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A Matter Of Emotion 10/10 
1st-Jul-2010 03:59 pm
winchullivanlane---family business

Title: A Matter of Emotion
Sequel to: Reunion At A Hunt
Pairings: growing Chloe/Sam, growing Lois/Dean, established Chloe/Mad
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: I don't own
Summary: When 16 year old Chloe realizes a Gaki is using Metropolis as a hunting ground, she calls Sam for help. Of course she didn't realize that this mightn't be one of the best choices considering...
Written for my Paranormal25 Prompt Table. # 133: Gaki.

Chloe frowned as she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was pale and had dark circles under her eyes.

Very unflattering.

Shaking her head, the blonde tried the number on the phone once more. It rung, and then the voice message picked up. She was about to cut off when she realized the message was different this time from the one she was used to hearing, and had heard when she'd called five minutes ago.

"Hey, this is Maddox." Mad's voice was tired. "If this is anyone but Chloe, fuck off. If this Chloe...give me some time, okay? I need to get my head around some things. Love you."

She frowned, lowering her gaze, ending the call.

The blonde took in a deep breath.

He needed time to get over his first face to face encounter with the supernatural.

She could understand.

She could give him time.


Dropping the cellular, feeling the ripping pain rising from her abdomen, Chloe bit down hard on her lip to mute the scream as her fingers dug into the sink. Her whole body shook with the pain, and as she met her reflection in the mirror, she couldn't recognize the agonized, reddened face looking back at her. Veins darkening and throbbing, growing thicker and more prominent against her skin, the reflection was that of a stranger. She lost control of her feet and collapsed to her knees on the tiles, still holding onto the sink. Closing her eyes tightly, blood dribbled down her chin from where her teeth had broken through the flesh of her bottom lip.

As suddenly as the pain started it stopped, leaving Chloe gasping loudly for breath, silent tears making their way down her pale face.

It was getting worse.

She didn't know how much longer she could hide these attacks from Lois.

They'd started around six months back, though never as strong they'd gotten these last two months.

Lois was starting to suspect it was starting, Chloe was sure of it. The blonde also knew that Magda probably had a good idea of it as well.

Of course, neither of them knew how long ago it had started.

She hadn't-she couldn't do that to Lois.

Couldn't make her cousin watch as she slowly, painfully...

Chloe's bottom lip trembled as she brought her hand to her face.

If only she could have just died last night.

It would have been quick and less painful than what was going to happen. And at least she would have gone out on her own terms, and not on some vindictive witch's.

If she'd only died...then everyone could mourn and then get own with their lives.

And she-.

Chloe's hands fisted as suddenly she felt as if she'd been stabbed and ripped open from the inside.

It was all she could do to keep the scream trapped in her mouth.

And then it was over, and Chloe found herself lying on the cold tiles, body trembling, tears running down her face and pooling on the floor.


The blonde licked her abused lips and reached a trembling hand to her face, stifling a whimper when they came back sticky and covered in blood.

She was crying blood.

Chloe closed her eyes tightly, body shaking harder.



Sam felt uneasy.

He knew he had to leave with Dean to help their father (because if John Winchester actually admitted he needed help it meant the situation was grave) but the thought of leaving Chloe and Lois made him pace warily. He didn't want to go. The brunet headed towards the bathroom and paused when he opened the door, the smell of cleaning products strong. He frowned. The floor was wet. Apparently someone had cleaned the bathroom very recently. Probably around ten minutes before he'd come in.

He didn't know why even this made him feel uneasy.

Maybe he was just being paranoid.

Sighing, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and took in a deep breath.

The door was pushed open and Chloe paused in the doorway, wide eyes scanning the bathroom nearly frantically as if searching for something, before relief entered those green orbs and she rested them on him once more, smile more genuine if not a little shaky. "Uh, hi."

"Are you okay?" Sam frowned, looking around him. "What were you looking for?"

She paled slightly. "This place usually only has girls in it...unless the boyfriends are around...so lingerie and tampons are usually left out in the open."

Sam blushed and looked away. "Oh."

Yep, he was being paranoid.

