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Mate 10/10 
1st-Nov-2010 01:56 am
chlam---evil sexy!
Title: Mate
Pairing: Chloe/Sam
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When she was rescued by the werewolf, Sam Winchester, Chloe didn't she think that she'd ever see him ever again. But Chloe didn't understand one very important thing: werewolves recognize their mates while in their wolf form, and she's Sam's.

"I don't think I can do this." Chloe whimpered, taking a couple of steps back from the front door.

If she called the boys she was sure she could be of help in the hunt.

Sh could be bait.

It had worked so well the first time.

Lana caught Chloe as the blonde turned around, hands on her shoulder, hazel eyes looking into green ones. "Breathe in."

Chloe breathed in.

Lana looked at her in amusement. "You can breathe out too honey."

Chloe let out the breath she'd been keeping.

"See you all inside." Pete, with his date Shaniqua, smiled at Chloe with a wink before entering, the music within blaring through the opened doors before going silent when they closed.

Clark smiled down at his best friend. "You look great Chloe, you'll win Queen for sure."

Chloe whimpered.

Lana slapped Clark's chest. "Go on in, you're making things worse."

"Sorry." He flinched, bending down and kissing his girlfriend's cheek before heading inside.

"Okay." Lana returned her attention to Chloe. "You look great, and who knows, you might not win at all."

"You think?" Chloe asked hopefully.

"Not really." Lana admitted apologetically. "I really think you will, even if Dawn hadn't died-no one liked her."

Chloe wondered if she could shake off Lana and rush to the car.

"But you're going to do this." Lana informed her. "You're going to go in there, you're going to smile, and when you win, you're going to be quirky and different and everything that made people vote for you in the first place."

"Do I have to?" Chloe asked.

Lana nodded with a smile.

Chloe whimpered, but then took in a deep breath and nodded. "Okay, lets do this."

The girl in shimmering pink grinned and nodded, looping her arm around Chloe's before leading her into the building, the music assaulting their ears loudly, lights flashing, as they entered.

Chloe was glad that Lana was holding her arm, because otherwise she might have just turned and ran. But Lana kept a strong hold on her, and Chloe trudged onwards, through the throng of bodies.

Students turned and smiled at her, waving.

She gave a small smile and waved back, letting Lana lead her towards the refreshments table.

"Who is he?" One of the cheerleaders asked another. "He's so hot!"

"But so standoffish." Her friend scoffed. "He hasn't paid attention to any of us."

"I think he's gay." Yet another snipped.

"Totally." The second agreed. "That's the only explanation for his not paying attention to us."

"What a waste." The first whined.

Chloe shared a look with Lana, wondering who the cheerleaders were talking about.

Suddenly Lana's gaze went wide behind Chloe.

But the blonde didn't have time to ask what was wrong because there was heat on her back, and then she was turned around and gasped as a flash of Sam's face was the only thing she saw before she was pulled to him, his lips descending on hers in a very possessive, claiming way. Chloe only stiffened for a moment before melting into the kiss, arching into his body as he pulled her tighter to him, actually managing to lift her off of the ground.

Finally...finally...Sam lowered her back to the ground, and with a final nip of her lips he pulled away, grinning down at her. "You look beautiful."

Chloe had to admit she didn't hear him.

She was still dazed eyelids half closed, lips parted.

Sam chuckled, smugly pleased by her reaction.

The sound pulled her out of her near trance and Chloe smiled up at him, her hands clutched at the front of his suit. "What are you doing here?"

Sam's hands trailed down her arms to rest on her hips. "You think I was going to let you be crowned and me not be here?"

"What about the...thing?" Chloe asked, relieved and yet worried. "Will Dean and Bobby be okay?"

"Its...dealt with." Sam responded vaguely. "We'll talk about it later, okay?"

She nodded, biting down on her bottom lip and smiling at the same time as she looked up at him, sliding closer towards him. "Thanks for being here for me."

"I can think of ways you can thank me later." Sam pulled her closer by the hips and giving her a filthy smile.

Chloe went beet red, but was grinning up at him, running her finger up his chest.

