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How To Deal 2/2 
3rd-Jul-2010 08:11 pm
Lois Lane

Title: How To Deal
Sequel to: A Matter Of Emotion
Universe: Cursed
Characters: Lois/Dean, implied Chloe/Sam
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Two days after the Winchester left, Chloe died. And Lois only promised never to sell her soul...she never promised she wouldn't make a deal.
Written for my Paranormal25 Prompt Table. # 138. Ley Lines.
Warning: Some disturbing content.

"Chloe's dead."

It'd been those two words that'd shaken Dean's world.

The call had arrived in the middle of the night, and if it had been anyone else's number he would have just turned the phone off. But it was Lois, and he knew that if Lois was calling, it was important. When he'd answered the phone by taunting her, and she hadn't risen to the bait, he'd felt cold dread fill his body and he'd sat up in bed, turning on the light. Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong.

And that was when she'd uttered those two broken words.

Dean hadn't believed her, hadn't wanted to believe her, images of the sun-shiney blonde with the huge smile that lit up a room running through his mind. Immediately he'd sent a look in his sleeping brother's direction, stomach plummeting to his toes.

How the hell was he supposed to tell Sammy this?

Sammy...tonight...before going to bed, Sammy had finally admitted to Dean what the older brother had known all along.

He was in love with the girl.

Sam had told him how, after this hunt, he was going to go back and have a serious conversation with her.

Dean felt sick.

Sam was never going to have that talk.

He was never going to be able to tell the girl how he felt.

"We're coming." He'd promised Lois. "Well be there soon."

Dean had tried to get the courage to awaken his brother, but found himself cowardly, instead calling Bobby. Safely in the bathroom he spoke to the man he considered an uncle and explained the situation. Their father needed help on a hunt, and they couldn't make it. They had other things they needed to do.

When Bobby had asked what in the world could be more important than helping their father, especially for Dean, the man had just looked at himself in the mirror and hadn't been able to put into words what he was feeling. He wanted to say that there were two girls in this world who had always made them feel welcomed and at peace, he wanted to say that it was only in their home he'd actually felt at home since his mother's death. Dean had wanted to break down and scream, wanted to tell Bobby that he fucking hated the world.

Instead, his voice had cracked with emotion when he asked Bobby why it was that the good people died.

Bobby had been silent, before answering in his own gruff yet comforting way.

Dean couldn't remember now what exactly Bobby had answered, but it'd been enough for Dean to pull himself together, to be strong.

For Sammy.

For Lois.



He'd finished the phone call, thanking Bobby for agreeing to go help their father, and had just looked at himself in the mirror.

He could see the sadness, anger, confusion on his face...and he knew it was nothing compared to what Lois must be going through at this moment.

Chloe was the only person Lois had ever had that she could count on, losing Chloe...that would leave her all alone.

He clenched his hands, hating the tears that flooded his vision.

He imagined losing Sammy...

Dean closed his eyes, telling himself he needed to be stronger than this.

He needed to be.

Still he found himself sitting down on the toilet and just staring in front of him unseeingly as the tears fell like a silent flood.

It was hours before he finally woke his brother up.


Lois felt numb as she gazed at the casket containing her cousin's body being lowered into the ground.

Dean stood silent and strong by her side.

Sam stood off to the side, agony and heartbreak obvious on his pale face as he watched the first shovel of earth being shoved down onto the casket.

Mad seemed to be in a daze as he sat down, unable to look at the casket.

She felt guilty for being unable to tell them the truth of the situation, but her cousin's life hung on the line, and she wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her future.

So, numbly, she'd gotten through the funeral, and somehow had managed to get through the reception at her and Chloe's house as well. Dean, Sam, the General, Lucy, a remorseful Magda, a still shell-shocked Mad, other hunters she and Chloe had made friends with while on the job-they were all there, but Lois had never felt more alone. Everywhere she looked brought up memories of happy times with her cousin. Every corner of the house held memories of laughter, tears, fights and reconciliations.

