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Resident Evil: Apocalypse 4/8 
18th-Nov-2010 11:38 pm
chlam--kind mean/evil?

Title: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Sequel to: Resident Evil
Fandom: Resident Evil/Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: They made it out of the Hive, but now Racoon City is closed off, and they need get out before its destroyed. Demons, Undead, Umbrella, Chloe's new strand of mutation, and a slowly budding romance with Sam. Oh My.

They walked through the cemetery behind the church in formation. Rain took the front, Sam the rear, while Dean and Lois took the sides, weapons up and ready. Jill helped Peyton walk on his injured foot, and Chloe (who was walking next to a filming Terri) wondered when Jill was going to share with the rest of the class that her friend was infected. The others just assumed that he'd gotten hurt trying to get away, but Chloe had seen the bite mark on his calf when they'd been in the church. For now he seemed stable, but if he looked like he was getting close to the time and nothing was done about it, Chloe was going to shoot him herself.

"Those things could be watching us right at this moment." Terri's voice trembled.

"If there was more we would have seen them by now." Chloe offered, trying to calm her a bit.

Out of all of them, Terri seemed the only one without any combat training so it made sense that the civilian was terrified.

"Do you know what they are?" Terri turned to camera on Chloe. "Rain called the things in the church 'Lickers' so obviously you all have some insider information on what's going on in here."

"We do." The blonde nodded. "They're bio-weapons, from the Umbrella lab beneath the city."

"How come you know so much about Umbrella?" Jill asked from behind.

Chloe sent her a dark smile. "I was there when this all started."

"Ah! Dammit!" Peyton cried, pulling away from Jill and leaning against a headstone.

Suddenly, understanding passed Rain's face and she pointed her gun at him.

Jill pointed her gun at Rain.

Lois pointed her gun at Jill.

Peyton pointed his gun at Lois.

Sam pointed his gun at Peyton.

Chloe sighed.

This was what she'd been trying to avoid.

Despite having another gun pointed at her, Jill kept her narrowed eyes on Rain. "What do you think you're doing?"

"He's infected, isn't he?" Rain's eyes narrowed. "I've seen it enough times. He's infected and the virus is spreading."

"I'm fine." Peyton shook his head.

Rain's face hardened. "We should take care of him now." Her eyes darkened. "It'll be more difficult later. Trust me."

Chloe sighed, knowing that Rain was thinking about J.D., and about Kappa. "Everyone, put your guns down."

"But boss..." Rain turned to her.

"When the time comes, she'll handle him." Chloe responded, placing a hand on Rain's shoulder.

Slowly, everyone but Rain lowered their guns.

Rain looked at Chloe before sighing and nodding, finally putting down her gun, sending a look at Peyton. "Nothing personal, but in an hour or two you'll be dead, then seconds later, you'll be one of them, only wanting to bite flaca's neck out."

Peyton looked horrified.

Chloe sighed. "I'm sorry, but she's right. We've seen it happen with our own friends." She squeezed Rain's shoulder. "We've lost very good people."

Rain nodded, clearing her throat before turning her back on them.

Suddenly hands shot out from the earth beneath them and grabbed onto Terri's legs, pulling the screaming woman down.

Sam raced to her and pulled her away as Lois kicked the emerging undead's head so hard it spun around on its neck before the things fell dead.

All around them hands emerged as the undead began to rise from their own graves.

Chloe turned around. "The virus must have penetrated the soil and reached them, reanimating even the ones in the grave."

Dean and Rain began to shoot, but the undead were surging all around them.

Chloe felt a moment's terror, remembering being in the Hive, in that corridor after the doors had all opened, running for her life with an uncountable amount of undead after her.

She'd only had a broom to defend herself with.

At least now she wasn't alone...and she had more than a broom.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe felt an ice cold hand come down on her shoulder and it triggered something inside of her.

She didn't even realize that she'd foregone her weapon and instead flipped the undead over her shoulder and brought her foot down on its throat before pulling the arms she still had, listening as she broke its neck and it went limp.

Gunshots continued to be fired, while others were more physical, Sam and Jill along with Chloe, the three fighting with their hands, breaking necks and inducing severe trauma to undead heads.

When Terri screamed, Sam seemed to remember his gun and used it for the first time since the attack had begun, shooting the undead who'd gone after the filming brunette.

Chloe lost herself somewhat, not really knowing how she knew what she was doing or how she could make those moves. She was never this good. Not in fighting. Lois had always been the better one when it came to hand to hand combat, and yet right now something seemed to be leaking into Chloe that made her furious and fast and she didn't know just how many necks had cracked since she'd started.

It was as if she was watching it but not really doing it.

An undead went after Lois while her back was turned.

Chloe jumped up onto a headstone and kicked the head of the creature, sending it down, before back-flipping off of the tomb and onto its head, breaking it into little pieces. She then turned and grabbed the hair of the undead coming silently at her from behind. She pulled the undead down by the hair towards her awaiting knee and thrust up, breaking its jaw. Not letting go of the hair she threw the creature against the gravestone and then turned and punched it in the temple, causing a crack to appear in its skull as it slid down.

