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Exit Speed 1/7 
21st-Jul-2010 11:27 pm
Title: Exit Speed
Sequel to: The Pyramid
Universe: OFFICIAL Cave Series
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Sam Winchester, Maudie, Desmond, Yarbro & others
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe had only wanted time to herself without so many people who loved her worrying over her constantly. What she got instead was being stranded along with other passengers of her bus, a murderous biker gang, and Sam Winchester.

"Where are you?"

Chloe sighed as she looked around her, wondering why it really mattered. "North America."

"That's not funny."

"No, but it's informative." She quipped, paying the woman for the ticket. "It doesn't matter, Lex, I'm fine. And I'll be there, okay? I just-I just don't want you to send in the army to come and get me. Or worse. Lois."

There was a snort on the other end of the line. "She's pissed off that you scampered off without her. She has-separation anxiety. I think its the filial bond you two share."

Chloe sighed, walking out of the store in Texas and looking up at the old, rundown bus she'd be taking. But her mind wasn't on the bus-or on how she could be riding first class if she'd just let Lex know where she was. No. Her mind was on that cave in Romania-on those creatures-and how that'd turned her into what she was now. And then her mind fast-forwarded to that pyramid under the ice of Bouvetoya Island...with the Serpents and the Predators. That was where Lois had died...and Chloe had made her what she was today.

"It was just for three weeks." Chloe sighed.

She'd needed to get away from her loved ones, from everyone she knew and worried about her, for a while.

The anniversary of The Cave Incident had been close at hand and she'd wanted to be alone when it came around.

It was a little depressing to think that on this anniversary she was even more of a freak than the last one.

During her visit on the Predator Airship she'd been tricked into performing some sort of test that she really didn't understand till this day. All she knew was that this warrior alien's thing had contaminated her body, covering her skeleton with a hard metal substance previously unknown to man, and her organs had gotten harder as well with a thin coat of it over them. And her heart. That material had joined with the meteor rock dust that'd been surrounding her heart.

Chloe didn't know what this meant.

None of Lex's scientists knew either.

And she was just waiting for disaster.

"Will you be here in time for the LexCorp annual Christmas Ball?"

Considering it was Christmas Eve, and she was in the heart of Texas, Chloe had to shake her head. "No. Sorry. You're going to have to go with Lois as your escort tonight."

"I was afraid you'd say that." Lex bemoaned.

As Lex's right hand, Chloe was an important part of LexCorp, and from her first year working for her best friend Chloe had always been his date for the ball. She felt bad for breaking tradition, but she'd needed this time to herself, and she knew that while Lex wished she was there where he could keep a protective eye on her, that he understood why she'd needed this time to herself. Lex was amazing like that, always thinking of her first. She didn't know how she'd survive when he...

She closed her eyes and looked away.

She wasn't going to think about when his illness finally took over.

She wouldn't.

She'd find a way to help him.

She had to.

She refused to lose yet another person she loved.

The blonde turned, noticing a small hispanic man coming down from a ladder, where he'd been fixing the sound system of the store she'd gotten the tickets from. He didn't seem to speak english, and the woman he'd fixed the sound for was a right bitch as she paid him for his job. He tried to explain to her that he wanted to buy a ticket on the bus, but she wasn't understanding him and getting bitchier.

"He says he wants a ticket for this bus." Chloe stepped in, annoyed with the woman. "That's why he's passing you the amount for a ticket."

"You speak Spanish." The woman looked the blonde up and down in suspicion.

"Along with French, Italian, Portuguese, and a little German and Japanese. Yes." Chloe nodded, feeling a moment's vindication when the woman huffed and motioned for the man to follow her.

The blonde sighed.

"You're dressed like some punk again, aren't you?" Lex asked, amused, obviously having heard everything. "No one believes you're an adult, much less a meaningful member of society."

"I resent that." She pouted, looking at her reflection in the store's glass.

She was wearing baggy jeans, a tight, striped jailhouse t-shirt, and army boots. Her hair was up in a high ponytail with pale strands falling into her face, and the only thing she had with her was her worn and faded backpack.

The blonde tilted her head.

Okay, maybe she did look like some college drop-out hitchhiking across the states instead of the second in command of one of the fastest growing corporations in the world.

But still.

