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Gentle 11/11 
6th-Aug-2010 10:41 am

Title: Gentle (Part Two)
Characters: Chloe, Sam, Lois, Lana, Dean, Mary, John, Ma, Pa, Grandfather
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The thing that made an isolated, scarred ten year old Chloe notice fourteen year old Sam was the fact that he was gentle, incredibly so. She'd never seen someone that gentle before, hadn't realized someone like him existed.
A/N: In this universe NOTHING supernatural ever happened to the Winchester family (kinda like in the universe shown in "What Is And What Should Never Be") so the family are all alive and living in Lawrence. And, of course, NOTHING is canon in Smallville.
WARNING: Somewhat dark, mentioned child abuse.

John kept to the shadows, hidden form view by the side of the house, and yet still able to see the girls and to hear the conversation they were having in his backyard.

"I don't want the control anymore!" Lana whispered tearfully. "I'm just hurting people with it."

Lois tugged a little on her collar. "Lana. You just need to learn how to control it yourself without Ma to control when you can or can't use it. I know its hard, believe me, I broke the table with my strength. But we have to learn to control it on our own. The Winchesters aren't going to like us if they know how different we are. What we are."

Lana wiped at her tears. "Why?"

"Lana..." Lois whispered, drawing her close. "We're special, okay? You heard Ma and Pa. No one will understand us, or like us, if they knew the truth." She paused. "You like these people, right?"

"Don't you?" Lana whispered.

Lois paused, taking in a deep breath. "They're...unnaturally nice...so far."

"You like them." Lana protested.

"So what if I do?" Lois snapped, before sighing and looking up at the sky. "They don't really like us if they don't really know us, Lana. And you know we can't tell them. If we tell them, Grandfather will be able to know because of the feed in our collars. And you know what Ma said will happen to the people we tell."

Lana's face went pale. "They'll 'go away'."

"Just like Ma made Pa go away." Lois's face was serious. "We don't want these people to go away, Lana, but they will. So even if they actually would still like us after we tell them about us, Grandfather will only kill them."

"Isn't there a way for us to get around it? To let them know without Grandfather knowing that we let them know?" Lana pleaded. "I like them. They'll still like us. I know they will."

"There's no other way, Lana." Lois whispered. "We can never tell them for their own good. Okay? You have to understand. If I hadn't shut you up in the kitchen that day-and if Chloe and I hadn't kept them from seeing you today-Lana, you would have gotten the people you like so much murdered, don't you get that?"

Lana's bottom lip trembled. "But-."

"Grow up Lana!" Lois snapped. "Every action you do carelessly is endangering them and us! We mightn't be with Ma and Pa anymore but we still belong to Grandfather, and he will discipline us if he thinks we deserve it."

Lana lowered her head, clutching at her collar.

"Exactly." Lois whispered. "Lana, they're never going to get these off of us. You know they're wired to kill us if removed."

Lana shivered.

"And they can send programs wirelessly to the collars any time they want." Lois was desperate to get her sister to understand this. "They could kill us from miles away and no one would know. All they need is to press one button."

Lana gulped.

"So please, for the good of everyone, control yourself." Lois' hands were on Lana's shoulders. "Or we will be controlled again, unable to use our powers unless they give us permission. You don't want that again, right? That electric shock that enters our bodies whenever we try to use it on our own? Or we disobey them?"

"No." Lana shook her head, sniffling. "I'll behave. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Especially not because of me."

"Thank you." Lois whispered. "Now, let's go see Chloe, okay?"

Lana nodded. "I need to apologize to her. Her body's weak and it hurt her to use her power to cover for me."

John slipped back into the house, the information buzzing in his head.

He needed to speak with Mary.


Grandfather gazed at the pictures that'd been taken a few days ago.

All the girls were in the Winchester house, and seemed to be slowly integrating themselves into the family.

He smiled.

The Winchesters hadn't filed for right to foster the children, so they'd be surprised when tomorrow the papers arrived for them to sign.

These were the perfect people for his girls to learn from.

Until he felt they'd learnt everything they could about normal people and their lives, and how to live and mingle with them, they could stay with this small suburban family. He'd even set it up so that with the fostering, the 'government' would be paying the Winchesters a pretty penny to cover the girls 'expenses'.

After all, a Grandfather took care of his own, didn't he?


The Master Bedroom was quiet as the four Winchesters shared looks.

Dean finally was unable to stay quiet. "So you're saying that the Chipettes were experimented on, and because of that they developed powers, and the collars are a way to keep those powers under control."

John nodded.

"And that this Grandfather has control of them through a wireless feed in the collars that we can't even try to disarm or take off because its designed to kill them if the collars are tampered with." Sam leaned against the bedroom door, eyes blank, arms folded over his chest.

John nodded. "That's correct."

