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Winds of Change 10/? 
26th-Jul-2008 01:37 pm

Title: Winds of Change 10/?
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Pairing: chlex, chlark
Summary:Jor-EL changed the past, changed the future, but what he couldn't change were Chloe Sullivan and Lex Luthor, two stubborn and strong-willed peronsalities. Neither could he mute the feeling calling them back to Smallville


This chapter, as mentioned above, will be a very dark chapter due to its contents. THIS IS NOT the last chapter, I still have a couple of them to go, and things will be explained in subsequent chapters, just know that elements in this chapter were crucial and needed to happen. Remember that this IS an IN BETWEEN SMALLVILLE/SUPERMAN story, and yet it is STILL AU, so I had to do some things to get certain things I motion. Oh well, just wanted to warn my readers.

 Hey baby, didn’t want to wake you up because you needed your rest. Just wanted to let you know that Dinah and I went out to do some shopping and get some pickles and ice cream--for some reason I have a craving for both of them and the kitchen staff says we’re out of both! Love you my sleepyhead, and TRY have a good breakfast before finishing up your work in the study, okay? You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!



Lex smiled and shook his head as he reread the little note he’d found on her pillow early that morning when he’d woken up. It would seem that time had gone by faster than Chloe and Dinah had anticipated, because it was well after lunch and the two mischievous brunettes had yet to call or show up. Usually Lex would have called by now to make sure that everything was fine, but he didn’t want to intrude on the cousins bonding time, plus, this gave him time to once and for all do what he’d needed to do all along--make a decision about 33.1.

Sighing, the heir of LuthorCorp looked at the last folder and closed it. His father could be very persuasive when he wanted to be, and by showing this confident and very delicate information to Lex, Lionel had been showing a trust in his son that he never had before. That alone had Lex conflicted, and while the young Luthor could understand his father’s views and even agree with some of what he said, he didn’t think he’d ever truly be able to experiment on human beings like this without feeling like a monster.

What about the family of the Meteor Infected? Lionel had tried to use Chloe’s and Lex’s child as a way to get Lex to join him, but it’d been his downfall because Lex never would have wanted anyone to grab his child and experiment on him if he’d ever become different.

Sighing, Lex shook his head.

He was going to turn down his father’s offer.

Reaching for the phone to call Lionel and tell him just that, it rang the moment he touched it.

Lex frowned, picked up the receiver, and placed it to his ear. “Luthor speaking.”

“Mister Luthor.” A voice he didn’t recognize spoke. “I’m calling from the Smallville Clinic…”

Oh, maybe the doctor wanted have another checkup with Chloe to make sure that the baby was fine?

“There’s been an accident.”

“Get your hands off of me!” Dinah Sullivan was going to box the ears off of the next person who made a grab at her and tried to get her to take the damned tranquilizers. She didn’t need tranquilizers! What she needed was for the police to do their damned job and for Lex to be here. She needed Lex because he would know what to do!


Turning at the horrified voice, Dinah slapped at the nurse who placed her hand on her arm and ignored the deputy placed to shadow her for ‘her own protection’. “Lex!”

He was pale, terror written on his face as he arrived by her side. “What happened? Where’s Chloe? Are you okay?” His worry was causing his sentences to run one right into the other. “I only heard the nurse say that there’d been an accident and I came right away.” His eyes searched the room desperately. “Where is Chloe?”

The deputy stepped forwards. “Sir--.”

“Oh stand down Detective DIMWIT!” Dinah snapped at him before turning to Lex. “They’re looking for her, but I don’t trust these small-town hillbillies, Lex, I don’t know what that thing was but it wasn’t human! No human being could take being run into by a jaguar--totaling the jaguar!--and cause his hands to become fucking metal blades!”

Horror crossed Lex’s blue eyes. “Dinah, what are you saying?”

“We were ambushed!” Dinah swatted at another nurse attempting to give her ‘chill pills’. “Leave me the hell alone dammit!” She snapped at the woman before turning to Lex. “We were driving to town when this guy just stepped out in front of us! Chloe stepped on the breaks but it was too close, we ran smack-dab into him.” She trembled at the memory. “Thank God we were both using seatbelts.” The brunette shook her head. “The next thing I knew Chloe’s door was yanked straight off its hinges and thrown away and the guy was right there, demanding to know who ‘Luthor’s whore’ was.”

Lex was trembling. Anyone who didn’t know him would have contributed it to fear, but Dinah could see the fury building behind those usually stoic blue eyes.

