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Adept 2/2 
13th-Jul-2010 02:06 pm

Title: Adept
Sequel to: Knowing
Characters: Chloe, Gibbs, Ducky, Abby, McGee, Tony, Ziva, John Winchester, Azazel
Fandom: Smallville/NCIS (some Supernatural)
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: After saving Director Vance from a shapeshifter, Chloe is asked to help the group whenever the cases have a supernatural twist to them, despite Gibbs' disapproval. Then this new case brings her into contact with a demon and a hunter.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the Day # 27: Haunted Prison

Chloe didn't believe in coincidences.

Mostly it was because with her knowledge, she knew of too many instances in which certain acts that had been taken as 'fate' had actually been a plan in a previously unknown design. So as she watched her father and John Winchester have their gruff conversation as they arrived outside of the prison, she couldn't help but feel that they were meant to meet and team up with John Winchester. Maybe their teaming up would be vital to this mission-or would be vital sometime down the road, but it would be vital, of that she was sure.

Apparently John and Gibbs had been in the Marines together, and had saved each other's lives more than once. There was a respect between the men, although they didn't seem to quite like each other.

Tony, Ziva, and McGee appeared confused as how to act as the two men bickered with each other.

McGee pulled up outside the prison.

"Oh thank god." Tony whispered as he exited the car.

Ziva smirked and went to the trunk, going through the weaponry.

"This is out of your jurisdiction, Winchester." Gibbs stepped out of the car.

"This is the supernatural, Gibbs, this is more my jurisdiction than yours." John replied, stepping out after him. "And your daughter is one of the most important-if not the most important-asset to my world. The knowledge she has in that brain of hers-I'm not going to let her get killed."

"She's my daughter." Gibbs announced, not even looking at Ziva when she passed him a modified M9 Beretta. "I am not going to let her get killed."

"Ok, now that we're clear that neither of you are going to let me get killed," Chloe stepped in between them, hands on their chests. "Can we go do this before the summoner brings Azazel in?" She gave them both a raised eyebrow. "If you're both so interested in my well-being, I think we can all agree that having another meeting with Azazel wouldn't be in my best interest."

Neither Gibbs nor John said anything, but they backed down.

"Behold, Xena, Warrior Princess." Tony whispered to McGee.

McGee chuckled, but then covered it with a cough when Gibbs raised an eyebrow at him.

Ziva passed around the weapons.

Chloe pulled out the sawed off she'd had on her waistband.

John had his own weapons.

"How exactly are we going to do this, boss?" McGee wanted to know, frowning. "We don't know who is the one who killed Corporal Maddison."

"But we do." Chloe frowned in confusion, before turning to McGee and wincing. "That's another thing I've forgotten to tell everyone, isn't it?"

Tony nodded helpfully.

"I've got to stop doing that." The blonde sighed and palmed her face. "Sorry, I-" She sighed once more. "To be fair though, I didn't piece everything together until the car ride over." She pointed to said car with her gun, causing Tony to wince. "There were some symbols that my brain was still trying to compute. I haven't had to translate Syrian before, and it was...how should I put it...buffering and freezing...over and over again."

McGee, as always, looked enthused with the 'geek talk', as Tony liked to call it.

"What does this have to do with the perpetrator?" Ziva wanted to know.

"Certain wordings..." Chloe cleared her throat. "Indicated feminization."

Tony's eyes widened. "A chick is doing this?"

"Due to her competent knowledge of the dead languages, and given how obscure they are and hard to learn...she would be getting on with age, and in-most probably-a prominent position, of high I.Q." Chloe's fingers tapped the air successively, as if typing on a keyboard, as she stared unseeing in front of her, something the others were quite used to by now. "I memorized the heads of the prison board, and after crosschecking certain data and going through the eliminating process with the factors of intelligence, age, and position-because those cameras in the bathroom were all wiped clean-I came up with only one person who could be the one involved in what was happening." Chloe nodded. "So I did a more in depth check into her background when I borrowed McGee's computer in the backseat, and I found out that her father was a prominent scholar, specializing in ancient Babylonian hieroglyphs and such. He was am avid collector of artifacts and such from the digs and-."

Gibbs went still. "You can't be serious."

"Oh, it's her." Chloe announced. "I also hacked into some..." she cleared her throat, looking at the agents around her. "I mean I did a very legal search, and found out that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of months ago-which also coincides with previously thought inmate-killings in the prison. I believe she secured one of the ghosts-if not them all-by methods very similar to the one portrayed in The Haunting In Connecticut, and has been using them to try and use the old rite in which Azazel is summoned so they can make a deal. Her life for their souls."

Ziva and McGee shared confused looks.

"Is it me, or is everyone else confused?" Tony wanted to know.

"It's just you." John replied, pumping his shotgun.

