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The Metahuman, The Rager, And The One Ring 4/? 
11th-Aug-2010 02:36 pm
chlaragorn---chloe & aragorn

TItle: The Metahuman, The Ranger, And The One Ring
Fandoms: Smallville/Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Pairing: Chloe/Aragorn
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or LOTR
Summary: When Chloe bleeds into a Lord of the Rings book printed with kryptonite ink she finds herself sucked into that world, with only Aragorn as her protector and friend. But now a war is upon Middle Earth, and everything points to her playing a vital role...

They'd gotten up around dawn and Chloe had been surprised to see so many establishments open at this time. After having a hearty breakfast, the first truly cooked (with spices and such) meal that she'd had since being transported to Middle Earth, they'd bought a scrawny pony named "Bill" and then ladened him down with the supplies they'd be needing. Sam was enthused with Bill, and so was allowed to hold the reigns as they did the last bit of shopping needed.

Strider had acted weird, leaving Chloe with the hobbits before disappearing to only the gods knew where. She was a little suspicious, wondering if he had a sweetheart in Bree that he wanted to see before going off again, and she had to remind herself that if it was so that was okay. They were only friends, he was only her guardian. He could have a sweetheart...he had every right to have a sweetheart.

She clenched her fists and swallowed despite the huge lump in her throat.

"Forgive me for taking so long." Aragorn finally returned to them, some packages in his hands, which he held out towards Chloe.

She blinked, looking down at them in confusion.

Why couldn't they be ladened onto Bill like the other things?

As if finally understanding why she wasn't taking the packages from him, Strider cleared his throat, gaze falling to the roughly wrapped bundles. "They're a change of clothes. You've had to use the clothes you came here in and they cannot be very comfortable."

Chloe's eyes widened as she looked down at the bundles in a new way. "Clothes?"

He'd gone out and bought clothes for her?

She ignored the bundles and wrapped her arms around Aragorn, giving him a kiss on his cheek. "Thank you." With a squeal, she took the bundles from him, realizing that one contained trekking boots. "Boots." She breathed in reverence, her sneakers so worn out and in need of replacement.

"You can change in the Chetwood Forest." Aragorn was smiling at her in amusement. "We'll give you some privacy."

"Then what are we waiting for?" She asked, grinning brightly. "Onwards!"

And onwards they went.

Chloe didn't care that Chetwood Forest was a gloomy, overgrown forest. She was rocking her new 'ranger' clothes, and quite happy that Aragorn hadn't gotten her a dress or a skirt, but had gotten her ranger pants. Then again, maybe the Ranger girls wore pants too. All Chloe knew was that she was extremely comfortable in her new clothes, and everything fit like heaven.

The hobbits had all complimented her, though looked surprised that she was still wearing pants, and Strider had just nodded his approval as they continued on their way.

"Where are you taking us?" Frodo asked curiously as they continued to trample through the dense vegetation.

"Into the wild." Strider announced from up ahead, holding Roheryn's reins.

Merry frowned at Strider before turning to Frodo and whispering. "How do we know this Strider is a friend of Gandalf?"

"Miss Chloe knew what Gandalf had told me." Frodo reminded his cousin. "Only he and I knew."

Sam frowned. "But where is he leading us? Strider, I mean."

From up ahead, Strider stopped and casted a glance back at Sam. "To Rivendell, Master Gamgee...to the house of Elrond."

Chloe frowned, wondering who Elrond was and why they were going to him.

Sam seemed to know who Elrond was, though, because he became excited, turning to the pony he obviously quite adored by now. "Did you hear that, Bill? Rivendell! We're going to see the Elves!"

Chloe's eyes widened.



She blinked, trying to remember what about Elves she'd seen in that commercial once.

She fell a little behind Aragorn and the hobbits, trying to remember, many different actor's faces going through her mind.




Her eyes widened.

Hadn't Orlando Bloom been an Elf?

Leggybows or something?

She grinned brightly.

Even more eye-candy.

If the others noticed her great mood, they attributed it to her new clothes.


"Leggybows?" Lois snickered as she paused reading for a moment, unable to understand how her cousin could have come up with such a preposterous name. "His name wasn't Leggybows! It was Legoland."