“I said it was me, but Chloe wouldn’t shut up!” Dinah kicked the wall in anger, wincing at the pain that jolted up her injured, bruised, and cut body. “She told him it was her and he believed her. One of his arms turned into this blade and he sliced the seat belt off of her and yanked her out of the car. I tried to get out but he flipped the car with one hand--and the next thing I knew I work up here.”

Lex’s fists were shaking from the force of his fury. “Don’t worry, Dinah, I’m going to find Chloe and I’m going to make sure the fucker that touched her pays.”

She saw demonic anger in those eyes, saw the promise of torture, and she hardened her heart. “Good.”

Out of all of the places her captor could have taken her, it had had to be the Kawatche Caves. It would seem that Chloe’s life would always be filled with ironies that she would never fully appreciate or truly understand. The man--the thing--whatever he was, flung her to the ground in the inner chambers of the cave, causing her to hit the wall with the painting of Segeet and Numan with a loud thud.

Chloe looked at the silent man as he turned his back from her, shoulders slumped, body tense, and realized that there was no way that she was going to get out of this by physical force or by even trying to sneak away. If she was going to live to see another day she was going to have to try to appeal to this person’s humanity--if he had any.

“Please don’t throw me around so hard.” She spoke. “I’m pregnant.”

He flinched, as it she’d physically hurt him. “I am sorry.”

“That’s okay.” This was progress. “You didn’t know.”

“No, you don’t get it.” He turned to her, face agonized. “I’m sorry for what I’m going to have to do to you.”

Fear sliced her heart and she shuffled back further against the wall, wishing she could pass through it and get out of here. “W-wh-what?”

“I have to do this.” The man told her, not moving an inch but in a blink of an eye his arm had become a long metal blade. “This is the only choice I have, I’m just sorry that someone innocent is going to have to suffer for the sins of that bastard.” He paused, closing his eyes. “Two innocents.”

“Who—whose sins?” Chloe stammered, knowing that the longer she kept him talking the more chance there was of them being found and her rescued. “What are you talking about? Who are you?” Her gaze went to his transformed arm. “What are you?”

“A freak!” The man hissed, slicing the air with his blade viciously as he said that word. “I used to normal, I should have been normal, but I turned into a freak after the meteor shower! So many of us are, so many of us have had to suffer because of something we didn’t want! We went to him because he offered us hope, hope that we and our loved ones could be normal again, he said that he wanted to help us--but he lied! He experimented on us and treated us like we were less than animals!

Chloe felt tears welling in her eyes. “Who?”

He narrowed his eyes as he looked deep into hers. “Lionel Luthor.”

Chloe gasped, eyes widening, feeling as if she’d been slapped. “That’s a lie!” She screamed a tear skidding down her cheek. “Lionel might be many things, but he’s not--he wouldn’t--!”

“He did!” The fingers of his normal hand curled around his shirt and yanked it up, revealing a large, ugly scar that ran up from below his navel up to his collarbone. “He was there personally when they did this to me. Said they wanted to see how my body reacted to pain, what parts of me went numb and which could still feel. They cut and sliced me up like a was any piece of meat.” His voice choked. “I was awake the whole time!”

Chloe’s mouth went to her hand to silence her sob as she surveyed the awful, painful looking and completely deforming scar. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” And she was. She was sorry that anyone had had to live through something so horrible, horrified that someone who she’d trusted had been able to do this to another human being.

Lex would be so horrified if he knew what his father was doing!

I didn’t know…” Her sorrowful whisper echoed off the walls of the caves.

Lionel smirked when he saw his son’s number on the phone. Apparently everything was going as planned. “I hope this is very important Lex.” He growled, putting some annoyance into his voice just to play a little. “I just had to walk out of a very important meeting.”

“One of your freaks took Chloe.” Lex growled, anger and despair thick in his voice.

Lionel’s smirk grew larger. “What the devil are you talking about?” He knew what Lex was talking about because he’d orchestrated the whole thing. Linus had been his first success at a controlled Meteor Freak, and while he was under orders to not hurt Chloe, he’d been told to ruffle her up just a little. Lionel knew that his son hadn’t been convinced into joining him on this, and he’d needed to do something that would give Lex a push in the right direction and yet not harm the young woman Lionel cared deeply for and wanted for a daughter-in-law.

“Chloe’s been kidnapped, by a Meteor Freak.” Lex’s voice broke.

What?” Lionel cleared his voice, placing in the amount of urgency expected without it sounding over the top and thus suspicious. “I’m coming to Smallville this instance!” Ending the phone call, Lionel stood, victorious expression on his face.