"So, Dean left with Lois to go pick up the Impala. They'll be back in a couple of minutes." Chloe cleared her throat, resting against the doorway. "It would have been nice if you two could stay a little longer, but if your dad needs you..."

Sam finally noticed something, eyes narrowing. "What happened to your lip?"

She flinched, bringing a hand to her injured bottom lip. "I-I bit through it."

He frowned.

What could have caused her to do that?

She tilted her head slightly. "Are you okay, Sam?"

"Are you?"

She just looked at him, her smile wavering slightly, before she chuckled and ducked her gaze. "I'm shaken, after last night."

He could believe that. "How's Mad?"

She flinched. "He's...asked me for some time."

Sam's eyes narrowed. "He broke up with you?"

"No...I don't...at least I don't think... No." She frowned darker. "No. He didn't. But he's always been on the sidelines, always making the weapons, never facing the creatures we used them against. He...this is a lot for him to take in. He was nearly killed last night."

"So were we." Sam reminded, taking a couple steps towards her, eating the distance between them.

She looked up at him. "We're different."

They were.

And they were also in each other's personal space, just looking at the other.

He felt that same tug he did whenever they were together.

And if the way she was looking up at him was anything to go by, she felt it too.

"Chloe..." He began, determined to ask her what was wrong.

She stepped forwards and reached for his shirt. "I don't want to not know what this would have been like as just us." And with that she she yanked him down to her height and wrapped her arms around his neck, her lips rising to meet his shocked ones.

She was his friend.

She was young.

She had a boyfriend...


His reasons for stalling were growing feeble, and he hadn't realized he'd wrapped his arms around her or that he was kissing her back fiercely until he'd slammed her back into the wall and her legs had curled around him. He swallowed the breath forced out of her lungs by the slam, trying to control himself, but unable to as he took the kiss deeper.

A horn honked outside.

The front door opened. "SAM! You're brother's unable to part from his car now that he's got her back!"

Sam and Chloe reluctantly broke apart enough to look at each other, as they heard Lois entering the house.

Chloe gave him a small smile and reached up to press a softer, chaste kiss to his lips before unhooking her legs from around him and sliding down the wall until her feet touched the ground. And then she pulled him down again and hugged him, fiercely.

Sam was shocked by everything that'd gone on, but especially by the feelings twirling in him, intense and desperate and fierce.

He hugged her as tightly as he could without hurting her.

And that's how Lois found them, pausing when she stumbled onto the scene. She looked like she didn't know whether to back away or what.

"Take care of yourself and your brother, okay?" Chloe whispered into his ear.

"You too." He whispered back before finally pulling away, finding that they were holding each other's hands.

Lois kept looking between them, expression unreadable.

Chloe ignored her cousin. "C'mon. I'll walk you to your car. I have to say goodbye to your brother."

Sam smiled at her and let her lead him away, although he hesitated a second to turn back and wave to Lois.

His smile turned into a frown when he realized that Lois was looking away from them, her face pale and contorted in misery, eyes moist, as if she was trying to keep from crying.

Sam let Chloe lead him out of the house, and when he turned to ask her what was wrong with Lois, she let go of his hand and went to the driver's side of the Impala to talk to Dean, leaning in through the open window to hug the surprised sandy-haired male.

The younger Winchester watched them a he slid into the passenger's seat.

Something was wrong.

That feeling of unease grew.

If it wasn't for his father he'd-.

She wouldn't tell him right away, he'd have to work on her and-.

Sam took in a deep breath, determined.

As soon as this hunt with his father was over he was going to come back and he and Chloe were going to have a serious conversation.

Of course, he didn't realize that by that time it'd already be too late.
1st-Jul-2010 10:53 pm (UTC)
DAMN, but that was a hell of a cliffhanger--what exactly is happening to Chloe? I hope you are planning on a sequel to this wonderful story
2nd-Jul-2010 12:12 am (UTC)
Yes---I *am* doing a sequel! Don't worry! I'm not evil enough to leave it at this :)
2nd-Jul-2010 12:05 am (UTC)
omg i did not know that chloe was hiding her pain from lois. omg. please write a sq to this i want to know more.
2nd-Jul-2010 12:43 am (UTC)
You shall know more soon :)
2nd-Jul-2010 04:03 am (UTC)
Oh, what is John up to now? Oh! Are you going to have Lois crush on him, making the whole Dean/Lois thing totally awkward? That would be amusing. I assume we get to see Thingy-who-is-the-current-suspected-cause-of-everyone's-problems in the sequel. Will his bring his shadowy pet with him? I don't know why, but I like the fangy, shadowy pet. It's all in how it reacted to Thingy-of-the-young-Tom-Riddle-like-evil when he scolded it for biting Chloe.