"No, it's not." McGee replied. "Who exactly are we talking about?"

Chloe frowned slightly, looking around them. "But I just-."

"You forgot the name." Ziva cleared.

Chloe sighed, annoyance with herself obvious on her face. "Prison Warden McLeary. The head of the Prison. She is the one doing this." The blonde whacked herself on the side of her head. "Why couldn't I have just said that from the beginning? Argh!" She closed her eyes tightly. "I'm always confusing everyone!"

Gibbs' hand came down on her shoulder.

Chloe opened her eyes, all her insecurities plain on her face as she looked up at him.

Gibbs chucked her under the chin.

A small smile tilted her lips and the blonde nodded, taking in a deep breath. "Let's do this."

"How are we getting in?" McGee wanted to know. "If Prison Warden McLeary realized her victim was discovered she could know that someone might be onto her and-."

"How many people know ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, and Syrian, McGee?" Tony wanted to know with a sneer. "Other than our cute little Einstein? My thoughts are that McLeary is filling confident in her little tower."

"Dungeon." Ziva interrupted, clearing her throat when everyone turned to look at her. "I may have...looked around earlier, investigating, and I noticed that there's a sub-level to the prison. But it was highly guarded. If I was going to sacrifice prisoners and do satanic rituals...the basement would be my choice in environment."

"Exactly." John gave Ziva an impressed and interested look. "I figured that myself, and when I was casing this place out...I came across the blueprints. I make it a point to memorize the layouts so I always know where my exits are. And there's another entrance to the sub-level. This way." And with that he stalked away, blending into the darkness.

Chloe looked after him and blinked. "He's-kinda cool." And with that she hurried after him.

Gibbs glared with fatherly disapproval and quickly followed after.

Ziva, Tony and McGee sighed before doing the same.


Gibbs and John, neither used to sharing the lead, had had to do just that, and Chloe could see that neither of them liked it. But the men dealt with it, and as they walked through the darkened, underground passageway, Chloe had been content to stay in the middle of the group. She was the brains of the operation, and didn't mind letting the others take the lead in the physical aspect. With Lionel and others after her for her...knowledge...Gibbs had instructed Tony to teach her to shoot, and Ziva to teach her combat, but Chloe had to admit that she wasn't doing too good with either. Though, to be truthful, it was because her mind found those times the best to start downloading information on how this move or that gun could be modified and used for something supernatural-and then her mind decided to show her how it was done, completely phasing her out and she'd end up not noticing the punch she was supposed to duck or nearly shooting off her own foot.

The blonde had played it off as her being too distracted-or just sucking at the training.

She was too much of a freak already.

The others didn't need to know just how much of a freak she was-or how her mind had a mind of its own and rebelled against her constantly.

Suddenly someone lunged at Ziva from the darkness with a yell.

Everyone turned their flashlights and guns at the sound, to find Ziva having already pinned the dead body covered in symbols face first into the wall.

"Go!" Ziva pressed the struggling corpse harder into the wall. "I can handle this."

Tony and Chloe hesitated, but followed the others when Ziva slammed the corpse's head viciously into the wall, surprisingly enough seeming to disorient it as its struggles lessened in strength.

The group continued on forwards, coming up to a pair of blast doors.

"Didn't see that coming." Tony announced.

"There's no way we could shoot through that." John commented.

"McGee." Gibbs motioned with his head towards an access panel off to the side.

"Already on it, boss." McGee was pulling something out of his bag.

Chloe shone her light on the access panel.

"Thanks." McGee smiled at her before hooking up the small computer to the access panel. He typed rapidly on the keyboard, overriding and altering, until the doors began to slowly open. "Um, boss? I'm going to have to stay out here." He looked up from the keyboard. "I need to keep typing the override codes every five minutes to keep this thing open."

Gibbs nodded. "Be careful."

McGee nodded.

As soon as the panel was open wide enough, the four remaining squeezed through and continued on.

"And the there were four." Tony whispered, eyes on the shadows all around them. "This is just like every B-rated horror movie I've ever watched."

"Really?" Chloe asked, a little nervously. "Then what's going to happen next?"

"Some other baddie is going to appear that I'll have to take care of so that you three, the head honchos, can make it to see the Big Boss." Tony predicted.

Suddenly a flash of shimmery color soared towards them.

"I hate being right." Tony winced before firing the rock salt at the ghost. "Go! This is between me and Casper."

Chloe followed after Gibbs and John, admittedly impressed by Tony's prediction. But she didn't have time to be impressed as they go to a door at the end of the tunnel, and Gibbs and John exchanged looks. The men nodded and John opened the door silently, following Gibbs when the special agent entered the room, gun first.

The girl trailed behind after a moment, coming upon the scene as McLeary stood before an alter, with a freshly dead prisoner on a slab, body naked and covered in blood, new carvings in his skin. Mcleary wore a black cloak and hood, and was glaring hatefully at Gibbs and John as they ordered her hands up.

