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Mate 4/? 
22nd-Oct-2010 11:23 pm
chlam---evil sexy!
Title: Mate
Pairing: Chloe/Sam
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When she was rescued by the werewolf, Sam Winchester, Chloe didn't she think that she'd ever see him ever again. But Chloe didn't understand one very important thing: werewolves recognize their mates while in their wolf form, and she's Sam's.

"Are you sure about this, Sammy?" Dean asked, worried, as he shackled both of Sam's legs around the largest, thickest, sturdiest tree they had found. The sunset was almost upon them, and it was obvious that he didn't like the thought of Sam bound like some animal, but Sam knew that it was necessary. His instincts were snarling and hissing, fighting. His mind was on that girl, on her scent, on her taste.

He wanted to be deep inside of her.

Sam closed his eyes and whimpered.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, concerned.

"I'm sure." Sam's voice was choked, feeling the spasms begin to grow stronger as the sun slowly set in the horizons.

He hoped to god that the shackles were strong enough.


"Yes dad." Chloe smiled, shaking her head as she spoke into her cellular. "I'm fine! I'm even staying home tonight. So enjoy Tokyo while you can." She smiled, shaking her head. "I'm eighteen, I'm fine. Now go! You deserve this vacation and remember you need to buy me something good before you come back." The blonde chuckled. "Love you too, dad. Bye."

Hanging up, she looked up at the sky.

There were stars shinning brightly, along with the full moon.

Her thoughts subconsciously went to Sam, wondering how he was doing.

She wondered if the shift hurt.

Biting down on her bottom lip, she pushed back the slight resentment she felt at the fact that his human self obviously didn't like her as much as his wolf side did.

It was immature of her to be so hurt by that.

It wasn't as if he was the first guy who didn't quite see her.

But for some reason his ignoring her had hurt more than anything she could remember.

It was as if she'd been expecting him to act like his wolf towards her...had actually hoped...

Which was stupid!

This guy was some stranger!

He was nothing to her!

Snarling to herself, Chloe shifted on her outside bed.

Due to her love of the stars, her father had had a part of the backyard made into a large gazebo with a star-gazing roof, open walls, and a large bed built in. There was an electric outlet so she could use her computer without it losing charge, and many a night she was out there by herself typing until falling asleep.

The back of the yard sported a large wooden fence that not only was too high for anyone to jump over, but kept anyone from being able to look in and spy on the girl. Also, the gazebo had a way of anchoring down mosquito nets around, or a rain guard in case it rained while she was there, and kept everything nice and dry.

This was Chloe's own little sanctuary, and she was almost always out here while at home.

Pulling her sheets around her tighter, Chloe skipped the "big ass cat thing" search and instead found herself researching werewolves, trying to figure out why Sam's wolf hadn't killed her last night. It was inexplicable, especially since apparently Sam's human mind went blank and the wolf took over completely during the full moons.

So why hadn't the wolf killed her?

If anything it'd acted...frisky.

Clearing her throat she wrote in "werewolf sexual attraction full moon", but only found links to paranormal erotica.

Sighing in frustration, she tried another, typing in "werewolf foreplay"...getting "You mean Werewolf Roleplay?".

More annoyed, she tried another search.

Why would a werewolf sniff and lick a person?

And then she pressed the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

She got a website, an author.

http:// www. zenawynn. com/ truemateseries. htm

Great, more fiction.

Still, she was curious, and read what was said.

" A True Mate is that one person created by God to be your other half. Every species has them. Humans call them soul mates. Vampires call them Chosen. Weres call them True Mates. Finding one is rare. Once you find yours, you do whatever it takes to hold on to them." Chloe raised an eyebrow, plopping her earphones into her ears and listening to the music as she read. "The first indicator of a True Mate is an extremely intense sexual attraction known as the Mating Fever, which grows progressively stronger until the Mating Bond is complete. Confirmation comes in the form of a lick and a sniff (taste and smell). If you're a were, one sniff, one lick, and you know without a doubt that this is the one person destined to be your mate."

Chloe colored, cheeks red as blood as she quickly exited that website.

