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Exit Speed 6/7 
10th-Aug-2010 09:05 am
Title: Exit Speed
Sequel to: The Pyramid
Universe: OFFICIAL Cave Series
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Sam Winchester, Maudie, Desmond, Yarbro & others
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe had only wanted time to herself without so many people who loved her worrying over her constantly. What she got instead was being stranded along with other passengers of her bus, a murderous biker gang, and Sam Winchester.

Annabel freaked out a little when she saw Chloe, then again, the blonde hadn't looked at her best, covered in blood and with her shirt torn open. The blonde assured her she was alright, and handed her the case with her bow and arrows, before deciding that she didn't want everyone else to react this way when they saw her, so she grabbed her backpack and changed into a different shirt. Thankfully Sam was with the others, passing out guns and ammo, and making a battle plan while instructing them where they'd be hiding and what their role would be during an attack.

"I don't know if I can do this." Annabel breathed in and out, holding her bow tightly. "I know-I know that they're monsters-but-I-." She continued to breathe in and out rapidly, close to a panic attack.

Pulling the new shirt over her head, Chloe turned to the girl and placed her hands on her shoulders. "Annabel, it's either you or them. You get to pick whether you survive this, or whether they get to you and it's Game Over."

Annabel gulped, understanding the video game terminology.

"Sam!" Duke could be heard calling outside in an urgent hiss. "Two of them are coming up over the cars!"

"Goddammit." Sam hissed. "They'll get inside."

The girls exchanged looks before rushing out of the shack Chloe had been changing shirts in.

Yarbro was slowly getting up, holding his head and groaning. "What's going on?"

Sam ignored him, aiming the shotgun in the direction Duke had told him they were coming.

Desmond arrived at his side and did the same, both silent, waiting.

Yarbro frowned, looking at them. "Since when did we get so many guns?"

The two bikers climbing up the cars poked their heads over, trying to get a shot.

Two shots rung out almost simultaneously, and the bikers fell down on the other side of the barrier.

Desmond and Sam lowered their weapons.

Yarbro was searching himself. "Where's my gun?"

"We got two!" Duke exclaimed, excited.

"Shhhh." Desiree brought her finger to her lips before peering up cautiously over some trash cans and such that's been placed over her section as a barrier.

A shot rang through the air and blood spurted out from the back of Desiree's head as she collapsed to the ground.

"Desiree!" Duke cried as she ran to her and threw himself on the ground next to her body, leaning over her.

Chloe had her arms around Annabel and forced her down into a crouched position on the ground in case more bullets were fired.

"Oh my god." Annabel whimpered, bringing her hand to her mouth.

"Baby." Duke cradled Desiree's body.

Sam and Desmond hurried to Duke's side.

Chloe kept her hands on Annabel's shoulders and looked around, making sure that everyone else was fine.

They were, though sickened and shaken up.

Maudie in particular was unable to look in Desiree's direction.

"Orcs." Annabel whispered brokenly to herself. "They're Orcs."

Chloe squeezed her shoulders.

The girl was finally getting the picture.


"Ready the men, Lois has locked onto Chloe's scent." Lex ordered as they watched Lois' dot move at speeds that were inhuman, but it didn't surprise anyone in the inner circle of LexCorp. "And ready the jet as well." He leaned up. "I'm going to prepare myself for the flight."

"If you don't mind me asking, sir." One of the techies cleared his throat, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. "How can you be certain that Miss Lane has gotten wind of Miss Sullivan? We're unable to make contact with her."

"Do you see how fast she's going?" Lex wanted to know why someone who was supposed to be a genius couldn't understand this. "She was hesitating before, changing directions frequently. Not anymore. She's going fast and straight. She knows where she's going."

"That makes sense." The techie nodded.

Lex sighed and left the room.

These people were apparently grossly overpaid.


Chloe could see Sam down below, seated next to a numb looking Duke, talking to him.

It was good that Sam could do that, because Chloe really didn't liked Duke much, but he needed someone to talk to after seeing his girlfriend being killed right before his eyes.