She gazed passed the glass and into the store, seeing a tall, handsome man with sandy blonde hair rushing around the shop looking at the cheap children toys. He was probably one of those men who left shopping till the last obvious moment. She'd seen the toys in that store, his kid wasn't going to be very happy with him when he or she received whatever it was that the man was buying.

"Excuse me, sorry to interrupt."

Chloe turned and came face to chest.

Lowering her cellular to her heart, she tilted her head up to look up into the face of the ridiculously tall guy. "Uhm, hi."

He smiled down sheepishly at her, dimples showing deep in his cheeks. "Uhm, this bus. Is it heading out of Texas?"


He was handsome.

Clearing her throat she nodded. "Yeah." She pointed to the store. "Tickets are being sold in there."

He smiled deeper. "Thanks."

And with that he turned and entered the store.

Chloe watched him go, admiring his ass in those jeans.

Seeing the driver open the bus, Chloe shouldered her backpack's strap higher up and cleared her throat. "My bus is boarding now, so I'm going to hang up."

"You're going on a bus?" The horror was obvious in Lex's voice. "Chloe! I thought you were at least going to take a plane! Buses are slow and unsanitary and unsafe and-."

"Love you too, Mom." She smiled, shaking her head as she got into line, noticing a red sports car jerking into the parking lot. "See you and Lois in a couple of days."

"Couple of-?"

Hanging up, Chloe laughed as she turned off the power to her phone and stuck it into her backpack. She then got in line behind the small hispanic man.

"Muchas gracias por la ayuda." He smiled to her.

She smiled back. "De nada."

"Feliz Navidad." He wished her before giving the driver his ticket and going onboard.

"Feliz Navidad." She whispered to him, and would have given the driver her ticket if the asshole from the red sports car hadn't walked up in front of her, facing the driver and cutting her off.

"Honey, no, don't worry, I'll be home before you wake up." The woman behind Chloe was busy talking to her child on the phone. "And tell them Mrs. Dorcy is in charge...she was right, you can't have ice cream for supper."

"Hey sport." The man in front of Chloe announced, dressed in a jersey and wearing a matching cap.

"Wait your turn please." The driver announced.

"See, I just need to know if this crate is going deeper into or all the way out of Texas." The man insisted.

"You can enquire inside." The driver replied, still not looking up from his notepad.

The man glared. "Listen pal-."

The driver looked up, eyes narrowed.

And the man with the jersey backed down, going into the store. "Fuckin' Texas."

Chloe couldn't help but give the driver an impressed smile as she passed him her ticket. She hopped up onto the bus and chose a seat in the middle, since she considered that to be the safest position anywhere. If they got rammed in the rear or in the front, she'd be one of the passengers with the best chance of surviving. Then again, considering the abilities she possessed, she'd probably survive it even if a meteor the size of manhattan dropped down on top of them.

Then again, with the shit happening to her lately now that this thing had contaminated her bones...she might just break apart without any outside help.

Sighing, she placed her backpack on the seat next to hers and looked out of the window.

The rest of the passengers, including the guy in the red jersey, got onto the bus.

The door to the bus closed, and the driver picked up his microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. My name is Daniel Gunn and I'll be your driver for this part of the trip. Our next stop is Picadillo Texas, that's about six hours from here so settle back, relax, and enjoy Christmas Eve with us."

The couple across from Chloe, a white man and pretty dark girl, sure were enjoying their time.

Chloe couldn't help but eye them wistfully.

She couldn't think of one guy that she'd been with like that.

Sure...there was Jack...locked up in the cryo-chambers of Weyland Industries to try and stop his mutation from taking over and becoming a monster like the ones they'd encountered in that cave in Romania. But Chloe's time with Jack had been short and bittersweet, and she knew that she really hadn't had a relationship with him. She cared for him, she could understand him, and relate to him. They'd gone through similar things at similar times and bonded because of that.

Hell, she'd been in love with him. Desperately in love him. In love with him like she had been with Clark once upon many a year ago.

But she and Jack hadn't really been together.

Just like she and Clark hadn't really been together.

Then again, it was completely different from her and Clark.

With Jack she'd known that the attraction was mutual-but she'd never really known if it wasn't their strands of the shared mutation reacting to each other. They weren't exactly of the same species, but they'd been as close to each other's species as you could get she supposed, and it wasn't as if the parasites in her hadn't played matchmaker before. She'd had a whole cave of monsters wanting to mate with her because she was the first female to have ever become infected. And Jack had been infected with the same parasite-drawn to her just like the others had been.

