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Of Brothers & Lovers 7/? 
15th-Nov-2010 11:33 pm
dean cas gabriel sam
Title: Of Brothers & Lovers
Pairings: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, Adam/Ruby & Others
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Summary: When his brother Adam's girlfriend ends up being sister to the man Dean basically stalks, Dean knows this must be a sign. Now that he has an excuse to be near Castiel things could be perfect if not for Gabriel & Sam, who just won't go away.
Warning: SLASH. Don't like? DON'T READ.

"Don't be so ridiculous. You're not a girl." Gabriel rolled his eyes as Cas tried to figure out what to wear and yet couldn't. "It's not even as if this is your first date!"

"It's my first date with Dean." Cas frowned, sending his brother a look that clearly told him that that meant all the difference.

Gabriel sighed, chewing on a twizzler. "So this is it?"

"This is what?" Cas blinked, confused.

"Is this where the epic gay love story of Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak takes off? Where he rescues you from some dragon, slings you onto the back of his steed, and rides with you into the sunset?" Gabe asked, flinging himself on Cas' bed. "Talking about fairy tales, how's my story going?"

"Good, actually." Cas cleared his throat, returning his attention to his closet once more. "I am almost finished with my first draft."

"Jesus on a flatbread, Cas, that was fast!" Gabe chuckled. "Has me curious what you've written." He frowned. "I didn't end up with...Madison...did I?"

"No, you have a new love interest who was very unexpected." Cas mumbled, picking out a shirt and looking at it before pressing it to his chest and turning to Gabriel. "What about this one?"

"Sure. If you want to make him think you're a virgin." Gabe scoffed. "I thought I told you to burn that shirt years ago!"

"I like it." Cas pouted, looking at said monstrosity. "It has character."

Rolling his eyes, Gabe reached for his phone when it vibrated.

Flipping the lid, he noticed a message from Sam.


Gabe took in a deep breath, gaze on the text. "Cassy?"

"Hmmm?" Cas murmured, eyes on his clothes once more.

"Have I lost it?"

"Lost what?" Cas asked, sounding distracted.

"My manly sexual allure." Gabe frowned, looking up at his brother.

Cas blinked, confusion clearly on his face as he turned towards the man on the bed. "I do not understand the question."

Shaking his head, Gabriel sat up, finishing the Twizzler. "Am I gaining weight? Is that it? Am I not as debonair as I once was?"

His younger brother fully turned to him, frowning. "Are you drunk?"

Annoyed, Gabriel stood. "Forget it. It was stupid anyway. Of course I don't have a problem. It's got to be him."

For a moment Cas just looked at him as if he was the weirdest thing in creation, and then he blinked, and chuckled. "Are you questioning me on this because of Sam Winchester?"

"No." Gabe pouted, folding his arms over his chest.

Cas' grin grew larger. "Are you worried that you didn't satisfy him? That you are past your prime?"

"Past my-? Fuck Cas! I'm far from past my prime!" Gabe exclaimed, puffing his chest out in indignation. "And if that little woman would just let me get close to his family jewels I know for a fact that he would be very much satisfied, thank you very much."

Cas snorted. "You would have me believe you haven't had him yet?"

Gabe frowned darkly and looked away.

Cas blinked, the smile slipping from his lips. "Are you...serious?" He nearly dropped his shirt. "But you've been over his house every night since the party! If you haven't been...fornicating...then what exactly have you been doing?"

"Eating. Watching movies. Having a beer. Watching the game. Talking!" Gabe threw his hands in the air. "I thought Sam wanted wanted me...but apparently what he wanted was a friend!"

Gabe collapsed on the bed in a huff.

His phone vibrated once more.

His gaze went to the screen.


Gabe was tempted to text back and ask Sam what had happened to him and if it had been work, since being a lawyer was stressful and more than once Gabe had listened to Sam talk about work so he could unwind after work. He found himself a little worried, and that annoyed him. He didn't worry about other people or their shitty days.

He put down the phone once more.

"Was that Sam?" Castiel asked slowly.

"Yes." Gabe nodded.

"Do you plan on texting back?"

"No." He pouted.

"Is this because he hasn't fornicated with you?"

"Yes! No! I don't know!" Gabe growled, laying back on the bed and looking up at the ceiling, taking in a deep breath. "What am I doing, Cas?"

"From the sound of it? Courting. Or, well, being courted."

Gabe blinked, sitting up. "Come again?"

"Courting." Cas cleared his throat. "To be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying. Trying to attract a mate. To pay someone special attention in an attempt to win his or her favor."

"Oh Christ Jesus, Cas, I know what the word means!" Gabe shook his head, palming his face. "What I was asking is what about what I said we do considered courting? There's no sex, no kissing, no handholding for fucks sake!"

"He feeds you, gives you beverages, entertains you, and also is getting to know you." Cas pointed out. "He's getting to know what you like and he's using it against you in attempt to gain your favor."

"He's not." Gabe scoffed. "For Sam to be doing that he'd have to be a cunning bastard, and that kid doesn't have a cunning bone in his body!"

Another text arrived.

Gabe eyed it.


Gabe blinked.

He looked up at Cas and then back at the text.

"That sneaky sonofabitch." Gabriel grinned brightly. "Cassy, I'm being courted."

Cas rolled his eyes, half amused and half annoyed, as he always seemed to be. "It would seem so."

Swagger and confidence returned fully, Gabe stood and puffed out his chest. "Since I'm doing so well in this romantic department, it's only right that I do my best to help you get laid tonight."

