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Gentle 9/11 
4th-Aug-2010 03:53 pm

Title: Gentle (Part Two)
Characters: Chloe, Sam, Lois, Lana, Dean, Mary, John, Ma, Pa
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The thing that made an isolated, scarred ten year old Chloe notice fourteen year old Sam was the fact that he was gentle, incredibly so. She'd never seen someone that gentle before, hadn't realized someone like him existed.
A/N: In this universe NOTHING supernatural ever happened to the Winchester family (kinda like in the universe shown in "What Is And What Should Never Be") so the family are all alive and living in Lawrence. And, of course, NOTHING is canon in Smallville.
WARNING: Somewhat dark, mentioned child abuse.
A/N: Copyright for the pictures used in this chapter belong to whoever took them.

Mary and John didn't know exactly how to deal with the situation.

One of the nurses had called them early morning to let them know that they'd gone to check up on Chloe and had found Sam sleeping on one of the chairs, Titus open on his chest, a turned on flashlight on the ground next to his feet. Obviously he'd snuck in after hours to read for Chloe and had fallen asleep.

Mary and John had decided to ground that boy till he was a grandparent.

And then Nurse Marva had called back again, saying that she'd gone back to check up on them and had stumbled upon Sam crying and Chloe trying to comfort him. Neither kid had noticed her and she'd slipped out undetected, but had called them to let them know in case something had happened.

And this was what Mary and John didn't exactly know how to deal with.

Hearing humming, and smelling something good, the parents finally stumbled out of bed and tiptoed towards the kitchen, peeking inside.

Lana was standing on top of a stool, busy at work, cooking on the stove.

Mary's heart hurt with fear that the child could hurt herself, burn herself, but the young girl seemed used to navigating around a kitchen, and knives, and hot stoves.

Mary wondered if the captors had made the girls cook for them.

Lois was sitting on a chair, not helping, but keeping a watchful eye on Lana, and a wary one on Dean, as he walked around straining with a jar of jam he seemed unable to open.

Dean cursed, slamming the jar down.

Lana squeaked.

Lois jumped.

John and Mary exchanged looks.

Dean winced, looking between the two girls. "Come on you two, don't be so jumpy. I'm just loud by nature."

Lana watched him warily.

Lois narrowed her eyes.

"It's not manly to hit chicks." Dean assured them, leaning against the counter. "And believe me, the girls at my school love me. I'm gorgeous, lovable, and I know how to treat a woman right."

John smirked in amusement.

Mary gave him a look.

Lana eyed Dean for a moment longer before deciding to take his word for it, and turned back to whatever it was she was doing.

Lois eyed the jar of jam before snorting and looking away, folding her arms over her chest. "Defeated by bottled produce. Pathetic."

Dean snorted. "Listen to you. Like you could do any better."

She seemed insulted by that and reached for the jar and without even putting any effort into it, she opened the lid.

A smirk appeared on her face as she held it up. "Here you go." She handed it to him. "You know, I've seen this on the television. Usually, the guy is the one who is supposed to be the one doing the opening of the jar."

Dean pouted, looking at the opened jar. "I loosened it for you."

"You wish!" Lois barked out laughter before she paused and brought a hand to her mouth, eyes wide in shock.

Lana turned and looked at Lois with wide eyes.

Mary smiled and brought a hand to her heart.

That was the first time she'd seen any sort of amusement from Lois.

John placed an arm around his wife's shoulder.

"See? I got a way with the ladies." Dean grinned. "Got you to laugh. And you're usually miserable."

Lois glared at him, though not with much venom. "I don't think it counts if I was laughing at you."

Dean wasn't affected though, passing the jar to Lana. "There you go, princess."

"Princess?" Lana blinked, confused. "I'm not a princess."

"Course you are." Dean raised his hand and used it to ruffle her hair messily, ignoring the visible flinch she'd given and the way Lois had jerked as if to stand and defend the younger girl.

Lana looked at Dean in confused, eyes raising upwards towards her hair before tilting her head. "Why are you messing up my hair?"

