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Mate 5/? 
23rd-Oct-2010 03:54 pm
chlam---evil sexy!
Title: Mate
Pairing: Chloe/Sam
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When she was rescued by the werewolf, Sam Winchester, Chloe didn't she think that she'd ever see him ever again. But Chloe didn't understand one very important thing: werewolves recognize their mates while in their wolf form, and she's Sam's.

Chloe groaned, contented, smiling as she stretched in her sleep.

A whimper escaped her lips as her body complained, completely sore all over, and that was the first clue to her sleepy brain that something just wasn't right.

The next clue would most definitely have to be the feeling of someone rolling over in the bed and flinging his arm around her, pulling her back against his chest in an utterly possessive way.

Her body went stiff in horror.

Who the hell?

Slowly, terrified, Chloe turned in that embrace, eyes widening when Sam's sleeping face came into view.

Suddenly the memory of her 'dream' flooded her mind, and her eyes widened.




That hadn't been a dream.

Sam's wolf had gotten out of the woods, somehow gotten all the way across town while stark naked, and had not only found her, but gotten into bed with her and she'd...

Her face reddened in embarrassment as she realized that she'd acted as if she was in heat!

Mortification bubbled deep inside of her and Chloe reached behind her, grabbing a pillow, before she swung it around, slamming it violently into his face. "You creep!" She yelled, pulling away and swinging the pillow continuously into his face as he jolted away. "You-you-!"

Suddenly the pillow was jerked out of her grip and Sam sat there on her bed, sheets thankfully around his midsection, looking sleepy and confused.

With a squeak, Chloe grabbed the pillow he'd been resting on, and used it to cover her chest.

Finally Sam's sleepy brain seemed to grasp the situation, because his eyes went wide as they surveyed her and then looked down at himself before looking back at her. "Oh fuck."

"Oh fuck?" She snapped, wanting to smother him with that pillow but needing it for protection. "You dog! You! You! Argh!" Snarling, she turned and tried to get out of bed, but the moment her feet touched the ground and she placed weight on her legs, they crumbled to ground and she cried as she went down hard.

Her body was in agony!

In almost seconds he'd jumped out of bed and was at her side, lifting her into his arms.

Squeaking, Chloe felt her face flushing dark and she slapped at chest. "Put me down!"

"You can't walk." He growled at her, eyes dark.

She looked up at him, eyes wide to hear that sound coming from him when he was in his human state.

"I hurt you," he lowered his gaze, beginning to march towards the back door. "Let me...let me take care of you."

"Idiot." She whispered, embarrassed more by this situation than by what had happened last night.

The sex could be contributed to utter lust.

But this?

This seemed more intimate somehow.

Sighing, she leaned her cheek against his chest, submitting to it, wondering if she was imagining the rumble of pleasure he'd let out when she did that.

She also wondered if Sam had done this before, because he was good at taking care of a woman.

He'd left her on her bed, had drawn a warm bath for her, and then had left her in the bathtub soaking her tensed, painful muscles while he went to call his brother, who must be having a minor heart attack right about now, looking for him.

As Chloe rested in the tub, surrounded by sweet-smelling, relaxing warm water, she toyed with the bubbles he'd added to the mixture, her fingers popping a couple of them idly.

She'd heard of awkward mornings after, and this was awkward in a way she hadn't expected.

She couldn't take out her frustration and embarrassment out on him like this, he was just being so repentant and careful with her, and really, if any of the two of them had fault in this it was her.

There was no animal taking over her self control and body during the full moon.

Last night had been all her.

If anything, between the wolf and her, they might just have raped Sam.

And yet he was taking care of her.


She submerged slightly in the bubbles up to her chin, crying out in pain when her nether regions complained.

That was it.

She wasn't feeling bad for him.

She was the one in pain here!

There was a knock on the door. "Are you okay? I heard a noise."

She looked towards the door. "I'm fine, I just...moved...and it hurt."

"Do you need help?"

"To what?" Green eyes blinked. "Bathe?"

"Well, uh, yeah."

She would have submerged herself completely if it wasn't for the doubt that she mightn't be able to get back up again. "I'm fine."