Clark was sleeping in Chloe's room and Oliver was out trying to get any information about the time when a young Moira Lane disappeared. The three of them had decided to guard the books while on shifts, and since Lois had been fired from her latest job she really didn't mind camping out in Chloe's apartment all day, eating Pizza (and anything else that could be delivered-all on Oliver's tab of course) and reading about Chloe and Strider's serious URST. It was...like...so obvious that they wanted to jump each other's pants.

Lois snickered.

Okay, Chloe wanted to jump Aragorn's pants (which Lois couldn't blame her for-------if the real deal was anything like Viggo then he was hot stuff in leather). Aragorn, on the other hand, was obviously very much attracted to Chloe, but just didn't know how to handle her or how to react to her or the things she did. She was an enigma to him, and he seemed to prefer to watch her first, get a feel for her (unfortunately not a literal feel) before making his first move.

Though, if what Lois had read of Chloe's thoughts were anything to go by, he'd have to make a move soon, or Legoland might just snap up 'fair maiden' for himself.

Then again, if she remembered the commercials right, Legoland had had really awesome hair for a straight guy.

Lois tapped her bottom lip.

Chloe might end up being the one having to make a move before the elf did.


At Midgewater Moors later on in the day, Chloe walked besides Aragorn, bow and arrow sheath strapped to her back. Strider had tried to get her to strap on the sword as well, but Chloe still didn't feel too confident with the sword and had opted not to. She smiled, thinking about how proud Oliver would be to know that his lessons hadn't been in vain. Sure, those lessons had been with a crossbow, but still they'd been fundamental in her being able to excel in the longbow. She preferred the longbow because it was just more graceful and beautiful.

She realized that that mightn't make any sense but for her it was true.

When she was using the longbow she felt graceful and strong and...and it was unlike anything she'd ever felt before.

If she ever got back home, she might get herself a green leather suit and follow Oliver around sometimes just so she'd have an excuse to shoot something.

The thought made her chuckle and shake her head.

Aragorn looked down at her at the sound. "Something amuses you, milady?"

She looked up at him and smiled. "I was just thinking about when I get back home, I'm going to be closer to Oliver than when I left."

An odd emotion crossed Aragorn's face as he looked away, surveying their surroundings. "This Oliver is the one who taught you the basics of archery, am I correct?"

"Yep." She smiled brighter, thinking about her dear friend. "Oliver taught me the basics of archery and self-defense. Bart taught me endurance, making me run with him (what a laugh) during the mornings, Arthur taught me how to swim better, faster, and for longer periods with him, and Victor used his knowledge to teach me how to correct the mistakes I was doing in each of the situations. And of course, Clark kept saving me so I never had to use any of the training my boys gave me." She laughed, shaking her head.

Aragorn looked far from amused. "You speak of pure male acquaintances."

"Well, I only really hang out with guys." She confessed, pulling a strand of hair out of her face. "I mean, Lois can be considered one of the guys too, like me. The only really girlie girl that I hang out with sometimes is Lana, but that hasn't been happening in a while. So you can say that I spend all of my time with guys-men."

There was silence.

"And this is...allowed?" Aragorn seemed confused. "For you to be alone with these...males...unchaperoned?"

Chloe hesitated, looking up at his face, remembering once more how different their worlds were. "Of course, it's not like here, Aragorn. We have different ways of thinking, of acting."

"And in your world no one thinks anything that a young, unattached female spends so much time alone with a group of unattached males?" He frowned. "What about her virtue? Her reputation?" His eyes narrowed deeper. "How can the man who wishes to court and wed her be sure that she is pure for the wedding bed if she is constantly alone with other males?"

Chloe was beginning to feel sick at her stomach.

Thankfully, the conversation was interrupted when Aragorn noticed the hobbits stop and unstrap their knapsacks.

"Gentlemen," he turned his attention towards them. "We do no stop until nightfall."

Pippin blinked. "But what about breakfast?"

"You've already had it." Strider reminded him.

"We've had one, yes..." Pippin nodded. "But what about Second Breakfast?"

Strider stared at Pippin blankly, then turned away, shaking his head.

Merry blinked. "I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip."

Pippin looked devastated at this news. "What about Elvenses? Lucheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? He knows about them, doesn't he?"

Chloe blinked, wondering just how hobbits could fit all of that food into their stomachs, as she turned and followed after Strider.

"I wouldn't count on it." Merry sighed.