"There's nothing you can do." She hissed. "The symbols are finished! He is coming!"

John motioned to Chloe with his head towards the body.

"Back away and put your hands on your head." Gibbs cocked his gun. "And drop the knife."

McLeary sneered and did as told.

Chloe kicked the knife away as she walked passed the woman, going to examine the body and the symbols. After a moment's silence, she pulled away with an unreadable expression. "She finished it. He's coming."

"Can't you do something about it?" John snapped. "Carve some other symbols and send him away or cancel out the summoning?"

"If he's coming, it's too late!" McLeary laughed.

Gibbs spoke into his radio, letting his agents know of the demonic visit to happen.

John looked around for some sort of protection.

"Yes, it's too late." Chloe agreed, leaning with her hip against the sacrificial slab. "I overestimated you though."

McLeary turned to Chloe, eyes narrowing. "What do you mean?"

"What did you do? Skim through this incantation?" She pointed to the body. "Do you even know what you carved into this poor bastard?"

"He was a rapist and murderer, he isn't any poor bastard." McLeary snapped. "Everyone who died deserved it!"

"And what about Corporal Maddison?" Gibbs wanted to know, gun trained on the warden once more.

"He was helping his brother, getting rid of the witnesses." McLeary replied. "I figured his soul would be the one to draw Azazel out, and I was right! Only the blackest of souls offered will do that!"

The lights in the room began to flicker.

"Why did you change the ritual?" Chloe asked curiously. "This isn't like the one on Corporal Maddison's body."

"This one was more effective." McLeary replied, feeling assured as she knew the demon she had summoned was on the way. "It assured that the demon would come."

"Oh he'll come alright." Chloe shook her head, folding her hands over her chest. "Because you threw in your own soul into the deal, and made it available for immediate collection."

That smug superiority wavered. "You're lying."

"Uh, no, I'm not." Chloe shook her head, pointing to a certain patch of symbols by the prisoner's ribs. "Of course, this is a loose translation, but basically its saying: 'I give my soul and those I have...brought the hand of death upon...to your biding...in hopes that...the fires will burn less bright and...high?' " Chloe frowned, waiting for her brain to compute that symbol. "No, sorry. Hot. It's definitely hot. But it's referring to how high the heat will be, so I think my confusion isn't so uncalled for."

"You...you can read that?" McLeary whispered in horror. "Without-without a compendium?"

"Is that what you've been using?" Chloe asked, looking up from the symbol. "Well, its screwed you over, I'll tell you that."

"No." McLeary shook her head. "You're lying! You're just trying to-!"

A voice tsked in the shadows. "It's not nice to call others liars."

Everyone turned to see Azazel step into the light.

"My Lord Azazel." McLeary went to her knees. "Hear my plea and grant me my wish in exchange for these souls!"

Azazel ignored her, eyeing Chloe. "That's twice in one night that we've met up." He smirked. "Are you stalking me?"

"No." Chloe replied point blank. She wondered why John and Gibbs were so silent, and then blinked when she turned to see them frozen. "What did you do to them?"

"Nothing permanent." Azazel assured her. "John serves as great entertainment to me-to end his life would dull mine. And Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is of no concern of mine."

"My Lord!" McLeary tried reaching out for him.

"Silence!" Azazel's eyes flashed molten gold and McLeary screamed as she was thrown up against the ceiling and eviscerated alive, her blood flowing down on them. "It's very rude to butt into a conversation, isn't it, Little Adept?"

Chloe tried to ignore the warm blood showering them. "That was a little bit of an overkill, don't you think? Her soul was yours anyway."

"Well, I don't usually perform for an audience." He admitted with that same mocking way of his. "Maybe I went for a little drama."

"Aw Lord Azazel." Chloe kept her ground when he took a step towards her. "That's sweet and all, but you're not my type."

He chuckled. "A sense of humor." He leaned down over her so that she was forced to lean back against the dead body on the slab. "I could kill him for you."

And she didn't need to ask who the him was. "Thanks for the offer, but I don't like the prices you charge for your services."

"He raped you, repeatedly."

Flashes of the horrors she'd had to go through at Lionel Luthor's hand blinded her for a moment, before she pushed them out of her mind and concentrated on the demon. "I survived."

"He'd take you again if he could. He thirsts for you." Azazel leaned in even more and whispered in her ear. "He dreams of that time and wakes up with soiled sheets."

Chloe whimpered as she was forced to nearly lay back against the body. "Stop it."

"He'll never stop coming after you, and he'll get to you." Azazel's lips brushed against her earlobe. "Let me kill him for you."