Plus, her body was still secreting his...uh...

Sperm, Chloe. You screwed all last night so you can call it what it is.

She blushed, closing her eyes tightly.

Thank god she was on the pill!

"I'm sorry." There was the sound of pressure against the door, as if he'd turned and leaned with his back against the wood. "This-I couldn't control the wolf and it-it hurt you."

Self-hatred was deep in his voice.

Chloe blinked, tilting her head, before she realized something. "Uh, Sam? You didn't, you know, rape me or anything."

There was silence.

She whimpered slightly as she tried to move. "I thought it was a dream and...well...it was all done with my consent." She tried shifting and cried out. "It was maybe a little more vigorous and unending than I was ready for-but that's werewolf stamina for you."

There was silence on the other side.

She flinched.

Sam hadn't liked her before, and she wondered if now that he knew he hadn't raped her he thought she was some sort of uber skank.

She sure felt like one.

"How do you like your eggs?" He finally asked.

The blonde frowned. "Huh?"

"How do you like your eggs?" He repeated through the door. "Sunny side up or scrambled?"

"Why are we talking about eggs?" She wanted to know. "Is this one of those Twenty Questions games?"

There was a pause, and then he chuckled. "Uh, no. I wanted to know so I could make some."

"Why would you-?" She forgot her pain and turned sharply, crying as her body throbbed in agony, and she slipped, head going under the water.

In seconds she was pulled up, coughing water.

"I think that's enough soaking for you." Sam murmured, holding her once more, not caring that she was wetting him or the shorts he'd borrowed from her father's room. "Do you have any pain killers?"

She nodded. "In my room, by my bed."

"Good." He grabbed her towel as he took her to the room and rested on her on bed.

"I'm wetting the comforter." She complained, feeling awkward and embarrassed as he tried to dry her with the towel. "I can do this-really."

"Let me." He replied, focusing on getting the job done. "I have a need to-take care-of you. Even the wolf isn't happy by the fact that you're this hurt."

She watched him as he said that.

He was silent, toweling her without any sexual advances, making sure she was properly dried before he went through her drawers, got her her underwear, and then chose a yellow sundress, lowering it over her head. He then gave her some pain killers, which she took eagerly.

"You should lay down, rest." He murmured once the job was done.

Her hair was a mess, but here was no way she was going to ask him to brush it for her.

"Uh, my bed's wet." She murmured. "How about we go to the living room?"

"As long as you lay down." He nodded, reaching down and picking her up once more.

As always she blushed, but the blonde placed her arms around his neck for better leverage, placing her cheek against his chest. "Thanks. You know, for taking care of me."

He was silent as he maneuvered them out of the room and down the stairs.

Sam had reached the bottom step when the front door was swung open (apparently Sam must have left it unlocked after talking to his brother) and Dean stood in the doorway, eyes wide.

"Jesus Christ Sammy!" He snapped, coming inside and closing the door. "Do you understand just how terrified I've been? I was looking all over this town for you praying that there weren't any animal caused deaths last night!"

Sam flinched. "I'm sorry."

"It's not use arguing with him about something the wolf does." Chloe argued, feeling surprisingly defensive on his behalf.

"And you." Dean turned to her, eyes narrowed when he suddenly saw how pale she was. "Are you okay? What happened?" He turned to Sam. "And how did you end up here anyway?"

Sam didn't answer, only turned towards the living room and entered, lowering her to the sofa. "Where are your spare blankets kept?"

"I don't need-."

"It's chilly." He replied, placing his hand on her forehead. "I don't want you getting ill. You're weak enough as it is."

"I'm just a little sore." She argued, before seeing the look in his eyes and sighing, pointing towards the hallway. "The linen closet."

He nodded and took off passed his brother, into the hallway.

Dean watched Sam go, confused, before entering the living room and looking around in discomfort, shucking his hands into his pants pockets. "Someone want to tell me what's going on?"

"I would, but he's being really paranoid about me doing anything right now." Chloe whispered.

"I heard that." Sam chuckled as he reentered the living room with a blanket, wrapping it around her. "So, sunny side up or scrambled?"