Deep down inside, Chloe had always feared that the one man she was almost sure might have been in love with her-felt that way because of the parasite inside of them. And considering that the parasite was taking control and mutating him, controlling him, she always had felt that that fear was justified. She'd never voiced it though, didn't want to hear confirmation, to hear someone maybe say they'd wondered the same thing.

Lois was right.

Chloe needed to let go so she could move on in her life.

No matter how fucked up it was.

The blonde had started the process of letting go and saying goodbye when she'd gone to see Jack in the cryo-chambers, and she was still working through this, getting stronger emotionally and mentally every day.

She could do this.

It was the first time she could say that, and actually mean it.

A smile on her face, Chloe leaned her head against the cool glass and lost herself in her thoughts as the bus drove on. Around her, during the drive, she could hear the passengers talking. She knew enough that the one with the cheap toys had a son he was going to see for Christmas, and didn't really know what he was doing-but was eager to please. He obviously cared about his son, and it made her wonder why he'd done last minute shopping. Mr. Yarbro, the coach in the red jersey, was an utter asshole to the poor guy, but there was a young girl with a lot of eyeliner and blue streaks in her hair who seemed fascinated with the young man and kept drawing him without his realizing. The woman who'd been talking to her child on the phone apparently had three daughters, and they kept calling her every couple of minutes, which caused annoyance to some of the passengers whenever the now familiar ring tone would blast on.

The tall brunet hunk was in the seat behind Chloe, and that meant she couldn't peek at him without being caught, so she reluctantly was left without a good view.

They left the city and drove through endless, open countryside.

It was beautiful.

"Honey?" The redheaded woman had been in the middle of talking to her daughters yet again, pulling the phone from her ear. "I lost reception."

Out of curiosity Chloe turned on her phone.

She didn't have any signal either.

The blonde yawned and closed her eyes, tired.

Her bones had been aching her this last week. They'd been throbbing and burning and she'd actually broken her right hand last monday when she'd held a glass too tightly. Of course, her bones had grown back (and it'd been a very painful experience) but she was worried. If she had this metal covering her bones, shouldn't it be making them stronger instead of weaker?

Suddenly something broke against the windshield, and the sound of an engine revving as it went by jerked her out of her near sleep-like state.

Everyone on the bus gasped and jerked, as the beer bottle fragments slid down the front windshield of the bus, and the man on the motorcycle who'd thrown it raced passed them.

"Everybody hang on." The driver called, as numerous other people on motorcycles raced their way.

Each of them threw their beer bottles at the windows, causing some of the women to scream.

Chloe just narrowed her eyes as they raced passed the bus.

"Anyone catch their patches?" The pretty dark woman asked from the back, where she sat with her partner.

"Patches?" A chubby white man who'd been trying to sell his companies' beauty products to some of the women on board, frowned.

"Gang colors." The girl tried to elaborate. "Insignias."

"They didn't have any." Another girl spoke.

"Outlaws." The man with the dark woman announced. "Cool."

The redheaded woman, who'd been talking to her daughters on the phone, turned in her seat. "Okay. What's that supposed to mean? Outlaws?"

"They're not outlaws." The dark girl gave her boyfriend/husband/partner a look. "They're Nomads."

The redhead frowned, shaking her head. "Okay. What's that supposed to mean?"

Chloe frowned. "It means they're Satan's Little Helpers."

"Have they turned around to follow us?" The dark girl called to the driver.

He looked into the review mirror. "No." He gave a sigh of relief and reached for his microphone. "Pardon my french, folks, but it looks like they were just assholing on by." He turned to look behind him at the people. "Nothing to worry about."

"Watch out!" The brunet behind Chloe yelled.

The driver turned to look in front of him in time to dodge the man on the motorcycle coming right at him.

People screamed as the bus swerved dangerously.

"No no no no!" The driver yelled.

Chloe looked up, and saw why, right before the motorcycle carrying a man and woman went under the bus.

The large thing jolted as it ran over the motorcycle and the humans.

"Stop the bus!" Mr. Yarbro yelled. "Stop it now!"

