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Paradise Interrupted 2/3 
20th-Aug-2010 08:16 pm

Title: Paradise Interrupted
Sequel to: Gentle
Characters: Chloe/Sam, Lois, Lana, Mary, John, Dean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe and Lana are fourteen, and Lois sixteen, everything is peaceful. Sam is about to go off to college, Chloe is trying to cope with the thought of him being so far away...and Grandfather decides its time to take the girls back.

Chloe had never hated something as much as she hated Dean's Impala.

And it wasn't the fact that she hated the Impala the firefighter was remodeling, no, she actually was enamored with its classic beauty.

But today it was ladened down with Sammy's belongings, and it would be the vehicle to take Sammy to Stanford. The brothers were going to have a road trip together, and Dean would get Sammy settled in before driving back to Lawrence. So that meant that now, as people gathered around the front lawn, that this was it. This was goodbye.

And so Chloe hated the Impala unlike she'd ever hated anything.

"You have to stop being a brat." Lois told her in her straight-forwards way as they looked down at the Impala from their bedroom window. "Sam is going to leave, and you're going to regret it if you don't give it your all in your goodbye. Also, you know the percentage of people who die in car crashes every year. We could get a phone call and..."

"Lois, shut up." Chloe interrupted her, feeling even more queasy now that that had been said.

"Everyone dies, Chloe, you know that just as good as I do." Lois' expression was dark, remembering the things they'd had to live through as children. "We have to celebrate life and its cycles while we still can, while we're free to do so."

Chloe eyed her cousin.

She knew that the reason why she'd pushed to lose her virginity with a hesitant Cody was because while Lois was happy, like Chloe she knew that they weren't free, not completely, and that Grandfather would one day come back for them.

And who knew what it was he would make them do.

Chloe gulped.

She knew she was nonchalant about the topic, but she found it scary.

When one-when a girl had sex for the first time, when she became a woman, she was giving away her innocence to someone else. This was about the only innocence Chloe had left in her, and she couldn't imagine anyone she'd feel strongly enough to let go of it for. And it was painful. Lois had told her how she'd hurt and bled despite the fact that Cody had been 'annoyingly gentle and slow' with her that first time.

So if the person you were with was a bastard, it'd hurt ten times worse.

Chloe sighed.

The only one she could think of, the only one gentle enough, the only one who would be worth it-was leaving in that Impala.

The blonde lowered her gaze.

"I think...if I were older..." she sat down on her bed. "...and if I properly understood the concept behind the meaning of the word, that I'd be in love with him."

There was silence, and Lana finally looked up from the magazine she'd been pretending to read this whole time, not even needing to ask whom Chloe had been referring to. "Chloe. You already are in love with him. That's why you're acting the way you are." She sighed, putting down the magazine and moving so that she was sitting up on the bed Indian style. "I've been waiting for months for you to realize it."

"You've been in love with him since you were ten." Lois agreed, sitting down next to Lana. "I think everyone kinda realizes it but you."

"Me?" Chloe frowned. "In love with Sam? And he knows?"

"Yeah, he knows." Lana nodded. "He's not going to make a move on you though, I mean, he keeps reminding everyone that you're fourteen and too young for any sort of relationship." The pretty dark hair girl played with the charm bracelet that Mary had given her. "I think sometimes he's reminding himself of that more than anyone else."

Chloe frowned deeper. "Do you think...he is in love with me...too?"

"No." Lois shook her head. "He wouldn't let himself fall in love with you when you're only fourteen." She smirked. "He's probably waiting until you're sixteen."

Lana rolled her eyes. "This is Sam we're talking about. He wouldn't make a move until she was at least eighteen."

Chloe looked between the two girls, confused at how easily they were taking this.

The blonde had to admit that out of the three she was the one who found it harder to integrate with others and to accustom herself to this way of life-this way of thinking-and it irked her that she had a brain 'Einstein would be jealous of' but that a concept as being in love and such was such an alien thing for her that she just couldn't comprehend. And what made it worse was that Lana and Lois-who both had average intelligence, seemed to be getting it so easily.


Lois' phone beeped and she checked the text message, smiling. "It's Cody. Today's our one year anniversary, and he's going to take me out somewhere nice to celebrate. It's this whole stupid thing, but mom helped me pick out something to wear and she seems excited about it and he's all proud and smug about whatever it is that he has planned, and I might be a little anxious to see what it is." She was smiling brightly as she texted him back. "And, okay, I admit it, I snooped through his things and might have broken the lock on his little treasure chest (which he thinks I don't know about) and found a list of things he was considering doing and he's bringing me carnations since he knows I think roses are cliche..."