Someone cleared her throat.


Suddenly remembering Lana, Chloe turned towards her amused friend. "Sam, you remember Lana, right?"

"Of course." Sam smiled, all gentleman, one hand resting possessively on her hip. "How are you doing Lana?"

"Fine, thanks." Lana smiled brightly. "I knew you'd come by the way. I mean, she thought you wouldn't, but I made sure she bought that little red number so that when you saw her-well-your reaction was appropriate." She grinned mischievously before looking around. "Heads up. Clark and Pete will be around soon. They'll threaten you a little about what will happen to you if you hurt her, and then I'll tear them away so you two can enjoy the rest of the prom together."

Sam looked amused. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Lana winked at them both. "Now, I'll issue the obligatory threat as well." Her face went serious. "Hurt her, and I will have your balls."

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip, highly amused.

Sam seemed to be just as amused, especially since Lana was tiny in every sense of the word. "Duly noted."

"Welcome to the family then!" Lana announced. "I'm going to find my boyfriend."

And with that she disappeared in the crowd.

"I like her when she isn't assuming I'm after her." Sam chuckled, watching her go, before turning to Chloe, the intensity of his gaze consuming her. "You look so beautiful."

"Thanks." Feeling a little self-conscious, Chloe took in a deep breath.

She'd traded in the pink and glitter 'puke dress' for a tighter red, strapless number that hugged her curves. Her hair was put up in an elegant hairstyle that showed off her neck, which was accentuated by a blood-red pendant.

She could see the cheerleaders behind Sam, and they were all watching with wide mouths.

Only then did it occur to her that the person they'd been discussing had been Sam.

Feeling smug pride fill her, Chloe stepped closer and pulled Sam down towards her by the front of his suit. She'd always been overlooked as a woman, and as she opened her mouth to the kiss, tongue raking the inside of his mouth, Chloe couldn't help but feel womanly pride thrill throughout her as Sam made a near desperate sound in his throat as he pulled her to him once more.

She could feel her body overheating, could feel desire blooming deep in her core, and Chloe wondered if she could just escape the prom.

No one would notice if she pulled Sam into a classroom, right?

Sam finally pulled away, breathing heavily. "You've gotta stop smelling like that."

"And where would be the fun in that?" Chloe grinned, fingers threading through his as she led him into the throng of dancers.

When she'd realized she would have to go to the prom she'd been so horrified, nervous, and yet now that she was there, and Sam was by her side, Chloe couldn't remember what exactly it was about the prom that'd terrified her so much. Instead she just slow danced in Sam's arms, resting her cheek against his beating heart, and enjoying the warmth and security she felt in his arms.

Clark and Pete made their way towards them later, and after introductions and some conversation, the boys had deemed Sam acceptable, finally leaving them alone and going back to their dates.

"So, I'm guessing your father is the last person I need to meet and gain the approval of." Sam announced as they continued to dance slowly to the music. "When is he getting back?"

"Next week, if everything goes well." Chloe bit her bottom lip, frowning slightly. "He's going to be wary. I've never talked about you before, and then all of a sudden we're together? And you're a bit older than me."

"I've always been good with fathers...as long as they weren't my own." Sam took in a deep breath, chin resting on the crown of her head. "Are we telling him about you being my mate or are we-?"

"I'm using the same story I gave Lana." Chloe interrupted with a shake of her head, messing up her hairdo a bit. "I met you and Dean during my internship in Metropolis and I thought that you didn't feel what I felt but I was wrong. You came here for me." She smiled at how sickly romantic that lie was. "And anyway, it won't matter much longer. Graduation is just around the bend and I'll be in Metropolis while everyone else I know will be all across the states in their own colleges of choice. And dad will be here."

Sam frowned. "Chloe, we can't stay in Metropolis. You know that. Yellow Eyes knows who you are."

She sighed, feeling his heart beginning to race in worry against her cheek. "Sam, my dream has always been to write in the Daily Planet. I'm not about to run away from that just because some demon is on a powertrip."