The driver stepped on the brakes, bringing them to an abrupt, screeching stop. He paused for a second, seeming unable to get control of himself.

"We hit him!" Someone screamed.

The guy seated behind Chloe stood.

That movement seemed to jar the driver out of his shock. "Okay. You," he pointed to the brunet. "and you." He pointed to the scruffy yet handsome sandy haired man who had the child's gift. "Come with me. The rest of you, stay here."

"I coach high school football." Mr. Yarbro stood. "I know first aid, CPR."

The driver nodded. "Come with me."

Together, the four men descended from the bus and headed towards the bodies and wreckage behind them.

Whispers and fearful squeaks could be heard from those inside as they crowded around the windows.

Chloe closed her eyes as the scent of blood wafted in through the open door.

No one else could smell the blood, it was too light for normal human senses...but for Chloe...the creature in her only gave her trouble when there was blood. It was why she had to keep her eyes shut. Because if they were open, someone might notice that they'd suddenly bled golden, and morphed catlike.

She needed to control herself.

Control it.

And she would.

She could.

She just needed a couple of minutes to relax and tell the monster inside that no she couldn't give it a taste of the blood so calm the fuck down.

"Is anyone getting a signal?" The redhead wanted to know, terror causing her voice to shake. "Is anybody getting a signal?"



"Not a damned thing."

"We're out of area."

Chloe took in a deep breath, feeling the tingle of her eyes as they morphed back to their normal, human green.

"Easy fellow!" The driver's voice was elated. "We're going to get you some help!"

Chloe turned and looked out her window, to see the back of the driver's head.

Below him was the male who'd ben driving the motorcycle. By some miracle the man was alive, conscious, and strong enough to pull out his gun and shoot the driver in the head.

The blood spattered across Chloe's window, and she was proud of herself for how in control she was.

The green of her orbs didn't falter once.

"Hey!" The brunet announced. "Time to put the gun down!"

The man shot the brunet in his stomach as he stood.

Chloe's eyes widened.

"Time to go!" The guy who'd been with his dark girlfriend in the back announced as he raced to the front of the bus, to the driver's seat. "No keys!" He searched frantically. "Keys! He took the keys!"

"Duke!" His girlfriend/wife/lover called from the back. "Do something! He's coming back!"

The man outside in leather lifted his gun and began to shoot at the bus.

People screamed and ducked, covering their heads.

"Oh shit!" Duke screamed before racing out of the bus and abandoning everyone inside, while running to hide in the all grass by the side of the road.

"Duke!" The pretty dark woman cried as she watched him abandon her. "Son of a bitch!"

The gunshots continued.

Glass cracked as bullets penetrated.

The gun jammed.

The tall, scrubby sandy blonde, and Mr. Yarbo charged, but were easily defeated, the blonde nearly unconscious on the ground, and Mr. Yarbo bleeding from his nose, holding his jaw, as the leather-covered man aimed his gun at the man on the ground.

Suddenly the brunet crept up behind the assailant and hit him on the back of the head with a large rock, knocking him to the ground, unconscious. The brunet, bleeding from his gunshot wound, leaned up against the front of the bus in pain as the man he'd rescued slowly eased up from the ground.

Some people hurried outside from the front.

Chloe sniffed, the scent of blood too strong. "Someone's been shot."

"Oh my god!" The young girl from the back screamed as a young woman slid to the ground, bleeding profusely from the neck. "She's been shot! What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?"

"Put pressure on it." Chloe ordered, standing, even prouder at the control she was exerting over herself. The creature within wasn't even trying to ask for anything, wasn't reacting at all.

"It's okay, hang on." The girl cried over the other, using her hands to put pressure on the wound. "Hang on! Oh my god!"

Chloe looked away, out of the windshield, seeing the Salesman, Mr. Yarbro, and the blonde helping the brunet back into the bus, rapidly.

The Salesman hurried to the driver's seat and turned on the engine.

Mr. Yarbro tried to hide the gun he'd taken from the guy in leather, but Chloe noticed. She didn't comment on it though, as the tall blonde helped the injured, bleeding brunet sit down next to her.

His blood...

Her eyes widened and she gulped.


It-it smelt unlike anything she'd ever...

The revving of engines behind them pulled Chloe out of her near trance and she got up to look out of the door.