"I've seen your father do that too, to you and your brother." Lois agreed, looking uneasy yet curious as she realized that Lana was okay. "What does this gesture signify?"

He snorted his laughter. "This is how one shows affections."

"Affection." Lana frowned deeper. "You mean affliction."

"No," Dean shook his head. "Affection. Means I like you."

Lois mouthed the word.

Mary brought a hand to her mouth.

Lana's eyes were wide. "You like me?" She blinked. "Why?"

Dean hesitated, frowning slightly. "Why not?"

"Is it the fact that I'm making breakfast?" Lana wanted to know.

"Lana." Lois stopped her from questioning more.

"People don't need reasons to like you more." Dean tried to explain to Lana. "We like you just because."

Lana frowned. "That's not true! For Grandfather to like us we have to-."

"Lana!" Lois snapped, standing up. "Shut up!"

Lana went still.

Mary and John shared a look.


"Hey!" Dean snapped at Lois. "Don't shout at her!"

"Stay out of this!" Lois screamed at him. "You're not our family!" And with that she kicked the table's leg.

And it broke, collapsing to the ground.

She gazed at in it horror before looking up at Dean and rushing out of the house.

"Lois!" Mary called out, worried as the door shut closed. "She doesn't know the neighborhood. She could get lost!"

"I'll go after her." John promised, heading it the door.

Lana was crying.

"Oh baby." Mary went and wrapped her arms around the only one of the girls who'd allow her to touch her. "Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine."

Dean looked guilty. "I'm going to go help dad." And he left the house as well.

Mary held Lana close, and turned off the stove.

In all this mess she forgot all about Sam and his punishment.


Sam had left.

He said he had to go to 'school'.

Chloe hadn't known what he was talking about and had gotten him to explain that it was a building that kids went to learn in. Why they couldn't learn at home like she, Lana and Lois had was confusing for her, but she'd kept her questions to herself. He'd been very sad at the thought of his impending punishment, and while he assured her that everything was fine and she shouldn't worry, Chloe was worrying. She'd been bad. He'd felt guilty because he'd told her he'd come, and so because of that he'd disobeyed his parents and so because of her he was going to get the grounding. She needed to talk to Mary and John and let them know that Sam didn't deserve the grounding and she did instead. Or maybe they could do the grounding together. It'd be less lonely that way.

Sam told her that his parents' grounding was different, but she didn't quite believe him.

"Hello sweetie." The nurse with the ever-present smile came into the room with her breakfast. "How are you feeling today?"

She looked around, as if searching for something.

Chloe watched her cautiously.

Had she known about Sam being there?

Did she work for Grandfather?

Was he keeping an eye on her through this nurse woman?

"Silent as ever." The nurse mumbled thoughtfully to herself. "You've been healing exceptionally well, surprisingly well, actually. Doctor Williams thinks you can go to the Winchester's home tomorrow."

Chloe's eyes widened. "I can go?"

The nurse smiled brightly and nodded. "Yep. Most probably."

Chloe smiled, in awe.

She was finally going to see the place that Lana said was like a mansion, gorgeous and spacious and not even the bathrooms were the size of the room under the stairs.

Their home must be amazing.

The young girl smiled and reached for the tray.


Dean caught up with his father and Lois, both standing in the middle of the street.

"I didn't mean to----." Lois' eyes were wide with fear and unshed tears, sputtering out apparent gibberish. "I'm just not used to having it under my control. I----."

"Honey, I don't care about the table." John tried to assure her. "It's your leg I'm worried about. You must have hurt it."

Lois eyed John with such confusion that it made Dean pissed off.

The thought of someone being worried about her had the kid confused?

He'd never seen someone so screwed up as these three girls.

And it pissed him off.

He didn't like kids.

As a rule he ignored them and gave them a wide berth unless he was using them to get to their cute older sisters...but these three girls were hard to ignore.

"Stop doing that." Lois pleaded.

John looked just as confused as Dean. "Stop doing what sweetie?"

