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Mate 9/10 
28th-Oct-2010 07:45 pm
chlam---evil sexy!
Title: Mate
Pairing: Chloe/Sam
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When she was rescued by the werewolf, Sam Winchester, Chloe didn't she think that she'd ever see him ever again. But Chloe didn't understand one very important thing: werewolves recognize their mates while in their wolf form, and she's Sam's.

"So, I'm guessing I still have to go to the prom tonight." Chloe murmured as they lay curled in each other early the next morning as the sunlight began to shine through the curtain. Her cheek rested against Sam's heartbeat, her eyes half closed, not wanting to be awake.

Sam hummed his agreement to that statement, the sound thick with sleep, his calloused fingers caressing the curve of her shoulder.

"I'm not looking forwards to doing this alone." She grumbled, ghosting her fingers over his ribcage. "I wouldn't have minded Dawn being in me to go and 'enjoy' tonight."

Sam tensed.

Chloe sighed.

Last night after she and Sam had managed to tear themselves away from each other they'd gone downstairs and had a long conversation with Dean and Bobby. They'd tried to come up with any sort of other explanation other than Yellow Eyes for Dawn being expelled from Chloe, but everything pointed to the demon being the one to do it. And then they'd stayed up late trying to find a reason for him doing it that was plausible, and they couldn't come up with anything.

And that left everyone tense, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Tired, Dean and Bobby had driven back to the motel and Sam had stayed over, sleeping with her, protecting her.

She'd never slept as well as she did when she was in his arms.

Chloe would have loved to have him with her as moral support tonight, but when after dropping her off to school in a little bit the three hunters were going to concentrate on hunting down the cat thing that'd attacked her the night she'd met Sam. And Chloe knew that she couldn't expect Sam to hunt that and then get back in time to bathe and find a tux and come to her prom. That would be selfish of her, pushing him like that.

So even though she would have loved for Sam to be there with her, she wouldn't ask him.

"Did you see the dress Dawn bought for the prom?" She whined, stomach queasy at the memory. "It looks like someone vomited pink and glitter, and somehow it all hardened into a dress."

Horror at the thought of having to wear that thing-and the thought of actually going to the prom-made her feel sick at her stomach.

She preferred to go on the hunt of the cat thingy with the hunters, instead of the prospect of being amongst her peers-and possibly having to put on a tiara.

"Chloe..." Sam started.

Her cellular ringing interrupted.

"Hold that thought." Yawning, Chloe pulled away from Sam and reached for her phone, rolling her eyes when she saw the Caller I.D., bringing the mobile to her ear. "Yeah?"

"Oh, so you've stopped avoiding my phone calls now?" Clark asked, somewhat annoyed.

Chloe frowned, realizing that her best friends didn't know that she'd been possessed, and wouldn't have understood her attitude. "Clark, that wasn't me."

"I know, you're not like that. I mean, Lana was pretty hurt, and Pete doesn't know if we offended you and he's trying to go over everything he's said to you. And I-Chloe I've been worried about you-you haven't even come to the Torch! Something has to be wrong with you if you leave the Torch to Pete and I to take care of." Clark sounded so frustrated. "And you wont answer any of our calls. You ignore us in school. I don't-."

"I was possessed." She came right out and said it.

"I know, you seemed possessed with the whole prom fever-."

"No, Clark." Chloe sat up, feet hanging off of the bed, back to Sam. "I mean, Dawn Stiles' ghost entered me and was controlling my body. I don't remember anything of the last couple of days."

There was silence.

Then: "Oh my-Chloe! I'm so sorry I-I should have realized that-are you okay?"

She smiled, pulling a strand of blonde hair out of her face. "Don't worry Clark, I'm fine now." She sighed. "Can you call the others and let them know? I'd-I'd like to talk to the three of you in the Torch today around lunchtime. It's important."

"Is something wrong?" Clark wanted to know, voice worried. "Were you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine." Chloe gave a little gasp when Sam moved behind her, slipping his hands down her sides to rest at her hips, mouth nibbling seductively on the curve of her neck.

Chloe whimpered at the sensation.

"Are you okay?" Clark asked worriedly.

"Y-yeah." Chloe gasped when one of those calloused hands slowly trailed down the front of her hip, down, down, before cupping her intimately.

Sam chuckled evilly into her neck as he slipped a finger deep into her, his thumb rubbing against her nub.

"Oh my god!" Chloe nearly dropped the phone.