Behind them, lined up all across the road, were the motorcycle gang.

And they looked murderous.

"Wait!" The pretty dark woman called. "What about Duke?"

As one, the motorcycles charged.

The Salesman pressed on the gas but nothing happened. "We're not moving!"

The short hispanic man hurried to look at the different gauges. "Aqui! Aqui!" He pressed one of the large buttons, and Chloe had to hang on tightly as the bus gave a lurch and began picking up speed as it moved.

"Wait!" Duke called from outside as he got up and began running after the bus. "Stop! Please!"

"He's a jerk but you can't just leave him there!" His girlfriend pleaded with the Salesman.

"We're not stopping!" Mr. Yarbro snapped at her.

Chloe sent the coach a look before leaning half out of the bus, arm stretched out. "Come on! Run! Faster!"

"Wait for me!" Duke screamed, running as fast as he could.

"Grab my arm!" Chloe yelled, trying to stretch out further without losing her grip or footing.

Duke outstretched his arm, fingers nearly touching hers and yet not. "Please!"

"RUN!" Chloe screamed.

Their fingers touched and she grabbed hold of him, using the momentum to swing him up onto the doorway with her, both tumbling to the floor.

The door closed behind them.

"Thank you." Duke whispered to Chloe before scrambling to his feet and heading to the back of the bus towards his girlfriend. "Baby-."

She raised a finger to silence him, eyes narrowed. "We'll talk about this later."

And then she punched him so hard he collapsed to the ground.

From where she had yet to get up, Chloe didn't even bother keeping the grin from her face.

The bus continued to pick up speed, but the sound of the engines grew closer and closer.

"They're coming up!" Someone yelled as the motorcycles began to drive up alongside the bus.

"Hey!" The injured brunet called to the Salesman. "What's your name?"

"Lindley." He croaked. "Walter Lindley."

"Mr. Lindley." The brunet kept a hand pressed to his bleeding side. "You're driving 20 tons of steel. Use it."

Lindley blinked and pressed down harder on the gas while beginning to swerve on the narrow road, forcing the motorcycles to pull back somewhat or be forced off of the road.

"Oh my god. Hang on!" The girl in the back was still cradling the injured on. "Please hang on!"

"Does anyone have any medical training?" The redheaded mother called. "Is there a first aid kit on the bus?"

Chloe watched them.

Once she might have been able to help.

But that'd been before changing Lois.

Ever since then, Chloe's ability to heal others had vanished. Her body healed itself, although slower and more painful than before, but she was unable to use it to heal others anymore.

And so she watched as the girl died.

"No." The girl holding the dead one whispered. "We-we don't need it anymore."

Chloe had known the girl would die anyway.

That wound had been too deep, she'd been bleeding too much.

Still, it was sad to see such a young life be lost.

"We need it." The sandy blonde announced, referring to the first aid kit. "He's bleeding too much."

Chloe forced herself to her knees and gave a little squeak as an unexpected turn had her sliding up between the brunet's thighs. Her hands reached out and grabbed his thighs as the bus gave another swerve, and she looked up at him. "Hi."

He looked down at her and chuckled, the sound laced in pain. "Hello."

Clearing her throat, she lifted his shirt and examined the wound. "It's just a flesh wound, you'll be alright." She turned to the other man. "What's your name?"

"Desmond." He announced.

"Okay, Desmond." She gave him a quick smile. "Get me my backpack, will you?"

He nodded and grabbed onto the seats to help him stay standing as he made his way towards her seat.

"You're going to be alright, the bullet just grazed you and continued out on its way, but you're bleeding a lot." She couldn't help but notice the six pack this guy was sporting.


She'd never really seen a genuine six pack before.

The blonde forced herself to look away. "Does anyone have a tampon?"

"Yes!" The redhead announced, fumbling in her bag before passing it to Chloe.

"Thanks." The blonde accepted it. "I'm Chloe."

"Maudie." The woman smiled tremulously before sitting down.

Desmond returned with her backpack. "This thing is heavy!"

She smirked as she reached for her bag and placed it and the tampon on the seat next to the brunet. Opening it she searched inside before pulling out a shirt and some disinfectant. "This is going to sting a little." Pouring the disinfectant on the shirt, she used it to wipe the injury.

To his credit, her patient didn't even hiss.

