was the guy who helped protect Chloe when Sam couldn't be there.

This was the guy she was with.

She'd be heartbroken if anything happened to him...and Sam refused to let her down once more today.

The snarl inside of him grew vicious as his eyes opened, and he saw the creature holding Mad up by the front of his shirt, growling into his face.

Mad kept his eyes closed tightly, turning his head away from the Gaki.

The creature stopped, as if sensing something, and looked away from Mad to stare at Sam.

Face to face.

Letting go, feeling it coursing freely through his body, Sam stalked towards the Gaki and grabbed at its throat with his hands, staring deep into those inhuman eyes. He didn't notice when the creature thrown Mad away violent, didn't even realize that he was doing something supposedly impossible, didn't focus on anything other than the tingling in his eyes as he felt them beginning to bleed black. For two years now the demonic blood in him was beginning to take control of him at the most inconvenient of times, and it'd taken him a whole year to get some sort of control over it. That was another reason why he'd never come to see Chloe before. He hadn't wanted her to see him so weak, unable to control that which was in his veins.

He'd come because he had relative control over it, but there were moments of extreme stress and tension, such as this, when it just got loose and took over.

The Gaki struggled violently, face contorting violently as it tried to free itself from his grip, trying to look away from his face and yet unable to do so.

Sam tightened his hold on that throat, and brought his other hand on top of the shimmery head of the female, seeing the shadows radiating around his hands begin to seep into the ghost-like body, tainting it slowly.

The creature howled in agony.

Sam felt no mercy, remembering Chloe's wide-eyed, wild and terrified expression as she awoke from the mind-link, covered in blood and scratches.

A burst of darkness erupted from him and poured into the creature.

It fell to its knees, eyes bulging from its sockets.

The question of why he was able to grasp something intangible never crossed his mind.

The thing within him knew no boundaries, accepted on impossibilities.

Trembling violently in his hold, the Gaki looked up at him, nearly pleading.

Sam's eyes narrowed, going blacker than ever, and the power increased. "Time to get out of her head."

And then it exploded with a scream of agony...and was gone.

The power in Sam dissipated, releasing control, and he gasped, taking in large gulps of air as he felt the blackness bleed from his eyes. He looked around, disoriented, just barely noticing that Mad was passed out on the ground...before Sam sunk to his knees and everything went black.

Chloe gasped, as the connection was finally broken and her mind was hers again.

Her eyes were wide, shocked at what she'd Seen through the creature's eyes.

Apparently she and Lois weren't the only ones keeping secrets.

Sam had managed to tap into his demonic blood, and had used it to kill the creature.

It made sense that he could look the Gaki in its face.

Sam wasn't human.

Not really.

He was part demon, and the demon half of him seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

The blonde was surprised, shocked, but she didn't feel bad that he hadn't confided in her. She could understand his need for privacy, and she would respect that.

She would.

And maybe, when the time came for him to discover her secret, he'd respect her as well.

'Time to get out of her head.' He'd snapped before killing the Gaki and freeing her mind.

And he'd only given in and used his demonic powers when the creature was about to kill Mad.

Mad...her boyfriend...whom he knew she cared for so much.

The blonde smiled softly to herself, despite the pain and weakness she felt.

Careful Sammy. Her eyes closed as the fatigue of all she'd gone through that night began to set in. I might just fall in love with you.

She drifted to sleep, clutching at her heart.


Sam woke up in the darkness, and for a moment he was confused, disoriented, and wary...but then a sleepy, complaining mewl in his arms caused him to focus in the darkness, and he blinked, confused to find himself in bed, with a sleeping Chloe curled in his arms, resting her cheek against his heart and her arm wrapped around his waist. The brunet looked down at the sleeping girl in confusion, unable to understand what exactly was going on and how they'd gotten in this situation. The last thing he could remember was collapsing, exhausted, after defeating the Gaki. How had he gotten from the church parking lot to Chloe's bed?

He tried to move again.

Chloe's face frowned in her sleep and she pulled closer, rubbing against him, making a kittenish sound of disapproval.

His heart skipped a beat and something came alive in the pit of his stomach.

One of her legs was curled around his, and she raised it as she shifted in her sleep, turning more towards him.

A whimper echoed in the bedroom.

Sam gulped, throat feeling constricted as he realized the one who'd whimpered was him.

Heat and need began to warm him, causing everywhere her body touched his to seem on fire.

He closed his eyes tightly.

Dear gods.

After...whenever he'd use his powers he'd feel extra sensitive, yes, and aroused, yes.

But this?

He tightened his hands into fists to keep from groping the sleeping girl.

He was hard and desperate.

Chloe's breathing was soft and tranquil in sleep, obviously not realizing that she was in bed with a man who was fighting every instinct in his body as to not turn them so that she was lying under him so he could have his wicked way with her.

Sam's closed eyes tightened.

Who had been the sadist to put them in the same bed?

Chloe moved her hand down his ribs.

The young man frowned, opening his eyes, feeling the material. His baser instincts suddenly took second place to another, darker feeling, as he reached for her hand and found the glove on it.

Even in her sleep she had to wear her gloves.