They continued traveling until dusk caught up with them at Weathertop Hollow, where the hobbits collapsed into a small hollow halfway up Weathertop. The poor things were muddy and exhausted, and to be truthful, Chloe felt exactly as they looked. Aragorn, of course, looked perfectly fine, and while it was very impressive it could also be a bit frustrating. How could he be in that good of a shape?

The Ranger dropped four small swords at the Hobbits' feet. "These are for you. Keep them close." He turned to Chloe. "I'm going to have a look around. Stay here and keep an eye on them."

She nodded.

Strider disappeared into the shadows of their darkening surroundings, and Chloe sighed, turning back to the hobbits as she pulled the cloak Aragorn had bought her closer around her body to keep away the chill of the night.

"You should all eat now, and maybe try to sleep a little while he's gone." She led Roheryn to a branch and tied his reigns, Sam doing the same with Bill. Sam reached into one of the bundles tied onto Bill and pulled out an apple, flinging it towards Chloe, who caught it.

The two smiled at each other before feeding the apples to the horse and pony, who flicked their tails happily at the treat.

"Food. Finally." Pippin seemed giddy. "I'll get the firewood to start the fire and-."

"Whoa, hold it Pip." Chloe turned to the hobbit. "No fire. Whatever you eat has to be something that doesn't need to be cooked."

Pippin looked as if she'd told him his mother had been eaten by a goblin. "But why?"

"We're being followed by Ringwraiths, Pip." Frodo sighed, placing a hand on his cousin's shoulders. "A fire would only attract their attention."

Pippin shivered at that thought. "Right. Fruits anyone?"

Chloe smiled. "The horses seem to like the apples."

Merry nodded in agreement. "We shouldn't let them have all the good stuff."

And with that Sam and Merry got to distributing apples and such fruits to those there.

Night began to fall, and Aragorn was still gone, so it was safe to say that they'd be having camp there. The four hobbits huddled close together for warmth, while Chloe stayed a little closer to the horses since it was a little higher elevation and she had a better view around them just in case. She had her bow and arrows, and the sword, by her feet. Time and time again she nearly conked out, as the hobbits had long time ago, but she didn't feel safe or confident enough to do so. Usually she'd sleep fine because Strider was there, and it was now that she had to stay awake and listen to the sounds of the night alone that she realized just how safe Aragorn made her feel.

There were so many things that went bump in the night of the forest of Middle Earth, and Ringwraiths were only one of them.

But she'd never really thought of it because she knew that whatever attacked them, Aragorn would be there to anticipate and kill it.

He was just-amazing.

She gulped.


If she didn't put a stop to this she was going to fall in love with him, and that would only end in heartache.

Suddenly a long shriek echoed throughout the forests, causing the hobbits to jolt awake, and for Chloe to jump to her feet, grabbing her sword, her heart racing in terror, and yet she tried to keep calm if only for the hobbits' sakes.

Where are you, Aragorn?

She looked around her, the darkness all around them hiding their pursuers.

And then she saw it.

Five shadows darker than their surroundings, on foot, running up the steep slope unnaturally fast, towards them.

"Climb!" She screamed.

The hobbits couldn't see the Ringwraiths but they got up, holding their swords, and clambered desperately towards the summit.

"The horses!" Sam cried, glancing behind him and stumbling.

Chloe grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and picked him back up. "They'll be fine! The Nazgul are not after horses!"

She hoped to all holy that that was true, because Strider wouldn't forgive her if anything happened to Roheryn on her watch.

They stumbled up the steep slope, but finally made it to the summit and raced into a ring of broken stones...the ruined base of an ancient tower. Shadows danced all around them, alive. The hobbits stood back to back in the ringer of the ring, holding their swords out as they waited for the first assault.

Chloe stood a little behind them, her own sword drawn, waiting, watching, cursing the fact that in her fear she'd forgotten to bring her bow and arrows. "Where are you, Aragorn?"

One by one the five Ringwraiths appeared, brandishing gleaming swords.

The Ringwraiths moved slowly towards the hobbits and woman, and in the center of them was their leader, whom Aragorn had called the Witch King.

Chloe tried to be brave, but she was sure the fear was obvious on her face. "Don't come any closer."

The Witch King paid no heed.

She couldn't beat him.

They both knew it.