Working diligently, Chloe leaned in to blow at the injury, knowing it helped with the sting a little.

The only problem was that it brought her face close to his abs.

And he smelt good.

And she wasn't only referring to his blood.

Keeping her mind focused on the job, she blew at the disinfectant and watched it dry before leaning back down and reaching for the tampon. Using her teeth to help tear at the paper covering, she pressed the tampon alongside the slash in his side and looked up at Desmond. "Hold it here."

He nodded and did as told.

She reached into her bag and pulled out duct tape.

"I'm kinda scared to ask why you're carrying duct tape around with you." Her patient chuckled painfully.

"Then don't ask." She snarked, using the duct tape to wrap the injury tight and stop the blood flow.

One of the people riding alongside them used his gun to slam into the windows, which had already been weakened from the shots sustained.

"They're trying to get in!" The girl in the back screamed.

One of the men riding on their side stood up and actually stood on the seat of his motorcycle as it rode on, his dark eyes watching them.

Chloe had to admit it.

She was impressed.

Shooting echoed behind them.

"They're shooting at the engine!" Mr. Yarbro yelled. "Who has a phone? Call 911! Highway patrol!"

"I've been trying!" Maudie had her phone out. "There's no service!"

"Fucking Texas!" Mr. Yarbro snapped.

"Hey hey!" The dark girl called from behind. "What about the bus radio?"

"Doesn't work." Lindley called from the front. "It got shot."

"Shit." The sandy-haired blonde whispered.

"We have to get off the road." Mr. Yarbro announced.

"We stop, we die. Do you understand that?" Chloe sat down next to her patient, speaking to Lindley. "We die."

"There's a turn off over there." Mr. Yarbro pointed.

"Maybe there's a town!" Maudie exclaimed.

"I don't see anything." The blood-covered girl in the back declared.

"Should we take it?" Lindley asked, referring to the turn off.

One of the men, the one who'd been standing on the motorcycle, was now sitting down, aiming his gun at Lindley.

"Take it!" Someone yelled.

Mr. Yarbro, seeing the shooter, jumped up and forced Lindley to take the turn off, missing the shoot that would have killed him otherwise.

They took the turn off at a dangerous speed, and ran through the chain in the middle of the road sectioning it off, breaking the chain.

The motorcycles hesitated a second before racing after them.

The bus sped off of the highway onto the dirt road in front of them, the passengers being bounced around harder than before.

The guy next to Chloe hissed in pain.

"Ooooh, this road, it takes us nowhere good." The dark woman announced form the back.

Yarbro turned towards her. "You want to turn around and go back, honey?"

"You want me to pitch your sorry ass out this window and let our friends deal with you?" She countered, not backing down.

Finally, Yarbro pulled out the gun. "I may not be as helpless as you think."

"Put it away!" Maudie exclaimed.

"Hey!" Duke called from where he was looking out of the window. "There's one of them coming up!"

Everyone crowded around the windows to get a better look, which Chloe thought was an absolutely stupid idea considering that they were currently being chased by gun-totting, trigger happy bikers.

"I think I'm getting the hang of this." Lindley grinned at the wheel.

Gunshots continued to fire on the bus.

"It's a dead end!" Lindley called from the front. "There's a fence!"

Chloe stood and grabbed onto the pole, eyeing the large fence. "Go through it!"

"Everybody hold on!" The man next to him yelled as they broke through the large fence, which was made of corrugated roofing sheets. The bus swerved viciously, skidding, nearly toppling over at a couple of times. Chloe held on tightly to the pole as they entered a junkyard of sorts, barely managing not to hit the abandoned cars and other assorted junk left there. As they drove through a boat blocking the path, she screamed and closed her eyes, giving her back to the windshield and feeling the heat on her back as the boat exploded and they drove through the flames, thankfully coming out relatively unscathed on the other side.

The bus swerved, Lindley was obviously disoriented, and ran into the abandoned building in the junkyard, finally bringing the joyride from hell to a stop.

Chloe cried as she lost her grip during the crash and was flung back. She could have been seriously injured if the brunet hadn't grabbed her shirt and given her a yank, causing her to instead collapse onto him.

Behind them fire blocked the way and the motorcycles came to a pensive stop.

Chloe looked up into the blue/green eyes of her rescuer, whom she was currently in the lap of. "Um, hi."

