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Of Love And War 3/10 
5th-Oct-2010 05:53 pm

Title: Of Love And War
Part of the Eternal Queen & Future King Series
Pairings: Chloe/Caspian, Chloe/Peter
Fandoms: Smallville, Narnia
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: That one night with the future king has left consequences Chloe never expected, and now not only does she have to tell Caspian and ready her people for war with the Telmarines, but The Kings and Queens are back.

Walking through a forest of ferns, Chloe kept her cape's hood over her head. There were Telmarine soldiers all over the woods, and while she doubted that they'd see her and recognize her as the High Queen of Old, she knew that it wasn't safe for her if she was seen with Caspian. Even if she were a normal woman, she was pregnant, with his heir. That meant that once Miraz found out about her and her situation she'd be on the Kill List as well, so the longer she remained a mystery the better.

"Here." Caspian placed a hand behind her back and helped lead her through the ferns.

"I'm fine." She gave a small smirk of amusement. He was being so very overly attentive. "I'm pregnant, Caspian. Not dying."

He flashed her an embarrassed smile before looking down. "I-I still cannot wrap my head around that. That you're carrying my child." His tanned face burnt slightly with his blush as he cleared his throat. "I am...most happy...My Queen." He took in a deep breath. "Not since the death of my father have I felt that I have a...family...and am not alone anymore."

Chloe's heart clenched in pain. "Caspian."

He turned to look at her, smile tender. "You are my Queen now."

She smiled sadly and reached up to cup his face.

A branch cracked.

Chloe smiled in amusement and pulled her hand away.

Caspian sighed and turned to face behind them. "We can hear you."

There was a moment's silence, and then Trufflehunter and Nikabrik came out of hiding.

"I just think we should wait for the Kings and Queens." The badger announced.

Caspian's face darkened.

So did Chloe's. "That's just a superstition, Trufflehunter. Just by blowing that horn the others won't come. 1300 years have passed. They're dead. When Father Christmas gave the horn to Susan he told her that when she blew the horn that help would arrive. That is what the horn is for. Caspian blew on the horn, and we're going to get help. That's it." Her eyes narrowed. "They're dead. They won't be coming."

Trufflehunter and Nikabrik shared a look.

Caspian turned to Chloe. "Come."

She nodded, letting him lead her away, picking up the hem of her dress.

"My Queen." Trufflehunter hurried to keep up. "You might need backup because of him."

"I'd love to see how the Minotaurs take to him." Nikabrik snorted darkly.

Caspian stopped, eyes wide in morbid fascination. "Minotaurs...they're real?"

"And very bad tempered." Trufflehunter nodded.

"Not to mention big." Nikabrik displayed his arms out as far as they'd go to emphasize his point.

Caspian sent a questioning look towards Chloe.

She had to nod. "They are a little on the 'huge' side."

"What about centaurs?" Caspian wanted to know, fascinated. "Do they still exist?"

"Well, the centaurs will probably fight on your side." Trufflehunter announced. "As will the Minotaurs, but that's only because they have a weakness for following a Queen. After the White Witch was destroyed, the Minotaurs went into hiding, and after Cair Paravel fell they pledged allegiance to our High Queen, since they'd never done as well as when they were following a Queen."

Caspian blinked, somewhat impressed.

Chloe looked embarrassed. "They can be sweethearts once you've wormed yourself into their hearts. And they're loyal to the end."

Caspian took in a deep breath. "What about Aslan? Is he real?"

They froze, Chloe blinking. "How do you know so much about us?"

Nikabrik and Trufflehunter shared another look, obviously having assumed that Chloe had told Caspian this, and shocked now that they knew that wasn't so.

"Stories." The Telmarine prince replied.

Trufflehunter blinked. "Wait a minute...Your father told you stories about Narnia?"

"No, my professor..." Caspian took in a deep breath, running his hand over his hair. "My mentor told me about the Kings and Queens of old, it's how I knew about Chloe when the dreams began."

Chloe and Caspian shared a long look, gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

Nikabrik and Trufflehunter shared a confused one, not knowing about the dreams.

Suddenly Trufflehunter sniffed the air.

Chloe turned to him, eyes narrowed. "What is it?"

"Human." The badger responded.