What---what a piece of crap!

That was what she got for even looking at anything an erotic paranormal author had to say on the topic!

Closing the laptop and putting it to the side, she turned on her side and turned off her light, curling up in her sheets.

The AC wasn't working inside of the house and it was a hot night, so she'd spend the night outside here. It wouldn't have been the first time she'd done it.

Finally getting into a cozy position, Chloe closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


"Sammy!" Dean watched the werewolf thrash and snarl viciously, straining the shackles. "Sammy calm down! You're hurting yourself!"

The werewolf paid him no mind, snarling and clawing at himself, at his restraints, at the tree, desperate to get free.

There would be moments when Sam would stop, but he'd only sniff the air and go insane once more.

"Sammy please." Dean frowned. "I don't want to shoot you up with the dart again!"

The chain began to stretch.

Dean's eyes widened and he turned quickly, reaching for the dart gun, but by the time he'd turned around Sam was gone.

The older Winchester looked around him in horror, finding the shackles broken.

There was no sign of his brother nor any clue of which direction he'd ran off into.

"Oh fuck."


Groaning, Chloe's eyes fluttered open, a soft yawn escaping her lips as she stretched, not sure what had awoken her. The full moon shone into the gazebo through the mosquito nets, a soft wind blowing.

A low growl echoed and the bed dipped as something lowered onto it.

For a moment Chloe's heart raced in terror, but when as her eyes landed on a feral Sam, she couldn't keep the smile off of her face as she realized that she was dreaming.

This was what she got for going to bed after reading that crap...and thinking of him.

Like the time before, he was naked, everything about him humanoid except for his eyes, and his claws...and the fangs.

Chloe gulped as he snarled softly at her, stalking towards her on the bed on his hands and knees, mouth open and breathing in her scent in a purely animalistic way before whimpering.

She licked her lips, giving a little yelp when the blankets were ripped off of her, exposing her in her long t-shirt to him.

He reached for her legs and yanked her towards him, leaning down to whiff her, an odd sound reverberating in his throat as his eyes closed.

Chloe could feel herself growing wet, warm.

He was so hard for her, his cock visibly throbbing as it hung impressively between his muscular thighs.

She gulped, mouth dry, wanting to touch it, wanting to taste it.

Almost as if he'd read her thoughts, Sam let out an agonized snarl and shoved her thighs apart before reaching forwards and tearing her soaking underwear off. He brought the flimsy, wet material to his mouth and sniffed, that near purr escaping him once more, before his eyes, darker now, met hers as he licked it.

Chloe gasped, a flash of arousal jolting painfully to her core.

A darkly satisfied smile curled those lips, giving a glance at those fangs, as he lowered himself between her thighs, sniffing, licking at her skin, slowly making his way higher and higher up towards her throbbing center.

"Sam!" She cried, clutching at the bed sheets around her.

With a growl of satisfaction he reached her, lapping and invading her with his tongue, purring darkly with need as he tasted the honey sweetness between her thighs, wanting, needing more.

"Sammmmmm..." She whimpered, throwing her head back, eyes closed tightly as the sensations enveloped and threatening to drown her with their intensity.

He chuckled into her, the vibrations sending her nearly insane.

Pissed by how much fun he seemed to be getting by torturing her, Chloe reached down and clenched her fingers in his hair, hauling him up.

She would never have dared treat a werewolf this way in real life, but this was her dream goddammit and she wanted more.

He snarled but moved with her, moving up her body before reaching for her shirt, tearing it viciously, leaving her exposed to him.

Sam licked his lips, a look of dark approval shining in his eyes as he took her in, gaze raising up the incline of her breasts.

Chloe's core throbbed painfully, begging for him.

The blonde rose on her elbows and watched him as he watched her, before she finally reached up, tracing his features with her fingers, fascinated.

He was so handsome.

Reaching behind his head, Chloe brought his face down to hers and she kissed him, hungrily, carefully, wary of his fangs. The blonde whimpered as he kissed her back, just as urgent, and when she slowly lowered back onto the bed he followed her, his body covering hers, his elbow holding most of his weight as not to crush her.