The blonde looked at the dead creature and then at her hands.

What the hell was happening to her?

Shaking her head she looked around her, at the countless more coming towards them.

"There's too many of them." Chloe turned to Jill. "We have to get out of here. Now."


Safely outside Raccoon City, Umbrella Corporation officials worked in their new, temporary workstations in brightly lit tents. All the important personnel had been evacuated before the chaos, and only some had stayed behind, to survey the situation from a safe distance.

"Sir." One of the analysts called.

Major Cain, heading the operation, came towards her, staring at her monitor.

"T-virus infection has reached critical levels." The analyst looked up at him.

The Major paused. "Is she still in the city?"

The analyst nodded. "There are no records of her leaving Raccoon City, not before or after the chaos. Her, her friends, and her cousin, are still in the city. But we don't know if she's still alive."

"Oh, she's alive." The Major chuckled, remembering the girl quite well.

While she'd been knocked out by the gas during transport he'd been able to view her personally.

That might have been the first time he'd met her, but he'd known everything about her from long ago. He'd gone over Mister Luthor's extensive files on the blonde, files with pictures and graphs and all sorts of interesting notes of the different times Mister Luthor had had the girl on his examination table. She'd been experimented on, studied, and had become a point of obsessive fixation for the young heir.

She was the key of life itself.

It was her DNA that had helped create the T-virus. The idea had been to make a virus that would make its soldiers invincible. If they died, they be reborn, just like her.

And yet it hadn't proven that way, and they'd had to think of other bio-weaponry values the virus might have.

Thanks to the video feed from the Hive they knew that Chloe Sullivan had been inside when the virus had leaked out, and she'd inhaled it in its purest form.

She'd inhaled a mutation of her mutation.

A mutation-if the tests conducted on her while she was unconscious after the Hive-that proved astounding.

The mutations had joined, shifted, and changed.

They didn't know what it meant.

But it might be what they'd been looking for all along.

Years back Mister Luthor had had things implanting in her brain, knowledge of sorts.

He'd wanted to find a way to control her, make her a perfect weapon, except the mind control really hadn't worked.

Her brain had filtered out every attempt.

She probably didn't know half of what those experiments done on her were suppose to do.

It was why she didn't know that there was a killer inside of her.

And this mutation just might be what brought it out.

Major Cain smiled.

"This presents a perfect opportunity. Ensure all data streams are recorded." He looked at the analyst. "Activate the Nemesis Program. Now."


They walked in the abandoned streets.

No life, or unlife, could be seen around them, and while Chloe was grateful for that she was also very wary.

Jill made her way to the blonde, eyeing her curiously. "Those were some pretty slick moves back there."

Chloe's green gaze slid to the slightly taller, dark haired woman silently.

"I'm good." Jill continued, eyes on her. "But not that good."

A phone booth ringing caught their attention.

Chloe's eyes narrowed. "We should keep moving. Before the sound attracts anything."

She pushed on ahead, looking around her, that wariness growing.

The phone booth went silent.

Chloe walked passed another.

It started ringing.

Her eyes narrowed.

"Shut the fuck up man." Dean hissed, going to the phone, raising and lowering the handle on the receiver.

Chloe nodded to him. "Keep moving."

Every time they passed a phone booth it would ring, stopping when they passed it, only for the next one they came near to ring as well.

Chloe finally gave up and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Thank God Chloe! I thought you'd never answer!" The voice on the other end cried out loudly. "You're smarter than this! Why didn't you figure out two phone booths back that I was trying to get into contact with you?"

Chloe blinked, unable to believe it. "Lana?"

Lois perked up at the name. "Lana?"

Chloe nodded.

Terri turned to Lois. "Who is Lana?"

"I can get you out of the city. You and the other survivors I've managed to find via satellite feeds." Lana announced, the sound of typing in the background. "You look terrible, by the way. Were you hurt? Did Lex do something while you were in the Umbrella holding facility?"

"How did you-?"

"Who do you think hacked in and unarmed the facility so that Lois could get in?"

Chloe blinked, surprised. She knew that Lana had picked up a few hacking skills from her, but she hadn't thought that the woman had known enough to hack an Umbrella Corporation building. "Thank you."

Lana was smiling, that was obvious in her voice. "Thank me when you're out." There was a sigh. "Look, Chloe, there's another group, of at least three survivors. They're Umbrella but they stayed behind to help people. They're good people. And there's Dr. Ashford's daughter. She was left behind during the evacuation but she's managed to stay alive so far. I need you to meet the other team at her school, where she's hiding, and then I'll get you out of there." "Give me the address." Chloe ordered.

Lana did, and then paused. "Chloe, you have to hurry."


