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Exit Speed 5/7 
1st-Aug-2010 03:22 pm
Title: Exit Speed
Sequel to: The Pyramid
Universe: OFFICIAL Cave Series
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Sam Winchester, Maudie, Desmond, Yarbro & others
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe had only wanted time to herself without so many people who loved her worrying over her constantly. What she got instead was being stranded along with other passengers of her bus, a murderous biker gang, and Sam Winchester.

Now that she had the possibility of a confrontation looming ahead of her, Chloe was excited.

She flexed her hands with a little caution, waiting to see if she'd feel the same pain as before, but now like her right hand, her left was perfect, feeling as if it'd never been broken.

In fact, a lot of Chloe's body felt that way.

She remembered waking up for a couple of seconds during her unconscious rest, and feeling different parts of her breaking. The last part she remembered breaking were her hips. And now, as Chloe tested her muscles-the whole top half of her seemed...in perfect condition.

The blonde punched as a barrel experimentally.

It dented slightly under the force...but her hand was fine.

Smiling brightly, Chloe went to her business, going inside of the office and looking out of the window at where the bus crash was. She crawled up the hole in the wall and made her way on top of the rooftops, leaping from one to the other, glad that the distances between the roofs of the office and the sheds and such were short. She could easily make them, and thanks to her abilities she was graceful and light on her feet like a feline, hardly making any sound as she made her way to where the bus was crashed into the side of the main office.

Hiding in the shadows, eyes golden and feline, Chloe scented the air. She looked around, trying to hear footsteps, and when she didn't she dropped down to the ground on the other side of the barrier, knees bent, body crouched over and knuckles to the ground.

She nearly purred at how good it felt to let her mutation take over.

With her night vision, things were bright, and she kept to the darker shadows to avoid detection.

The bikers had their people patrolling in shifts, and if she was going to meet up with any of them, she preferred not to be surprised.

The blonde made her way to the bus and crouched down, slowly raising open the door for the luggage compartment. She rummaged around, sniffing, picking up Annabel's scent on a hard-case container. Her smile was smug as she pulled it out and opened it, seeing the bow and arrows there neatly.

The scent of tobacco was getting stronger, as was the sound of boots against gravel.

Chloe looked up in time to see a shadow looming from the side of the bus.

Someone was coming.

She placed the container back inside the compartment and rolled inside as well, purposely leaving the door slightly open.

Leaning up against the inside of the compartment, right next to the opening, Chloe waited, pressed against the wall.

Sure enough the footsteps rounded the bus and stopped when the person noticed the door ajar.

The footsteps resumed and the business end of the sawed off shotgun poked into the opening and was used to push it up the rest of the way.

Chloe held her breath.

The biker hesitated, unable to see her, pointing his sawed off all around the darkness, and when he was unable to see anything, he leaned his head in.

Big mistake.

Chloe reached towards him fast as lightning, grabbing his throat, about to yank him in and deal with him in the compartment-when suddenly blood gushed from his mouth and he collapsed, deadweight, on her.

The blonde gave a shriek of shock, but thankfully it wasn't too loud.

For a moment she thought someone might have helped her, but when she pulled her hand from his throat the blood gushed down torrentially from a deep and thick gash in said throat.

Chloe blinked, confused,

She yanked the body of the man into the compartment with her and closed the door, able to see perfectly in the pitch black thanks to her mutation.

The young woman straddled the body due to the lack of space, and examined his throat in morbid fascination.

It was as if he'd been stabbed in the throat.

What could have caused-?

She looked at her blood-covered palm.

There was nothing there that could have caused this.

Eyes narrowing, Chloe poked at her palm, wondering if there was by any chance something sharp.


Confused, Chloe shook her head, trying to remind herself that she was here for a reason.

The bow and arrows.

Pulling the container closer to her, Chloe flicked on the safety of the sawed off and stuck it business end first into her waist band before checking the biker for ammo and anything else. She found more ammo, not just for the sawed off but for the Parabellum Llama M-82 he had on him. She emptied someone's knapsack and began filling it with the ammo and weapons. This would come in handy when the shit hit the fan.

And it would.

Most probably very soon.

Raising the lid, Chloe slid out and turned, reaching in to grab the two containers, when suddenly she was grabbed from behind.

The surprise caused her to stumble backwards, but she regained footing and did a high kick into her attacker's face before grabbing the person by the arm and turning as she flipped him over onto his back. The biker groaned on the floor, dazed. But Chloe didn't have time to savor that as his parter rushed her as well. Unfortunately the partner was a woman on meth who was staggering as she charged, so it was disappointingly easy to deal with. One well aimed kick to the jaw had the woman down and out.

