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Of Love And War 9/10 
10th-Oct-2010 03:27 am

Title: Of Love And War
Part of the Eternal Queen & Future King Series
Pairings: Chloe/Caspian, Chloe/Peter
Fandoms: Smallville, Narnia
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: That one night with the future king has left consequences Chloe never expected, and now not only does she have to tell Caspian and ready her people for war with the Telmarines, but The Kings and Queens are back.

At the battlefield, Peter and Miraz continued fighting, as Peter hit the Telmarine on the back.

Miraz knocked off Peter's helmet and then his coif.

Peter swung low, and cut Miraz' leg.

Miraz glanced at Glozelle, who sat holding the crossbow, doing nothing.

Growling, the older king swung, and Peter fell over, but quickly recovered.

Miraz tripped Peter, and then stepped on his shield.

Peter yelled in agony.

Narnian onlookers gasped.

Miraz swung, but Peter rolled out of the way.

He kept rolling and blocking until stopping, tripping Miraz.

Both quickly got to their feet, breathing heavily.

Peter looked over Miraz' shoulder and noticed Caspian returning from the woods, Chloe behind him on the horse.

What was Chloe doing with Caspian?

Had something happened to Lucy?

"Does his highness need a respite?" Miraz asked out of breath.

"Five minutes?" Peter asked, worried about his sister.


Peter and Miraz limped back to their sides, Peter's gaze on his wife as she arrived with Caspian. "Lucy?"

"She got through." Chloe smiled at him. "With a little help."

Understanding what it was she wasn't saying, Peter turned to Caspian. "Thank you."

Caspian blinked, obviously surprised by this, before giving a little nod. "Well, you were busy."

Peter chuckled wryly at that. "Yeah, just a little."

Chloe looked between them and gave a little smile.

Peter, who'd been unable to speak to her after...after the loss...felt relief spike through him at the sight.

She was strong.

She'd pull through.

He turned to look at the How before turning back to his wife. "Better get to safety, just in case. I don't expect the Telmarines will keep their word."

"Susan's there, she can handle everything." Chloe responded. "I want to stay here, with you."

Peter gave her a small smile. "You always liked seeing me fight."

"You always liked to show off." She replied, shaking her head at him. "But Peter, don't showoff now, okay? Don't do anything foolish and get yourself killed."

"I know." He nodded, looking back at the arena with a sigh. "Three minutes are probably up, huh?"

Chloe surged forwards and hugged him.

He winched through the pleasure.

"Sorry." She flinched, letting go.

"It's alright." He reassured her.

"Take care." She ordered him.

"Yes ma'am." Peter nodded.

Edmund cleared his throat, eyeing the Narnians watching. "Keep smiling."

Peter raised his sword and forced a smile.

The Narnians cheered.

Knowing his time was up, Peter shook his head, refusing the helmet offered to him.

Miraz also pushed away his helmet as they walked out onto the fighting area again.

Peter quickly attacked, but Miraz parried, starting to hit Peter with his shield.

Tripping, Peter fell, and Miraz rushed him, but Peter blocked and then tripped the older man. They both recovered and Peter knocked Miraz' sword out of his hand. Yet they continued fighting, Miraz using his shield. Peter tried to stab Miraz but was unsuccessful, and Miraz took the opportunity to knock the younger warrior's sword out of his hand and try to slam his shield into Peter, but Peter caught it.

Twisting Miraz' shield behind him, Peter wasn't ready for the blow when Miraz elbowed him in the face, and was easily pushed into a pillar.

The older warrior picked up his sword and swung, but Peter blocked it with his vambraces and stood, punching Miraz' wounded leg.

Miraz yelled and fell, dropping his sword. "Respite! Respite!"

"Now's no time for chivalry, Pete!" Edmund yelled from the sidelines.

Peter hesitated, gazing down at the man holding up his hand preparing for the blow, before he finally lowered his arm and started walking back to his side.

Miraz had given him a moment's respite, he could do the same.

"LOOK OUT!" Caspian yelled.

Peter turned, dodging Miraz's blade just in time. He grabbed the hilt of the sword, twisted it around, and stabbed the man beneath the arm.

The Telmarine gasped and fell to his knees.

Peter, holding Miraz's own sword, hesitated once more.

"What's the matter, boy?" Miraz sneered. "Too cowardly to take a life?"

Peter shook his head. "It's not mine to take." He turned to look at Caspian, holding out Miraz' sword to him. "It's not my father whom you murdered."

Chloe looked between him and Caspian in worry.

Caspian hesitated a second before coming forwards, taking the sword from Peter with a nod, and then slowly raised the sword at his uncle.

Peter took a step back.

He didn't like Caspian.

He might even hate him.

But he understood this, and would give it to him.

"Perhaps I was wrong." Miraz announced, looking up at his nephew. "It seems you have the makings of a good Telmarine king after all." He bowed his head.

Caspian raised the sword, screamed, and then drove the sword down...into the ground. "Not one like you." He hissed to Miraz. "Keep your life, but I am giving the Narnians back their kingdom."

Peter sent a look towards Chloe.