"So you trust her?" Sam asked as they held up in a bus in the middle of the street. They'd gone there for some cover while Chloe told them what had been relayed to her over the phone with this mysterious Lana character.

"Yes." Chloe nodded. "I trust her, and I believe what she's saying."

Terri kept filming everything. "What did she say?"

"She can get us out of here, but we need to meet up with another surviving team at a school nearby." Chloe announced.

"Why the school?" Dean asked, his eyes hazel and human right now.

Sam looked at his brother.

All this time he hadn't had time to really deal with anything, but right now he couldn't look away from Dean.

Dean was alive.

He was here.

Sure, he was a demon, but Chloe was right.

Sam was half demon as well.

This could actually bring him and Dean closer together.

Sam's gaze then turned to Chloe, unable to believe that she'd actually gone to hell to get Dean back.

She hadn't known Sam more than a couple of hours, and she hadn't known Dean at all, and yet she'd done this, and Sam knew he couldn't ever repay her.

"There's a little girl trapped there, the daughter of a friend of Lana's. Umbrella was supposed to evac her but she didn't make it." Chloe responded. "We find her and the other team, and Lana will help us get out."

"No fucking deal." Peyton snapped, not seeming to give a shit if there was a little girl alone and scared in a world full of monsters. "We find the building with the thickest walls and strongest doors, and barricade ourselves in, wait for help."

Sam's eyes narrowed.

He'd noticed that Rain didn't like Jill, but it was Peyton whom Sam didn't take to.

And of course there was the fact that the other man was infected and was thus a liability.

"There won't be any help." Chloe responded to Peyton's previous comment.

Jill turned to Chloe. "What do you mean?"

"According to Lana, Umbrella can't contain the infection and they know it." Chloe loaded her shotgun and pumped it before looking back up at Jill. "So as of this morning, Raccoon City will be completely sanitized."

"Oh fuck me." Rain leaned her head back against the glass.

"What do you mean by sanitized?" Lois asked, eyes narrowed.

"Precision Tactical Nuclear Device." Chloe responded.

Jill looked down at the sitting blonde. "What yield?"

"Five kilotons." Chloe responded, looking up at her.

Jill shook her head, sitting down on the seat in front of Chloe. "Those bastards."

"What does that mean?" Terri wanted to know.

"It means it'll destroy the infection." Sam responded, unable to believe it even as he explained it to the weather girl. "And all evidence of it."

"That's bullshit." Peyton snapped, leaning heavily against the seat. "That's bullshit! No fucking way would they get away with that!" He glared at Chloe as if this was all her fault. "It'll be all over the fucking news!"

"Cover up." Terri murmured.

"A cover up's already prepared." Chloe leaned her head against the glass. "A meltdown at the Nuclear Power Plant."

"A tragic accident." Rain sneered in utter disgust. "Umbrella did everything it possibly could to save everyone."

"Not even Umbrella is capable of this." Peyton shook his head, in serious denial.

"Not capable?" Jill glared at her friend, surprising Sam. "Peyton! You were there at the bridge. You know exactly how far Umbrella will go."

Peyton pulled himself up, still glaring at Chloe. "So what do we do now, huh?"

Sam bit back his desire to tell the guy to sit down and shut up. He wanted nothing more than to remind Peyton that Chloe was the reason he was still alive right now. If it had been up to Sam, or anyone else, they would have shot him the moment they'd realized that he was infected. It was dangerous and somewhat foolhardy to be kind hearted, especially since they didn't have the antidote.

Whenever Peyton turned he'd turn on the closest person, and he might even doom them to infection as well.

Seeing motion, Sam noticed that Dean had subtly moved his hand to his gun, eyeing Peyton with narrowed eyes.

If the tall African American made a move at Chloe Dean was readying to shoot him down.

Sam blinked, frowning.

Was this part of the deal?

Protection detail?

Chloe looked up at Peyton, not at all affected by him or his anger. "I think we should be out of here by sunrise."

"I second that." Lois agreed.

Peyton looked at Jill.

She nodded.

He sighed, giving in for now. "Then what are we waiting for?"

Sam folded his arms over his chest and kept narrowed eyes on him.
19th-Nov-2010 05:40 am (UTC)
I love this story line with the Resident Evil series. And you do it soooooo well! I can't wait to read the rest! :D
19th-Nov-2010 05:49 am (UTC)
Glad to hear you're enjoying it! I will try updating soon.
19th-Nov-2010 05:47 am (UTC)
Great update. So does this mean that you are bringing in Carlos? I loved him, wanted him to be with Alice and was so bummed when he got infected and blew himself up for the greater good in movie three.
19th-Nov-2010 05:49 am (UTC)
Carlos will most definitely be in this, so don't worry!!!!
19th-Nov-2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
This is just ominous on so many levels. I love it.
19th-Nov-2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
Glad you do :)
20th-Nov-2010 07:26 pm (UTC)
loving it!!!
20th-Nov-2010 07:30 pm (UTC)
Yay :)
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