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Reunion 2/3 
11th-Nov-2010 02:28 pm
chlo-lo---power n pretty
Title: Reunion
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Midnight, Ruby, others
Sequel to: Being Chloe Sullivan
Universe: Morning Star Series
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't Own
Summary: Chloe wasn't ready to meet up with Lois Lane again. She really wasn't.
Written for my paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt #57. Ark Of The Covenant.

Despite having come face to face with John and Bobby, and Hank and his friends, Chloe had never thought that she'd ever come up against this part of her past.

She's always wondered though, what it would be like to see Lois or the Winchester boys.

She'd fantasied about killing the three of them over and over again.

Over and over.

And over and over.

She'd envisioned sending them to hell and resurrecting them only to send them right back down.

The blonde had spent weeks in hell planning how she'd act and what she'd do once she saw them again.

She'd ran through every possible scenario.

And yet she'd never calculated the fear that shot up her stomach as she gazed upon the woman who'd stabbed her through with the Spear of Destiny.

Over and over again that moment seemed to replay in her head, and Chloe brought a hand to her chest, feeling the phantom pain, the memory, of the agony that'd erupted in her body as she'd been impaled.

"Carl." Chloe didn't know how she kept the tremor out of her voice, narrowing her eyes at Lois. "If you ever see this person again, you have my permission to use bodily force to get her out of here."

She then turned her back and entered the club once more.

"Chloe!" Lois called from behind her, but the door slamming shut behind Chloe blocked out anything else she might have yelled.

Chloe rushed passed the last of the patrons leaving the club and hurried to the bathrooms. She barely made it on time to one of the toilet stalls before doubling over the open lid and vomiting violently, holding her heaving stomach.

She felt sick at her core, her body trembling with rage and fear, and reacting to the replay of her death over and over again.

She collapsed to her knees on the unsanitary floor and continued to vomit until there was nothing but dry heaves, and she was weak.

And she hated herself.

Was furious with herself.

She'd envisioned this moment for so long, had relished the thought of killing her killers and redeeming some sort of pride or whatever it was she felt they'd taken from her, and yet she'd come face to face with her prime killer and-and she'd been scared.

She'd gotten sick with fear.

Forcing herself to her feet once more, Chloe went to the sink and turned on the water, looking at her pale, disgusted expression in the mirror.

"Some big bad Morning Star you are." She sneered at her reflection, washing her face, and washing her mouth out, spitting into the sink's bowl.

Taking in a deep breath, she turned and trudged out of the bathroom, heading towards the back rooms, where Midnight had his office and...other things. She needed to talk to her boss. Constantine and Angela were in Toledo on an assignment, and Chloe needed to talk to someone who she could trust would tell her things as they were without sugarcoating it.

And when John Constantine wasn't around, that person was Midnight.

Storming through the back door, Chloe entered the dark hall, pausing, wondering in which exactly of the rooms Midnight was in.

"Midnight!" She yelled. "I really need to talk to you!"

He made a huffing sound that was aloud enough to let her know his location.

Amused by his irritated huff, Chloe went into the acquisitions room and froze, eyes wide when she saw something that hadn't been there this morning.

"Is that...what I think it is?" She gasped, going to stand before Midnight and looked at the golden thing before it.

"If you think it's the Ark of the Covenant then yes, it is." Midnight puffed out a cloud of white smoke, eyeing the large golden container with the golden cherubim on it.

"I can't believe it. I thought this thing was a myth." Chloe gasped, circling around it carefully. "Its supposed to hold the Tablets of Stone in which the Ten Commandments were inscribed. And Mana. And Aaron's rod that bloomed, right?"

"You know your Bible." Midnight raised an eyebrow.

She met his gaze over the Ark. "My family were very Catholic."

He snorted at the irony of the Morning Star coming from a religious family.

"So, where was it?" Chloe's gaze went to the Ark, and she reached out to touch it before yanking her hand back. "Is the part of the myth about anyone touching it dying true?"

"It got here somehow, didn't it?" Midnight puffed out more smoke. "It's only fatal if mortals touch it. And even they could move it around by shouldering those rods, four men carrying its weight on their shoulders. But they can't touch the container itself."

"Oh." And yet still she hesitated before reaching out and touching the golden tip of one of the angels wings.

She nearly winced at the celestial magic thrumming alive in the gold.


This was...

This was amazing.