"Him?" Nikabrik pointed to Caspian.

"No...them!" Trufflehunter pointed.

They turned as one, gazes falling upon the Telmarine soldiers approaching on foot.

"There they are!" A soldier yelled, spotting them.

Chloe pulled her hood closer over her face. "Run!"

They turned and ran as arrows flew past them.

Caspian's hand found Chloe's and he pulled her behind him, both dodging arrows that whizzed over their heads, embedding into trees ahead of them.

A cry and thud sounded behind them.

Chloe turned and stopped, jerking her hand out of Caspian's, hood falling off of her head. "Trufflehunter!"

"Wait here, I'll go!" Caspian ran back towards the badger, who'd been shot in the thigh.

The badger gave him the horn. "Take it and go! It's more important than I am!"

The soldiers stopped and took aim.

Chloe watched in horror, and then a jab of pain in her midsection caused her to double over, mouth opening in a silent cry of pain.

"My Queen?" Nikabrik hurried to her side, worry in his gruff voice.

Suddenly the ferns rustle, and a soldier fell.

Caspian looked around, confused, but picked up Trufflehunter and ran.

More soldiers fell as they pursued them.

Caspian reached Nikabrik and Chloe, passing the badger to the Dwarf. "Get him out of here." He then turned to Chloe, eyes widening in horror at how pale she looked. "My Queen?"

She breathed in and out, holding her stomach, looking up at him in fear.

She wouldn't be able to run.

Realizing this, Caspian drew his sword and turned to face their pursuers, protecting her by standing in front of her, his own body a shield.

Another soldier fell.

The last one threw down his crossbow, drew his sword, and started swinging wildly at the ferns around him. "WHERE ARE YOU?"

The soldier fell.

The rustle in the fern started coming towards Caspian...and then, something flipped out of the ferns and knocked the prince down.

A sword flew into the air, landing in the creature's hands, and then the blade was pointed at Caspian.

Chloe breathed out a breath of relief as she recognized the attacker.

"Choose your last words carefully, Telmarine!" Reepicheep announced fiercely.

Caspian stared at him in shock. "You...are a mouse."

Reepicheep sighed. "I was hoping for something a little more original."

"Reepicheep." Chloe spoke, the pain in her midsection dying down to a faint discomfort. "Stay your blade."

"Your Highness." The mouse announced in confusion. "He is a Telmarine who was abducting you!"

"No, my brave Reepicheep, he was protecting me." The High Queen smiled tenderly at her small yet fierce protector. "He's the one who blew the horn."

Reepicheep blinked, turning to look at Caspian. "What?"

"Then let him bring it forward." A voice announced, causing them to turn to see four centaurs come over the hill. "This is the reason we have gathered."

Chloe smiled brightly. "Glenstorm."

"My Queen." The centaur eyed her in worry. "You look tired. Please. Let me carry you the rest of the way to the The Dancing Lawn."

"Trufflehunter was hurt." She turned to the badger. "He needs transport more than I."

"Then my son shall carry him." Glenstorm held out his hand.

"You are always so kind, Glenstorm." Tired, the discomfort fading away to nothing, Chloe nodded and reached for his hand before mounting.


High King Peter stepped into a rock passage and stopped, hands on his hips.

"I'm not lost."

"No...you're just going the wrong way." Trumpkin announced, getting more and more annoyed as the day progressed.

"You said you last saw Caspian at the Shuddering Woods, and the quickest way there is to cross the river rush." High King Peter turned to glare at him, frustration rising off of him almost visibly.

"But, unless I'm mistaken, there's no crossing in these parts." The Dwarf took in a deep breath, trying to keep patient.

"That explains it then." High King Peter announced, face hard. "You're mistaken."

Try as he might, as Trumpkin followed them, the Dwarf couldn't imagine his sweet, patient Queen married to this...this...human.

Maybe he'd changed from the time High Queen Chloe had been married to him, but this human seemed more like an angry teenager than the High King Peter the Magnificent of Legend.

They continued walking until they came to the gorge, and looked down at the rushing water below.

"Over hundreds of years, water eroded the earth's soil..." Queen Susan began.

"Oh shut up." High King Peter snapped at her before turning to Trumpkin. "Is there a way down?"