Chloe walked over to the man, who was opening his eyes.

She brought down her boot hard on his neck and pressed, gazing down at him before stomping down on his throat, the crunch echoing in her ears.

The blonde turned to look at the woman, contemplating what to do with her.

Shaking her head and reprimanding herself for letting the smell of blood disorient her enough for these two to get the jump on her, Chloe shook her head and reached into the compartment once more, pulling out the container with Annabel's things, and the knapsack she'd commandeered. She dropped them to the ground and searched the biker, adding his pistol and the ammo to her pile.

The woman only had weed on her.

Chloe sighed and shook her head before nudging the woman with her shoe.

She was seriously knocked out.

Opening the compartment wider, Chloe grunted as she grabbed the man and lifted him up inside, shoving his body next to that of his buddy in crime. She then looked down at the woman and used some of the clothes she'd thrown out of the knapsack to gag and tie her, shoving her up inside with the bodies as well. Chloe closed the lid to the container and locked it, using her boot to cover the bloodstains on the ground with gravel.

The blonde grabbed the bags and went up into the bus, grabbing something from Desmond's seat, stuffing it into her knapsack as well, before ducking when she noticed a group of four men coming towards the bus.

Oh boy.

She kept down, realizing that the bikers must have realized that three of their own were missing. Her eyes surveyed them in the darkness as they looked around the large, cumbersome place, looking behind every car or washing machine or jukebox or standing mattress they could find.

And they were getting frustrated.

Chloe eased deeper into the darkness as they came closer and closer to the bus. They stopped right before reaching the bus, voices agitated, turning to go and tell their leader about their missing friends.

When the boss found out, he'd charge on the group immediately.

Chloe forced her eyes to return to their human form and then stood, drawing their attention. "Please." She hoped they took the tremor in her voice for fear and not excitement-and hoped they assumed the blood on her was either hers or one of the two dead people on the bus. "Please don't hurt me."

The men shone their lights and aimed their guns at her.

She tried to look scared. "I-I just want to go home."

And she really did.

She was sick of being out here in the cold waiting for something to happen.

The men chuckled, lowering their guns as they came towards the bus.

"Come out little red." One of the men called, and Chloe could only guess he called her red because of the blood on her.

She followed orders, slowly coming out of the bus, leaving the knapsack and Annabel's weapon's container on the bus. The blonde watched, hands held up in a show of submission, as the four men crowded around her. Some were grabbing themselves over their jeans, while the others were just sneering lecherously at her.

"Lookey lookey what we got here, fellows." One of them announced. "We found ourselves a pretty little runaway."

Chloe remained silent, eyeing them, trying to figure out which would be the best to disarm first. "Please don't hurt me." She watched as one of the guys dropped his gun and began to undo the buttons of his jeans. "Please. I just want to go home."

"I like your mouth." Another dropped his gun, smiling evilly at her as he palmed himself. "It'll look pretty wrapped around my cock."

Oh she was going to do something to his cock alright.

Chloe's eyes darted to each of them as yet another self assured asshole dropped his gun, this one coming at her.

He chuckled at her as he grabbed the front of her shirt, and ripped, baring her chest and bra to them.

Her eyes darkened.

She'd liked this shirt.

Someone grabbed her from behind, arms around her tightly, forcing her hands to her sides.

They laughed, sure they'd rendered her helpless as the other man in front of her licked his lips.

Pissed off about her shirt, Chloe snarled as she used the hold on her as leveraged to raise her lower body, scissoring her legs around the other man's neck and tightening her hold on him as she twisted her body violently, the sound of his neck breaking loud, stunning the men remaining. Bringing her head back against the nose of her captor, she twirled when he let go of her with a cry of pain, holding onto his bleeding nose. The blonde moved rapidly, kneeing him in the crotch, and when he fell to his knees, grabbing his groin, she grabbed his head and gave a violent jerk.

His body collapsed to the ground next to his friend's, his head facing the wrong way.

Chloe licked at the blood on her hands as she turned to the remaining two.

One stumbled for his gun while the other watched with a smirk.

She ignored the one smirking and went towards the one reaching for his gun.

He reached it and, sensing her coming, swung at her with the shotgun, but Chloe grabbed his arm in mid-swing and pulled him around, his head colliding with the bus. The blow disoriented him and he slid to the ground, dropping his gun. Chloe slammed her knee into his temple.

He collapsed to the ground, skull cracked and bleeding, eyes wide and lifeless.

She turned at the sound of clapping.

"You're a feisty bitch." The tall, muscular man smirked at her. "I like that."

"Not going for you gun?" She asked, conversationally, eyeing him warily.