His hands rose to grip her arms, pulling away enough to glare down at her. "Chloe." His voice was soft so only she could hear, but harsh. "That same demon killed my mother and my ex girlfriend." His grip tightened. "You have to understand that I'm going to do whatever I need to to make sure that you're safe. Even if you hate me for it."

She frowned up at him. "Sam."

"No." He snapped, eyes flashing crystal blue.

Glaring at him, Chloe tore out of his grip and turned, storming off of the dance floor and out into the night air. It was crisp and cool against her skin, goosebumps appearing on her skin, but Chloe trudged on, hugging herself.

She understood Sam.

Understood his fear.

She did.

But ever since her father had taken her to see the Daily Planet as a child and told her about all that it stood for, she'd vowed that one day she'd work in there letting people know the truth. And now it was so close she could grasp it with her fingers...

And yet something stood in the way.


"I'm sorry." Sam's voice was behind her, causing her to jump because she hadn't heard him come after her. "All I want to do is make you happy-it'd this insistent need to make sure that you're content...but my need to protect you is stronger."

"Sam." Chloe turned to see him half hidden in the shadows, his posture showing his displeasure with her unhappiness, but his determination to see this through. "You can't protect me all the time."

"Wanna bet?" He asked, defiant.

Despite everything, she couldn't help but let her lips twitch in a reluctant twitch. "You need to understand that I might be your mate, but I have my life as well, and I'm not going to throw it all away for you." She brought her hands to her hips. "I want to study journalism. I want to work at the Daily Planet. And I will." She raised her hand to silence Sam when he would have interrupted. "There have to be ways, back doors per se, to try and protect ourselves, our home. Sigils, symbols, amulets. For the house and for ourselves. I'm not going to sacrifice my education or career."

Sam stalked towards her, grabbing hold of her arms once more. "I can't watch you die."

Her heart hurt at the agony in that voice. "Who says that you ever will? We can't live in fear over something that might never happen. I mean, this Yellowed Eyed demon might never come back again."

"Or he might visit us the first week in our apartment and I'll be forced to watch you thrown to the roof-see you eviscerated alive." Sam snarled, eyes completely ice blue. "I'll be powerless on the bed, watching as your blood drips onto my face and you burst into flames!"

She had to admit, that visual kinda scared her.

Chloe gulped.

"How could I live if you die?"

Her breath caught in her throat.

"I know we don't know each other all that well, but you're mine, and I'm yours, and this is for eternity." Sam whispered, cupping her face with his hand tenderly. "Chloe, now that I've found you, you're the only person my wolf and I are ever going to want. You're already becoming our reason to live. If you don't value your own safety-do it for us."

"That's emotional blackmail, Sam." Chloe whispered, feeling herself sway.

"I know." He whispered back down to her. "But that it doesn't make what I said less true."

Looking up into his eyes, Chloe gulped, and then sighed. "MetU has a really good online presence."

His eyes scanned her face, as if not sure what she was getting at.

"I can study online, from wherever." Chloe sighed, giving him a tired smile. "And Kahn doesn't like me that much, but she owes me a favor for helping her that time when her computer was possessed-so maybe she'd give me an online blog in the Daily Planet."

Sam's smile was starting to grow.

"Stop looking so smug, you're going to have to compromise as well." Chloe pointed at him warningly.

"Anything." He wrapped his finger around that digit, bringing it to his lips and giving it a kiss.

She was beginning to realize that it was going to be hard staying mad at him.

The door suddenly flew open, and Lana peeked her head out. "There you are! Chloe! You just won! Get in here and get your tiara!"

Chloe looked at her friend, frowning in nerves.

Sam gave her finger a little shake. "Let's get out of here."

She looked up at him, smile growing. "Thank you."

"Wait. What?" Lana looked between them, eyes wide. "You're prom queen! What about the tiara?"

Chloe grinned at her friend. "Accept it for me. It's more your thing than mine anyway."

"But-!" Lana sputtered, unable to understand anything.

"Thanks Lana!" Chloe blew the girl a kiss and then turned to Sam, smiling as they clasped hands and dashed away like criminals on the run.