She bent her knees, causing her wet core to rub against him, and both whimpered into the kiss.

Capturing her bottom lip between his teeth, Sam snarled at her, moving his hips slowly, pressing against her, trying to find her opening.

And then he found it, sliding in with one harsh thrust all the way to the hilt.

Chloe cried out, heat and pain erupting, and she tightened her grip on his back.

Who knew that there could be such pain in a dream!

Sam let go of her lip and threw his head back, roaring, before finally gazing down at her and licking at the tears of pain that trailed down her cheeks while giving slow yet deep thrusts of his hips.

Chloe winced, the pain throbbing deep inside of her, and yet the gentleness of him as he tried to soothe her in his own way slowly began to chase the pain away and make the heat deep inside her something else.

Purring in approval, as if able to sense that she was loosening up, his thrusts began to quicken inside of her until she was holding onto him tightly to try and...and...she couldn't think.

The pain was dimming to a dull ache, replaced by slowly growing pleasure as he pressed deep inside of her. His thrusts seemed erratic, aimed in different directions, different angles, and then he hit something that had Chloe crying and arching, her nails digging into his skin.

He paused, a sound that was very similar to a chuckle escaping his lips as he renewed his efforts, training all his thrusts in that directions, hitting that same spot that sent Chloe crazy.

She was unable to keep quiet, crying and begging, chanting his name over and over again, not sure if she was begging him to end the sweet torture or never stop.

He was insatiable in his attack, and Chloe couldn't think, her body on fire and mind crazed. She wasn't ready for when the climax took over, her back arching and her head thrown back, cry of ecstasy upon her lips.

The sound seemed to trigger something in him, because Sam's thrusts grew stronger, deeper, more erratic, and then he was howling, head thrown back, as he thrust as deep into her as possible and stayed there, filling her with warmth.

Chloe gasped, eyes wide as she breathed heavily, whimpering in pleasure at the feeling of him deep in her womb, filling her.

It sent tingles deep within her.

Of course, had this not been a dream, and if she hadn't been on the pill, this might have worried her.

But she was dreaming, and she was on the pill, so she could enjoy the feeling of him inside of her, throbbing viciously.

It was her only warning before suddenly she was grabbed, their positions changed in almost a blink of an eye so that he was sitting on the bed and she was straddling him in the yab yum position, her arms around his neck for leverage, completely impaled by him.

She gasped as this position made her feel him more, deeper, and she was somewhat shocked to realize that they hadn't separated once.

Chloe whimpered as she bucked against him, causing him to slide slightly in and out of her.

Sam growled and grabbed her hips, holding them as he bucked up to meet her again.

Despite having just...and being full of him...Chloe whimpered and ran her fingers through his hair as her mouth found his, Sam's lips swallowing her wanton groan as she bucked in time to meet his thrusts.

The moon shone down on them, the night sky filled with groans and moans and pleading and Sam's name. It echoed with cries and roars of completion, before it started all over again, and again.
23rd-Oct-2010 05:05 am (UTC)
Wow...that was AWESOME!!
23rd-Oct-2010 05:19 am (UTC)
:D Glad you think so :)
23rd-Oct-2010 05:09 am (UTC)
Uh, Chloe, it's not a dream...

I wish I had dreams like that! :)

What a treat! Chapter 4 already! Thanks for updating so fast! Gosh, that Chlam sex was so hot! So they did it four times? or maybe more? Man, there's gonna be a lot of morning after awkwardness (and soreness) that's about to ensue. I wonder if, after all that awkwardness, there will be the morning after sex? And then the morning after shower sex? And then the... LOL!
23rd-Oct-2010 05:21 am (UTC)
Apparently Chloe has some risque dreams :)
Yep! Chloe's going to be unable to walk! LMFAO
23rd-Oct-2010 05:44 am (UTC)
I would love to read the morning after scene from both Chloe's and Sam's POV. Oh gosh, I can just imagine the hilarity! :)
23rd-Oct-2010 05:16 am (UTC)
whoa!!!!! i totally stayed up to see if you would update this before the night ended!!! great stuff it was hott and intense, which is just perfect! lol i can't wait for them to wake up and realize what happens lol