Chloe had never really seen Lois like she was when it came to Cody.

Out of the three of them, Lois had taken the longest to come out of her shell and trust the Winchesters, but once she had she hadn't gone back. She'd become probably the most bubbly of them all, especially since she'd found out that she was gorgeous and that meant she was popular, and popularity was intriguing for her for about two seconds, until she'd decided that it was too stressful keeping up appearances and being nice to everyone. So Lois had lost most of her extreme popularity, but the girl hadn't cared, having already snared Cody in her web quite tightly (a place he seemed more than happy to be in actually) and despite him having just graduated they still spent the same amount of time together as they had when they were in school together.

"He tattooed my name over his heart, did I tell you that?" Lois asked, smiling as she looked up from her phone. "He's so utterly stupid. He got it for his birthday. It has my name, and the word Forever right underneath it."

Lana sighed, looking envious. "He's really in love with you, Lois. No one would do that for me."

"You have six guys trailing after you at school right about now." Lois disagreed. "If you would stop being friendly to all of them in a 'I'm pretending to be oblivious to your attractions because I don't know who exactly to choose' kinda way, and instead just picked one, he'd be your slave, no questions asked."

"You think?" Lana asked, hopefully.

"I know." Lois replied confidently.

A knock sounded on the door, the three girls turning to see Dean smirking at them. He spent a lot of nights at the firehouse, but would spend the weekends at the house with them, and they'd missed him, especially Lois, who'd developed the 'annoying younger sister' syndrome. "Hey girls."

"Dean!" Lana was the first to reach him, hugging him. "The girls at my school are annoying me trying to get your number."

"Tell them to get it from Carmen." He laughed, referring to his girlfriend.

Lois raised an eyebrow. "You know, if you weren't such a sissy and scared of flying you and Sam wouldn't have to drive all that way and he could stay longer."

Dean ignored her, turning to Chloe. "Hey princess."

"Hey Dean." She smiled, hugging him. "Drive safely, okay?"


"She's not worried about you, doofus, she's worried about Sam." Lois snickered.

Dean flipped her off.

She grinned brightly.

Chloe hugged Dean tighter. "I worry about you too."

"I know." He laughed, moving back. "Now you three need to go and say your goodbyes to Samantha."

"Of course, Deanna." Lois nodded, escaping the room before he could retaliate.

Lana giggled and followed after, calling Sammy's name loudly.

"You okay?" Dean finally asked now that they were alone.

"Lana and Lois say that I'm in love with Sam." She admitted. "I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea because I'm not sure if I believe in being in love. I know that chemicals react in the brain when one believes one is in love, but I'm not sure whether love is the trigger to those chemicals or if its the chemicals that make you think you're in love."

"Whoa, whoa, shortstuff." Dean motioned for her to sit down on the bed and he followed suit. "You're only fourteen years old, you shouldn't have all that mumbo jumbo in your head right now."

"It's not nonsense, it's scientifically proven that-." Chloe went silent when Dean pressed his hand to her mouth. The blonde looked up at him in confusion.

"Enough." Dean raised an eyebrow at her. "You like my brother. It's kinda obvious. It's understandable. Leave the chemicals out of the equation."

Chloe really wanted to explain how the chemicals were quite key to this discussion, but she knew Dean well enough but now to know that he'd duct tape her lips together until she agreed, so she only nodded.

"You're young, take this time that he's going to college to figure out whether you like him because you like him, or because you see him as some sort of savior. What you're feeling could very well be just possessiveness and hero worship."

Chloe tilted her head to the side, pulling his hand from her mouth. "These are very probable alternatives."

"Yeah, I'm no Einstein," he poked her on her forehead. "But I've got something in my noggin too."

"Why are people so embarrassed about talking about sexual encounters?" Chloe suddenly changed the subject, confused. "Lois isn't, but everyone else is." She eyed him curiously. "How many women did you sleep with before you met Carmen?"

"Hundreds." He shrugged.

"Is that even physically possible?" Chloe asked, trying to calculate in her mind. "When did you lose your virginity?"

"I was your age." Dean replied, before blinking. "But that doesn't mean I'm saying that you should-!"

Chloe was ignoring him, trying to calculate how there could be hundreds in only eight years. "Were there multiple ones at the same time? Orgies?"

He laughed loudly, ruffling her hair. "Wouldn't you like to know, shortie."