Laughter filled the air as they made it to the Impala, and they hurried inside, Sam starting the engine and backing out of the parking lot, hitting the rood, tires spinning.

They shared a smile, and Chloe placed her hand on Sam's as it rested on the gearshift, threading her fingers through his.

"Where to?" Sam asked, shifting the gear.

"Home so I can change into something normal." She grinned, leaning back against the seat. "And now that it's apparently monster free again...maybe we can go back to the woods?"

"The woods?" He asked curiously, sending her a sideway glance, turning the corner.

She hesitated only a second before bringing their joined hands to her thigh, moving Sam's hand higher up. "Yeah."

He gulped, smelling her arousal, and pressed down hard on the accelerator. "The woods it fucking is."

Chloe raised an eyebrow when he took another corner. "My house is in the other direction."

"I know." His voice had gotten deeper, his fingers working on the shirt of her dress. Bunching the material up, his fingertips finally made contact with her bare thigh and made their way towards the warm core at the vee of her thighs.

Chloe gasped, body jerking, as those fingers teased her over her underwear. "Sam!"

He pressed the accelerator down as far as it went.

This was only the beginning of their future together...and it was sure as hell looking promising.
1st-Nov-2010 07:32 am (UTC)
I love the universe you created with this story!!!

Especially that chloe was willing to compromise so that they can live somewhat peacefully, while still keeping her dreams. They have come a long way in a short amount of time as a couple and its nice to see the changes each of them had.

On a side note I started watching SPN because of your writing. I've always been interested in the show but just never got around to watching it until i started reading your stuff!!

great job and hopefully one day we will get a sequel!!! hint hint lol!
1st-Nov-2010 08:30 am (UTC)
Thank you very much :)
Chloe realized she wouldn't win with that argument, and the smartest thing would be to compromise :)
I hope you like SPN! I quite adore the series (as if that wasn't obvious)
1st-Nov-2010 07:36 am (UTC)
Awesome!! I really hope you are planning a sequel to this because I would love to see what happens when Chloe joins the Winchesters *grins*
1st-Nov-2010 08:31 am (UTC)
I'm not sure about a sequel. I don't have any planned, but you know me, I never say never :)
(Deleted comment)
1st-Nov-2010 09:58 am (UTC)
Chloe realized that being completely bullheaded could mean her terrible death, and she likes living, especially now that she has a mate :)

Thanks for enjoying!!!
1st-Nov-2010 09:54 am (UTC)
Haha, Lana shouldn't be underestimated. Actually I think all tiny women of Smallville should never be underestimated. Lex taught Lana how to box and roundhouse remember ;) Also, nice choice on the red and of course Sam would be there. If not Sam, the wolf wasn't going to let Chloe go unchaperoned to a testosterone, claw fest.

Yay for Chloe standing up for what she wants. For so long she always put everything aside for Clark. It's nice to see her standing her ground, even when she loves and needs Sam.

I so wasn't expecting the little twist at the end, but then if she's going to compromise for anyone, it should be someone who's devoted to her, and completely taken by her, and of course as hot as Sam. :D Superb, steamy visual to end on.
1st-Nov-2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
I have to tell you, I'm a little disappointed that Chloe gave into Sam's blackmail like that. But I'm sure that Chloe will continue studying journalism and working towards her career goals--even if she is Sam's mate.

And I loved the image of Lana threatening Sam--good for her for looking out for her friend :)
1st-Nov-2010 12:28 pm (UTC)
Well, she was admittedly intimidated more by the thought of getting skewered alive :( And she will definitely keep up with the studying! She's not going to give up her career.
1st-Nov-2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
Yay! Happy ending! And a believeable one too! Kudos! And I'll stop with the exclamation points now.
1st-Nov-2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Exclamations say a lot ;)
1st-Nov-2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
Aww, that was a lovely ending! I loved Sam showing up at Chloe's prom with his sexy self :) Lana was also hilarious with her threatening him. *giggles* I actually liked her character in this. *gasps* I know, shocker :)

I also loved Chloe and Sam's argument about her future plans. Very realistic with her wanting to still go ahead and study journalism and work at the Daily Planet like she planned for years, but also realistic with her eventually realizing the serious danger she's in and compromising by study with online courses while traveling with Sam and Dean. Great job!