After the shootings and losses on both side, the bikers had retreated to their barn, and Chloe, who was on the roof with Annabel and Maudie, could see the tension in their ranks as they realized that they were missing more than just the two that'd been shot by Desmond and Sam. A couple branched out, searching, hissing their companions names, unable to find the men (and woman) missing. That is, until one searched around the bus, and apparently heard something from within because he opened the lid to the luggage compartment.

The seven bodies Chloe had stuffed in there came tumbling out.

The gagged woman tumbled out as well, struggling with her binds.

Annabel's eyes widened as she turned to look at Chloe, obviously remembering the bloody state the blonde had been when she'd returned.

Chloe ignored her, watching the biker rip the gag from the woman's mouth and seeming to grow irritated with what she was saying as he untied her.

The man grabbed her arm and dragged her behind him back to the barn, where the others congregated around her and watched her as she spoke nearly frantically, gesturing viciously as she did.

"Did they turn on themselves?" Maudie asked, confused, having missed the look Annabel was giving Chloe. "How did those bodies end up in there?" She then paused, as if realizing something. "How did Sam get those guns and ammo?" She turned to the girls, mouth opened, and froze, finally seeing the look Annabel was giving Chloe. "Really?"

Chloe made a face. "Can we not discuss this right now?"

"How?" Maudie asked in near awe.

"Are you like...a ninja...or something?" Annabel wanted to know.

Chloe snorted in amusement at the question, giving the younger girl a smile. "Or something."

The remaining bikers turned to look towards the barrier.

Caution was on their faces.

"Okay, good, they're hesitating." Chloe eased away from the side and sat up. "They're going to wait on the others to arrive before attacking again, and that means we'll have some more time to prepare."

"Amigos vengan! Vengan!" Mr. Vargas called from down below.

Chloe looked down. "He wants us to go down there."

Annabel cleared her throat. "I'll stay up here keeping watch just in case."

"Okay. Be careful." Chloe nodded as she and maudie inched to the hole in the roof and let themselves down before going to where Mr. Vargas had been working diligently on his canon.


The others gathered around as well.

"Ay." Mr. Vargas sighed and held his arms out to hug Duke. "Lo siento mucho."

"Thanks." Duke nodded numbly, not needing to know Spanish to know what the man had said.

Mr. Vargas picked up the large creation. "Mira, esta listo. Con esto podemos defendernos."

"He says that it's ready and we can defend ourselves with it." Sam translated.

"With that junk?" Yarbro raised a dubious eyebrow.

"It's not junk." Duke was surprisingly enough the one to say that. "It's a spud gun, isn't it?"

"You're right." Desmond nodded. "A kid in our neighborhood used to make them."

"What the hell is a spud gun?" Yarbro wanted to know.

"Basically you get a chunk of potatoes and stick it in the barrel and put anything flammable at the end." Sam explained.

"Then Bada-boom." Duke emphasized.

Vargas nodded. "Si! Boom!"

"So flammable." Maudie narrowed her eyes. "Like gasoline?"

"No." Duke shook his head. "We used hairspray."

"Arrows, and potato guns." Yarbro sneered, shaking his head. "Now what? BB guns?"

"No, no." Sam shook his head. "These guns will shoot anything. You can put nails down there, rocks, whatever."

"But where are we going to get hairspray?" Duke wanted to know.

Chloe raised an eyebrow as she reached behind her and pulled herself up onto the table, sitting next to one of the boxes that had been decided against while building the barrier. "We don't need hairspray." She smirked, resting her hand on the box. "We've got ether." She reached into the box and pulled out a can before flinging it towards Sam, who caught it easily with a grin. "Starter fluid."

Sam passed the can to Vargas.

"Si! Si! Si!" Mr. Vargas nodded enthusiastically. "Con esto se puede! Lo pongo aqui. Y luego? Boom!"

The group smiled, having gotten the gist of it, his enthusiasm catchy.