Chloe gave a yell and attacked, the Witch King blocking the blow with his own sword and in an easy maneuver he forced the blade out of her hands and stabbed his glowing blade into her stomach. The blonde cried in pain, feeling her insides burning as if lava had been thrust into her. She collapsed to the ground when the blade was removed, and everything around her was pain and burning and bright. She wanted to get up, wanted to help the others, but she was in agony, and unable to even open her mouth to cry.

"Back you devils!" Sam rushed forwards with a cry but was flung away as the Witch King lashed out with his fist.

Merry and Pippin, overcome with terror, threw themselves flat on the ground.

Frodo...RUN! Chloe wanted to scream, feeling her healing powers already beginning to kick in. Her eyes were closing, as they always did, her healing powers trying to force her to sleep while it worked.

But she didn't want to sleep, didn't want to heal, not while...

The Ringwraiths closed in on Frodo.

And that was the last thing Chloe saw before she blacked out.


"Goddamit!" Lois cursed, kicking at the chair, glaring at the picture that had burnt itself on the page of the book below that paragraph. It was of Chloe lying lifelessly on the ground, the Witch King looking down at her with his gleaming sword, while the Ringwraiths advanced on Frodo. "I'll kill you!" She screamed, furious. "I'll fucking kill you!"

"Lois?" Clark came out of the room, worried, obviously having been awoken by her yelling. "What's wrong? What happened?"

"It stabbed her, Smallville!" Lois turned to him. "The Witch King just stabbed her with his sword!"

"What?" Clark rushed to her side in seconds-literally, looking sick as he gazed at the picture. "Where's the Ranger? Why isn't he there? Is she dead? What-?"

"He's checking the terrain." Lois hissed, sitting down. "And she's okay-her healing power is healing her."

"What about Frodo and the Ring?" Clark asked, nervous. "What's happening now?"

"It's not writing anything!" Lois slammed her fist down on the book. "Write you stupid book! Write!"

"Lois, it's not a television." Clark tried to tell her. "You won't get it to work by giving it a good-."

The words began to burn themselves onto the pages again.

Clark paused, blinking. "I take it back. Good job."

Lois leaned forwards, reading the words that appeared. "Frodo shut his eyes and staggered back, desperately resisting the wraith's whisperings as his hand went to his pocket and pulled out the ring in a near subconscious move. The five Ringwraiths uttered a chilling screech of excitement, and Frodo was unable to resist the call of the ring any longer. Falling to his knees he slipped on the ring, and disappeared."

Clark gulped.

"In the Twilight World he slipped into whenever he wore the ring, Frodo looked upon the Ringwraiths, now visible in their true appearance. They were five ghouls dressed in long grey robes, with white hair, and pallid, ruthless faces. The Witch King extended a haggard hand towards Frodo, reaching for the ring on his finger." Lois continued to read as the words burnt themselves on the paper. "Frodo's trembling hand extended forwards as if by the pull of the ring, and he slid to the ground, unable to pull his hand away. The Witch King snarled and sprung forwards, stabbing at Frodo with a his dagger. Frodo winced as the tip of the dagger sunk into his shoulder."

"This is not sounding good." Clark whispered.

"Suddenly, Strider charged at the Ringwraiths, wielding his sword in one hand and a flaming torch in the other." Lois breathed a sigh of relief. "He moved in slow motion in the Twilight World, visible through a sea of mist. Behind Frodo, the faint image of a Ringwrauth fleeing could be seen, his head engulfed in flames." She sneered in vicious approval. "With draining strength, Frodo managed to pull the ring of his finger and appeared back in the real world. Sam rushed towards him, whispering 'Frodo!'. Another Ringwraith was burning and screaming, others screeching fearfully at the flames, turn and fled from the Weathertop summit.

"Aragorn turned and rushed towards Chloe, terror filling in his body as she seemed lifeless.

"He fell to his knees before her, pulling her into his lap, checking for injuries and hissing when he saw the slash mark on her shirt. And yet, when he pushed the shirt up, his calloused fingers only came into contact with perfectly healthy, unscarred skin.

"The Ranger breathed a breath of relief and bowed his head, thanking the gods that the blade had only managed to rip at the shirt and not her skin.

"She must have been knocked out.

"In his arms, she groaned, returning to consciousness as she looked up at him, eyelashes fluttering. "Aragorn?"

"He smiled down at her.