"That bastard." Mary hissed, sitting down on the bed. "Those poor children John! And we can't even let them know that we know because-."

"Grandfather will press the button and blow their heads off." Dean summarized with a dark scowl.

"Dean." Mary scolded.

"What? It's what's going to happen." Dean frowned.

John sighed. "As a family we need to decide what's going to be done."

"We can't send them away, John. We're all they have!" Mary exclaimed. "They'll get separated, and we don't know if they'll get abused. Those kids have gone through so much already to have to go through more trauma!"

"They have powers." John reminded.

"Which they're trying to control." Sam interrupted. "We're the only thing stable that they have. We can't turn our backs on them when they need us the most."

Dean made a face. "Those kids aren't dangerous, dad. Annoying, maybe, but not dangerous."

"I never thought they were the dangerous ones." John amended. "Its this Grandfather I'm worried about." His eyes narrowed. "You're my family, and I love you more than anything. I don't want to put you in danger."

"We'll be fine, John." Mary assured him.

"Yeah dad, and I'm a man now." The soon to graduate teenager announced. "So that means the only baby we really need to look out for is Samantha."

"Shut up Jerk." Sam glared.

"Make me, Bitch." Dean grinned.

"Dean!" Mary gasped.

John slapped him up the back of his head. "Language."

Dean pouted. "I'm going to graduate in two months! I should be able to have some freedom!"

Everyone ignored him.

"We should put this to a vote." Mary announced. "Who has any doubts about letting them stay?"

John's hand went went.

Mary cleared her throat. "Who votes to keep the girls with us?"

Sam's hand went up.

Dean rubbed the back of his head with one hand and put up his other.

Mary smiled and put her hand up as well.

John sighed, looking between them, before smiling crookedly and putting his hand up as well.

Mary grinned brightly. "I'm going to take the girls shopping tomorrow! We have to make that room more personal for them. You three have to come with us so you can cary what we buy-of course."

The men looked terrified at the thought of going shopping.

Sam cleared his throat. "And also, if we see anything we shouldn't, power-wise...we're going to pretend we didn't see it, right?"

Dean nodded. "Best course of action, I think."

"Until we can catch this guy and get him to disarm the collars." John nodded. "I have Caleb trying to find out his identity. If anyone can, it's Caleb."

Mary smiled. "Okay, we'll go see about getting permission to legally be the girls' guardians...and...this is so exciting! Off to bed! Tomorrow we're going shopping!"

The boys groaned as they left the room.


Waking up in the middle of the night, Chloe gasped, tugging at her collar somewhat, feeling claustrophobic. She didn't remember what she'd been dreaming, but she needed some air.

The girl eased out of bed slowly, trying not to disturb the two girls in the bed with her, and made her way to the window, opening it. She leaned her head out and took in a deep breath, closing her eyes as she concentrated on just breathing.

Her heart was racing, her stomach queasy, and her head was hurting her. It was a physical manifestation of what she'd felt in her dream, and she was used to this. They all were.

Opening her eyes as the symptoms began to subside into faint memories before disappearing all together, Chloe looked up at the sky with a small smile.

It was a beautiful night.

Sensing movement down below, she gazed down and froze.

There, under the large tree, bathed in the moonlight, was a man.

He looked up at her, mouth twisted in a smile, before bringing his finger to his lips in a 'shhhhh' motion.

And then he turned and walked away.

She watched him until he disappeared, the child confused and scared and...

Chloe pulled the windows closed roughly, drawing the curtains as she turned her back on them.

6th-Aug-2010 05:18 pm (UTC)

and Woe!

So happy the girls are getting to stay with the Winchesters.

But so sad they are not truly free. Mean old grandfather needs to go away!
6th-Aug-2010 08:00 pm (UTC)
Yep, there's happiness and sadness ahead for them....
6th-Aug-2010 07:20 pm (UTC)
This was awesome and I need a sequel to this;D
6th-Aug-2010 07:30 pm (UTC)
You will get a sequel---though I'm not sure when since I neglected my other stories to finish this one!
6th-Aug-2010 10:19 pm (UTC)
just woke up to two chapters - lucky me! I'm glad you made it so the Winchesters know about their powers... and I really wish there was a way for them to remove the collars somehow. I don't think it would make them safe cause 'grandfather' sounds like a bad ass douche who would come after them anyway - but at the moment they're just sitting ducks! I also think I kind of like the idea of Dean as a big bro figure... I think if you were going to pair him with either lana/lois, they would have to be WAY way older. way way way older lol. but that's just my opinion. anyways loved the fic - really looking forward to any follow up that may come about... have you thought about how old they would be etc. for the next part? oh and also, how would the grandfather 'know' if they told anyone about their powers? does that mean he's able to listen in on every single one of their conversations somehow, or is it something fandangled and technical that would only pick up on them giving away their secret?
6th-Aug-2010 11:56 pm (UTC)
I can give away enough that they will not be able to get off the collars. I'm *considering* pairing him with the other girls but I'm not sure at all.
Can't reveal the ages for the next segment! Sorry!
Oh, I should have explained it. They're conditioned in a way that he will know if they've disobeyed an order. It's something to do with their brains and body since they would know they've disobeyed and would react in a certain way that the collars would pick up and transmit.
7th-Aug-2010 12:58 am (UTC)
ahaaa... thanks for clearing that up.