Loved the end was as well :) Very sexy ending to what was a very hot story!

Wonderful story all around! I very much enjoyed werewolf!Sam and mate!Chloe, plus all the hot smut! Haha. Thanks for writing!!!
1st-Nov-2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
I really think Lana's character had a lot of potential, she even had her kickass moments when she was evil---but the cannon!clana just ruined her. *shakes head*

Thanks! I know that Chloe is very stubborn, but she's very smart too---and she doesn't want to die any time soon---so she gave in on the whole studying physically at Met U. But there are going to be a lot of compromises Sam's going to have to make that he really won't--be he already screwed himself by telling her "anything" ;)

Thanks for enjoying!!!!
2nd-Nov-2010 01:07 am (UTC)
love love love love . the way sam showed up and got the appoveal of her friends rocks . loved the way they compraised about her career . loved the ending . if and when you write more of this vers i will be reading and commenting on it.
2nd-Nov-2010 01:25 am (UTC)
Thank you :) I wanted Sam to meet her friends, but not make it the most important part of the chapter. I wanted it to be about Chloe and Sam thinking about their future together and trying to come up with an acceptable compromise :)
2nd-Nov-2010 02:03 am (UTC)
OMG! I was totally expecting hot classroom or Torch room smut! Hahahaha...

I'm sad to see this story ending but at the same time I'm happy coz there's a possibility of reading more stories about this universe. I wonder what would happen when old yellow eyes decided to pay the Winchesters (hopefully Chloe will be Mrs. Sam Winchester by that time. hehe) another visit.

Great story as usual! Here's hoping to more Chlam! :)
2nd-Nov-2010 02:06 am (UTC)
Haha. I was thinking about putting one last smut scene, but in the end I voted for not doing it. lol

Glad you liked, and you know me and chlam. :P
2nd-Nov-2010 02:11 am (UTC)
As always, amazing. Great conclusion, you know, leaving it open for a sequel, but just closed enough to keep us satisfied. It was a great smutty piece. I think to ice this smutty cake, you should give us an actual Winchullivan/Schlean fic. Come on, you've been teasing us long enough with hints of it, it's time to deliver the goods!

Or are you just a fic!tease?
2nd-Nov-2010 02:20 am (UTC)
fice!tease! lol I've never been called that before! LoL

Well, I'm happy you enjoyed this...and I've started chaptered Schleans! I----just lost inspiration to finish...them...for now!!!! *embarrassed*
2nd-Nov-2010 02:47 am (UTC)
You know what I love about this? More than any Winchullivan interaction is the Dean and Sam from seasons one and two. I miss them. Thank you for bringing them back.
2nd-Nov-2010 02:54 am (UTC)
Ah yes, the younger Winchesters :) I loved their relationship in the earlier seasons! It was what made the show so incredible.
2nd-Nov-2010 05:25 am (UTC)
As always hun... well done! :)
2nd-Nov-2010 05:30 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
3rd-Nov-2010 01:24 am (UTC)
That was totally wicked, I pretty much enjoyed this to bits. No one was too annoying, everyone had their parts with out it being overwhelming. Best part was Chloe and Sam being together.
3rd-Nov-2010 02:34 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking time out to leave a comment :)
4th-Nov-2010 02:38 am (UTC)
Once again, an amazing story! ♥

Hehe, yay I love happy endings! Especially its happy ending chlam fics! ;D
4th-Nov-2010 02:44 am (UTC)
:) Happy that you enjoyed it :)
15th-Dec-2010 10:21 am (UTC) - So hot.
You wrote this one just for me didn't you? Seriously, it was like made to order fic. *laughs* I love a possessive protective Sam. It just makes me all warm and gooey like taffy.
15th-Dec-2010 08:28 pm (UTC) - Re: So hot.
LOL!!!! If you want it to have been! :)
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