" 'Strider! It's Mr. Frodo!' Sam's voice broke into the moment as they gazed into each other's eyes."

Clark raised an eyebrow. "Moment? That was a moment?"

Lois rolled her eyes at him.


Even books knew more about moments then they did.


Chloe forced herself to stand standing as Aragorn left her side to kneel before Frodo. Her outside might have been completely healed, but inside she could feel the poison of the blade battling with her healing power, and it was all she could do to keep from buckling over and vomiting. But she kept strong, having faith in her abilities to heal, as she made her way towards the Ranger and Hobbits.

Strider snatched up the Witch King's dagger from the ground, staring gravely at the long, thin, blade.

"Help him, Strider!" Sam pleaded.

"He's been stabbed by a Morgul blade." Strider announced gravely.

The blade suddenly melted, vanishing into the air like smoke, and Strider threw the hilt down in disgust.

"Do something." Sam continued to plead.

Chloe held onto her stomach, to the place she'd been stabbed, and told herself to just breathe and be calm. Told herself that it was stupid for feeling guilty because she'd tried her best to protect the hobbits, and it wasn't her fault her power had changed so that it healed her instead of healing others.

She had no reason to feel guilty.

And yet she did.

"This is beyond my skill to heal." Strider announced urgently, picking up Frodo's small body and standing. "He needs Elvish medicine."

"The horses----." Merry began.

"No, the Ringwraiths are still here, it's not safe to return for them." Strider shook his head. "Make torches, hurry."

THe hobbits hurried to do so, getting the things they'd need from around them.

"Roheryn..." Chloe whispered, looking back before turning to Strider. "Aragorn, I could go back and..."

"No." He turned to her, eyes narrowed.

"But they don't want me." Chloe tried, looking back, thinking of the horses she'd tied up. "Roheryn and Bill..."

"I will not risk you, milady." His voice was final. "This is not the first time Roheryn will have to escape his binds and it will not be his last. He is a smart horse. He will break loose and find me."

"So you trust a horse's survival instinct better than mine?" She snapped.

Strider put Frodo over his shoulder, freeing one hand to grab her wrist and pull her to him, eyes dark in the night. "I thought you were dead, milady." He hissed, gazing down furiously into her face. "You will never leave my sight again. Ever!"

She looked up into his face and gulped.

Her tongue suck out to wet her lips.

His gaze followed the movement.

Her heart skipped a beat.

It was hard to breathe.

And it wasn't only because of the war going on inside of her body.

"You will stay by my side, milady." He whispered. "I will not let you leave."

Harder and harder to breathe.

Chloe gulped once again, and tried to remind herself that he wasn't meaning it in the way she wanted him to.

"The horses..." She tried halfheartedly once again.

"They will be fine." He promised, his thumb caressing the pulse throbbing crazily in her inner wrist.

The sound of flint being rubbed together caused Chloe to jump and pull her hand away, turning to see that the hobbits had made impressive torches considering their impromptu creation, and were lighting them. She took in a deep breath and picked up her sword, looking behind her.

"I forgot my bow and arrows."

"In Rivendell I will get you new ones." Aragorn promised her.

She turned to look at him, concerned. "I can't keep making you buy things for me. You're a Ranger, not a King, it's not like you have all this money and wealth to waste on me, Aragorn."

She wondered why he looked so disturbed, but she didn't have any time to ask because they were off, running through the woods, swords and torches their only protection from the evils in the darkness.

They ran long and hard, Strider still the one who seemed unaffected by the physical labor despite having to carry Frodo as well. Chloe had to admit that she was in the back with Sam, both barely managing to keep up, although Chloe knew that Aragorn wouldn't let them fall behind too much. He kept looking back towards them to make sure they were still there.

"Hurry!" The Ranger yelled.

"We are six days from Rivendell." Sam panted to Chloe, worry on his face.

"Six?" Chloe hissed in horror as Frodo groaned in the front with Aragorn. "He doesn't have six days!"

"Hold on, Frodo." Strider whispered to the hobbit he carried.

Frodo's head lolled about, the hobbit barely conscious, whispering feverishly one name. "Gandalf...Gandalf?"

They continued running, until they made it to Trollshaw Forest's clearing.

Frodo wasn't doing any better, his eyes flickering open. They were cloided, red-rimmed, and his browed was beaded with sweat.