well despite your lack of spoilers ;p I look forward to the sequel, whenever you are able to manage it! :D
6th-Aug-2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
The last two chapters were fabulous!

I like that the Winchesters now know all about the girls' abilities and that they want to help them to live normal lives.

But now "grandfather" is going to leave them alone, but what happens when he decides that he wants the girls back?

I hope this means that a sequel is brewing in that brain of yours :):)
6th-Aug-2010 11:52 pm (UTC)
Very good question!
And *yes* it means so!
6th-Aug-2010 11:38 pm (UTC)
omg that was really good. i am so glad you will be writing more of this when you get the chance .
6th-Aug-2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
Yay, I'm glad I can count on you to read the sequel whenever it comes out :)
7th-Aug-2010 12:49 am (UTC)
i have a theory on the idenity if the grandfather is it either lionel or yed?
7th-Aug-2010 01:08 am (UTC)
Sorry, can't say who it is yet! :)
8th-Aug-2010 04:31 pm (UTC)
Oh please tell me this isn't the end for the girls and the Winchesters. This has been an addiction of mine coming here and reading about the beginning. I love that John made it a family choice. Excellent story
8th-Aug-2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks! and no, there should be more later, though I don' know when :(
9th-Aug-2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
hey where is that AM pic from? it's awesome
9th-Aug-2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
The picture in the banner is taken from a tv movie (lifetime or something like that) called "A Mother's Revenge" where Allison Mack's character gets beaten and raped by her school's janitor, but he doesn't get sentenced to prison...and her mom tries to get justice for what has happened.
10th-Aug-2010 04:48 am (UTC)
oh wow, look @ dat that's horrible! i like how u manniped it in :)
10th-Aug-2010 05:31 am (UTC)
omg i found you!! I love your stories so much! I read a bunch on FF! this story is crazy amazing and i just love it!!

Gold Star
10th-Aug-2010 12:10 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy to hear that! Hopefully you continue enjoying :)
20th-Aug-2010 01:40 am (UTC)
Wow, this story was just so.. Wow!!! I kinda speechless right now :)

Really the plot was so unique and so freaking heartbreaking. *sniffles* Those poor girls! The completely AU-ness of the plot was just amazing with Lana, Lois, and Chloe having been 'taken' from their parents and 'raised' by Ma, all for the mysterious 'Grandfather'. It was all so very dark and sad and just plain brutal, but also absolutely compelling. Completely brilliant writing!

Also the surprise twist of having the Winchesters there and all the Winchesters at that, no Mary being killed was freaking awesome as well. I also love how Chloe formed an attachment to Sam, all because of how gentle he is with others. Aww! And Sam's just wonderful with how he interacts with Chloe.

Anyways, this story was heartbreaking at times, heartwarming at others and just plain awesome through out! Thanks SO much for sharing, I really did love it!!!

20th-Aug-2010 02:03 am (UTC)
Thanks! I had a very interesting time writing this, since I probably sniffled and cried while writing it (embarrassing but true) and I really *felt* what I was writing. So I'm happy that those feelings were transmitted through to you.
22nd-Aug-2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
STILL creepy. I'm with the Grandfather-is-Lionel camp. Who else would be this evil & resourceful? I'm guessing both Ma and Pa were throwaway OCs? I will still see Gina in my mind's eye whenever I think of Ma, though.

Enjoyed the way you picked up the Lois-as-caretaker-of-younger-sisters theme from SV throughout this story, and also her difficulty opening up & trusting. You've done some amazing work with the screen caps, too.
22nd-Aug-2010 10:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Im glad that you're enjoying it and the characters. And yes, ma and pa were throwaway ocs. lol
24th-Aug-2010 08:30 pm (UTC)
AMAZING story!!! :D
Congratulations, it's really brilliant!
26th-May-2012 08:16 am (UTC)
Awesome story!
Like I said earlier, normally I don't read Chlam fics, this is my first time and I enjoyed reading every chapter in ur fic:)
I think "Gentle" must be one of the best most emotional fanfic I have ever read.. and also written by a talented writer!
Now I'm off to read the sequel to this..
26th-May-2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
Oh! Aw! Thank you so very much hon! Means a lot!
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