"Yeah." Trumpkin snorted. "Falling." The Dwarf shook his head. "Come. There's a ford at Beruna. Any of you mind swimming?"

"Anything's better than walking." Queen Susan announced, pout on her face.

They started walking away.

Queen Lucy looked back. "Aslan?...It's Aslan! Aslan!" She turned to look at them. "Over there!"

They turned to look at her.

They looked at the other side of the gorge.

There was no mythical lion in sight.

Trumpkin took in another breath, growing more and more annoyed and disappointed in the Kings and Queens of Old.

He was beginning to see why they were sent away while High Queen Chloe was kept here to try and keep the people of Narnia surviving after the Telmarine invasion.

"Don't you see? He's right-." Queen Lucy turned, blinking, smile fading. "...there."

Trumpkin raised an eyebrow. "Do you see him now?"

"I'm not crazy." The littlest Queen frowned. "He was there. He wanted us to follow him."

"I'm sure there are any number of lions in this wood." High King Peter assured his little sister.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "I think I'd know Aslan when I see him."

"Look." Trumpkin had just about had it with them. "I'm not about to jump off a cliff after someone who doesn't exist."

King Edmund frowned. "The last time I didn't believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid."

High King Peter looked across the gorge before looking down at his sister. "Why wouldn't I have seen him?"

"Maybe you weren't looking." The tiny Queen stood up to him.

Trumpkin had to admit that he was impressed with that.

"I'm sorry Lu." High King Peter shook his head and walked away.

The others followed.

The littlest Queen looked back, sad, before following as well.


It was night, and the Narnians were shouting.

Caspian stood in the middle of the gathering, and Chloe sat to the side, hand to her stomach. She was fine now, but that jolt of pain had really scared her. It was the only reason why she was sitting down and not standing in the middle of the group with Caspian. The Narnians didn't trust him, he was a Telmarine, and she had a feeling that the only way she was going to be able to help him was to admit to the fact that the child they had had the respect not to ask the paternity of, belonged to the Telmarine Prince in their midst.

"All this horn proves is that they've stolen yet another thing from us!" Nikabrik announced.

Chloe narrowed her eyes.

That Dwarf needed to stop being so narrow-minded.

"I didn't steal anything." Caspian frowned, standing tall.

"Didn't steal anything?" One of the Minotaurs roared. "Shall we list the things the Telmarines have taken?"

"Our homes!" Windmade yelled.

"Our freedom!" A faun called out.

"Our lives!" Yet another snarled.

"You would hold me accountable for all the crimes of my people?" Caspian asked, shaking his head.

"Accountable...and punishable!" Nikabrik yelled.

The Narnians roared in agreement.

"Thats enough!" Chloe snapped, standing, placing a hand on her stomach.

Everyone quieted.

"My High Queen." A faun looked at her worriedly. "Please, sit, you need your rest."

"Please." A cheetah pleaded.

Chloe smiled at her people, knowing that although she hadn't been strong enough to keep them safe from the Telmarines, that they loved her as much as she loved them. "Please, listen to Caspian. He's Telmarine, yes, but he was born here, and that makes him Narnian as well. And we cannot hold his ancestors' crimes against him. It would be as if we'd hold the Minotaur, Dwarf, tiger and such species in contempt because of their ancestors siding with the White Witch."

There was silence as the species exchanged uncomfortable glances.

The blonde used this moment of silence to make it through the throng and to stand by Caspian's side, giving him a small encouraging smile.

He smiled softly to her. "How are you feeling, My Queen?"

There were shocked whispers at the title leaving his lips.

"I am fine, My King." She smiled and nodded.

More whispers rose, anger giving way to curiosity.

Trufflehunter cleared his throat, limping forwards on his bandaged thigh. "Some of you may have forgotten, but we badgers remember well, that Narnia was never right except when a Son of Adam was King."

Chloe nodded, having to agree with that. "I have tried to be who you need me to be, but I have failed you so terribly."

"No my Queen!"

"Don't say that!"

"You have kept our hopes up!"

The people continued to protests her words.

"High Queen Chloe has done the best she could with the situations she's been dealt." Nikabrik announced faithfully.

"He's a Telmarine!" Someone yelled. "Why would we want him as our King?"