"That!" She pointed at him frantically. "Stop acting as if you actually care about us!"


"I'm not your sweetie!" Lois screamed, stabbing viciously at her tear-filled eyes. "We're nothing to you! So stop pretending that we are! Stop---stop confusing Lana!" Her voice cracked. "She thinks this is her new home! When we go away she's going to be hurt! So stop! Please!"

"Sw-Lois." John tried again. "Lois, we're not going to send you away."

"You are!" Lois seemed frantic, gesturing towards the house. "Our parents didn't want us, Ma and Pa didn't want us----why should you?" Her voice was hoarse from emotion as she continued to wipe her eyes, desperate to try and be somewhat strong. "Stop pretending that you're so nice. Stop acting as if you actually like us. Stop confusing Lana into thinking that people will actually treat us this way from now on! It isn't normal!"

"Yes, honey." John's voice broke. "It is normal."

"No it's not!" Lois' whole body was shaking. "No one has ever treated us like this before! It's not normal! Stop confusing us! I hate you for confusing us!"

Dean had to look away.

"Lois." John spoke firmly, but Dean could hear the emotion in his father's voice. "I need you to look at me."

She forced herself to do so.

"Lois." John tried again. "I'm sorry you had to go through what you and your sisters did, but you have to understand that those people were the ones who weren't normal. Those people you lived with were monsters, and they had no right to treat you three the way they did. You deserve a childhood, you deserve being treated like kids and enjoying your lives. You deserve to be treated like human beings."

"Your rules don't apply to us." Lois whispered, numbly. "We're 'special'."

Dean looked back at her, confused.

Lois sniffled and wiped at her tears, seeming numb. "I'm sorry for breaking your table. I didn't mean to." She was so calm it was creepy. "I lost control of my temper and that violates everything I've been taught. It won't happen again." She moved toward the house. "I'll go clean up the mess."

John and Dean watched her go.

Dean's eyes were narrowed. "What the fuck did they do to those girls?"

"I don't know." John announced as he stood. "But I'm sick of letting the F.B.I. sweep this under the rug. It's time I call Caleb."

Dean turned towards John. "Your friend from the Marines who became a P.I.?"

John nodded.

"When we find out who's behind this, I call first dibs."

John snorted. "Already called."


Sam clenched his fist.

That was a small room to lock a kid in for days.

He'd lied to Chloe, unable to go to school after the morning he'd had. And he'd figured, he was already in trouble with his parents, so a little longer couldn't really hurt. So he'd made his way to the alley where the cat and her kittens here, and from there he'd seen the house with the police tape all around it. He'd furthered his career in crime by breaking into the place and had nearly turned and run away when he'd seen the markings on the ground of where the bodies had lain, but he pushed himself forwards.

He'd looked around the main floor first. The place was very small, cramped. He'd then checked downstairs and his stomach had went queasy at the crematorium.

The boy had then gone back upstairs and found the room under the stairs that Chloe had told him about.

He felt even sicker.

He wanted to go home.

But instead he pushed himself forwards and went upstairs, to where the bedrooms were. There were three bedrooms.

They were stripped bare.

He went through the Masters, then the guest, and then to the other.

There was nothing there to betray that anyone had ever lived there.

Sam was about to go when something sticking out from behind the closet caught his attention.

The young man went towards it and knelt down, sticking his fingers into the slot and fished it out.

It was a picture.

Of a much younger Chloe.

She looked around two or three years old, and she was smiling a ridiculously cute smile, looking up at someone not shown in the picture. The woman, whose hands were on her shoulder, was cut out of the picture as well.


Somehow, Sam knew that this picture had been taken before Chloe had come to live with these people.

The girl he knew couldn't smile like the one in the picture.

Flipping the photo over, he looked at what was written there.

Test subject: Chloe Ann Sullivan, Age 2 1/2.

Status: Survived initial procedure and while she flatlined once before being revived, has not shown any signs of deformity, illness, or any of the other undesired side effects developed in other survivors.