The whole town was in an uproar as the news spread like wildfire. Jonathan Kent couldn’t feel more useless than now as he watched Lana and Martha crying as Dinah, whom they gone to see at the hospital, confirmed the story that’d been circulating the town. She didn’t know exactly what had attacked them, but Jonathan and those with him did. They’d lived in Smallville their whole lives, they’d helped Clark fight the various Meteor Freaks that’d threatened the safety of everyone.

And they knew how much danger that put Chloe in at the moment.

The police had dispatchers combing the area, trying to find her, and Lex had gone out after leaving Dinah in Jonathan’s charge, trying to find her himself. The young man was besides himself with desperation, and Jonathan’s heart went out for him as once more he was assured of the young Luthor’s love for Chloe, which meant that his son’s heart wasn’t being broken in vain.

Jonathan closed his eyes in frustration, thinking about his son. The boy had chosen a horrible time to disappear. Well, truthfully he’d disappeared last night during the dinner, and hadn’t been back yet, and while Martha was worried Jonathan knew where the boy was.

He was in the Fortress, probably having a helluvan argument with Jor-El.

If only he hadn’t taken the key with him I could have gone and let him know what was happening. Jonathan leaned his forehead against the wall. If anyone could find and save Chloe--it would be Clark.

If only they’d known how desperate Chloe’s situation truly was.

“I was in love once, you know.” The man keeping her captive offered the information. “We were together when the meteor shower hit, we were eleven, and just realizing what a boy and a girl could feel for each other.”

Chloe hugged herself, crying softly, as she looked up at him. “What happened?”

He sighed and sat down next to her. “She became a freak just like me, but she couldn’t do anything hurtful. Everywhere she walked flowers would spring up at her feet.”

Chloe managed a small smile at that. “She sounds like a nice person.”

“She was.” He nodded sadly, lost in his thoughts. “She was beautiful and sweet, wouldn’t harm a fly, but she couldn’t control her power. Everywhere she walked flowers appeared--in her home, on the street, in a restaurant--so when she heard about Luthor’s quest to ‘help us’ she went to him and I did because she did.”

Chloe closed her eyes, feeling the darkness in his voice and knowing that what he was about to say would give her nightmares for the rest of her life--if he didn’t kill her right after.

“At first everything was fine, and then when they had our trust it began, and we endured a lot because we trusted that it was for our own good.” His voice wavered yet he continued on. “And then when we realized the truth…it was too late. The experiments they did on her didn’t cure or control her powers--they made them worse, and when they realized that fauna was taking over they locked her in a contained room for days.”

Chloe shivered.

“I heard her screaming for help for days and nights, screaming to be let out, screaming that she couldn’t breathe--the fauna had overgrown in the tiny room and it ended up suffocating her.”

“Dear God.” Chloe’s eyes flew open in horror.

“When she died, the flowers and plants did as well, and they threw all the evidence into a large incinerator they have at the bottom of the facility.”

“I’m so sorry…”

“They let her suffocate slowly for days…” he turned to her, agony deep in those eyes. “I heard her screaming for help, screaming for me, and I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t save her.”

Chloe cried. She cried for her situation, cried for his pain, and cried for the memory of the terrified woman who’d just wanted to be normal again and had trusted the wrong person.

“So am I. I’m sorry that you had to be the one I used to avenge Colleen.” He whispered. “But I will make it quick and painless for you.”

She hadn’t even grasped the meaning of his words until he’d shifted and something pierced her stomach. A scream of pain erupted from her lips as Chloe placed her hands to her stomach, blinded by her own tears, and felt the metal that had impaled her.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in her ear as he pushed his blade in deeper. “I’m so sorry.” And everything went black.

Lex Luthor looked up from where he’d been angrily talking with his recently arrived father, feeling the agony and pain that exploded inside of his body.

Something horrible had just happened.


“WE’VE FOUND HER!” The searcher cried to those behind him, passing by the dead body of the young man whose own blade/arm was piercing his own heart, and hurried towards the still, unconscious body of the young brunette woman.

“THEY FOUND HER!” The others behind him called to those who were searching outside.

He ignored them and got to his knees, pulling off his shirt and pressing it against the wound in her stomach, trying to stall the blood-flow. Pressing his fingers to her neck, he searched for a pulse and grew frantic when not only couldn’t he find one, but she felt cold to the touch.

“Please, come on young miss!” He leaned over her and tried to find a heartbeat…and couldn’t. The searcher closed his eyes in sadness and leaned back as the others filled the cave room.

“How is she pa?” His son asked, hurrying towards him.

“It’s too late.” He looked at the fourteen-year-old’s eyes. “She’s dead.”