"Hi." He smiled a little painfully at her.

Realizing she was pressing up against his wound, Chloe jumped off of him. "I'm so sorry!"

"I'm not." His smile was still tinged with pain, and yet genuine at the same time.

She felt herself blushing for the first time since...since she'd been to that cave in Romania.

"Everybody off the bus." Yarbro announced, heading to the front and stopping by Lindley.

There was a gasp.

Chloe turned, eyes widening as she gazed upon the small man, pinned to his seat, having been impaled by some tubing when he'd run into the building.

Blood was everywhere.

Some was even on her.

And yet she hadn't noticed.

Because she was on this guy's lap.

She paled, wondering what in the world that meant.

"He's gone." Yarbro announced, standing once more. "Move it!" He forced the door open and jumped outside. "Hurry up! Faster dammit! Faster! Into the building!"

Chloe grabbed her backpack and helped her rescuer out, vaguely noticing that the sign of the building actually read WRECKING YARD instead of Junkyard.

They hurried to the front of the building but the door was closed tight and there were bars on the windows. For an abandoned place it was sure left secured.

Maudie rushed to the back, where there was a tall chain link fence held together by a padlocked chain, yet it was loose enough that it could be pulled apart slightly for people to pass through. "Someone help me!"

The engines continued to rev from the other side of the fire.

Desmond rushed to her side and together they held the two sides open as far as they could.

"Go through!" Maudie cried, urging them inside as the people squeezed passed.

The leader of the motorcycle gang raced through the dwindling fire, his men following.

Duke looked up at the sound of the approaching engine. "Oh man! We're totally screwed!"

Yarbro pulled out the gun and began firing at the motorcyclists.

They pressed on their brakes and turned, speeding away.

"Yeah!" He called proudly despite the fact that none of his shots had hit a target. "You better run!"

The last of the people made it through, and they tried finding a place to hide amongst the junk in that place.

Chloe looked around her, sure this was more of a junkyard than any wrecking yard she'd seen.

The pretty dark woman tried the back door of the building in desperation. "It's locked!"

The motorcyclists turned around and began their return.

The small group of people went towards what seemed like a garage.

"It's a dead end!"

Chloe looked around her.

"We've got to make a barrier." The brunet stood next to her, holding his side. "We have to keep them out and that fence won't do it on its own."

Desmond nodded his agreement, hurrying towards one of the half taken apart cars. A couple of the men hurried after him, including the brunet, and they managed to flip the car to its side, and push it up against the fence. Chloe and the females flipped over tables, barrels, anything they could find, and began stacking them against the fence, forming a barrier between them and their pursuers.

The gang navigated through the junk out in the yard and stopped their motorcycles, descending from them, and watched as Chloe and the others formed a tight barrier as fast as they could.

Duke came out from one of the old RVs.

Chloe looked at him. "You. Keep an eye out back."

"Yeah right." His (ex?) girlfriend sneered. "I'll do it."

Duke rolled his eyes at her as she raced towards the back.

Suddenly there was ping of a bullet ricochetting off of a metal plate Yarbro and the brunet were putting up as the barrier, and more bullets flew as everyone ducked and tried to take cover.

Yarbro pulled out the gun and began shooting randomly.

Wasting the Goddamn bullets.

If bullets weren't flying out at them Chloe would have probably gone to him and hit him with the gun.

Suddenly the shots ceased and there was an eerie stillness she didn't trust.

"They've stopped shooting." Maudie whispered. "Help me over here."

Chloe nodded and went to her side, both crouched over as they grabbed another barrel and pushed up against the barrier.

The gang were by a shed, smoking, seeming at ease.

"Hey coach." The brunet stood, holding his side. "What's your name?"

"Yarbro." The coach replied. "Jerry Yarbro."

"How many rounds do you have left in there, Jerry?" He asked, going towards him.

Yarbro looked at his gun, confused.

The brunet bent to his knees in front of him with a sigh. "Here, let me see."

Yarbro twisted away, holding the gun and refusing to let go like some spoilt kid with a toy.

"Mr. Yarbro, maybe you should let him see it." Desmond tried convincing.

"No, that's okay." The brunet shook his head. "We'll do the math. That weapon holds thirteen rounds. After biker boy reloaded he fired once at this guy," he pointed to Desmond. "Once in the air, and once at you, leaving ten shots."