"What's wrong?" Clark sounded frightened now. "I'm coming over right now!"

"No!" Chloe nearly squeaked, both at the fear of him coming over and finding them like this, and also because Sam chose that exact moment to press hard against her clit. She groaned and jerked, arching back against Sam, lips opening. "Come later and pick me up for school?"

Sam snarled into her neck, biting down on her with his blunt teeth.

"Sure..." Clark sounded unsure. "Are you sure everything's okay? You're, uh, kinda breathing heavily."

"I'm great!" Chloe desperately hung up and dropped her phone.

One hand clenched in the bed sheets at her side, and the other clasped around Sam's wrist, urging him on, urging him deeper.

Sam moved closer, slipping in another finger.

"You bastard." Chloe whimpered, leaning her head back against him, body jerking erratically as his fingers tortured her. "Don't think...I!!!!!!...don't know what you're-!" She let out a sound that was embarrassing as hell, her hips bucking desperately. "Possessive...bastard!"

He chuckled, his teeth nibbling on her neck, his other hand raising from her hip to cup a breast, twirling a rosy nipple between his fingers. "You're so wet Chloe, clenching around my fingers so tight, so greedy, so good. Fuck, it makes me think about how you'll squeeze my cock."

She whimpered, eyelashes fluttering shut.

This Sam was different from the one last night, but he was different from the wolf as well.

This Sam was more like a mixture of them both.

"Baby you're trembling." He whispered, nibbling a little harder, thrusting those long fingers deeper. "Do you understand how sexy it is that you fall apart with just my fingers? You're so responsive, so wet...those sounds..."

"Sam!" Chloe cried, hips bucking against his fingers, feeling herself close.

"No." He snarled, yanking his fingers from her just as she was about to cum.

"You bastard!" She snarled, disoriented and desperate from having been denied, turning around to slap at him.

He shielded her attack with embarrassing ease, turning her around and forcing her face down against a pillow, his hand hard down on her back to keep her on her knees.

And then he was behind her.

And then he was in her.


Chloe's cry was torn out of her violently as he savagely filled her.

And she liked it.

She was on her fours, like a bitch in heat, as he fucked her from behind, one hand still pressing down on her back and the other gripping her hip, pulling her back to meet each of his thrusts.

"Yes..." Chloe clenched her pillow, a guttural sound escaping her lips.

His fingers had been wonderful but this...nothing could compete with having him sheathed completely inside of her.

"Mine." Sam snarled, accentuating the words with a fiercer thrust.

"Yours..." Chloe agreed without even thinking, meeting his thrusts as well.

He made a tortured sound and draped himself over her, one hand palm down on the bed, and the other wrapped around her waist as he continued to fuck her.

Chloe whimpered, loving the feeling of him all over her, blanketing her in his warmth and scent.

"I think I'm addicted to you." Sam confessed into her skin, the arm around her stomach lowering once more to torture her clit as he rammed deep inside of her.

She could only cry out, going insane under the assault of his fingers and his...

"Sam!" Chloe yelled, feeling desperate at the build up of intense feelings.

"That's it..." He hissed in her ear. "Just like that."

And then he pinched her clit.

The surprising pain added to the pleasure and Chloe screamed as she was pushed over the edge, cumming long and hard, spasming around his member.

"Oh fuck." Sam groaned in near agony as her orgasm-as her cunt massaging him-drew his release quicker than he'd wished.

He fucked her harder through her orgasm, once, twice, before burying himself deep in her womb with a howl as he came.

Finally, together, they collapsed onto the bed, sticky, and sated, and tingling.

Sam was still draped over her, pinning her body into the mattress, his cock still buried deep inside of her.

Like his wolf, he apparently didn't quite like the idea of pulling out, preferring to linger and trap his cum deep in her.

Even if it was subconscious, the bastard was trying to knock her up.

Was it wrong for that knowledge to get her hot all over again?

Enjoying his weight, his skin against hers, his scent, the scent of their sex...Chloe smiled, closing her eyes. "You know, if the wolf is going to act that way every time he gets jealous or possessive-I might just start doing it on purpose."

He'd only been semi-soft, but at those words Sam hardened completely inside of her, throbbing.

Chloe whimpered, bucking her hips against him as much as she could while pinned by his weight.

"That wasn't the wolf." Sam whispered into her ear, his breath hot and humid, his voice a seductive growl.