Her heart clenched in her chest.

How was she going to live in this house from now on?

She could feel Dean's worried gaze on her.

She ignored it, looking up when she heard noises upstairs, coming from Chloe's bedroom.

The brunette didn't have to guess who it was.

Sam had been half drunk ever since he'd returned with Dean, unable to handle the situation sober, and when he was in the house he would go to Chloe's room and just stay there in a near zombiefied way.

"If you want to come back to the base..."

Lois looked up, realizing her father had been saying something to her. "No. But thank you, sir, for the offer."

He nodded, obviously awkward and not sure what to do in this circumstance as he patted her on the shoulder and left to mingle.

Lucy had made her way towards Dean and was grinning in a clearly flirtatious way up at him as she spoke.

Lois stood and made her way to the kitchen, opening the windows despite the AC being on, taking in huge gulps of air, feeling like she was suffocating.

"You okay?"

She twirled at the sound of his voice, surprised to see him. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine."

"Liar." Dean sighed from the doorway, watching her.

"Shut up." She begged, trying to hold in the tears, trying to be strong, but when Dean moved to her and after a second's hesitation his arms went around her...Lois broke down and trusted him to hold her up and not let her fall.

Dean didn't say anything else after that, but he held her in his strong warmth, his scent twirling around her, giving her an ounce of peace.

Something broke in Chloe's room, and she could hear a sound of pure despair.

Lois held onto Dean tighter and buried her face in his shirt.


"COME ON!" Sam screamed, twirling around the crossroads, bottle of beer in his hand as he staggered. "COME OUT!"

He'd done everything to the letter, it should be here.

"I never thought the day would come when a Winchester would call me."

Sam turned towards the voice, an attractive blonde stood behind him. She was short and curvy and had a mischievous smile.

He'd known that the crossroads appeared to you in a way that would be appealing to you, and yet seeing the host resembling Chloe only made him furious.

"Samuel Winchester." The Crossroads demon smirked, green eyes twinkling. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I want you to bring Chloe Sullivan back to life." Sam ordered.

"You are willing to only have ten more years to live...if I brought this Chloe Sullivan back to life?" The demon seemed surprised and a little confused.


"You realize you'd go to hell..." The demon raised an eyebrow. "A prison where many of the inmates have been put there by you, your brother, or your father."

"I know."

"And you're willing to suffer throughout eternity for..." The demon paused, shaking her head as she saw the determination on his face. "Wow. I wish I could make this deal with you, but I can't."

His eyes narrowed. "What do you mean you can't? Do you want less time? Fine! Five years."

The demon's eyes widened. "I really would've loved to have that girl's soul." She frowned. "But I don't have any hold on that soul. Someone else as her under his control."

Sam frowned.


No demon should have a contract on Chloe's soul!

He'd thought she'd just died...but...

"Let's not waste each other's time." The Crossroads flicked her hair over her shoulder. "Chloe Sullivan's soul can't be returned to her body...because it never left her, not to go to heaven, not to go to hell. And I can't raise her from the dead for you because there's already a deal on her life."

Sam's eyes widened.

"Someone else beat you to the punch, buddy, unfortunately for me." The demon sighed. "Chloe Sullivan isn't really dead. Or she won't be for long. Someone sacrificed something for her to come back to life...though...it's curious." The demon suddenly smiled. "Oh, you're not going to like this."


Lois stood over the grave, hugging herself against the cold night air.

The moon shone on the tombstone.

Chloe Ann Sullivan.

"You haven't told anyone."

She turned, seeing the cambion. "No, I haven't."

He nodded, turning towards the grave.

So did Lois.

She'd snuck out of the house to be able to get here without Dean questioning her. Sam hadn't been in the house, and while shed been worried about that, she hadn't had the time to wonder about where he could be at this time of night. She'd instead hurried to the graveyard, and now awaited her cousin.