She was smiling brightly, her expression filled with pride as she gazed upon the Telmarine heir.

Peter sighed, looking away.

Caspian walked away, towards a beaming Chloe, and the Narnians cheered.

Sopespian walked over and helped Miraz up. "My king."

"I will deal with you when this is over." Miraz growled.

Behind his back, Sopespian pulled out one of Susan's arrows, probably collected from the raid the night before. "It is over."

Miraz gasped and fell over, the arrow sticking into his back.

Sopespian ran up and took Miraz's sword. "Treachery! They shot him! They murdered our king! To arms!"

Before Peter could even utter the words "I knew it!" the battle had begun


Lucy rode on, still pursued by a Telmarine on horseback, her mind on Chloe, fearful what the living Telmarine soldier behind her meant about Chloe's survival.

Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, a lion jumped up and roared.

Destiel reared, and with a cry, Lucy fell.

A little disoriented, she looked up at the lion, recognizing him as he jumped over her head, knocking the soldier off his horse.

The terrified Telmarine ran away.

"Aslan!" And yet Lucy smiled brightly as she ran towards the Lion, embracing him. "I knew it was you! The whole time, I knew it! But the others wouldn't believe me. Other than Chloe, of course. Everyone else didn't believe me."

"And why would that stop you from coming to me?" Aslan asked her.

"I'm sorry." She apologized. "I was too scared to come alone." She gulped. "Why haven't you shown yourself? I thought you'd come roaring in to save us like last time."

"Things never happened the same way twice." He replied sagely.

Lucy took in a deep breath, something bothering her. "If I had come earlier...everyone who died...Chloe's baby...could I have stopped that?"

Aslan's expression was that of sadness. "We can never know what would have happened, Lucy. But what will happen is another matter entirely."

"You'll help?" Her expression brightened.

"Of course, as will you." He smiled. "Now, I think your friends have slept long enough, don't you?"

Her gaze went to the trees, smile growing.

And with that, Aslan roared.


The battle raged on.

Chloe had never enjoyed battles, but now she was full of such anger and stress as she sliced and diced at those that came at her, she couldn't think of a better way of releasing the pent-up emotions inside of her. A couple of times she'd been distracted in her anger and a couple of soldiers had gotten uncomfortably close, but Susan had been watching her back, arrows reaching them before they could touch the High Queen. So that Susan could concentrate on the carnage around her and on protecting herself, Chloe forced herself to concentrate more around her, and not just take out her anger on everything and everyone around her.

A few Telmarines ganged up on Caspian, and he stepped backwards, falling over a fallen soldier.

Glozelle walked over with a pike and lifted it, hesitating when he realized who it was.

Suddenly a tree root grabbed Glozelle and pulled him away.

Caspian's eyes widened in shock.

Sensing something to his right, he looked up to see Peter standing over him, offering his hand.

Caspian hesitated only a second before giving his hand to the High King, accepting his help up, and he watched in amazement as trees joined the battlefield.

"Lucy found him." Peter smiled, eyeing the trees with joy.

The Telmarines continued launching rocks, one of them knocking over a tree.

Another tree stuck a root into the ground, going further down, before reaching up from the ground and taking out the trebuchet that'd downed its companion.

Chloe raised a sai high in the air. "FOR ASLAN!"

The Narnians roared and charged after the retreating Telmarines.

The human soldiers reached the bridge and started crossing, but halfway down Sopespian brought the army to a screeching halt.

Lucy stood alone on the other side, smiling as she drew her dagger.

Suddenly Aslan joined Lucy, standing beside the child and eyeing the army.

Sopespian stared at them in awe, before looking behind him at the approaching Narnian army, and then back again. "CHARGE!"

The Telmarines charged towards Aslan, but when the Lion roared, they stopped, looking at each other uneasily.

Chloe stepped forwards, standing between Peter and Caspian, eyeing the Lion as the water beneath the bridge started behaving strangely. Suddenly the water shot up and formed the river god.

Caspian gasped.

Chloe grinned and her hand found his.

His finger tightened around her, though his eyes never lifted the river god as it lifted the bridge, causing the soldiers to fall off.

Sopespian alone remained on the bridge at the river god's mercy. The idiot swung his sword wildly as the water came crashing down onto him, washing away him and the Telmarine soldiers everywhere.

When the Telmarines were finally able to pull themselves out of the river, all fight was gone from them, and they handed their sword to the Narnians in quiet defeat.

Leaving their soldiers to tend to the defeated troops, Peter, Susan, Chloe, Edmund and Caspian made their way across the river towards the Lion, before kneeling before him.

Caspian's grip tightened worriedly around Chloe's.

"Rise," The Lion spoke. "Kings and Queens of Narnia."

Peter, Chloe, Susan and Edmund rose.

Caspian, though, remained on his knees, having let go of Chloe's hand so she could rise.

The Lion gazed upon Caspian in contemplation before speaking once more. "All of you."

Chloe smiled, relieved beyond explanation that Aslan had recognized Caspian's claim to the throne.

"I do not think that I am ready." Caspian whispered, head bowed.