"Because I can help you." Caspian stepped forwards, determined. "Beyond these woods, I am a prince. The Telmarine throne is rightfully mine. Help me claim it, and I can bring peace between us. I will give you your lives and freedom back to you. Narnians will be able to leave the woods and not fear for their safety anymore."

"And why would you do this?" A Griffin wanted to know. "Why would you, a Telmarine, champion the cause of Narnians?"

Caspian cleared his voice and looked at Chloe.

She read his question and nodded.

Caspian took in a deep breath and then turned to those awaiting his answer. "Because my child, my heir, is half Narnian."

There was silence as all the eyes in the meeting were on their High Queen...and her baby bump.

"He speaks the truth." Chloe took in a deep breath. "My child is his."

Stunned silence filled the night.

"And you would accept the child as your heir?" One of the squirrels asked softly.

"I would sit on the throne with your High Queen as my High Queen." Caspian swore. "Our child is my heir."

The Narnians broke out into chaotic talk, and yet this time there was no hostility.

Chloe took in a deep breath, looking down when she felt something, and watched as Caspian engulfed her hand in his.

He squeezed her hand comfortingly.

She smiled softly, feeling better.

"The time is ripe." Glenstorm's voice boomed over the others, getting their attention. "I watch the skies, for it is mine to watch as it is yours to remember, Badger." His gaze fell on Caspian and Chloe. "Tarva, the Lord of Victory, and Alambil, the Lady of Peace, have met in the celestial kingdom." His gaze was pointed. "And here a Son of Adam joins with our Daughter of Eve to offer us back our freedom...to offer us victory over our persecutors...to offer us the peace we have longed for, for so long."

Patterwig, a squirrel, scurried closer. "Is it possible? Do you really think there could be peace? Do you? I mean, really?"

"Two days ago, I didn't believe in the existence of talking animals, of dwarves, or centaurs. And yet here you are... in strength and in numbers we Telmarines could never have imagined." Caspian tightened his grip on Chloe's hand, lifting Queen Susan's horn with the other. "Whether this horn is magic or not, it brought us together. And together, we have a chance to take back what is ours...and make a better future for our children."

His thumb caressed her hand.

Chloe raised her chin high. "I cannot ask you to come out of hiding and fight, but I will be at Caspian's side during this battle."

There were more whispers.

Glenstorm stepped forwards, eyeing the future king and ageless queen. "If you will lead us, then my sons and I offer you our swords."

"And we offer you our lives..." Reepicheep bowed. "Unreservedly."

Trufflehunter stepped forwards. "Miraz' army will not be far behind, sire."

"If we are to be ready for them, we must hurry to find soldiers and weapons." Caspian announced, looking every bit the King Chloe knew he could become. "Together we can unite Narnia." He raised his and Chloe's joined hands in the air.

As one, a cheer rose from the multitudes.

Chloe and Caspian shared a smile.

They had themselves an army.
5th-Oct-2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
Despite the upcoming angst, I love this part of the movie because of the hope, and you just have a general everythings going to be alright feeling. I but I'd be lying if I said I'm not looking forward to the the angst and jealousy coming up. :)
5th-Oct-2010 11:42 pm (UTC)
I always wonder, when I watch this part---what would have happened if the Pevensies hadn't come and Caspian had had to lead the battle from the beginning.
5th-Oct-2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
Ohhh... I can't wait for Chloe and Peter to meet again. Although I really love Peter's character I can't quite picture him that young being with Chloe. He will be hurt, not doubt, with Chloe and Caspian's relationship and I can't really blame him since it's only been a year on his part compared to the 1300 years that Chloe was waiting.
As with all of your stories... I'm completely loving this! :)
6th-Oct-2010 01:41 am (UTC)
You're right, Peter isn't the guy that Chloe married, not anymore at least.
5th-Oct-2010 11:55 pm (UTC)
Awesome, and an update so quick. I'm worried for Chloe being a part of the oncoming war while pregnant. She seems only five months or so, or if she's further a long it could bring on premature labor, and labor or a premie during a battle wouldn't be just distracting for Caspian and their people but dangerous for Chloe and the baby. :( I'm also worried for Peter's arrival. The shock of seeing him after so long is bound to cause her more stress too. I so hope you're not planning on her losing the child. Not after such a great promise of hope of their lands uniting and centuries of war and fear ending :D
6th-Oct-2010 12:20 am (UTC)
You're right. There will be much more stress for poor Chloe (and Caspian) in the future!!!!
5th-Oct-2010 11:56 pm (UTC)
Wow, it's an update already! Freaking fabulous chapter by the way!