"Some hunters in Jerusalem stumbled upon where it'd been kept hidden by Lilith and her demons, and they came under considerably strong attack." Midnight circled the large container for supposedly some of god's grace, which kept the things inside holy. "They sent it to me to keep it hidden for them until they can come and collect it themselves, taking it to a more permanent place of resting."

Chloe looked up at that. "I thought you were out of the game? That you don't side for Heaven or Hell?"

"I don't." He replied. "But I do conduct certain services for a fee."

Unable to keep the smile back, Chloe shook her head. "You're a piece of art, Midnight."

"I know." He nodded, taking in a deep breath of smoke before letting it out passed his lips once more. "I need to leave tonight for business, and I'm leaving this in your care. Lilith will either follow me, believing my business to be Ark related, or she might have her men attack here." His gaze met Chloe's. "There are enough spells in this room to protect it from anyone but my permitted ones entering, but there's never been one as crafty as Lilith."

"Lilith." Chloe mumbled, frowning. "I don't think I've heard of her before. Who is she?"

"She was Lumiel's favored consort."

Chloe choked on saliva.

Midnight laughed in dark amusement.

Chloe sighed, shaking her head. "So ghosts from both Lu's and my pasts are reappearing."

Midnight didn't ask.

She looked up at him. "Lois found me."

"Ah." He nodded. "I figured it would happen, especially after the hunter episode."

She winced, not having known that Midnight knew about that.

Then again, that had been stupid on her part.

Midnight knew everything.

"Is she dead?" Midnight asked with as much casualness as someone might ask whether you wanted sugar with your tea.

"No." Chloe looked away. "I was scared. I-I threw up!"

"Not in front of her I hope."

"No!" Chloe gasped. "I made it to the bathroom."

Midnight motioned for Chloe to follow him, and they left the acquisitions room, going instead to Midnight's private office, both taking their seats.

"I hate this." Chloe leaned forwards in her seat, leaning her elbows on her knees. "I had everything planned. For years I knew what I'd do if I ever saw her or the Winchesters again. I'd kill them. I'd make them beg for death before I did so though. And then tonight I had my chance. Carl wouldn't have said anything if I'd ghosted her right there. But instead of doing something, all I could see was her thrusting the Spear of Destiny deep into my chest and sending me to hell." She looked up at her boss. "Midnight, I could feel the pain."

He steepled his fingers over his chest. "Do you think that what was shown to you at your death site might be what's causing these extreme confusion of emotions deep in you?"

She gulped.

"You spent most of your time in hell, and a year back here, believing that your cousin hadn't cared that she'd killed you, but then whoever that was showed you that that wasn't true. She mourned you."

"That doesn't matter! She killed me!" Chloe snapped, before bitting her bottom lip and looking down. "She killed me, Midnight."

"She thought that Lumiel was you." Midnight reminded.

"And that's one of the things I can't forgive!" Chloe clenched her fists tightly. "How could she not know the difference between me and Satan?"

"Had it been you would you have known the difference?"


"You cannot be sure of that." He pointed out calmly.

"Yes I can, because I know my cousin, and I would have known that despite everything she would never have wanted the world to end!" Chloe shouted, standing up, causing everything in Midnight's office to vibrate with her anger.

And then...and then her fury died to pain and she collapsed back in the seat, the object stilling.

"Then again, I never would have thought her capable of killing me either." She whispered, voice breaking, unwanted tears coming to her eyes. "I trusted her above everyone else, above even Sam and Dean, and she betrayed me."

"I think that I am not the person you need to be having this conversation with." Midnight announced, motioning for her to leave. "Go. I will close up the club. You need your rest."

Nodding mutely, Chloe stood and left the office.

She made her way out of the back, and gazed at the shadows around her before turning to go towards the exit of the alleyway.

"Chloe, I-."

Turning towards that voice, Chloe dodged the hand Lois was about to place on her shoulder and instead grabbed the taller brunette by her throat, slamming her back against the alley wall.

"What part of what I said last time didn't get through your thick skull?" She lashed out, that anger she'd been desperate to feel before finally making itself known. "Do I have to break your skull so that common sense can get through to you?"

"Chloe please." Lois gasped, hands on Chloe's hand, trying to yank her off. "I-."

"You killed me." Chloe tightened her hold on her throat. "You were supposed to be there for me, you were supposed to be on my team! You were supposed to know me enough to know that I couldn't be the one bringing the world to its knees!" Her hand was beginning to tremble. "You were supposed to know that i was fighting inside of there! You were supposed to know that I was begging for help!"