"Much good it did Mitch." The man snorted in amusement, eyes hungry and on her. "You're a killer, baby. You don't belong on that side of the barrier. You belong on this side."

She flinched as that hit a little closer to home than she would like to admit.

"Come with me." He took a step towards her. "Come and we'll let you join. Our brothers will be here very soon. You'll be a part of us. You belong with us. With your kind."

"Oh believe me, baby." She let her eyes go feline. "You're not my kind."

His eyes widened in fear for the first time as he rushed to reach for his gun.

Chloe snarled as she jumped at him, forcing him to the ground. One hand went over his mouth to silence any scream and the other grabbed at his throat.

And this time...this time...Chloe saw as the blade emerged from her palm and embedded itself into the man's throat, killing him instantly.

The blonde went still, afraid to move, afraid to do something and make it go away.

She took in a deep breath and pulled her hand away slowly, eyes widening as she saw the tip of a golden blade sticking out from her palm.

Another breath.


She closed her eyes.

Opened them.

It was still there, poking out from her skin.

Okay, calm down Chloe.

The blonde took in a deep breath and looked down at her palm, poking at the tip.

It was very sharp.

She tried closing her palm, and as she did the blade slid back into her body painlessly. Her skin closed up over it, leaving no scar-nothing to betray it was there, hidden beneath the skin.

Chloe frowned.

She opened her palm.


Closed and opened.


She growled and shook her hand viciously.

A long, golden and somewhat glowy blade emerged from her palm, sliding outwards until it was completely outside of her, resting in her clutched fingers.

Chloes eyes widened and she let go...watching the weapon fall to the ground...only to vanish into thin air before it could reach the floor.

The blonde blinked as she hurriedly stood and looked at her now normal palm.

What. The. Fuck?

Taking in a deep breath, she reminded herself that this wasn't the time.

She had more important things to be doing.

The blonde opened the hatch to the bus once more, dragging the bodies and dropping them onto the ones already there after cleaning them of any weapon or ammo they might have. Chloe locked the hatch down once more and went onto the bus, returning with Annabel's container and with the knapsack, filling it what she'd pilfered. The blonde tried her best to cover the blood with the gravel-but there was a lot, and no matter how hard she tried some still showed.

The scent was intoxicating as well.

It was so strong.

At least for her.

Chloe couldn't help herself, licking at a drying trail of blood on her hand.

She nearly purred as the taste hit her tongue. It helped her calm, and she breathed in and out, nodding to herself.

The biker had given her important information.

Their 'brothers' would be arriving very soon.

And her people needed to be prepared for when that happened.


Lois had been walking a good distance from where she'd been parachuted down into the middle of the triangle.

Dressed in black, with a black backpack and boots, she was ready for the night and the terrain.

The brunette eyed her watch carefully, smiling when she saw that it was transmitting her perfectly. Lex and the Nerd Patrol would be able to track her easily, and through her they'd be able to track where Chloe was.

Now, Lois needed to find her cousin.

Taking in a deep whiff...Lois suddenly froze.


There was a lot of blood.

It was faint, yet very distinct.

Lois was like a shark, who could sense a drop of blood from miles away...and this was much more than just a drop.

This was...this was...wow.

She gulped, trying to keep control of the bloodlust, knowing that her eyes were going a deeper ruby than normal in hunger.

Lois turned towards the scent, taking in another whiff although she cursed herself for being so easily distracted from her mission.

Chloe was depending on-.

Lois suddenly paused, eyes narrowing as she sniffed deeper, opening her mouth and sucking in the air through her teeth, scenting the air.

Her eyes widened as she realized what the fainter scent was.


Without a second thought she took off in that direction.


Chloe dropped to the other side of the barrier, next to the two containers, which she'd thrown up and over before making her ascent.

Hearing approaching footsteps, she forced her eyes to remain human, leaving her somewhat blind in the dark. It took her a couple of seconds to realize that Sam was the one coming up to her, shotgun in his hand.

He stopped when he saw her, shirt torn and covered and blood.

Something dark went through his eyes. "Who the hell-?"

"I know, right? And this was one of my favorite shirts." She stood, still annoyed as she picked up the bloodied knapsack and threw it to him. "Guns and ammo. Distribute them amongst anyone who isn't Yarbro."

Sam's eyes widened as he went to the knapsack and opened it, looking at the weapons. "How-?"

She looked down at her shirt and the blood. "Lets say we're down some numbers, but I got it from a reputable source that their people are on the way, and should be here soon. Since the phones don't work, I'm guessing they have radios of some sort." She motioned to the walkie talkie set Desmond had gotten for his kid. "Figured we could do the same."