He then began to nibble on the shell of her ear, thrusting slowly but deeply inside of her.

"Are we ever...only going to have sex...once?" Chloe asked, breathily, as she felt her passions rise once more.

Sam's only answer was to chuckle, the sound extremely wolfy, as he pulled himself up and, hands on her hips, pulling her up with him as well, still sheathed completely in her.

"Sam..." She whimpered, a little desperate. "Clark's coming to pick me up."

Sam thrust deep inside of her.

"Sammy..." She tried...even as her own fingers were slowly making their way to her overstimulated nub.

He hit something deep inside of her that had her seeing stars.

Chloe forgot the reason why she'd ever want him to pull out.


"Let me get this straight." Lana blinked, sitting in one of the twirly chairs in the Torch, looking up at Chloe. "You've got a boyfriend."

Pete turned to her, eyes wide. "She was possessed, attacked by a monster cat thing, and there's a demon out there that might have expelled Dawn from her and might have some sinister plot involving her. And all you're interested in is the fact that she's not single anymore?"

"Who hasn't gotten possessed? This is Smallville!" Lana exclaimed. "And sure, the demon thing is a new sort of wacky, but come on, some guy out there finally noticed that Chloe's a girl! Look at her! She's glowing." Lana folded her arms over her chest. "Forgive me for thinking this the most important news of all."

Chloe smiled at Lana, wanting to hug her.

So she did.

Lana giggled, hugging her back. "Which of the hunks is Sammy again? The brunet one or the sandy blonde?"

Chloe pulled back, biting on her bottom lip.

"The brunet." Clark answered, running a hand over his hair.

Lana and Pete turned to look at him in shock.

"You've met him?" Pete asked. "Why am I the only one who hasn't met him?"

"I only know him because he answered the door when I came to pick Chloe up to take her to school." Clark blushed, ducking his gaze.

"What was he doing at your house so early in the morning?" Lana asked innocently.

Pete's eyes widened. "Chloe! You're a fast worker!"

"Shut up!" Chloe whimpered, covering her face in embarrassment.

Lana looked between them with her eyes narrowed, obviously not getting it, until suddenly she did.

The brunette's hazel eyes widened and a blush covered her tanned skin. "Oh."

Clark looked like he was so embarrassed he wanted to curl up and die.

And Chloe found it hysterical because he wasn't the one whose partner had had to race from the bedroom, wrapped in nothing but a sheet, to answer the door and apologize for making her late.

"I can't wait to officially meet him tonight." Lana smiled, finally getting over her blushing fit. "Wouldn't it be so exciting if you won and he was there on your arm?" She sighed, eyelashes fluttering as she lost herself to some daydream. "So romantic! Just like some fairy tale!"

"He isn't coming to the prom." Chloe cleared her throat. "I didn't ask him..."

"He'll be there." Lana responded, confident.

"I hope you know Clark and I are giving this guy the interrogation of a lifetime." Pete pointed his finger at her. "You're our girl and we're not going to give you up to just anyone."

Chloe nodded, smiling, glad to have such wonderful, supportive friends.

Lana grinned. "So, what is your dress like?" She pouted. "I'd wanted to go shopping with you but Dawn was a bitch, avoiding me and-."

Clark was watching Lana in horror at the fact that the "b" word had just escaped her lips.

Chloe reached for Lana, holding her hand. "Skip the rest of the classes with me."

Lana blinked. "Huh?"

"Who are you?" Pete shook his head, deeply amused. "First you-and then now you-." He raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you're not possessed now?"

Chloe glared at him. "Dawn bought a sickening pink mess that I refuse to wear. The night will be horrifying."

Lana eyed her before nodding, standing up. "Come on. The prom queen must feel confident and pretty when she accepts her tiara or she won't be able to look back at this moment and feel that sense of gloating, smug, superior happiness."

Chloe looked up at her friend, unable to keep the slightly hysterical, horrified laugh from escaping her. "Who says I'm going to win?"

"You are. It's a given." Lana responded, turning to Clark. "You're going to drive our escape truck and take us to Metropolis." She turned to Pete. "You can help us by giving us a male's fashionable opinion."

Pete nodded. "Sure."

"Guys." Clark looked between them, horrified. "Are we really going to ditch?"

The three friends grinned at each other and then nodded.

"But-!" He tried again.

"Please?" Lana pouted, going to press a kiss to his cheek.

Clark sighed, defeated.


They hadn't found the cat thing.