She looked up at him, not exactly sure why he wanted to take care of her, but she kinda liked it.

She'd grown up taking care of herself, and it was weird, but really nice, to have someone do that for her for once.

"I'm not hungry." Yet she still fought him.

"You're weak. You need to eat." Sam narrowed his eyes.

"Well you can't force feed me." She smiled innocently at him.

He smiled just as innocently at her, leaning down over her. "Wanna bet?"

Dean looked between both of them, slightly horrified. "Okay, when did you two get married?"

"Werewolves don't get married, Dean." Sam rolled his eyes, straightening back up and turning his his brother. "If anything they ma-."

Suddenly Sam froze.

Dean frowned. "What? What is it?"

Sam turned back towards Chloe, eyes wide.

She knew what he was thinking, and shook her head. "No. Don't even think of that. It's not possible."

"Yes, it is." He argued.

"No. I'm not a werewolf." She replied stubbornly.

"When has that ever mattered?" Sam pressed.

Chloe opened her mouth and closed it. "You-you don't even like me!"

He frowned darkly. "What? That's not true."

"Bull!" She pointed at him accusingly. "At the Beanery you acted like I was contagious or something! You were unfriendly and down right rude!"

"I was fighting the urge to bend you over the table and take you right there." Sam growled at her. "So I'm sorry if I came off as uncouth but you touching me wasn't helping my self-control."

Chloe's eyes widened, and she might have squeaked.

Dean continued to look between them. "Can someone please fill me in on what we're arguing about?"

"Yeah." Sam turned to him. "Dean, meet my mate."

"I am not your mate!" Chloe threw a cushion at his head, missing by a couple of inches.

Dean caught the cushion before it could smash into his face. "Mate?"

"Yeah, mate." Sam nodded, picking up Chloe's feet carefully and sitting down, resting the feet down on his lap. "It make so much sense right now. Ever since I came to Smallville her scent's been tickling the back of my throat, and when I turned my wolf searched her out immediately. It attacked the creature to defend its mate, and that's why it hasn't been interested in hunting these last two moons." He turned to look at Chloe. "It's only been interested in mating."

Chloe gulped, unable to look away from Sam, a tingle racing up her leg as he softly caressed her foot through the blanket.

"Mating?" Dean looked between them. "You mean when you got loose last night you..." he looked between them before it all clicked, and he collapsed onto a seat, shaking his head. "Sammy you dog."

"Shut up." Sam grumbled, blushing.

"I'm ovulating." Chloe whispered, suddenly looking up. "That is why you kept sniffing my stomach! You-that's why you wouldn't pull out last night!"

Sam went beet red.

Dean's eyes widened.

Chloe's lips parted as she threw another cushion at the younger brother. "You were trying to knock me up!"

Sam caught the cushion, a dumbstruck look on his face. "You mean you...could be...?"

"No." She snapped, tugging the cushion away from him to put behind her once more. "I'm on the pill."

Sam nodded, looking away.

Dean between them and frowned. "What the hell are we going to do about this situation? I mean, tonight's the last full moon of the month...and what about afterwards? I mean, how will the wolf react when Sam and I move on?"

There was silence as Sam and Chloe refused to look at each other.

Dean looked between them and sighed, leaning back against the seat.
23rd-Oct-2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
Man I love Chloe's bluntness *grins* and blushing sam is so cute. I can almost hear the never-ending dirty comments Dean is going to make when he finally gets over the shock *grins*
23rd-Oct-2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
I know! He's never going to let Sam live this down!!!
23rd-Oct-2010 09:44 pm (UTC)
LoL that last part just had me crackin up. I just enjoy when Chloe has no filter when shouting. hahaha.
23rd-Oct-2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
Yep, if she hadn't been so pissed she might have put it differently lol
23rd-Oct-2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
Oh this was great! I can't wait for the next chapter:D
23rd-Oct-2010 10:19 pm (UTC)
Good to know :)
23rd-Oct-2010 10:45 pm (UTC)
Haha! I just adore Chloe and her blurting things out. And Yay, for Dean showing up! I was hoping he would. He asked a really good question too, what's going to happen now with Sam and Chloe knowing they're mates? Will Chloe leave school and go hunting with the brothers? Will the Winchesters stay in Smallville? Or will they leave and come back around the full moon every month? Hmmm... I can't wait to find out!