"He didn't fire at me." Desmond narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, he did." Chloe butted into the conversation, a little curious to how the brunet knew about guns.

"No he didn't." Desmond insisted.

Chloe shook her head. "Check your collar."

The brunet looked at her in surprise.

Desmond seemed wary, and as he checked his collar, his eyes widened when he saw the bullet hole, realizing just how close to death he'd been.

The brunet turned his attention back to Yarbro. "Now, you've capped off four shots already, Jerry. You've expended 40 per cent of our ammo and you haven't hit a thing."

"Well he bought us some time to get through the fence." Duke defended.

The brunet ignored him, eyeing the coach. "You should give me that weapon."

Yarbro sneered. "Find your own."

The sound of an engine revving caused them to look up in time to see one of the bikers ride away, leaving his friends behind.

"They're leaving!" Maudie exclaimed breathlessly. "Maybe his shots did scare them off."

Everyone turned to watch the lone biker leave.

"One." Chloe began. "That's only one guy leaving, the rest are right there. Two, they have more guns than us and a more ammo too. And they also know Coach here is a piss-poor shot." She ignored Yarbro's glare at that. "Why would you think that they'd be scared off?"

"Go run asshole!" Yarbro yelled after the motorcyclist, pride on his face.

"Uh, uh." The pretty dark woman shook her head. "Nomads don't run."

"Thank you!" Chloe threw her hands up into the air in exasperation.

Yarbro sneered at the brunet. "What do you say now huh?"

The brunet shook his head in disgust. "Haven't you listened to the girls? He's not running you jackass."

"Then what is he doing?" Desmond asked, worry deepening his voice.

Chloe hugged herself tightly. "He's going for reinforcements."

The smug sneer melted from Yarbro's face.

Maudie slid down an old, dirt covered Coca Cola machine with a soft cry.

Chloe and the brunet exchanged concerned looks.

The sun began to set.

And this had only just begun.
22nd-Jul-2010 04:48 am (UTC)
I love you I love you I love you!!! I am so excited to see that not only have you updated this series but that it has SAM in it!! SQUEEE!!! And he is Chloe's love interest! I can't wait to see Sam when Chloe heals him, it will be so funny! I love this series and I know you will make this newest installment awesome!
22nd-Jul-2010 05:08 am (UTC)
Well, actually, Chloe can't heal anyone anymore, so hell have to suffer with the wound for now.
And thanks so much for the faith in me and my writing! I hope to never let you down :)

Edited at 2010-07-22 05:09 am (UTC)
22nd-Jul-2010 07:15 pm (UTC) - Yeah
More Sam and Chloe,... you sure know the way to a girls heart. I am so waiting for Chloe to clock the coach and take the damn gun. *hehe*

Will be waiting impatiently for more,... politely but impatiently. *wink*
22nd-Jul-2010 07:48 pm (UTC) - Re: Yeah
Oh, Yarbro is asking for it, isn't he?
22nd-Jul-2010 07:50 pm (UTC) - Re: Yeah
He totally wouldn't see it coming. To quote the great Bobby Singer,... Idgit!
22nd-Jul-2010 07:30 pm (UTC)
Yay, an update to my favorite series!!! I have never even heard of this movie but I'm totally going to have to rent it now *grins* you always seem to introduce me to the most interesting movies.

Yay for Sam being there, I can't wait to see how that develops. I also can't wait to find of how that Predator thing has changed Chloe, I'm crossing my fingers that it is in a totally awesome, ass kicking way *grins*

And totally off topic but have you seen the previews for the new Predator movie? Are you planing on seeing it? As soon as I saw them I thought of you *grins*
22nd-Jul-2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
Oh, you know I couldn't leave this series alone for long! I love it so much I have an "Official" version of it and an "Au" version lol
Hopefully you like the movie. :)
The predator-thingy----wait and seeeeeeeeeee! *singsongs*
Oh, I am *definitely* going to see it! It looks awesome. And if I like it enough...well....*gives you grin*
22nd-Jul-2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
I so fucking love these! They are exciting, fun, and better than watching the original movies because I'm guaranteed at least one character I know I'll like. Thanks for starting this one!
23rd-Jul-2010 02:32 am (UTC)
Haha, so happy you feel that way :)
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