There were so many mistakes he'd made.

"It is for that very reason I know that you are." Aslan responded kindly. "Rise, King Caspian."

Caspian's head rose at that, his eyes wide at the title, before his gaze went to Chloe and he finally stood, clearing his throat.

Aslan watched him in amusement before his expression went more somber, going towards the two blondes in their midst. "Peter, Chloe. Walk with me." He turned and began to walk away.

Chloe and Peter exchanged looked before Peter offered her his arm.

The blonde Queen gave him a small smile and accepted it, both following after the Lion.

"This reminds me of the old times." Susan whispered nostalgically to Edmund, watching the three go off together.

"It does." Edmund had to admit.

By their side, Caspian watched Chloe, Peter, and Aslan...a worried frown on his face.
10th-Oct-2010 09:42 am (UTC)
I look forward to these updates every day. :) And I forgot to mention in the last chapter, that I love how you replaced Susan with Chloe, Lucy on her quest to find Aslan. At least I think I'm remembering it right. I just felt, since Chloe already believed, it made the act more genuine. Why would anyone think it was merely a diversion? Hence why Caspian's charging after them made it a more bold and intuitively understanding move.

And finally we come to the answer to the mystery of Aslan's caution, his warning. How they could have prevented sadness and loss? His words to Lucy, seemed to me to have a double meaning.

"We can never know what would have happened, Lucy. But what will happen is another matter entirely."

Sigh, I love Caspian. They need to have lots of pretty blonde-haired, dark eyed babies... now what a second I think I'm mixing up my ships :D Or not!!! :D
10th-Oct-2010 09:50 am (UTC)
I'm imagining those babies! For some reason, I always thought his hair, her eyes. lol. Then again, its probably because I'm in love with Caspian's hair...I just wanna run my fingers through it!
10th-Oct-2010 12:15 pm (UTC)
:D he does have great hair!
13th-Oct-2010 01:03 am (UTC)
You were on a roll with daily updates feeding my junkie habit now nothing for... is it nearly two or three? Ahhhh, I'm losing hair waiting for Chloe/Caspian please!!! Come back when you can. This is a very cruel form of torture.
10th-Oct-2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
Somehow I doubt Caspian has anything to worry about. ;)

I really enjoyed this chapter. You captured the battle scene well - something not all authors can do, myself included. Nicely done.
10th-Oct-2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And I'm sure you do!!!
10th-Oct-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
LOL! No. Action sequences are not my forte. But that's okay. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses, right? :)
10th-Oct-2010 03:26 pm (UTC)
Aww, Caspian you have absolutely nothing to worry about!!!

Wonderful chapter darling! I really enjoyed the whole fighting scene, I can just picture all of them kicking ass, especially Chloe :) I also loved the little bits of Chloe/Peter/Caspian interaction-- Peter thanking Caspian for following/saving Chloe, the Chloe/Peter hug, Chloe's pride over Caspian's decision of not killing Miraz, Peter helping Caspian stand up, the handholding between Chloe and Caspian-- Loved all of them!

I am curious as to what Aslan is going to say to Peter and Chloe. Very curious...

Anyhoo, lovely as always! I really look forward to reading more-- Sad it's almost over though :(
10th-Oct-2010 10:43 pm (UTC)
But Caspian doesn't know that! So he's worried---very worried!

I enjoyed those bits too. I wanted to show that for the best of everyone (especially Narnia and Chloe) Peter and Caspian are able to get along and finally work together!!!
10th-Oct-2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
the battle sequnce was awesome . love how chloe just glows when near caspin . i have a feeling that aslan is going to tell chloe and peter that there time toghther is over and chloe's time with caspin is just starting . PPMS
11th-Oct-2010 02:14 am (UTC)
She does, doesn't she?
11th-Oct-2010 02:13 am (UTC)
I love your battle sequences!!!!! It feels like you are right there in the action!!!!

Now I want to know what Aslan says to Peter and Chloe!!!
11th-Oct-2010 02:26 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
12th-Oct-2010 04:33 am (UTC)
I can't believe i didn't see this update until now! Anyway, lovely update as usual. It's so nice to see Aslan back. Now he can tell Chloe that she was really meant to be with Caspian. Hopefully Aslan will also be able to ease Peter's pain when he loses Chloe. Although I'm sad o see this series ending, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Off topic: Regarding the comment above about loving Caspian's hair.... Hmmm... Caspian's hair, Sam's hair... do I sense a pattern here? :)
12th-Oct-2010 04:45 am (UTC)
Yes! You sense a pattern all right!!!!!!
12th-Oct-2010 06:27 pm (UTC)
Caught up on this fic and it's damn exciting!

I like that Peter was able to let go of his anger and resentment and that he and Caspian were able to work together.

Can't wait to see what happens next.
12th-Oct-2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
Glad you're enjoying---hopefully I'll have the last chapter out soon!!!
14th-Oct-2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
Oh darn it I missed the part where Susan fell off and Peter and Caspian look up at her in worry. Oh well, good chapter!!
14th-Oct-2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I cut off a section of the way :( But hope you still enjoyed!!!
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