They'd been trailing its paw prints most of the day and then trail had suddenly vanished, its paw prints leading to an opening before disappearing.

But there were other scents in the area, and footprints...and a bright pink stiletto that was still stuck in the soft soil.

"So this is where it happened?" Dean ran a hand over his head and looked around him. "He what? Beamed her here, then beamed the cat thing out?"

Bobby frowned, surveying the scene. "This don't make a lick of sense."

"What if he controlled the cat creature?" Sam looked up at them, eyes flashing wolf-blue to human-blue. "What if the reason it was chasing her that night was because he'd sent it after her?"

"That makes no sense." Dean frowned. "Because in that scenerio he wants to hurt her, and if that was so the fucker would have iced her when he had her here, isolated."

Sam snarled at the reminder.

Dean looked around him, frustrated and confused.

Bobby straightened his trucker hat. "He's playing a game here. He's letting you know that he could have touched her if he'd really wanted, he's reminding you how weak you are compared to him."

"You think he's warning us off the hunt?" Dean read between the lines, scowl fierce. "Telling us that if we don't stop hunting him and colt that he'll do to Chloe what he could have done last night?"

Bobby nodded.

"We can't settle while she's studying." Sam began to pace, growling. "I need to convince her of the danger she's in right now. He knows who she is, where she is. I will not let him do to her what he did to mom and Jess!"

His eyes flashed wolf-blue and stayed like that.

"We know that Sammy." Dean, more used to these shifts between personalities, nodded. "Bobby and I don't want anything to happen to her too. She's family now."

Sam nodded, his eyes slowly bleeding back to their normal color. "So...what about this hunt?"

"I have a feeling the good people of Smallville won't have anything to worry about...at least about the cat thing." Bobby frowned, eyeing the pacing male. "Go on boy. School ended an hour ago. Yer itchin' ta get ta her."

"He's so clingy." Dean taunted.

Sam sent his brother a smirk. "You're such a jerk."

"And you're less bitchy when you get laid frequently." Dean threw back.

Sam smirked deeper, letting out a sound that was close to a purr and growl.

Dean and Bobby exchanged amused looks.

The older brother grinned and flung an arm around Sam's shoulders. "Come on Samantha, we have to go and buy you a gown for the big ball."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Thank you, fairy godmother."

Bobby rolled his eyes, slapping them both in the back of their heads.

"Idgits." He despaired, walking away.
29th-Oct-2010 01:17 am (UTC)
Damn Were!Sam is insanely HOT! I'm loving the blend of fervent possessive passion and loving adoration that Sam is exuding. It makes me all hot and bothered as well as warm and fuzzy inside. Your characterization is, as usual, spot on and so very believable. We now have 9/10 chapters; will there be a sequel? I'm a sucker for you and your multiple sequels as well as your multiple smut scenes ;)
Wonderful job as usual and I truly do hope to see more of this Wolf!verse.
29th-Oct-2010 01:20 am (UTC)
Its funny, because it'd been a while since I wrote a smut!fic and didn't know if I still had it! LoL but this story has come very easily to me...and so have the smutty scenes...so I'm feeling better now.

Not sure about a sequel, although there is definitely potential for one! So, as always, I never say never!!!
29th-Oct-2010 01:26 am (UTC)
Great chapter as usual! Update soon;D
29th-Oct-2010 01:26 am (UTC)
I will most definitely try!!!
29th-Oct-2010 01:33 am (UTC)
Woo hoo, another passionate and smutty chapter!

The Chlam keep getting sexier and sexier and I love Lana's. Pete's and Clark's reactions to finding out that Chloe's sleeping with Sam. Too cute :):)

And I know I should be worried about the YED, but the sheer hotness of the Chlam smut's making me forget :)
29th-Oct-2010 01:35 am (UTC)
You know, the sex has to be good if it makes you forget about impending doom! I feel honored!!!
29th-Oct-2010 01:35 am (UTC)
i am so loving were sam yummy . loved how hot it was in her room between chloe and sam wowie . lol about what chloe thought of what dawn did lol. lan was cool in this (for me saying that is alot) , pete (is being pete ) , lol about clark. i can not wait to read more and hope you will write a sq or so to this.
29th-Oct-2010 01:37 am (UTC)
I feel that if Chloe and Lana hadn't been fighting over Clark for so long they would have become REAL friends, and that it could have ended like this.