"Yes, actually, I would. Thus the reason I asked you." She replied in pure seriousness.

Dean snorted and stood. "Come on and let's go find Sam before someone overhears this conversation and swears I'm trying to corrupt you." He flung an arm over her shoulder as they made their way out of the room. "What's with the Sex Talk, Little C? I thought mom had given you and the girls the basics when Lana accidentally found the Playboy channel on cable."

"It's very informative, that channel." Chloe had to admit.

Dean tripped on apparently nothing.

She didn't notice, deep in thought. "There was this one position that's interesting. I think it's called the Twisted Doggy." She tapped her finger to her lips. "Have you and Carman ever-?"

Once again Dean covered Chloe's mouth.


Sam looked up, feeling a little bad for how obvious it was on his face that he wasn't paying much attention to what the others were saying around him. He was a little worried that Chloe wasn't going to come out and say goodbye. The eighteen year old knew that she wasn't happy with his choice to leave Kansas and go to California, but this was what he wanted, and it might be selfish of him, but he wanted to go and still have her happy and on his side. And he'd invited her to come along, hadn't he? Sure, it would have put a damper on the party aspect of college if she were studying with him because Sam wouldn't have been able to concentrate on anything other than taking care of Chloe and making sure that she wasn't being taken advantage of-but he knew he would have enjoyed it greatly if she could have come with him to California.

Chloe and Dean emerged from the house, Dean looked somewhat traumatized in only a way a round of "Question Time with Chloe" could leave him.

The blonde hesitated when she saw Sam, a multitude of emotions on her face before she came towards him and hugged him tightly. "I'm not saying goodbye. I'm going to say 'see you later', because goodbye has a sense of finality to it and this won't be the last time I see you. You'll come for holidays, and we'll skype all the time so I won't even realize you're gone."

He smiled, hugging her tighter and pressing a kiss to the crown of her head. "Don't do too much growing up while I'm gone, okay?"

"Stop asking me to promise things I can't." She pouted. "I'm going to grow, I'm still young in my teenaged years, and this body needs to mature."

While it drove everyone else kinda insane, Sam had always loved it when she talked like that.

It was just one of the many peculiarities that made up Chloe.

"Love you." He whispered in her ear.

She tightened her hold on him. "You know I love you too." He nodded, pressing another kiss to her crown before stepping back. "I guess, this is it."

His mother wiped at tears as everyone else nodded.

"Call us to let us know you two are okay on the road." John announced, fatherly pride obvious on his face as he hugged them both, lingering on Sam. "I'm so proud of you, Sam."

Sam hugged his father close. "Thanks."

As soon as John pulled away Mary was hugging him again, making him promise to take care of himself, and Sam promised over and over again before she finally let go.

And when she did, he realized that Chloe was gone.

She'd left.

He sighed, disappointed, before getting into the car.

Dean started the engine and they were off, listening to AC/DC as they drove out of the neighborhood and onto the main street.

"This distance will do you both some good." Dean said when they joined the highway later on. "She needs to learn to not be so dependent on you, needs to start showing interest in other guys, get a boyfriend like Lois did."

Sam frowned darkly as he gazed out of his window, silent.

He knew it was true, he knew it, but it didn't mean he liked it.

He just couldn't stand the thought of Chloe with someone.

And that was one of the reasons why he'd decided to go for a school so far away.

She needed to do some growing, she needed to live a little, and she wouldn't be able to if her 'big brother' was jealously keeping her to himself.

He was doing this for her just as much as he was doing it for him.

I still invited her to come with me.

That's been in a moment of weakness though, and he'd been relieved and disappointed when she'd ignored the invitation.

Maybe she was stronger than him.

That was a sad thought.

Sam leaned his forehead against the window and sighed.


"Is everyone in their respective positions?" The commander asked.

Grandfather watched on the cameras as everyone nodded.

"Good." He smiled, leaning back. "Begin."
21st-Aug-2010 01:41 am (UTC)
This was just heartbreaking but also beautiful. I like that the girls have become such an integral part of the Winchester family, and that they all know each other as well as they do.

And I think Dean's right that Sam and Chloe need some time apart from each other to discover just how deep their feelings run.

I know that Grandfather wants to take the girls back, and I hope that neither Mary or John gets hurt in the process.