I loved the awkwardness between Chloe and Sam and Chloe was absolutely adorable with how mortified she was when she realized that last night wasn't a dream. *giggles* I'm also glad that she made Sam realize that he didn't rape her... he would have never recovered if he thought that for too long. :(

Anyways, this was another fantastic chapter! I am really adoring this fun and sexy tale and I definitely look forward to reading more! Thanks bunches for updating!!!
23rd-Oct-2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, Dean would ask good questions. He's always worrying about his family and what's best for them, so now that Sam has a mate Dean's going to be worried about how it will affect his little brother :)

Good questions! They're all good, except in the last one Sam will be somewhat slighted, since Chloe's his mate too, not just the wolf's.
23rd-Oct-2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
OMG OMG that was pure genius!!! i love how Sam was all about taking care of his woman!!!! it was the sweetest thing. And chloe's bluntness was the bestest! and the pillow throwing had me crack'n up. My question is cam wolf sperm bypass birth control pills?? great stuff, i'm glad chloe didn't freak out, and i'm looking forward to seeing how they deal with this connection.
23rd-Oct-2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you! Well, he feels responsible for leaving her unable to move. lol Considering she really couldn't move much the pillow throw was her only move available!!!
23rd-Oct-2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
This was just gorgeous!

Dean's right that the Chlam were arguing like an old married couple :):)

And could Sam be disappointed that he didn't get Chloe pregnant? Again, Dean's right--Sammy, you dog :):)

Continued excellent work with this fic.
23rd-Oct-2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
They were!
And well, Sam's a wolf now, and the wolf is all about pack and mating and procreating (while not enjoying a good hunt of course) so yeah, basically there was some animalistic disappointment in the obstacle keeping the pack from growing lol
23rd-Oct-2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
My god, this was so freaking hot. I meant to comment last night when you updated Chapter 4 (since I also stayed up to see if you would update...) but I thought it'd be a wee bit too creepy. Seriously, I think we all need a werewolf Sam to give us mind-blowing sex like that. I can't imagine the pain afterwards but SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, them two be HOT together.

"That is why you kept sniffing my stomach! You-that's why you wouldn't pull out last night!"

23rd-Oct-2010 11:19 pm (UTC)
It wouldn't have been creepy lol
I think we do! Our own werewolf!Samy sexing! *dirty smile*
:D:D:D I aim to entertain :D:D:D
23rd-Oct-2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
I'm totally loving how quick you're updating! This makes me such a happy little crazy girl, you don't even know. Totally staying up to see when the next update is again - haahahaaaaaa!
24th-Oct-2010 01:10 am (UTC)
Thank you again for updating so quickly, I can barely keep up with my FB! This is seriously hot. Can't wait see how Dean deals with these two.
24th-Oct-2010 07:01 am (UTC)
Chapter 5 already! Yeepee! Have I told you you're awesome?

Now the big question is... Are Sam's werewolf swimmers more than a match for Chloe's birth control pills? :)

Can't wait for Chapter 6... and 7... and 8... and...
24th-Oct-2010 07:04 am (UTC)
I know Sam's wolf hopes so!!!!!!
24th-Oct-2010 08:02 am (UTC)
I am so loving this that I keep checking every so often for updates. Please post more soon.
24th-Oct-2010 08:05 am (UTC)
I will! I WILL!
25th-Oct-2010 08:17 pm (UTC)
Damn give me some werewolf stamina lol Chloe is sure a lucky girl.
25th-Oct-2010 09:31 pm (UTC)
LMFAO She sure is! :)
27th-Oct-2010 09:45 am (UTC)
I loved the nurturing concerned Sam, how quickly it all clicked for him and how defensive Chloe got about it while I think she's scared but thrilled. On side note though, unless she's on the single hormone pill (which you have to take at the same time every day), she wouldn't be ovulating.
27th-Oct-2010 09:58 am (UTC)
Yep, that would be the pill. Its the only one I've had to use so I'm ignorant about the others :(
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