"If he does get to me, then I'll kill him." Chloe slipped out from between the demon and the corpse, shivering slightly in queasiness. "I will not owe you anything. If you kill him, its for your own delight, but do not bring this as some sort of favor I owe you because I don't want you to kill him. You can't force any sort of deal with me, especially concerning Lionel." She wiped at the blood dripping onto her face. "And don't think I don't remember that I'm still linked to him, and if he dies that link is broken and someone else will try to take it." Her eyes narrowed. "So no. I do not want you killing Lionel Luthor. And if you do. I'll find someone else and bind myself to that person. So it won't be of any use to any of you because this will be a willing bond. Much stronger. More protected. So its to your advantage that Lionel Luthor lives."

Azazel turned to face her and leaned back against the slab. "I'd forgotten you are the Adept."

"A mistake I'm sure you won't be committing in the future, Lord Azazel." Chloe replied.

The demon chuckled. "We'll have to do this again some other time."

And then he was gone.

Along with the bodies...and the souls.

Gibbs and John unfroze, looking around them in confusion.

Chloe collapsed to her knees, emotionally weakened after that confrontation.

"Chloe?" Gibbs whispered in horror as he saw the blood, hurrying towards her.

"I'm find." She whispered as he bent to the ground and began checking her for wounds. "Not my blood."

Hearing noise, they turned to see Tony arrive.

"I'm guessing everything's over." He announced.

Chloe nodded. "For now."


"So, there are others, like Sammy." John sighed as they sat on the porch swing later that night.

Chloe nodded, wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot cocoa, and pretending not to notice it when every ten minutes Gibbs would go to the window to keep an eye on them. "Like I've already said, the information concerning the Special Children is encrypted and stored deep inside my brain. I can't even access the file to try and decrypt it. I know its important, but I also know that Sam having demon blood in him doesn't make him a monster...or evil. You have to believe that, John."

He nodded. "Out of all of us, Sammy's always been the most human."

Chloe smiled tenderly at him, seeing the fatherly love in his eyes. "No matter what happens in the future, you have to always remember that he's your son. Nothing else matters."

John nodded with a sigh. "I haven't spoken to him since he left for Stanford." He paused. "I was proud, you know, when he got a full ride into that college. But I know the evils out in this world, and I didn't want him anywhere I couldn't protect him. And I-I worded it all wrong and we haven't spoken to each other in four years. I know that he's okay because Dean will call him once in a while but other than that-."

"Well, maybe you and Dean should go and visit Sam at Stanford." Chloe offered. "It would mean a lot to him to know that his father doesn't disapprove of him, and wants to be a part of his life."

John sent her a half amused look. "That the Adept speaking?"

"Nah." Chloe shook her head. "That's the daughter speaking."

John eyed her in silence for a couple of minutes before nodding. "Thank you."

She didn't need to be the Adept to know that John Winchester didn't thank people much, so she just gave him a smile and placed her hand on his. "Don't be a stranger."

He smiled at her.

The door opened quickly. "It's getting late."

The seventeen-year-old bit down on her laughter and pulled her hand from John's. "You sure you don't want to spend the night at our place? You're welcomed to the guest room if you change your mind."

Gibbs snorted.

John smirked in amusement. "Thank you, but it won't be necessary. I have to go meet Dean a couple of cities over anyway, so I should be going now." He turned to Gibbs. "Jethro."

"John." Gibbs nodded.

Rocking softly, Chloe watched as John went down the steps, and into his large truck, before driving away. "He's kinda cool."

"Please, let's not hear that ever again." Gibbs sighed as he sat down next to her, arm around her shoulders. "He's around my age. Too old for you."

"I know." Chloe pouted, leaning her head against her father's chest, bringing her blanket to cover them both. "All I'm saying is that a guy like that is perfect for me."

"You don't need a guy." Gibbs refused to see reason.

"Dad." She complained. "I"m seventeen. You're going to have to get used to the fact that I'm going to start dating any day now."

"How soon is 'any day now'?" He wanted to know, voice slightly horrified.

Chloe laughed and closed her eyes. "Sooner than you think."

"Is there someone I should know about?" Gibbs wanted to know suspiciously.

"Not yet. But there has to be someone out there for me, right? I mean. I know intellectually that I have a soulmate. I just don't know when I'll met him. But when I do, I'll know he's the one person in the world for me, who will complete me and make me whole." She paused. "Unless there's more than one person, you know, it's happened. Rarely, but happens." She paused and opened her eyes. "There are even two cases of a person having four soulmates."

"Honey, enough. My mind can't take it."

Chloe giggled and closed her eyes once more. "Wuss."

"Hush." He leaned his head against hers.

Chloe smiled and relaxed, drifting to sleep to the rhythm of her father's heart.
13th-Jul-2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
After what happened to his first daughter, I see Gibbs being way over protective with Chloe--to the point of embarrassing/obsessive. :)
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