so since the Were knows that chloe is his true mate and sam already knows something up, does the true mate(chloe) instantly know once the bond is completed?
23rd-Oct-2010 05:22 am (UTC)
Really??? WOW!
Well, Chloe will begin to guess that something's up...even if she doesn't want to take a erotic romance writer's word for law lol
23rd-Oct-2010 09:46 am (UTC)
It's been so long since I've read porn by you that I was surprised when I started reading it. Chapter was really good and incase you couldn't guess, I enjoyed the porn(That sounds pervy, sorry). I'm not much of a Chlam shipper, mostly because Sam annoys the hell out of me but I like your Sam(Strong, Dominant, not-a-whiny-bitch)so I enjoyed this.

Only downside to reading this is that I want to write my own werewolf mating story. Damn you!

Can't wait for the next update!
23rd-Oct-2010 03:53 pm (UTC)
Then write it hon!
LMFAO. Well, I'm glad you don't find my Sam a whiny bitch....LMFAO....though it kinda has me scared to watch Season 5 now that I bought it lol
23rd-Oct-2010 02:19 pm (UTC)
I'll be in my bunk.
23rd-Oct-2010 03:53 pm (UTC)
*thumbs up*
23rd-Oct-2010 05:30 pm (UTC)
What a beautifully passionate and smutty chapter!

I can't wait to see Chloe's reaction when she realizes that it wasn't a dream, and Sam's reaction when he wakes up next to her.

Continued excellent work on this story :)
23rd-Oct-2010 05:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It was supposed to be longer but I was sleepy!! LOL

Oh, that's going to be something LMFAO
23rd-Oct-2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering... why is WereSam always naked? I mean he's still in humanoid form. Not that I'm complaining, but still... :)
23rd-Oct-2010 08:16 pm (UTC)
Naked. Well, he takes off his clothes so they don't get destroyed while he's in his feral form. :)
23rd-Oct-2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
Suuureee..... you mean so it doesn't get destroyed in his haste to have sex with Chloe! LOL!
23rd-Oct-2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
YOU CAUGHT ME! So true so true!

BTW, the next chapter should be out in a couple of minutes!!!
23rd-Oct-2010 08:32 pm (UTC)
yay... what a hot chapter, love it .. how very convenient for sam that chloe sleeps outdoors *wink*

you know, i have to say, when it comes to the winchester bros i normaly would favour dean, but your versions of sam make me waver sometimes ... and i'am really grateful for it, because in the later seasons he lost all his appeal to me ... he's just not the same without the geekness ... your sams way better than the shows one ... so thank you
23rd-Oct-2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
I miss the younger Sam and Dean, the ones from the first 2 seasons :*(
23rd-Oct-2010 10:19 pm (UTC)
Um.. Well.. that was intense!!! Damn! *fans self* This definitely was one fantastically smutty chapter! A very hot smutty chapter at that! :) Go wolfy!Sam get your mate! *grins*

Poor Chloe though thinking it was all a dream. I wish my dreams were that real :)

Now I'm off to read chapter 5...
23rd-Oct-2010 10:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Thank you! *takes a bow*
24th-Oct-2010 02:51 am (UTC)
Had to go back and leave FB on the chapter I missed. My dear Chloe, what kind of dreams do you typically have if you thought THAT was a dream?

Hot, hot, hot... The SamWolf is quite the athlete.
24th-Oct-2010 04:40 am (UTC)
I know! I wanna peek into her dreams :)
27th-Oct-2010 09:37 am (UTC)
Maybe she has seriously naughty dreams that she'll never share with anyone. Like poor Buffy who had her closet aired without her consent, in Dark Horse issue where she was sandwiched between Angel and Spike. :P
27th-Oct-2010 09:36 am (UTC)
Okay now I know why you highlighted that M. :P Seriously wildly hot! *goes off in search of an ice chest to sit on*
27th-Oct-2010 09:39 am (UTC)
Guilty as charged *hides face in embarrassment*
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