Tears came to Lois' eyes, and intense agony flashed over her face. "I know that Chloe. I failed you. Do you know how much I hate myself for that?"

"Not as much as I hate you for that." Chloe sneered, finally letting go of her and backing away. "Do you know what happened to me after you killed me? I went to hell."

Lois went white. "No." The tears began to fall freely. "But it wasn't you! It was Lumiel who-!"

"Who'd merged with my soul. His wrongs were tied to my soul and it damned me to nearly two hundred years in hell." Chloe's voice broke, but she refused to cry, refused to appear weak in front of this woman.

"Two hundred-?" Lois whispered in horror.

"Yeah, time is different in hell than here. Only a year passed on this side, but almost two hundred passed on my side." Chloe took in a deep breath. "One of the only people I somewhat trust in this world spent five minutes in hell once. It's scarred him for life. Imagine what two hundred years will do to you." She smiled, and it was a terrible thing. "And, the kicker is that I wasn't even supposed to spend that long in hell but the fuckers upstairs wanted to punish me for not choosing one of them as my possessor, so they misfiled my case and it took forever to come up to council."

Lois looked sick. "I'm so-."

"Don't you dare!" Chloe snapped, fury boiling under her skin. "Don't you dare say you're sorry! Sorry will never make up for sending me to hell! For damning me! Never!"

Lois hugged herself, looking about to break. "I-."

"I hate you." Chloe hissed. "For years the only thing keeping me going in hell was envisioning just how to kill you and the Winchesters. And in my darkest moments, those thoughts still keep me going."

Lois nodded, not looking at Chloe, looking so broken. "I understand."

"No. You don't. There's no possible way you could understand any of it." Chloe looked away, desperate to cry, and yet refusing to. "I'll tell you the same thing I told John Winchester when he burst in here and started shooting everyone."

Lois looked up at Chloe, eyes wide in horror.

"If I see you again, I will kill you." Chloe hissed. "And when John's brave enough to stop sending me pawn and face me himself, I'll kill him too." She stepped towards Lois, feeling a vicious sense of accomplishment when her cousin gulped in fear. "And when you talk to Sam and Dean again, you warn them never to come here or I'll kill them the second I lay my eyes on them."

"Chloe..." Lois' voice was choked with emotion. "Chloe we made a mistake, and we know that we can never ask you for forgiveness-."

"Good." Chloe snarled. "Because you're not going to get it."

Lois closed her eyes tightly, body shaking from her desire to break down and sob.

"You killed any love I had for you when you drove that Spear through my heart and damned me." Chloe hissed. "Go back to John. Join his little vendetta against me, his stupid little mission to kill me again and send me to hell."

"What?" Lois' eyes flew open in horror.

"This time it really is me you'll be going up against, and I won't be fighting in a cage trying to save your goddamned lives." Chloe turned and began to walk way. "Next time we come up against each other, I will kill you."

Lois slid down to her knees and covered her face, sobbing, broken.

Chloe walked out of the alleyway, wondering why she didn't feel as satisfied as she'd thought she would.
11th-Nov-2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
So good! That's all I my brain can come up with after reading that. Please update soon;D
11th-Nov-2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
:) I shall try to update very soon :)
11th-Nov-2010 07:57 pm (UTC)
DAMN, but that was hardcore!

But I wonder, how could Lois and the Winchesters have stopped the Apocalypse from happening? How could they have actually stopped Lumiel without causing harm to Chloe?

It's all one big horrible and painful mess but at least Chloe is able to live her life--yes she has a tainted grace inside her but she is fully in control of her own body and her own actions.

Continued excellent work on this series.
11th-Nov-2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
You see, that's the core of the whole problem. Lois did good by the world but not by Chloe. And Chloe's angry and twisted, and right now just wished the world had gone to hell so she didn't have to go through what she did in hell by herself.

Chloe feels that there must have been another way to stop the Apocalypse without killing her, though even she can't figure out another way that that it could have gone down. And that's another thing that pisses her off even though she won't admit it.
12th-Nov-2010 04:04 am (UTC)
damn that was freaking awesome!!!!

Feel bad for both Chloe and Lois. That last scene was super intense!!!!
12th-Nov-2010 04:06 am (UTC)
Thank you very much :)
14th-Nov-2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
The Chlo-Lo conversation was definitely intense, just like I thought it would be...
14th-Nov-2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
Yep, any more intense and Lois' body would be on a slab in the local morgue.
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