The ground shifted.

Lois took in a deep breath.

A hand shot through the earth.

The brunette rushed forwards and grabbed that hand, pulling with all her might, helping Chloe break surface.

Chloe gasped in breath, choking and then coughing out dirt as she rubbed the dirt from her face. "Lois?"

"Chloe." Lois whispered, kneeling on the ground next to her cousin, hugging her tightly. "Chloe."

Chloe held on just as tightly. "I thought I'd never see you again."

"Me too." Lois' voice choked. "I'm so sorry." She hid her face in her cousin's neck. "I couldn't let you go." Her tears were an unstoppable river. "Forgive me."

Chloe just hugged her cousin tighter.


"Where is she?"Sam snarled, tearing through the house.

"I told you I don't know." Dean snapped. "Sammy! What is this all about?"

Sam suddenly went pale, and turned towards the door. "The graveyard."

"Sammy?" Dean watched as the door slammed shut behind his little brother. "Goddamit!" He hissed, hurrying out after him.


"So let me get this straight." Lois frowned from where she sat on her cousin's grave, her cousin's head resting on her lap. "You want Chloe to be your bodyguard?"

Cameron nodded, sitting up on the tombstone. "Yes. Both of my parents were cambions, and because of this I have more demon in me than most hybrids. Also, because of this I can Ascend, can become a true demon. But the process takes years and I'll be defenseless for most of them."

"Why can't you get Chompy to protect you?" Chloe wanted to know, obviously referring to the shade already in Cameron's service.

The cambion smiled. "My pet is only tied to me through my demon blood, it was a gift from my father. During the Ascension I'll lose the power I need to secure its loyalty."

"Which is why you need me." Chloe sighed. "The blood in the dagger."

He nodded.

The blonde closed her eyes. "Some cure."

Lois frowned, not understanding. "What about the blood?"

"He didn't exactly cure me, Lois." Chloe answered, turning so that the back of her head was resting on her cousin's lap and she was looking into her cousin's face. "He transferred my ownership from the witch to him, by implanting his blood directly into my heart...and he couldn't stop the transformation...so instead he transformed me into a less monstrous familiar."

Cameron frowned. "If you had come to me earlier I would have been able to save your humanity."

"You should have explained everything to me."

"You never gave me any chance."

"Because you were delighting in being shady."

"I'm a demon. I am shady."

"You're only half demon."

"For now."

Lois looked between them.

She then frowned, feeling a little slow for only realizing this now.

"Wait...what do you mean into something less monstrous?" The brunette looked down at her cousin. "What exactly are you now?"

Chloe winced.

"I don't fucking believe it."

The two females jerked at the voice, Chloe sitting up, and Lois turning. Their eyes widened in horror as they saw Sam standing there, and behind him (the one who'd spoken) was Dean.

Lois turned to Cameron, desperate. "I didn't tell them! I swear! I-."

"I know." The cambion nodded calmly, seeming not at all surprised by the turn of events. "Samuel discovered what was going on when he went to a Crossroads to sell his soul for Chloe's life to be returned."

"What?" Dean snapped, turning to his brother. "How could you be so stupid?"

Sam didn't answer, didn't even seem to notice his brother was speaking.

His eyes.

They were only for Chloe.


She stumbled to her feet, looking like she didn't know whether to run to or from him. "Sam."

The sound of her voice spurred something in him, and he stalked towards her, engulfing her in a tight hug before bringing his lips down to hers in a kiss deep and intense.

Chloe's eyes widened and large black wings sprung out from her back, ripping the back of her shirt in reaction to his kiss.

"What the fuck?" Dean hissed in shock.

Lois' eyes widened.

Apparently Sam's kiss was that good.

To his credit, Sam's only reaction to the wings was to kiss Chloe deeper, pulling her tighter into him.

Chloe's eyelids drifted closed as she stepped up onto her tiptoes and embraced him back as she returned the kiss with just as much longing, curling her arms around his neck.