"I've had my suspicions all along, but now I'm sure about it." Sam frowned as he looked up at her. "You're a hunter."

"Excuse me?" She raised an eyebrow, wary.

What did this guy now about hunters?

"Mr. Vargas went through your things and took your camera, said he needed it to make the cannon." Sam announced, pulling something out of his jacket's pocket. "When he did that some of your things fell out. This was amongst them."

Chloe reached for it when he handed it to her.

It was her small photo album.

"Page six."

Turning to the page mentioned, Chloe stared down at a picture of her and John Winchester. "How do you know John?"

"He's my father."

Chloe dropped the album, turning to the mountain of a man. "John's your dad?" Her eyes widened. "You're Sammy?"

He blinked in surprise at the pet name. "Uh, I guess."

"Fuck." Chloe took in a deep breath, running her hand over her hair. "I don't believe it." She went over everything Sam had told her and then her eyes widened even more. "You mean John's close to nailing Azazel?" She grinned, excited. "I can't believe it. Finally."

"You-you know?" Sam looked so shocked. "My father told you?"

"Of course." Chloe frowned, wondering why he looked so surprised. "Now everything makes sense! Wow. John's middle boy."

She then winced, realizing what she'd just let slip.

Sam frowned. "You know about Adam."

Chloe's blinked. "He told you? He actually listened to me and told you and Dean about Adam?"

Sam breathed out. "My father has told you two of his greatest secrets." He was looking at her in a new light.

Chloe shrugged, a small, awkward smile on her face. "Uhm, well. He knows my secrets, so its an even trade."

They looked at each other in silence.

Sam took in a deep breath and picked up the knapsack. "I'll distribute what's in here-and then find positions for our people. Now that we have more guns, we should have some snipers on the roof."

"Most of those people don't know how to shoot." Chloe reminded him. "We don't want them shooting us by mistake."

"Desiree knows how to shoot, and so does Desmond."

Chloe nodded, not caring to ask how he'd found that out. "So we have Desiree and Desmond." She picked up Annabel's luggage. "And Annabel. You should be the forth sniper. I'd feel safer knowing that an excellent shot is up there keeping an eye on me."

He cracked a small smile. "How would you know if I'm a good shot or not?"

She walked passed him. "You're John Winchester's son."

That said it all.

He turned to look at her. "Shouldn't you-I don't know-change your shirt?"

Chloe stopped and looked down at her torn, bloody shirt, and her breasts, which were nearly bursting out of her black bra. "I thought I could take a page out of Lois' book and use these to my advantage-make them be distracting."

"Oh, they're distracting all right." Sam mumbled.

Chloe shot him a look and laughed as she turned and left to find Annabel.
1st-Aug-2010 08:56 pm (UTC)
Of course Chloe would know John. Chloe is so wicked and totally bad ass. Can't wait to see what happens when Lois shows up.
1st-Aug-2010 10:09 pm (UTC)
Isn't she? *puffs chest out in pride*

Oh, yes, *Lois*....
2nd-Aug-2010 03:10 am (UTC)
Okay so I had this lovely hot and dirty Sam/Chloe image in my head after reading this. I am however gonna keep it to myself just in case I am reading your dirty little mind. Don't want to post it then you have to come up with another idea cause I like the dirty images in my head. Please write them thanks!

2nd-Aug-2010 03:45 am (UTC)
You have no idea how flattered I am that something I didn't intend to be sensuous in any way got you imagining dirtiness. :)
2nd-Aug-2010 03:47 am (UTC)

Well I am just a bit off center anyway.
2nd-Aug-2010 03:54 am (UTC)
Well, Chloe might not have the pimped combo spear, but she's a got a pretty neat knife with a return option if you ever drop it (I bet that's why it disappeared.). :P More guns means more fun! Yeah! And Lois is on da way! :D
2nd-Aug-2010 03:57 am (UTC)
Yep, she's got quite a pimped out weapon herself---if only she can learn to use/control it. ;)
2nd-Aug-2010 09:28 am (UTC)
i have no problem if she accidently stabs Yarbro with it ;)
2nd-Aug-2010 11:57 am (UTC)
hahahaha! *agrees*
2nd-Aug-2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
Awesome! I'd completely forgotten about Chloe's discussion with John in Pyramid. Thanks for the reminder. And now Sam and she will bond more, which should be good. And Lois is practically on Chloe's heels now, so that should be more than adequate backup. Hell, Sam, Chloe and Lois could probably take the bad guys on alone and still make it out fine and dandy. I heart crossovers soooo much! ;D
2nd-Aug-2010 11:58 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome :)
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