"Is he going to die?" Pippin asked fearfully as they stopped for a second, Frodo's breathing getting shallower.

"No." Strider looked out into the darkness. "He's passing into the shadow world and will soon become a wraith like them."

A distant cry of a Ringwraith carried through the air.

Merry swung around, tightening his hold on his torch, voice shaky, nervous. "They're close."

Frodo gasped in sudden pain.

Chloe tightened her hold on her stomach as a piercing pain went through her, as if she'd been stabbed all over again.

Aragorn didn't notice, thinking hard before turning to Sam. "Do you know the Athelas plant?"

Sam frowned, looking at him in confusion. "Athelas?"

"Kingsfoil." Strider tried its other name.

"Kingsfoil." Sam smiled. "Aye. It's a weed."

Aragorn lowered Frodo to the ground and turned to Chloe, eyes narrowing when he noticed her clutched grip on her side. "Are you in pain?"

She forced a smile on her face. "It's nothing. Just a cramp."

He eyes her worriedly, before sighing in aggravation. "I do not want you to leave my side again."

She understood what he was saying, smile growing more genuine. "Go."

He nodded, before turning to Sam. "Come, we must hurry. That 'weed' may help slow the poison."

Sam nodded, and with that they raced back into the forest they'd just emerged from.

"Stand around Frodo, torches high." Chloe ordered, watching Pippin and Merry do as ordered. "It's not much, but it will keep the wraiths at bay, for now."

Frodo was breathing hard, desperately ill, and only half-conscious.

Chloe knelt down next to him and wiped at the sweat accumulating on his brow. "Come on, Frodo. You have to pull through. You're a major character in the movies, they wouldn't have had someone like Elijah Woods play you if it wasn't that way, okay? So you have to be strong and make it through this."

Merry and Pippin exchanged confused looks, not understanding what she was saying.

Chloe ignored them, holding Frodo's hand and wiping his forehead, ignoring the nausea in her own body as it was diminishing slowly.

What mattered now was Frodo.

"Come on, Frodo. Be strong." She pleaded, gazing down into his face. "You can't become one of those things, okay? I forbid you from doing so."

Pippin chuckled.

Merry smiled a little.

Suddenly the shadows shifted in the forest, and those in the clearing looked up to see three figures approaching them.

Merry and Pippin aimed their torches towards them.

"G-go away!" Merry stammered.

The lights of the torches shone on Aragorn and Sam...and the most beautiful woman Chloe had ever seen, who was riding a horse.

The woman rode towards them and dismounted, coming towards Frodo.

She looked at Chloe for a second before going to her knees and looking down at Frodo, speaking in a language Chloe was slowly learning thanks to her time with Aragorn.

"Frodo, I'm Arwen...telin let thaed." The Elvin woman, Arwen, was saying to Frodo in her language. "I am Arwen, I have come to help you." Her voice went urgent. "Lasto Beth nin tolo Dan na ngalad. Hear my voice, come back to the light."

Frodo's eyes closed.

Chloe looked on, worried. "Frodo?"

"Who is she?" Pippin asked Sam, curious.

"Frodo?" Arwen asked, worried.

"She's an elf." Sam whispered to Pippin. "She seems to know Strider."

Chloe looked up between the beautiful, nearly ethereal Arwen, and Aragorn.

She gulped and looked down.

Arwen, a beautiful young Elven woman with tousled hair, and dressed in mud-splattered riding clothes, stood, going to her horse. "He's fading...he's not going to last. We must get him to my father."

Aragorn lifted Frodo and went to Arwen, placing the hobbit on the horse.

Arwen looked at Aragorn. "I have been looking for you for two days."

Chloe kept her gaze on the ground, the sickness in her stomach now having nothing to do with her healing faculties slowly overpowering the Nazgul poison inside of her.

Of course there'd be a beautiful Elven woman waiting for Aragorn somewhere.

"Where are you taking him?" Pippin butted into the conversation, looking worriedly at Frodo.

"There are five Wraiths behind you." She spoke to them all. "Where the other four are, I do not know."

Strider's gaze was on Arwen's face. "Stay. I'll send horses for you."

Arwen grabbed the reins of the horse. "I'll take him. I'm the faster rider."

Strider clamped his hand over Arwen's. "The road is too dangerous."

She shook her head. "If Asfaloth and I can cross the river, the power of my people can protect him." Arwen looked deep into his eyes. "I do not fear them."