Not sure about a sequel. Nothing is planned, although the ending will be somewhat open. So there's always a chance.
29th-Oct-2010 03:46 am (UTC)
Wow...animal!Sam is awesome.
29th-Oct-2010 03:51 am (UTC)
:D Glad to hear that :D
29th-Oct-2010 04:36 am (UTC)
You've broken me. This fic is so hot, I only want to read chlam from now on. No Chlean for me. Ever.

You realize that this means you have to be my Chlam smut supplier, right. Get to writing! :) Chop, chop.

Great job.
29th-Oct-2010 04:39 am (UTC)
YAY! *throws up glitter* That is so fricken awesome! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Haha! I knew there had to be a catch! Lmfao
29th-Oct-2010 04:50 am (UTC)
hahaha love Bobby, and cute that Chloe's gang are so excited for her and teasing. And thank heaven they're going shopping for a new dress. We all know how well the last event turned out when she wore pink :D She's gotta look like a Queen to fit the crown :) I'm thinking light blue or green to bring out her eyes, or ruby red to entice a wolf ;)
29th-Oct-2010 04:52 am (UTC)
Exactly! Pink is a bad karma color for her! So the gang will help her pick a dress that's more her. :)

Those are the three colors I've been considering! *looks around* What part of my brain are you spying on?????
31st-Oct-2010 08:45 am (UTC)
You write so vividly that it's just that easy to follow your train of thought ;D
29th-Oct-2010 06:01 am (UTC)
Wow, possessive Sam is really hot!

And I love Bobby - he's such a character.
29th-Oct-2010 06:03 am (UTC)
And Chloe is enjoying every minute of it!!!!
(Deleted comment)
29th-Oct-2010 05:43 pm (UTC)
I have a weakness for that...so I had to write it in. lol
*grins devilishly at your inner monologue*
29th-Oct-2010 11:22 am (UTC)
It has been a while since you wrote a purely smutty fic, and I've been missing it. This was a truly great chapter, with the right amount of naked!Chlam, clueless!Lana, and embarrassed!Clark. Can't wait for the next one! SO hurry up!

Just kidding, take your time, I barely understand that genius takes time...
29th-Oct-2010 05:45 pm (UTC)
I know! It HAS been! If I remember right Succubus!Chloe (or AKA Seducing Chloe Sullivan) was my last purely smutty fic!

29th-Oct-2010 08:44 pm (UTC)
Another great chapter! Man, Sam is so hott! I love it when Dean calls Sam, Samantha. So funny! Update soon, please.
29th-Oct-2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
I just think Dean always wanted a kid sister! *winkwink*
30th-Oct-2010 03:15 am (UTC)
Damn! This were!Sam is soooo very smexy! Seriously, the smut in this fic gets getting hotter and hotter! *fans self* Gotta love a possessive/passionate Sam.

I also loved in this chapter was the Lana/Clark/Pete/Chloe scene. They were all so cute together. Clark and Chloe both with their embarrassment and Lana with her interest in Chloe's new boyfriend :) It's nice to see Chloe having real friends for a change.

The Dean/Sam/Bobby bit was also great. I love Dean and his teasing comments toward Sam and Sam and his snarky comebacks and of course Bobby and his being fondly exasperated with both of them-- calling them idgits. *sighs* Good times :)

Fantastic all around! I can't wait for the final chapter!!!
30th-Oct-2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Its amazing to see so many people shower wolf!Sam with so much love! If I'd known they'd like him lycanthropic I'd have had him turned years ago ;)

Dean's right though, now that's he's getting some Sam has turned more snarky than bitchy :)
30th-Oct-2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
This is just freaking amazing - I love how you write everyone. I mean you make me like Lana in this... you know how hard that is for me to do???

I seriously hope you'll write a sequel to this... I want more hot werewolf!Sam/Chloe action ;D ♥ Heh^^
30th-Oct-2010 08:42 pm (UTC)
I try :)
Not sure about a sequel, I really don't have anything planned...but how many times have I said that about past stories? So I'll just say 'not planned but not impossible'.
2nd-Nov-2010 01:37 am (UTC)
LOL! I can totally picture Clark's face when Sam opened the door just wrapped up in Chloe's bedsheets! My heart just melts when Sam shows his possessiveness. ***gushes***

I will now go and read the last chapter.
2nd-Nov-2010 01:42 am (UTC)
Aha! So true! There *was* some mark of possession in that move LoL Poor Clark.
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