Prognostics: Favorable. Will most probably not have to be put down. Will be kept in observation just in case.

He chilled.


Sam turned and hurried down the stairs.

He needed to show this to his father.
4th-Aug-2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
This fic really has a hold of you doesn't it. It's great how quickly you are posting it. You are doing a wonderful job with this one hon.

In a horrible nasty evil make me sniffly kinda way of course.

Keep writing but don't forget to eat. LOL
4th-Aug-2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
Yep, it does...and the fact that it's close to being finished is making me more inspired to try and write everything I can :)

dont worry, i wont forget!
4th-Aug-2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
I'm seriously in love with this story. And I'm curious about something.
Later are Lois and Dean going to be a couple like Sam and Chloe?

If your going to put either Lana or Lois with Dean later on I'd much rather it be Lois.

Anyway great chapter! I'm curious to know more about this grandfather. Did he abuse them sexually or anything like that? And I might have missed this but has there been anything said about what happened to "Pa"?

Also I'm going to make a guess on who the Grandfather is. It's Lionel Luthor right? Maybe? Think about it.

Update soon please;P *Puppydog eyes*
4th-Aug-2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, I haven't considered pairings for either Lois or Lana (or Dean) as yet, so I guess everything's possible.

Pa was killed by Ma in one of the earlier chapters. It was the first death the girls had ever witnessed.
4th-Aug-2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
omg at what sam found yikes . oh poor lois at least john sort of got thought to her a bit . PPMS
4th-Aug-2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
*nods head*
4th-Aug-2010 10:21 pm (UTC)
i want to hug all three girls so badly after reading this chapter and also to hug sam also . i hope that john and his freidns make gradfather pay and that the girls will be able to stay with them .
4th-Aug-2010 11:42 pm (UTC)
They all need that hug badly---especially the girls.
4th-Aug-2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
I don't know how you keep doing this but you're keeping me on an addictive story. things keep bleeding out little by little and I am loving every bit of it.
4th-Aug-2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Oh, thanks! I'm so happy to hear that! :)
5th-Aug-2010 12:53 am (UTC)
A lovely update.

I like that Lana's the first one to let the WInchesters in and it doesn't surprise me that Lois is putting up a fight but I have a feeling she'll let her guard down soon--maybe once Chloe's in the home too.

And I like that the Winchesters want to discover who is behind the abuse--I just hope that none of them gets hurt in the process.
5th-Aug-2010 01:41 am (UTC)
As the least abused, Lana will open up easier.
5th-Aug-2010 01:16 am (UTC)
Your writing never ceases to amaze me. But this is great even for you. I'm so in love with this story,it's painful and beautiful at the same time. The pain is obvious but the beauty is watching these little girls who in spite of everything want to trust. I'm glad that even though this you haven't dismissed the abuse and just let the little girls get over what they've been through. So in short thanks for writing yet another but still exceptional fic.
5th-Aug-2010 01:42 am (UTC)
Oh---thank you so very much! That made my night!
5th-Aug-2010 03:48 am (UTC)
I read this on fanfiction, and my comment is the same, this fic is breaking my heart and I want Chloe, Lana and Lois to have happy endings. Even though you're writing in a way that is really moving.
5th-Aug-2010 05:21 am (UTC)
I'm happy that its touching you :) *that just sounded so pervy* lol
6th-Aug-2010 12:47 am (UTC)
haha!! thank heavens it's not being pervy. lol!!
5th-Aug-2010 04:40 am (UTC)
dude. seriously. stop pulling my heart strings. there's only so much i can take. but of course, it just made me more in love with the fic. how many more chapters to do you think this one will have?
5th-Aug-2010 05:22 am (UTC)
Only a few more *tugs on your heartstrings while you're not looking*
25th-May-2012 05:40 pm (UTC)
Wow! wow!! wow!!!
What can I say? I'm addicted to ur story!
25th-May-2012 07:45 pm (UTC)
:D :D yayayayayayayayayayayay :D :D
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