Cas blushed. "I do not intend to get laid tonight. Dean and I are going to have nice conversation and-."

"This one will get you laid." Gabe pulled out a shirt. "Mix it with these pants and he'll be unable to keep his eyes off of your ass."

"You...believe so?" Cas asked, curiously, eyeing the two garments. "Ruby bought me these, I've never worn them. I don't, feel, comfortable, in them."

"That's because you're used to that trenchoat hiding you, and not to flaunting what you got." Gabe replied. "Trust me. Wear this and Dean Winchester will probably take you in the restaurant's bathroom."

Cas bit down on his bottom lip before clearing his throat and nodding. "Uh, okay."


Sam checked his phone for what seemed like the millionth time, giving a little growl and throwing himself down on Dean's sofa with a vengeance. "I can't believe he hasn't texted me back. He usually gets back to me right away but I've sent him three messages already and nothing, nada, zip."

"What I want to know is when you married him, because Sammy, you're acting like a nagging wife." Dean smirked, not looking up from his computer screen.

"I am not." Sam frowned.

"Oh, you are buddy. You are." Dean chuckled, shaking his head. "You know, not that I don't appreciate the appeal of a good bromance, but if you don't lay off Gabe's going to get the wrong idea and think you like him."

Sam was silent, gazing down at his phone.

Still no answer from Gave.

The bastard.

He looked back up at Dean and found his brother eyeing him curiously.

"It is a bromance, right, Sammy?" Dean asked, lowering the cover of his laptop.

Sam looked away, clearing his throat. "Maybe for right now."

"Well fuck me." Dean blinked, shocked. "Since when have you been bi?"

Sam shrugged. "College?"

"Does anyone else know?" Dean asked, curious.

"No. I haven't found a guy I was interested enough to, uh, come out for so I didn't see the point." Sam sighed, covering his eyes with his arm.

"You barely know Gabe." Dean frowned.

"You barely know Cas." Sam countered.

"Hey! I stalked him for a long time before we met!" Dean suddenly winced. "That didn't come out as a point in my favor, huh?"

Sam ignored him. "Well, I've been half in love with Trickster since the books came out."

"Gabe isn't the character in Castiel's books Sam."

"No, he's so much better." Sam snapped.

Brother glared at brother.

Dean finally stepped down, sighing. "Is it me, or do the Novaks have some sort of pheromone that we Winchesters find irresistible?"

Sam reluctantly grinned. "Gabe's smells like Old Spice."

"Dear God." Dean groaned, laughing and shaking his head. "How did I miss how bent you are? I mean really."

Sam chuckled. "What does Cas smell like?"

"Soap." Dean supplied the answer easily. "He doesn't like wearing cologne, so he smells like his Zest soap."

The brothers shared an embarrassed smile, not used to being so open with each other.

Finally, Sam cleared his throat. "So, uh, how come it's taken you and Cas so long to go out on the date? I mean, you two decided to go on one at the family get together, right? That was like two weeks ago."

"Yeah, well, Cas has been busy. He's finishing up the first draft of the newest manuscript, and they've asked him to visit the set of the new movie to look over the script and make sure that everything seems genuine to his work." Dean responded. "Plus, I've been busy job hunting so I really haven't minded."

"You know, mom's already wondering what the adopted grandchildren will look like." Sam chuckled.

"Dear god." Dean laughed, embarrassed, before giving his brother a look. "Changing topics...now that I realize this isn't a bromance...how exactly are things with you and Gabe? Are you checking each other out? Dating? What's the deal there?" He frowned. "Does he even swing in that direction?"

"Yeah, he does." Sam nodded.

"Are you sure he isn't rebounding?" Dean wanted to know, worried. "I don't want you getting hurt, Sam."

"I'm willing to risk it." Sam sighed, gaze going to his phone. "I really like him, Dean, and not because of his character, but because of him."

"I feel a 'but' in there somewhere."

"But," Sam took in a deep breath. "I don't know...he's used to hooking up with people randomly. Even with Madison, who was his longest relationship at two years, they began as a random hookup at some club." Sam made a face. "I think he needs to understand that there are other ways, that you can get to know a person before you get together, and that building something pre-sex can help the relationship grow and last during the harder times."

"Dude." Dean blinked. "You are way gayer than I am."

Sam threw the sofa's cushion at him. "Shut up."

Suddenly his phone beeped, and Sam jerked for it, grinning when he saw a message from Gabe.


Grinning brightly, Sam put down the phone, blushing at the amusement on Dean's face. "Don't you have a date to get ready for?"

With a snort of laughter, Dean rose and went to his bedroom, leaving Sam alone to grin at his cellular.
16th-Nov-2010 06:59 am (UTC)
ROFL!! I'm HOWLING here!!! ROFL!!

Oh, I *LOVED* this!!! ROFL!!

Well done, Shadow... Well done!!
16th-Nov-2010 07:08 am (UTC)
I feel so proud right now! (puffs chest out)
16th-Nov-2010 02:22 pm (UTC)
An adorable chapter!

I love how overprotective Dean is of Sam--even when they aren't hunters. And good for Cas for helping Gabe to understand that he's being wooed :)
16th-Nov-2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
Dean's always going to be the protective older brother :)
And Gabe has no understanding of wooing, since he's a wham bam thank you ma'am/gentleman kinda guy usually...so he wouldn't recognize the signs of courtship if they hit him on his smirk.
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