I guess I should just take my unbalanced self somewhere away now. I mean, before I start scaring you. Or scarring you, as the case may be.
2nd-Jul-2010 04:20 am (UTC)
haha! That *would* be interesting! Having Lois crushing on John while there's clearly some Lois/Dean brewing. *gigglesnortsnicker*

Yes, Thingy shall appear in the next segment! And more shall be revealed about him!
2nd-Jul-2010 06:42 am (UTC)
...I'm honestly not sure what to write. Uh, the chapter was awesome, the overall story? Fantastic--but that goes without saying. The EPIC cliffhanger at the end (you know, the one I could strangle you for)? Well it's certainly quite something, and it definitely leaves you hanging, and, damnit, now I'm totally hyped up for a sequel! Also, I'm really glad that you didn't kill Mad off. As big of a Chlam fan as I am, Mad turned out to be an amazing character with a lot of depth and a good match for Chloe, despite all outward appearances. When The Sequel (as I have dubbed it, capitals and all) is posted, I hope to see him in it. But, anyway, before I write anymore; awesome chapter, awesome story. Keep it up!
3rd-Jul-2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
haha! I'm going to have to protect my throat from you then because of the ending, huh?
I never planned to kill Mad off (despite how most people wanted that to happen) because I hoped they figured out what you did. Despite not being Sam, Mad was good for her in his own way, and cared for her too.
Sadly, Mad really won't have much of a part in the sequel :(
3rd-Jul-2010 04:15 am (UTC)
Am I wrong for suspecting that by the time Dean and Sam slip back into town, it will be too late? I can't imagine that with the attacks escalating at their current rate that Chloe will survive too many more of them. Or that she won't give into temptation and call back the YED for assistance. Let us know when you can. Thanks for the story!
3rd-Jul-2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
Nope. Not wrong at all.
The sequel will be posted soon.
15th-Jul-2010 01:22 am (UTC)
Wow, this was fic was so completely incredible! It also was an extraordinary sequel to Reunion At A Hunt! I'm so glad that I finally had the chance to read it!

First of all I loved jealous/possessive!Sam in this. He's so yummy :) And while I love Chlam and am rooting for Chloe and Sam in this, I absolutely LOVED Mad in this as well! At first I didn't care and was waiting for Chloe to dump his ass and get with Sam, but he totally grew on me and I really did fall in love with him, and Chloe and him together in this...

I actually felt bad for him, and was thinking - "how could Chloe cheat on Mad?!", when Chloe and Sam were making out in the alley and was really relieved to know they were just possessed by the Gaki :) The whole scene was *very* hot though! *grins*

Chris on the other hand was a total asshat and deserved what he got! How dare he hit Lois! Loved Dean defending her though. Aww. It was very sweet by his standards. *grins*

Sam's killing of the Gaki was freaking awesome! I loved that he let his demonic side out and used his demon-y powers to kill it. *shivers* Sexy in a kinda scary way :)

Poor Chloe though with her suffering! Gosh, it sounds so horrible. *shudders* I wonder what's going to happen to her.. well besides dying? Also what's up with the thing/boy/whatever guy? Who the hell is he really? And what is his price for saving Chloe from the curse? And how the hell did he even know to begin with?

Anyways, I enjoyed the hell out of this story and I'm definitely going to read the sequel next! Thanks so much for writing!!!

15th-Jul-2010 01:29 am (UTC)
Wow. Loved this review!
*clears throat*
I always love writing jealous!Sam...I don't know which is hotter in my books, jealous!sam or evilSam. It's why I tend to write them both so often....
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