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Ties That Bind 15/? 
22nd-Nov-2010 12:31 am
Title: Ties That Bind
Fandom: Merlin (bbc)
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.
Summary: When Merlin saves a young boy from would-be-kidnappers, he unknowingly starts the course of events that lead him to meet the boy's father, Arthur, who has played a painful part in changing Merlin's familiy's life in the past.

Sophia didn't mind the grounding they got as punishment for spelling their daddies. Really, with the gifts that daddy Arthur had given them on the sly when papa wasn't looking, she had no problem staying in her and Freya's room. Especially since she and Freya had Mordred to plan with, or, err, 'spend time' with. Also, the grownups were busy, and didn't pay much attention to them, so they got away with a lot of things that they wouldn't have if Papa had been able to make sure they remembered they were being punsihed. Aunties 'Gana and Gwen had basically moved into the house, bringing magical books that they and daddy Arthur and Papa were constantly going over.

Daddy Arthur bitched about the large, ancient and dusty tomes, but he still helped.

The kids weren't exactly sure what it was that the grownups were doing, but whatever it was it had them worried.

Papa was constantly getting the migraines he got when he stressed over something, and Daddy had apparently discovered that a shoulder massage was the trick to alleviating them.

Aunt Morgana called it groping.

Aunt Gwen called it sweet.

The kids called it progress.

Even if Papa and Daddy hadn't had that 'official family meeting' to let the kids know that they were 'involved' it would have been obvious anyway. There'd always been stares between them, but usually when one wasn't looking at the other. Now they shared looks, secretive and smiling and...well...Sophia didn't know exactly what else, but it had the same element as the glances Aunties Gwen and Morgana's had, so the child decided that things were definitely on the right road.

"I don't like the fact that they aren't sleeping in the same room now." Mordred frowned, talking softly, the dark room lit by a small flashlight since they were supposed to be sleeping right now. "Isn't that what people who are together do? Sleep in the same bed?"

"I've seen parents doing that on the telly. And I know that Aunt Morgana and Aunt Gwen sleep in the same bed too." Freya agreed, looking worried despite their considerable victory. "Maybe something's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong." Sophia rolled her eyes and turned to her siblings, who were laying down on Sophia and Freya's beds, which had been pushed together so there'd be enough room for Mordred to join them.

She opened her mouth to say something else when suddenly she heard something and narrowed her eyes, bringing her finger to her lips with a 'shh'. The young redhead went to the door and opened it wide enough so she could peek through the crack into the hallway.

Daddy Arthur pushed papa against the wall a little lower down the hall, plastering his body to his before kissing him deeply, hungrily.

Papa whimpered and arched into him, threading his hands through Daddy's golden hair.

Then it looked as if, in the darkness, Daddy was tickling Papa's stomach, or something like that.

Sophia couldn't tell very good because it was very dark and she could only peek through a crack.

But that must have been what was going on, because Papa acted as if he was being tickled.

His breathing grew more erratic and his body jerked, and in the end he whimpered and pushed Daddy away.

"Not...now." Papa cleared his throat, looking embarrassed.

Probably ashamed at how ticklish he was.

"Morgana and Gwen are going to bed." Daddy plastered himself against Papa once more, kissing him slowly, nibbling on his bottom lip. "The kids are sleeping sound, an earthquake wouldn't wake them up."

Papa kissed back leisurely, his hands slowly traveling down the front of Daddy's shirt before moving to grab his hips. "Arthur..."

Daddy silenced him with a deeper kiss, pinning Papa completely against the wall and his body.

Sophia smiled.

No wonder Daddy was so proud and happy with them.

Now he got to kiss Papa in dark alleyways, and tickle him.

Only close people did either.

And then...and then they shifted slightly and Sophia's eyes widened when she realized that it wasn't Papa's stomach Daddy was paying so much attention to.

Her eyes widened and a dark blush covered her cheeks.

Aunt Morgana had answered all their questions when the twins realized that there was something that adults liked to do called 'sex'. She'd been most informative, showing them slideshows and books and Sophia knew how and why adults had sex, and that not only heterosexual couples did it but lesbian couples and gay couples did it as well. And Aunt Morgana had informed them on just how that happened too.

So, as Daddy finally tore himself from Papa and began leading him by the hand towards Papa's bedroom, Sophia knew without a doubt that they were going to go and do 'the sex'.

She watched them until the door closed behind them.

Closing her own door, Sophia turned and leaned against it, an embarrassed yet pleased expression on her face. "They're going to fuck."

Freya perked up at that. "This is progress!"

Mordred, not as 'romantic' as the girls liked to call it, just shook his head. "About time."

Freya turned to Mordred and opened her mouth to say something before suddenly all emotion melted off of her face and her eyes visibly clouded over as the Sight took over.

Mordred caught her as she collapsed.

"Frey?" Sophia rushed over to her twin, worried as she climbed onto the bed.

Freya was limp in Mordred's arms, expression blank, eyes covered in a white sheen.

"What's happening to her?" Mordred asked, horror in his eyes.

"Freya will See things in her dreams...but when the Sight happens during times when she's awake, this happens." Sophia whispered, brushing a strand of dark hair of of Freya's face. "It's dangerous because she could fall and seriously hurt herself."

Mordred looked down, worried about his older sister. "Will she be okay?"

"Yeah." Sophia nodded, scooting closer. "That white thing will melt away when its over."

Mordred gulped.

It seemed to drag on to eternity, when finally Freya's eyes began to clear and she blinked.



And then she threw herself out of Mordred's arms, pale as a sheet, horror on her face. "No."

Sophia and Mordred shared worried glances.

Freya was trembling, sweating, terrified.

"You remember what you Saw." Sophia realized, eyes wide. "Freya! You remember! What did you See?"

Freya's eyes went to Sophia. "Nothing."

Sophia blinked.

She knew her twin.

She knew she was lying.

"Why are you-?" Sophia tried once more.

"I said I don't remember anything!" Freya snapped, eyes flashing furiously. "Now stop bothering me! I'm sleepy!"

And with that she burrowed under the sheets of the bed, back to them, and wrapped herself tightly, body tense.

Sophia and Mordred shared a look, terrified.

Sweet, docile Freya had looked fierce.

Whatever she'd Seen...it'd been terrible.
22nd-Nov-2010 05:37 am (UTC)
What did Freya see?

Loving the updates babe.

I am now single
22nd-Nov-2010 05:39 am (UTC)
You'll have to wait and see :P
*blinks* you got the divorce so quickly????
22nd-Nov-2010 05:41 am (UTC)
As of a few hours ago, apparantly deleting and pruging your journal are grouds for divorce. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
22nd-Nov-2010 05:54 am (UTC)
Merlin rues the day he chickened out and let Morgana deal with the sex questions! Believe me!!! lol

She saw something she just couldn't deal with...and I'm not saying anymore! :P
23rd-Nov-2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
I always love reading the kids POV because they are so calm and accepting about their parents and aunts being homosexuals--GOOD FOR THEM :):)

But now Freya's "seen" something horrible--YIKES!
23rd-Nov-2010 04:20 pm (UTC)
Well, from the time the twins were babies they grew up with Morgana and Gwen being together so for them its as normal as if they'd have an uncle and aunt.

And Mordred just knows that he's never been happier than when Merlin's in the picture, so he doesn't care about anything but how great it is when Arthur/Merlin are together. He's also younger, so since everyone else seems to accept it so easily he doesn't see why he shouldn't :)

Edited at 2010-11-23 04:21 pm (UTC)
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