Continued excellent work on this fic :)
21st-Aug-2010 01:57 am (UTC)
Thanks, Dean has his moments of wisdom too! lol He's very much correct, Chloe has latched onto Sam as her safe anchor, and she needs to get independent and figure out if she still feels the same way for him afterwards.
21st-Aug-2010 03:01 am (UTC)
"I think there's one called the Twisted Doggy." That made me laugh!! Oh Chloe, and poor embaressed Dean!!
21st-Aug-2010 03:06 am (UTC)
And it takes a lot to embarrass *Dean*
21st-Aug-2010 03:45 am (UTC)
awwww about chloe's reaction to sam leaving awwww. lol about the talk between dean and chloe that was priceless . i love the winchesters alot in this. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr about grandfather i wish he would leave them alone. where did chloe go right before sam left ? PPMS
21st-Aug-2010 03:49 am (UTC)
She didn't want to see him leave, so she escaped while no one was looking...and the rest you'll find out next update!
21st-Aug-2010 01:11 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna guess that Chloe stowed away in the back of the Impala to see Sam get all the way to Stanford and ride back with Dean. Then Lois and Lana can save Mary and John and Chloe can protect Dean and Sam when G'father's goons come to town. Unless you're planning to slaughter the parents and leave the boys to a new vengeance kick. (cough*KRIPKE*cough)
This would be a great time for Chloe to figure out how to use her Magneto powers to neutralize the electrical control charges of the collars.
Or maybe I'm just all wrong. I can't wait to find out how it goes!
21st-Aug-2010 07:16 am (UTC)
Uh-Oh!!! Grandfather's sending his people to get the girls!!! I hope Mary and John don't get hurt and hopefully the girls fight the bad guys off... I have a feeling though that Grandfather's too smart for that and that they will be captured... I can't wait to see if am right, hopefully I'm wrong!

Poor Dean, how embarrassing that conversation was! *giggles* Chloe's hilarious with all her questions though, especially her making the unembarrassamble Dean embarrassed. Hehe.

The Sam/Chloe 'goodbye' was just lovely. Sad for sure, but still very sweet.

Amazing chapter! Thanks so much for updating!!!
21st-Aug-2010 07:18 am (UTC)
You shall have to wait and see how the grandfather/girls showdown thingy goes...and how the winchesters cope.

Oh, yes, the dean part was enjoyable to write!
21st-Aug-2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
LOL i love dean and chloe's relationship!!!! i had my niece and nephew with me and they both looked worried when i busted out laughing lol! great stuff

This was super heartbreaking though, I feel so bad for the girls that this has to happen to them! I just hope that John and Mary don't get hurt, and that the girls can kick soe grandfather gunnies butt! Sam is not going to be happy when he finds out!

great update! can't wait for more!!
21st-Aug-2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
Hopefully they were easy to convince that everything was alright :)

Nope, he won't be a happy camper *at all* when he finds out.
21st-Aug-2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
weechlam is so sweet. I wonder how long it will be before the two of them meet again. And if Chloe will even remember Sam by then. What will Grandfather do to the girls?
22nd-Aug-2010 04:03 am (UTC)
This story has replaced The Apocalypse Nowish verse as my favorite. i LOVED the scene between Dean and Chloe. I'm really glad you're having her form relationships with all of the Winchesters instead of just Sam and cannot wait for more! Also, I'm really glad Lois's boyfriend isn't Dean. The only Winchester man i can picture her with is John (because you you!), but he's with Mary in this verse. Finally, I must give you props for making two characters i usually despise (Lana and Lois) tolerable and maybe even likeable. Maybe it's because they're not hogging the spotlight and kicking Chloe aside (like on their acual show). but, anyway, KUSOS. AND UPDATE.

22nd-Aug-2010 04:20 am (UTC)
I was considering a Dean/Lois pairing, but for this story it just didn't feel right. And I'm happy you're liking Lois and Lana!
23rd-Aug-2010 12:04 am (UTC)
I love the image of Chloe oh-so-innocently embarrassing the hell out of Dean.

And what evil does Lionel Grandfather have planned?!?
23rd-Aug-2010 01:22 am (UTC)
Haha! I loved how you scratched out that one!!!
26th-May-2012 03:12 pm (UTC) - Again Wow!
Why am I suddenly falling in love with Chlam?! I'm a Chlean lover, for crying out loud!! I blame u for that.. *accusing glare*
As usual Applaud for ur writing:) Love how u described their feelings for each other.
26th-May-2012 04:49 pm (UTC) - Re: Again Wow!
Yes! Yes! Fall for Chlam! *evil laughter*
Thank you so much for all of your kind words hon!
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