Chloe decided that she was definitely going to talk to Mr. Vargas about coming to work for LexCorp in their development area once they survived this attack.

"If we used this one the group." Sam went to stand next to Chloe and reached for another can of ether. "We might be able to take out their bikes-and get out of here, try for the freeway, before their reinforcements arrive."

The group looked around, pondering this.

"You know what the guy told me, Sam." Chloe frowned. "He said they were arriving very soon."

"Which is why we should take a chance and leave while we're at an advantage." Sam countered.

"Wait what?" Yarbro interrupted. "What guy?" He snarled, glaring at Chloe. "Have you been cavorting with the enemy?"

"Cavorting?" Chloe mocked. "Really?"

"Coach has a point." Duke announced curiously. "How did you get this biker to talk?"

"How do you think she got us the guns?" Maudie snapped at him.

The group looked surprised, as if not having truly wondered where the guns had come from.

It was a little disappointing, really.

Had they just thought Sam had found guns and ammo lying around amongst the junk?

"Look, what's important now is that you all have to decide. Are you going to wait it out here, or are you going to take a chance on the road?" Chloe announced, beginning to back away. "I'm going to go send Annabel down. She has a right in this vote. I'll stand watch in her place."

"What about you?" Duke frowned curiously. "You not going to vote?"

"I don't really care which you pick." She responded, leaving.

She'd survive any choice they made.

What was left in doubt was if they would.


Lois stopped, sniffing.

That was a lot of blood.

She pulled out her cellular again and frowned when she noticed that there wasn't any reception.

Hearing a roaring in the night, she went on instinct and dove behind a cactus in time for lights to shine over the peek of the hill...and tons of bikers appeared, driving passed her.

Lois' ruby eyes narrowed, able to see them in great detail in the darkness, as if it were daylight.

They were trouble.

They were armed.

They were out for blood.

And they were heading in the direction where blood and Chloe's scent mixed.

Lois' eyes narrowed.

Just what had her cousin gotten herself into this time?

Only when they were all passed her and a good ways ahead, did Lois begin to follow, having a hunch that they were all heading in the same direction.


Chloe kept an eye on the bikers by the barn, but didn't give them as much attention as she should.

This was the first time she'd been alone since she'd discovered that she had something a la Wolverine come out of her skin...except it was out of her palm instead of knuckles...and she wanted to figure out what exactly it was that she had inside of her. The blonde already had figured out that this was the caltrop finally manifesting itself as something useful, and she guessed that that was why her bones had broken. The material had crushed her bones and replaced them...or joined completely with them. She wasn't sure which, and only extensive research in LexCorp's labs would give her a definite answer.

Of course, that little part wasn't important right now.

Sending another glance towards the bikers, Chloe looked down at her wrist and shook it.

Nothing happened.

She narrowed her golden feline eyes before trying again.


Seriously, she needed to get control of this and fast, or she could accidentally hurt someone on her side.

The blonde was relieved that the thing had manifested in this sort of situation and not something more serious, or she could have been in deep shit.

"Come on." She grumbled as she shook her wrist repeated.

Nothing happened.

She was seriously getting pissed.

With her previous mutation Chloe had learnt that she needed to be in complete control or it would take over...like it had with Jack...and so her need to get this new development under control as well was frustratingly urgent.

Hearing something, Chloe turned, seeing a lone scout climbing up the fence on the side of the building. He'd soon be able to jump over and...

Chloe jumped down from the roof down to the ground and bent to her knees, hiding in the darkness, watching as he crawled over the fence onto a barrel and began his descent.

Right now would be a good time for her friggen bitchy mutation to work properly.

The man looked around, as if searching for something.

Chloe hung back, curious.

What exactly was he doing?

He looked around, not pulling out a gun.

He looked towards where the others were having their meeting.

Chloe looked up, eyes widening as her inhuman hearing picked up a faint hum in the air.

The hum of many engines.

Oh boy.

The reinforcements were almost there.

Chloe looked up at the sky.