Lois watched them, not needing to look up to know that Dean had reached her side.

"I was wondering how long you were going to be." Cameron announced, still sitting on the tombstone, eyes on Sam. "I trust the Crossroads told you everything."

Sam reluctantly pulled away from Chloe enough to eye the other male. "Yes."

"Does your presence here mean what I think it does?" Cameron wanted to know.

Sam nodded.

Chloe looked up at him in confusion.

She wasn't the only one.

"What's going on?" Dean snapped.

Cameron slid off of the tombstone. "I'll give you your time to say goodbye."

And with that he disappeared.

Lois stumbled to her feet, looking up at Dean. "I couldn't let kill her...or let her become a monster...a slave of the witch who cursed her."

Dean's face morphed as he suddenly realized the truth of the curse. "You should've told us."

"What? That Chloe was going to turn into a chimera?" Lois narrowed her eyes. "You would have hunted her!"

Dean snarled and grabbed her shoulders, shaking her. "We would've helped you to try and find a cure!"

Lois looked up at him, eyes wide.

Dean sighed and looked away, slackening his hold on her shoulders. "What did you sell?"

"Five years." Chloe answered, pushing away from Sam and heading towards them slowly as if not sure how Dean would react. Her wings furled up in her back in what looked like a submissive move. "I'll be free in five years."

Dean sighed, closing his eyes tightly, before looking up at her. "You should have told us." And then he hugged her. "You didn't trust us."

Chloe went still in shock before hugging him back. "I'm sorry."

Dean closed his eyes tighter as he hugged her.

Lois and Sam exchanged looks.

Sam's face was serious.

Lois watched him before a small smile tilted her lips and she nodded, going to him and hugging him tightly. "Take care of her."

Sam hugged her tightly as well. "Take care of him."

They pulled apart.

Lois noticed Dean and Chloe whispering to each other, and wondered what they were saying.

The brunette was shocked at how Dean was taking this, and she had to admit that the guilt she'd felt before was growing as Dean pressed a kiss to Chloe's forehead before letting her go.

Chloe turned and raced to Lois, hugging her tightly, body shaking. "I don't know how to live without you anymore."

The tears Lois had been trying to keep at bay broke loose, falling down her cheeks as she kissed the top of her cousin's head.

Sam and Dean were talking, and Dean looked like he wanted to argue with what Sam was saying, but the older brother just sighed and hugged Sam tightly.

Someone cleared his throat.

Everyone turned to look at Cameron, who had returned.

Dean looked like he'd like nothing better than to shoot him, but he didn't have a gun on him.

Lois wouldn't have put him passed it.

"I love you." Chloe kissed Lois' cheek.

"I love you too." Lois pressed a kiss to her cousin's forehead.

They pulled apart, and squeezed each other's hands before letting go.

Chloe made to walk towards Cameron, then paused when she noticed Sam doing the same.

"What are you-?"

Sam placed his hand over her shoulder and walked her silently to Cameron's side.

The blonde looked up at Sam in a near trance as she let him lead her away.

The cambion smirked as he watched them walking towards him, obviously having already known it would come to this.

Lois didn't know if she'd drifted towards Dean, or if he'd moved closer to her...but somehow they'd ended standing next to each other, and she'd moved her hand to his.

His larger, warmer hand closed over hers.

She took in a deep breath.

Chloe and Sam turned to look at them.

And in a second, they were gone.

"Next time I see that fucker, I'm shooting him." Dean promised.

Lois took in a deep breath, she let it out, and took in another one. "I don't know how to deal with being alone."

He looked down at her and then sighed, letting go of her hand to wrap his arm around her shoulders, pulling her to him. "Let's go home."

Wiping at a tear, she nodded, and let him lead her away.
4th-Jul-2010 02:10 am (UTC)
This should have one or two sequels...not sure which. And that will be explained (Sam's leaving with them).

Yep, they will need each other a lot.
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