That dark, angry emotion that was always present when Sam thought of this injustice reared its ugly head, and he eased the glove off, resting it on the bed side table. The young man then took off her other glove and did the same, smiling down at her as she made another kittenish sound and curled in closer, her bare hands on his skin.

A sense of extreme satisfaction, unlike anything Sam could think of, lodged itself deep within his chest as he watched her.

She looked peaceful and happy in her sleep.

He liked her this way.

Smiling softly, Sam reached forwards and pressed a kiss to her forehead before slipping out of bed. He looked down at himself, bathed by the light of the moon streaming from the window, and wondered whose male pajama pants he was wearing and why he didn't have on a shirt. The tall man eased out of the room and headed towards the bathroom. When he was finished he headed towards the kitchen and raided the girls' fridge, finding some containers with rice, chicken and vegetables within. He took them out, remembering that the girls had told them to eat whatever they found, and then went in search of a plate.

"You're awake."

He turned, just having grabbed a plate from the dish drain, to see his relieved brother. "Hey."

"You gave me a bit of a scare, Sammy." Dean sighed, looking tired as he went to sit down. "Get me a plate too."

"Sorry." Sam sighed, grabbing another plate and bringing it to his brother. "What exactly happened?"

"That's what I would like to know." Dean replied, beginning to serve himself. "Chloe had this mental connection with the Gaki, and then after she said we wouldn't make it to save you and Mad on time, she said it just blanked out. She couldn't see anything...and then she fainted. I'm surprised she stayed awake that long, she wasn't doing good at all."

"What happened to her?" Sam asked, clutching at the plate tightly.

"The other Gaki attacked me and Magda." Dean went to put the plate in the microwave, and then turned to his brother. "Chloe and Lois realized that the Gaki were watching us using Chloe's eyes...so the girls came up with this plan to use it against the Gaki. They rescued us. With a hand held mirror."

Sam blinked. "They showed it its own reflection." It was actually a genius idea. "And the mirror could be considered a pure weapon. It wasn't made to kill, but it still did."

Dean nodded. "Lois thinks the information Magda found was bogus, but I was wondering that myself...about the mirror actually being a pure weapon."

Sam began to serve himself food. "What I don't get is how---."

"Chloe could See through the Gaki's eyes." Dean interrupted, apparently already knowing what Sam was about to say. "She didn't look away when it looked at its reflection."

Sam nearly dropped the plate. "What?"

"The girl nearly died in front of us." Dean sighed, running his hand over his hair. "And despite that they refused to take her to the hospital. I thought I'd have Rambina on my side but she was the most opposed to the idea."

"What? Why?" Sam's eyes narrowed. "She could be seriously hurt!"

"She's fine." Dean shook his head. "But they're hiding something from us, bro. I don't know if Mad knows, but the three women? They definitely aren't telling us something."

Sam frowned. "She seems fine now."

The microwaved beeped obnoxiously.

Dean opened the door and pulled out his plate, putting it on the table and sitting.

Sam placed his in and set the microwave. "Why are we in the same bed, by the way?" He paused, turning his back to the machine. "I don't think Mad would be happy about that."

"You saved his life, he couldn't say anything. Anyway, both you and Chloe were put it what we dubbed the sickbed. That way we could keep an eye on both of you in case something went wrong during the night. Mad was okay, so he went home to sleep everything off. He'd never been confronted by something supernatural before, and the whole experience really shook him." Dean shrugged, reaching for a fork. "You know, Mad doesn't remember how you saved his life...but I think I have an idea."

Sam nodded, meeting his brother's questioning gaze.

"Thought so." Dean nodded as well, looking down at his food. "Rambina and G.I. Jane aren't the only ones holding back information, huh?" He finally took a bite of the food and then paused, eyes widening. "This is good! I'd forgotten what home-cooked food tasted like."

Sam smiled at his brother, shaking his head. He turned towards the microwave when it announced with the annoying beep that it was done. He joined his brother by the table, and after tasting the first bite, he blinked. "This is good."

"Bet you anything your girl cooked it." Dean announced with confidence.

"She's not my girl." Sam stared down at his food. "Whose PJs am I wearing?"

"Yours." Dean snickered. "The girls apparently bought some clothes and toothbrushes and stuff for whenever we popped by. They guesstimated our sizes...and while your girl got your pants size about right, the shirt was way too small for you."

Sam smiled slightly.

"Dad called while you were sleeping."

The smile vanished as he looked up at his brother.

"I didn't tell him anything, don't worry." Dean assured. "But he said he had this hunt he needed our help with pronto. We should leave in the morning, after we've both rested."

Sam nodded, looking back down at his food, not very hungry anymore.

He just wanted to get back into bed.
3rd-Jul-2010 04:10 am (UTC)
Sam saving Mad for Chloe was, of course, noble. Go him! I sometimes think that Sam's character is almost too honorable, like a knight of the round table or something. It makes it especially ironic that he's got a demonic taint. God definitely has a sense of humor--too bad it's completely fucked.

3rd-Jul-2010 05:46 pm (UTC)
Yep, Sam sometimes reminds me of Lancelot in that way...noble...but still able and willing to break the rules for the woman he loves.
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