In the Fortress, Clark Kent paused in the middle of his violent argument with Jor-El. After leaving the dinner he’d gone to see the AI immediately, venting all of his anger and frustration out on the reason this was happening--on the reason Chloe didn’t love him, didn’t even remember their friendship, on the reason why Chloe and Lex Luthor were getting married.

His father had been calm despite Clark’s ire and disrespect, and had told him that a union between the Luthor clan and Clark’s chosen would never take fruit, that when he’d changed destinies some things had been altered, yes, but things not even Clark knew off had happened as well, and that had worried the young Kryptonian.

What else had Jor-EL done?

Pain caused him to double over and fall to his knees. Clark couldn’t understand what was happening, he didn’t feel pain unless there was Kryptonite involved, and since there was no Kryptonite in the Fortress it made no sense that he felt as if his heart had been torn out of his body.


“It is as I thought.” The AI sounded satisfied. “You have chosen well, Kal-EL. Our blood has accepted her and it has begun.”

For the first time since Lillian’s death, Lionel felt agony.

The head of Luthorcorp stood motionless as the doctors explained what they’d already known. Chloe had been dead upon arrival, she’d died alone in that cave, terrified, but they’d said that from the wounds it’d been a quick, nerly painless death.

Lionel closed his eyes and turned his back on everyone, unable to bear the sound of his son’s cry of agony, or watch as Dinah Sullivan tried to comfort him despite the fact that she was breaking apart as well at the news.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Chloe wasn’t supposed to be hurt! She wasn’t supposed to be killed! She was only supposed to be frightened so that Lex would accept that the mutant population was a threat to society and step up as he should have all along! It was not supposed to happen this way!

That traitorous creature Linus had been playing him all along and once Lionel had trusted that he had all of the control, the monster had gone and killed the only innocence that the Luthors had had left--he’d killed their Chloe and the child within her.

Lionel turned and watched in heart-wrenching agony and Dinah and Lex hugged each other, crying desperately.

Those freaks—those monsters—were all going to pay.

Now it was personal.

All she could feel was numbness. Her vision faded into darkness and her body seemed heavy as if it was being weighed down by something invisible. And then, suddenly, that weight was gone and she found herself standing on firm ground.

Chloe looked up, saw that she was in a tunnel of sorts and that there were two directions. One was darkness, and at the other side of the tunnel was a warm light. Chloe smiled as she saw the figures of her aunt and uncle waving at her from the side filled with light, and she began taking steps towards them…no…she wasn’t walking, she was floating.

She was floating down the tunnel towards the bright, warm light, towards her smiling aunt and uncle. Everything was going to be alright. She wasn’t alone now. She had her family.

But right before she could reach them the tunnel flashed a neon green, and besides her to her right, the wall of the tunnel opened, revealing a blinding white light, yet this one was cold. She turned towards it and raised her hand to shield her gaze from the brightness of the light, confused, wondering if there were two heavens.

A male figure was backlit by the cold light. “Mortal…” His voice was deep and familiar, as if she’d heard it before and knew that she could trust it. “You must come with me.”

“God?” She asked, taking a hesitant step towards the man and the cold.

“You might say that.” There was amusement in his voice. “I am a god of sorts compared to you mortals.”

Okay, the guy was confusing, but his voice rung in her ears in such a familiar way that she was drawn to him, deafened to her aunt and uncle calling to her to come to them.

“It is not your time yet, mortal.” His outline stretched its hand towards her. “You have a destiny to fulfill.”

Step…and another…all towards that figure in the cold light, until her hand was in his and suddenly she was out of the tunnel and in what would look like a crystal fortress, the sight so beautiful she couldn’t even speak. If this was heaven, it looked nothing like she’d thought, but it was gorgeous just the same. She looked around, realizing that she wasn’t cold.

“Do you remember the last time you were here, mortal?”

She looked towards the man and yet couldn’t find him anymore, the room was empty and yet his voice echoed off the walls. “Where are you?” She twirled around, trying to find where he hid.

“You didn’t know it at the time, but before you awakened the first time, you were put through a three-fold process.”

Confusion filled her soul as images of her waking up in a bed in a room of ice and yet warm, filled her. She saw herself talking to an invisible person as she was now, saw herself crying and accepting to do something for him, but what? What had she accepted to do? And who was him?

“Before you return, you must withstand the second phase.”

“Return?” Chloe asked. “But I’m dead, aren’t I?”

“There were some things even I couldn’t change, such as your heart.”

What did that have to do with anything?

But before she could demand an answer, there was a flash of light.