Caspian is so cute with how worried/protective he is with Chloe. Aww. I also love his little possessiveness with HIS child talk too. Hehe.

I hope Chloe and the baby are okay after her getting hurt... I was worried for a second there that she would lose the baby. Loved the big scene with all the Narnians, Caspian and Chloe. Loved how they took the news of Chloe's half Telmarine child as well. He or she really will unite the Kingdom again. Yay!

Poor Chloe though, she really and truly believes Peter and the others are dead and never coming back and she's going to be so shocked/stunned when they finally show up. Damn, I can feel the tears already! Haha. I adore Trumpkin and his thoughts as well... His utter loyalty to his Queen is so wonderful and simply lovely. Aww.

Anyways, thanks bunches for the update! I really look forward to reading more!!!

PS: Have you thought of writing a strictly Chloe/Peter story? I think after this I'm going to need one cause I'm guessing Chloe ends up with Caspian is this and Peter does deserves his happiness with Chloe too you know! *shrugs* Just a thought...
6th-Oct-2010 12:23 am (UTC)
I HAD consider writing The Lion, The Witch And the Wardrobe with the Chloe x Peter...but I felt that considering that this is a Chloe x Caspian story writing the Chloe x Peter would REALLY have people torn as to who they wanted her to end up with :(
6th-Oct-2010 12:38 am (UTC)
Well, that makes lots of sense, cause I know I would be definitely torn between the two...well actually I already am, but I would be more so...

Maybe after you're done with this story you could write a whole new Chloe/Peter??? No pressure though, it was just something I was thinking about...
6th-Oct-2010 12:56 am (UTC)
I'm not :D I love Caspian. It's Caspian all the way for me. :) Even in the movie, I felt like Caspian should have been the one leading the people not Peter (because he wasn't going to stay). But then he didn't have any cred, and no one to vouch for him. But in your story he has Chloe!
6th-Oct-2010 01:18 am (UTC)
I felt the same way! To be truthful, in Prince Caspian Peter only annoyed the crap out of me with his attitude.
6th-Oct-2010 12:38 pm (UTC)
See, I'm little weird that I actually think Peter's characterization with his anger/rage/bitterness from being kick out of Narnia and losing all those years being an adult, fascinating. He was what age when they were brought back to their home world? Late 20's? Early 30's? Older? And to go from that, a male adult, a King and war hero, back to a child, well it simply fascinates me. He really is like an adult man trapped in a child's body. Talk about fucked up. *shrugs*

It also could be and I completely blame it on, a Buffy/Peter story that I'm finishing up reading on TtH... It really opened my eyes to the inner-turmoil in the Pevensies-- of what damage they must have went through by being changed back into their child bodies after so may years as adults... I've got to say though, I LOVE Caspian to bits, I just love Peter too :-)

Ok, whoa, did I ramble on or what? *blushes* Sorry!!!
6th-Oct-2010 03:59 am (UTC)
Dude, you can't see it, but I'm crying! Crying from sheer JOY! Two updates = happy dance. I swear I'm in love with this series if for nothing more then to see Chloe get herself some Ben Barnes lovin! While I enjoy the idea of her and Peter, the fact that he's come back as an ass really turns me off to their relationship, though I know he must have loved her dearly, which as far as I can tell is his only redeeming quality. I cannot wait for more! Literally I can't wait, so pump that goddess of a must into overdrive Missy, cause we've got ourselves a love triangle to get to!
6th-Oct-2010 04:04 am (UTC)
Yes Sir-ee Rogers! I will get right to that updating business!
*goes to edit next chapter*
6th-Oct-2010 04:11 am (UTC)
Just loving this fast updates!!! XD

Also loving protective/possessive Caspian.

Giggle fest over Trumpkin being so annoyed with the Pensive's.
6th-Oct-2010 04:17 am (UTC)
The next chapter should be up very VERY soon!
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