Lex would be here.

She was sure of that.

He and Lois would be working together to find her, and she knew, she had faith, that he'd bring in all of his people to protect her from the danger he wouldn't know the particulars of, but would know was there.

Lex just-he was just amazing like that.

She smiled softly thinking about him.

The man moving closer to the place where the others were brought her out of her thoughts.

"Hey, buddy." She announced, finally standing up. "This is a private party and we don't deal well with party crashers."

The man turned towards her and reached behind him, pulling out two crude yet sharp looking swords.

Chloe blinked. "Did you just bring swords to a gun fight?"

He twirled them expertly.

"Yes, well, while that's impressive, bullets are even more so." She felt he needed to understand this.

He swung the two blades around him in an exaggeratedly fast way.

"Oh, okay, you are your very own bullet shield. Okay. I get it Silent Simon." She nodded. "What I'm not getting is why they sent you by yourself. Didn't that woman tell you how easy it was for me to kill those other guys?"

He attacked.

Not exactly sure why they were so suicidal tonight, Chloe ducked and rolled out of the way before getting back up to her feet. She was down again when he swung around, the blades barely missing slicing into her shirt.

"If you people destroy another shirt of mine-!" She snapped, twirling out of the way and grabbing a wooden crate, swinging it at the man's head.

He destroyed it with his blades.

She was beginning to see why he was so cocky with them.

He brought the blades down on her.

She rolled out of the way and when they got stuck in the ground she turned and swung at his feet, catching him on guard as he fell on the ground.

He flipped back up.

She did the same.

The swords were between them, stuck into the ground.

Her blood was pumping, her adrenaline coursing through her veins as she clenched her fists.

The man's eyes widened and he hissed something in what sounded like japanese.

Chloe, confused, looked down at where he was looking...and saw that her fists weren't empty. Her fingers were closed around two golden sais, the same color of her now feline eyes. Chloe looked down in shock, not having realized that they were in her hands. This was serious. She needed to get control of-wait-these were sais.

She blinked.

Hadn't...hadn't it just been a blade before?

Her golden, feline eyes narrowed.

What the hell was going on?

"Bakeneko." He whispered, eyeing her in horror.

She wondered what the hell a Bake-neko was.

The man suddenly dove to the ground on his knees, prostrate.

Chloe blinked, confused.

He was muttering something rapidly in japanese, bowing his head and hands repeatedly to the ground before her.

She eyed with him confusion, tilting her head, not noticing her sais disappearing, or the door behind her opening, the people coming out, freezing at what they saw.

The tattooed, dangerous looking man paused in his supplication at her feet and rolled up his sleeve, showing the tattoo of a evilish looking cat that was in mid-human transformation.

Chloe's eyes widened as suddenly she got what a Bakeneko was.

The man continued to bow, tapping his tattoo, keeping his eyes on the ground.

Was the tattoo some sort of protection against the Bakeneko...or was it a sign that he worshipped them?

Chloe frowned, confused.

Clearing her throat, Chloe went towards him, seeing him shiver as she did so.


The blonde went down to her knees and cleared her throat once more, tapping the top of his head.

He slowly raised his head up from where he'd been resting his forehead against the ground, the spot of dirt on his forehead proof of that.

Chloe looked into his eyes and let hers go back human.

He gasped and lowered his head, rapidly saying something in Japanese that she didn't understand.

Was he begging for his life?

Was he swearing allegiance?

What was he saying?

She just watched him, trying to figure out what to do with him.

"He's saying that he didn't know that you were amongst the...people...humans...I think he means people." Sam arrived by her side, eyes narrowed slightly as he translated. Apparently the guy knew more languages than she did. "He-he says he only has respect for your kind and if he'd known who you were he would never have attacked."

Chloe frowned, wondering how she was going to explain this.

The man continued to bow repeated to her, mumbling in fast japanese.

Sam was obviously having a hard time keeping up with the fast flow of words. "I'm only getting in every other word now."

Well, that was more than her.