Gasping, Chloe would have sat up but there was a metal roof so close over her head that she was forced to remain lying on her back. She frowned, looking around herself in confusion, realizing that she was lying down on a cold metal slab, in something like a metal box. Not only was it dark and cold, but she was pretty sure that she was naked under the thin sheet over her body.

Where am I? How did I get here?

Images of being captured and the feel of a blade piercing her caused Chloe to scream and reach her hands to her stomach, eyes widening when she realized that there was no wound on her stomach. It was flat and felt normal, as if she’d never been stabbed.

“Hello?” Chloe cried out. “HELLO?”

Her breathing began to get uneven as the realization that she was trapped up in there set in.

“HELLO?” She screamed out as hard as she could, hitting the sides of the container she was in, kicking, trying to make noise. “SOMEONE! HELP! PLEASE! HELP ME!”

She knew that panicking would cause her to use up more of the little amount of oxygen she had, but Chloe wasn’t thinking rationally at the moment. All she knew was that she was locked up in a tiny container with a limited amount of oxygen, alone in the dark, in only God knew where.

“PLEASE!” She screamed, terror taking over. “SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!”

An odd stench around her made her pause, wondering what exactly it was.

That was when she noticed the bracelet of sorts, and she brought her arm close to her face, trying to read what it said on the tag.

Sullivan, Chloe

Caucasian female

Time Of Death:…

She stopped reading, eyes wide as she realized where exactly she was.

She was in a morgue.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME!” Her throat pained her from the force of her scream but she didn’t care, she’d gone into a frenzy, screaming and kicking, screaming and kicking, and she was about to go crazy when suddenly the wall behind her feet was pulled open and the tray she was on pulled out.

Chloe took in a deep breath of air and turned to her rescuer, not caring to wonder how he knew she was alive or even there. She forgot the fact that she was naked under that thin sheet and when he reached over and hugged her tightly, pulling her off of the tray and into his arms, she just hugged back, body trembling from the terror she’d faced, burying her face in his shoulder, crying.

“Shhhh.” Clark Kent whispered into her hair as he held her bridal-style, his muscles tense beneath her. “You’re okay now. I have you. I’m never going to let anything happen to you again.”

And she cried harder.

“We have to tell someone that she’s alive.” Jonathan Kent whispered to Martha as they stood by the door to Clark’s room, watching their son sleeping on a chair next to the bed, holding the hand of the young woman sleeping on his bed and looking better as time passed and her skin grew pink, shaking off the pallor of death.

“I know.” Martha whispered back, watching the scene longingly. “I just wish we could give them a little more time.”

“People will realize her body’s missing from the morgue.” Jonathan pressed. “They’ll think someone stole it, and it will give Lex a heat attack.” He paused, stressed to the bone. “We also have to come up with a  believable  idea as to why Clark was down at the morgue at that time of the night. We can’t say he picked up the sound of her screams and the frantic pounding of her heart by using his super hearing.”

Martha nodded. “We’ll think of something.”

Jonathan sighed, looking back at his son and Chloe. “And it better be something good.”



26th-Jul-2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
whoa that was dark. but i loved it. love how jor-el sort of fixed things does this mean chlark is back or is it still chlex? PPMS
27th-Jul-2008 02:11 am (UTC)
It's still both. WIll try to post the next chapter soon!
27th-Jul-2008 10:17 am (UTC)
WOA! powerful! I'm somehow sad for the Luthors...even though yeah they're basically bastards, well Lionel is anyway here. I know it's supposed to be a chlark story but you wrote it so wonderfully that the chlex is really my favorite thing in it...can't wait for the next part!
27th-Jul-2008 03:27 pm (UTC)
awww! Thanx! I'm glad you like it so much!
29th-Jul-2014 06:09 am (UTC)
I knew Lionel was behind it. Damn Lionel!! Now Lex will become crazy.

Chloe died( I cried), Jor-El brought her back and Clark took her home. I have many questions:

1- Did Jor-El Plan this from the beginning?
2- Chloe's blood was accepted for who exactly??
3- She will regain the memories from the other life?
4- Lex will become evil after all that's happened? What happens when he finds out that Lionel is behind the freak?
5- Chloe will discover that Lex already knew about the experiments?
6- What will Chloe do now that she knows what Lionel is doing?
7- Is Chloe stuck to that destiny Jor-El refers to?
8- Chloe is alive again, what about the baby? What happened to him?

I guess I should've studied journalism instead of Advertising. LOL

29th-Jul-2014 04:38 pm (UTC)
SO many questions!

Uhhh, (1) Jor El will probably always say yes. (2) innocent smile (3) No. Not really. Not to an extent. (4) I've never seen Lex as evil. More misguided. (5-8) innocent smile.
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