Chloe looked up, at Aragorn's face, and could see that it was hard for him to let Arwen go.

The blonde lowered her gaze once more, forcing herself to stand up.

Arwen mounted her horse.

Aragorn took in a deep breath. "Arwen, ride hard. Don't look back."

The beautiful Elven looked down at him as she supported Frodo with one hand. "And you, stop being so distracted." Her smile grew teasing. "I've never caught you off guard before."

Aragorn looked away, seeming slightly embarrassed. "Arwen. Now is not the time."

Arwen's teasing gaze went to Chloe, who didn't notice because she was looking at the ground. The Elf returned her attention back to Aragorn. "We shall speak in private later, Estel." She then spoke to her horse. "Noro Lim, Asfaloth, Noror Lim!"

"What are you doing?" Sam cried. "Those Wraiths are still out there!"

Asfaloth springs away, bearing Arwen and Frodo into the night.

Chloe looked up and watched as Arwen not only took Frodo away, but any delusion the blonde might have entertained of the Ranger ever feeling anything for her.

"Arwen will take Frodo to be healed." Strider answered the hobbits' worried questions. "I have the utmost faith in her. She will get him to safety."

The blonde sighed, steeling herself, angry that she'd obviously let herself grow infatuated with the Ranger.

This was just like with Clark all over again!

No, it won't be. Chloe promised herself, steeling herself even more. I refuse to let this go any deeper. I will not feel anything for Aragorn. No.

"We should go. It's not safe for us even though Frodo is with Arwen." Aragorn announced.

Chloe nodded and fell into line with the others as they began to walk in the direction Arwen had taken off into, her gaze lowered.

"Milady?" Aragorn slowed down to her side, eyes falling to where she was still clutching her side. "Are you still in pain?"

"It's nothing." Because, really, right now Chloe felt nothing but numb.

"I know that this has been a hard night." Aragorn didn't seem to believe her. "If you wished, I could carry you for a while, until you get your strength back."

"I said it's nothing." Chloe nearly snapped, but then breathed in and out, reminding her that this was not Aragorn's fault, and he'd been nothing but courteous and wonderful with her. She forced a smile for him. "I'm fine. Just tired. But thank you."

His eyes surveyed her, worried. "I could carry you, let you rest a little."

"I don't like being carried, it makes me feel caged." Which was a lie, considering that Clark carried her around everywhere with his superspeed in her world. "But thank you."

Aragorn watched her before nodding. "Let us go then."

Chloe nodded and followed silently after him.

She was suddenly glad it would take six days to reach Rivendell.

She'd need that time to get her rogue emotions in control, and suffocate them.


"Damn! Damn! Damn!" Lois snapped. "Why is there always a Lana Lang to mess everything up?"

Clark didn't listen to her rant, instead frowning at the paper. "I really did a number on her."

"You love her deeply, Smallville, just not in the way she would have wanted once upon a time ago. She got over you years ago." Lois found herself patting his back reassuringly. "But she put up barriers since then."

"I do love her, dearly."

"It's obvious, we all know it, especially Chloe. You're a dedicated friend who'd die for her. It's why I tolerate you." Lois joked, whacking him on the back in a friendly manner.

Clark sighed. "Do you think this Strider guy really likes the Elven girl?"

"I don't know, they're obviously very close and care for each other." Lois sighed. "But then again you and Chloe are very close and care for each other and it's definitely not like that."

Clark had to agree to that.

"If things are 'like that' for them though, then I'm switching to Team Legoland. Even if he was hair way too beautiful for a straight guy."

Clark thought of it for a second. "I remember the hair from the commercial. It was beautiful."

Lois raised an eyebrow. "Something you wanna share with the class, Smallville? Something about closets?"

Clark glared at Lois.

She laughed, standing. "I'm going to go get some beer from the store two blocks down. You want anything?"

"You know I don't drink." Clark chided.

"Yeah, Boy Scout, I remember." She sang as she left to go get the beers.

Clark sighed and looked back down at the next page as writing began burning onto the page the moment the front door closed behind Lois.