"He's...asking to be...permitted...to leave before the...bloodshed...is to start." Sam frowned. "Why is he asking you for your permission? Do you know him?"

"No, I don't."

"Onegai! Bakeneko-sama!"

Chloe frowned. "What is he saying?"

"One word is please. The other..." Sam paused before his eyes widened. "We're going to talk. In private."

She flinched.

Sam turned to the man. "Ikinasai!"

The man nodded, bowing faster. "Domo arigato Bakeneko-sama! Domo arigato!"

And with that he got up and ran away, up over the cars, over the barrier down to the others side, and racing back to the barn.

He left his swords behind.

They soon heard the sound of arguing, and then of a motorcycle engine revving.

The japanese man rode away as if the devil was on his heels.

Chloe gulped.

"What the fuck just happened?" Yarbro wanted to know. "What did you do to scare the shit out of him? You're like what? Sixteen? And 90 pounds when soaking wet?"

Sam grabbed Chloe's arm and yanked her up to her feet. "Excuse us." And with that he stormed over to one of the shacks and threw her in, coming in as well and slamming the door shut behind him before raising the shotgun and aiming at her. "Does my father know?"

"About what?" She eyed the business end of the shotgun.

"That you're a werecat?"

"So that is what a bake-neko is." She mumbled to herself.

His eyes narrowed, though confusion was obviously in them. "A Bakeneko or monster cat is, in Japanese folklore, a cat with supernatural abilities. A cat demon." He cleared his throat. "It can take on the form of a human."

"Makes sense that he'd think I was that." Chloe mumbled, leaning against the wall.

Sam pumped the shotgun. "So I repeat. Does my father know?"

Chloe looked up at him, unimpressed. "You can't kill me."

His eyes narrowed. "Everything can die."

"Yes. True." Chloe nodded.

He hesitated, confused. "What?"

"I die. But I don't stay dead. Okay?" Chloe sighed, detesting having to say this over and over again with people she met and had to trust. "I went through a harsh time after...someone I loved...well..." She looked away. "Let's just say that for a while I was very angry and didn't take care of myself the way I should and it got me into a lot of painful situations that I could have avoided if I'd been thinking straight. It's why my people are so protective of me-which I find stupid considering that I'm immortal and that's not going to change." She looked up at him. "I once burnt away to ash and I still came back. So believe me. Your shotgun isn't scary."

He frowned. "You're not a bakeneko."

"Ding Ding, 20 points for the Smarty Pants with the shotgun." Chloe shoved away from the wall, annoyed as she pushed the barrel away from her. "If I wanted anyone dead here, I could have just left them and disappeared into the night. So the next time you point the weapon I gave you at me..." her eyes flashed feline and molten gold in the dark as she moved swiftly, one hand going around his throat and pushing him up against the door while the other kept the barrel of the shotgun pressed against the wood and pointed away from her.

He was breathing heavily.

She sniffed.

He smelt so good.

The blonde smirked as she let go of him and then reached up and brought him down, bringing his lips to hers as she kissed him savagely before pushing him back and away from her.

Licking his taste from her lips, her eyes returned human. "And as for your first question. Yes. Your father knows what I really am. And if you'd asked nicely, I would have told you." Opening the door she paused, seeing Annabel on the other side, eyes wide and expression awed.

The girl had been listening to the whole thing.

She stood rapidly from where she'd been on her knees, ear against the wood.

Chloe sighed.

She'd wanted as little people knowing as possible.

Annabel pulled a strand of black hair from her face and looked up at her. "We-uh-decided to attack first and try make a run for the highway."

Chloe raised her eyebrow, not having expected that answer considering all that the girl had just heard.

Annabel then smiled her.

And Chloe smiled back. "Lets go to our positions then, Dark Elf Ranger."

"Sure..." Annabel nodded, holding her bow to her tightly. "...Werecat."

Sharing conspirator's grins, the girls walked off together.
10th-Aug-2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it---and the chlam moments! :)
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