His eyes widened at what he read.
11th-Aug-2010 09:00 pm (UTC)
yaaay! i was secretly hoping for another chapter, and here it is when i wake up! that update was awesome. and now it's onto elf-city! but what about chloe getting stabbed? is that all fine and dandy now? and will aragorn find out she was stabbed? i've got to say i feel a little bad that poor chloe can have her feelings literally read by her friends... there's no way for her to have her own privacy when the others can read all about it! but then hearing lois's reaction to everything is hilarious. hope the inspiration stays around long enough for another chapter
11th-Aug-2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
I am happy to have fulfilled your secret hopings :)
Yep, I see what you mean, but that's what happens when you get sucked into a book you literally can be "read like an open book".
11th-Aug-2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
ahhaa ...come on....i hate cliffhangers ...*sulk* ;)
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11th-Aug-2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
Don't sulk! :(
In one of the first two chapters it was explained that she couldn't heal others anymore, only herself. :(
11th-Aug-2010 09:16 pm (UTC)
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11th-Aug-2010 09:17 pm (UTC)
The Arwen issue should be addressed in the next chapter :)
11th-Aug-2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
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Lois is cracking me up with the "Legoland" comments, and I think I say this in every story you've written, but I do love an overprotective Lois Lane. And good for Clark for realizing that his Lana blinders really damaged Chloe's self esteem.

And good for Chloe for vowing not to go down the unrequited love route again--I guess it's a good thing that Aragorn likes her back :):)
11th-Aug-2010 11:54 pm (UTC)
Yep, she is quite *sure* his name is Legoland. She will probably be fighting the urge to correct him when he introduces himself lmao

Exactly! She just needs to figure that out!
12th-Aug-2010 01:51 am (UTC)
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12th-Aug-2010 01:56 am (UTC)
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I loved Lois - Leggybow/Legoland, yelling at the book and Arwen as Lana - and Clark totally deserved the slap upside his head with the clue stick. But I giggled myself to sleep trying to figure out how Sindarin and Quenya would translate concepts like 'birth control', 'woman's liberation', 'safe sex', etc. I got pretty lewd just trying to formulate the compound words you'd need in either language to explain the concepts. Some words they just don't put in the English-Elvish glossary at the back of the books.
12th-Aug-2010 09:53 pm (UTC)
oooooooh! You're going to have to send me how to explain those concepts! Especially the safe sex one! lmao
9th-Sep-2010 05:33 am (UTC)
I love it. You have such a wonderful writing style and a great understand of Tolkien's world. :D

Even books knew more about moments then they did. < Your Lois is priceless and I just want to hug her.

"If things are 'like that' for them though, then I'm switching to Team Legoland. <

Haha! Me too Lois. Glad that Clark's clued in too. Although you wrote Arwen and Aragorn in such a way that I'm not entirely sure of their relationship. She is a lot older than him and perhaps in a twist of fate she could have seen him more as a younger brother than a lover.
9th-Sep-2010 12:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks! That means a lot! Especially since writing something of Tolkien was daunting for me.
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Poor Chloe, being all down-rotten/sad about the Aragorn and Arwen closeness :( At least Clark finally realized the damage he did to her re-guarding her self esteem in being able to get the guy though. It's about time! *g* And hopefully Chloe will eventually realize that she's the one Aragorn really wants...

Lois continues to crack me up. I LOVE her commentary on the books and what's happening. Haha. It just too funny! And the whole "Leggybows", "Legoland" naming was so... *giggles* God, I'm still laughing over it :) Hilarious darling. I also like the back and forth from Lois/Clark/Oliver's POV reading the story, to Chloe's POV living it... Really brilliant storytelling.

I wonder at the end with Clark means he's being brought/sucked into the book now? I can't wait to find out!

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8th-Oct-2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
Ah, yes, the effects of the Nazgul poison...that will play a big part in this story! So you were right to bite your nails!

Thanks! I enjoyed writing the story-book-being-lived-out. I hadn't been able to write something like that before and I like a challenge :)
4th-Mar-2011 01:41 am (UTC)
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4th-Mar-2011 01:50 am (UTC)
Clark and Legolas' 'thing' will start more around the next segment in this universe. And I must say, I stopped watching the show because it pained me everything they put her through too.
4th-Mar-2011 03:37 am (UTC)
Does this mean that you are doing one for Two Towers and Return of the King?

4th-Mar-2011 03:44 am (UTC)
Yep, I plan on doing two more stories based on TT and RotK :)
4th-Mar-2011 04:13 am (UTC)
You just rocked my world!

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